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Here's a comprehensive guide to the natural laundry detergent brands available, plus reviews of them where available.

Here is a comprehensive guide to the natural laundry detergent brands available, plus reviews of them where available, so you can find the best eco-friendly product for your family's laundry {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

More and more people want eco-friendly products to clean their homes and wash their clothes, so there has been an explosion in the number of green brands recently.

Unfortunately, not all natural laundry soaps are created equal, and not all of them are as earth-friendly as others.

It can be difficult to take into consideration all the issues involved in choosing such a product, but here are some I think are important:

natural laundry detergent reviews

  • Actually cleans your clothes well
  • Has truly natural and eco-friendly ingredients, including scents (if added)
  • Packaging is also good for the environment, using biodegradable packaging where possible, or recyclable bottles and tops when not

Notice I didn't say that the product needed to be organic, although that isn't a bad thing either. Typically organic detergents are just a subset of green laundry products these days, and you shouldn't exclude one just because it doesn't advertise itself as such, although organic sourcing of ingredients is a plus.

Available Natural Laundry Detergent Brands

Here is a list of the available products in alphabetical order, plus reviews of them provided by readers, where available.

Not all of these products are available for purchase online, but when they are I've linked the image to a place you can purchase them, if you want. (Please note I've used affiliate links, meaning if you purchase the product through them I get a small commission.)


attitude baby laundry detergent

There are several liquid versions of this brand, including with the Citrus Zest and Wildflowers scent. There is also a version which is both scent and dye free, and is hypoallergenic.

I don't currently have a review of this product, so I'd love it if someone would share a review with me here.


babyganics laundry detergent, unscented

babyganics laundry detergent, lavender scent

Babyganics brand is, as you might be able to guess from the name, made for babies, but obviously could be used for adult clothing as well.

It comes in both a scent free and a lavender scented version.

I have received a positive review of Babyganics detergent here.

BioKleen Liquid & Powder

free and clear biokleen laundry detergent

powder biokleen laundry detergent, free and clear

This brand has both liquid and powder versions, in both scent free and a citrus scent.

There is an all temperature and a cold water formula for the liquid versions, and an all temperature and premium stain fighting version (with enzymes) in the powdered version.

Here's a positive review of the liquid Biokleen here from a reader.

Caldrea Liquid Detergent

Caldrea laundry detergent, lavender pine scent

Caldrea is a brand which has very strong scents, which they call aromatherapeutic.

The detergents are very high-end, and are made with plant-derived ingredients, which is why I've categorized them with these eco-friendly detergents.

There are lots of scents available (using essential oils), including lavender pine, basil blue sage, palmarosa driftwood, sweet pea, ginger pomelo, rosewater driftwood, sea salt neroli, and mandarin vetiver.

I don't have any reviews of detergents from this brand yet, so if you've used it please share your experience here.

Charlie's Soap

charlies soap liquid laundry detergent

charlies soap powder detergent

Charlie's Soap is actually a detergent, not a soap, but it still bills itself as green.

It comes in both liquid and powder form, and does not contain a scent, making it hypoallergenic.

You can learn more about Charlie's Soap here.

In addition, here are some positive reviews of Charlie's Soap laundry powder I've received from readers.

Dapple Detergent

dapple baby laundry detergent

dapple baby laundry detergent strips

Dapple is a brand made entirely for baby products. The detergent is scent and dye free, so its also hypoallergenic.

They have both a liquid version, as well as a laundry detergent "strips" version, where one sheet is used for each load, and the sheet of detergent dissolves in water.

I don't have any reviews of this detergent yet, so please share your review here if you've used it, to share your experience.

Dropps Laundry Pacs

dropps, fresh scent

dropps, scent and dye free

Dropps is really the leader of the laundry detergent pacs movement, and one of the first companies to sell laundry soap in this fashion.

It is available in three varieties, fresh scent, scent and dye free, and baby detergent.

You can learn more about Dropps laundry detergent here. In addition, you can read Dropps reviews here, including several from me, for a couple of varieties.

ECOS Liquid & Pods

ecos laundry detergent, free and clear

ECOS detergent pods, free and clear scent

ECOS (which also has products under the Earth Friendly Products brand name) is an green brand.

It has got both liquid detergents as well as pods available, as well as an entire baby line of products.

You can read more information about Ecos laundry detergent here.

Further, you can read ECOS detergent reviews here from readers.

Ecover Liquid Detergent

Ecover laundry detergent

This brand's natural laundry detergent contains no optical brighteners, and comes only in a liquid variety.

I don't have any reviews of it, so share your review here if you've tried it.

Grab Green

Grab Green laundry detergent pacs, lavender & vanilla scent

Grab Green laundry detergent pacs, fragrance free

There are several scents of this product available, including Vetiver, Gardenia, Lavender & Vanilla, and a fragrance free version, all of which are available only as laundry pacs.

They are dual compatible, meaning they will work in both HE and standard washing machines.

I don't have any reviews of this brand, so if you've used them you please share your opinions here.

Honest Company Liquid & Pods

Honest laundry detergent

The Honest Company is a relatively new brand that is eco-friendly.

There is a liquid version available, which is scent free.

I've gotten mixed opinions of this brand, with one positive review while another reader reported an allergic reaction for her child. Here are the Honest laundry detergent reviews.

