Ivory Snow Detergent Review: Mild But Able To Remove Stains

by Myra

Myra shared her Ivory Snow detergent review.

Myra says:

Now that the weather has turned much cooler there are a lot of sweaters to be washed. I have always been a fan of this detergent for this job, since it is mild enough to use on gentle care garments, but still has good stain removal powers.

Though I would like to find a gentle detergent that has no perfumes I find that the scent of Ivory Snow is not nearly as oppressive as other detergents.

It used to be easy to find in both the powder and liquid forms, but now the liquid seems to be the only one available, even at Walmart and Kroger.

While it is not as inexpensive as other gentle care detergents I find it is worth the money, especially since it is used for a limited portion of the laundry.

Dry cleaning 1 sweater is as expensive as buying 1 bottle of Ivory Snow!

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your review of this mild detergent, which is made for all types of fine washables Myra.

I know what you mean, it is difficult to find Ivory Snow powder in stores these days (stores only like to carry the liquid versions of almost everything, it seems), but this type has not been discontinued, at least as of this writing, and is still readily available for sale online (such as through the link above).

I'd love to hear from more readers who've used this, or any other cold water wash, sharing what you think about it, and how it has worked for you. Please make sure you tell me what types of delicate fabrics you've used it on!

You can share your laundry detergent review here for this or any other brand.

Further, I've created a list of available delicate wash products that you might find helpful, since it also gathers the reviews for many of these brands in one location on the site.

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When The Laundry Care Tag Reads Cold Water and Gentle Cycle I Reach For Ivory Snow

by Deb

I have used Ivory Snow Liquid for several years.

I recently washed a white winter jacket that required a cold water gentle cycle wash. Rest assured I did not buy this jacket as white shows every inch of dirt quickly.

Since the sleeves were very dirty, though not stained, I applied Shout Gel spray before washing. It came out nice and clean.

I would have just pretreated the jacket for any small stains or smudges of dirt with the Ivory Snow, but when you reach the point of a large area of pretreatment the Shout is really handy.

It does leave a nice light fragrance which disappears very quickly for those that are concerned about lingering perfume smells.

I have used this product to wash slacks, tops, sweaters, bath robes, and swim wear.

I would also describe it as gentle on fabrics, but still dependable for removing stains as long as you apply the product directly to the stain before throwing it in the washer.

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How Ivory Snow Stacks Up Compared To Other Delicate Washes

by Taylor

After getting so many positive reviews of this gentle care detergent I had to try it for myself, since my favorite generic brand of delicate wash (from Kroger) has apparently been discontinued. :(

I have to say, I have been over all pleased with this product, just as many of the readers have said.

First, I like the fact that it costs significantly less than Woolite's delicate wash when comparing the number of loads it will wash. Those 8 load tiny bottles of Woolite are way expensive in my opinion.

This bottle was also pretty small, at only 16 loads, but still a better value in my opinion.

So far, I've used this detergent to wash delicates, such as bras and hosiery, as well as swimsuits, and it has done well.

The detergent itself is quite thick, which I like.

I'm not a huge fan of the light scent, but you don't really notice it when the clothes come out of the washer too much, and by the time they air dry I don't smell much at all.

One pet peeve, but it unfortunately is a problem with many different detergent brands, is that you can't really measure out the soap very well with the cap provided since it is next to impossible to see the lines they provide for you.

Because of this I could see how you could easily overuse the detergent, meaning it would not last the number of promised loads since you overfilled the cap. I just try to go really easy on the amount I use since I'm always washing delicates in small loads and batches anyway.

Thanks to my lovely readers for introducing me to a new delicate wash, and unless I can find another generic I love I think I'll probably stick with this one from now on!

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It's Great For Cleaning Summer Clothes

by Ann

I got tired of paying for dry cleaning of summer clothes that may be washed.

With the summer heat, frequent cleanings are necessary.

When I read your recommendation I tried Ivory.

For stains, I always pretreat with Fels about 15 minutes before washing, so the only thing different here is that I also rub some Ivory on the stains before placing the clothes in the wash.

I am very impressed with its cleaning power and do not miss the dry cleaning bills.

I have truly saved a lot by washing these garments with Ivory.

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This Is A Bargain Compared To Dry Cleaning

by Cindy

I really do like brand for all of my delicate care laundry. I have used it for several years.

I also use it for garments that have the option of being washed in the gentle cycle or hand washed, as opposed to being dry cleaned.

Thus it has been a real bargain for cleaning sweaters, blouses, and dresses.

