All Oxi Active Laundry Detergent Reviews And Experiences

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All Oxi Active laundry detergent is one of the many laundry products manufactured and distributed by the Sun Productions Corporation.

This detergent is designed to remove stains by including the Oxi Active ingredient, which is a variety of oxygen bleach.

You can find out more about how oxygen bleach works to remove stains here.

Below is a collection of reviews of this detergent from readers. As you will see, the most common issue with this product is not its stain fighting power but the number of allergic reactions reported.

Given this pattern of reaction and the existence of other products that offer similar stain fighting qualities without such problems, I do not recommend this detergent.

Scroll down for the reviews below. In addition, I would love to hear from you about your experiences with this or any other laundry detergent.

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All Oxi Active Laundry Detergent Review

by Stacey
(Baltimore, MD)

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Stacey has provided this All Oxi Active laundry detergent review.

Stacey says:

The brand of detergent that I use the most is the All with oxygen bleach added, for HE machines.

Since it is for the HE washer I can use less detergent to wash a bigger load of clothes which is really great.

It is the liquid formula and can be used for any temperature of water.

I like the detergent because it keeps my clothes really clean. Even the clothes that my husband soils with oil from his machines at work.

The smell is fabulous and with the oxygen bleach added it makes them sparkle.

In the past, when I was using other detergents, I would always use dryer sheets because the other detergents didn't smell as good once they were done washing, but with All Oxi Active I don't need to use dryer sheets because the freshness lasts.

I thought I would dislike this product because of it being for the HE it's more expensive, but I think its totally worth the few extra bucks.

Taylor says:

Thanks Stacey for your All Oxi Active laundry detergent review.

Has anyone else used this product and want to share your own review? If so, you can share your All detergent reviews here, or read others already submitted.

***Update - After receiving more reviews (see below) I would not recommend using this product. Something within it is causing many people to experience allergic reactions.***

In addition, this laundry detergent is similar to Arm & Hammer Plus Oxiclean detergent, which also has oxygen bleach added to the detergent itself. You can read reviews of Arm And Hammer Plus Oxiclean detergent here.

Finally, you can share your laundry detergent reviews here, for any brand, telling me what you like (or don't like) about it.

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All Oxi Caused Me To Have A Major Allergic Reaction

by Susan

Susan shared her experience of what happened when she used this detergent.

Susan says:

OMG itching!!! Started out subtle but intensified the longer I wore the clothing. I only itched in the clothing area and hands.

I have NEVER had a reaction to any detergent before's OUT THE DOOR!!! YUCK

Taylor says:

Susan, I am so sorry to hear that you had an allergic reaction to laundry detergent.

Laundry detergent allergies can be very difficult to predict or explain sometimes, since something that causes one person to break out may not cause someone else any trouble at all.

If you would like to continue using an ALL product, you may want to try All Free and Clear, which is a scent and dye free version. ***Update - Make sure you get the original All Free & Clear if you want to still use a hypoallergenic version of this detergent. I have also gotten several reviews of All Free & Clear Oxi Active, and the version with the Oxi additive still seems to cause allergic reactions, although the original version without this additive does not.***

If you want an oxygen bleach to use on your clothes too, Oxiclean makes a free and clear version which you could add to your wash loads, as needed.

In addition, I've compiled a list of hypoallergenic laundry detergent options you could try, if it seems you've now developed allergies to more than just this one detergent.

Has anyone else used this product and experienced allergy issues?

You can share your review here, or read other reviews already submitted for other varieties of this brand.

Laundry Detergent Allergy Symptoms And The CureGet More Info About Laundry Detergent Allergies Here

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First Time Using All Oxi I Got A Skin Rash

by SR101 Reader

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A SR101 reader shared her experience with this laundry detergent, and asked me a question.

SR101 Reader says:

My first time using ALL Oxi and I had a BAD skin rash only on the clothes area. Can it be an allergy from it?

I love the smell and the clean clothing, but scared to use it again. :(

Taylor says:

I am not a doctor, so I can't diagnose a laundry detergent allergy for sure, but it sure does sound like one.

This is especially true since your rash only appeared where clothes were touching your skin, indicating that it was something on the clothes causing the problem.

As you can see from several other reviews on this page many readers have written in to complain about allergic reactions with this detergent, in both the scented and unscented versions.

I understand not wanting to waste the detergent, but it really isn't worth using if it causes health problems for you. I'd unfortunately suggest getting a new detergent.

In addition, all the items you washed with this detergent will need to be washed multiple times to get the lingering allergens out of the fabric so you can wear them again. It may take several washes, and I suggest adding either distilled white vinegar or baking soda (choose one or the other, not both) to the rinse cycle to help remove excess detergent from the clothing.

