Delicate Wash Reviews
For Hand Washing & Gentle Cycle

Here is a list of delicate wash products available for hand washing clothing, or for use in the gentle cycle of your washing machine, along with reviews and recommendations to decide which one you should use for yourself.

Here is a list of delicate wash products available for hand washing clothing, or for use in the gentle cycle of your washing machine, along with reviews and recommendations to decide which one you should use for yourself {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

When you want to wash delicate fabrics, such as knits, satins and silks, lingerie, including bras and panties, and hosiery you most likely want to use a product that does the following things:

  • Cleans gently so the fabric isn't damaged, and the color stays true
  • Removes stains, if necessary
  • Leaves fabric smelling good (or without any scent depending on your preference), but definitely no body or other odors remaining; and
  • Able to be used for both hand washing, or in the washing machine's gentle or delicate cycle
  • No more expensive than necessary to get the job done

Lots of delicate wash reviews so you can find the right product to use for hand washing clothes or for use in the gentle or declicate cycle of your washing machine {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

There are a lot of products on the market which you can choose from, and sometimes the choices can be overwhelming.

Therefore, in this article I've listed many of the major brands of products on the market, with just a little information about them where available to help you choose the best one for you.

Where possible, I've also linked to reviews here on the site from other readers (or myself) where we've shared our opinions and experiences about various products, sharing how it worked for us. I know I appreciate reading other people's opinions about products when I'm looking for something new to use.

Finally, before I begin with the list, I have tried, where possible to provide links to where you can purchase these products online. To do so just click on the image link of the product you're interested in. These are affiliate links, which means if you purchase a product through them it doesn't cost you anything additional, but I do receive compensation from the company.

Available Delicate Fabric Wash Products

Here's the list of what is currently available on the market.

I have tried to note which products are eco-friendly, and also which ones are hypoallergenic for those needing or wanting to have those additional requirements as well.

Caldrea, Sea Salt Neroli Scent

Caldrea delicate wash, sea salt neroli scent

Caldrea is a company that sells high-end aromatherapeutic products for the home, and also for personal use. My understanding is that it is a sister company to Mrs. Meyers, and it also uses essential oils within their products. Further, they use plant-derived ingredients, making it more eco-friendly.

The brand used to have several scents of this laundry product but now they only have one scent still available, called Sea Salt Neroli. It is safe for use on washable wool, cashmere, nylon, silk and linen. It can be used in both the washing machine or for hand washing.

I've got a Caldrea delicate wash review here which is quite positive. It is for the French Lavender scent, although that scent is no longer available, but the formula is still the same as far as I know.

Caldrea Delicate Wash {Referral Link}

Delicare Fine Fabric Wash

Delicare fine fabric wash

This is a brand I haven't heard much about, but recently saw it advertised on Arm & Hammer's website, meaning that it is manufactured by Church & Dwight, the manufacturers of this better known brand.

It has a fresh scent, and is safe for use in HE machines.

I would love to hear reviews of this product if someone has used it (plus tell me what stores you can find it in, since I'm having trouble identifying any.) You can share your review here.

Earth Friendly Products, Chamomile & Lavender Scent

Earth Friendly Products delicate wash

Earth Friendly Products makes several laundry products, some of which go by the brand name ECOS. You can learn more about ECOS laundry detergent here. It is a natural laundry product.

This gentle laundry soap has a chamomile and lavender scent, and is dye and enzyme free. It is also HE compatible.

I don't yet have any reviews of this brand, so if you're tried it you can share your review here.


Ecover delicate wash

Ecover is another natural and eco-friendly brand, and its product is scented lavender, while another is Spring Tulip scent.

It is safe for washable fine fabrics, silks and wool. It is HE compatible, and can also be used for hand washing.

I do not currently have any reviews of this product, so if you've used it I'd love for you to click here to share your review here.

Ecover Delicate Wash {Referral Links}

Generic & Store Brands

Many people don't want to spend a lot of money to wash their fine washables, so they use a generic or store brand. There is nothing wrong with that -- in fact, I personally used a store brand for years before they stopped making it.

