All Free And Clear Oxi Active Detergent Reviews

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All Free and Clear with Oxi Active is a hypoallergenic laundry detergent. It is free of perfumes and dyes and marketed toward those concerned about laundry allergies. The addition of the oxi ingredient is to improve the stain fighting power of the detergent.

Ironically, the inclusion of the oxi ingredient has been reported in many of the reviews below to cause allergic reactions. With all the reader claims of allergic reactions to this product I cannot recommend it.

If you are in the market for a hypoallergenic detergent and love All they do have a free and clear version without oxi and I suggest you try that version. You can click here for reviews of All Free And Clear.

Scroll down for the reviews below. In addition, I would love to hear from you about your experiences with this or any other laundry detergent.

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All Free and Clear with Oxi Active Caused An Allergic Reaction

by Jennifer
(Waldorf, Md)

Jennifer has shared her experience with All Free and Clear Oxi Active detergent.

Jennifer says:

My eleven year old son has completely broken out in hives from the the Oxi Active that was put in the All free and clear.

I buy the free and clear because it has always been great for his allergies. Please consider taking the words gentle on skin off of your bottle. Thanks

Taylor says:

Jennifer, thanks for sharing your son's experience with me, although I am sorry he had an allergic reaction to the detergent.

As you probably know, I am not affiliated in any way with the manufacturers of All, so I cannot take any words off the bottle, but I have put your experience up here to let others know about it. As you can see from the reviews of the scented version of All Oxi Active your family is not the first to experience allergies from this product, although this is the first complaint I've received about the free and clear version of it.

***Update - as you can see from the reviews below, since this review was received I have received quite a few more emails and reviews from other readers who have had the same problem with the free and clear version of this product.***

As far as I understand, from a review of All's website, it appears they still make the regular kind of All Free & Clear detergent that they have in the past, so if that works for your son I would suggest just skipping the Oxi Active version from now on and sticking with the older formula.

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Has anyone else had an experience, good or bad, with All detergent, either in the Oxi version or with another type. If so, I'd love for you to share your review with me here, or read even more reviews that have already been submitted.

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Major Breakout With All Oxi Active Free & Clear

by Linda

Linda says:

I have used All Free and Clear for years and loved it.

I recently purchased a bottle of it with Oxi thinking it would be a great detergent. Wrong!

I've developed hives wherever my skin comes in close contact with underwear and clothing and am quite miserable.

I am going back to my regular All Free and Clear. I think that with the addtion of the Oxi All should no longer market Free and Clear as hypoallergenic!

Taylor says:

Linda, sorry to hear that you've gotten such a bad allergic reaction, and I hope you feel better soon. As you can see from all the other readers who've experienced this same problem, you are not alone, although I'm not sure that makes you feel any better. :(

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All Free and Clear with Oxiclean Reaction

by SR101 Reader

All Free and Clear Oxi laundry detergent reviews from readers. Many readers have reported that this supposedly hypoallergenic detergent causes allergic reactions, presumably from the addition of the oxi ingredient added to help with stain removal. Here are the reviewers stories and experiences with this laundry product {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

SR101 Reader says:

I'm so glad I found this page. I've been trying to figure out why I have this itchy rash on my back.

The only change was trying All Free & Clear with Oxyclean instead of using regular All Free and Clear.

I hate to throw away a new bottle of laundry detergent, but my gosh I can't stand this itchy skin!!

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear you've had this same problem too.

It seems like people are grabbing up the Oxi version, thinking it will be an improvement, and getting a bad surprise -- an allergic reaction.

Feel better soon!

Oh, by the way, I just want to make sure people understand the product contains some type of oxygen bleach additive, but it is not associated with Oxiclean. Oxiclean is made by a different company (Church & Dwight), while All is made by the Sun Products Corporation. Oxiclean is just the most well known brand name of oxygen bleach!

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This Caused Hives Even Though Free & Clear

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

I am very thankful for your website.

After reading these comments, I believe I have hives from the Oxi active in the ALL Free and Clear. I cannot think of anything else that has changed.

