All Free And Clear Detergent Review - Great for Allergy Sufferers!

by Melissa
(Richmond, KY)

Melissa has provided her All Free and Clear detergent review.

Melissa says:

I've always suffered from allergies and constantly struggle to find cleaning products that are non-scented and dye-free.

I've tried many others brands in the non-scented but was often disappointed that they weren't really as scent free as they claimed.

I've been using All Free and Clear for years now and I'm never switching to anything else. It has no scents or dye yet it still cleans great and has always taken care of all of our laundry needs.

I prefer to use the 96 load size because it has a press and pour spout. I just place it on the shelf over our washer and when I need detergent instead of lifting a bottle and bothering with messy caps of liquid I simply pull the container to the edge of the shelf, press the button, and it pours directly into my washer with no mess and no fuss.

For any allergy sufferers out there you can't beat All Free and Clear!!

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Taylor says:

Thanks Melissa for your review.

I know what you mean about looking for a good hypoallergenic laundry detergent. Once you find something that works well with your allergies (or in this case my son's) you stick with it.

So, does anyone else use All detergent? If so, you can share your review here, or read other reviews already submitted.

In addition, you can share other laundry detergent reviews here, telling me which one you like, and why.

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All Small And Mighty Free & Clear A Good Value But The Bottle Drips Which Is Annoying

by Taylor

After my friend Melissa (see above) wrote a review for me, telling me how she likes All Free and Clear detergent I decided to put it on my list of detergents to try and review for the site.

That's why, when I saw a sale at Walmarticon for a 96 load jug of this detergent for just $11 (approximately), I jumped at the chance to try it out. Not only had I been told good things about it already, but it is significantly cheaper than many other free and clear detergents I've tried, such as Tide Free and Gentle and Cheer Free and Gentle, to name a few. I'm always up for finding a product that works just as well, but costs less.

I have now used the entire bottle of this detergent, and I will say I plan to buy it again sometime (I've got a long line of additional detergents I'm trying for the site first though). I found that it cleaned the clothes well, no one in the family had an allergic reaction to this hypoallergenic laundry detergent, and I loved the price per load.

Does All Detergent Cause Fading In Your Clothes?

One thing I was concerned about when using All is that I had heard, from several sources, that this detergent faded clothes.

First, I had seen a video from Consumer Reports about fading colors in the wash (click the link to watch the video on this site) which compared several detergents, and the one that faded the most from the test group was All Small and Mighty.

Second, I got a comment on Stain Removal 101's Facebook page once saying All had faded her clothes too. These two pieces of information made me a bit concerned, but by that time I had already purchased the detergent so I was bound and determined to use it.

So, after using this detergent for approximately 96 loads I can say I personally have not noticed any excessive fading in my family's clothes. I know that is just anecdotal evidence, but it is my observation. Therefore, this would not deter me from purchasing All Free and Clear again.

My Big Complaint With This Detergent: The Bottle Leaks And Drips

The thing I dislike about this detergent, and bugged me the entire time I used it was that the bottle leaks.

As you can see from the picture of the 96 load jug it is designed to lie down, and then you take the cap off the spout and push a button to let out some detergent into the cap, fill the cap up to the line (I always chose line 1 -- the smallest amount), and then pour this detergent into the washing machine.

There are things I liked about this design, such as not having to lift the heavy jug of detergent each time I used it. However, it dripped, dripped, dripped just a little right after I used it, and I was constantly having to wipe the drips off the washing machine lid since it sat on a wire shelf about the machine.

Although that was annoying it wasn't a deal breaker for me, because it was such a good value. Therefore, I would use it again, but if I could find a smaller jug with the same cheap price per load I would probably choose it instead since it wouldn't lay down like this design.

***Update - I recently tried the All Mighty Pacs, in the free and clear scent, and they are the same formula as the All Free & Clear small and mighty that I reviewed above, but it is packaged differently. If the dripping problem annoys you, this may be a good solution, but read my review for the caveats!.***

Of course, maybe I wasn't using the jug correctly, and that caused the dripping, since I had never used this type of design before. I would love to hear from others who have used this type of detergent jug, either while using All Free and Clear or any other detergent that has a bottle with a similar design, and give me your tips for how to keep it from dripping, or how you deal with the dripping. You can share your All detergent review or experiences here, or read others already submitted.

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Did They Start Adding Scent To All Free & Clear?

by Barbara
(Davis, CA)

Barbara asked a question about this scent free laundry detergent.

Barbara says:

My new bottle of All Free & Clear is lightly scented.

All of my previous bottles had a faint chemical odor but nothing perfumy like this one.

Has anyone else noticed this and, if so, have they had any skin reactions to using this apparently new formulation?

Taylor says:

Thanks for writing in with this problem Barbara. My quick answer is no - not that I'm aware of.

