All Laundry Detergent Review: Free & Clear All Mighty Pacs

by Taylor

All laundry detergent is, as you may recall, my laundry detergent of choice these days when I'm not testing other detergents for this site.

That's why when I saw the All Mighty Pacs for sale at Walmart recently I grabbed a bag to try.

One thing I noticed about them right away is that they cost more, per load, than buying the detergent in the jug, so if cost is a consideration for you this may not be the way to go.

For example, you could buy either a 96 load jug of the detergent or a bag of 72 pacs for the same price.

When I got them home to try though I was quite pleased with how they work. This doesn't appear to be a new formula for the detergent with the Oxi Active, so it doesn't make people break out! It is the original version of All Free and Clear (click the link to see lots of reviews from readers, and me!).

***Update: Please note they've now come out with a free & clear stainlifter formula, and some people have had allergy problems with them. I would suggest making sure you get the original free and clear, not the ones with either stainlifter or oxi added. ***End Update

all mighty pacs, free and clear
I'm always concerned about laundry detergent pacs actually dissolving as promised, so the first few times I threw one in I watched them carefully to make sure it would dissolve, and it did as promised. I did use hot water though for my washes, so I can't attest to how they dissolve in cold water. ***Update - a reviewer below complained they didn't dissolve well in cold water, so check that review out if you use cold water often to wash your clothes. ***End Update

The packaging says they should dissolve in both, but I would be interested to hear from others sharing whether this is true or not. Also, I'll try to use one of my last pacs left in cold water at some point, and report back.

The All Mighty Pacs
did have another advantage too, over the more conventional bottle packaging for All laundry detergent, which is that they didn't drip everywhere. As you may recall from my previous review of this detergent one of my main gripes with it (even though I continue to buy it) is that the large 96 load jug, which you lay flat, drips some making a mess on the washing machine as it drips off the shelf. Grrrrr. The pacs of course solved that problem since there was nothing to drip!

Further, at least for me none of the detergent packages burst while in the packaging. In fact, they seemed pretty sturdy. However, if that happens it can basically ruin all the detergent in the bag because it may cause all the rest of the pacs to begin dissolving. I've heard of this happening from other readers, especially as it relates to dishwasher detergent pacs. I would be curious to hear if this happened to anyone with regard to laundry detergent pacs?

Overall, I would give the All Might Pacs a grade of B+. I liked them, but I am pretty cheap, and dislike the idea that I have to pay the same price but for less loads, so I'll probably stick with my dripping jugs, at least for now. Plus, I can't adjust the amount of detergent with these pacs that I use in my loads. I have to use the pre-measured amount they provide. I like the flexibility of choosing if I will add more, less, or the amount recommended.

However, if I need to go to a laundromat, or I need to do laundry while traveling, I could foresee myself picking up a bag of these then, since the pacs would be very convenient for these purposes.

Has anyone else tried this, or any other brand of laundry detergent available in these laundry detergent pacs. If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions about them. You can share your laundry detergent review here, telling me what you liked, or disliked, about any of these products, and why.

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All Free & Clear Mighty Pacs Are Yellow Now, Not Clear

I've gotten quite a few comments recently from readers who've purchased a new bag of the All Free & Clear pacs, some with stainlifter, some regular, and they've noticed instead of being a clear liquid it is now yellowish in color.

Because the whole point of these pacs is that they don't have either dyes or perfumes people have been concerned. Frankly, ALL has not handled this issue well. It should have warned people, but as far as I can tell the color is not from a dye but there has been some type of ingredient change which has caused it.

Here's some of the information and concerns raised by readers about this issue:

SR101 Reader 1 says:

I haven't noticed a new smell, but a bag of the individual pacs I just bought was yellow, instead of the clear they've always been. I googled and found others had noticed the same thing. Another brand of detergent turned up with the same issue, and there was a reply there saying they had changed formulas, but that it was still dye and detergent free, even though yellow. Anyone know whether this same thing applies to the All Free & Clear?

Taylor's initial response:

Hi, I haven't bought any of these pacs in a while since I've been testing other brands for the site, so I don't know if this is the new normal or not. Anyone else who uses these have a response? Are your pacs yellow now as well?