I am now on Prednisone and other creams to help me.

My dermatologist does not believe it is from the detergent because she said I would be brekaing out everywhere. I have only broken out on my bottom half.

Has anyone else had hives like this? I am still 100% sure this is the reason.

What will make the hives go away? I have read everything about how to control them, but when will I see them go away?

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience with me, but I'm not a doctor so I cannot answer your questions. You'll have to rely upon a physician to answer those types of questions!

If you do think it was the detergent though, definitely stop using it immediately, and wash all your clothing, perhaps a couple of times with extra rinses, to remove as much of the detergent residue from them as possible.

Hope you get some relief soon! Hives are no fun at all.

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Miserable Itching Hives Even With Free & Clear Version

by SR101 Reader

OMG!!! I have NEVER itched so much in my life!

Hives everywhere!! Ready to claw my skin off!!

Up writing this at 2am and am sooo glad I found this site so I now know what the culprit is!

I've been itching for over a week and thought maybe it was the heat or stress, but it just got a WHOLE LOT worse when I tried to sleep on sheets (& in PJs + underwear) that were just washed in ALL Small & Mighty "free & clear" OXI-Active!

Even though it says "free & clear" I'm guessing maybe it's the "OXI-Active" or some other ingredient in ALL that we're ALL allergic to! :(

Threw this toxic detergent in the trash, stripped off sheets & clothes (re-washing everything in our old detergent now), downed some antihistamines and just took another shower so hopefully I'll start feeling better ASAP! Woke up the whole house with my itching antics!

Thanks again for this forum!

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I Love All Free and Clear But The Oxi Active Form Gave My Child An Allergic Reaction

by Kasey

Here is another review of All Oxi Active free and clear, this time from Kasey, who also had a child experience an allergic reaction to the detergent.

Kasey says:

I am a huge fan of All Free and Clear. I have used it for years.

About 2 weeks ago I decided to try the All Free and Clear with the Oxi Active additive. Unfortunately, my 9 year old has experienced full body hives for the past 10 days and they are increasing in intensity. Since the new detergent is the only "change" we have introduced lately, I have to think he is having a reaction to the Oxi Active ingredient.

I will gladly switch back to the All Free and Clear without the Oxi Active. I don't think there is a better hypoallergenic detergent out there.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing your experience Kasey, I hope your son starts to feel better soon. Having an allergic reaction to laundry detergent is no fun at all.

You actually aren't the first person to report an allergic reaction from this new formula (see above). Based on these two experiences I will make sure to update my hypoallergenic laundry detergent page to mention the issues with the Oxi version of the All detergent.

I would love to hear from even more people who have used either the regular or free and clear version of All Oxi Active, or any other All brand of detergent, to share their experiences, good or bad. You can share your All detergent review here, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

***Update 1: I got another comment from a reader who said two different types of oxi type detergents caused her to get an allergic reaction. It sounds like the oxi additives may be bothering some people with sensitive skin.***

***Update 2: I also got this short comment from another SR101 Reader who stated:
I have been using All for years and I love it! So I decided to try All w/ Oxi Clean in it! It made me break out in hives from head to toe!! Beware of this product!!
***End Update

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Comments for I Love All Free and Clear But The Oxi Active Form Gave My Child An Allergic Reaction

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Same Problem
by: Anonymous

I have used All Free and Clear for years now without any problems. Recently bought some of the Oxi Active Free and Clear because the store was out of the regular stuff. Started itching a few weeks later (when I started cycling through clothes washed with the Oxi Active detergent). The itching would generally start whenever I was doing something physical and started getting warm. A few days ago I woke up with hives on my upper body. Today after shoveling snow, my whole upper body was itching like crazy. I finally put 2 and 2 together and realized I was only itching in clothes that had recently been washed. Glad I found this site. I just dumped all the Oxi Active detergent out and will get the regular Free and Clear tomorrow.