In fact, it seems strange that this scent is there since the detergent is advertised as being scent free, and you're right all the bottles of it I've gotten have not had a perfume smell to them.

I have been in the process of testing a bunch of additional detergents recently, so I haven't bought a new bottle in a while. Therefore, I'd love to hear from others sharing if they've noticed a change.

I would definitely call the company and ask about this issue, and if you have time I'd be curious to hear what they say to you. Perhaps they've got an answer, or at least can send you a coupon for a new bottle that hopefully doesn't contain the scent.

***Update: Although the free and clear version is still scent free, ALL did just come out with a new version called ALL Fresh & Sensitive (click the link for a review from Taylor) which is still dye free, but does have a scent. I personally didn't like it, because I don't like the scent! ***End Update

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Used It For Years But Lately Causing Allergy Problems

by Greg

Greg shared his recent experiences with this variety of the detergent.

Greg says:

Free & Clear has worked for a couple years, but now it seems to be causing problems.

We have begun using less and using the extra rinse cycle.

We also now use a front loading machine which I believe does not rinse as well as the top loading machines.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear you are beginning to have some allergy problems from this detergent, whereas in the past that did not seem to be the case.

I am currently unaware of any changes to the formula, but I would be interested in hearing from other long time users of this variety, sharing if you've noticed any changes lately to it as well.

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Causes Red & Itchy Hives For Me

by Shannon
(Kutztown, Pa)

I started using All free and clear a couple of days ago and started breaking out in hives all over my body!

Started just on arms but by nighttime was everywhere!

Went away overnight after I took an allergy pill but returned again about 12 hours after the pill.

Now I even have it on my face.

I have never had a reaction to any laundry detergent, even stronger scented and dyed ones like Tide yet here is supposedly an allergy friendly laundry detergent and it is causing me fear, itchiness and worry!

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Caused Contact Dermatitis When Formula Changed

SR101 Reader 1 says:

I used this product for years and somehow it has changed.

My husband started with contact dermatitis and it blew up into something very serious.

I would not recommend All to anyone, even free and clear since that is what I was using.

My husband had to take steroids to calm things down.

I have switched to 7th generation and he is getting better. Beware!

SR101 Reader 2 says:

I've used this product for several years with no problem. But with my last two bottles I did notice a stronger scent.

Lo and behold, I am experiencing a very bad case of contact dermatitis - and the only thing we can point to is the All Free & Clear.

My dermatologist said to try using less of the product, and doing a double rinse cycle. But that did not work, so I'm now seeking a new laundry detergent.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing what happened to you.

I would be curious though, whether you were using plain old Free & Clear or were using the Free & Clear with Oxi Active.

I've gotten lots of complaints about the hypoallergenic version with oxi additives, but I myself have not noticed a change in the original formula of the regular, non-oxi variety.

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All Free & Clear Faded My Clothes

by Tae
(Symrna, Ga)

Tae shared this quick review with me of this detergent.

Tae says:

The product is great on stains and for people with sensitive skin.

However, after using this product twice my clothes looked very worn and began to look fuzzy. Brand new clothes (Arden B. ) looked like I had them for years!

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience with me Tae.

As I mentioned in my review above, others have shared they thought all had been rough on their clothing, as you mentioned. I did not notice it myself, but obviously your experience is not alone.

I'd love to hear from even more people telling me if they think this product fades their clothes quickly as well! You can share your thoughts here.

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All Free & Clear Laundry Detergent Is All Around Wonderful!

by Anne

Anne says:

I have suffered from a variety of allergies since I was a small child: seasonal, food, scent, contact etc.

All Free and Clear has been a godsend. I was happy that it was dye and scent free, but its real value became clear when I was hospitalized a few years ago and developed a raging case of allergic dermatitis, particularly on my back.

It was caused primarily by the laundering process used to ensure germ-free bedding coupled with the fact that the waterproof covering on the hospital mattress caused a combination of heat and moisture. When the rubbing and scratching eventually caused broken skin, we decided that I needed hypo-allergenic sheets.

Taking no chances, my next hospitalization saw me trucking my own sheets with me and the hospital generously gave me a dozen new johnnies several weeks before my scheduled admission which I washed in All F&C.

I looked lake a homeless person while I waited to be admitted but I did not have a minute of discomfort in either the hospital or rehab facility.

I have found that ALL F&C cleans very well in cold water. I occasionally do a pre-soak to freshen whites in Oxiclean and have had no adverse reaction. As an extra precaution one could use the rinse cycle before running the wash.

I suspect most people who cope with skin sensitivity do this as a matter of course, but ALWAYS wash any garments which will touch your skin before a first wearing. Many fabrics, especially cotton, contain sizing which can cause an allergic dermatitis.

All Free and Clear is my choice, and I'm sticking to it!

Taylor says:

Thanks Anne for sharing your review and experiences with this laundry detergent with me.