I typically place a small amount on collars and gently rub in before washing, whether it be a hand wash or a gentle cycle in the washer.

As you noted the perfume smell wears off very quickly after air drying.

At about $5 a bottle at Walmart it is a real bargain, especially when you consider the price of dry cleaning.

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Ivory Snow Powder Is Hard To Locate: What Can I Substitute?

by Becky

Becky says:

I really do like this product for washing sweaters and other gentle care laundry, including summer clothes.

I would like to have both the powder and liquid versions on hand, but the powder seems to be missing from the usual stores.

I contacted the manufacturer and they agreed it may be hard to find and suggested using Dreft powder in its place.

I have not purchased the Dreft powder yet as I never associated this product with anything other than baby clothes, i.e. not as a gentle care wash for adult clothing.

My sister used Dreft liquid to get out stains when her son was a baby.

Although she also used Dreft for some of her laundry she did not use it as a gentle care detergent, but rather to get out some of the tough baby food and formula stains on her clothes.

Taylor says:

Becky, I would have to agree with you.

Dreft is a detergent made for baby clothes, not for gentle care garments.

I have created an entire page of delicate wash brands that you can check out.

As for not being able to find the powder formula of this delicate wash easily, I would definitely agree. I would either order it online, or I would suggest another powder made for delicate clothing, but there aren't many (hence probably why the person you spoke to suggested Dreft).

The closest I'm aware of are the Grab Green brands that has detergent pacs available made specific for delicate clothing. I haven't received any reviews of this product yet though, nor tried it myself so I cannot say whether it works well.

Your best bet may just be to use the liquid version of Ivory Snow instead and forego the powder version. I honestly don't think that would be a huge deal. I personally use the liquid version all the time and have never really felt the need for the powdered version.

I've responded to this comment from Becky as part of the laundry questions section of the site. Come check out what else I've answered, or ask your own question as well!

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It's The Best For Gentle Care Laundry

by Shelly

I use this detergent for all of my delicate clothing washes.

While I try to buy clothes for my daughter that are washed in warm water with an ordinary detergent, there are some skirts and tops that need special care, but do not require dry cleaning.

I usually wash these garments in the gentle cycle of my washer and then let them air dry.

I trust this product for general cleaning power, but for stains I still prefer to apply a prewash stain remover such as Shout right before washing.

For clothing that does not require special care I would generally not have a problem with leaving the Shout on overnight.

I have not tried presoaking with the Ivory Snow and I did not see any instructions on the bottle, but I suppose it could be done.

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I Use Year Round But Especially Great For Summer Clothes

by Sue

While I use Ivory Snow all year round for gentle care laundry, it is especially nice to use on summer clothes.

I use it for dresses, tops, slacks, and swim suits.

I am thankful I don't have to dry clean most of my summer clothes, as the frequency of cleaning required for them would be cost prohibitive.

This is a great laundry product as it cleans well and is not as abrasive (or strong smelling) as other general laundry detergents.

Since all of the clothes I wash with this detergent are air dried the minor perfume smell created by it wears off quickly.

It has worked well on occasional stains, such as yogurt.

I just pour a small amount of the Ivory on the stain and let it soak in a dish pan for about an hour then rinse.

Usually the stain will be gone (if not I repeat the process) and then I will throw it in the wash when I have several items that can be laundered together.

I also use the bars of Ivory for hand washing small items, and even as a pretreater for collars on garments I wash with the Ivory detergent.

I would highly recommend Ivory Snow for gentle care washes.

As with many liquid detergents the cap used for measuring is not an easy read, so I mark it at the levels I need and reuse it when I start a new bottle. This way I avoid spending more than I need on detergent.

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It Rescued My Summer Dress

by Ellen

I have used this detergent for my gentle care washes for about 2 years and have been really satisfied.

I was recently baby sitting my nephew and he did a good job spitting up on one of my summer dresses.

I don't think that my sister wears anything that can't be washed in warm water with a heavy duty detergent (Tide or Wisk) and some type of laundry booster like Oxi Clean or Clorox 2!

Luckily it was only a few hours later (and the stain had not dried since I applied cold water right away) I was able to pretreat the stain with the Ivory Snow, then let it soak before running it through the wash.

First time I ever presoaked with this product.

It did a great job on this cold water garment.

In this case I really welcomed the light perfume scent since I was attacking a very sour smell.

By the way, my sister said that for any type of protein stains like baby formula, milk, or egg based stains, that you should never wash them in hot water as that will pretty much ensure that the stain will not come out.