All Oxi Active Stainlifter
by: Jenny

I think I am having the same allergic reaction that most women on this forum are having. I just came to visit my boyfriend who lives out of state and did my laundry at his apartment using the Oxi Active. A few hours after wearing my underwear, I have hives all over and its a non stop itch. I tried to put Cortisone but I feel like it's increasing.

Will definitely have to rewash my clothes in a different detergent.

BAD Reaction!
by: Anonymous

I have used All Free & Clear for years with no problems. I purchased new All Free & Clear with Oxi stain fighter and had a terrible skin reaction of severe itching. They need to remove this product and rework the problem ingredients. If you suffer from allergies or skin sensitivities, I suspect you won't be happy.

Had an Itchy Rash as a Result of All Oxi-Active
by: Anonymous

I'm so happy I found this website!!!! I drove myself crazy as you all did trying to figure out what could have given me the itchiest rash of my life. I'm usually not sensitive to detergents, perfumes, make-ups, etc., but I decided to buy this so as to not bother my bf. I even thought I had syphilis due to the horrible and widespread red bumps all over my body. Get rid of this immediately!!!! I will be re-washing everything!!!

Same Here
by: Jessica

The same thing has happened to me and my 1 year old daughter. It's absolutely miserable. I figured being free and clear it would be just fine. But I read somewhere that oxi has a non chlorine bleach. I don't know how true that is but it sure does seem true to me.

Great Detergent!
by: Drew

Just because you were allergic to this detergent doesn't mean it's not a great detergent. I have used the All with Oxy now and find it not only gentle, but very effective on stains. It's a GREAT buy for the money and every bit as good as Tide. You have an option to buy the original Free & Clear ALL. I don't think it needs to be taken off the market!

Bad Hives need ER trip
by: Mike

Well I have never been allergic to anything. But I got some of this on my hand when it spilled over. I washed it off right away and within an hour I broke out with hives all over my body.

Had to Go the the ER for IV with steroids and Benadryl.

Hives came and gone for 2 days afterwards.

Allergic Reaction
by: Mark

I had a terrible allergic reaction with this product after working out in clothes washed in the detergent for the first time. I broke out in terrible hives. The dermatologist said it was unusual to have such an explosive reaction. He did a biopsy and determined it was contact dermatitis. Nothing came in contact with areas other than laundered clothes.

Why is this product still on the market and marketed as gentle on skin?

by: Anonymous

Hives for a month after rewashing oxi active clothes again with regular free and clear. Leaves residue that does not come out easily. Have to re-wash and dry clothes 10+ times to remedy.

Me too!
by: Anonymous

I have the same issue; terrible itchy skin where ever my body touches the clothes. I've never in my life had skin allergies or problems but apparently do now after using this product.

the company should reimburse us all!
by: Stephanie Carter

My husband picked me up a bottle of All Free Clear with Oxi and I thought, I'm not so sure about this, because I'm allergic to many products. I washed sheets and blankets and wasn't even thinking that I would break out in hives. I got into bed and started itching so bad and started tracing back what I ate or drank. I really couldn't figure it out, until I started a load of laundry and went OMG my laundry soap has Oxi in it; I knew then what the problem was. I had to stay up and rewash all sheets and blankets and thought, what other clothes I washed with it?

I don't like having to deal with this at all, but if you have ever gone through a severe rash burn from soaps to deodorants; many products, the pain is unbearable, not mentioning taking off from work, seeing a dermatologist to get it cleared up. Why take a great product and add Oxi? It wasn't broke, so why fix it?

So NO, I do not recommend this product for those whom have allergic reactions to soaps of any kind. I think the company should reimburse those that bought the Oxi for the original All Free Clear.

only one of the All Free & Clears that has cause allergic reaction
by: JP

We also tried All Free and Clear with Oxi and have experienced allergic reactions in the form of rashes on our bodies. We had never experienced such a reaction with any other of the All Free and Clear detergents. There must be some kind of chemical reaction that doesn't work with sensitive skin. BEWARE!! Those of you who have sensitive skin do NOT use All Free and Clear WITH OXI.