SR101 Reader 2 found this on ALL's Facebook page:

Just looked at the Facebook page for the company and they had this to say in regards to the switch:

"Dear fans:
Lately we've been hearing your questions regarding changes to our all free clear mighty pacs. We’d like to share information about these changes with you.

We recently enhanced our all free clear mighty pacs formula, and added a new, Natural Cleaning stain booster. You may now see a light yellowish hue in our product (which is simply the natural color of the product coming through). As always, our product is 100% free of dyes and perfumes, is tested to be gentle on skin and is the #1 detergent brand recommended by dermatologists, allergists and pediatricians for sensitive skin."

Taylor's thoughts:

So there you go. They've apparently added something to help with stain removal, but it has changed the color. They didn't technically add a dye, the particular ingredient just naturally is that color.

Well, as people use this new version I would love to hear if it is bothering their allergies, or it is just a cosmetic difference!

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This College Student Loves Them With Stainlifter: Very Convenient

by Rachel
(Eau Claire)

I am a freshman in college and have been using the All mighty pacs brand with stainlifter.

At home my mom uses the liquid detergent version of ALL, but we also have large washing machines and lots of storage space.

I on the other hand have to deal with four flights of stairs, tiny washers, and little storage.

I was kind of skeptical of the pods because I thought it was weird you'd add the detergent right in with the clothes instead of a compartment. I am happy with them though.

I read the review that they don't dissolve in cold water, but I had no problem with it. I checked the whole washer and my clothes and there was nothing left of the pod.

I also have had no itching problems, and I have very sensitive skin.

The stain lifter also works very well. I have been able to get make-up, grass, coffee, and blood out with this (some of the stains where not fresh either).

The pods are also convenient because they don't make a mess. My roommate has the liquid version and it makes a mess everywhere. Plus she has to carry it up & down four flights every time she does laundry.

I am very pleased with this detergent. I know it costs a little more per load, but I think it's worth the few extra cents.

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All Stainlifter Mighty Pacs Caused Horrible Dermatitis

by Margy Cali
(Pasadena, Ca.)

Margy says:

I have been itching for five days and finally realized it was five days ago that I began using the All Mighty Pacs Stainlifter.

At first I thought I had flea bites and it progressed to an itchy rash wherever my bra and underwear touched my skin.

Even Calamine Clear hasn't stopped the itching for more than 15 minutes.

I also used it 5 days ago to wash my sheets and nightgown. When I wake up in the morning the rash and itching is worse.

I'm now rewashing my sheets and underwear and nightgown in the Free and Clear All and hope the itching stops. I am in utter misery.

Taylor says:

I'm sorry to hear this Margy, but unfortunately it is not uncommon. For some reason both the Stainlifter and Oxi formulas made by ALL seem to cause a LOT of people to have allergic reactions.

I have started suggesting people avoid both these formulas because even those without previous allergy problems have had problems with them. Not good. Not good at all!

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ALL Mighty Pacs Are Not So Mighty After All

by Michael
(North Bergen, NJ )

Michael has also shared his review of these laundry detergent pacs, complaining that they did not dissolve when he used them in cold water.

Michael says:

I picked up a bag of All Mighty Pacs at the store because they were on sale and I had a coupon so I ended getting them for a very good deal.

I used the Purex pods before and they work great so I just assumed that they all would dissolve. I was mistaken.

I love to wash my clothes in cold water, not for the environment but I find that it keeps the colors from running much more so than washing in warm or hot water. The only exception to this is when I am washing my whites, then I use hot water.

I use Ariel for my whites, but that's a different story. I refuse to use any of these pods for my whites because I don't feel any American detergents are strong enough to handle a load of dirty socks and under garments.

So even though these little mighty pacs smell heavenly it isn't worth it.

Save your money and buy the Purex. The smell lasts and the detergent dissolves.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience with me Michael.

I too used these laundry detergent pacs, and I did not personally have any problems with them dissolving, but I did not wash my family's clothes in cold water as you did so I did not test this issue at all.

I would be interested to hear other readers experiences too, sharing whether these pacs dissolved in cold water for you or not. I know they are supposed to -- but what happens in real life and what is promised on the package are sometimes different.

Please share your reviews with me here for these pacs, or any other variety. You can also read lots of reviews of other varieties that have also been submitted.