I have answered this question as part of the section of my site where I answer laundry questions. You can ask your laundry question here, or read more questions I've already answered for others.

In addition, you can share your laundry detergent review here, for any brand or type, telling me how it worked for you, good or bad.

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I'm 56 And Not Allergic To Anything Except This Detergent!

by Bob Abney
(Tallahassee, FL)

I've never had an allergic reaction to anything in my life until this weekend and now I've had hives covering my complete body covered by clothing washed in All Oxy-Active.

It's absolutely incomprehensible that a company in this day and age would put anything like this on the store shelf.

It has taken me the better part of 2 days to figure out/narrow down what's giving me the rash and hives.

I figured either my wife was using itching powder on me as some kind of joke or it had to do with the clothes that I was wearing.

Now I found this site after I saw a slightly different version of the All detergent that my wife usually uses and it's All Oxy-Active.

It's absolutely irresponsible for this company to put this on store shelves!

I'm up for a class action lawsuit if anyone else is! How many are out there that can't figure their hives out?

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The Waterfall Clean Scent Stainlifter Detergent Got Me Too

by Greg

Greg says:

Here to report more skin rashes.

It first appeared on my feet as a rather mild, mottled rash. I thought maybe I'd gotten into some bugs and didn't think much of it.

On the second day my thighs presented the same symptoms, low, slightly red welts that were slightly itchy.

I thought I might have a sudden flea infestation, so I cleaned like mad, released a small bomb, and washed everything with extra detergent. (Ooops!)

I didn't see any critter of any sorts anywhere in my bedroom, so I also set out some flea traps in areas that weren't bombed. Zero critters detected. Hum....?

A quick search found multiple complaints regarding this detergent, so here I am.

The stuff was a freebie, and I've been using this for a while, but always in rather low amounts. (I usually get perfume-free detergent. This will learn me!)

Perhaps the allergy is a cumulative effect?

At the moment, I'm not 100% sure that this junk is the cause of my scritchies, but am leaning toward that verdict. (There are no other candidates at this time.)

Needless to say, EVERYTHING is getting a second hot rinse before I wear it.

Why must the Marketing Monkeys add so much CRAP to simple products like soap?! ;)

Update from Greg:

Yup, it was the detergent.

After giving everything a hot rinse, the symptoms reversed and faded as rapidly as they came.

Given the pattern of rash occurring only where underwear is in constant contact with skin there is really no other explanation.

IMO, All needs to recall this crap ASAP. I'm sure they could recoup their losses by selling the stuff to countries like Syria for use as a blistering agent chemical weapon.

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I Got Hives From Using All Oxi Active 2 In 1

by Alexandrea

Alexandrea shared her experience with this laundry detergent with me.

Alexandrea says:

I bought All Oxi Acive 2 in 1 and I am sad to say that I HATE THE PRODUCT!

First, I have never been allergic to anything in my entire life and first time I used this it went well. I was okay after 3 days of using it, and then I broke out into hives everywhere and am itchy, and it seems like when I take a shower and dry off they go away but as soon as I put my clothes on about 1 hour or less later there are hives everywhere.

I will never buy this product again. We bought it to help with the stains in my husbands work clothes. Guess we will be buying him new work clothes and sticking to our old detergent. =(

Sad to say my doctor recommended Benadyrl, lots of non fragant lotion and warm showers and oatmeal baths.

Also I have had hives now, going on my 4th day. =(

Taylor says:

Alexandrea, I'm sorry to hear you've had this reaction to this detergent. I have gotten so many complaints about it though (in both the scented, like you used, and the non-scented version) I am guessing something about the Oxi ingredient is causing the problem for people.

Hope you feel better soon!

Has anyone else used this product? If so, I'd love to hear what you think about it to. You can share your All detergent review here, or read others that have already been submitted.

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Comments for I Got Hives From Using All Oxi Active 2 In 1

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by: Nicole

I used "All (with stainlifters) Oxi." I have the worst skin rash I have ever had in my life! Hives, and it is very itchy all over most of my body. I had to go to the doctor and was put on a steroid. I only used the detergent once.

by: Anonymous

OMG! I have hives all over my arms and neck! I started using this detergent two weeks ago! I am going to return the ten bottles I bought tomorrow! I have NEVER had HIVES!

Bad Itching.....
by: Mom

Itched like mad...!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 trips to the emergency room after using this
by: Anonymous

My partner broke out into hives and then had face/lips swelling and had to go to the emergency room twice, for a steroid shot and a Benedryl shot. Never had allergic reactions to anything beside dust and pollen before. I will never purchase anything with oxy in it, and judging from other reports, neither should you.