Hives from detergent
by: Stang2x

I recently (2) days ago got oxi-clean for the first time. Today I woke up and had hives all over my body and my eyes were itching.
I have taken benadryl to try and relieve some of the itching. Still having issues but I will never use this stuff again.

My dog has been itchy and chewing on herself since I used this
by: Anonymous

I have always used All Free and Clear for all my dog's blankets and my bedding as well since she sleeps with me. I thought I'd try the Free and Clear Oxi product. I was wondering why my 11-year-old Bull Terrier all of a sudden began to itch and chew on herself until she was bleeding, because she has eaten the same food and biscuits for years, and is on a year round flea preventative. Then, one evening it dawned on me that the itching and chewing began after I used the Oxi product. I switched back to the regular free and clear, and her itching and chewing has subsided.

Oxi Itch
by: sharry

My little one also ended up with a rash after using the Oxi version. It also happened after I added the Oxi Clean powder to the wash using regular All Free and Clear. We have avoided everything Oxi and our skin problems went away.

hives kept spreading
by: from Alabama

Had no clue what was causing my hives. Started on my back and chest. Then spread to my arms, up my neck, down my lower trunk area, then to my legs. I've been miserable for a week now. I've tried everything to make it better. Only thing different is my detergent, which I got the added stain lifter Oxi. Normally I just get Free and Clear. Got to go get some steroids to make this stop. I've been miserable!

This oxi version has made me miserable
by: Jackie

I started using All Free & Clear with Oxi but didn't realize I switched from my regular All Free & Clear. After a month of numerous doctors, steroids, expensive cream I turned the bottle and saw the word Oxi!! I immediately showered and put on clothes that weren't washed with this. Unfortunately most everything; towels, sheets, blankets, new clothes from Christmas, and about 90% of my family's clothes were washed with this.

Upon reading up on this product I see I am not alone. It's already cost me over $300 in prescriptions and doctors visits. I have been miserable with a full body itchy rash. I'm bleeding from scratching. The steroids are making me angry and I can't stop eating. I wouldn't wish this on anyone!!!

I just went down to wash clothes in the All Free & Clear I bought from Costco and it says Plus Whitening on the label. I'm scared to use it. The All product website doesn't list this product or give ingredients for either of these products. Since it's Sunday I can't call and get an answer. So I am off to the store in search of another detergent. It will take me weeks to rewash everything.

Nightmare from Hell
by: Nora Maffei

I purchased All Free and Clear with Oxi. I have been to see my MD three times and on March 31, 2015 went to see a Dermatologist! I look as if someone took a razor and cut up my body! I have broken out on my back, front, arms, legs and buttocks. Per doctors, I have tried so many medications. I have lost one week of work, lost plenty of sleep and now I have also lost my appetite. I can't think to eat because my body itches all over. This is my worst experience ever. I used All for over twenty years. But after what I am going through, I will no longer purchase any of All products. It is going on four months-no relief. I had to call the specialist for help with something else because nothing is working. This skin irritation is going on four months. I had to cancel planned events because of the way that I look! I look like I have DISEASE. I have complained directly to All which is Sun and also filed a consumer report about this terrible experience. Thanks. Hope that this helps someone else!

head itch from oxi clean
by: Anonymous

I have always used All free/clear. I had some vintage linens I wanted to whiten so used oxi clean soak then washed with All. They came out really white. I used the same on my towels underwear etc. without the soak, just using oxi as the pre-wash to All. I started noticing my head on the right side was itching and I am having some hair loss. I am guessing it is the oxi clean, it is the only new thing I have used. I sleep on my right side and I am guessing it is the pillowcase that was washed in oxi clean that is causing it. I will stop using it now and just use the All and see if that helps.

All caused allergic reaction
by: Erin

We have been using All Free and Clear for seven or eight years with no complaints. The company must have changed the formula because my family and I have recently encountered red itchy rashes over our arms, legs, faces, and waists. My husband's reaction was so severe (welts), he had to go to the emergency room to get a steroid shot. Right now I am on oral steroids.

horrible hives
by: Amanda Gamble

Horrible hives. Never had a reaction to All but I bought the kind with Oxi and broke out in hives bad! Bought huge bottle! Throwing it out.

