Ajax Dish Detergent Reviews

Below I've gathered quite a few reviews of Ajax dish detergent, which is a low cost brand available in most grocery stores and big box stores.

As you'll be able to see, there are mixed opinions about this dish soap, with some people really loving it, while others being less impressed.

I'll start the reviews with my own, and hint, I personally think this dishwashing liquid works pretty well, especially for the price!

Taylor says:

I recently finished a bottle of Ajax dish detergent, in the lemon scent, so I thought I would share my review with you.

I actually bought this dish soap because I saw a Consumer Reports report which had tested dishwashing liquids, to decide which was the best, and this one was rated one of the best values for the money.

It was considerably less expensive than Dawn dish soap, for example, which is a kind I often use. Plus, you can often find coupons for Ajax which makes it even cheaper.

I have to confess, one of my favorite scents is green apple for dish soap, so at first I was rather disappointed to see that this brand only came in citrus scents.

Ajax Dish Detergent {Referral Links}

There were several kinds to choose from though, including lemon (which I eventually chose), lime, orange and grapefruit. I was pleasantly surprised by the nice lemon scent though when I
started washing dishes with it, and liked the way it smelled.

Overall I was quite pleased with the way this brand worked to clean my dishes, pots and pans.

It was a little thinner than the Ultra Dawn I often use, and I was concerned that would mean I would need to use more to get the job done, but that did not really seem to be the case.

I did go through the bottle much more quickly than I normally do though, but I was teaching my daughter how to wash dishes and when I set her to the task a couple of times without my close supervision I noticed she way over-soaped everything. She'll eventually learn you don't need that much (or at least I hope so!)

Overall, I was quite pleased with this dishwashing liquid, and I would definitely buy it again in the future. I'm not sure when I will though, since I've got a long list of different dish soaps to try out for providing reviews for this site, but once I've tried all the major brands I will probably use this one again for everyday use.

It is not so much that it worked better, but just comparable to other brands, but cost less. In today's economy that is a necessity!

Scroll down for even more reviews from readers of this site.

Ajax dish detergent reviews: Does this low cost brand work well enough? {on Stain Removal 101}

Photo courtesy of Mike Mozart

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Ajax Cheaper & Cuts Baked On Grease Better Than Dawn

by Martin Mcgovern

I have a stand up meat smoker which gets really filthy. I always have to soak the meat holding grates and smoker drip shield. Items get super baked and greasy.

I tried Ajax and was quite surprised that it worked better than Dawn. Baked on grime wiped right off.

For the price I like Ajax. I bought a 90 oz bottle and it has lasted over 6 months and still have 1/3 of a jug left.

Dawn seems to have more bubbles but also doesn't rinse off as easily as Ajax. For the money I like the max.

Taylor says:

Has anyone else used Ajax dish detergent in any of the scents, and want to share your own review? I would love to hear more opinions about this product or any other dish soap you like (or don't).

You can share your dishwashing soap review here, or read even more reviews that have already been submitted.

Dishwashing soap reviews

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Something Off With Latest Bottle Of Ajax Dishwashing Liquid

by Heidi

Heidi says:

Ajax dish washing liquid is my go to dish soap. Or it was. It's economical and used to clean really, really well.

However, two days ago, I opened a new bottle after using up the previous one to find something was off.

(I used the version with the Oxegenated Action sticker on it.)

My sink filled with lots of suds. Normal.

The delightful smell of lemons met my nose. Normal.

Went to wash the tub of my electric fryer, and the grease wouldn't come off. Not normal.

Still had tons of suds in the water, but I watched as every time I wiped, the grease only ended up pushed around to surface of my fryer. It didn't come off, I only managed to push it around.

Weirdest thing ever!!!

Not sure if they reformulated it, my kitchen is now defying physics and all known science, or if I got a bad bottle. Never had this happen before.

All I can say is I was not pleased I had to run out to buy a different brand (Joy Non-Ultra at Family Dollar) just to clean my fryer.

Joy dish soap reviews

The Ajax worked just fine on the average dishes, which means I can still use it up for those, but not on my heavy cooking.

Anyone else have this problem recently?