Method Pump Laundry Detergent

method baby laundry detergent

method free and clear laundry detergent

This detergent comes in pump form, and you squirt the highly concentrated liquid directly into your washing machine.

It comes in a variety of scents, including fresh air, lavender cedar, sweet pea, spring daisy and free and clear.

You can read more information about Method laundry detergent here.

Further, I've gotten quite a few reviews of this brand from readers. You can read reviews here and here, as well as free and clear version reviews here.

Mrs. Meyers Liquid Detergent

Mrs. Meyer's laundry detergent, geranium scent

mrs meyers laundry detergent, baby blossom scent

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day laundry detergent is known for is strong aromatherapeutic scents, and it comes in a wide variety of them. These include basil, lavender, lemon verbena, sunflower, rosemary, bluebell, geranium, and baby blossom.

You can learn more general information about the Mrs. Meyers Clean Day brand here, which is touted as a nicely scented green cleaning and laundry supplies company.

I've gotten several reviews of Mrs. Meyer's detergent here, so you can see what readers think of this brand.

Nellie's Laundry Soda {Powder & Nuggets}

Nellie's all natural laundry soda

Nellie's all natural laundry nuggets

Nellie's is a company that makes several all natural laundry products, ranging from detergents, bleaches and dryer balls.

Their detergent comes in both powder and pac varieties (which they call nuggets).

Here's a couple reviews of these products, which are positive.

Planet Liquid & Powder

Planet HE liquid laundry detergent

Planet powder laundry detergent

The Planet brand is relatively new brand of environmentally friendly products, all of which are scent free and labeled as hypoallergenic.

They have both an HE liquid detergent (pictured on the left), a regular liquid detergent (not pictured), and a powdered detergent (shown on the right) which can be used in both HE and non-HE washers.

I haven't received any reviews of these products yet so if you've used one I'd love for you to share your review here.

Purex Natural Elements

Purex Natural Elements laundry detergent, linens and lilies scent

The disadvantage of many of these natural laundry detergent brands is that they can be quite expensive.

That is where Purex is significantly different -- this brand is very inexpensive, even for the greener variety.

It comes in several scents, including linens & lilies, lilac & white lavender, and tropical splash.

You can read more about Purex laundry detergent here, in general.

Further, I've gotten one review of Purex Natural Elements detergent here, although unfortunately in it the reader experienced an allergic reaction to this product.

SA8 From Amway, Legacy Of Clean

SA8 laundry detergent from Amway

This detergent, from Amway, is called all kinds of things including SA8, Bioquest, and Legacy of Clean, and several variations of this. Frankly, I'm not really sure what this product's official name is.

This is a product that you must buy through an Amway distributor, so I've never personally used it, but several readers have.

You can read several SA8 laundry detergent reviews here.

Seventh Generation

seventh generation free and clear detergent

seventh generation free and clear powder detergent

Seventh Generation has quite a variety of detergents to choose from, in both scent and also with liquid, powder and packs available.

All are available in free and clear, and then additional scents available for some or all of the varieties include blue eucalyptus & lavender, geranium blossoms, and citrus breeze, among others.

seventh generation laundry detergent packs, mandarin and sandalwood scent

seventh generation laundry detergent packs, free and clear scent

You can read more information about Seventh Generation laundry detergent here.

Further, I've gotten quite a few reviews of these products from readers. You can read Seventh Generation detergent reviews here, and free and clear detergent reviews here.

Soap Nuts {Multiple Brands}

soap nuts

Eco Nuts liquid laundry detergent

Soap Nuts are not a brand, but really a type of naturally grown berry which create a soap when immersed in water, which can be used to wash clothes.

You can learn more about soap nuts here.

You can buy the berries themselves (such as pictured on the left), or you can purchase the liquid soap that comes from berries, already processed for you (such as pictured on the right).

There are many brands of these products around, and I've got some reviews of a couple of them.

Here are the reviews I've received so far (some for the berries, and some for the concentrated liquid extract from them):

Store Brands

Having eco-friendly products has become important for many stores, so even some store brands now tout themselves as green and natural.

There is no possible way I could list them all here, but here are links to reviews here on the site where someone has used such a product and shared their thoughts with me.

Sun & Earth Liquid Detergent

sun and earth free and clear detergent

Sun & Earth has a whole line of natural laundry products, including several scents of liquid detergent.

These include citrus, lavender and unscented varieties.

You can read Sun & Earth laundry detergent reviews here.

What Is Your Favorite Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent?

I would love to hear from you about which of the products I've listed above is your favorite (or introduce me to another brand or variety I'm not currently aware of). You can share your reviews here. I will feature your reviews on this page, along with my list of available products, to allow everyone to find a green detergent that works well for them.

Don't Forget To Use Other Natural Laundry Products Too!

If you go to all the trouble to find eco-friendly and natural detergents, you should not ruin all your good efforts by then using other products which are not as good for the environment for the rest of the laundry process.

Fortunately, many of the brands mentioned above also make softeners, bleaches, and stain removers that are also good for the environment. If you're interested, I've compiled a similar list of natural fabric softeners and other laundry products you can reference! Hope you enjoy it.

natural fabric softener and other laundry products

Here is a comprehensive guide to the natural laundry detergent brands available, plus reviews of them where available, so you can find the best eco-friendly product for your family's laundry {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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