Uses For Alka Seltzer For Cleaning Items In Your Home

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Below is a video showing several uses for alka seltzer for cleaning items in your home.

The idea for each of them is to let the alka seltzer dissolve in water within the item to be cleaned, and then let it soak for a specific period of time, and then easily clean the item after this time period is over.

The video shows how alka selter is used to clean:
  • Toilet - 4 tablets, soaking for 20 minutes

  • Porcelain sink - 2 tablets, soaking for 20 minutes

  • Sink of dirty dishes - 5 tablets and soak for 1 hour

  • Small vases where it is hard to reach inside the neck of the vase - 2 tablets with the vase half filled with water, rinse after tablets completely dissolve

  • Cleaning jewelry (with the exception of pearls and opals) - 2 tablets in a bowl of water, soak for 2 minutes

  • Coffee maker - with 4 tablets in filled coffee maker, then brew once the tablets dissolve and then rinse out and brew with plain water before finally brewing with coffee again
Watch the video for full details:

Check the comments below for even more ideas for using Alka-Seltzer for cleaning things that readers have shared.

Alka Seltzer {Refferal Links}

A similar item to cleaning with Alka Seltzer is using denture cleanser tablets. I've gathered a couple of tips for using this product, so click the link if you're interested in even more ideas.

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Comments for Uses For Alka Seltzer For Cleaning Items In Your Home

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may be more expensive, but safer for septic system
by: Christine

Those that have septic systems have to be careful of the cleaners they use. If the cleaner is too harsh, like toilet cleaner and even bleach, it kills the necessary organisms in the septic tank and then you risk back ups into the house.

more expensive to use it this way
by: Shanna

Sorry, but cleaning toilets w/ 4 A.S. tablets at a time is waaaaay more expensive than just using a few squirts from a bottle of liquid toilet bowl cleaner, which works very well, btw!

by: Jean

My son's retainer.

coffee and tea stains
by: Diane

I use it to remove coffee and tea stains in my glass & plastic pitchers.

by: Ann

I have used it to clean rust stained toilets.

by: Barbie

My flower vases and wedding ring.

by: Allison

Cleaning crystal glasses.

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