Tide Pods Allergies & Itchy Reactions: Stories From Readers

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Below I've gathered quite a few stories from readers about Tide Pods allergies and itchy reactions.

Everyone's stories about allergic reactions are somewhat unique, because everyone is allergic to slightly different things, and their bodies react in slightly different ways.

On the other hand, when you read about these allergic reactions you'll also see some common themes.

For instance, some people have allergic reactions to the Tide Pods version of the detergent, but not to the liquid or powder version.

One possible reason for this is that these pods, like any laundry detergent pacs, are even more concentrated than their liquid of powder versions, and if not properly rinsed out that high concentration of detergent staying in your clothes can cause skin reactions you might not experience with less residue.

In addition, while many people are allergic to one particular scent of pods, versus another (which isn't unusual, because scent is one of the most common reasons for laundry allergies) some people are also allergic to even the unscented version of these pods.

Before you begin to read the various reader experiences, or perhaps share your own in a submission or comment below, make sure to check out some of the resources here on the site which can help you learn more about this issue.

I'll add several article links throughout the page, but first check out
my article about laundry detergent allergy symptoms and their cure to help you identify if you're having an allergic reaction to a detergent, why that might be occurring, and what you can do about it.

Laundry detergent allergy symptoms and the cure

Marilyn's Story: Pods Made Me Itch!

For the past several days I have been itching all over. The only thing I could think of that I've done different is purchasing the Tide Pods.

Up until now I have been making my own laundry detergent for several years, but not always happy with the results, especially on my husband's dirty work clothes.

For a change of pace I saw those Tide Pods which looked so convenient and decided to purchase them, a bigger container of 72 pods unfortunately. :(

I have been itching ever since, and I'm sure it must be the pods since nothing else has changed.

It's getting increasingly worse each day. I'm in the process of rewashing (actually with no detergent at all) to see if that will clear up the itch. It is miserable.

I've used regular Tide in the past with no issues, and was always happy with the results. I started making my own detergent to save money, which it did, but it just doesn't clean as well. Now I don't know what to do with all those Pods. It was an $18.00 purchase. :(

Here are stories from readers about Tide Pods allergies and itchy reactions they've experienced, plus recommendations about what to do about it {on Stain Removal 101} #TidePods #LaundryAllergies #AllergicReactionsuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Sad I Can't Use Tide Pods Spring Meadow Anymore But Causes Allergies

by Carolyn

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Carolyn shared her experience with Tide Pods causing allergies and itchiness.

Carolyn says:

When I first saw the commercial for this product I was excited to use them. I purchased the big 90 count pod container.

After using it my 6 year old daughter broke out in hives!

Here are stories from readers about Tide Pods allergies and itchy reactions they've experienced, plus recommendations about what to do about it {on Stain Removal 101} #TidePods #LaundryAllergies #AllergicReactionsuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest
I didn't think it was the pods because I had literally just washed the clothes and put them on her.

On top of that, we had been using Tide liquid soap for over two years with no problems, and when she was a baby she broke out in hives with no certain underlying cause.

So I did the usual and gave her Benadryl amd she was better.

But she broke out in hives 3 times in one week.

After her not breaking out anymore, my husband and I started getting small itchy red bumps on our stomachs, legs, and feet.

We even thought it was bed bugs. We inspected our hike and bed and find no evidence of bed bugs.

After some research I have come to the conclusion that it is because of the pods.

My husband, daughter, and I all have very uncomfortable itchy red bumps anywhere our clothes touch our body.

I noticed that the only place we don't have them is on our arms because we wear short sleeve shirts.

The bumps got so bad that I had to wear pants instead of shorts in this Texas summer heat.

My husband thought he had athletes foot. But after treating for that for over 2 months, he still had itchy red bumps.

I have also decided that my daughter broke out because of the pods and so I will not continue using them.

I'm sad I can't use them because they do a good job at cleaning the clothes and they smell really good. Plus they look very cool!

But I'm thankful I found this website because today I will go buy a scent/dye free detergent with the hopes that this itching madness will stop.

Ultimate guide to hypoallergenic laundry detergent

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I Thought It Was Bed Bugs . . . No It Was Spring Meadows Scent

by SR101 Reader

I have been using Tide Pods for over a year and my mother used Tide powder since I was a baby. Two weeks ago I switched scents and three days later developed what looked like bug bites all over my left shoulder. Day by day, more bumps would appear.

I immediately thought we had bed bugs. I took my bed apart and called Orkin- after inspection, NO SIGN OF BED BUGS! I still was not convinced. So I washed all my sheets with my new Tide Spring Meadow scented pods only to wake up with welts/hives over the entire right side of my abdomen and behind my right knee. It still didn't occur to me that it was the detergent.

I slept at my friend's house for 3 nights but the bumps kept coming. The rash/hives got worse. I had the doctor at the hospital I worked at check them out; she said it was contact dermatitis. I still didn't buy it.

The next day (after steroid treatment and creams, etc.) I undressed to shower and noticed that along my underwear line there were more red bumps (which looked like bug bites). It suddenly occurred to me that I had switched scents on my Tide Pods. I immediately consulted my friend, Google. Sure enough, story after story, picture after picture, there it was.

I went out and bought Tide Free and Gentle liquid detergent and re-washed my sheets. I have not noticed anymore bumps/hives/rashes.

I'm still apprehensive about Tide but at least I know what I'm allergic to and more importantly that it's not bed bugs!


Reviews of Tide Free and Gentle detergent

Photo courtesy of Au Kirk

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Tide Free Pods Also Caused Allergies

by Deb

I have used Tide - both regular and Free - for years and had no problems, either with the powder or the liquid form.

When Tide introduced their new Tide Pods I was delighted as it meant no more messy (and inaccurate) measuring and it was sure to save money.

A few months after switching to the Pods, both regular and Free (which I use for delicates), I stated noticing patches of red, itchy bumps on areas where my clothing rubbed my skin, such as lower bad, upper arms, neck, knees.

I thought maybe it was the regular Tide Pods and started using only the Tide Free Pods. No relief (other than taking antihistamines daily to try to settle the hives).

It appears that whatever new additives are contained in the Pods - or maybe it's even the gel coating housing the Pods themselves - are causing the allergic reaction and I can no longer use the detergent I have relied on for years.

Even the version touted as free of dyes and scents causes a problem.

And I am not the only one who has experienced this reaction from the new Tide products.

I am now experimenting with other brands and hope to find something that is truly free of dyes/perfumes/additives so that I do not have to experience such an adverse reaction again.

The ultimate guide to laundry detergent pacs

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Tide Pods With Febreze Caused Hives

by Shari
(Sarsota, Fl)

Just started using this product.

Woke up next morning with huge hives head to toe.

Went to ER twice because benadryl and zyrtec isn't working.

I've been put on prednisone and vistaril for itching.

It's my third day in and always worse in the morning.

I'm going to wash my bedding again and rinse about 3 times.

Tide detergent reviews and information

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This Stuff Makes My Family Feel Itchy!

by Brandy Illian

Brandy says:

I loved the idea of the Tide Pods, since my husband always uses 2 cups of Tide so I figured this way we would save money by using less.

We have always used Tide liquid detergents.

For weeks now me and my entire family have been ITCHY ITCHY ITCHY and today I am sure that it is because of the this scent (Spring Meadows).

I am going to try putting a second rinse on all of the bedding and laundry and I will be sure to update with how it works out.

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They Clean Crazy Good But Give Me Hives

by Kristie
(Virginia Beach)

We recently switched from Tide with Bleach Alternative to the Tide Pods.

They clean his whites crazy good!! But I didn't see this coming.....HIVES!

I've been through allergic reaction madness for the past 3 weeks. Hives, itching, rash....OMG!!

But after 3 trips to the doctor, 2 rounds of prednisone, and numerous allergy meds and itch stopping drugs, it was narrowed down to ....PODS!