Photo courtesy of Kekka

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Ivory Snow Is Wonderful For Washing Sweaters

Connie says:

After the first time I tried this detergent I became a former Woolite user.

I gathered all of the sweaters from everyone's closets and set aside some time to wash all of them.

This is a great product for washing sweaters, whether they are hand washable or machine washable in the gentle cycle.

Although none of them had stains (surprisingly) some of the sleeves and cuffs were pretty soiled.

Everything came out great.

For $5 I got every thing freshened up for what would have run me over $50 at the dry cleaners.

Ivory Snow is also more effective and cheaper than Woolite.

I will be using it for other gentle care garments now that it has proven itself on sweaters.

Lisa says:

I agree with Connie.

With all of the cold weather we have had this winter everyone is wearing sweaters.

This is a terrific detergent to use in keeping them looking great. Everything comes out fresh and clean.

I hate to think what it would have cost to send them to the dry cleaners.

Of course the money I saved is going to pay for the extra cost of heating our home!

Photo courtesy of Joe Shlabotnik

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Ivory Snow Laundry Detergent Is One Of The Products I Use For Gentle Care Garments

by Sandy

Sandy says:

I use Woolite for washing sweaters, scarfs, and other garments, especially summer clothes requiring cold water gentle care, either as a hand wash or in the washer using the gentle cycle.

If the garment is stained I will use the Ivory Snow Detergent because though it is gentle, it contains enzymes which attack stains.

That could be, for example, when you or one of your kids spill juice or a soft drink on your summer outfit.

I always air dry the gentle care garments regardless of what the care label indicates. They tend to last longer.

Even when clothes worn on a hot summer day do not have any perspiration stains this soap has a nice light fragrance which helps to "freshen up" clothes.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for your review of this gentle wash detergent.

I'd love to hear from even more people share their opinions and experiences of this detergent. If you've used this, or any other laundry soap used for gentle garments, I would love to hear it. You can share your review or experience here.

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Comments for Ivory Snow Laundry Detergent Is One Of The Products I Use For Gentle Care Garments

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It's An Excellent Mild Detergent
by: Ellie

Ivory Snow is an excellent mild detergent for washing summer clothes, both in cold and warm water. I typically pretreat collars and any stains directly with it right before washing. For some stains I still depend on the power of the Shout pretreater. As to any lingering fragrance that I have experienced from other mild detergents, it is not a problem with Ivory. I have tried a lot of different mild detergents for gentle washes and Ivory Snow, though a bit expensive, has been the best product to date for me. And yes, it has saved me money on dry cleaning as well!

prefer the powder version if can find it
by: Sue

I too have used Ivory Snow. I preferred to use the powder detergent WHEN I can find it.

Living in Alaska we have blankets, lap throws, sweaters, gloves, etc. to wash during the winter.

I also like to use it on my grandbabies infant clothes. They have had not had a skin irritation like when you may use the normal detergents.

Remove fragrance
by: Kaye

Please remove the new fragrance from the new Ivory Snow. I have used it over 40 years but am now allergic to the new fragrance. I called customer service but only received an apology. I have 2 bottles I can not use. Hope they change it back. I cannot imagine using this on a baby's clothes.

A Larger Size Container Would Be Nice
by: Anonymous

I have washed a lot of sweaters, scarves, and slacks over this winter. This is a wonderful mild detergent. My only complaint is that I wish it came in a larger size. I checked with the company and they said that at one time they did make a larger size, but no more. Their reasoning was that Ivory was once the favorite for baby clothes and now Dreft takes care of these needs. I really don't think of Dreft as the product I would need for gentle cycle and hand washed garments, though Dreft does come in a larger size bottle.

The Supply of Ivory Snow Suddenly Disappeared From Stores
by: Anonymous

It looks like the supply of this product has suddenly disappeared. Walmart no longer has it on the shelf. It appears that I will need to order it on line or switch to something else again.

by: Jen

I have been unable to find Ivory Snow in my local stores for a few months. I have since tried Purex Baby Detergent and while I would prefer to use Ivory, mainly since the fragrance is much lighter, for the time being I will stick with Purex as it is a good product for gentle care washes. It works as well as any Woolite product, costs much less, and does not irritate anyone's skin. Even for lightly soiled garments I prefer to do a short soak before washing. As far as getting out stains I depend on the Shout Free spray pretreater.

I Can't Find In Stores
by: Anonymous

I can't find it in any stores in my neighborhood and it is way too expensive to purchase on line. I have returned to using Woolite for now, but hope to see Ivory Snow return to a store near me. Last summer I easily used 3 containers of Ivory on summer clothes.

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