Ivory Dish Soap Review: Classic Scent Not My Fave But Cleans Very Well

by Taylor

I'm in the process of using a bottle of Ivory dish soap to clean all my dishes, pots and pans as part of my ongoing quest to review lots of different dishwashing liquids for this website.

This time I chose Ivory's dishwashing liquid from the supermarket shelf, and I've used it now for about a week.

Initial Impressions Of The Scent

When we got out this brand from under the sink and tried it for the first time my husband happened to be standing close by, and we both commented on its smell, unfavorably. I bought the "classic scent," which is, as far as I can tell, the only scent available.

Frankly, it smells just like Ivory bar soap, which I associate with taking a bath. That means I wasn't too keen on it when I first smelled it in association with washing my dishes. However, my husband commented the other day that over the course of the week he's reassessed the scent and now associates it with "being clean" and likes it, because it somehow reassures him the dishes are getting cleaned.

I don't know that I love the scent now, but I do know that as I've used it over the past week I don't really notice the scent now, and it doesn't bother me. I think I am just so used to dish soaps smelling like green apples, or a citrus fruit, that to actually smell like "soap" threw me off.

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How Ivory Dish
Soap Cleans My Dishes

More important than the smell, of course, is how it is working to clean my dishes. In that regard this soap is passing the test with flying colors.

Especially in compared with my last test subject this soap seems to last and last and last. I love that. I can squirt just a little onto the sponge and it seems I can keep washing and washing various pots and pans without having to add more, even if I squeeze out the sponge periodically to rinse off the yuck.

Overall, I like this soap, although I didn't find it to be a big cost savings compared to other common name brands. Because of its price I would probably still choose Dawn dish soap before it, just because I tend to like those scents better, but I think it works quite well and if it was on sale, or with a coupon, I would choose it over many other brands.

Has anyone else used this dishwashing liquid? If so, I would love to hear your opinions about it too, and see if you had a similar or different opinion than me. You can share your dishwashing soap review here for this or any other brand, or you can read lots of other reviews that have already been submitted.

***Update: I received a tip from a reader, Marcia, who uses this brand of soap for removing grass stains. Click the link if you'd like to read her tip in full! ***End Update

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Ivory Liquid Dish Soap: It Cleans Everything

by Debbie
(Sherwood Park, Alberta. Canada)

I have used this soap for as far back as I can remember.

I use it to wash dishes, and pots and pans.

I also use it to wash walls, floors, windows, even the vehicles.

I even use it for cleaning the bathroom. It cleans everything.

It doesn't have a major scent like lots of cleaners. I haven't found anything it does not clean. I love this product.

I don't know if they have recently change something with this product, but for several months now it seems that the suds don't last like they used to and I am finding that I need to drain the sink and refill with clean water and soap again to finish the job.

At first I thought maybe it was just a bad batch, but it is on going. It is still cleaning as well but doesn't last as long. Not sure why!

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Ivory Dish Liquid Is A Winner In Our Household

by Diane Lefebvre
(Quebec City, Quebec, Canada)

Diane says:

I have been using Ivory for ever.

Years ago, a consumer magazine had gone through all the dishwashing soaps out there for comparison. It turned out that Ivory won for durability and effectiveness.

At the time, the only scent was "original" and not very pleasant but it didn't cling to the dishes so, whatever.

So, after reading this, I bought some and hastily agreed with the review.

I ended up buying dishwashing soap less often so, even if it was a bit more expensive than the other brands, in the end, it didn't matter.

I tried Dawn once, when I had ran out of Ivory and couldn't get it at the store I was at. Holy smokes! I soon realized that it was not in the same ball park, not even in the same city!!!

I had to add soap constantly and I found that it did not give me the same performance as my Ivory.

Since then, I've always bought multiple bottles of this brand so I never run out.

I'm totally sold on this product and, although I might be tempted to try out other brands I know that tried and true is always a winner in this household.

Taylor says:

Thanks for your review Diane, I'm glad you've found something you like so much.

I'd love to hear from even more people who've used this dish soap, telling me whether you liked it or not. You can share your dish soap review here for this or any other brand, or read the other reviews already submitted.

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Comments for Ivory Dish Liquid Is A Winner In Our Household

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washing my hair
by: Anonymous

I have been using it to wash my hair. My hair used to be dry and brittle, but Ivory does not strip my hair of the natural oils like all the detergent shampoos do. My hair is really soft and doesn't seem to be dry now at all.

Ivory vs Dawn
by: Carolyn

I was drawn to Dawn dish soap through a friend who said she liked it because it was antibacterial. I like Ivory for its enduring suds quality and clean fragrance, but nonetheless gave Dawn a try.

My question would be: Are these antibacterial properties legitimate and useful? If so can this be verified by any reputable source? My initial impression would be that any dish soap is antibacterial by its very nature of being a soap.

response to Carolyn re antibacterial soap
by: Taylor

Hi Carolyn, thanks for your question. I actually have an entire article written about antibacterial soap and why you should NOT use it. In the article I give more detail, but basically certain soaps, including dish soaps, add an additional chemical that kills bacteria. Not all dish liquids have this chemical added. I don't believe Ivory does, for example, and not all Dawn types do either, although some do. If you like Ivory better I would suggest just sticking to it rather then switch to something antibacterial, no matter what brand.