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Comments for ALL Mighty Pacs Are Not So Mighty After All

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All Free and clear mighty pacs
by: Anonymous

I have been using All free and clear mighty pacs for years and love them. However I refuse to wash my clothes with what looks like a bag full of urine.

What's up with the yellow??
by: Anonymous

I just bought a bag at Target and when I opened them I also noticed they were yellow. As I am extremely sensitive to perfumes and dyes in my detergents I immediately jumped on Google and wouldn't you know it, first place it brought me to was here! Anyway, yes I've also noticed the difference, but I have no explanation or useful information regarding this. So I will continue my search.

yellow color
by: Anonymous

I just purchased a bag and mine is yellow. I've always had clear before now. Concerned something has changed.

Yellow Mighty Packs
by: Amanda Simpson

I have been buying these little guys for years. However the last package I bought a few days ago was significantly different than the previous others. The detergent inside was super yellow like someone peed in every single one in my pack. They are supposed to be free of all coloring and such right? This scares me to no end. My daughter has dermatitis and I have to use this detergent on everything I ever wash because of her skin having reactions to perfumes and things. I am very afraid to use them as I have never seen them like that. They did seem to smell odd to me but I am not sure. I would just like to know what it is I am using before I expose my family to it. However the laundry is not going to stop piling up. Please help anyone knowing what the details are on this. I have found a few various postings here and there but nothing definitive.

Still same formula
by: Anonymous

I love the product. I just purchased a new pack cause the one I had was done and noticed it was yellow. I was freaking out until I checked their site and they said it's still the same. So don't get scared it is still the same but different color.

yellow not clear.....
by: Anonymous

I just bought some. Mine are yellow as well. Strong smell coming from bag too. Hope this isn't a bad thing.

All with Stain Lifters Mighty Pacs
by: Anonymous

I too recently bought All Mighty Pacs free and clear and when I opened them they were yellow. I noticed that the package says with stain lifters. I don't know if I just never have picked up a package with stain lifters or not, so don't know if with stain lifters is yellow. I am concerned that something is in the pods that may be harmful since the reason I buy the free and clear is for my son's allergies.

Yellow pacs
by: Millie

Glad to see others mention that the pacs are now yellow. I bought some on sale and thought that they had gotten old, and that's why they were discounted. They dissolve and work well, but it's ironic that 'free and clear' is yellow.

new All Free and Clear is anything but....
by: Anonymous

I was surprised to find that the pods are now yellow and they have a nasty chemical smell coming from them. I am going to return mine. I would try then if they didn't smell bad to me. And I'm also not happy with the lack of open honest communications about what the heck the new ingredient is. Sorry but they're being vague evasive. "STAIN LIFTING INGREDIENT" could be anything. I am suspecting that it is some kind of oxy additive. I purposely avoid any oxy product because I can't stand the smell. I wish they would have been open and up front about what it is.

All MIghty Pacs with stainlifters cause severe skin reactions
by: Anonymous

Severe hives and skin rash resulted after using the All mighty pacs with stainlifters. This should NOT be recommended by "dermatologists, Allergists, and Pediatricians for Sensitive Skin"!!!!

I have been on a steroid twice to try to get the allergic reaction of hives under control.

Not fun!!

Previously, using liquid All in the jug worked just fine.

Yellow All caused me to break out in hives
by: Nikki

I too bought the All free and clear mighty pac that was yellow. While the company says nothing changed, I broke out in hives. I am going to have to switch brands if SAMs or Walmart doesn't carry the old kind without this yellow stain lifter.

All Alls Have Stainlifters
by: Anonymous

Some comments say there's a problem with All with stainlifters. All Alls have stainlifters, so if that's true, then don't use All at all. If stainlifters are OK, then All is OK. That's all.

response re all ALLs have stainlifters
by: Taylor

Thanks to the reader above who commented about which of these detergents have the "Stainlifters" and which don't. However, at this time, I would disagree with their assessment that they all have this ingredient. I use ALL myself from time to time and I do pay attention in the stores. There are some bottles (and bags of pacs) which advertise this as an ingredient and some that do not. I will confess it is very easy to accidentally buy one of the formulations with this ingredient in it, and I have on accident once. I was worried it would cause my kids or I to have an allergic reaction based on some of the readers reported reactions. However, it didn't bother us. But I later bought another bottle which did not have this ingredient. So they have both. Perhaps they are phasing out the version without the added stain fighting ingredient though. That is possible, because it is harder to find the original version anymore. But at least as of late 2014 you CAN find bottles and pacs without the stainlifters in them if you look!

