Removing Melted Candle Wax From Glass Candleholder

Put Your Votive Candle Holders In The Freezer After Freezing The Candle Wax Pops Right Out

Below is a video giving instructions for how to remove melted candle wax from a glass or votive candle holder.

Have you ever placed a votive candle in a glass candle holder, and then once it was used it had melted and gotten stuck at the bottom of the glass?

I know that has happened to me a number of times.

It can be maddening trying to remove those little candles from the bottom of a glass or jar, especially when the opening is very narrow.

The video below gives three suggestions for what to do when this occurs, one of which is how to prevent the candle wax from sticking in the first place, and the other two on how to remove it once it is stuck there.

The first suggestion, on how to prevent the wax from sticking, is to add a half an inch of water to the bottom of the votive candle holder before inserting the candle.

Then, the two ways to remove the candle wax, once it is stuck to the bottom of the candle are as follows:

1. Soak the candle holder in hot soapy water for a few minutes to soften the wax, and then gently scrape out the wax with a butter knife or spoon.

2. Put the candle holder in the freezer, and then once the wax is hardened remove the candle holder and gently tap it, and the wax should pop out.

second method is exactly what Julie from the blog From Inmates To Playdates did when she encountered this problem.

She put her glass in the freezer for only about 10-15 minutes, instead of overnight like the video suggests. When she got it out of the freezer she just tapped the bottom of the candle holder and she said it popped right out!

What a great trick! I spoke to Julie and she gave me permission to post a couple of the photos from her blog post here on the site, and you can see them above by clicking through the thumbnails. (Thanks Julie for letting me use your pictures!)

Her pictures are the ones of the candle holder in the freezer, and then of the candle wax once it popped out of the holder after freezing.

Now, here is the video with all of its suggestions for removing candle wax from glass candle holders:

So, do you have any tips for removing candle wax or the stains it leaves behind from any of the surfaces of your home? If so, share your tips for how to remove candle wax stains here, or read other tips already submitted.

In addition, you can read my tips for candle wax stain removal here.

Photo of blue candle by Riebart

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