Laundry Detergent Pacs: The Ultimate Guide
Pros & Cons Plus Brands Available

Here is the ultimate guide to using laundry detergent pacs and stain remover pacs, to wash your laundry, including the pros and cons of using this type of product, plus reviews of the various brands available.

Here is the ultimate guide to using laundry detergent pacs and stain remover pacs, to wash your laundry, including the pros and cons of using this type of product, plus reviews of the various brands available {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Have you noticed that more and more brands of detergent are coming out with "pacs", or "packs", or even "paks" of detergent?

They spell it all kinds of ways, but the ultimate result is always just about the same. These little packages are a way of selling the same detergent, just in a different format.

This format puts the typically liquid detergent (although some of them contain powder) into a little pouch that dissolves when it is thrown in the washing machine water, releasing the soap.

Pros and cons of laundry detergent pacs, plus reviews of the brands which currently offer them.use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Similarly, many stain removers and bleaches are also made into pack form now, and even a few fabric softeners and laundry scent boosters as well.

Pros & Cons Of Laundry Detergent Pacs

As with anything there are pros and cons to this new type of product.


  • They can be handy to transport and store, especially in comparison to liquids or powders (a bonus if doing laundry at a laundromat or from a dorm room, or on vacation)
  • Easy to use, so kids can more easily do the laundry without having to measure precisely (also good for those who seem to add too much detergent to each load)
  • Typically same detergent inside the pacs as sold separately, so no difference in performance (although may be more concentrated)


  • No control over how much detergent to add - you're limited to either one or two pacs, and cannot add more or less depending on the load you're washing
  • No way to pretreat clothing with the detergent since it is contained within the individual pacs
  • If one or more of them bursts in the container they are stored in it can cause all of the pacs to stick together rendering them basically unusable
  • More expensive per load typically than liquid or powder varieties
  • Reports that some of the pacs are similar enough looking to candy that they may be a safety risk for small kids who accidentally ingest the detergent (you can read more about this in the PDF from the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission)

Typical Directions For Use

Here is the ultimate guide to using laundry detergent pacs and stain remover pacs, to wash your laundry, including the pros and cons of using this type of product, plus reviews of the various brands available {on Stain Removal 101} #LaundryDetergentPacs #DetergentPacs #LaundryDetergentuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Each brand is different, so follow the directions on the type of laundry detergent pacs you choose to be on the safe side.

However, they typically have similar directions for use, which is to throw in one pac (two if it is an extra large or soiled load) into the washer drum, while the water is running but before you add clothes.

Do not add the pacs to the detergent dispenser, since they depend on water hitting them to actually dissolve, and would clog your dispenser in pac form.

They are typically made for use in either HE or standard machines, and are also typically designed to dissolve in either hot or cold water.

I don't know that it is necessary, but when I use any variety of them I tend to watch and wait until the pac has dissolved before I add clothes to the washer. It normally doesn't take very long, and the water is still adding during the process anyway.

Although I say they are designed to properly dissolve in hot or cold water, one of the problems sometimes encountered with these pacs is that they don't actually dissolve.

This is more common in cold water washes then warm or hot water, but it can happen with any temperature water.

Often the fact that the pacs don't dissolve has more to do with user error, and throwing in the clothes too soon before the water has a chance to fully dissolve the pac.

However, after receiving lots of reviews from readers as well (see below) I've come to believe that some brands just dissolve better than others. If you're consistently having trouble getting your pacs to dissolve, and have tried to change your tecnhique for adding them without avail, I would definitely suggest switching to another brand.

Available Brands Of Laundry Detergent Pacs & Stain Removers Currently On The Market

More and more pacs seem to be coming on the market every day, but I will try my best to keep up with this list, to keep it up to date. Where available for purchase online, I have linked the images below to the best place you can buy these products, in case you're interested.

Here's the brands I'm currently aware of that have this means of packaging their detergent:

All Mighty Pacs

all mighty pacs, original scent

all mighty pacs, free and clear scent

All has just come out with these new Mighty Pacs, and they are available in both the original scent and free and clear version. You can read about All detergent here, in general.

I have personally tried these Mighty Pacs in the free and clear scent, and liked them, but another reviewer wasn't as pleased. You can read both our reviews here.

Arm & Hammer Toss n' Done & Crystal Burst Power Paks

arm and hammer toss n' done power paks

arm and hammer crystal burst power paks

Arm & Hammer detergent has come out with what they've termed "Power Paks." There are several varieties available, some of which contain Oxiclean.

You can also read more about Arm & Hammer laundry detergent here, in general.

In addition, I've received a couple of reviews of the Arm & Hammer Power Paks detergent, in the Crystal Burst scent here, which were mixed, with some positive and some negative.

Arm And Hammer Power Packs {Referral Links}

Biz Blast Packs

biz blast packs

Biz Blast Packs are not actually laundry detergent at all, but instead are a stain remover that you throw in along with your regular detergent.

You can learn more about Biz stain fighter here, but I haven't gotten any reviews of the actual packs yets.

Biz Stain Remover {Referral Links}

Clorox 2 Stain Fighter & Color Booster Packs

clorox 2 stain fighter and color booster packs

Clorox 2 packs are not a laundry detergent either, but instead a color-safe bleach.

They are designed to be thrown into your washer, along with detergent, to help remove stains and brighten clothing.