yellow color
by: Debbie

Why is the Free & Clear now yellow? I have super sensitive skin and when I bought a container of mighty pacs that were yellow. I thought no way - must be bad batch. So, bought another and still yellow. Guess I have to find another detergent that is true to its marketing.

mine dissolve in cold water
by: Anonymous

I wash in cold and they always dissolve for me. But I don't put my clothes in until agitation starts.

getting eczema flare ups now that pods are yellow-ish
by: Anonymous

I am not sure about this "natural" stain booster they have added. Just because it is "natural" it doesn't mean it won't irritate my skin. Since I have been using the new yellow-ish pods I have had eczema flareups on my hips. Took me a while to figure out what was bothering me ... it has to be the detergent. Now I have to switch detergents and don't know which ones to buy, I have used ALL Free & Clear for years.

Terrible Rash
by: Anonymous

I too am plagued with a rash from these yellow pods. It took me a very! long time to figure out it was from All Mighty Pacs Allergen Free (ya right), Free & Clear (yellow). I originally suspected my shower soap but after changing detergents from the ALL Allergen Free (psh)it has just about cleared up over the course of a week. I do not recommend using this stuff if you have sensitive skin *period* as this is the first allergic reaction to any type of soap/detergent ever. Whatever it is you added ALL, you've lost a lifetime customer. Nobody should have to endure a rash like this.

Bad product
by: Anonymous

I have broken out with a very bad rash using All's new formula for their "free and clear." Between doctor bills and medication I am now 500 dollars in the hole. I will never use All again.

All with stainlifters mighty pacs free and clear superconcentrated laundry detergent - anyone else experienced holes in clothes after using?
by: Nori Hemphill

Has anyone else discovered small holes in their clothes after using this product? I have used these mighty pacs mostly successfully, however on two separate occasions clothes have come out of the HE washing machine with small holes scattered on certain cotton shirts. It looks like someone had thrown acid on my shirt front as there were at least a dozen small holes in my clothes when I took them out of the washing machine. This makes me nervous to continue using obviously. Thanks for any input.

response to Nori re question about holes experienced
by: Taylor

Nori, this is the first I've heard of something like this, but perhaps others can speak to the issue. I would caution you also though, just because I do hear in general about holes in clothes, that often this is caused by a mechanical problem with your washer. It may not be in this instance, there are lots of possible causes, including I suppose this detergent although I've never heard of such a thing (although there could always be a first) but you may want to also have your machine checked out. No matter the cause holes in your clothes is definitely something I know we all want to avoid!

Where's the suds?!
by: Anonymous

I don't like these All Mighty Pacs at all. They NEVER produced any suds so I wasn't sure if they released the detergent, even though I put two in the drum and piled the clothes on top like the direction said.

I ended up putting liquid detergent in the water, these things are useless!

response re no suds
by: Taylor

Thanks for sending in your comment, but I hear that complaint a lot about various detergents, that they don't suds up. Well, with the new formulations that have to be made for HE machines suds are actually now bad for the machine so companies specifically design their detergents to be low sudsing. Here's my article about it. So while you might like the pacs for many reasons, and that's perfectly fine, don't get upset because of lack of suds. :)

severe reaction
by: Anonymous

Always have used All free and clear without any problems. Tried the pods with stainlifters and had a severe skin reaction. If you have sensitive skin do not use.

All does not bother my son's skin allergies
by: Jean

Using these for my son's laundry is very effective. I have only had to use 1 per load and it has removed everything a sweaty 15 year boy can throw at it. I find that when using any 'pod' version of detergent I have to use warm or hot water to get them to dissolve properly. I put the 'pod' in, let the top load washer fill only a little bit, agitate for a minute then let fill with a cooler temperature. Also for his terrible skin allergies, I find these are perfect. No irritation at all!!