Hives and rash
by: Anthony

I have always been a fan of using ALL for laundry detergent. I decided to try the new oxi one. After about a week of using it my hands and feet were itching like crazy. Then a few days later I broke out in hives on my back, chest, neck, almost everywhere. I rewashed everything in a free and clear set. I can't even use hand towels that have been washed in the oxi. I'm talking crazy itching, had to take Benadryl to get relief. I would not buy this product again.

daughter broke out in hives
by: Summer

My youngest daughter broke out in hives everywhere clothing fabric rubbed the most: back of thighs and knees, under arms. I knew right away what caused the reaction. I love the scent, but can no longer use this product. I thought that since the Oxi was added to the detergent, it would be less potent than using Oxi Clean alone. I was very wrong :(

beware using Oxi Active and Napisan mixed
by: Shirley

Be very careful, I have got chemical burns from mixing the 2 together as was told to me, to remove a stain from my sons t-shirt. That was 6 months ago, numerous trips to the doctor trying different creams to stop fingers cracking and dry waxy skin and nothing fixes it, have totally ruined my hands. Oh it took the stains out of white t shirt I might add.

Terrible rash. Cant fix my clothes. Need help.
by: Alex

Got a terrible hives from this. SO BAD!!! Head to toe, and my hands swell to where it's hard to bend my fingers. I'm a college student and I washed all, and I mean all my clothes with it. I have rewashed 4 times and still am getting the bad rashes :( I don't know what to do. DO I have to throw out all my clothes? It's getting really expensive to keep washing all my clothes in the dorm washers.

Anyone have times on how to fix my clothes? I cant keep taking antihistamines constantly just to relieve myself.

Your help would be appreciated so much.

response to Alex about how to wash it out of your clothes
by: Taylor

Alex, sorry to hear that you've experienced this problem. It can be extremely difficult to wash all those allergens out of your clothes once they're there. I've got some suggestions though that hopefully can work for you. Here's my article on what to do if you've had an allergic reaction to laundry detergent and it has a section of stripping the allergens from the laundry.

Itchy Rash From Oxi In All
by: Sandy

Oh my gosh, I am so glad I found these comments. I've been going crazy to figure out what I was having a reaction to. It's the All, Oxi, first on my back, then on my stomach. It's TERRIBLY itchy.

I am rewashing all clothes and sheets today.

I will never buy this version, ever again
by: Giselle

We always used ALL laundry detergent (original) but about a month ago we went to Sam's Club and they didn't have the regular All so we grabbed All with Oxi stain agent. I thought since I always buy All I would have no problem, little that I know I was getting my son in a big uncomfortable situation. He started to show signs of an allergy reaction all over his body and it's super itchy, it took us a while to realize that is was the detergent. So now I need to go back to the regular All to see the results. I will never buy All detergent with Oxi ever again.

Rash for me too
by: Lisa

I have used All detergent for many years without any issue until I picked up the one with the Oxi-Active formula and I too have hives on all skin contact points. I'm switching back to regular All immediately.

Used for years
by: Paul R.

I've used the All Free for years, and wanted to try something different last year for freshening up the clothing. In the past, we had been using All Oxi with no issues; my kids have some sensitivity to the other detergents, but we were fortunate that we did not with the All Oxi (old formula). But now after reading these reviews, seems that this new Oxi Active is also causing some itching. Thought maybe it was my allergies, but reading some of the other reviews and hearing my daughter mention the itching the last few days as well led me to determine that it was the new detergent we picked up last week. So back to the Free. If All does go back to the original formula, then I'll go back to that. Thanks for the website info, glad to see I wasn't losing my mind.

Worked but broke me out
by: Ernie

I tried for days to figure out what caused this rash. Started only on my back and chest and was just very red and I scratched myself raw. As I started another load of laundry it dawned on me where I was effected I could not put on a shirt cause the itch was to bad. That's when I figured it out I am going rewash all me clothes. Good product but not for me.

Itchy for months
by: Joyce

I've been itchy for months now and couldn't figure it out. I've been to dermatologist three times. I've been given creams and ointments that didn't help. I went to my MD who gave me some medication to stop the itch, went for blood test, came back fine, took prednisone which helped but as soon as I finished, I was itching all over again. I stopped wearing my new make up and new bracelets. I've been wearing long sleeve shirts to the gym and putting a towel down on my mat. I stopped using their showers and sauna. Nothing stopped the itch. My husband says it must be the laundry detergent, I said it can't be I've been using it for years. I recently checked and noticed it says OXI on the bottle. I'm pretty sure that I have never used OXI prior and I am assuming that has to be it. I just bought free and clear detergent and I am going to wash all my clothes to see if that helps. I have scars on my arms and legs from scratching so much. I've been getting depressed over this. Keeping my fingers crossed rewashing everything a few times will help, I can't stop scratching it's driving me nuts.

