Windex Glass Cleaner Review

by Michelle P.
(Green Bay, WI. US)

Michelle has provided her Windex glass cleaner review.

Michelle says:

You asked what is my favorite window cleaner, and I use Windex Original glass cleaner spray and it works great.

I have seen Windex commercials for years, and about 5 months ago I bought a bottle for myself, and it is still half full.

I like that it doesn't have a strong chemical smell. You just have to spray a little and wipe.

It does a great job cleaning and leaves no streaks.

I use this product for my windows, mirrors and TV screen. I have also used this on plastic surfaces like my clock, picture frame borders and CD cases. It has not harmed any surfaces I have used it on.

It did not irritate my sensitive skin and did not effect the pets in the room.

This is a great product and is worth paying a couple extra dollars for it than buying the cheaper brands that don't clean as well.

I would recommend this product to everyone looking for a window or glass cleaner.

Taylor says:

Thanks Michelle for your Windex glass cleaner review.

Has anyone else used Windex and want to share a review? I am especially interested in knowing how it compares to generic versions of this window cleaner, which say they work as well but cost less.

In addition, I would love to hear what uses you have for Windex besides for cleaning glass, since I know many people use it to clean other surfaces as well.

You can share your own glass and window cleaner reviews here, or read others that have already been submitted.

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I Use Windex To Clean Lots Of Things - But It Does Streak Sometimes

by Bryan

Bryan has provided his Windex review.

Bryan says:

I cannot say enough good things about Windex. Not only do I use it to clean my windows, but I also use it to clean my floors.

This product is amazing!

If you have ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding you know all about it.

It is good to use this product with newspaper as newspapers do not cause streaking on the glass. Some products of Windex so "No streaking" but they still do cause streaks so beware.

Taylor says:

Thanks Bryan for your review.

I love that running gag in that movie, where everything can be cleaned and cured by Windex. Funny stuff.

Remember, you can share your glass and window cleaner review here, or read other reviews already submitted.

***Update: I got this comment from a SR101 reader stating:
Windex is absolutely awful. It leaves streaks and greasy film.
***End Update

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Windex Foaming Glass Cleaner Review: Aerosol Version Is The Best

by Taylor

I've just tried Windex foaming glass cleaner, which is an aerosol product instead of the more traditional spray pump bottle that you normally associate with this brand.

I have to say, I absolutely loved it.

It really coats the surface of your mirrors, such as in your bathroom, so that you can easily clean all parts of it.

I had never realized how much easier aerosol sprays were for glass cleaning until I tried Sprayway Glass Cleaner which is also an aerosol product. Now after trying two different brands I'm sold, and will be using the aerosol version from now on instead of the spray bottles.

Now, how does the Windex version compare with Sprayway? They were pretty close, since they both did a great job cleaning. I would most likely buy the one which is cheaper, or on sale, or which I had a coupon for.

However, one area where I think the Sprayway may have done a slightly better job was on stuck on gunk on the glass or mirrors. I had to use my thumbnail more with the Windex to scrape those little pieces of gunk off on than with the competitor, but this is not a huge thing. Just an observation.

In addition, the Windex brand had a heavier scent, which took longer to dissipate.

Has anyone else used the foaming version of this product? If so, please share your review of it with me here and I'll add it to the site.

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Windex Clean Grease Film On Windows Well

by Oscar

Oscar has shared what his favorite window cleaner is.

Oscar says:

I have used a lot of different brands of window cleaners, and the one that I use now is Windex.

Quite frankly it leaves a lot less streaks than all the other products and as far as cleaning thick grease film it does a far better job.

I like all varieties and scents. They all do a wonderful cleaning job, and just like in the commercials the transparency of the cleaned glass is sensational. It is hard to tell if the glass doors are closed, even when they are.

Fortunately, I haven't had any birds run into my windows though, like in the commercials. Ha!

Taylor says:

Thanks Oscar for your Windex glass cleaner review.

I've always thought that commercial was kind of weird, because who wants birds flying into their windows? At my parents house birds actually do fly into some of the second story windows, and knock themselves out they run into them so hard. I feel pretty sorry for them. Fortunately, they generally revive and fly off, hopefully a bit wiser!

Anyway, want to tell me what your favorite cleaner is for washing windows, mirrors and other glass? If so, you can share your glass and window cleaner reviews here, or read others already submitted.

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Windex Cleans Off My Toddlers Smudges And Smears Off Surfaces

by Margaret

Margaret says:

I have used Windex as my primary window cleaner for about ten years. It is a great product that I have only recently begun to appreciate.

I have two toddlers and it cleans sticky food smears, crayon, saliva, greasy fingerprints and so much more.

I have started using it on the glass topped TV stand, the TV, mirrors, the desk and even my granite countertops. It works better than any other cleaner I have tried!

It has never caused harm to any of my products, not even when it spilled on my oak desk. I hate to use anything on my TV because it is a plasma but one night just before company came by I noticed dried banana hand prints on it and had to clean quick.... It worked and did not damage the TV! I love Windex.

Taylor says:

Kids do seem able to leave hand prints and stickiness behind like a trail to track where they've been, don't they?

I did some research when you said that you used Windex glass cleaner on granite, because I wasn't sure if that was OK or not. Turns out it is fine, as long as your granite is sealed.

uses for Windex
In addition, until recently I had no idea that Windex actually made a special cleaner for electronics. I guess I worry about using the original glass cleaner on your plasma TV, although you aren't the first person who has told me they do this.

If this is an issue you have a lot (and who doesn't suffer from fingerprints on their TV screens, computer monitors, etc.) you might want to check this out. I'm not sure what the formulation difference is, but I would hate for you to void the warranty on your TV by using a product not suited to clean it.

In addition, this is a very popular product, and so people have found lots of alternative uses for it. You can read about other uses for Windex here, or share your own uses as well.

So, what is your favorite glass and window cleaner? You can share your reviews here, or read other reviews already submitted.

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Comments for Windex Cleans Off My Toddlers Smudges And Smears Off Surfaces

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Original Windex is better than multi surface
by: Camille

Love the regular Windex but the Multi surface one leaves streaks on glass. We frame pictures and had lots of problems with the multi surface cleaner. Wish we hadn't bought the huge bottle of it from Costco.

To Remove a Ring
by: Noreen

This is unbelievable.... I had a ring stuck on my finger and tried all the known remedies to remove it to no avail. I finally went to my jeweler to have it cut off and he said, "did you try Windex?" He sprayed my finger with Windex and the ring slid off.

I swear by it to clean my kitchen cabinets
by: Marie

I spray on Windex and wipe off with paper towel to clean my kitchen cabinets. I think it's the ammonia that does it.

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