Gum Removal From The Dryer

Have you ever needed to know about gum removal from the dryer?

It actually happens more often than you might think that a child has gum in the pockets of pants, and they get washed, and then dried in the dryer.

Unfortunately when that occurs the gum gets all over the dryer drum and it can be a nightmare trying to remove it.

You obviously don't want to let it sit there because the next time you use the dryer that chewing gum will get all over your nice clean clothes, which is another headache you definitely don't need.

So, here are some ideas for removing chewing gum from your dryer.

First, you can try the same technique for removing chewing gum from the dryer as with crayon from the dryer. Here is my collection of tips for removing crayon in dryer.

Second, you can try WD-40 or Goo Gone to get out the chewing gum.

chewing gum in dryer
***Update - I actually had my own incident with gum in the dryer recently (as you can see from my picture to the right), and I used Goo Gone to remove it. It worked really well! You can read exactly what I did, for both the clothing which had melted gum on it, and also for the dryer drum itself, on my other website, Household Management 101. Here is my article on how to remove gum from clothing and the dryer when it has melted.***

***Update 2: Since then I have also received a story from a reader sharing how she also had success using Goo Gone to remove gum from her dryer in a situation very similar to mine. You can read her success story here.***

Goo Gone {Referral Links}

Finally, I got this idea from Everything's Coming Up Daisies, who used nail polish remover containing acetone to remove the chewing gum from her dryer.

I would caution with any of these methods -- especially with any solvents, to thoroughly ventilate the room and let all the solvent evaporate before running your dryer so you don't create a fire hazard.

You also will need to wipe out the dryer drum of all solvents after you remove the chewing gum.

You can submit your own tip about chewing gum removal here, or read others that have already been submitted.

In addition, you can share your tips for dryer cleaning here.

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Remove Gum From Dryer With Dish Sponges With Mesh Scrubbers

by Thomas

Here's a quick tip from a reader, Thomas, who shared another way to remove gum from a dryer.

Thomas says:

If you get a dish sponge that has a mesh side it will scrub the gum out and it works better if it's soapy and wet.

Taylor says:

Thanks Thomas for this quick tip.

I've used the types of sponges you're referring to, not specifically for this task, but for scrubbing things off pots and pans, and I can see from that experience that this might work really well. The mesh side really grabs at the sticky stuff to get it off.

If anyone tries this method, perhaps in conjunction with some of the others above, I'd love a report on how it worked for you.

In addition, you can share your kitchen and cleaning sponges reviews here, or read even more that have already been submitted.

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Comments for Remove Gum From Dryer With Dish Sponges With Mesh Scrubbers

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Nail polish remover
by: Anonymous

I used nail polish remover with acetone to remove gum which was completely smeared in the dryer as if someone drew crayon all over it. It worked. However, the fumes from it were causing me to not be able to breathe. I am worried now. So in addition I used hot water with dawn dish detergent to wash it out afterwards and wiped it down. Nervous to turn the dryer back on. What to do?

Response re question about nail polish remover
by: Taylor

Acetone evaporates very quickly, so if you keep the dryer door open and properly ventilate the room for 30 minutes to an hour there should be no problem. To be on the safe side, wait until you can no longer smell any acetone if you're really concerned.

Goo Gone worked great
by: Anonymous

This worked well for me as well. Easy. Thanks.

Try Pre-Wash Stain Remover, worked for me
by: Anonymous

I was trying rubbing alcohol, then liquid laundry detergent. Alcohol was working but slow and painful. Liquid laundry detergent did not seem to work. I also tried some spray on cooking oil. That worked a little but not really.

Then I tried pre-wash stain remover. I warmed up dryer with damp hand towel for 5 or 10 minutes. Then tried my wife's bottle of "LA's totally Awesome Laundry Pre-Wash Stain remover." Not trying to sell this brand and I would have tried what ever pre-wash we had, this was all I had. By far this was the best and easiest removal option. Not sure if other pre-wash will work just as good but it was great. Only sprayed on paper towels and then rubbed off. It took some work too but 10x faster than the other methods I tried.

Prewash suggestion work!!
by: Gina

I was leery of using Goo Gone because of the strong citrus smell.
I took your suggestion and used Spray and Wash and it worked like a charm!
I am so grateful I read this!
Thank you so much!

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