I do not currently have a review of these packs. You can share your review here

Clorox 2 Bleach Pacs {Referral Links}

Dropps Laundry Pacs

dropps, fresh scent

dropps, scent and dye free

Dropps is really the leader of the laundry detergent pacs movement, and one of the first companies to sell laundry soap in this fashion.

It is available in three varieties, fresh scent, scent and dye free, and baby detergent. You can learn more about Dropps laundry detergent here. In addition, you can read Dropps reviews here, including one from me, sharing what I thought about the scent and dye free version.

Finally, Dropps just came out with fabric softener pacs, which package softener in individual packs, similar to the idea behind the single packs of laundry detergent. This may be the next wave in natural fabric softeners as well, since it seems this company leads the way on new innovations such as this.

Dropps Laundry Detergent {Referral Links}

ECOS Pods & Earth Friendly Products Oxo Brite Pods

ECOS detergent pods, free and clear scent

Oxo Brite pods

The ECOS brand is green, and they've got both a detergent and also an oxygen booster (under the Earth Friendly Products brand) in pod form.

You can read more information about Ecos laundry detergent here.

I don't have reviews of either of these varieties though, so please share your review with me here if you've used one of these products.

Ecos Laundry Pacs {Referral Links}

Grab Green Detergent & Bleach Alternative Pacs

Grab Green laundry detergent pacs, lavender & vanilla scent

Grab Green bleach alternative pacs

This is a eco-friendly brand.

There are several scents of the detergent available, including Vetiver, Gardenia, Lavender & Vanilla, and a fragrance free version, but the bleach alternative comes only in scent free.

All of the pacs are dual compatible, meaning they will work in both HE and standard washing machines.

I don't have any reviews of this brand, so if you've used them you please share your opinions here.

Grab Green Laundry Detergent Pacs {Referral Links}

Honest Company Detergent Pods & Oxy Pacs

Honest laundry detergent pods

Honest oxy boost pacs

The Honest Company is a relatively new brand that is eco-friendly, and has a whole range of products designed for babies, kids and adults, all rolled into one.

Their detergent pods are scent free and the company claims that they can be used not only on normal clothing, but also for hand washing wools, silks and other fine washables.

The oxygen bleach pacs are also scent free, and are designed as a general laundry booster for severely stained clothes.

You can read a review of the detergent pods here, where the reader reported her child had an allergic reaction.

Kirkland Brand {From Costco} Pacs

Kirkland laundry pacs

This is a store brand, sold by Costco, and although not specifically stated I believe it is supposed to compete with Tide.

I have received a positive review of these. I would caution, however, that not specifically for the pods, but for several Kirkland laundry brand products in general I've gotten complaints about allergies.

Nellie's All Natural Laundry Nuggets

Nellie's all natural laundry nuggets

Nellie's is a company that makes several all natural laundry products, ranging from detergents, bleaches and dryer balls.

One of the more recent products they've come out with are these "nuggets" which hold one pre-measured load of the washing powder in it.

It is hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, so it may fit many criteria for you if you're also looking for those things, in addition to convenience.

Here's a positive review of this product from a reader.

Oxiclean Detergent & Stain Fighter Power Paks

Oxiclean laundry detergent pacs

Oxiclean power paks

Oxiclean has both a laundry detergent, as well as a stain removal product available in pac form.

You can read more about Oxiclean uses and directions for use here.

In addition, I've gotten one review of the older Max Force version of these paks from a reader, sharing that they caused her an allergic reaction.

Seventh Generation Detergent Packs

seventh generation laundry detergent packs, mandarin and sandalwood scent

seventh generation laundry detergent packs, free and clear scent

Seventh Generation is a natural and eco-friendly cleaning and laundry product manufacturer, and is one of the latest companies to introduce laundry detergent pacs.

They are available in both a mandarin and sandalwood scent, as well as a free and clear variety.

You can read, in general, about Seventh Generation laundry detergent here, but I haven't received any reviews of the packs yet.

Tide Pods & Tide Stain Release In Wash Booster Pacs

Tide pods, spring meadow scent

Tide stain release in wash booster pacs

Tide recently released, with a big marketing blitz, their version of laundry detergent pacs. Instead of calling them pacs, however, they call them Tide Pods. They are currently available in three scents, Ocean Mist, Mystic Forest and Spring Meadow.

You can read more about Tide detergent here, in general.

Further, you can read Tide Pods reviews here, including a warning about how these pacs look similar enough to candy to have confused kids into ingesting some of them, making them ill. Plus, beware that I've gotten several complaints that these Tide Pods are causing allergies and itchiness.

In addition to the detergent pods, Tide already had Tide Stain Release In Wash Booster Pacs, which are now known as Tide Boost pacs. These are not actually detergent, but a stain remover, which is available in original scent or scent free. I have received reviews of Tide stain release pacs here, plus here's a Tide Boost review (it's new name).

Wisk PowerBlasts

Wisk PowerBlasts

A very recently added product to this category of laundry detergent pacs comes from Wisk. They are only available in the original scent at this time.

I don't have a review, so if you've used them I'd love to hear your opinion of them. You can share your review here.

Share Your Laundry Detergent Pacs Reviews With Me

Have I missed a brand that has pacs available? Or, have you used one of them I've listed, and you want to share how it worked for you?

Either way I'd love to hear from you, sharing your opinions and experiences, so I can link to your reviews from this page and help others make the decision of what product is best for them.

You can share your reviews here. I can't wait to hear from you!

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