Rash on chest back of knees and inside elbows
by: Kurt

All (plain) was the only detergent I could use because others caused me rashes. HOWEVER, I bought all with oxi and I have rashes all over that are so itchy I can't sleep at night.


Allergic-had to go to emergency room
by: Anonymous

I washed my clothes and sheets in the ALL stainlifter with oxy HE detergent and ended up with such a severe allergic reaction that I had to spend the night under observation in the emergency room. I have had hives before occasionally from other things but never from a laundry detergent and nothing nearly this bad.

This detergent gets out all my stains
by: Amanda

This is by far the best soap I have ever used. My husband is a welder and my daughter is 2. It gets all the stains out the first wash. I love it!

I had a severe allergic reaction
by: Kim

I accidentally spilled All with Oxy clean on my hand and ended up in ICU of the hospital for the weekend. I will not use again.

Another Rash Victim
by: Gene

I never had an allergic reaction to laundry detergent before using All OxiActive HE.

I broke out in a rash where there was most contact of clothes and skin.

Thanks to your website and other reviewers for helping me confirm suspicions of the detergent.

Skin Rash
by: Anonymous

I switched to All with OxyActive from Tide and developed an itchy rash only where the clothing touched the skin.

Not sure what it is in the ingredients but the rash itches like crap. Never experienced a reaction to any other laundry soap.

It's a really good laundry soap if you don't itch from it.

I Also Had A Reaction
by: Courtney

I have used ALL for years. Recently I bought the ALL with Oxi Active for the first time, and I have had hives to the degree that I have needed steroids.

I finally figured out this new detergent was the problem! I'm switching to ALL Free and Clear today.

Maybe ALL wants to consider discontinuing this product.

I would definitely be concerned about using this product based on all these stories I've received complaining about allergic reactions, in both the scented and scent free versions.

lots of work to re-wash, and lots of discomfort
by: Anonymous

Since I was young I've never been able to us any All brand laundry detergents. Recently without watching what we purchased, we bought the All with Oxi Stainlifters and of course the horrible itchy hives have started back. I don't have terribly over sensitive skin but something about this brand sets my skin on fire. I tend to be cold natured and wear a lot of long sleeve shirts and pants so it's everywhere! Neck, chest, face, ears, shoulders, arms, abdomen, and parts of my thighs and ankles. It itches unrelentlessly! I've been applying coritsone cream topically and increased my benadryl dosage from one a night to three, as well as a couple during the day to ease the discomfort. I use a light soap and luke warm water to wash my arms, which are the worst part, when the itch gets really bad. Thankfully I finally noticed that it was the wrong detergent but not soon enough as all of our clothes, sheets, blankets and towels had been washed with it. Causes a lot of work to re-wash it all and a lot of discomfort.

All with Stainlifters Plus Added Whitening
by: Barbara

Having just returned home after 2 months away, I used All with Stainlifters Plus Added Whitening to wash several loads of clothes. I started itching - back, stomach, rear, legs, within a few days of wearing newly washed clothes. It has gotten progressively worse but still only on parts of my body that were covered by clothes. I put 2 and 2 together and came up with the possibility that it was the All detergent. It is a new bottle - I may have used it before going away but not long enough to cause a problem. I have not used anything that might have been washed in the All and will buy another detergent today and rewash towels and clothes several times. I am also going to the dermatologist to get some relief from the non stop intense itching. I've never had a problem before using All so my recommendation is DO NOT USE ALL.

Add me to the itch list!
by: Cheryl

Have never, ever had sensitivity or allergic reaction to anything before. This is the first. Purchased ALL with OXI laundry detergent for the first time ever. Itching began, and then full-blown, full body itch and hives. Still suffering with this. Trying to rewash everything using different detergent. A major inconvenience, as well as days on end of discomfort. I've become an antihistamine junkie to try to find a little itch relief.

Stay away!
by: Anonymous

I didn't get hives but broke out in a horrible rash all over my legs. The rash started small so I went to my doctor and he said it may be eczema. He did ask if I had made any changes in diet, etc. but this detergent didn't come to mind at first because I've always used All with the exception of this formula.
Well after using $27 worth of prescription creams and ointments, the spots I was using them on helped but at the same time the rash started spreading to where clothing makes the most contact. I was ready to go to a dermatologist when I decided to rewash all my clothes that had been washed with this detergent and the rash is going away!