I am actually using this exact detergent right now with my whole family's wash, since I like to try out various detergents for review on this site.

I will post a full review later, but I have liked it very well so far, and my sensitive skin, and that of my children, has not been adversely affected.

Does anyone else use this, or another hypoallergenic laundry detergent that is their favorite? I would love for more people to share their reviews, especially about scent and dye free products, since when you need one a scented variety just won't do. You can share your laundry detergent review here.

***Update - I have now received several reviews about the free and clear version of All Oxi Active, saying that it caused an allergic reaction.

There is obviously some difference in formula between the regular version of All Free & Clear, which comes in regular liquid, small and mighty and powder, and then the Oxi Active version. Just wanted people to know this because I am, based on these reviews, recommending the original formula only for those with sensitive skin.***

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Comments for All Free & Clear Laundry Detergent Is All Around Wonderful!

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Good Choice For Us
by: Mary

This is the only detergent that my family uses to keep from breaking out in rashes. We have a lot of sensitive skin around this house and I have tried other detergents only to return to ALL.

face rash
by: Anonymous

I never had any problems with the All free and clear. Then all I could find is the one with Stain lifter. The stain lifter formula has a stronger scent.

I have tried to figure out what was making me itch on my back and also my face. I have changed soaps, shampoos, stopped eating different foods, etc.

My face became inflamed today after I placed some items in the laundry. I had been careful for a couple of weeks to watch what I ate or drank or touched to see if anything in particular was causing me discomfort.

Well I poured the detergent in the tray and went off to exercise. I noticed that my face was inflamed again. I think it is the detergent.

All free and clear mighty pacs
by: Bernadette

The liquid in the mighty pacs have always been clear but the last two bags I've bought were a yellow liquid. Has it changed or is there something wrong?

response re yellow color of mighty pacs
by: Taylor

Bernadette, you are definitely not the first person to notice this change. I have more information about this issue on the All Mighty Pacs page here.

Wits End
by: Itchy Grammy

Since using the pods both my husband and I have broken out in hives and itch whereever our clothing touches us the most. Thought we had bedbugs and spent over $200 and two days debugging our home. But discovered it's the bloody detergent. "Free and Clear" is not free and clear. Tried to return to bottled liquid; no difference. This is horrid.

something has changed
by: Vicky

I have used All free & clear laundry detergent for over 6 years and never had any problems until this June...tiny painful blisters. Is anyone else having this problem after using it for years? Have they changed the ingredients?

10 years experience
by: Anonymous

I've used All Free and Clear laundry soap for 10 years. It is the only laundry product that does not bring on hives, sneezing, itching etc. Several other brands that are "Free" don't work for me. Our family is riddled with all sorts of allergies so this is a very old subject for us but we are so glad to see this informative site! Actually an allergist recommended this as the best of the detergents and that's how we discovered it. We also use free softener if we use any at all and we also wash laundry without soap sometimes just to get rid of the residue.

Formulation changed, now very irritating
by: Anonymous

I've been using ALL free and clear for years and it was always reliably hypoallergenic. But the last time I bought a huge bottle I opened it up and my eyes started to tear up immediately and feel sneezy. The kind I got this time is called "all with stainlifters plus+ with added whitening power free (of perfumes) clear (of dyes)." I couldn't find the old kind in the store.

Allergic reaction too
by: Stanley

I've been using All Free and Clear (not with Oxy), which isn't supposed to have anything in it, and as soon as I put on a t-shirt 20 washed, my skin itches. I thought I had become allergic to cotton! I switched to Era and 95% of the itching is gone. There still is a little, so the jury's still out.

Dermatologist recommended All Free & Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent
by: Grandmaevey2004

I'm in my mid sixties and never had detergent allergy problems until recently. I bought new Tide Pods and after washing my clothes with one I immediately broke out. Dermatologist recommended All Free & Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent. I've been using for a year now and no more rash. I like the idea of pods but am a bit hesitant to try.

We live in an area with extremely soft water and the clothes come out clean. We don't have children in the home anymore so don't have a lot of stains to try to get out. I do put bleach in the batch with hubbies white socks and underwear, then a batch of his clothes before I wash mine. We have an HE machine. Hope this helps.

The original version is the BEST free/clear/hypoallergenic products I have used
by: Sherry

By far this has been the BEST of all the free/clear/hypoallergenic products I have used. In the past, before this type of product and I still had family at home. I would wash my clothes separately with smaller than recommended amount of detergent, then do 2 or 3 rinses. I have used this type of product since they first started coming out.

Even during my most "allergic" times using All has not made it worse as others are apt to do. I did try the All Free and Clear with Oxi but immediately had breathing problems when I used it on my bedding. With my clothes I noticed some discomfort, sneezing, itching. But the bedding caused swelling of eyes, fingers, clogged sinuses etc. Hopefully they can fix that problem.