Horrible detergent
by: Anonymous

My dog also started itching and biting on herself until she bled. Took her to the vet and after over $1000 vet bills and even more in medication charges, finally figured out it was probably All free and clear with oxi. I am now rewashing all the bedding in the house and anything my dog lays on. This detergent needs to be taken off the market.

Same problem
by: Judy

I also liked the regular All Free & Clear but have been itching like crazy from the Oxy version. My face and everywhere my clothes touch are so uncomfortable. I've been living on Benadryl for the past two day.

Broke toddler out
by: Giselle M.

We always use the regular All laundry detergent, but about a month ago we went to Sam's and they didn't have the regular All detergent so we bought All with Oxi agent, and let me tell you, my toddler had a really bad allergy reaction to this product that now has Oxi agent. It took me a while to realized that it was that so I highly recommend to stay away of the Oxi agent.

Oxi stain allergic attack
by: Rob

Hi. I am not allergic to anything ever in my life except for penicillan. Anyway, interestingly enough, I found an insect engorged with blood feeding off my foot and almost spent thousands of dollars to have my house fumigated due to a possible flea infestation which made zero sense as my son, wife and dog had zero symptoms, but interestingly enough my wife switched to all with oxi clean approximately the same day. I have been miserable with hives all over my legs and thighs that have been getting persistently worse. I have been prescribed antihistamine and steroids which have been working poorly. Please do yourself a favor and take this product off the shelf before someone suffers from anaphylaxis and your company ends up in a huge lawsuit. Never have felt so miserable in my life. The irony is that this was caused from a cleaning detergent, not a dirty flea!!!!

Free and clear laundry soaps with no rash for me
by: Anonymous

All free and clear has worked well for me. Do Not use the one with OXI CLEAN!!!! I found it to be one of my allergens.

not gentle on your skin
by: Holly

My husband grabbed all free and clear with oxy. I kept itching like crazy going to the drs. thinking I have infections from washing my underwear with it. My daughter's privates were all red too. I am now having to wash all panties and sheets. Ugh... not gentle at all. Even had 3 copays due to it. $90 later.. :/

not recommended if you have sensitive skin
by: Kristen

I have used free and clear ALL for years. I recently decided to try ALL free and clear with OXI and although it seems to get the clothes clean, it has caused me to have an allergic reaction requiring evaluation by my MD and prescription medication to clear it. I would recommend ALL free and clear if you have sensitive skin, but not with OXI!!

Same reaction
by: Amy

I have had the same horrible allergic reactions with this detergent as everyone else! I have been miserable with extreme itching and welts, rashes all over body! I have never had an allergic reaction before with anything else! They need to take this off shelves and discontinue it!

Got hives
by: Brenda

I switched from regular All Free and Clear to the All F & C with Oxi-active.

We are a farming family and I thought it would be better for stains.

I have been covered in hives for a week. This morning I woke up with swollen lips and angiodema on my forehead---the sheets and pillowcase had been washed in the Oxi-active.

Beware if you have sensitive skin!

Had the same issue
by: Wil

I have been troubled with a severe rash on my back, neck, chest and now ankles for over a month now. I thought it was due to some new foods in my diet so I stopped eating them. No change took place.

Then I went to the general doctor and dermatologist and they recommended a couple of corticosteroid creams which help to temporarily relieve the itch, which only returns later, but the rash and hives and red spots remain.

My wife says she started using All with oxi-active approximately two months ago. I now believe that this could be the source of my problem.

All of our clothes, bedding, and towels are now being rewashed using non-oxi additive products. I hope this does the trick as I am very uncomfortable and itchy.

Terrible product
by: Anonymous

ALL should not keep their new oxi active detergent labeled as hypoallergenic.

I used it and broke out in terrible hives, needed steroids.

Terrible product for those with sensitive skin. Sadly it's misleading. Hope this helps someone.

Had the same problem
by: Megan

I have had a similar experience with the ALL brand free and clear with oxiclean in it.