I am in the process now of rewashing and double rinsing all of my clothes, towels and linens.

I'll be back with the results of that task, but I do believe it will solve the problem!

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We Had A Horrible Experience With This Detergent

by Allanah Dedam

In the past month I purchased the Tide Pods at my local Jewel Osco as it was on sale. I was actually excited to used it thinking it would be a great product to clean my clothes and keep them fresh.

I proceeded to wash my clothes and bedding as usual. Not long after I broke out all over my wrists; it's the most sensitive skin area! I had not one clue it was the Pods and blamed it on a new shirt I had purchased also.

However, when my boyfriend moved in with me we washed all our clothes again including the bedding once more. This time he broke out and the affected areas spread to our feet, wrists, hands, arms, legs, and even genital areas! I can describe them as little red water filled spots that were extremely itchy.

It was such a horrible experience for the both of us, especially since he just moved in with me! We assumed the worst -- maybe we had bed bugs (no we checked), maybe it was scabies (no we got looked at).

We were in such distress we thought it was due to stress maybe, or our body chemistry didn't react well together.

The both of us didn't think it could be our CLEANING product that's supposed to keep our clothes CLEAN.

I started to think of what it was different I had been doing and linked it back to the Tide Pods, since it was the first time using this product.

My boyfriend left for a weekend to see his little girl and he mentioned after washing his clothes elsewhere the itching subsided.

Upon his return we washed our clothes in new detergent and Bam! To both our surprise no more itching. This whole time it was a reaction to the Tide Pods!

All our stress and sleepless nights due to non-stop itching was cause by something supposed to keep us clean.


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Tide Pods Are Making Me Itch

by Laine

Laine says:

I have used Tide for over 40 years and my mother used it was well when I was a kid.

I love the idea of the pods but I am sure that I am having a reaction to them. My skin is very sensitive and the pacs make me itch.

I now have my second HE washer and have never had a problem with either the liquid or powder HE detergents and my skin.

I am very disappointed because I think the pods do a very good job cleaning my wash.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with me Laine, although I'm sorry to hear it was negative.

It is, in my opinion, unfortunate that Procter & Gamble hasn't made the pods come in a hypoallergenic laundry detergent version.

***Update: Tide must have finally listened, since they just released a free and gentle version of these pods! Yay! ***End Update

Please note it isn't just this new packaging that seems to be causing problems however. Obviously the company has lots of happy customers as well, but there are many who also an allergy to Tide in other versions as well.

Tide detergent allergies

Has anyone else had problems with skin rashes or allergic reactions caused by this laundry product? If so, I'd love to hear from you. You can share your experience here.

***Update: I got another submission from a reader, Mary, who also complained about this detergent. She sent in pictures of her rash (non-graphic) so I added it to a different page with detergent allergy pictures. You can check out her story here. ***End Update

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Comments for Tide Pods Are Making Me Itch

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Can't breathe
by: Elaine

I am having reactions to coworkers who use Tide pods and Kirkland brand pods.

My reactions are extensive and debilitating. In an industry that is unregulated, how do we know what kind of harmful chemicals are being used? We don't.

Works ok.
by: Anonymous

This product is amazing. It cleans clothes so well and is easy and convenient to use.

I did not have skin reaction like above. I would sneeze so badly when I was folding laundry and could not work out why. I saw the ads for the Tide free pods and bought them to see if it helped. Sure enough my sneezing while folding and putting away has ceased.

Another issue is the fragrance. Although lovely it would sometimes trigger migraines.

hate these
by: Jasmine

Hey. I'm a college student who used Tide Pods once and I got itchy. I didn't know what is was until I thought about something I did different, which was use Tide Pods. I used a sample one I got from a bookstore and I wore a bra that I washed in it and my back started itching and I thought it was my shirt but I didn't wash the shirt. So I switched into a shirt I did wash it in and I was still itchy. I now figured the bra and the different shirt was the problem. I'm itchy and my arms are red, my wrists are itchy, my stomach and back. It sucks really bad especially since my parents are not here to take care of me. They actually came to my college and bought me Claritin, Benadryl, Zyrtec, and hydrocortisone cream. I don't think they really help me. Does anyone know how long it will last? I've been itchy for about a week now and I washed all my clothes. I wish it would go away but it hasn't even subsided. Any tips?

no warning
by: John Waldron

This product has caused me hives, itching and enduring red blisters. They were on my stomach and torso. Took me a while to figure it out...Sad.

Rash, Hives, and Itching
by: Brad T

Changed laundry detergent to Tide Pods (Spring Meadow) and begin having rash, hives and itching on shoulders, arms, stomach, thighs and waist line. Everywhere my clothes touched me. I cut out vitamins, Tylenol, antibiotic ointment and Tide Pods over a period of 6 weeks. NOTHING stopped the irritation until I stopped using the Tide Pods. Too bad I cut them out last!

switching back to Miele HE detergent
by: churst

I switched from Miele HE detergent to the Tide pods and have broken out in a nasty hives type rash all over my body. I have been trying to figure out what was causing the rash and have narrowed it down to this. The rash got worse when the cold weather came and I was more covered up than usual - rash worse. And then the water softener ran low and I think that is adding to the residue problem. I am 53 and have never had an allergic reaction to anything. I've been to the doctor several times and am now on my way to see a dermatologist. Insanely itching. I'm switching back to Miele detergent.

My 5 year old had a severe allergic reaction
by: Anonymous

I recently switched from the liquid Tide to the Tide pods and for the first few washing everything was ok, but my son developed a really bad allergic reaction all over his bottom and his legs. At first I thought it was caused by his body was so I threw it away but his rash kept getting worse I tired to think of everything from bed bugs etc. Just this past week he became so sick from the rash that I ended up taking him the children's hospital here. The doctor didn't have a clue, she didn't even ask if I changed anything lately. So I ended up at the pharmacy to get stuff to help my little guy and she asked if I recently changed laundry soap, or bath soap I mentioned I recently switched to Tide pods and she said they are not very good for kids and even the Tide pods for sensitive skin are no good and are not actually not good either. I was in shock so she told me to switch back to liquid Tide and gave me stuff to help heal him and help him feel better.

They should recall
by: Anonymous

My wife bought the pods and we all broke out with hives and rash. Are they going to pay all the doctor bills? Just to find out it was the pods. Beware, don't buy them.

Family member get hive, allergy itches everywhere
by: Sommai

Couldn't figure out what new. Kids asked if I change detergent. I say must be the new Tide pods we used. Stop using Meadow Spring scent. I spent my whole day rewashing my kids clothes.

Found the itch?
by: Frank Gaydos

i recently started having the itching skin. I originally thought it was because of the chlorine in my workout pool. Almost stopped going. Then realized it may be the pods as the itching coincided with the pod purchase. Just did a search on Google and here I am. I'm going to try a double rinse and if that does not work I'll toss away or just use on things like bed spreads.

intense itching...going crazy!
by: Anonymous

My husband and I have been suffering with INTENSE itching which has been driving me insane!

He thought it was Scabies. So we did three head to toe Scabinoid treatments! All unsuccessful!

We laundered our blankets and sheets, clothes, towels..many many times.

No help. Only worse.

We checked for bed bugs. Nothing. We changed beds also washing those bed linens in boiling hot water with cool easy to use Tide Pods. Still no help.

We both kept breaking out in groups of raised red VERY itchy bumps. I felt like I had lots of bugs crawling under my skin!

I consulted three doctors who couldn't figure it out. Bought more antiscabinoids. Bought Natural products..Neem which Dr Weil recommended. No help.

I've bought and applied multiple different anti itch products with or without cortisone. Still no help!

Going insane!

Only today I began wondering about Tide Pods. And I see from all your comments, that this is what MAY be the cause of our suffering.