We are in an area with extreme "hard" water. It seems to work very well in this water. I now have a front loader and am very pleased with the outcome. I have not tried the free and clear pacs yet. Hate to take the chance. I am always giving away laundry detergent when I think I should try something new.

break out
by: Anonymous

I think they changed their formula. After using them for many years i broke out in a bad case of eczema on my elbow and arm. Switched to Arm & Hammer.

Need help
by: Sandy

My Mother, age 92, has used All Free & Clear for years, but a couple weeks ago, she had an allergic skin reaction to it. She rinsed her clothes 2 times and has had no problem since.

We're looking for a different hypoallergenic laundry detergent for her. Years ago she used Shaklee detergent, which was wonderful for her skin. I don't know if Shaklee still makes a hypoallergenic product or not. I called a number from the internet that was supposed to be a Shaklee Distributor number in our area, but we haven't gotten a call back.

Any help out there?

Great for me
by: Lisa

If you like the All Free Clear Liquid you should try the 40 load powder version which contains enzymes. It is terrific at removing stains and is gentle on sensitive skin. It works really well as a presoak for my uniforms. It is not sold in many stores, but Walmart does carry it. I also use Shout Free pre-treater which is effective on all kinds of stains and does not aggravate any family members skin. After trying many products these two work the best for me.

I've used for a decade.
by: Charley

In a front load washer with one extra rinse it worked great using 1/2 the recommended dose. In my new front loader, it works good with two extra rinses and 1/4 the recommended dose. I've also tried Tide Free and Gentle and Cheer Free and Clear. Neither cleans body oils/sweat as well as All Free and Clear. The Tide also made me itch (even using 1/4 dose and 2 extra rinses). I'd like to try Percil Sensitive Skin, and maybe Kirkland Free and Clear, just to compare. For dryer sheets, I prefer All Free and Clear dryer sheets.

My experiences
by: Anonymous

1st with the liquid All Free & Clear I was having lots of fading while using it. I finally determined that when I added it to the dispenser of my Whirlpool Front Loader Duet that the detergent must have landed on some of my clothes in a very concentrated form. I decided to dilute the amount I was using by putting it into a measuring cup first and adding water prior to pouring it into the dispenser. This seemed to correct the fading situation. We moved and bought new Duet Front loading machines and I started using the Might pacs. Occasionally I would find that slimy deposit on some of my clothes from an undissolved pac. I would have to clean it off the item and then try to decode whether to rewash or just rinse off where the gel had stuck.
Today I looked into the fold of the "Boot" that is at front of the washer and to my horror I found a clump of undissolved gelatinous goo. It took several paper towels to remove all of that and I have no idea how long it had been there. I did wash a load of black items on "cold" this weekend and that may have resulted in this undissolved mess, but I do not know for sure.

Bleach spots on my clothes
by: Anonymous

I have used All free and clear now for about 15 years. I've noticed that I have big spots on my towels that appear to be bleached out. Never really thought much about it, they are just towels. But I recently bought my son a new Underarmour shirt, washed it, and now it's completely ruined. Bleach spots all over the shirt. I also have to rinse my clothes 2 times to make sure all the soap is out. I think it's time to switch to something new.

allergic reaction for only me in my household
by: Grace Truitt

I thought I would try this brand, you know free & clean better for you etc etc. First time I used it I itched so bad my skin was raw so the others in the house had no problems with it so they used it & I brought the regular All.

used it for years, but now allergic to it
by: Charley

This detergent has worked well for me for many years with no allergies, but now I've become allergic to it.

I'm going to try Tide Free and Gentle and/or Kirkland Free and Clear for my next detergent.

I think anyone can be allergic to any detergent, even scent free detergents. I think each of us must find one that works for us, and be aware that even if it works for years, later on you can become allergic to it.

Possibly the best idea might to be to find a few that work for me, and then alternate which I use each week, to avoid becoming allergic.

All had decent cleaning ability, but nothing special. I'm hoping Tide or Kirkland will have superior cleaning abilities. I suspect they might clean better than All based on what I've read on Consumer Reports, but based on what I've read of user reviews I'm worried they might cause me allergies.

I may as well give them a try since All is no longer good for me now that I've become allergic to it.

Causes itchy skin
by: Matt

I have use All Free & Clear for over 10 years without issue until recently. I know from experience using non-"free and clear" products that my skin is sensitive to some chemicals. I assume it is due to dyes or perfumes because once I switched to this product, I had no issues.

That is, until recently. At first I thought I had some sort of infection causing my itchy skin at night, perhaps mites or a bug. I didn't think it was my detergent because I hadn't changed it for years and only had problems with regular detergents with dyes and perfumes. I even tried a couple different detergents just in case (Dreft and Target's Up and Up Free & Clear), and had the same itchy skin. No rash. No bites. No hives. No flakes. Just itchy and not dry. I've excessively moisturized my skin and still the same itchy condition.

