How To Remove Hair Dye Drips & Spills

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Below are tips and ideas for how to remove hair dye drips and spills that land on all kinds of hard surfaces while applying your hair color, such as your sink or counter.

I'm not going to lie to you -- removing these stains is very tough, and not always possible. Some of them are permanent, especially if you were using a permanent dye.

The best thing to do is to prevent these drips and spills from getting on things in the first place, but I know life isn't always that easy.

Therefore, I hope these tips below will give you some ideas of what to do if that little accident does occur.

One word of caution for all of the suggestions below though. Because this is such a tough thing to get out, some of the suggested remedies are quite strong. That means they could also potentially harm the surface you're using them on.

To keep that from happening always test the remover in an inconspicuous area of the surface before applying to the stained area!

Further, there is almost always another method that will work for removing these stains, and I would love to collect even more. Therefore, if you've got a technique or home remedy that works for you I'd love to hear about it and add it to the page. You can share your tips here so you can help others in need of some assistance.

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Hair Stylist Recommends Rubbing Alcohol

Marge says:

rubbing alcohol uses
As a hair stylist I use alcohol. Inexpensive and takes it off Formica, and foreheads.

Kristen says:

Rubbing alcohol removes hair dye off counters and skin. I found this out yesterday when my neighbor was helping dye my hair.

Taylor says:

Thanks ladies! I love simple solutions, and it's always great to hear what stylists use. They'd know, they deal with it all the time!

Rubbing alcohol is great stuff. Here's a collection of stain removal and cleaning uses for rubbing alcohol that I've rounded up.

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Remove Hair Dye Stains From Sink With Acetone

Here's a video demonstrating how this girl removes all types of colors of hair dye stains from her sink with acetone.

The instructions are pretty simple -- wet a cotton ball with acetone and rub it into the stained area of the sink, and the stain should disappear. Then, rinse with water to remove the acetone residue.

Here's the video for the full demonstration:

Acetone {Referral Links}

I'd love to hear from you sharing any other uses you've got for acetone around your home. You can click the link to share your own or read other tips and ideas that have already been submitted.

Photo by angstdei

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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser To The Rescue

Jennifer says:

A magic eraser will take away even older dye stains on linoleum and wood tables.

SR101 says:

Mr. Clean magic erasers work wonders on countertops for removing hair dye spills.

Taylor says:

Thanks ladies for these quick tips!

You can read more about Magic Erasers here in my article. I would suggest caution when using this product on any hard surface.

Yes, it works really well, but it does it by working as extremely fine sandpaper so it is removing a bit of the finish from the hard surface and you don't want to scratch or dull it. So always test first in an inconspicuous area!

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Removing Hair Dye Stains From Various Surfaces - Video

Below is a video giving tips for removing hair dye stains from various surfaces, including clothing, carpet and hard surfaces, such as tile.

The suggestions, she says, will work only if you catch the hair dye right after it drips onto the surface.

That is how she explains that vinegar and water will remove hair dye stains from clothing, for example -- if you start removing it as soon as it drips onto the fabric.

I tend to think vinegar and water might not be strong enough to remove hair dye stains, which are, after all, meant to permanently stain your hair.

She also suggests using rubbing alcohol on hard surfaces, like tile, if they get a hair dye drip on them.

Photo by Orin Zebest

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Use Facial Astringent For Removing Hair Dye From Countertop

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

Hair dye can stain countertops and be very resistant to cleansers.

The method I stumbled upon that totally removed hair dye stains was facial astringent and cottonballs.

Generously apply astringent to the cottonball and the stain, and just scrub with the cottonball until it's no longer visible.

It's pretty amazing how it will get rid of the dye when commercial cleaners won't. It's also a little scary that people put it on their face.

Astringent will also do a good job of lightening dye stains on the skin.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for this tip!

You're right, once you know it can remove these stains so well it does seem a bit scary to put this stuff on your face, doesn't it?

If you've got more tips for how to remove stains from hair color, please share them with me here.

In addition, you can check out this page about removing hair dye from skin here.

Finally, countertops can get stained with lots of things. If you've got this problem check out all the tips from the site about removing countertop stains.

How to remove hair dye drips and spills from hard surfaces, providing multiple methods for removing these tough to remove stains {on Stain Removal 101} #RemoveHairDye #CleaningTips #HairDyeRemovaluse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Top photo by julesjulesjules m

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Comments for Use Facial Astringent For Removing Hair Dye From Countertop

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hairspray lightened it on my wallpaper
by: Anonymous

Hairspray significantly lightened permanent hair color on my wallpaper -- alcohol, straight up, did not budge it at all!!

