Method Dish Soap Reviews

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Below I've compiled quite a few Method dish soap reviews for you, from readers.

Method is a brand of cleaning products which touts itself as environmentally friendly.

This eco-friendly dishwashing liquid comes in quite a few scents, as well as a free and clear version.

Instead of in a squeeze type bottle, that many dish soaps come in, Method instead uses a pump bottle for their soap.

Some people absolutely love the pump bottle, as you'll see below, while others do not like having to pump the packaging to use the soap.

Further, instead of buying a whole new bottle when you want a refill of the soap, Method offers dish soap refill packages, to cut down on total package waste.

You can check out more information and reviews of Method cleaning products here.

Scroll down to read all the reviews, and if you have an opinion about this product I'd love to hear from you as well, so add your own comment or share a review as well!

Method dish soap reviews, to find out what real people think of this eco-friendly dishwashing liquid {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Method Dish Soap Review - Cucumber Scent

by Keri
(WA State)

Keri says:

I went looking for a more natural dish soap after I drank water out of a cup that had a soapy taste and obviously had not been rinsed well.

I thought about the fact that we were probably ingesting chemicals whenever this happens, so I wanted to find the most natural dish soap I could find.

Method turned out to be a great find. I use the Cucumber scent and think it smells very refreshing.

It is also very gentle on my hands even though I have sensitive skin. It works awesome!

It is also reasonably priced compared to some other natural dish soaps.

I've recently seen they've changed the design of their bottle, but I've only used their old bottle, so I can't comment on the new design change. I do like the idea of the pump, anyway. But have not tried it yet.

I will definitely continue to use Method as I am very happy with this as well as many of their other products.

Taylor says:

Keri, thanks for your Method dish soap review.

You are right, they have now switched to a pump dispenser, similar to the pump dispenser they use for Method laundry detergent.

Method laundry detergent reviews

There are mixed opinions about the pump dispenser for the laundry detergent (see see here for discussion in some of the reviews), so I will be interested to hear what others think of the pump dispenser for the Method dish soap.

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Method Brand Dishwashing Soap Review - Problem With New Pump Dispenser

by Angela Goins
(Douglasville, GA)

Angela has shared the pros and cons of Method brand dishwashing soap, in the Clementine scent.

Angela says:

PRO'S: Love the scent, foams well and cleans well.

CON'S: The pump dispenser. I'm not sure how this pump dispenser is designed but when you push down on it, it can shoot across the room almost!

You've really got to have great aim when you push down. This can lead to a lot of wasted soap. I'd prefer to buy the refills and then refill another dispenser with the soap.

Taylor says:

Thanks Angela for your review.

I am glad someone has now shared what they think of the new dispenser pump, since this change was relatively recent, and the only other review I had received said she hadn't tried the new design yet.

I would love to know what other people think about the new design of the dishwashing liquid bottle, and whether it is good or not.

I like your idea though Angela, of just getting a refill and using your own dispenser for it if you don't like their design. That is a great way to continue using the dish soap, since you like it, without the pain of using a dispenser you don't like.

Fortunately, refills are available for the Method dish liquid, so this is a viable option for you.

***Update: I've now tried this product myself, and you can read my review of it below. ***End Update

You can check out lots of dishwashing liquid reviews here, for many types of brands, or share your own experiences as well.

Dishwashing soap reviews

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Clementine Scented Dishwashing Liquid: Decent But Won't Buy Again

by Heidi
(Homewood, IL)

Heidi said:

I decided to begin trying different dish soaps after following Taylor's lead.

I had not given much thought to dishwashing liquid before, and it made me wonder if I might be missing out on something. I was curious and wanted to know the pros and cons of all of them.

Besides, who can pass up the lure of all the lovely colors and varieties? LOL

I tried the Method Clementine dishwashing liquid in the pump dispenser.

Over all it was a decent product.

It got everyday and mildly greasy dishes squeaky clean and had a fragrance I could tolerate (I don't like strong scented dish soaps.)

I did notice though that with really greasy dishes, pots, pans, etc. I had to add more soap to my wash water or put it directly on my sponge to finish tackling the grease.