I am convinced it is all of these detergents. I went to a local eco-laundromat (dryer broke down) and they give out complementary detergent with each wash. The detergent they provide is only Nellie's. For two weeks I was itch-free at night, and only somewhat itchy I think due to going through previous clothes cleaned at home with "Free and Clear." The Nellie's made my sheets so soft and comfortable and not itchy.

After several months of attempting to diagnose the cause of my itchy skin, numerous lotions, prescriptions, skin treatments, baths, oils, soaps, and detergents... I am convinced it has been detergent all along. "Free and Clear" is a sham. All must have changed their formula, Dreft has a very potent perfume, and Up and Up I thin is the same as All. I'm switching to Nellie's permanently. My friendly laundromat will even refill the tin canister once I buy it, to prevent waste and also to save money.

allergic skin reaction
by: Rena

I took a sample of All Free and Clear from my children's doctor office as I had to buy detergent. I have never used All Free and Clear, I usually use Purex or Arm and Hammer. Well CVS had it on sale b1g1 so I got regular All and one free and clear. Washed our laundry and about four days later my husband is scratching his legs and waist and upper arms like crazy. I didn't think it was my softener or dryer sheets, I've used them before, the Bounce and Gain and Final Touch. So I just thought it was his new work shirt. So I applied hydrocortisone cream. Well sad to say we've all broke in rashes and hives that itch so I definitely believe it's the All Free and Clear. I washed clothes in vinegar and baking soda but I'm told it can take a few washes to get it out. What have people done to rid of the allergic hives? I never went through this.

How about use in cold water?
by: Anonymous

Does All Free Clear work well in cold water?

Typo correction to my earlier post
by: Charley

In a TOP load washer it worked great using 1/2 the recommended dose with one extra rinse. In my new front loader, it works good with 1/4 the recommended dose and two extra rinses. I've also tried Tide Free and Gentle, and Cheer Free and Clear. Neither cleans body oils/sweat very well and the Tide Free-Clear made me itch bad. The Tide made me itch (even using 1/4 dose and 2 extra rinses). For dryer sheets, I prefer All Free and Clear dryer sheets.

I've also had good results with Wisk Deep Clean getting close clean and no itching.

There may be other good choices out there too, not sure. Back in the old days All Free-Clear and Wisk were the only options. They're still good options.

All Free & Clear no more
by: Cas

I've been using this for years and now have extreme problems with contact dermatitis. I did notice the "with stainlifters" added to the label, but no extra ingredients declared/not the oxi clean version of the product. I had purchased three bottles. I had a severe reaction (bottle 1) which took me a while to determine. The reaction went away on bottle 2 (the old version) but came back again when I switched to bottle 3 (new stainlifter version).

My comment to Taylor - thanks very much for the website! It would be helpful to have the dates of each comment in the comment field as it helps track when other people began having issues to the same product.

ALL the Way!
by: Ree

I use ALL Free and love it! My hunters didn't want me to use a detergent with scent. I was buying & using two detergents (one for hunting clothes the other for rest of laundry), but decided to go scent free for all clothes. I buy pods from Sam's Club.

Looking for options
by: Anonymous

I just started using All F&C due to the fact that I have very bad allergies. I have tried just about every detergent out there and the perfume sends my allergies spinning. I find that I am having problems with the stain lifters in this product and not sure if this is where the itching is coming from. I am unable to use Oxi of any kind of product and that is an other issue that most companies are using. I am totally beside myself as to what is really Free and Clear. I am unable to use Arm and Hammer also. I have been using Tide but the product is too perfumy. I never thought that detergent would be such an issue. I cannot use anything, or go near anything that has an odor except for lime and lemon scents. This is definitely a tough situation and I would love to hear from others regarding stain-lifters and what they are and if this is possibly an issue.

Product has changed
by: Susie

I have used All Free and Clear for years now. I have allergic reactions to anything scented or overly concentrated, and All's detergent has worked fine until the last few months. The only thing on the bottle that has changed is the lid. It now has a plastic wrap that says Tough on Stains (in blue) and Gentle on Skin (in green). Those bottles all have a stronger smell--I can smell it by comparing the smell in the newer bottle to the old bottle, and I notice the smell when taking the clothes out of the washer. Probably not coincidentally, I have been itchier and have had more rashes since using the newer detergent. I called the company and they insist nothing has changed. They suggested that during production there were more of certain ingredients added. Well, if that's their story. I thought that during production portions of chemicals were carefully measured--by computer. My solution was to go around to as many stores as possible and buy all the old product (clear lids). I use the old product on towels and sheets. The new product I use on clothes, though I use less. I always do an extra rinse.I hate finding a new brand. The detergent aisle is like a death gauntlet for me--get through as quickly as possible while holding breath. No time to stop and test.