I am now trying to rewash everything (AGAIN!) in a gentle baby liquid detergent. Seems to be helping. I still have three unopened Tide Pod containers on my shelf.


at first we blamed the guinea pig
by: Ripley, TN

The new addition to our family was a guinea pig. All fingers were pointing towards poor little Chestnut. She was banished to the upstairs until I could rule out whether my whelps, bites (or thought so) that itched terribly and a red slightly raised rash that felt like a prickly heat rash (at its worst) from head to toe. Could it be pet dander, the bedding or Timothy Hay. Well come to find out this red prickly rash got even worse one day while I was not even around the pig. Come to find out all of this was caused by Tide Pods.

it has to be the pods
by: Anonymous

At the first of January I had two patches of red welts on my inner arms. This has spread all over both arms, behind knees, various places. I couldn't figure out why, until it dawned on me that was about when I started using the pods. I've used regular Tide forever with no problem. Hoping to try Benadryl and see if that helps. Tried cortisone cream, all types of lotions, itch remedy, pine tar soap, etc.

It's been a month and I have no idea what's been washed with it in that time since I was also using a liquid soap on some loads. Gonna take the Benadryl and hope this awful stuff goes away!!!

Sad I cant use these anymore
by: W. Keyes

This is a great post, I am glad I read this because I am currently experiencing the same thing. I started getting little red bumps,. I have been itching like I have mosquito bites and now I'm starting to get mild rashes on my arms.

It took me almost a week to figure out that it's from the Tide Pods that I just started using.

It really sucks, but its good that I found out.

10 months of itch
by: Ann Z

I have gone through medical allergy tests, anti-itch prescription medications, prednisone, prescription allergy medications, and nothing has stopped the itch. I have used Tide for 59 years as my mother used it too. When we got a front loader, I thought how easy is this and switched to the pods. At first I used the spring meadow as I loved the scent, then switched to the free and clear pods. Kept thinking it was stress or even bedbugs. This morning as I started to look for anyone else having a possible reaction. I was shocked to see article after article. I will immediately switch back to liquid.

Itchy devil
by: Anonymous

I've been breaking out in hives for 3 weeks now. I've never had sensitive skin. I had switched to tide pods with the stain remover. After I was searching the Web and finding this blog it has confirmed it for me that is the tide pods. I'm currently rewashing my entire closet.

Chronic Itching
by: Anonymous

My family has had the kind of itching and welts discussed in these postings. Thanks to all of you who've contributed to the narrative. We won't be using this stuff anymore. Scrubbing the skin with hypoallergenic soaps and hot water, followed by hydrocortisone should work, as well as thorough washing of all our clothes with another detergent should work.

My skin is crawling
by: Suzanne from Vermont

I am going through hell because of the Tide Pods. I have always used Tide w/ bleach alternative and never had this reaction. I was visiting someone in Texas for a week. After 3 days I started to itch and developed hives and a rash on my face and ears. I have never had an anything like this. I washed some cloths while there with the Pods. Oh my gosh! The skin on my arms were picking and itching so bad. I developed a bad rash on my face and ears. I didn't figure it out until I got home and wore a blouse that I washed in Texas and my arms were itching real bad again. I am still going through hell. I am hoping it will stop now that I washed everything and double rinsed all the cloths that were washed in Texas. I am going to see a dermatologist in 2 days. Hopefully they will be able to tell me more. They should definitely RECALL this product. I am living in agony. Thinking about getting in touch with a lawyer. Soooo glad I googled Tide Pods Allergy.

Horrible rash
by: Anonymous

I have never had a detergent cause a rash like this EVER. I have since switched to a different brand and am trying to find a home for my Tide. I will never buy Tide again and will never recommend it. So far SEVEN of my friends all concur that Tide causes them to either get hives or rashes. Those are only the ones I have talked to about it. I am sure there are others in my circle experiencing issues. Really? What is in this product that is causing this? I have never had this happen on this level with any other detergent, scented or not. Very disappointed with the product.

Awful reaction
by: Karen

I had a terrible allergic reaction to Tide Pods. I had huge patches of painfully itchy, red bumps in five places. I was miserable. When I went the dermatologist, we tried to figure out what I might have touched. It had to be on my clothes, because of where the patches were on my body. She asked if I had used Tide Pods lately. I was amazed that she would have known that and told me she had seen five cases like this in the past three weeks. I had actually used them once before and not had any reaction, but I'll never use them again. However, I am not sad at all about not using them. Someone had given them to me and I was using them up. I make my own laundry soap out of all natural ingredients. It doesn't pollute the earth, the containers are recyclable and it is half the money. Simple -- 1 bar of soap without any additives (Ivory for example), crumble that up. Then, 2 cups Borax, 2 cups washing powder and a tablespoon of baking soda. Use that instead of this polluting, allergy ridden laundry soap!

Horrible detergent
by: Patricia Cournoyer

Tide Pods should be recalled. They need to be pulled from the shelves. The allergic reaction I received to this detergent was horrible. My eyes were all red, swollen and feeling burned and itchy and my whole neck had welts and rash along with my hands. Terrible stuff.

Spring Meadow scent broke me out
by: Cheryl

I've been blaming the cat because I'm allergic to him and broke out in hives after cat scratch but allergic reaction is not the same. When I pet him I go wash my hands afterwards and do okay. He's a country outside cat that takes a nap in the house during the day. Doing lots of laundry past week with new Tide Pods-stain remover/brightener. Hives all over, got cortisone shot today. Rash around stomach from undies waistband, face, arms. I think it just might be Tide Pods Spring Meadow. Will discontinue and return.

Original broke me out
by: Donna Adkins

I have been using Tide Original and sometimes Tide Clean breeze for over 7 years and I never had an issue till now. Someone bought me the Tide Pod Originals to try them out. I washed my clothes once in it and have broke out in severe chronic hives with blisters. I was unable to work to work one day because my feet were swollen with hives. I had to go to the doctor to get cortisone cream and prednisone. I have rewashed all my clothes, so I hope it clears up soon.

Break out in hives!
by: Anonymous

Just got back from the ER. Had to take my daughter because of a severe allergic reaction. She was covered in hives and her lips were swollen. The first question the Dr. asked was, "Have you changed detergents?" And yes I had, and her hives coincide with the use of Tide's Spring Meadow scent pods! She now has to be on prednisone for 5 days. Will be rewashing everything tomorrow and will never use tide's pods again! These should be recalled!

by: Anonymous

I'm currently sitting in an ER for the allergic reaction I'm having to the tide pods. Started them a week ago and my whole body feels like I'm on fire.
Going to discontinue them immediately.

by: Anonymous

Bought a new washer and dryer and it came with two tide pods. I have used the regular Tide detergent with no issues. I had a severe recon to Tide Pods! Severe! I had to rewash all my clothes. It took me a full week of misery to recover. I have never had an allergic reaction to anything before! Please be careful about using this product!

hives all over my body!!
by: Andi

I recently changed from liquid detergent to Tide Pods, after breaking out in hives, a trip to the hospital and steroids, anti itch meds and I'm still covered from head to toe in hives. My mom informed me of people breaking out from using tide pods. I now have to rewash all my things, bedding, towels and clothes, and I will be doing it with All Free and Clear!! Not happy with Tide pods!!

Tide scent booster pod gave me hives!
by: Shannon

After getting hives multiple times while at my boyfriend's house, who uses Tide laundry detergent, I finally figured out that's what's causing it!

I recently used a Tide scent booster pod along with my usual detergent (Era) and I'm covered in hives! After these cases, everything added up and I'm concluding that it's the Tide laundry detergent causing my hives.

I'm itching on my whole body, including my entire scalp.

I also heard that Tide may have changed something in their ingredients that some people are discovering they are allergic to.

effected whole family
by: Anonymous

Same thing, family is full of hives and red bumps. Stop using pods. We are getting better, brought someone to kill bed bugs, no bugs.