It also left my sponges with a rancid odor after a few uses.

I too also had problems with the dispenser, as others have mentioned.

It's not a bad dish soap, but factoring in the cost as well as my results from my use of it, I won't be buying it again.

Taylor says:

Thanks Heidi. My review is below.

In addition, if you're looking for another natural or green dishwashing liquid to try, check out my round up of natural dish soaps here.

Natural dishwashing liquid reviews

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Lemon Mint Method Pump Dish Soap Cleans Great But Dispenser Is Not Good!

by Taylor

I recently finished a bottle of this dishwashing liquid, and wanted to share my thoughts about it here.

I have to agree with the reader above, who said that the pump dispenser for this eco-friendly soap is poor.

Both my husband and I have been washing lots of dishes by hand recently, because our dishwasher has been broken for about a month (finally have it fixed, but that is another story).

We both liked the scent of this soap, and the way it cleaned. It wasn't too thin (one of my pet peeves) and seemed to get rid of grease well.

However, we both got quite exasperated trying to use the product because of the dispenser.

You've got to hold the bottle exactly upright, and can't have it tilted at all or it will squirt all over the place, not just on the dishes. Also, if not exactly upright you may not even get any soap at all out of it if the end of the straw is not in the right spot.

It really ended up being a hassle when your hands are all soapy and slick while washing dishes, and made the process less enjoyable than it otherwise could be.

Overall, I won't be using this product again, not because it didn't work well, but because of the design of the dispenser. Overall, Method is known for its clean design just as much as its products, but this time they got it wrong in my opinion.

I would be curious to hear if others feel the same way or not about it. You can share your dish soap reviews here, for this or any other brand, or read others that have already been submitted.

Further, you can check out all of the green cleaning products reviews here, if you'd like to keep your home clean without as much negative environmental impact.

Green cleaning products reviews

Here are reviews of Method dish soap, in various scents, sharing how it works and also about how the pump dispenser works for them {on Stain Removal 101} #MethodDishSoap #MethodCleaningProducts #NaturalDishSoapuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for Lemon Mint Method Pump Dish Soap Cleans Great But Dispenser Is Not Good!

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only thing for my hands
by: Heidi

Method is the only thing that doesn't tear up my hands. Everything else's can make them crack and bleed.

despise the pump
by: Michelle

I love Method Clementine scent. Despise the pump. Sigh.

love the pump!
by: Elizabeth

I also use the Method Clementine, but I love the pump it comes in! I make sure that I turn the pump tube so it faces the same direction as the pump dispenser so when I tilt the container I always get down to the last drops of soap before I have to refill!

Using for years
by: Keljo

I have used this for a few years now. I love how it smells and that it cleans the dishes, but doesn't dry out my hands. I haven't had any problems with the pump nor has my husband complained about it. I get the refill bags, so the pumps get used more than once. I got my first few bottles for cheap at a liquidator store, so I have a few extra pumps, but they seem to last okay.

new bottle drips
by: Ruth

I have used the dish washing detergent for some time. With my most recent purchase I noticed that the packaging has changed. With the old bottle there was NO dripping at all but the new bottles drip and badly. Unfortunately I have thrown my old bottle away.

I will not be buying this product again.

On a brighter note I have used the bathroom cleaner for some time and love it.

29-Jun-2020: old pump great, new pump awful
by: JM

I loved the old pump (wide, tapered bottle). It's meant to be pumped while sitting on the counter (which you can do with literally one finger)... if you want a bottle that needs to be picked up, you might as well get one of the squeeze-type dispensers.

The old pump would allow extremely fine volume control, and never dripped. Since it was perfect, they of course had to change it, and the new pump (hourglass bottle) is awful. I've used three different bottles of this design (thought the first might be defective, disappointed to find the 2nd was the same, tried the 3rd out of irrational hope and immediately returned when it was no different), and they have all stuck when trying to press down the dispenser head (as though a small bit of plastic is catching in the mechanism), and when they finally let go, you'd better have a sponge in front of them or they will shoot a laser of dish soap right over the sink and onto your shirt.

