Kroger Everyday Living Delicate Wash Review

by Taylor

I like to use a lot of store brand products, and one of my favorites that I've been using for years is Kroger Everyday Living delicate wash.

This product is basically the generic version of Woolite delicate fabric wash, and it works just as well, in my opinion, except that it costs less.

The only place I'm aware that you can purchase this store brand is Kroger, or as it's known in my region, Payless. You'll find it in the laundry supplies aisle right next to the higher priced Woolite.

***Update: Since I first wrote this post this store brand seems to be discontinued. In its place Kroger has replaced all the Everyday Living products with "Home Sense." Unfortunately, I haven't seen a generic version of delicate wash in the Home Sense product line. ***End Update

This is a cold water wash that you can hand wash delicates with, or can be used in your washing machine when using the delicate cycle.

I've used this detergent to wash bathing suits, sweaters, washable wool, and nylon for example. The instructions on the back say it is also safe for down jackets, silk, and synthetic fabrics such as polyester, rayon and orlon.

This is a very gentle detergent, as its name suggests, and is not really a great stain remover. Instead, I tend to
use another stain removal method for items before washing with this detergent.

I tend to use it in the washing machine more than with hand washing of clothing. I have a top loading washing machine myself, but this delicate wash can also be used with front loading or HE machines. The instructions, however, caution that when doing so to use half the amount detergent since it has not been reformulated for HE compliance yet.

I wish I could find it without a scent, but alas I've not seen such a version available. Instead, it has a light scent which doesn't seem to bother anyone in our household, even my son who has laundry detergent allergies.

Does anyone else have a favorite brand or type of delicate wash they like to use? If so, please share your detergent reviews here, telling me which brands you like, or don't, and why.

In addition, I've create a list of available delicate wash products if you're looking for a new one, or want to read reviews of many of them at once.

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