What I use for my countertops and sinks
by: Lorri

I use Johnson's Baby Shampoo as quickly as possible, and it seems to remove everything.

Used toilet bowl cleaner to remove the stain
by: Layne

Lysol Power toilet bowl cleaner works great. It doesn't stain the toilet and leaves it smelling fresh! Also, it has multiple uses. My daughter experimented with bright blue hair dye and had it all over my porcelain sink! I used the toilet cleaner to remove the stain within minutes!

Kitchen floor stain
by: Anonymous

I've accidentally dropped the tube of permanent hair dye on my kitchen floor and only found out the next morning. I've used acetone to try and remove it and it didn't even scratch the surface. My kitchen floor is basically plastic. I've read online about other methods but don't want to waste more money on something that doesn't work. Any suggestions?

Purple shampoo stain set with acetone
by: Anonymous

I have a purple shampoo stain in my shower that I believe is acrylic. I tried using nail polish remover to get the stain out, which didn’t work. I’ve also tried vinegar with baking soda, bleach, rubbing alcohol, a magic eraser, and the barkeepers friend but nothing has worked. Is there anything else I can try??

Careful when it gets on faucets
by: Barb

You can't get it off your faucets if you wait until you are finished treating your hair. Cover your faucets first with a plastic bag. f you get it fast enough Bon Ami will work. Cleansing cream works well on your forehead.

To CK White
by: Anonymous

Hello! I color my hair often with 2N and I have gotten splatters of the color on my "flat paint" walls. I use either a q-tip or cotton ball and saturate with a haircolor stain remover which is actually meant for skin. I used a swirly like motion because I was afraid if I used too much pressure then I would ruin my walls. So, it did take the haircolor off of my walls along with some of the paint. But I'd rather have spots of lighter paint then spots of almost black haircolor on my walls!! I get the haircolor remover from Sally Beauty Supply and its called (referral link) ROUX Clean Touch.

by: Anonymous

I spilled a whole bottle of permanent black hair dye on kitchen linoleum! tried 100% acetone, 70% alcohol, peroxide and vinegar but none worked at all.

Cream cleanser
by: Anonymous

I have been a hairdresser for 20+ years and have gotten hair colour on everything from polished floor boards to painted walls and countertops. I use a cream cleanser like jif or equivalent or I use baby wipes if I get to it straight away, but cream cleanser definitely gets ones you don't see for a few days. It works really great to remove nail polish and pencil from painted surfaces as well. You just have to use some elbow grease😊

Tooth paste
by: Anonymous

I dye my hair black and try to be careful, but the next day noticed some large spots in my sink and countertop. I put generous amounts of toothpaste on the stains and let it sit for the day. Cleaned it off the next day and stains were gone.

Today i was really careless and noticed huge stains running down my wall several hours after dyeing my hair. I'm hoping this technique works on painted walls as well.

Removing hair color ---
by: Anonymous

I reading the comments, I see the word "dye" used. As a licensed hairstylist/colorist, I will tell you, a professional cosmetologist NEVER uses the word "dye". The word is COLOR.

Eventually nailed it
by: Anonymous

Really stubborn dark brown stain on polished boards not able to be removed with all the other suggestions. Thought I was beaten but tried the small emery boards with lots of rubbing. It came off, then furniture polish for shine. Have lots of spots, will take lots of cool days to complete it.

B and B guest got magenta hair dye on newly painted walls!
by: C.j. White

Is there any way to remove these dye splashes/ streaks from my bathroom walls? They were just painted 3 months ago. I no longer have that paint. I would rather not buy any more. The rubbing alcohol and some elbow grease removed the stains from the tile, sink, counters and tub.

how can I remove from wood cabinet?
by: Anonymous

How can I get hair dye stain off of restroom wood cabinet?

How to remove from vinyl shampoo chair?
by: Anonymous

I have a hair color stain on vinyl. It's actually a shampoo chair. I've tried hairspray and color remover. Can't get it out!! Any other suggestions?

Use nail polish remover!
by: The Chemist

Nail polish remover contains acetone as well and it will do the trick!

removing black hair dye from sinks and walls (permanent dye)
by: Anonymous

I haven't found anything much different from the ones listed. Bleach, and acetone. Alcohol does work pretty well though, if you use it soon after it's stained. The longer it sets the harder it will be. I have been dyeing my hair black for years, so I fully feel ya. lol

Auburn dye spots on vinyl floor
by: Anonymous

After 50 years of doing my own hair dye I did not notice several spots on my bathroom floor. I was really p-'d because I am always so careful. So now: how do I remove that hair dye stain?? Have tried many things. Maybe using a box cutter is the only answer.