Yellow Stains
by: Susan

I have yellow stains on white sheets following use of ALL Mighty Pacs Free and Clear. I use warm water and fill the machine before adding the clothing. The stains are in different places each time I wash. It is embarrassing to say the least - I would be mortified if guests thought I had urine on my sheets. White sheets have a yellow tint to them besides the definitive yellow spots. I am rewashing and wasting precious water and electricity.

strong scent in scent free
by: Anonymous

My new box of All mighty pacs free and clear have a very strong scent now. I am going to have to rewash everything I have after using. I will have to find a new free and clear detergent. I am very disappointed. I have used this product for years.

does not dissolve in washer
by: Barbara

I purchased a 48 pac of All mighty pacs with stain lifters from local grocery and placed in a warm water setting of washer. It was not a full load, but setting was on high. The PAC did not dissolve, even after it been through the dryer.

Pacs are history for me...
by: Anonymous

I have had big problems with the pacs dissolving during the wash cycle. If I don't catch it before I put it in the dryer it sticks to my clothes like a glob of glue - and you can't remove it. It hardens like a rock. This problem has ruined about 6 pieces of clothing before I figured out what was happening. I am going to finish the canister of pacs I bought, but I am going to have to check every article of clothing before I put them in the dryer. If I catch one - like I did yesterday, I can simply rinse it out and add it to my dryer load, but what a pain. I won't be buying the pacs again. Losing 6 articles of clothing is not fun!

possible cause of reaction to pacs?
by: Anne

I have not used the pacs but could it be possible that the material used in the pac itself, rather than the detergent may be responsible for the reaction(s)?

Stained daughter's jacket
by: Carl

My daughter like the All-Free and Clear Mighty Pac's. Unfortunately she used one to clean her North Face jacket on gentle wash cycle in cold water and dried it on very Low heat. She now has a 10" in diameter mighty-Pac stain on the ProTec-Nylon/Gore-Tex material of the jacket. I suspect the low gentle wash cycle was not turbulent enough to break up & move around the packet. I've contacted Sun Products Corp via their CONTACT US page on 12/9/2015 and have yet to receive a reply. I also sent an email to Taylor at this site to ask for a possible solution to removing the stain. Regards and Happy Holiday to all.

Doesn't dissolve
by: Anonymous

I use warm water whenever I do laundry unless dedicates but I've noticed the PACs aren't dissolving. They are leaving a super glue like residue on both mine and my husband's clothes. Is there any suggestions on what to do to avoid this issue?

hypoallergenic version of pods I think is making me have allergies
by: Robin Short

I used the liquid and just switched to pods. I have allergies to sulfa antibiotics and avocado and other random things. I have had hives and a rash on my stomach, sides, lower back, inner thighs and now calves. I have cut out dairy, citrus, white wine etc. to try anything. I think it's the pods. Even though it's the same "hypoallergenic" All pods, I believe the casing may be the culprit. Any other experiences that may justify this theory? I'm going back to All liquid and will post again. I can't live like this. I have been on prednisone for ten days now with no change. The allergy is localized. Not only am I going crazy trying to self diagnose I am crazy from prednisone. Any comments would be appreciated.

Burst pacs
by: Agrant

I purchased All mighty Pacs from Walmart and to my surprise some of the pacs had burst inside the container. It became a big mess. I had to sort out the whole pac from the ruined ones. I will not purchase this product again, too messy.

I call BS on the yellow color in the "free" pacs
by: Anonymous

ALL claims that they have added a new whitener that makes the pacs yellow now. I call BS. I bought one of these bags that had "stainlifter" on it last year. When I first got it, the pacs were CLEAR, but have since turned yellow while sitting on the shelf. Something happened to change the color over time since they were originally clear when purchased new.