This is my Favorite.
by: Vicki

I use All Free and Clear due to my sensitive skin. I use All oxyclean-type wash booster also sometimes. My clothes come out so nice and clean.

by: Lyne

We also use ALL clear detergent and have been for more than 10 years. Other detergents give me a headache. My husband tried to use Gain and Tide with fragrance as ALL wasn't quite getting rid of the odor in his laundry. Because of the works he does, he is outside under the sun doing manual labor, he needed strong/with fragrance to get rid of the odor that is left on his uniform after a long hard day of work. Thank goodness, there is vinegar (and borax) for getting rid of strong smell in the dirty laundry.

Allergy - noticed it now says it has stain lifters
by: Linda

I have used All Free and Clear for years with no problem, but I had a really bad case of hives this week and think I've narrowed it down to the All Free and Clear. I noticed in all the places my clothing touches my body, I get hives. So I took all my freshly washed clothes out of my closet and rewashed using plain water and a second rinse and now the hives the places where the clothes touch me are not causing any hives. I noticed the bottle says it includes stain lifters. Has it always had the stain lifters?

Also started having a reaction to ALL F&C
by: Brenda

I found this site while searching for "Has ALL changed their formula?"

My husband has sensitive skin and cannot tolerate scented detergents, bleach or softeners. I have always used ALL Free and Clear. For the past few months, he has been complaining of itchy skin and asked if I changed detergent or anything else. I have not. For the past week I get very itchy in bed wherever my blanket touches my bare skin, and I also get hives on my neck and throat where the edge of the blanket rests.

Has ALL changed their formula?

changes in ALL Free and Clear
by: Barbara

There has to be changes in the All Free and Clear formula. My mother and I both are having some terrible dermatitis rashes for about 3 months. When did All Free and Clear add Stainlifters to their bottle?

allergic reactions
by: Anonymous

I had been using ALL, Free & Clear, with no problems until recently, after using the product labeled "stain lifters" that was on sale, I have noticed a rash on my legs, back, stomach.

I inquire to find out if others are experiencing anything like this. Apparently they are. What do we do about this? How do we complain to the company?

All Free & Clear bleaching out our clothes
by: House mouse

Pleased that All Free and Clear is just that, but the new stainlifter feature has bleached our towels and clothes to the point of disposal. Not happy with this improvement at all. Wish they would bring back Wisk. Good old Wisk.

June 2019 - Having reaction
by: Krista

Our family has used All Free and Clear for over a decade. I am recently having a reaction again on my skin and I'm wondering if it could be related to the formula change. Are these other comments recent?

Solution for the drippy All container.
by: Anonymous

I always took a washcloth and folded it in half to put under the spout. That way it dripped on it and then later I could just throw it in to wash.

All Free & Clear with Extra Whitening Power
by: Anonymous

Does this All Free & Clear with Extra Whitening Power contain bleach?

New formula?
by: Anonymous

I seem to be having the same problem as other commenters here. Have used All Free and Clear for years but with the new bottle that says "now with stain lifters" I have an itchy red rash that won't go away. For now I'm going to try the double rinse that others are suggesting and see if that helps. Then I guess I'll have to try and find a new detergent. Very disappointing.

Eczema, hives, inhaled allergy problems, BLEEDING!
by: Finally! Relief!

I had over a year of misery from Tide Free and Gentle and All Free and Clear.

I used to use Tide Original liquid. We had tried many different kinds growing up, but they all bothered me, so we returned back to Tide. Naturally, when I moved out, I stuck with Tide then too.

Tide changed their old original scent in 2014, so when my stash was running out (late 2017), I was supplementing with Tide Free and Gentle. I had some mild itching but nothing major, so I wrote it off as dry skin.

In Jan 2018, I began getting furiously itchy spots in certain, more sensitive areas. I tried all of the normal things, I went to the doctor, was given prescription after prescription, skin patch allergy tests, you name it. I was told to switch all the way to Tide Free and Gentle, which I did, with no improvement.

The discomfort, rashes and swelling continued until late 2018, when my hands joined the show with cracks, burning and bleeding. Nothing I did helped. I was also having every inhaled allergy symptom, and was having great difficulty sleeping with sheets and blankets, so I slept on the couch with no blanket. My eyes would water like I was crying, and felt like I had sand in them, etc.

In Jan 2019, at the suggestion of another doctor, I switched to ALL FREE AND CLEAR. This was no better. In fact, in time, I would realize that this was the worst yet! With the first wash, I began breaking out in random hives. Nothing major, 1-3 hives 2-3 times per week. Then my skin began to burn like I had a sunburn, except it was -40f and February. The inhaled allergy symptoms got worse as well, that freshly washed clothes made my ears pop.