How to remove from inside dishwasher?
by: Tricia

I just bought a house from a stylist and found that she used the dishwasher to clean a dye brush (must have been last minute) in the utensil tray. I am currently soaking it in bleach and soap and water. I thought running a cleaning cycle would remove it from the inside part but alas it baked it into yah at spot. If the bleach soap and water don't work any other suggestions? I'd like to use it soon. Seemed kind of tacky in texture.

How I removed hair dye from a cabinet
by: Brenda

I noticed a long dark brown drip on my bathroom wood cabinet door the day after I dyed my hair. I took equal parts of vinegar and baking soda and created paste. I left it sit on there for 15 min. It took 2x, but I was able to wipe it off with minimal scrubbing with a soft dry cloth. After dye was removed, then I wet cloth to wipe off excess residue.

Dripped hair color on toilet lid
by: Anonymous

I dripped hair color on the toilet lid. Any suggestions that might work on that surface?

red hair dye removed with alcohol
by: Anonymous

A general thank you for this article. I got red hair dye splatters on my bathroom vanity siding (light wood grain particle board) in my rental apartment. Rubbing alcohol and some very vigorous scrubbing brought it right out, can't even tell it was there. Thanks!

think like a colorist
by: Scott-hairstylist

Let's think like a colorist -- what removes hair color?? Bleach! I suggest going to Sally's and getting hair bleach and the strongest developer they have (50??), mix the two into a paste and ONLY apply to solid surfaces! The bleach WILL lift off the hair color. Also use gloves, it will eat you fingertips off! Also buy a bowl and brush to combine the two.

hair dye on mirror
by: Anonymous

My problem is I splashed some hair dye on the mirror as well. Did not see it right away. The dye has penetrated right into the mirror. Sounds really weird, but there is no way that I can think of to even begin to remove it unless I replace the mirror which is about 3'x5'. Help...

all over my kitchen linoleum floor
by: Misty

Help! Black hair dye got all over my kitchen floor. It's linoleum. I dropped some and my flip flop spread it everywhere. :(

response re marble stain
by: Taylor

Laurie, oh no! That's going to be tough to remove, especially the longer it sits. Several of these suggestions might work, but marble is much more delicate then some other hard surfaces so I wouldn't suggest anything abrasive like the Magic Eraser. It is also a very expensive surface, so it might be worth it to call in a professional to see what they can do. If you do try any remedies on your own make sure to test in an inconspicuous area first whatever remedy you're trying. Plus, things like acetone can remove the sealant that often covers and protects marble countertops so after cleaning you may need to reseal to keep more stains from seeping into this stone surface. Good luck!

spill on marble countertop
by: Laurie

Spilled auburn hair dye on my white marble countertop a few weeks ago. Any ideas?

response re linoleum stain
by: Taylor

Nicole, I would try any of the methods above. I would test first in an inconspicuous area of your flooring though, with whatever method you choose, to make sure it does not harm it. Again, I would suggest first starting with rubbing alcohol since that tends to be more gentle then some of the other methods mentioned. Good luck!

Hair color on linoleum
by: Nicole

I have a stain of red hair color on my linoleum floor. How do I remove it?

response to Paul re stain on mirror
by: Taylor

Hi Paul, what a pain to have to deal with. I think many of the suggestions above might work on the mirror, just like any other flat surface. That being said, I have no idea what material your mirror is made of. Therefore, I would always proceed with caution when trying any of these methods on a hard surface and test first in an inconspicuous location to make sure the remedy doesn't harm the mirror. Good luck! If I were you I'd start with rubbing alcohol and see how that works, since often rubbing alcohol is used on mirrors without incident.

How do I remove hair dye from a mirror?
by: Paul

One of my guests appears to have splashed a few drops of permanent hair dye onto the bathroom mirror, and no one noticed until the next day. Don't know the make of the product - color is a dark brown. I have been unable to remove it. I've tried Windex, vinegar and water, and Vim. Even tried a razor blade but it didn't get anything. Any suggestions as to what may work?

rubbing alcohol
by: Kimberley

I use rubbing alcohol as well. I just wish it did the same for painted walls. 0.o

Facial astringent for hair dye stain
by: Anonymous

What type of facial astringent did you use exactly? Brand and name?

baby wipes
by: Alison

Baby wipes. Takes hair dye off just about everything!

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