Febreze pods
by: Anonymous

The Tide pods with Febreze gave me a bad rash along the panty line. I can't seem to get rid of it.

by: Tyler P.

I've never been one to use Tide Pods except for when they came in a Chegg packet for FREE and when I decided to buy them after receiving a coupon. I bought a big pack and used it on my sheets and clothes. Immediately, I noticed unbearable itching and painful feelings on my skin. I knew it wasn't bed bugs but I checked anyways because my laundry detergent never crossed my mind. It wasn't until my girlfriend mentioned to me that it could be my detergent. I'm not allergic to anything unless this is a first or just a reaction. It makes me not want to buy them ever again and suggest telling others to not buy them either because this itching is annoying and very intense. I wouldn't wish this on an enemy. It's that bad! Just wanted to share my experience with them in case you were trying to switch.

Tide ocean mist pods are the worst
by: Ann Patterson

Today my housekeeper went and bought new laundry detergent - Tide ocean mist pods. One of the worst experiences ensued. First I smelled something coming through the air vent - a floral smell like a cleaner. I thought it was some chemical from the floor. I got a headache. I left and came home several hours later to be greeted by a strong lavender sort of odor. There was something itching in my nostrils and something smelled sickly sweet and floral. Finally I smelled my shirt. It was the detergent! I switched shirts. It persisted. My nose and eyes were burning. This odor would not leave. I sat on the bed - turns out she had washed the sheets in it!! Then I smelled my pajama bottoms - it nearly knocked me over. The smell is so bad I had to put everything from the clean laundry back into the washer with vinegar. My nose is raw and running and my skin is itchy. NEVER AGAIN. I am so angry I don't know what to do. I threw these out and will never go near Tide again.

what can I use instead?
by: S. Hayes

Tide pods do not clean clothes and also it causes allergies. What's a laundry detergent that will clean clothes and not cause allergies?

this was a surprise
by: Jennifer

I tried tide pods this past week and for the last 2 days have experienced the worst allergic reaction. I have red, itchy, blotches, and hives. I've used 2 tubes of cortisone already and still have the worst itch I've ever had on my hands and feet as well as my legs and hips. I've contacted Tide and was told I'd get a refund for the purchase, however I feel that's not nearly enough after reading I'm not the first person to have this experience. I agree 100% with the comment about the product needing to be recalled. I'm appalled it's still available to the public. I've never had a reaction to soaps and detergent before so this was a surprise.

It's really a mess
by: Anonymous

I also encountered an allergy to Tide pods. The same experience of welts and hives. Used Tide for years. Actually ever since I married 53 years ago. It took me months to figure out it was the pods. Not sure if it's the casing or the scent but it's been an issue for months. I called Procter and Gamble to report my reaction. They need to research the cause and correct it. Each time I break out it takes weeks for the welts to heal. Very uncomfortable not to mention ugly. My problem is I washed so much before I realized that I'm still dealing with the hives. Just recently I wore something I hadn't worn in a while and hives again. It's really a mess.

how can I get rid of this rash?
by: Anonymous

I have had a rash since August. Just thought I'd check if anybody else had problems with tide pods. I itch so bad to where I don't sleep and cry. I'm seeing a dermatologist and still aint going away. I thought it was just me, now my family is all itching, should this product be looked at? I have scratched so bad I have scabs all over my body, stomach, legs, ankles and every where I sit. At home I have a fork to itch my back, it's terrible, don't wish this on anybody. Any recommendation how to get rid of this rash? What they have me on aint working.

removing Meadow springs scent
by: Anonymous

Any luck with getting the meadow spring smell out of all your clothes and laundry? It doesn't seem to come off mine.

Hives x5 days
by: Sharon

I bought 2 bags of Tide pods, after using liquid Tide for over 15 years. Tide pods caused me to break out in hives; the itching is so intense & it's from my head and face to my thighs. I've taken Benadryl, but now have to repeat the wash of my bed linen and comforter, along with trying to remember which of the clothes and towels I already put away were laundered in the pods. So it's been 5 days of this itching and repeated hives, despite benadryl and steroids.

It is in the plastic used to make pods
by: Anonymous

My son has had allergic reactions to many detergents. We finally found Tide liquid and were OK for a while. Then PODS came out. I thought OK, PODS, easy to use. Go with it. It has taken a long time and many detergents tested. I have used free and clear detergents including ALL and others, but used PODS form. One day the pod was not totally dissolved when I was adding extra clothes and had stopped near beginning of cycle. Plastic felt weird. Did not think much about it. Then, after heavy cleaning of everything in site in son's room. Still same issues when he woke up or slept in his bed. Mattress was only 2 years old and no reactions ever to it. Plus had all the protective non-allergenic coverings. He was OK sleeping anywhere else at other homes. But got bad at home in his bed. Eyes, rashes, coughing, sneezing by morning. I thought to look into it. I recently tried a powder detergent that only uses 1 tsp per very large load with HE washer. Detergent made by Norwex. Did great job and did not notice bad reactions. I am going to try that detergent and get rid of PODs entirely. I think this will do it. I decided to look up allergy info and it seems like the culprit.

Horrible reaction
by: Deni

My husband bought a case of these. Within a week
during the night I woke up with extreme pain in my rib and back followed by extreme itching. It continued for over a week until I had to go to the emergency room not realizing what was causing this. After speaking with the doctor about possible allergic reactions to something new in the household, and my daughter telling me that my grand daughter came home itching real bad from my house. I pulled everything off the beds and had to rewash everything in the house..within a day I was feeling much better. I have never had any reactions to any Detergent or soaps before.

Entire family
by: Jennifer

My family had used this product for a couple weeks after picking up a bottle. We normally use Gain and we now we are covered in hives and all scratching. We thought it was bugs as well but narrowed it down to this. I think the detergent, fragrances, and softening is all just too much. Especially since it's so concentrated in these pods.

by: Maraya

I broke out in horrible hives all over my entire body. I had to go to the ER because I couldn't sleep and they said tide is notorious for allergic reactions.

by: Cindy

I brought tide free and gentle pods, and my grandson broke out in hives real bad, so I switched to the liquid tide soap same brand and he didn't breakout anymore. So my question is what is the difference between the two?

by: JoAnn

I broke out with bad hives with I assumed was from stressed until my daughter walked out of her room one morning covered too. The only think I had changed was going from liquid to tide pods. I had just washed the sheets from both beds also. I told the story to my boss and told me his wife and daughter had the same thing last week. I asked if she had switched to pods and she did. Then I went online and found these articles. I am now re washing everything in a detergent free of everything

Rash on face on side I sleep on
by: Anonymous

I recently started using Tide Pods. The pods are the ones with the navy blue and orange and white plastic coverings. I usually transfer the pods into a decorative glass container so I don't know exactly what kind. For the past several weeks, I have developed breakouts on my right cheek. I never have breakouts and have always had very nice skin. These were not clearing up and I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I started drinking loads of water and eliminated Dairy, chocolate, and I didn't have any fast food. The Breakout did not clear up. Today I started thinking about my pillow cases and how I have always had the habit of changing them daily. Since I have my own washer and dryer in my apartment, I wash frequently and always throw in one of these pods. I've always since I've gotten older and I thought the little bumps I was getting was part of aging. After reading the post on this site I realize that I am probably washing my pillow cases and an allergy producing detergent. I am going to throw away the pods and try a gentle detergent and see what happens.