I have had this rash for over a week with no end in sight
by: Carol

I was so excited to see All with oxi as I thought ok, here is something that some can use that has bad allergies. i did my Landry just as before but I started getting a rash from my head to my thighs. It was awful as it itched so bad I wanted to rip my skin off. The only thing I used that was new was the All with oxyi The bottle says it was tested by dermatologist. well my question is who or what did they test for allergies? If you have sensitive skin do not use this detergent as I have had this rash for over a week with no end in sight.

by: Anonymous

I got welts after 1st wash tried to rinse it out of my clothes after they were dry welts all over my arms next thing I'm going to try is rinsing in vinegar and water.. bad product!!! Has anyone else got welts from this detergent?

crazy breakouts on neck and chest area
by: James

I recently started using All with Oxi and didn't have a problem immediately but after a couple of weeks I started having crazy breakouts on neck and chest area. First time I have experienced anything like this. Took me a while to figure out what was causing rashes but it is definitely the All with Oxi. Don't underestimate how much this can screw up your life if you don't know what is causing the breakouts. Thanks to everyone for advice on getting this stuff out of clothes.

It ruined my work shirts!
by: Lisa

I used ALL with Oxi for the first time today. It will also be my last time. When I took my load of work shirts and bras out of the washer they were horrifically stained all under the armpit area on every piece! Brownish colored stains! I’ve been using the same deodorant for a year as well as another brand of laundry soap with zero problems! But today was a nightmare. Here’s to pitching my favorite tops and two new white (well they used to be) bras!

Tomorrow will be my one month anniversary with hives!
by: JD

The day after Christmas 2020, I woke up with several welts all over my body. My first thought was bug bites, but my wife had none on her. They started itching, and the more I scratched the more they spread. They were everywhere! We both figured out that what I was dealing with was hives. I have never had an allergic reaction to anything in my life, so originally hives wasn't even a possibility. But here we are, thanks 2020!

I took a Benadryl the next night but it didn't do much. The next day I had a virtual doctor visit. He prescribed Prednisone for 7 days. Day one of prednisone, some of the hives started to fade, but that night I was super itchy. I woke up to more hives. I went to the doctor, and was prescribed Famotadine and Visitril. Each day I would wake up with hives on my hands, feet, chest and sometimes my face. Sometimes my lips and face would have some slight swelling. After my Prednisone ran out it got worse. I went to the doctor again, and was put on another 10 days of Prednisone. The hives went on for a week or two before I made an appointment with an allergy specialist. He thought for sure that I was possibly dealing with an autoimmune flare up. We did a lot of blood test. My ANA and inflammation markers were all normal. So, now I am thinking, ok, I am just going to start eliminating things, starting with the detergent and soaps I am using. I know what you are thinking, "Why didn't you think about the detergent first?" And the answer is, I DID! We have be using ALL free and clear for a while now, and a few days after I got hives I saw that we now had a bottle of ALL with Oxi sitting on our washer. My wife told me that she's pretty sure we had been using it for several days before I broke out. So I figured it wasn't that. However a month in, I am very certain we started using it around the time of my break outs. So here we are, rewashing everything. On Day 1 of rewashing everything, I still woke up with a few hives. They are always on my hands, sometime on my face and chest, but there were less than usual. On day 2, even fewer. Day three is tomorrow, I am hoping for the best! It may take a few rewashes, but it's good to know what the trigger was. I bought all new sheets, because I was concerned I would never get the residue out. Same with socks and underwear, all new, can't risk it.

Oxi stains/ bleaches clothes
by: Mindi

I love the smell and how clean it gets clothes. However, it has ruined several brand new articles of clothing by leaving bleach spots on them.

Worst laundry detergent ever
by: Anonymous

I was suffering for a while, and not able to find out the problem until now. I have never ever have any kind of allergy in my life. Screw you All laundry detergent.

can't tell you how many times I was changing my clothes a day
by: Monique Bryant

OMG !!!! Never thought it was the detergent because All is supposed to be hypoallergenic. But I started itching uncontrollably a couple weeks ago. I have tried everything and kept taking showers and trying different lotions for extreme itch but nothing worked. Tracked my food, thought it could be dust mites and treated that. Thought it could be mold and bought expensive treatments for that. Thought it was my pets. Kept putting clean sheets on my couches and beds but to no avail. Finally today I had washed a load of laundry in extremely hot water and dried it and put on a robe fresh from the dryer and the itching started. I looked at the laundry soap and noticed it had Oxi in it and just about freaked out. Took it off and now I am washing everything all over. And I mean everything. I can't tell you how many times I was changing my clothes a day.

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