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear that Heidi. I have been so busy testing lots of different brands and varieties of liquid dish soap that I haven't used this brand in quite a while.

What about other readers? Have you experienced this lately?

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Didn't Like Scent Of Ajax Super Degreaser With Lemon Scent

Product seems to work fine, and was the best price of the products available in my store.

But when I started to use it, I found out the "lemon scent" with "100% real citrus extracts" smelled exactly like that green-apple fragrance that manufacturers are all using these days.

I guess the green-apple chemical must be cheap, and someone must like it, but to me it really doesn't smell good.

Photo courtesy of Mike Mozart

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Ajax Grapefruit Dish Soap Made Hands Extremely Dry & Stained Counter

by Ruth
(Kapaa, HI)

Ruth says:

I purchased this brand because of its price. It was very reasonable.

I used the dish soap for approximately 3 weeks.

As far as cleaning dishes and pots it did a very good job.

I have used Ajax before and have always been happy with the results and the price.

This particular scent is a very vibrant red color.

I did not buy it because of its color or scent, I just needed dish soap and I thought the "grapefruit" scent sounded different.

My problems started about a week after I opened the bottle.

My hands became very dry, then my skin started to crack, leaving painful crevasses.

By the second week I had large chunks of skin peeling off my hands after doing the dishes.

It was then that I realized that I was allergic to it.

I never had any problem with this brand before, however, I did have a similar reaction to the Palmolive dish soap which was dark green, and Dawn, which is dark blue.

I can only assume that the dye to make this bottle red was causing the problem.

It took another two weeks for my hands to heal.

On top of the major problem I experienced with my hands, when I finally resolved not to use the rest of the bottle and went to put it in the garage for car washing....I noticed it has stained my formica countertop.

Why do these companies insist on using so many useless dyes and chemicals???

I did write to the manufacturer to make them aware of this serious problem.

It appears I cannot use any dish soap with dye in it now.

They replied that they were sorry for my bad experience and sent me coupons...for the same item!

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear about this bad experience Ruth.

I am not aware of many dishwashing liquids that don't have dyes in them, but there are some. For example, many (but not all) of the natural and eco-friendly varieties don't contain dyes, and many of them perform really well.

Natural dishwashing liquid reviews

In addition, I recently tried Dawn Pure Essentials, which is a dye free dish soap.

Unfortunately, all those alternatives are not as inexpensive as Ajax. I haven't personally found a lower-cost brand though that is dye free.

I sure hope your hands feel better soon!

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Lemon Ajax Dish Soap Too Watery

by Janel

Janel shared this review on the site's Facebook page, after reading my review of Great Value brand dish soap, which I didn't like too much.

Janel says:

I just finished a bottle of Ajax lemon scent...I just couldn't wait to finish it!

The way you felt about the Great Value Green Apple scent, that's how I felt about the Ajax -- it was just too watery.

I have used it in the past and was okay with it, but now it is just like using water...thin, thin, thin! :(

I guess it's back to Dawn for me...I hate paying so much for it though!

Ajax Dish Detergent {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your opinion with me Janel about this lower-cost brand of dish soap.

It is interesting that we both tried it (you can read my review above) and we came to exactly the opposite conclusion -- I though this brand was thick enough, but not you.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinions. I would love to hear from others who've also used this brand, sharing what you think about it, including whether you found it too thin, or not.

You can share your dishwashing soap review here for this or any other brand, telling me what you thought about it and why. You can also read other reviews that have already been submitted.

Further, read more cleaning supplies and product reviews here.

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In addition, check out Ajax laundry detergent reviews here.

Ajax laundry detergent reviews

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Comments for Lemon Ajax Dish Soap Too Watery

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Did they increase the water content recently?
by: Anonymous

I have used Ajax dish soap on and off for a very long time BUT it seems to me that they must have diluted it. I have to use 2-3 times as much and still not the same. Anyone else feel this way?

disappointed how thin it is
by: Anonymous

Recently bought a few bottles of Ajax dishwashing liquid and am extremely disappointed at how thin it is. One bottle doesn't last long and the liquid just pours out. Will not be buying this brand again.