I've gotten a review of Dollar General's store brand here.

If you've used one of these brands I'd love for you to share your review here.

Grab Green Pacs, Fragrance Free

Grab Green delicate laundry detergent pacs

Grab Green is yet another natural laundry product (and cleaning product) brand. Are you sensing a trend here? I am.

The unusual thing about this brand is that instead of having a liquid product in a bottle they've packaged their delicate laundry detergent into laundry detergent pacs.

Unlike many other brands, which have some kind of scent in them this one is fragrance free, and hypoallergenic. It is also dye free, and HE compatible.

I don't have any reviews of this product, so if you've used it please submit your review here. I will note it has a LOT of reviews on Amazon, many of them positive (currently a 4 star rating with over 900 reviews, at the time of this writing).

Grab Green Delicate Wash {Referral Links}

Ivory Snow

Ivory Snow liquid

Ivory Snow powder detergent

Ivory Snow is a very commonly found brand of delicate wash, and is probably one of the top brands on the market, along with Woolite. It is readily found in stores, unlike some of these other brands mentioned on this page.

It leaves behind a light scent, and reader reviews have stated that it fights stains quite well.

It comes in both liquid and powdered versions.

I've got lots of positive reviews of this brand (including my own). You can check out all the Ivory Snow reviews here.

The Laundress, Delicate Wash & Wool and Cashmere Shampoo, Scented

The Laundress delicate wash

The Laundress wool and cashmere shampoo

The Laundress is a high-end laundry product company, based out of New York. They actually have two different products for washing delicates.

The first, on the left, is the delicate wash which is made to use delicates and lingerie made of silk, silk blends, lycra, spandex, rayon, nylon and acetate, for example.

It does contain enzymes, unlike some other products used for fine washables. However, this may help it remove perspiration, body oils and stains. It has a light scent.

In addition, as shown on the right, is the Wool and Cashmere Shampoo, which has a cedar scent. It is designed to be used on wool, merino, cashmere, angora, mohair and down.

Both the delicate wash and wool shampoo are HE compatible, and can be used in the washing machine, but the company highly suggests that all items be washed with them by hand.

I don't have any reviews of these products, so if you've used one of them please share your review with me here.

Planet Delicate Laundry Wash, Unscented

Planet delicate laundry wash

Planet is also a relatively new company which has a small line of green laundry and cleaning products.

Their version is unscented and dye free, and is designed to be used for cool or cold water washes.

It can be used on silk, wool and cashmere, and the company also suggests it is appropriate for washing outdoor gear (such as tents, sleeping bags, etc.) plus active wear.

I don't have any reviews of this product, so please share your review with me here.

Woolite Brand, Several Varieties

Woolite for delicates

Last but not least, perhaps the most readily recognized brand for washing your fine washables is Woolite.

You can learn more about Woolite detergents here.

Technically, there is a product made just for delicates, with the pink top (see picture to the left). You can read Woolite delicate fabric wash reviews here.

However, all of the Woolite brand of products say, in their instructions, that they are safe for delicate fabrics, even those made for washing normal clothes as well. This includes Woolite Everyday (which was formerly known as Woolite Complete), as well as Woolite for darks. (Click the links of any of these to read reviews from readers.)

This really begs the question of why there is one specifically for fine washables, if they can all be used in this manner.

These products all have a light scent. They are often the most easily to find in stores.

Share Your Own Reviews Of Detergents For Delicate Clothes

Although I've gotten some reviews already, I always like to hear from more people sharing their experiences and opinions about products.

If you've used a product listed above, or something else for washing lingerie or other fabrics gently please click here to share your review with me, so I can add it to the site!

Here is a list of delicate wash products available for hand washing clothing, or for use in the gentle cycle of your washing machine, along with reviews and recommendations to decide which one you should use for yourself {on Stain Removal 101} #DelicateWash #GentleWash #LaundryDetergentuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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