I broke out in hives and every time I put my clothes on that had been washed in it, I would break out again!! Will be throwing this to the trash!

Must be this product
by: Bob W

The first time we used this product (All Oxi-Active Stainlifter 2X Ultra) my wife got Hives necessitating a visit to the doctor, medicines, ointments etc. along with extreme discomfort.

We have done nothing different in diet, there has been no stress, and I really have to believe it's this product.

We almost always use Arm and Hammer perfume free but I had to be a cheepo and buy this stuff because it was on sale and I had a coupon.

Allergic to this :(
by: Sara

I've had sensitive skin for a long time but it has gotten worse so I finally went through allergy patch testing. Just got back some of the results today and Methylisothiazolinone (yeah it's a mouthful!) is one of the things I'm allergic to. It's a common preservative in cosmetics and household products and yes, All Free & Clear. It took some digging but I found the ingredient list.

All Liquid Laundry Detergent - Free Clear Oxi-Active
Ingredients - Function
Water - Solvent
Citric Acid - pH Adjuster
Sodium Laureth Sulfate - Surfactant
Ethoxylated Lauryl Alcohol - Surfactant
Sodium Hydroxide - pH Adjuster
Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid - Surfactant
Ethoxylated Aziridine Homopolymer - Dispersant
Protease - Enzyme
Acrylic Polymer - Dispersant
Coconut fatty acid salt - Defoamer
Triethanolamine - Process Aid
Tetrasodium Iminodisuccinate - Chelating Agent
Disodium Distyrylbiphenyl Disulfonate - Brightening Agent
2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3-Diol - Preservative
Calcium Chloride - Process Aid
Methylchloroisothiazolinone - Preservative
Methylisothiazolinone - Preservative

I love all not Oxi!
by: Anonymous

I have used All detergent for years. I even used the baby All for my daughter when she was a baby until age 5. I thought I would give All oxi clean a try since it gets my boyfriend's t-shirts so white. I used it for a week. I started to itch. Any garment that I washed in the all oxi made me itch in that area. So embarrassing. It freaked me out. I started to see small bumps on my arms and my daughters back. I am throwing away the All oxi and going back to All free and clear. I am so glad this blog is here. I had no idea why we were itchy. Thanks so much!

by: Anonymous

I had the same experience. All Free and Clear with Oxi has made me itch like crazy. The regular one doesn’t. I don’t know how they can call this "dermatologist recommended". The question now is how to get the residue out of my clothes and washing machine. What a nightmare.

1 month with hives
by: Anonymous

I have used Tide pods for years no reaction. Changed scents, now have horrible hives intense itching. I have been to two doctors 2 steroid shots the pill and creams. Saw this site after a switch to All Free no Oxy. My gracious what are they selling us? My washer hasn't stopped yet rewashing everything.

Oxi causes hives
by: Heather

I also am suffering hives from the addition of Oxi to the Free & Clear. I’ve been trying to find what caused the reaction, the last time I had this was from a non hypoallergenic laundry soap. Until I found this article I couldn’t understand how my All Free & Clear would have caused it. Now I see it has Oxi. Tomorrow I get to go buy new detergent and rewash all my clothes. Thanks for the information.

All Free & Clear is NOT hypo-allergenic
by: Anonymous

I have used All Free & Clear for years and loved it. I was grateful to have a detergent that I knew would not irritate my persnickety skin. Recently, I bought it and noticed the word "stainlifter" on the label. I was concerned, because I have had problems in the past with products changing their formula, but I bought it anyway. I have hives everywhere that my clothes are in contact with my skin. (Not to be gross, but it seems to be activated by perspiration. I took my kids to an amusement park on a hot day and came back with hives around my waist, bra-line and thighs where my shorts hit.) I want people to know that this is not a hypo-allergenic product. It is definitely the detergent because I have purchased a new detergent and began double-rinsing and the hives are gradually going away.

