Method Laundry Detergent Review - Fantastic Product!

by Jill

Jill has shared her review of Method laundry detergent.

Jill says:

I began using this brand when I stumbled upon a crazy-good deal at Babies R Us using store and manufacturers coupons on sale and clearance detergent.

I bought about 9 bottles in a variety of scents for a whopping $27 total! I'll try anything for that kind of deal!

I have tried Peony Blossom, Fresh Air, Sweet Pea Baby Detergent, as well as Free & Clear and Sweet Water in older, pourable packaging.

HUGE fan of the pump dispenser, not a great fan of the pourable packaging.

The detergent is suitable for HE machines, but mine is "old school" and it works well with my dinosaur, too.

Here's what I love about Method laundry detergent and why I continue to use it for my family of 5: The scents are gentle and natural smelling yet long lasting - both when clothes are dried in the dryer and when dried on the line.

In fact, I prefer the Method detergent washed clothing for line-dried clothes. There appears to be less soap residue left in the clothing.

I've previously used a 2nd rinse cycle for certain loads that are hung to dry. I've eliminated that rinse almost entirely using Method.

I find that this brand has great cleaning capabilities, also - even in my very hard water.

It does a great job on stains (within reason - don't skip pretreating tough stains!) and also handles odors in workout clothes, potty training mishaps, wet bedding & keeps towels smelling fresh.

I have found that I increase the amount of soap to 6 pumps when using the Method Baby laundry formulation on loads that are heavily soiled or that contain urine accidents. I'm not sure I need to, but I don't generally take chances with those kinds of soils.

Our clothes have
remained bright and appear less worn than with my previous detergent choices (Era or All, occasionally Tide).

My husband is such a fan of the pump packaging that he's requested that I continue buying Method laundry detergent for that reason alone.

Prior to my "Big Deal" I had not tried Method products, tending instead to shop based on price and previous experience. I felt like if I paid less for the detergent I was getting the better deal.

I believe with the deals I've been able to find on Method detergent, and the more accurate dispensing of the product, I'm getting better value from the Method product.

It seems that the pump lasts longer than the 50 loads listed on the label...maybe not, as I don't actually keep track. :-) Because of the pump, the tendency to "over soap" a load of laundry is eliminated.

I'm sure I've always over measured the soap of my previous pour detergents - thus not really getting as many loads from the bottle as I should have. With the pump, that's not an issue.

Another nice thing about the packaging is that when you do spot a sale, coupon or deal, it's easy to stock up as several bottles will fit in the space required for a 96-load bottle of regular detergent!

It's been a great fit for our family & I'm SO glad I stumbled on that original deal! ;-)

Taylor says:

Thanks Jill for this review of Method detergent.

I am glad to hear what you like about the pump dispenser, since it is one of the characteristics of this detergent, packaging wise, that is different than many other detergents.

So, does anyone else use this brand for their laundry? If so, share your reviews of it here, or read others already submitted.

In addition, you can share your laundry detergent reviews here for any brand, telling me what you like about it.

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Method Detergent Disappointed Me Because It Didn't Clean Clothes Well

by Sara
(Atlanta, GA)

I really, really wanted to like this product. I love all of the other Method cleaning products, and I loved having more room in my laundry room!

I purchased the large size in the Fresh Air scent, along with the corresponding Method Fresh Air fabric softener.

However, after a couple of weeks I had to go back to Target and get my regular (Tide) instead.

I am finishing the bottles I bought, but I am using them only on handwash items that don't get very dirty.

My husband and I are not dirty, and we don't do activities that soil our clothes, but the Method detergent didn't even get our work clothes clean.

I didn't change any of my pretreating habits, but like another reviewer, I had to rewash loads in a different detergent just to get them clean.

I will continue to buy all the other Method products I love, but not this one.

Taylor says:

Sara, thanks for sharing your review.

Many of the reviews of Method detergent I've received are positive, but not all, as you mentioned. That is why there are so many detergents available -- almost everyone has a slightly different opinion of which is best.

If you've used Method detergent to wash your clothes I would love to hear your review too. You can share your Method laundry detergent review here, or read other reviews already submitted.

In addition, you can tell me what you think is the best laundry detergent here, for any brand.

***Update: A reader, Wendi Rutter, shared a comment with me about this product saying:
I can't say much good about this detergent either. It doesn't clean your clothes. It's more like scented water if you ask me and the scent is gone once your rinse. I think this product is a joke.
***End Update

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Not Impressed With It And Threw It Away

by Bridget Arredondo

I bought two of the smaller bottles of this laundry detergent.

I tried both of them and ended up throwing them away.

They were in the clearance shelves, so I had only paid like $2 each for them so it was no big loss.

It made my family itch, the clothes did not smell clean, and I generally was just not impressed at all.

Photo courtesy of JoeInSouthernCA

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Method Fresh Air Laundry Detergent Review

by Dale Jackson
(Atlanta, Georgia)

Dale has provided her review of Method Fresh Air Detergent.

Dale says:

Method is a great company that makes a wonderful line of products that not only work very well but are very eco-friendly.

I've had the pleasure of using several of their products and am very happy with their laundry detergent.

I've used the Fresh Air scented detergent and absolutely love it. You only need a small amount and it leaves my clothes smelling great for several days after washing.

It's a little bit pricey at first glance, but when you compare the amount you use with that of other brands (Tide, Gain, etc.) you're really saving a bit of money in the long run.

And if you ever run into any problems with any of their products, Method is quick to resolve them and they will often send you free samples of their new stuff (they sent me four small bottles of household cleaners along with four microfiber cloths - how cool is that?) and sometimes even t-shirts.

I recommend this product to all my friends and family. Now I'm recommending it to YOU!

Taylor says:

Thanks Dale for your Method Fresh Air laundry detergent review.

I've received quite a number of positive reviews of this laundry detergent, and a couple disappointed reviews too. Many of those who were disappointed thought it cost too much.

What do others think about it? Is it a good value for the money, or not? Do you actually get the number of loads from the bottle as promised, based on the number of pumps per load you need to use from the dispenser?

If you've used this detergent you can share your Method detergent review here, or read others already submitted.

In addition, you can tell me what you think is the best laundry detergent here, sharing your review and thoughts on any brand.

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