Uses For Windex: Remove Perfume Odors From Fabric And Plastic

I've been receiving lots of uses for Windex from readers for a while, so I thought I would compile them together into one place.

Below you'll find quite a number of ideas shared by readers.

Pat, from New Jersey, was the first one who shared an unusual use for this product, but she definitely wasn't the last. First, here's Pat's tip, and then scroll down for even more of them.

Pat says:

Perfumes can be very tough to get out of fabrics and plastics, but there is a simple way to knock-out the odor in many cases: Windex glass cleaner (original).

Saturate fabric with regular Windex and allow to sit several hours before laundering or rinsing with plain water. Careful with light-colored fabrics, as Windex has blue dye that may itself become a problem.

Plastics can be wiped clean with regular Windex, but for best results, saturate a paper towel with Windex and stick it to the plastic surface, allowing it to remain for several hours or until dry.

This works especially well on mice and computer keyboards when other cleaners fail to remove the perfume smell!

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your tip Pat.

I would add that whenever you place anything wet on electronics, such as computer mice or keyboards, you need to be very careful so you don't harm them, so be very careful with this!

I've not personally used this tip, so I would love to hear from others, to hear if it works for you. I would think that part of how the Windex works for removing the perfume smells is through the ammonia in the product. In fact, ammonia is one of two products recommended for removing stains caused by perfume.

In addition, do you have any other unusual uses for Windex? If so, you can share your unusual uses for household items here.

***Update: Although I've gathered most of the uses for this product below, sometimes the tip readers have shared for this product have fit somewhere else on the site better. Therefore, as I come across more uses which I've shared elsewhere on the site I'll add them here. Here's the first one:***End Update

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Removing Blood Stains With Glass Cleaner

Kathy says:

When I'm in a pinch, and I get a blood stain on clothing or fabric, I use Windex if I don't have any ammonia handy, and it works really well.

Just spray it on, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then wash like you would with any other pretreater.

Peggy Kanzigg says:

I had a great deal of blood on my computer chair and on my husband's clothes when he had bleeding from a surgery.

I just sprayed Windex on and rubbed it in the fabric and soaked in cold water. Put it in the washer and it was all out.

Taylor says:

Thanks Kathy and Peggy for that tip.

There are lots of great ways to remove blood stains, so check out this who collection of tips for removing blood from fabric which have been shared by readers, or share your own.

Photo by Ollie Crafoord

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Cleaning Up Your Stove Top Or Oven Front

by SpeedZone

SpeedZone says:

I've found that Windex is a great grease and grime cleaner.

Try it on your stove or on your oven front.

Just make sure you wipe it down with a clean wet rag afterward . . . Piece of Cake.

Taylor says:

Thanks for this tip.

I know glass cleaners are often used to quickly wipe down counter tops and other kitchen surfaces, even though they're not made exactly for that purpose.

As always, when using such products around a source of heat, which can include stoves and oven, always exercise caution with any product, especially one not specifically designed for it.

You can read more tips for how to clean a stove top here, or share your own tricks and ideas.

In addition, you can share your oven cleaning tips here, or read others already submitted.

Photo by docentjoyce

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Windex Is My Laundry Stain Remover Of Last Resort

by Regina

Regina shared another Windex use with me.

Regina says:

I usually use OxiClean on my laundry stains, which, as you may know, comes in a blue spray bottle, as does Windex.

One day the Windex was sitting where the OxyClean usually is, and, not looking for more than a blue spray bottle I squirted it on an unknown brown stain on my toddler's shirt - and the stain instantly vanished!

I have tried Windex on other laundry stains since, and you have to be careful because it seems to set some stains rather than help.

I try other things first, and only if nothing else works do I reach for the Windex.

Taylor says:

I would assume that this products works well for removing mystery stains because of the ammonia it contains, which is often used as a laundry stain remover.

I'm glad it works for you though, in a pinch much of the time.

Does anyone else use this product for removing stains from laundry, or for another use around your home? If so, you can share your uses for this product here, and if you use for laundry, say which types of stains it works for, and which it doesn't.

You can read more laundry stain removers reviews here, or share your own.

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Comments for Windex Is My Laundry Stain Remover Of Last Resort

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carpet stains
by: Kathryn

Sounds weird but I use Windex or any glass cleaner for carpet stains. It gets KoolAid out even.

Shines drinking glasses
by: Joyce

I don't have a dishwasher so I have been washing dishes in a plastic dish pan for a couple of years, and have always been unable to get my drinking glasses to shine, no matter what dish soap I used. So I got the idea that if Windex is good for mirrors, and windows and makes them shine, why not try it in my dish water. So I combined equal parts of dish soap and Windex, and what a nice difference.

Help with Pink set in stain after friend tried to clean dress with Windex
by: Amy

I am in desperate need of stain removal help! On the 4th of July my dress accidentally fell victim to someone else dripping grease on the back of my dress. In a split second decision my friend tried to remove the stain with Windex (she stated it helps remove stains) however, she did this with a paper towel that had pink flowers printed on them. This then caused the pink flower color to transfer onto my dress. This is on an off white and blue striped dress. I have washed it several times with stain stick removal, oxyclean stick removal, even just tried to soak over night in cool water/oxy clean solution, and the pink is still there. I have not dried the dress in the dryer, only air dried. Any suggestions? Should I try the ammonia trick?

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