Is Ivory dish liquid still WHITE?
by: PJama Girl

I bought a bottle at grocery store and the liquid was clear. I like the pearly white color of the original dish washing liquid because I also used it in our bathroom hand soap foaming dispensers. Can anyone tell me which, if any, of the dish washing liquid options still makes the pearly white color?

Best soap ever
by: Sudsy Sally

I have used Ivory dish soap for years. Love, love, love. Use it freqently as a shampoo and bodywash. Works very well on stains too. Great suds, great price, fresh fragrance. Give it a try. Can't beat it.

Wish it was like the old stuff.
by: Keith

When I was a youngster, I liked Ivory liquid especially while camping. It was so concentrated, a couple drops on a sponge cleaned the evening dishes. The small quantity used gave me the impression I was dumping less chemical into the pristine environment of the camp. At home a single bottle lasted for years when used correctly! But, visitors would always squeeze great quantities into a sink of water. The life of the bottle therefore depended more on the number of times visitors got their hands on it. However, the manufacturer eventually changed the formula. It takes 10 times as much of the new stuff to equal the old formula. I can't fault them because it meant fewer people like me only buying a new bottle every few years. I still use Ivory today mainly because its strength and cost is about equal to all others and I am used to the sent. Recently, I was cleaning out the store room and found my ancient camping gear. Wow! There was a 25-year old bottle of Ivory. Gave it a try and sure enough, it is incredibly more powerful than today's stuff. The difference is truly astounding! I really wish some manufacturer would make a concentrated dish washing liquid today, but I guess the economics and the general perception that using more is better are against me. So sad.

Lack of suds
by: Anonymous

Lack of suds with dishwasher detergent is because of removal of phosphates which harm the environment, causes algae in the lakes etc.

Had to switch
by: Anonymous

We used a dishwashing liquid for years called 'Sunlight', but one day I could never find it in grocery stores. I switched to Ivory and I have been using it for years. I love it.

Sensitive skin
by: Holli

I have eczema on my hands so I tried the Ivory dish soap. It is very gentle for my skin compared to Gain or Dawn with all the cleaning power.

Use it to make homemade shampoo
by: Anonymous

I use the regular scent Ivory to make a homemade shampoo for dogs and found out it works wonderfully on humans too. I had a dog with skin irritations during the spring and that's why I made it. Worked wonders on her skin to where there were no irritations on her going forward after dealing with this spring irritant problem on her for years. Her hair was silky and soft too after bathing her in it. So, I tried it on me. I have psoriasis. It is wonderful for psoriasis. It is also wonderful for folks with just dandruff. I have made a ton of my shampoo and given away to family and friends and they all love it. Shampoo: 8 oz. Ivory, 8 oz. apple cider vinegar, 8 oz. water, and 4 oz. glycerine. Mix and put in a spray bottle. Must be sprayed on because it pours out like water and will run out of your hand. Try it and you will love it too.

Ivory not like it used to be!
by: Kay

I have used Ivory dish soap exclusively for 58 years. The last two bottles don't sud up with just a squirt like always. It makes me sad that another product just isn't what it used to be. I know it is not a popular product but it had its loyal customers and now they decide to probably cut costs and its no different then the more economical brands.

Every time I use it, it dries out my hands
by: Cee

My mom likes Ivory dishwashing liquid in the original classic scent. Every single time I do dishes for her, my hands get unbelievably dry. :-(

I'm not sure if it's some chemical reaction to their country well water (lots of rust in it) or if it's just my hands and the formulation. But it's definitely not a product I'd buy for my own dishwashing. I also have found that the suds really don't last long and the dish water has to be frequently changed in order to get all the dishes clean.

Anyone else have this issue?

stinky smell on sponges after using
by: Christine Walker

My dishcloths and sponges immediately get that "stinky" smell after two or three uses of Dawn or Ivory Dishsoaps - the only solution I can find is to stop using them.

I switched to a natural dish soap that actually has an ingredient list on it (which, by the way, Dawn and Ivory don't have on their bottles) and no longer have any problem with that smell.

isn't lasting as long anymore
by: Judy Eden

I don't know if they have recently changed something with this product, but for several months now it seems that the suds don't last like they used to and I am finding that I need to drain the sink and refill with clean water and soap again to finish the job.

At first I thought maybe it was just a bad batch, but it is on going. It is still cleaning as well but doesn't last as long. Not sure why!

Watered down
by: Anonymous

Where is the soap in the soap? Ivory dish soap is so watered down that it probably has half as much soap as it used to have. Water, water, water, and I can get that our of my faucet. What a rip.

Absolutely love
by: Dianne P

I have used / love this detergent forever!! I have allergies (skin, and ** especially scents) and have NEVER reacted to this detergent. *** I use it to hand wash clothes - ** gentle items and tough spot stains - pretreat also. Will now try wall washing etc.

I think suds lasts better than Sunlight and Dawn with sink washing (detergents friends use).

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