Moss Removal From Concrete, Driveways And Walkways

The video below demonstrates a natural and eco-friendly technique for moss removal from concrete, driveways and other walkways around your home.

Moss can be killed, and then easily removed, using washing soda, also known as soda crystals or sodium carbonate.

This is a naturally occurring substance which is highly alkaline in nature, meaning it will help kill the moss which has begun to grow into your concrete.

The video has really bad sound quality for some reason, but demonstrates the simple technique.

Basically, you sprinkle the washing soda onto the flat surface and wet it with either a hose or watering can, and then let it sit for several days. This gives the washing soda time to kill the moss.

Once the moss has been killed it is much easier to accomplish moss removal, so you either just brush it with a stiff brush or they show using a shovel. (I would suggest the stiff brush, since it is less likely to scrape your concrete, driveway or other walkway than the shovel is).

See the video below for full details of moss removal from concrete with washing soda:

washing soda uses
So, does anyone else have a great use for washing soda? If so, share your homemade cleaners recipes here which feature this natural product.

You can read even more washing soda uses here, in my article.

Photo by Daniel Paixao Fontes

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Evil English Ivy
by: Jackie

We are trying to remove long dead English Ivy roots from our painted stucco walls. Had some success with - of all things - dish liquid and water. Wondered if we could amp up the mix with some washing soda? Any thoughts or comments please! Thanks - J

response re how this effects grass
by: Taylor

Washing soda is an alkaline product, meaning that if the run off runs onto your grass it can raise the pH of the soil in that area. Many people do add lime to the soil to raise pH, to help grass grow, but raising it too much can be a bad thing for grass. My suggestion is to talk to a lawn expert if this is a big concern before using this treatment. Otherwise, be careful with the run off spray if this is a concern. Anyone else have any thoughts on this issue, because it can be important.

does this damage grass?
by: Anonymous

When you use washing soda to remove moss from the sidewalk, does it damage the grass?

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