Maggie's Soap Nuts Review - Not Great On Stains

by Pearl

Pearl has shared her experiences and opinions with Maggie's Soap Nuts.

Pearl says:

I used these soap nuts for a couple of months because I received them as a gift from a friend who knows I enjoy all sorts of natural and organic products.

At first I questioned if this was a joke - surely it was not possible to clean things with these weird little nuts. When I was sure they were for real, I decided to try them for washing a load of clothes.

I chose to wash some everyday clothing like t-shirts and sweats for the first load just in case they did something horrible to my clothes. Following the directions that came with the product I put two of the berries in the included cotton sack and added it to the wash.

I decided to go with the warm water instructions but if you choose to use cold water you must use four nuts.

To my surprise the clothes came out pretty clean and nice smelling. However the soap nuts do not do much for stains.

I would recommend this product as an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic alternative for everyday washing but be warned if you have stubborn stains you will have to use a different product.

Taylor says:

Thanks Pearl for sharing your review.

I think a lot of people are like you when they first hear about soap nuts, and wonder, are these for real? It is so beyond what we normally think of as laundry detergent that people tend to be pretty skeptical.

I appreciate your review, because it really helps people know what to expect from the product.

In addition to selling the actual nuts, I know that Maggie's also makes a liquid version that is ready to use. (There is a review of it below.)

Has anyone used soap nuts, in either this brand or another one? If so, please share your review here, telling me your experiences with them. In addition, you can read other reviews that have already been submitted.

Further, if you like to use eco-friendly products for your laundry check out my comprehensive list of natural laundry detergent brands, which also contains links to reviews from this site, where available.

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Maggie's Soap Nuts Laundry Liquid Review

by Lauren

Lauren says:

I've been using this soap nuts laundry liquid for one year, and I decided to try them because its 100% natural and I wanted something that was healthy to use.

I love Maggie’s soap nuts laundry soap. It's great! It smells so nice with the addition of the essential oils and I love how it’s so healthy and 100% natural. I feel good using it for my family and especially for my seventeen month old daughter.

I have very sensitive skin, and I usually get rashes using other detergents, but this product is awesome because I've never gotten any rash when using it.

This also makes me feel safe using it for my young daughter because babies have sensitive skin and they need something that’s going to be gentle on them.

Everything comes out looking so clean and bright, the clothes smell fresh and everything is so soft too.

Plus it gives me peace of mind knowing it's chemical free. I love this product and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a natural laundry detergent.

Taylor says:

Thanks Lauren for your review.

It is interesting that you like the addition of the essential oils to the liquid, because I have heard about some people who do not. I guess a lot of it has to do with whether you want a fragrance left in your clothing after washing or not.

There are, of course, other brands of liquid soap nuts extract available for those who do not want to use the berries themselves. In addition to Lauren's review, I've received this NaturOli Soap Nuts Liquid Extreme 18 Review, which is a brand which does not contain any additional essential oil fragrances in it.

Has anyone else used this brand of soap nuts laundry liquid for washing their clothes? You can share your review here, for this or any other brand, telling me your experiences and opinions about it. In addition, you can read other reviews which have already been submitted.

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Canadian soap nuts
by: Gypsy

Don't be amazed. There are bushes and plants indigenous to most areas of Canada, whose berries contain saponin, and have been used for hundreds of years by indigenous peoples. 🙂 Only our Canadian bushes and berries are much smaller.

What I wondered, after watching a harvesting/ processing video is, will we get frothy if we stand under a soap berry-laden tree in monsoon time in Nepal? 😄

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