Husband got horrible hives
by: Anonymous

we've always used the same detergent but just switched to Pods and all over sudden my husband broke out in severe hives. No steroid cream or anything would help and after reading i'm like %1000 sure it's the Pods because absolutely nothing has changed but the Pods, while still using the same detergent.

by: Anonymous

I started using Tide Pods about 7 to 8 months ago. Was itchy all over, thought it was due to new carpeting/dust mites. Vacuumed a million times, kept washing sheets with these. Then my eyebrows were super itchy, thought it was due to my make-up, threw that out. Then I started having UTI feelings. I have been to urgent care about 4 to 5 times in the past 7 months. I got a cat scan done and a cystoscopy because I thought something was wrong with my bladder and private parts!!!! It was soooo irritated and burning and itchy and nasty feeling. After reading forums on the internet, someone said something about laundry detergent and I realized I had switched to these. OMGGGG!!!! I have spent so much money with doctors, thinking I had a REAL problem. After One time of washing everything in a hypoallergenic/sensitive skin detergent, I already feel 50% better. This is ridiculous!!!

Terrible product
by: Anonymous

I have never had problems with sensitive skin or anything . I couldn’t figure out why I was breaking out in hives and red rashes when I got to college . Originally , I thought it was bed bugs which was hard to believe because I am not a dirty or unkept person . It wasn’t until the scars and the itching got so bad that I had to go to the doctor. After my doctors appointment I went and looked up Tide pods and found this website . I knew sure enough it was the tide pods I had recently started to use since I got to college . This product needs to be discontinued . The hives that have accumulated over 4 months have left dark spots all over my once clear skin . This is ridiculous!! This product needs to be takin off of shelves and put into trash cans. TERRIBLE PRODUCT!!!

made my feet itch
by: Rok

My sister sent me Tide pods, and I tried them. Without realizing it my feet started itching, happens every time I ear my socks. I thought it was the material the socks were made from, it wasn't, it's the pods. We've switched to Tide liquid and it's starting to get better!

put me in the hospital with Cellulitis
by: Ian

Tide Pods put me in the hospital with Cellulitis. It took me over three months to heal from this. I wish I could sue them!

Itchy in a place where you don't want to be
by: Anonymous

I decided to switch to Tide Pods after using the liquid for over 30 years. We use Kirkland pods at our vacation home and never had any problems, but we have no Costco near our home. After using the Tide Pods it caused extreme itching in the "lady parts" area. Once I rewashed everything in a different type of detergent and double rinsed I've had no issues.

A year of wondering what is wrong with me
by: Cfruits

I have been itching terribly, beginning this summer and could not figure out what was happening. I had little bumps all over my body, huge hives on my arms, thighs, bottoms of my feet, tops of my feet, around my bra… Everywhere. I have been googling for almost a year and what is going on with my body. I have taken allergy medicines, steroids … Which worked momentarily until I wash my clothes again. My husband finally said to wash everything without any of our detergent and wear it for the weekend and my symptoms have stopped. It has been a long and exhausting year of scratching and wondering what is wrong with me.

Huge rash all over my legs!!
by: Carolina Girl

I started using the Tide pods and I noticed at night my legs would heat up and start burning in the sheets that I had just washed with the pods. I went to the dermatologist and he said I had varicose Eczema and put me on a strong steroid cream. Well the rash got worse and worse. Then it dawned on me that when I was in bed was when it burned the most. I looked up rashes from Tide and found this site. I know what it's from now! I'm allergic to these Tide pods! I went to the store and got all new bedding and hypoallergenic detergent. I will see how this helps the rashes.

Tide pods are the worst
by: Jessica

I have had an allergic reaction so bad I had to miss work. These need to be taken off the market! I’ve use all kinds of detergents and have never ever had this problem.

Hives when switched to the pods
by: JoAnn

I started getting hives all over my body and assumed it was stressed related. I would be covered with them and they would just keep popping out.

My daughter walked out of her bedroom one morning and was covered with them too. That's when I realized they were not from stress. The only thing different that linked the 2 of us together was me changing from liquid laundry detergent to Tide pods. I also had just washed the sheets on both beds the day before.

I was telling this story to my boss, at work. He told me his wife and daughter both had hives too last week. I asked him to call her and asked if she used pods. She said yes. She just started using them.

I came home from work and stripped the beds and washed all sheets again in clear free detergent, free of chemicals. Hopefully that will do the trick.

Tide Pods 3 in 1 Allergic Reaction
by: Amanda

I recently purchased the 3 in 1 Tide pods. The laundry smelled great and the clothes were super clean. However, I went to sleep in fresh jammies and clean sheets, and I woke up with a rash on my sides. Also, around my belly button, I had red patches and blisters.

I went to the Dr., but he seemed more concerned with the blister and red patches. He thought it may be a mild case of shingles, but had doubt since there was no pain.

After I left the doctor I realized that I had a rash appearing on my arms. Woke up the next day to more hive looking rashes on my chest and legs. Went back to the Dr. and found that I had contact dermatitis. The only change in anything was the laundry soap.

It continued to itch and burn, come and go for the next few days. I re-washed everything in my old detergent and used a ton of cortisone and benedryl until it went away.

I have used Tide many times in my life, and I have never had anything bad to say. I'm not sure if it is because the pods are very concentrated or if I just had a reaction to an ingredient in these particular pods. However, I do know that I won't purchase them again, maybe not any pods for that matter. Blisters, burning, and itching is no fun!

Severe rash on legs almost like a bad chemical burn
by: Brenda Roemhild

I switched back to Tide a couple of weeks ago. The first was a liquid, then the pods. Both times a severe rash appeared. I first thought it was the shingles, but the rash was on both legs the exact same length of the pants straight across each leg. I just used the pods this past Sunday and sure enough a serve rash appear again.The rash stopped at the end of the pants. My back has a severe rash also. So I had someone in my family to wash their clothes and sure enough a rash occurs. It is just like a bad chemical burn.

That's it for Tide.
by: Marty

I have been using All Dye free for years and last week bought Tide Dye Free and had a rash, redness and itching within days. Took antihistamine and used anti itching cream. Seemed to solve it. That's it for Tide.

With Febreze caused itch
by: Anonymous

Same exact thing. Same scent of tide pods. I'm going to rewash all my clothes now. Any other advice to lessen the itch?

Shocking hives and rashes swelling hands
by: Adam Martinez

This past Monday and Tuesday my girlfriend who has not had any type of hives or scratching issues with rashes has come down with these symptoms over three quarters percent of our body. We thought it was possibly contact with an insect. We immediately checked our bedding sheets pillowcases everything was fine. I had noticed a similar rash on my right arm last month but went away after several weeks using cortisone anti-itch cream from the 99 cent store. However my girlfriend's reactions were so severe that I immediately took her to a quick care center on Monday and then Tuesday the hospital emergency room because of her hands swelling so large they looked like baseball mitts. She was in severe pain on the one to ten scale easily at 10 she told emergency room doctors it was like she was having labor pains in her hands. They administered her an IV, a steroid,Benadryl, an 800 mg ibuprofen and she's doing much better. Now I can't say or prove that this has anything to do with the Tide Pods or the Tide detergent. The ER doctors did ask if she was around young children within the last week and a severe case of hand foot mouth disease is spreading in our area. Yes she had and while staying with her daughters family they all had underwent symptoms of hives, rashes and had recently washed their clothes using the new tide product. While shopping at the local grocery store Walmart I spoke with a 92 year-old woman who was a registered retired nurse in the cooking and spices area. About the different uses of apple cider vinegar. She told me that she uses it with baking soda to wash her clothes. Followed up with a second rinse of just water. With no reactions afterwards. We gave it a try and even though it doesn't clean the clothes as good as the name brand detergents. It was a relief from the laundered clothes. Rashes and hives and swelling is going down due to the meds.

Rash & Hives from Tide Pods
by: Raquel Torres

I am itchy as we speak! I bought the tide pods wanting to try something new for a change when it came to washing my clothes. Well I ended up breaking up in hives and the worst rash that I have had In my thirty two years of life! Why is this happening to so many people? Did tide Chemists know that this would be happen? I usually am not allergic to anything so this is so strange to me.