Having issues with my sensitive skin with the pods, not the liquid
by: Anonymous

I love the all free and clear he, but for some reason I am very sensitive to these pods! Frustrating :/

some of the packets fused together
by: Tami

Some of the packets fused together. I knew that I would not be able to peel them apart so I tried to poke a hole to get detergent out of one or two. Naturally some got on my hands. I proceeded to TRY to wash them but I kept rubbing my hands together and whatever is in these things would not come off of my hands after rinsing for at least two minutes in hot or warm water. I wiped with a towel but still feel something on hands. It makes me wonder what is staying on my clothes even after rinsing. Bad news on this stuff.

pacs didn't dissolve in cool water, delicate wash
by: M. C. Donnelly

I wash in luke warm water and delicate to avoid shrinkage and wear and tear. Also a load of cold water, delicate for sweaters, air only dry. I have a front loading HE washer. The pods didn't dissolve and turned to glue in the dryer. 3 loads and a few clothes from each damaged when I attempted to pull them apart. Nail polish remover helped but destroyed some color. When I called Sun Products they more or less blamed me. They said I must have put the pods on top of the clothes vs the drum, offered to send me a coupon for detergent.

I lost at least $100 in clothes. My feelings, I followed directions and shouldn't products like this be dummy proof anyway? What about an immigrant who can't fully understand the directions. I say can the pods. No good. 😩

Pods not fully dissolving
by: Carol

I am still having a problem with the pods not dissolving. This is the second time it has happened.

I follow all the hints ... put the pod in before the clothes, try not to crowd the clothes, etc.

But, just this morning I went to fold a pair of cotton jersey light weight pants and there was a half dissolved pod embedded in them.

With a little soaking and scrubbing I got it all out, but I don't think this should keep happening.

Frustrating - they don't dissolve
by: Anonymous

I am so frustrated because my All Mighty PACs do not dissolve in my whirlpool front load machine. I've only noticed this lately and was hoping it might be just a bad batch. It doesn't matter if I use hot or cold water, they still do not dissolve.

Do not buy - don't dissolve
by: Anonymous

Followed as directed and two separate times they didn't dissolve and stuck to my clothes and ruined them, and the last time it didn't dissolve completely and stuck to my washer door. I do not recommend these to anyone. It will ruin your clothes.

do not use in cold water
by: Scott

Do not use them in cold water. The plastic pack does not dissolve, sticks to clothes and ruins your garments. Makes a hard twisted spot on shirts that will not wash out. I I will continue to carry the jug and AVOID this convenience.

All stainliftermighty pacs don't dissolve
by: Anonymous

I have a HE washer and have been using the All stainlifter mighty pacs in cold water for my laundry. When removing the clothes to place them in the dryer we have noticed whitish/grey stains left on the darker pieces of laundry. We have tried dissolving the pac in a measuring cup in hot water first until the PAC dissolves. Most of the time the water turns blue and you have to stir the liquid with your hand to get the outer PAC coating to dissolve then pour the liquid into the washer. This is the only way you can use the pacs without getting a residue left on your laundry. It is very frustrating, and time consuming and for the expense of using this product it is not worth it. We will buy the liquid or another brand detergent from now on!!

by: Anonymous

The pods are not dissolving in the wash. I didn't realize it and threw the load in the dryer and the pod melted to a very expensive stuff and ruined it. I tried the pods again with towels and sheets and it did the same thing.

Switching back to liquid
by: Anonymous

I have been using All-Free pods for a while with all temperatures. I thought they were dissolving just fine but noticed our basement drain was becoming sluggish. My husband had cleaned the drain & even poured a solution down the drain & we thought maybe tree roots were affecting it, although we had never had this problem before using pods. He used another device to unclog pipes and several undissolved pods came back up the drain. Switching back to liquid.

Fading and bleach spots
by: Anonymous

Our towels are fading and have bleach spots on them and I only put All Stainlifters Mighty Pacs in my washing machine. It is only apparent in the towels. Is anyone else having this problem?

Gelatin residue
by: Anonymous

We also use ALL clear detergent and have been for more than 10 years. Other detergents give me a headache. My husband tried to use Gain and Tide with fragrance as ALL wasn't quite getting rid of the odor in his laundry. Because of the works he does, he is outside under the sun doing manual labor, he needed strong/with fragrance to get rid of the odor that is left on his uniform after a long hard day of work. Thank goodness, there is vinegar (and borax) for getting rid of strong smell in the dirty laundry.