Ajax seems weaker than before!
by: Jerry from Rockford

I believe Ajax is not making the suds it did a couple of years ago when I compared several brands -- where Ajax fared well.

Seems we need a standard (similar to octane in gasoline) because I'm afraid the manufacturers are messing with us -- making great claims when watering them down for their profits.

Still good for me
by: Anonymous

I suspect you had a bad bottle, or possibly something was added to your city water? I'm just guessing here. I've used Ajax in Lemon and Grapefruit scent and both are excellent for removing grease. Plus I like the fragrance of both and the price is much better than some other name brands. Let's hope your bottle was a dud.

Gone downhill
by: Rich

Like others here, our family has been using the golden Ajax liquid for years, but that may soon draw to a close because the company has thinned out the product considerably. This means of course that you need to use more to get the same results. As pointed out in the earlier story, in a thinned-out state to begin with, there are times when the maximum concentration simply will not work no matter what you do. I have contacted the company and for all intents and purposes they don't care. They're in it for the money and nothing else. I for one think quality matters.

New overpowering bubble-bath scent, not great
by: Anonymous

I've been using this for quite a while. It used to have a mild, barely noticeable lemon scent. The bottle I just got (June 2017) still says "lemon", but it has an overpowering, almost sickening, inappropriate floral scent. The whole kitchen smells like bubble bath when I use it. Whose idea was this? And why does the bottle still say lemon?

has new bad scent
by: Anonymous

The latest Ajax lemon dish detergent has an odor I don't like and my husband is allergic to. We were buying this brand because the scent was better than some others. Did they change their formula recently?

Not good anymore
by: Paul

Buyer beware, this stuff is not what it used to be. God awful fake lemon smell now and watered down. I hate wasting my money.

Ajax dish soap and hand soap triple action
by: Danny Hendrickson

dish soap and hand soap triple action. I find it works better on hands are greasy hands as I'm a mechanic and it works wonderful. i think is better than Dawn soap.

Formula change?
by: Patty

I have used Ajax dish washing liquid for years and I have to say the last couple of times I have bought it I was very unhappy. Very little suds. I had to keep adding it to do one sink of dishes. Did you change your formula? I will not purchase this product again.

What has changed? Ugh!
by: CJ

I've used this dish detergent I think ever since the Grapefruit first came out. I loved the smell, but recently there is some kind of a bitter, metallic smell, and it stays on my hands and in the plastic dishpan when I'm done. It does not smell like grapefruit any more.

Ajax you lost a longtime consumer
by: Sherri

I have used Ajax dish soap for years and buy the value bottle and refill my small bottles to help the environment from so much plastic. When I purchased the value bottle this week and re filled my small bottles it poured out like water instead of the normal thicker consistency. If Ajax has changed their product and thinned the liquid they are not doing the consumer or the environment any good and I guess they have become greedy! They just lost a long time consumer! Bad decisions can make or break a Company.

by: Karen Lowder

I have been buying Ajax dish soap grapefruit for a long time, but last time I bought it was different. It smells bad and it sours my dish cloth and makes my sink smell. Did you change it or did I just get a bad bottle?

works great at a lower price
by: Karen

I do believe in spending more for a better product, however, Ajax dish washing liquid works great at a lower price. It cuts grease beautifully! A real test is to wash a plastic container and it squeaks after using Ajax liquid. The reason Ajax comes in citrus scents is probably because citrus is a natural de-greaser. I have used Ajax for more years than I can remember because it works great at a lower price than Dawn.

Cap keeps opening up
by: Anonymous

I recently purchased an Ajax dishwashing soap from Meijer. Before I put the soap in the car, I made sure the cap was closed tightly. Unfortunately when I got home and opened the trunk of my car, the cap was open and dishwashing liquid splattered all over the inside of the bag. After a closer look, the cap felt very loose. There is NO safety seal on the opening of the bottle.

I wish that Colgate/Palmolive would have either installed a stronger cap or a safety seal on the bottle to prevent the soap from spilling out and creating an annoying mess I had to clean up.

very unhappy
by: Anonymous

I used Ajax for years because it would last a long time. They must have changed the formula. Ajax does not last as long as it used to. The bubbles are gone too fast. I am going to get a different type of dish detergent.

