Tips For Bird Dropping Clean Up From Hard Surfaces

Bird dropping clean up is not something anyone likes to think about too much, but sometimes it's necessary.

For hard outdoor surfaces, like patio furniture, a hot tub cover, or other areas where bird droppings can occur you need to periodically clean up the yucky stuff.

The best way to remove these droppings from hard surfaces is to pressure wash them off, using either a garden hose with a sprayer, or if the droppings are really stuck on a pressure washer.

An advantage of using a pressure washer, besides blasting off the bird poop more easily, is that you can make your own disinfecting and cleaning solution to spray onto the droppings with it.

I suggest the following disinfecting solution:

Chlorine Bleach {Referral Links}

Use this solution either in a pressure washer, or spray directly onto the hard surfaces covered with bird droppings after doing a first pass with a garden hose.

To thoroughly disinfect you will need to let the disinfecting solution sit for several minutes (not just a couple of seconds) and it will disinfect the surface better once most of the droppings themselves are removed. (Learn more about sanitizing with bleach here.)

If you do need to do some scrubbing make sure not to use the sponge or rag for anything else besides nasty tasks in the future, such as removing more bird droppings.

You definitely don't want to spread bird dropping germs into your kitchen or bathroom, for example, by using the same sponge in these locations.

In addition, below is a video giving some instructions for pigeon dropping removal, but it is equally applicable to any type of bird droppings.

Some caution about the video though: she says to only let the bleach solution sit "for a second," but that is not enough time for disinfecting.

The bleach needs several minutes to work to actually disinfect.

Here's my advice for bird dropping stain removal from clothes, upholstery and carpet, in case it gets on these surfaces instead of a hard surface.

You can submit your own house cleaning tips here, or read tips already submitted by others.

Photo by The 5th Ape

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Comments for Tips For Bird Dropping Clean Up From Hard Surfaces

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will it fade the cover?
by: Anonymous

I'd like to try this, but I'm scared to put bleach on my hot tub cover. Wouldn't it fade the color or eat through the vinyl?

response re question about fading cover
by: Taylor

I understand your concern, and as always been doing any type of cleaning task where you are unsure if it will harm the material you're trying to clean it is always best to do a spot test in an inconspicuous location first, in case it did cause fading or damage. However, I'm not suggesting that you use straight bleach. I've provided a recipe which dilutes the bleach, and I would not suggest using it if I felt it would eat through the vinyl. However, some covers are more prone to color fading then others, so like I said, it would be worthwhile to test first in an area that isn't noticeable to make sure it doesn't cause excessive bleaching.

Bird droppings
by: Jake

Hi, it's almost winter here and cold and we have a nice bird feeder on our new wood railing. Noticed today a fair amount of bird poop. I cannot use a hose so how do we clean it in our cold weather?

Removing bird poop from patio and feeders
by: Anonymous

To remove bird poop from patio and feeders, an enzyme like "Poop Off" works very well and is safe for the garden.

wrought iron surface, have been there a long time
by: Michelle

I have bird droppings on a wrought iron surface. The droppings have been there for a very long time. Is it possible to remove old bird droppings?

Baby wipes for the car
by: Cassie

My husband keeps a pack of unscented baby wipes in his car, his 3rd baby. He uses them to spot clean the paint on his car, it cleans up bird poop easily, without scratching the paint.

He also uses it on the leather in his car (mainly because we bought the car used and will one day replace it with new leather).

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