Thank you so much
by: Anonymous

After having a reaction to laundry detergent years ago and switching to All Free and Clear, this summer I started having reactions again and have been mystified as to why. A new dermatologist really thought it was detergent and I said surely not, I use All Free and Clear. But then I found your website that talked about the Stainlifter and Oxi versions giving people problems, and I went back and looked and I do have the stainlifter version - I got a different size than I normally do and didn't notice the stainlifter difference. This gives me hope my summer of itching is about to end!

pacs did not open
by: zeets

I used ALL mighty pacs stainlifter in a cold wash. I used two pacs and they did not open. The bag is open so I can't return.

All Stainlifter PowerCore pods no bueno
by: Anonymous

I just realized tonight that it’s probably my All that has caused my recent allergic reaction. I’ve had really raw skin, itching, and swelling in my girl parts and I’ve gone to the doctor twice only to find out both times "nothing" was wrong with me. I’ve also taken weeks worth of antibiotics out of desperation. Tonight I was showering and realized not only did I switch my detergent I’ve been alternating between Gain pods and the All pods and most recently I did my laundry with the All ones and my symptoms came back again. I feel pretty silly that I didn’t think of this sooner because I know my mom has the same reaction with Tide. Lesson learned. Going back to Trader Joe’s lavender or ECOS lavender. Neither one has ever done me wrong.

ALL Power Core Packs Plus

I started using these and then started breaking out in hives on full back and legs and thighs.

I had no problems with All Free and Clear and All regular so when I bought this I figured I would be safe I guess I was wrong I bought 100 packs and feel angered that the recipe can be so different because of a little white powder pack. Never again. Time to go back to familia and safe. I will give this to a friend.

best I have used yet
by: Patricia

Hi to everyone who does laundry. I am a retired Family and Consumer Science teacher (that's Home Ec. or it used to be). Even at 68 I am driven to try new things like vacuum cleaners and laundry detergents. The all mighty Pacs are the best I have used yet. There is never any residue from an undissolved pack and I used cold water. And the way to adjust the amount of detergent for the load is to adjust the load to the amount of laundry you are doing at the time. I would recommend this product to anyone who has dirty laundry. My husband is about to bring home the Stainlifter variety for me to try. I can hardly wait!

Concerned User
by: Anonymous

I have pressure Urtisia and severe allergies, mainly skin allergies. I've always used All and it has always been clear here. Recently I've been buying the pods and they have been a bright orange to Yellow. I've also had many many severe outbreaks. Don't know if it is due to this or the All but would like to know.

Love these!
by: Anonymous

Been using these for a couple of years and I am very happy with them. My husband always uses way more then recommend on the liquid version that I purchased in the past. This actually is saving me money even though it cost more. I have never had a problem with them dissolving. My family is allergic to other brands, but not allergic to the All brand.

Dog breaking out
by: shannon

Ive been using all free and clear mighty pacs for a while now without issue. But a few weeks ago i bought a slightly different kind. I just thought it was a bigger bag but now see it is a different kind, it says stainlifter. The pacs themselves look different also. I noticed that immediately. One was more white or clear seemed tougher. These new ones are more clearish yellow and stink. The reason I was even looking was because the past week my dog has been scratching himself raw. And I just realized that the detergent may be a different chemical mixture. And he's very sensitive to certain types of detergent. I cant believe it took me this long to figure out. Thank goodness for this website. By the way , All makes it near impossible to find the ingredients in there stuff! Wtf. Why! Anyways I'm not 100% that This is my pups issue , but my gut says yes. Re-washing EVERYTHING now, jeez

All pods leaving greasy spots (that don't come out)
by: Anonymous

I have been using the all free and clear pods with great results however I started using the fee and clear power core all pods and have notice greasy stains on our clothes. I have tried to remove the grease stains with no luck. Needless to say several articles of clothing are now ruined. Has anyone else had this problem?

by: Shannon

Since my last post, I threw put the remaining pack of All pacs. The yellowy stinky ones. I rewashed everything , my sheets, his blanky, towels you name it. And after a few days my dog Jack stopped scratching his poor self to death. I am now confident that it was the All pacs that was causing his itching. Hope this helps someone else out there like it did us. Thank you!!