I'm really disappointed they changed the pump design... finding a pump-dispensed dish soap had been one of those surprising discoveries that made one life chore a little easier, but now the dispenser is virtually unusable.

New pump ughh
by: Mary K

Hate the new pump design. First one I bought seems broken. Will not buy again.

New dispenser is AWFUL!
by: Anonymous

New dispenser is AWFUL!!!!!

Please go back to the old dispenser!!!

by: ERA

First time I try this product. I can’t get the pump to pump at all. Needless to say I won’t be buying a second one.

Love Method, hate the new pump
by: Nicole

I bought Method dish soap specifically for the old pump. I would refill that pump until it was old and needed to be replaced. The new pump is absolutely awful. It’s not an easy press down for the soap anymore. I’ve also refilled it and the soap comes out of the stem of the pump now. Ugh.

Old pump is terribly missed
by: Annette Crady

I hate the new pump design. It’s hard to use and have to use both hands. I called the company to give my opinion and she told me yes, we have a new modern design. And I said, yes a new design but the pump is terrible. She said yes but it’s a new design. So they are not even getting the fact that the pump does not work good and people do not like it. Wouldn’t they want to make the consumer happy with their products? I’m just wondering if she ever told anybody of the call. I’m hoping they did, maybe we need to just keep calling every day or something. Oh and by the way does anyone know where to buy any of the older pumps?

Love the Soap. Hate the Pump.
by: Sue

I love the soap. I love most of the scents. Unfortunately, I did not like the old pump because of the same reason many people already mentioned online. The soap ends up on my clothes instead of on my sponge. Since it is a pump I prefer not to lift the entire bottle. I expect that I can just push the pump down with my one hand while the other hand is holding a sponge. The pump did not work as I wanted because it shoots out the soap everywhere. I started lifting the bottle with my left hand and push the pump with my pointing finger at the same time while making sure the pump is facing down. Last weekend, I finally bought Method dish soap in the new bottle, and I just started using it. Well this is a big disappointment. The new bottle design is actually worse. It does the same thing as the old bottle did. It shoots out the soap to the other side of kitchen. In fact, both I and my husband ended up throwing our clothes in the washer because of this soap today. On top of that, the pump is hard to push, and the bottle is too fat to hold. There is a part that the bottle becomes thinner, but the position is too far from the head of the pump. I cannot lift this new bottle and push the pump at the same time. My pointing finger barely reaches the pump and the pump is too hard to push down. I got small hands and this bottle is very hard for me to use. I am very disappointed and I am not buying Method dish soap again until they come up with a new design. I do not understand how this new bottle ended up with the exact same issue. Was it even tested??? I do not think this issue is difficult to figure out. If a pump works with dish soap bottle, it is cooler than the typical dish soap bottle. But if it has issues, I definitely choose the other option.

Problem with pump dispenser!
by: Carol G.

I’m having issues just getting the pump to release to even use it! No directions, I’ve twisted, pushed down while turning, even took one apart to try and figure it out! Very frustrating!!!

Why is pump always backwards?
by: Anonymous

I love the soap and the choice of colors. It looks great but I can never get the Method label on bottle to stay in front. Instead it shows the back label with ingredients which is not a pretty look on the sink! Please fix this Method, so that when you twist the top it will set at the front instead of the back! I am planning to buy a different brand if it does not change!

dispenser pump is terrible
by: Louise

The new dispenser pump is terrible! Have bought three and all were defective!

I hate the new dispenser bottle
by: Anonymous

I hate the new dispenser bottle, I wish you would go back to the old style.

by: Cam

I loved the old pump design. It was sturdy and you could easily dispense soap with one hand. The new design topples over with and pressure on the top and sprays hard in random directions. It’s amazing how annoying such a seemingly small detail can be.

Whoever tested this new design and ok’d it should have their notes reviewed. Because the notes cannot possibly say "new design is better!" Pffft. Please please go back to the old design. Dishwashing is a chore already, we need any small pleasure to make it less physically aggravating.

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