How To Descale An Electric Tea Kettle To Remove Hard Water Buildup

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Below are the instructions for how to descale an electric tea kettle which has gotten a bunch of hard water build up on it.

For anything that gets heated on a regular basis, such as a tea kettle, hard water build up can be a real problem.

The reason for this is because there is already minerals in your water, but when you boil things the minerals don't always evaporate as quickly as the rest of the water and make a build up at the bottom of the item.

Hard water and lime scale build up are composed of alkaline materials, so anything which is mildly acidic in nature can remove it, such as vinegar, lemon juice, or citric acid.

You can either add a 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water, or 30 grams of lemon juice to 500 mL of water. If you don't want to be so precise just throw in a quartered lemon in with the water.

Boil the acidic liquid and water mixture in the kettle and then let sit to cool, and when you dump out the water, the scale will be loosened and gone.

Sometimes even when the lime scale is loosened up from the acidic cleaner, it will remain and you need to scrub a little bit to then remove it. If you'd like a bit of help scrubbing you can add a bit of baking soda) onto a sponge to help gently loosen up the scale.

After you've removed all the lime scale thoroughly rinse your kettle with water several times before using it again, or you'll taste either vinegar or lemon in whatever what you boil!

So, do you have any tips for removing lime scale and hard water stains? If so, submit your tips for how to remove hard water stains here, or read others already submitted.

Further, I've collected a bunch of tips for cleaning appliances here, so check them out if you're interested in more cool ideas!

How to descale an electric tea kettle, which has gotten a bunch of hard water build up inside it naturally {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Clean the inside of a kettle with lemon juice
by: Sarah Birch

You can also put lemon juice with water to fill the kettle & boil. When boiled your kettle will be white again.

boil a lemon in it
by: Andrea

Found the easiest way to clean the inside of a kettle like new without effort- I put half a lemon in the kettle, filled with water & boiled it, left it for 20 minutes, rinsed it out and it was like new. Easy & natural.

vinegar works on lots of stuff
by: Deborah

Pour a bottle of vinegar in your electric kettle and leave over night, rinse in the morning. No more white film.

Also use in washing machine. One bottle, one wash cycle and hey presto, clean and fresh.

citric acid for kettle descaler
by: Anna

I use it to descale my kettle by half filling the kettle with cold water and add a dessert spoon full of citric acid, leave the kettle lid open and switch on, bring to the boil and let it boil for a few minutes, because the lid is open you will need to turn the kettle off yourself-do not leave unattended. Once I turn the kettle off, I keep the water and use it either to immerse razors to get the limescale build up off or even in the shower tray. Remember to refill the kettle with fresh water, reboil and get rid of the water otherwise you'll end up with yucky tasting tea/coffee with split milk!

citric acid
by: Dipkha

Boil a bit of water in the electric kettle, then add a tablespoon of citric acid to it- which works instantly.

Citric acid for kettle cleaner
by: Lynn

Sprinkle pure citric acid inside your kettle with a little warm water and watch the calcium buildup dissolve before your eyes - magic. Rinse well and voila, good to go.

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