All with stain lifters free and clear pods
by: John

I never had skin problems until switching to this detergent. Now, after switching back to the All with stain lifters free and clear, I am still having hives.

don’t buy
by: Sharon Giles

Covered in hives, don’t buy.

OXICLEAN is causing skin rashes
by: Anonymous

Oxiclean formulas are the culprit of all the skin rash outbreaks recently. The formulas have been changed to include the oxiclean components by many of the trusted brands we have all used for years. This is causing the problem. Example: I have used Arm and Hammer for Sensitive Skin for years without a problem. Then they started adding oxiclean to the sensitive skin formula, and immediately I developed a rash just from one use of the product. Took it back to the grocery store and filed a complaint suggesting they pull the product or at the very least post a warning that may cause severe skin rashes for people that allergy sensitive. I will not use this particular product anymore unless they bring back the original formula for sensitive skin.

What I have found that works without any skin irritation is All/Free and Clear, and 7th Generation. There are other green products that are out there that will work, too.

The biggest problem with the laundry detergent industry is that they DO NOT have to list the ingredients of any of their laundry products. This is a huge problem and we should all write our congress person to get this changed. As I write this I am still recovering from the breakout caused by laundry detergent.

Thanks for listening and write your congressman/congresswoman today!

all free and clear with stainlifters causes rash and hives
by: Anonymous

Broken out in hives and rash for first time since changing to ALL clothes detergent approximately 30 years ago. The All free and clear that I have now says "with stainlifters" How can they change the formula to add stainlifters and still claim it is gentle on skin!! This new All free and clear with stainlifters causes skin rash and hives!

Oxi version gave me contact dematitis
by: Anonymous

I broke out in a horrible itchy rash and I was diagnosed with contact dermatitis by a dermatologist. Realized it was the one thing that had changed since I always buy the one without the additive. My arms and back are covered, seemed to break out most where my sports shirts come in contact and I sweat from a bike workout. Horrible!!! Take this off the market!! 2 weeks on cortisone and finally coming around. Had to rewash everything.

contains severe allergens
by: Anonymous

This detergent is loaded with known skin irritants that cause severe contact dermatitis methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazolinone. I'm currently tearing the skin off my face/neck reacting to it, and only my husband used it.

Same problem
by: Kathy

Have used all clear for years. My husband started itching terrible from this. I had not noticed different formula but that was definitely the problem.

by: Jackie

My mother has a rash all over her body from ALL! They must have changed the formula, she has used it for years! Now is allergic to something in it. Take it off the shelves!!!

Rash and itchy
by: Anonymous

I changed to this detergent the same week the doctor put me on a new medication. I was pretty certain it was the medication and we stopped it and I had to go on prednisone to get rid of this horrible itching and rash. I just did laundry again and I’ve stopped the medication and I am itching so badly tonight I am up at midnight trying to think what else it could be. Pretty certain it is this laundry detergent. I am going to the store today to buy new detergent and I hope this rash goes away very quickly.

If you are sensitive I would not purchase this product
by: Anonymous

All free and clear with oxi has given me a horrible contact dermatitis rash all over my skin. An accidental purchase that has had awful effect. If you are sensitive I would not purchase this product.

by: Brenda Clark

Had used ALL free and clear for years. Started having itching and hives. Looked at previously used bottle, as I saved it for recycling. Compared it to new bottle. I saw the little red slash that said added stain fighter. Bingo. That was my culprit. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Why ruin a good thing, and put people with sensitive skin in misery? Will never use any product with the name ALL in it again.

by: Joanne

I am covered in a rash and hives from this product. Miserable itchy rash.

Please put warnings on your bottle
by: A loyal user

We have used ALL FREE & CLEAR for years for our sensitive skin. Then began using OXY ALL (Blue Bottle) because it seems to have more suds and cleans better. NOW we are both itching all over after sleeping on our clean sheets. After reading this I am sure it is the detergent. Please put warnings on your bottle that just because it says "ALL" it is not the same ingredients as ALL FREE & CLEAR!! I am thankful and appreciate being able to see these other remarks. and the company should take this to heart if they want to retain their loyal customers.