All Free and Clear with Stainlifters and Itchiness
by: Amy

Hi, I can only find All Free and Clear with Stainlifters sold in stores. I bought the mighty pacs and when I went to use them, I immediately noticed a scent. I also noticed the yellow color. Well, I washed some clothes and my bed sheets and after last night, I am itchy from head to toe. I have been using the original All Free and Clear since it first came out. Does anyone know if it’s still available and if so, where I might find it. If not, are there any recommendations for a different detergent? Thanks!

bleach spots
by: Ann

I like the convenience of the pods, but at times I am discovering bleached spots on clothing and sheets. I put them in first, as directions indicate and then clothes on top. How can I avoid ruining fabrics??

All free and clear pods
by: Anonymous

I like the pods. I use them in cold water and put them into the washer first then add water and let them dissolve a bit before adding clothes. I haven't had any problems with them not dissolving that way. I do like the pre-measured pods. Most people use too much detergent in their laundry, which is actually harder on the fabric and clothes wear out faster. I use one pod even in a large load and my clothes are clean, although most of the time my items are only lightly to moderately soiled.

Discolors over time
by: Anonymous

I bought a small bag of these pacs for my dorm last year and as I go home most weekends, I mostly only used them to wash sheets and towels, and not often. When I bought them, the liquid was clear. Then covid happened and I wasn't in my dorm for well over 6 months. I finally did my first load of laundry after returning and discovered they were yellow and a fine powder dusted them all on the outside (but none had popped). They smelled fine so I decided to use them and the sheets came out clean, and smelling fine. Weird but ok I guess.

Wad of “glue”
by: Janet

I found a very hard chunk of something in my pj’s after drying them. I just started using the free n clear toss ins. This wad was if someone had pumped an inch square wad of glue that had adhered to and dried in the cloth. This is the only complaint that I had so far. I did have to throw them away.

Pods have powdery film on them
by: Anonymous

Open new pack of all free and clear stain lifter and they had a powdery film on them. Does this mean they are expired?

All Stainlifer pods
by: Anonymous

I've used All detergent pods for awhile. I've noticed now they leave an insulting odor on my clothes. I won't be using it anymore. What happened???

free and clear turned yellowish clear liquid color
by: Marie

I use the free clear all mighty pods. But this last bag of them have seemed to change colors. They use to be a white color, now this pack after being opened for a while seemed to change colors the white has dissolved and they are more a yellowish clear liquid color. Are they bad, and could they still be used? This is the first time this has happened to them. I'm disappointed in this pack. I still have half a bag left.

allergic reaction
by: Anonymous

I do think that this change has resulted in an allergic reaction. I have used All Free & Clear for years because my skin is so sensitive. Lately I have begun itching horribly in my armpit region - where my shirts are closer to my skin and on my back. I am finally narrowing it down to this - which is the last place I thought to consider, actually. I will be changing my product to something else (???) in hopes that it takes care of the issue.

Something has changed
by: Anonymous

About a year ago I tried the All with odor relief and I had a bad reaction. I went directly back to the basic formula and everything settled down. When I started a new bottle recently I am experiencing a reaction again. Perhaps it is the stain-lifter. I will switch to another brand and see what happens.

Pods now a dirty dark yellow with white residue on outside surface
by: Moonshadow

Will no longer buy the bigger bags of pods because they look very old. They are dark yellow and have white residue on the outside surface. The same product in the bottles is clear. Company need to go back to whatever original formula was because current product no longer cleans as well as the clear product plus it can be irritating if not followed up with additional rinse cycles or vinegar rinse. Also, doesn't remove perspiration order like it did on the past. Done with the convenience of the expensive pods and staying with the clear liquid--unless company messes with formula. These new pods look dirty yellow and very old with the white residue. Produce was kept in a cool dark place away from heat/freezing so it is not on my end.

Don't use if you have HE machine
by: Judy

I bought a giant sized jug of these from Costco a couple years ago. They did NOT dissolve completely, so I wrote to their contact email, to find out the best way to dispose of them.

The response was that I was doing something wrong, and to try again as they were so easy to dissolve. They sent me a $5 coupon. The cost was over $15 for the jug. I ruined a brand new pair of $50 jeans when the plastic shell that is so dissolvable crusted onto my jeans and nothing I tried has removed it. It looks like gum stuck to the leg, but is hard not sticky. So I lost a pair of jeans, and the cost of the jug of All, for a $5 coupon that expired before I could use it. I still am not sure what to do with the product.

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