NaturOli Soap Nuts Review For Cloth Diapers

by Pamela

Pamela has shared her NaturOli soap nuts review, and her experiences with using them to wash her baby's cloth diapers.

Pamela says:

I've been using the NaturOli brand of soap nuts in place of traditional laundry detergent for approximately 16 months now.

I first found out about soap nuts when researching effective and safe detergents for washing cloth diapers. I was surprised to learn about this natural product and decided to give them a try.

It was hard to believe these hard little berries in a canvas bag could secrete natural soap in the washing machine and actually get the dirty diapers clean. I had to see it for myself!

I was very impressed with the soft feel of my laundry and the clean, perfume-free smell. I understand that this is because unlike traditional laundry detergents, soap nuts do not leave soapy residue in the laundry, which is very important for washing cloth diapers where residues can harm absorbency and also irritate a baby's bottom.

I have only bought one bottle of traditional detergent in the last 16 months since discovering soap nuts, and that is only to use when I bleach my towels.

I'm a very happy, satisfied customer who plans to keep using NaturOli soap nuts instead of chemical-laden traditional detergent.

Taylor says:

Thanks Pamela for your review of this natural laundry product.

It sounds like you use the actual berries themselves to wash your clothes. Along with selling these "nuts" NaturOli also sells a liquid soap made from the extract of the berries. I've received a review of this product, which they call Extreme 18 since it is 18x concentrated (you can read that review below).

I would love to hear from other people who have used this product on cloth diapers, or for their regular clothing, sharing your experiences with it. You can share your review here, for this or any other brand, or read additional reviews already submitted.

In addition, if you use cloth diapers, I would love to hear what detergent or soap you use to wash them. You can share your laundry detergent review here.

Finally, if you want to use eco-friendly products in your wash, you may want to check out my comprehensive list of natural laundry detergent brands I've created here on the site, along with reviews from readers sharing what they thought of them, where available.

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These Aren't Good Quality Soap Nuts

An Amazon reviewer shared this photo of this brand's berries, and she wasn't impressed with the quality of the product she received.

As you can see from the picture they're dry and cracked, and she felt they "won’t work for their intended purpose."

I would be interested in hearing from others who've used this product to share if you've had a similar experience or not. Obviously, those aren't the way the berries look in the pictures provided by the company, but I would love to hear the reality.

In addition, even if they look not so pretty, if they work I suppose that is not so bad, so I'd also love to hear how this brand's berries worked for you. You can share your review or experience here.

Photo courtesy of

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NaturOli Soap Nuts Liquid Extreme 18 Review

by Christina
(Pocatello, ID)

Christina has shared her NaturOli Soap Nuts Liquid Extreme 18 review.

Before I share her review, however, I thought I would tell you a bit more about what this product is, so everyone would understand the review better.

Soap nuts are a naturally grown berry which contains saponin, which is a type of surfactant which cleans items. You can use them to wash your laundry, and also, when mixed with water, the soapy solution can be used to clean many things throughout your house.

You can buy the nuts whole for use, but another way to purchase them is as a liquid soap, where the company has already extracted all the saponin from the nuts for you. One company that makes a soap nuts liquid is NaturOli, and they have developed a product they call "Extreme 18" which is a 18 times concentrated liquid soap, made from soap nuts.

This soap nuts liquid can be used in various ways, including as a natural laundry soap by adding only 2 mL per load of laundry (a very small amount). It is safe for both HE and regular machines, and you can wash 96 loads with only 8 ounces of soap nuts liquid.

In addition, it can be diluted with water (approximately 6 ounces of water to one ounce of NaturOli Soap Nuts liquid Extreme 18) to make a multi-purpose cleaner which you can use to clean glass, granite, tile, chrome, stainless steel, your car, carpets, and much more throughout your home.

Now, with this knowledge, here is Christina's review.

Christina says:

I just recently tried liquid soap nuts to clean my laundry, and also as an all purpose cleaner, based on the suggestion of my friend.

My friend said I absolutely had to try it so I said why not. I am very happy with it. My skin is sensitive to many products however this was perfect on it!

What I loved was that this product could be used in many ways. It use it not only my laundry detergent but also it works great to clean appliances, windows, and random cleaning jobs around the house.

When used for my laundry it made my clothes feel soft and they looked great.

When I used it for cleaning my home the Extreme 18 liquid was so soft there was no need for me to use gloves. Plus, it smells absolutely delicious!

It requires very little to be mixed in to be effective, so I think it is a good deal for the price. Plus, it is gentle and never harmed any clothing, surface, or machine that I've used it on.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your review of this product Christina.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has used soap nuts liquid for cleaning their home and/or laundry. You can share your review here, or read other reviews and information about them.

In addition, you can share your green cleaning products review here, to tell me about any natural product you've used for cleaning or laundry, and what you liked (or disliked) about it.

Finally, this product is a natural liquid soap. If you've got a natural soap, either liquid or bar, that you like I'd love for you to share your own review, or read the reviews already submitted (at the link).

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NaturOli Seedless Soap Nuts Review - Great For Laundry Allergies

by Deborah

Deborah is a new user of soap nuts, and has shared her experiences with them.

Deborah says:

I have been using soap nuts for about a month now. I bought them because they are all natural.

As the mother of 2 messy children (3 if you include my husband), I usually have at least a load of laundry to do every day. My youngest has very sensitive skin and has had problems with rashes, so we were looking for something that was free of any synthetic dyes or fragrances.

I found NaturOli Soap Nuts at a local health food store. They looked interesting, and I liked the packaging, so I bought them.

I was a little confused the first time I used them; I didn't realize I was supposed to put them in the included bag. After I caught on, these little berries have done a really great job on my laundry.

For heavy stains I do still use a laundry stain remover before I launder them.

The soap nuts don't really have a fragrance, but the laundry still comes out with an almost undetectable "fresh" smell. Also, the clothes seem to come out much softer than they used to. I haven't been using a fabric softener at all lately. They don't seem to pick up static so much, either.

Overall, I have had a really good experience with this brand and I plan to keep using them.

In addition, my child hasn't had any adverse reactions to them like he gets with some other commercial detergents with a scent.

Taylor says:

Thanks Deborah for your review of this product.

Since these are so very different than more traditional detergents I know people are always very interested to hear if they really work, and practically how they are used.

If you've used soap nuts yourself, from the NaturOli brand, or another brand, please share your review here, to tell me what you think about them, and your experiences, positive or negative with them. You can also read additional reviews already submitted.

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Comments for NaturOli Seedless Soap Nuts Review - Great For Laundry Allergies

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make a liquid with them
by: Anonymous

Soak them in water and make juice/detergent and you can use it.

EcoNuts vs NaturOli
by: Jeannie

I first purchased the EcoNuts because we moved to a place that has a septic system and this was a Natural product - not made from green ingredients, etc., it was simply the nut off a tree, de seeded, dried, sent on to me to utilize in the laundry. Your clothes smell CLEAN when you use it. Not covered with artificial scent or barely covering up sweat smell. But clean!

Fast forward, I purchased NaturOli because at the time it was a little cheaper. Never again. The clothes started smelling like sweat and whatever we smelled like during the day. They didn't really feel clean anymore, almost like they had something still on them. And the nuts just obliterated and seeped out of the bag onto all our clothing (yes, the bag was tight at the beginning of the wash).

Went back to EcoNuts and LOVE them still. Now I know to just buy the slightly more expensive brand. They work incredibly well and last for a long time! Absolutely recommend this brand to others.

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