Tide Pods ..OMG
by: Anonymous

Tried Tide Pods for the first (and last) time. Broke out in terrible rash & blisters, I was concerned it was shingles it was that bad. Still working thru the re-washing stage, adding a second rinse. Using ALL clear, sulfate free and so far it seems to be ok.

I have tried several remedies, using a homemade blend of coconut oil, tea tree oil & honey appears to help the most. No success with Benadryl & similar OTC products.
This is one of the most painful situations I’ve ever experienced.

Tide Pods may want to add an additional warning on their package as it appears this is happening to many people.

Hives on face
by: Anonymous

I thought this was a food allergy at first but after stopping the food suspect the hives kept coming. This was after my second washing with Tide pods. Will strip sheets today and rewash with something else. Never again with the Tide pods.

Itchy bumps
by: Anonymous

I will never buy this product again!!! After 1 use on my laundry I got itchy bumps all over my body. So now rewashing my clothes with regular liquid soap. DON’T ever by TIDE PODS! Better to be safe than sorry on getting anti itch medicine. It will cost you more than getting savings.

Fresh Meadow Scent
by: Anonymous

I have used regular liquid Tide before and it has never given me a skin rash. This is the first time I have used Tide Pods before and I am breaking out constantly from them. I washed all my bedding with them and now every time I go to sleep I wake up with rashes and welts. I tried rewashing everything with plain water and vinegar and I am still being affected by the soap residue. The rash makes my skin feel hot, and super itchy no amount of scratching gives me any relief. Tide Pods are the only thing I have done differently so I know it cant be a food allergy. The rashes go away after a couple of hours of being at work. But as soon as I go to sleep and then wake up the next day I get them again, from the bedding that's been washed with the pods. Might have to throw out the blankets and pillows.

There should be a warning on the product.
by: Gail

I began using tide pods about 4 months ago. My dog, a Jack Russel, started itching and had a rash. Being summer I thought it was from the outdoors. About 4 weeks ago it occurred to me the rash and itching was from the tide pods 3 in one. I washed everything in clear hot water for weeks. She no longer had rash and itching. The poor girl was so miserable. I went back to liquid and only use a small amount. There should be a warning on the product.

worst rash I have ever had
by: Art

They gave me the worst rash I have ever had. At first I through lt it was a reaction to my meds and then bed bugs and scabies and even my daughters dog. But then I realized and thought when did the first start happening. It was when I bought Tide pods. I usually just use laundry detergent. I used a shirt I didn’t wash in Tide pods and it made a difference so now I have to rewash everything and even apologize to my daughter's dog. I hate you Tide Pods!!!! Maybe there should be a class action law suit!

Hives, Rash
by: Anonymous

Terrible! I also break out using Tide Pods. Using All Free and Clear now.

Stay away from Tide Pods!!!!
by: C Fisher

I have been using Tide my whole life. I have had no problems using Downy liquid or sheets. Then I tried the Tide Pods. Big mistake!!!! After washing my clothes with a Tide Pod I developed a rash all over my body. After three days I went to my doctor and the only thing I had done different is use the Tide pods. I had been itching constantly, pouring on Cordisone 10 and taking Unisom to be able to sleep. I am now on Prednizone, Claritin, and Benadryl for 7 days, hoping the itching stops. The spots are red and some are draining. I am rewashing my clothes in Tide with no additives, hopefully returning my clothes back to normal.

not allergic to Tide, but to the pods
by: Shawn

I have used Tide for 20 years and never had a problem. Last April my husband bought Tide Pods on sale and started using them. I broke out with hives, a rash everywhere that were bumps and the worse itching I have ever felt. I am a health care worker and had many Doctors and Nurses look me over. All said check for bed bugs or your dog. I paid lots of money to have a company come, dog to the vet and Nothing. I went to the urgent care twice, my regular MD 6 times and was treated for scabies 5 times but Nothing helped. None of my family Members were affected so off to dermatologists. Finally saw this site and remembered the Tide pods. I washed my clothing. After one night on sheets washed in different soap the itching was gone. It has been 6 days itch free and some of the spots are healing. It took a almost a year to figure this out. I just keep saying, " it can't be the soap. I have used Tide for years." Well, it was the Tide Pods. I called the company and they wont say what's in them and I am mad. I want to know what I am allergic to. Maybe this Summer I can where shorts and short sleeved shirts.

Tide Pods When Will This Hell End!?!
by: Cheri

I recently purchased a new washer and dryer that came with 2 free Tide Pods. I tried them out on my towels and bedding unfortunately. The next morning I found my calves and lower arms covered in red itchy bumps. By the afternoon it had spread all over my arms and legs. The next day the rash had blisters and had spread EVERYWHERE except my face. I also now had red areas underway arms and sides that looked and felt like a severe sunburn. Tried benadryl, zyrtec, claritin, hydrocortisone cream, and aquaphor for 4 days with no relief.
Went to the ER and had a steroid shot and was put on prednisone for the next 2 days and Pepcid (who knew that pepcid is also good for allergies?) I am rewashing everything in my house and hoping this helps. After reading posts about people having to double wash with extra rinses and being on prednisone for 2 or 3 rounds, I'm slightly concerned. This itching hell must stop soon!!

Happened to me too
by: Mage

Tide pods caused huge itchy hives that were firm like welts. Terrible. I should have taken pictures. I felt short of breath and my throat felt swollen. Took some Benadryl.

itchy and hives
by: Anonymous

I started using Tide Pods also for awhile, then I starting feeling itchy, red bumps with white in the middle. I went to the hospital and Doctor said I had fungus, but the bumps are popping up all over my body..this is so awful for me so itchy, even when I put my underwear on all along the line of top my leg starts to itch...this becomes a terrible experience that I'm still going through now I need to get proper treatment and even the Doctors don't diagnose right, I'm itchy everywhere, becoming so stressed, need to wash all my clothes with new detergent and hopefully all these red itchy bumps will soon be gone..

Report the pods to the Consumer Products Safety Commission
by: Anonymous

I had major hives from the Tide pods for months. I hope everyone here that has had a problem with the pods reports this to the Consumer Products Safety Commission so we can get this product recalled! The CPSC said the more people reporting a problem it has a better chance of recall. Phone number is 866-294-5258.

by: Anonymous

Used Tide Pods for over 5 years with no problems, then one day woke up with hives all over my body! Thought I had bed bugs. Bought new mattresses, sheets, everything! Had house sprayed multiple times, bedding, furniture all steam cleaned. All to be told I have no bed bugs! I cant sleep without taking overdose of benadryl....still miserable! Going to md on Monday. Have suffered with this for over 2 months! DO NOT USE TIDE PODS. IT IS A LIVING NIGHTMARE. ITCHING CONSTANTLY. WAKING UP ITCHING SO BADLY.

Hives and itching
by: P. Gailkard

I too am allergic to Tide Pods. Am on prednisone. Hives and terrible itching.

Why would they keep such a product on the market?

by: Anonymous

I've been itching for 2 weeks! Miserable! worse at night and when I sweat! unbelievable!!!

It's the Tide Pods! Do I throw all my clothes away? I will throw the pods away when I get home! but now I want to know HOW TO STOP THE ITCHING!

Itchy and sore
by: Anonymous

I too have used Tide free and gentle powder for years. It is getting harder to find so I switched to pods. Itchy sore skin that has been getting worse. Now my husband has developed itchy skin, and nothing ever bothers him. After seeing this site, I went out and bought Ivory Snow for babies. Opened it to wash all my clothes again, and arghhhh— it’s highly perfumed. Why??? So now I’ve got to get that out of my house. Why do they do that???

I just want fragrance free hypoallergenic laundry soap without a lot of plastic packaging. Tide pods are definitely out.