March 2019 found me at the doctors getting more skin patch tests, and again, no relevant allergies, and yet again, the doctor insists I'm not allergic to the detergent. At this point, I was diagnosed as having eczema on over 50% of my body, including back, chest, hands, feet, legs, neck and face. After this visit, I broke out in large patches of hives on the insides of the thighs. I was miserable!

I wasn't the only one with problems either. Two other people in my family confessed to itching and rashes since I had the whole family switch in April 2018. (12 months!)

I thought, enough is enough, and switched back to Tide Original to test. I did not have high hopes, but lo and behold, of my eczema, hives, hands (that were so bad at this point I could neither close my hands, nor lift a loaf of bread. I bloodstained everything I touched) and original rashes CLEARED UP ENTIRELY WITHIN A WEEK!

It is now 6 months out from that experience, and simply touching clothing washed in that detergent or being in the vicinity of them, will set off my allergies and have me in painful, itchy rashes.


I know that these products are lifesavers for some, but not me or my family.

Huge Measuring Differences
by: NOLA

I broke out in a rash after purchasing ALL FREE and CLEAR with Stainlifters, 141 oz size. I have used this product many times, so I was confused. I thought maybe it was concentrated, though it did not state that on the label, and I usually purchase it in smaller sized bottles. So, tonight, I purchased it in a smaller sized bottle,36 oz. Then using water, I compared what each bottle cap indicated was the amount you should use for a large load. There was a HUGE difference!! No wonder I broke out in a rash- I was using more than twice the amount I should because the caps say different things. I understand that different washers use different amounts of water, but this is ridiculous.

Pods have a scent
by: Sheila

I noticed the last bag of pods I bought were lightly scented. I can't buy them again because they broke my boyfriend out. Time to search for another brand.

Rash from all free and clear with stain lifters
by: Lynn Anthony

Please, please bring back original all free and clear, no stain lifters. I used it forever no rash. Now I am miserable. Please what did you add to make stain lifter work. Keep the original. Just keep original all free and clear. Many people have posted! I can not use the new products. I beg you return to original ALL FREE AND CLEAR.

All Free and Clear Changed
by: Carol

I have used All Free and Clear for years for preventing skin rashes. Recently I have had to stop using it because I have been getting rashes. I have changed to Molly Suds. But I believe that my reaction to All Free and Clear is due to a formula change.

Beware of ALL PLUS+
by: Patricia

In the past, I have had contact dermatitis years ago with Tide. I never used it again. I recovered very quickly.

Now, after many years of successful All Free and Clear use, I didn't realize that Clear had a new "hyperallergenic" formula. It is called All with Stainlifters. It says it is free of perfumes and dyes. However, it is labeled PLUS+ with superior whitening and brightening. Unfortunately, I have had a week of misery with no end yet in sight. I thought the extreme itchiness I was experiencing was due to an unknown cause. Finally I refocused my observations on every aspect of my daily life. This led me to reconsider the laundry detergent I am using.

Whatever it now contains, it is NOT allergy free for me!! Taking Benadryl and using Cortisone cream to ward off extreme itchiness and irritation. Time to say goodbye to All PLUS+. ALL is not what it used to be!

Something has changed
by: Anonymous

I have used All Free and Clear for YEARS. I am very sensitive/allergic to scent. We bought a large jug from Costco and now my skin is itchy and I can smell a light scent on all of my laundry. It’s even making my throat hurt. It says Free and Clear, no dyes or perfumes but SOMETHING has changed. We have purchased this from COSTCO before without this issue. Anyone else experiencing this?

by: Patty Dees

I am now having hives caused by All Clear.

I love my All Free & Clear
by: Annie

I have horrid allergies and over the years had problems with numerous detergents I tried - contact dermatitis, sneezing, burning eyes, coughing, and in a few cases problems with breathing. I bought my first bottle of All Free & Clear several years back after a friend recommended it. I was amazed and thrilled to no longer have allergic reactions. I replaced my old laundry set with front loader set and have never had a problem with my laundry not being rinsed properly. I love my All Free & Clear.

by: Anonymous

Same problem with All Free & Clear. I've used it a long time with no problem. Now, for several weeks/months, I'm itching like crazy!

by: Nancy

Years no problem with All, now doing double rinse still itchy. Going to have to switch to something else.

by: Celeste

I have used All Free & Clear for over ten years having all kinds of skin allergies; however, in the past couple months I noticed my skin itching and I'm breaking out with hives and rashes. I recently noticed a label difference on the bottle, but I don't have an older bottle to compare ingredients. I'm wondering if my recent outbreaks are related to the label change. Did the ingredients change?

