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Method cleaning products are designed to green clean your home with style. Read reviews and information to find out how they really work in your home, and if they are really environmentally friendly.

One of the most popular brands of green cleaning supplies available is Method. The company was actually founded by two male college roommates, which is not who you would typically think of as being interested in cleaning of any sort, whether green or not.

However, the company's vision is to provide environmentally friendly products that smell great, look great, and that people will enjoy using. Their motto is "People Against Dirty," and that seems to include both dirty homes, but also against packaging design which is not artistic as well as functional.

method cleaning products

This article is focused on Method's products for cleaning your home, but the company actually has a whole line of personal care products too, along with laundry supplies.

What Makes Method Cleaning Products Environmentally Friendly?

Just because a company advertises that its products are "green" doesn't mean they really live up to the hype, since there are not hard and fast definitions for this and related terms. However, I've done some research into the products to help you evaluate the claims.

Basically, through my research I've concluded that overall the products are pretty Earth friendly, but as with almost anything, there is always room for improvement. However, if you're looking for cleaning supplies and products that are safer for the environment these are a great place to start since nothing is perfect.

Here are some of the attributes about Method cleaning products and supplies that I particularly think are Earth friendly. Please note that with so many products available for sale, in so many scents, these are just generalizations.

  • Non-toxic
  • Uses natural or naturally derived products (with some minor exceptions)
  • Biodegradable
  • Avoids cleaning chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine bleach, phosphates, and triclosan
  • No animal testing
  • Considers carbon footprint through entire manufacturing chain
  • Considers packaging and bottle design for less environmental impact
  • Uses 100% recycled plastic for bottles, which then can be recycled themselves

On the other hand, like I said there is always room for improvement. However, overall these are minor quibbles, and could easily be rectified by the company (and perhaps plans are in the works for some of them).

  • Has many varities of wipes available. Since these are a use once type of product, it isn't that environmentally friendly.
  • Not enough concentrated formulas in the Method cleaning products lines, where you can dilute them yourself. Instead many are already pre-diluted, meaning more packaging is used for water. (Note the Method laundry detergent is quite concentrated, on the other hand.)
  • Not enough products have refills available, which would enable you not to have to buy an entire new bottle.

Do Method Cleaning Supplies And Products Work Well?

It doesn't matter if a green cleaning product is actually good for the environment and your family's health if it doesn't actually work well to do what it is supposed to do -- clean your home. That is why one of my main criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of a green cleaning supply is actual results.

I've received a number of product reviews from other readers which I've collected here on this page to help you evaluate whether Method's products are right for use in your home. If you've used a product yourself, and want to share your own experiences with it, please skip down to share your own review here.

For ease of finding what you want, I have separated out the reviews into categories of Method cleaning products available, and also listed the major products available in each category, whether I've yet received a review or not. Please note that some products have multiple scents available, while others have only one scent. At my last count Method boasted 43 different scents across its entire line of products (including personal care and laundry products).

Cleaning Products For All Rooms

There are several Method cleaning products available which can be used in multiple rooms of your house, including all purpose cleaner, glass and surface cleaner, multi-surface wipes, cleaning and disinfecting wipes, nursery and playroom cleaner, a dilutable cleaner, and a hard floor cleaner.

method all purpose cleaner, grapefruit scent
All Purpose Cleaner Spray: Pink Grapefruit
method all purpose cleaner, grapefruit scentAdd'l Grapefruit Scented All Purpose Cleaner Review

Kitchen And Dish Cleaners

Method has two different kitchen cleaners, one of which is antibacterial and the other a multi-surface cleaner. In addition, there is a dish soap with a pump dispenser, which has refills available, and also dishwasher detergent.

method dish soap, cucumber scent
Cucumber Scented Dish Soap
method dish soap, clementine scent
Dishwashing Soap Problem: Pump Dispenser
method dish soap,  lemon mint scent
Lemon Mint Scent Good But Pump Dispenser Bad
method dish soap, clementine scent
Clementine Scent Decent But Won't Buy Again

Bathroom Cleaners

There are even more bathroom cleaners available, including a general bathroom cleaner (previously known as tub and tile cleaner), tub and tile flushable wipes, antibacterial bathroom cleaner, a scrubbing cleaner, daily shower spray and toilet bowl cleaner.

method le scrub bathroom cleaner
Le Scrub Bathroom Cleaner
method tub n tile cleaner
Tub & Tile Cleaner: Cleans Well If Used Frequently
method tub n tile cleaner
Tub N Tile Soap Scum Remover Disappointing

Wood Cleaners

Method also has quite a number of wood cleaners, including wood floor cleaner, wood surface cleaner spray and wipes.

method wood floor cleaner
Wood Floor Cleaner Very Easy To Use
method wood floor cleaner
Almond Scented Wood Floor Cleaner

Leather Cleaner

The company has one leather cleaner, which are leather wipes.

You can be the first to provide a review of this product on the site.

Stone And Metal Cleaners

There are a surprising number of specialty cleaners made by Method, especially for granite and stainless steel. There are granite and stone wipes, granite polish (with a refill available), and a granite kitchen cleaner. In addition, there are stainless steel wipes, polish and kitchen cleaner.

You can be the first to provide a review of these products on the site.

Laundry Supplies

Method also has a few laundry products available, including a laundry detergent, fabric softener and dryer cloths.

method detergent, free and clear
Free & Clear Detergent
method detergent, fresh air scent
Laundry Detergent Reviews
method detergent, peony blossom scent
More Detergent Reviews

Price And Availability Of Method Cleaning Products

Finally, in evaluating Method cleaning products, to decide if they are a good choice for use in your home, you need to consider both their price and availability. After all, if they are too expensive or hard to find they won't be easy to get and use in your home.

Fortunately, Method products are becoming easier and easier to find in stores. Of course, the best place to find them in retail stores is Target, where they first got their big break. However, since then they have gone out to more and more retail locations, including many other big box stores and grocery stores. In addition, these products are easy to find online too, often with good discount prices or packaged in bulk to reduce shipping costs and environmental concerns.

On the other hand, I've found that these products tend to cost a bit more than more conventional cleaning supplies. However, that is not unusual for green cleaning products, and my hope is that as these products become more popular and widespread their price will begin to come down some.

Share Your Own Method Cleaning Supplies Review

Do you use Method products for cleaning your home or for your laundry? If so, please tell me how these products worked for you, the good or the bad.

Here are some helpful hints to make sure your review is as useful as possible:

Tell me which exact type and scent of product you are reviewing, and any other important identifying characteristics of it.

Further, helpful information would include how it smelled, whether the scent lingered or not, whether you had any problems with it, how it worked (positives and negatives), any allergies or skin reactions you or a family member experienced while using it, if it is easy or difficult for you to find in stores, and/or what you think of the prices.

I also am interested in what your motivations for choosing these products were, and what your feelings are about using Earth friendly cleaning products in general.

Any other details relevant to your opinions of the product or supply are all appreciated.

Submitted Method Cleaning Products Reviews

Click the links below to see other reviews that have already been submitted.

Feel free to comment on any of these submissions to tell your own experience with these products, or about any other thoughts you have.

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Click here to write your own.

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