Miserable Mess
by: Tanya

I have bought a few small bottles of the Oxi version (orange lid). I am broke out with rash and eczema and TSW issues, from my waist up. I’m steroid free for 18 months and this set back is not helping my healing journey. I’m re-washing clothes in regular All Free and Clear and white vinegar. I will avoid this option of All now.

In Agony
by: Theresa

There's not much I can add to what's been said: We've used Free and Clear for years with no problem, but our last purchase had Oxi on the label. I didn't think anything of it, until I started waking up every night with severe hives and itches. I've been trying to calm it down with calamine lotion, Benadryl, ice packs, aloe vera. The agony is almost unbearable. Since I don't know what items have been washed with it, it looks like I am going to have to wash EVERY SINGLE ITEM IN THE WHOLE HOUSE before I can get clear of it. What a daunting challenge!

have to go back to the one without oxi
by: Anonymous

Never buy this product again. It caused my girls to rash all over and itching. I was so disappointed and upset! I will just have to go back to one without the oxi.

caused severe rash
by: Heather

Last week we picked up a new bag of detergent and I didn’t notice that Free & Clear had Oxi in it. Washed clothes and the first day of wearing the new clothes I broke out in hives. Wasn’t until today we finally tracked down what happened. Nothing else had changed and I assumed my laundry soap wasn’t the cause, until I did some research and saw the article in this site. I double checked and sure enough we had grabbed a bag with Oxi in it. Not so hypoallergenic now. Next up, buy new soap and wash everything all over again.

extremely itchy everywhere
by: Amanda Hagblom

I have always had extremely sensitive skin, especially with detergents. We have used ALL free and clear for quite some time now and I’ve done great, but a few weeks ago I accidentally bought the ALL free & clear with stainlifter (oxi). I have had bug like bumps everywhere and have been extremely itchy everywhere that my clothing touches. Nothing else has changed in what I use (lotions, makeup, soap, etc), so when I began googling reactions to detergents and signs or symptoms I came across this website where multiple people have been reporting the exact same issues. I have since changed my detergent and am fine. This is a huge issue and definitely needs to be resolved. At least let consumers know that it is not the same as the regular ALL free and clear.

Contact dermatitis on my eyes
by: JC

I started using All Free and Clear about 1 yr or so ago. I noticed the last time we bought it at Costco it said it had stain fighters in it. Since using the All I have had very itchy eyes and puffiness under my eyes. Has anyone ever experienced this? My allergist said your face touches your pillowcase and that could possibly be causing it since nothing else has changed in our home. I’m going to change laundry detergents but grateful found I’m not alone from this site.

Excruciating hives breakout!!
by: Anonymous

OMG I am in excruciating pain from hives after a week of using All free and clear with oxi stain lifter’s. I need help!!!

terrible rash
by: Deb

I got a terrible rash from this product too. At first I thought it was a food allergy. I knew that I had an allergy to Balsam of Peru, so I checked to see the ingredients- no Balsam of Peru. Then I saw your website with the other person whose son broke out. This must be the source of my rash/hives on my neck.

Same allergic reaction to All Free and Clear with Stainlifters
by: Anonymous

I was a loyal and happy All Free and Clear user for many years. Just bought a new tub of pods and did not notice in small print now "with stainlifters".

After one use broke out in hives - a very serious reaction. Required steroids.

The company needs to take this product off the market or at least take off the "free and clear" label.

All with whitening powder. Any allergies out there?
by: Anonymous

We’ve used All for years. Had the same reactions I see here when trying the All with Oxy. Horrible. My son had hives all over his body. We threw away and went back to the regular All. Instant relief. Now, 2023, using the liquid All Plus with added whitening powder. My husband has been experiencing a horrible torso rash for over a month and has been to primary doctor and also a dermatologist. Went on Prednisone from primary and helped a little, temporarily. I’m wondering if anyone has had problems from the new All. Waiting on biopsy from Dermatologist who thinks it’s one of those rashes (possibly Grover’s) that comes and goes and is throwing lotions at it.

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