Tide Odor Rescue Pods Caused Hives
by: Larry

I bought these new Odor Pods the other day and did a few loads with them. I woke up one morning with my behind swollen with huge lumps. They spread all around my waist up my torso, down my legs and also appeared on my elbows, fingers and even some on my face. After three days of figuring out the problem (and a doctor visit for a steroid prescription) I figured out it was my boxer shorts that had been washed with the Pods. I had never had a reaction to detergent like this before but it's really horrible.

This is crazy
by: Anonymous

I’ve been itchy for 3 weeks because of these tide pods. I can’t stop itching.... my whole body... and it’s so embarrassing. I itch so many times a day and it won’t stop. I’ve itched so much it’s caused me to bruise and my legs keep breaking out into the little white allergy bumps. I don’t know what to do anymore. It’s been 3 weeks, no moisturizer or shower helps.

Let’s fight back
by: Anonymous

I called Proctor and Gamble about this and even gave them some websites that showed people saying they are getting hives from their detergent. Of course they gave me a canned response. The only way I feel we can get their detergent off the market is to contact the Consumer Protection Safety Commission and voice your complaint.
I was told by my dermatologist to use Arm and Hammer or All Free and Clear. I now use that, but make sure you don’t get the All detergent with stain fighter. When I was at the store the other day I noticed new packaging on Tide that now looks like All detergent. It is Blue and White....when has Tide ever had packaging other than their Orange color???? Very odd!!!!

Itching and prickly feeling after using Tide pods
by: DebbyDeb

I bought Tide pods 3 in 1 Original because they were on sale. I usually use Gain because I love the smell. I noticed myself getting itchier by the day and a prickly feeling all over. We have a bed bug problem in our building, however I’ve been checked twice and don’t have any and have no bites. However with this itching going on I’m getting paranoid. The only thing that changed is me switching to Tide. I’m giving the bag to a friend and I’m going back to Gain. This is not fun.

only thing that has changed is the pods
by: Anonymous

A few weeks ago I ran out of my regular brand of laundry cleaner and the tide pods were on sale. I also seemed to develop the flu at the same time. For the first time ever I broke out in hives. At the time I was convinced it was from the cold medication. At one point my throat swelled and was so gravely ill I was going to go to the emergency. Three weeks have passed, my hives have returned twice, my eyes are itchy and I still seem to have congestion. I have not taken the cold medication. I cannot believe how itchy my eyes have been for weeks. While in the shower this morning I thought this doesn't make sense. Then it occurred to me the only other change is the laundry detergent. On my clothing, on the bath towels, on the sheets and pillowcases I place my face every day. I purchased Tide 3 in 1 Spring Meadow. Although I am not absolutely certain I am purchasing the brand I normally use today and will see if life improves. Thank you to everyone who has placed comments and posts I never would have thought reactions could be so severe. Until the results.

The Devil within us
by: Hollywood Express

So here's the story. I moved to my grandma's in July and was doing renovations down stairs to make a nice suite for myself, I was constantly itchy all day every day. Mostly on my ankles and on my feet. Red bumps, some filled with liquid. Not the best. I though it was those greasy god awful fleas from her dirty cat. Got the house spayed upstairs and downstairs from the pest guys and it killed everything. But then the itching continued! Now I thought it was bed bugs in the couch, or on my bed. Inspected the bed. Nothing. Inspected and washed the couch cushions, nada! Went to the doc and he said I was allergic to something. This has been 8 months now and the itching is at an all time high. Finally reading these stories I finally realized it's these devil pods. I started using an excessive amount of them because I thought there were bugs everywhere and they were killing my slowing. Even though it was the scabies. GREASY. Well I will update on the situation later next month to see if this has stopped. Using the free and gentle atm. No change yet. Must wash the sheets today.

Anaphylactic shock
by: Joanne

My husband got out of the shower, took a clean towel and started to get dressed. He sad this smells funny. He said my head is itching, then giant hives started to appear down all one side of his body, right to the toses of his feet. I gave him some Benadryl capsules 2, and said let’s go to ER. He had actually started moaning and we are only about 1 1/2 miles away and I drove with flashers on, and just as we neared ER door he said I’m having trouble breathing. He got out and collapsed at the entrance way. His lips had swollen and they ran with him into the hospital. He has never had allergy to clothes soap before including original Tide and plain Tide pods. The Er drs. kept asking if we changed soaps and yes, this was first time I had used Tide pod with Downy. So now we travel with an epi pen just in case he comes in contact again. Really scary!!

Allergy free
by: Anonymous

After very bad allergy anaphylactic shock, going to stay with ALL FREE AND CLEAR. Cleans very well and never had a problem, even if left by mistake overnight in washer.

OMG Tide Pods
by: Anonymous

I have been having itchy skin that is on fire and red itchy bumps on and off for over 2 months. I had 2 companies come and check for bed bugs and they could not find anything. I was going crazy because I felt like I had bed bugs because of the bumps and itching. I ordered all this self treatment for bed bugs and bought expensive mattress and box spring encasements. It got so bad that I started putting double sided tape around my mattress but I still was having the issues. I eventually decided to spend $300 on a bed bug k9 who detects bed bugs. I figured the other two technicians just couldn't see them with their visual inspections. Since I had sprayed chemicals I was told I had to wait for two weeks before the dog could do the inspection due to harmful chemicals to the dog. I wanted to cry because I wanted the problem gone. I happen to come across this site when the technician ask about new detergents possibly used. So now I'm thinking it's not bed bugs but the darn Tide pods I've been using. I going to rewash all my stuff with a different detergent and see if I see a change in the next 2 weeks. I pray this is the issue. I did stop the burning itching when I put on clothes not washed in Tide. It has to be the issue.

My father and myself...
by: Anonymous

My sister in law uses Tide. Whenever my Dad would stay at their home he would get an itchy rash. They finally figured out it was Tide. My brother and sister in law recently parked their camper trailer in my yard for a visit. After they had done laundry in my machines I developed an itchy rash even though I used "All Clear" for my own laundry. I suspected the reason right away because of my Dad's experience. I’m not a person who is typically sensitive to soaps etc. Must be very harsh chemicals.

Tide Pods cause misery
by: Anonymous

This product is causing my fiancé to welt and hive on his torso, hips and groin. He hasn’t had a night of sleep where he wasn’t miserably itching & swelling. Benadryl is not working, even with hydrocortisone. I am rewashing all clothes & bedding. Tide Pods are a nightmare. Back to Arm & Hammer!!

recall all the pods!
by: Anonymous

I had switched from liquid tide to tide pods and I also have broken out in a painful itchy burning prickly red rash and hives. It took me a while to figure it out. I am so glad I found this article, it’s been a nightmare. Had to go to the doctor who put me on prednisone for 5 days. I rewashed everything. I was using the 4 in one oxy Tide pods. I have never had an allergic reaction to laundry detergent until Tide Pods. They need to recall all the pods!

I feel your pain
by: Anonymous

I recently fought off a skin infection because of tide and Kirkland pods. My problem was feet and legs it wasn't till it lightly started causing hives everywhere else that I was able to identify the cause as my detergent. Because of my work requiring rubber boots the detergent in my socks was sucked out by sweat and rubbed deep into skin so bad it resembled serious chemical burns from my feet and shins to just below my knees. I completely agree these products should be investigated.

Chemical burn
by: Suzanne

Two weeks ago my son started to get what we thought were big bites on his legs and ankles. We thought chiggers. Then they came on his torso/chest. We looked for bed bugs. Then those spots on his legs swelled up like blisters. We thought maybe dust mites and his body reacting. We treated and it seemed better. Then last night I was sitting with heating pad on my back. I got up and I had the same thing on my back. Big blisters. I’ve been no where to get bug bites. My husband said it looked like a chemical burn. I’ve had a terrible night sleep as I cannot lay on my right side or back. Then my husband asked if I had changed detergents. Yes a couple of weeks ago - Tide Pods.

I’ve spent most of the night googling. Then I found your site! I will be rewashing all our clothing!