I contacted the company...
by: EH

...and told them the product went the way of Palmolive dish soap (watered down). Instead of disagreeing with me, they told me they would refund the purchase price if I supplied them with the UPC code. What does that tell you? I will now purchase Dawn.

Used it in my classroom
by: Anonymous

I used to teach Foods and Nutrition in public schools and had four kitchens to maintain. I bought Ajax almost exclusively, simply because it worked as well as anything else and cost a lot less. Kids tend to overuse dish detergent, so it really helped that it was cheaper AND worked well on all the dirty dishes, pots, and pans.

by: Anonymous

Used to use Ajax (original lemon scent) years ago, then Dawn came out and I started using that. Dish cloths weren't too bad but over the last several years, brand new dishcloths used once with Dawn (original), smelled really bad. Switched back and forth between Ajax and Dawn for awhile trying to figure out what the smell was from. I also used Palmolive a few times here and there. Someone told me about Dawn being the smelly rag culprit so I started using Palmolive. Recently used Ajax (original) again, and I have to pour so much soap in the water and then the suds still do not last. (I only wash silverware and pots and pans). I decided to give Dawn one more try. Nope never again. One use (and it was a very few dishes) and my rag instantly smelled. I rinsed and rinsed and cannot get the smell out. So now I have a bottle of Ajax and a bottle of dawn. I will use the Ajax but can't use the $3.99 large bottle of Dawn. As of right now I think Palmolive will be my permanent soap. I would love to try Joy again but I cannot find it anywhere I shop.

It's changed
by: Cindy

Appears to be watered down. Bad move. Will no longer purchase. Advice- fire the MBA’s who thought this was a good idea.

Works Great, Cheaper and Milder
by: KWalden

I’ve been using Ajax for several years. It is cheaper than most brands but it doesn’t skimp on the cleaning. I love the scents. It is definitely milder than Palmolive, which made my hands chap and peel. I’ve never had a problem with Ajax. I recently noticed the change in the cap on the large, economy size. I don’t like the flip cap because it gets in the way. I think they should go back to the pull-up squirt cap.

Lemon scent
by: P. Ruby

It smells way different lately, not lemony and strong in a bad way. Made me dizzy, and trouble breathing. We loved Ajax for years, but can't use it now. What's wrong the new smell!? Or did I just get a couple tainted ones?

great stuff
by: normanvelazquez

I've used Ajax dish soap for years. I like it better than the others. Once in a while I'll pick up Palmolive when its on sale, but Ajax is the best. Cleans up grease and oily messes the best.

doesn't dry out my hands
by: Sandy Barden

I no longer keep lotion at the sink since I started using Ajax dishwashing detergent! I noticed my hands didn't feel dry after working with it so I used PH test strips to test it and boy was I surprised! The rule with those strips is: IF IT'S BLUE, IT WON'T DO. Ajax tested out at the yellow end of the spectrum. I buy the lemon scent because I am allergic to 'everything' and lemon is usually my safest choice. It cleans great AND is gentle. I am filling the liquid soap dispensers in the bath rooms with it from now on.

rinses away much more easily, helps save water!
by: H.B.

We live in an area where water is expensive. The water company passes on rate increases far too often in my opinion. Consequently, I have become more conscious of my water usage. I had been using Dawn for years. I always noticed it took forever to rinse off. I found it especially annoying when I used it to degrease my hands after working on my car. I had some Ajax liquid dish soap lying around so I tried it. It cleaned the grease off my hands very well and it rinsed off far more quickly allowing me to use far less water.

Lime color changed
by: Anonymous

I have used Ajax dish soap for many years. The lime was always a favorite. Recently they changed the color from a lime green to more of a teal green. Never saw a lime that color. No biggie, but, disappointed.

Less suds now
by: Nancy

I’ve used Ajax dish soap for over 40 years and loved it for price, scent, and suds that lasted for the whole sink full of dirty dishes. Recently I noticed that the suds weren’t lasting as long. They were just about gone by the time I got to the end. I’ve noticed this with my shampoo also. Is this a new environmental trend? If so I don’t like it. I switched dish liquid to Palmolive and get lots of suds now.

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