Look up chemical burn blisters and that is what is on my back/side!

Not all change is good.
by: Anonymous

I ran out of the regular detergent I usually use in my laundry room and reached for the bag of Tide Pods febreeze that was restocked by one of my roommates. I washed my bed sheets 4 times as I couldn’t stand the itch because it kept coming back. I thought I was going insane because every time I laid in bed my whole body itches like bugs were crawling and skin was burning. Cleaned my entire place, blamed my dog and even deep cleaned my mattress and checked for any sight of bed bugs etc. I was insisting that it was my new body wash I recently changed, until it clicked on me that I used different detergent. Stay far away from this!! The stuff is toxic and horrible. Rewashing everything as I write this and dumping a ton of vinegar to take out everything. They should be shamed for putting these kinds of products on the shelf.

Tide Pods ruined by skin
by: Anonymous

I washed clothes with Tide Pods and went on a trip the next day.

I broke out in red bumps all over my body - neck, back, legs and stomach. It was miserable and I still have the itching 3 weeks later.

I will never purchase a Tide product!

I have been to the dermatologist and I am about to refill all the medication with another trip to the Dr. We should be compensated for this horror!

My back is discolored and raw - I will probably never go backless again. Like the others - I rewashed clothes three times to be sure the tide was out … I would not wish a rash like this on anyone!

Intense itching
by: Anonymous

Since I started using tide oxy pods I feel like I have been rolling around in fiberglass. The itch is really bad. Tide needs to make liquid tide with bleach more available.

Little Pustules from Pods
by: Anonymous

I switched to Tide Pods about 2 months ago and had been very happy. Then I washed a pair of shorts in the pods that I wanted to air-dry, instead of putting them in the dryer with the rest of my laundry. I soon broke out with little bumps on my legs wherever the shorts hit my skin, it looked as described in other comments like bed bugs, and I considered that as well! Going to keep on using them, but I will be sure to put anything that I am going to air dry through a second rinse cycle to see if that stops the reaction. Many thanks to other users for their comments, I thought I had a serious problem here for a bit! Was reassuring to see that others had the exact same reaction I did.

Crazy itching
by: Jim Stephens

I do not know what Tide has done to their Tide Pods but they are causing people health issues, especially the scented ones like spring meadow. I had to go to the doctor a couple of times and take medication. Tide Pods are off my shopping list.

Confirmed: Tide Pods causes my hives
by: Anonymous

Having just returned from an extended trip to Thailand after a few nights I have developed hives on my torso, treating with hydrocortisone. I suspected everything from Monkey Pox to spider bites, bed bugs, a girlfriend, even a guy with sore spots I saw on an airport tram. Nothing fit, I looked for bugs, not MP. Lying in bed now I noticed my bedding is making me itch. Just before my trip I washed my bedding in Tide Pods. Now I know the cause of my problem I will rewash in non allergic product. Valuable information.

Spring meadow scent
by: Anonymous

Worst product ever. I was hoping it would make laundry easier, but it caused horrible skin crawling sensation, like I had ants crawling on me or bed bugs. Had to switch back to Gain or Kirkland Brand.

This is awful
by: Anonymous

Since using ANY of the TIDE Pods, anything I wash with them causes skin irritation! In addition, I've washed my towels and wash cloths with them, so now my EYES ARE RED AND WATERING CONSTANTLY!! I'm going back to Non-TIDE detergent! This is AWFUL!

pain in feet and legs
by: Anonymous

After spending thousands of dollars going to the ER I determined it was the Tide Pods that was causing the intense burning on my feet and legs. The initial prognosis was Neuropathy or sciatica. These pods should be outlawed. Does anyone else have the intense pain in their feet?

Immediate reaction to Tide Pods
by: Lili A.

I was looking forward to using the Tide Pods because of the convenience of not having to lug around big bottles of detergent. Have used Tide for years with no problem. First load I did with the pods included pajamas. I put the pj’s on before going to bed and woke up covered in hives from head to toe. Switching to the pods was the only change I made to my daily life -- no new foods, no new medicines, nothing but using the new pods. Found this site and have been re-washing my clothes with a different LIQUID detergent ever since. I am finding that it takes multiple washes to get rid of the pod residue. I am now stuck with a large container of pods I cannot use, what will likely be a large water bill from all the re-washing, and a doctor’s bill. How can we lodge a complaint with Tide and get restitution?

So now I toss out my $25.00 worth of Tide pods
by: Anonymous

Thank you to all that have posted. I'm covered in calamine. I have taken cool Aveeno baths. And antihistamines are my friend. I missed work. All because of Tide pods. Yes itchy hands and feet. Not just itchy but burning. No it wasn't shingles. It was Tide pods. A full washer load with full water level. 1 pod. Perhaps Tide needs to rethink its formula.

Psoriasis vs allergy
by: Beverly

I have always used Tide products. I wanted to try to Pods and within a week I started having red rashes on my body where my clothing touches. I have been to the dermatologist three times and used multiple refills of tramcinolone cream and the places remain and are not responding to the treatment. Tonight I spent the night washing my bed linens and all the clothing I have worn recently and pray that within a few weeks my rash will go away. If it does, I will let you know. In 69 years of life I have never had any problems with my skin other than the occasional breakout when I was a young girl. It makes me sad to think this may be an allergic reaction.

I bought ALL clear and free and hope that the problem goes away.

Don't use Tide Fresh Coral Blast
by: Marilyn

What a terrible experience! I've developed itchy rashes all over my body, including the side of my face that touches my bed pillow.

I've called the Consumer's Safety Commission and do hope everyone who reads this article will do the same. This product should be recalled but what is the company going to do about the misery it has caused.

pods are terrible
by: Barbara Tolson

I started using Tide pods 3 months ago. Noticed red bumps on my skin. Went to a dermatologist, and she prescribed $300.00 in creams. No relief! Had a biopsy done! Unknown cause result. Went to allergist. Thought it could be an allergy to something. I had recently started using Tide pods. I stopped using Tide pods and itching almost stopped. I am 79 years old and never had a problem like this! Keep your pods!

Wow. Should be recalled
by: Donna Masury

Always used Tide. Switched to pods and OH MY. Itched all night and the next and the next. Just throwing out, never to be purchased again.

Tide better get rid of these. They have not helped our household at all.

Racing heart
by: Anonymous

I live in an apartment. I live right across from the laundry room and I know when people use Tide pods as it really effects my health. The smell is like paint or paint thinner, it seeps into my apartment, under the door and into the air exchanger. I get a headache, I can't escape anywhere to get rid of the smell, my heart races and I can't catch my breath. Yesterday I stopped breathing! I put a note in the laundry room to please not use Tide pods but they removed it. Where is consideration for me? What can I do? It really effects me bad.

Hives and rash from the Free & Clear Pods
by: Anonymous

After 3 trips to the dermatologist I realized my rash is from Tide Free and Gentle Pods. I break out everywhere my skin touches clothes.

Free and Clear pods caused rash
by: Anonymous

I started getting a rash on my lower belly, right on my belt line and it was super itchy and painful. I thought it was a metal allergy from my belt. I’ve tried about 10 different creams with no results, and then I thought, what did I change? I have very sensitive skin, and have always used free and clear everything, and have used Tide free detergent for years. Then I bought the pods about two weeks ago. The pods are the problem. just rewashed everything in just water, about to start my work week, hoping for the best!!!!

Itchy and Hives
by: Anonymous

I decided to buy some Tide pods that were supposed to leave your clothes cleaner and smelling great. I washed my bedding and all my clothes with them. They did smell really good. But a few days later I have hives and my whole body is so itchy it's driving me crazy. I have always used the Tide liquid regular HE with no problem. I am going to throw them out. This is miserable. About ready to see a doctor. Get rid of them I would say. Has anyone else experienced this hive and itching reaction?

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