Found the culprit
by: Scarlet

So I have had a horrid rash for months on and off. Way more on then off. It has been miserable and worse at night. I also just had some eczema appear on my face; near my eyes and nose. That’s never happened before. Trying to figure out what was causing it. I swore up and down that it could not be my detergent since I use All Free and Clear. This is what every skin doctor has told people to use. I was so miserable. I didn’t sleep I clawed my legs and itched like crazy. Yesterday I said I’m throwing away everything that goes on or against my skin. Something has to change. Most rashes are from direct contact. I got new lotion, new razor and new soap, and I started researching All Free and Clear. In 2017 or 18 they changed their ingredient list. They added in something called benzisothiazolinone. This is actually banned in some states. It’s a horrid ingredient. The most common ingredients that cause issues for people with sensitive skin is isothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone and benzisothiazolinone. When I started digging I found so many people who had the exact same issue as myself. The reason why it’s been on and off is because sometimes I add an extra rinse or wash with super hot water. All Free and Clear is NOT free and clear.

smells like perfume
by: Anonymous

My All Free and Clear smells like perfume also. New bottle.

Free & Clear with Stainlifters caused allergic reaction
by: Lee

Sorry but this product - ALL FREE CLEAR with stain lifters - had an allergic reaction with the red bumps, itching, and discomfort. I had purchased this product at Costco but the labeling had changed with stain lifters.

The reason we purchase ALL as it should be FREE and CLEAR all alien ingredients. Sorry but you have lost a customer for your product.

Stainlifters caused rash, even though free and clear
by: Tonia

I have broken out in a rash over back, legs and stomach after using All, Free and Clear with Stain Lifters. I inquired to see if others were experiencing this and found I am not alone.

made me itch terribly
by: Anonymous

I almost visited my doctor, the itching was awful. After several sleepless nights I finally realized it might be the detergent. Went back to my old brand, Tide, and voila, itching is all gone!

by: Fran

I have been using All Free and Clear for years and years and years. The past two years, we have been using the pods. However, the past week I have been using a new bottle of the pods and I have been ITCHING ALL OVER! Today I see I have big red areas (I do not scratch as I have super sensitive skin and know not to do so).

Today, I searched whether the formula has changed for All Free and Clear Pods - and it has!!!!! I just ordered and received to more big containers!!!! Oy Vey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please, go back to your old formula. Yours is the only detergent I could use. I will try going back to the liquid.


I am a wreck (I take an Allegra 180mg each eventing, however, I am not able to take anything stronger (dries my eyes and damages my cornea!)

Please, there are many people as I who are severely allergic. Your company was doing so well...

contaminates my clothing and bedding
by: Jon

I have been suffering for nearly a year with welts and itching on my arms and legs.

I switched from regular liquid Tide to ALL Free & Clear after the itching started, and the problem got worse. My wounds would not heal.

I finally resorted to washing and scrubbing my clothes in my bathtub - without ANY detergent or soap - and the welts started to disappear.

However, after washing my sheets 6 times in hot water (without any detergent) - I still suffer from itching after sleeping.

Even after washing my clothes and sheets 6 times - the water remains discolored in my bathtub and a waxy buildup forms in my tub. I wear cotton shirts and denim, along with using cotton sheets.

I realize now that detergent binds to fabrics - and is not easily removed. It means that detergents no longer help wash clothes - but instead form a chemical bond to them. Since detergents are potentially designed that way I guess I will need to live without them.

has a scent despite "free and clear"
by: Michelle

Being an asthmatic, I have used All Free and Clear for years with no problems. The recent bottle I purchased is labeled All Free and Clear Original. No dyes. No perfumes. But it has a strong perfume smell. One load got washed using this detergent and now I’m having trouble getting the smell out of that load and my washer even after running just hot water and baking soda through a wash cycle 3 times.

Ruined my clothes
by: Christina

My mom and I live together and sometimes share clothes or give each other things we no longer want. She uses regular (scented) detergent and I have to use Free and Clear due to allergies. Her clothes always look new and vibrant and mine don’t. She gave me 4 bright colorful soft Eddie Bauer shirts and I was excited, put them in the wash, took them out and they were ruined basically. We have a new washing machine and dryer, I am 44 and know how to do laundry, by the way. They were faded as if they had been washed 100 times! They also had lost their buttery softness, and they all had a weird crumpling around the collar and sleeves that weren’t from being wrinkled, but looked like it. I don’t know exactly why, but this has been happening in the past 6-12 months and I can’t attribute it to anything but this product.

my opinion
by: Anonymous

Work well with laundry sensitivity issues.

Contact dermatitis
by: Anonymous

When was this posted about formula change? My eyes have been swelling and breaking out for several months and the only thing I never changed was my ALL Free and Clear because I didn't think it was the problem.

Itchy Hives!
by: Anonymous

So glad I happened upon this site! I have been breaking out in itchy hives off and on for about a year now! I thought it was something I was eating/drinking! I've been eliminating different foods and drinks but still break out! I wondered if it was the detergent at one point but thought I've been using this for years, unless they changed the formula! I will now be trying some different detergents to see if that solves my issue! Itchy hives are so annoying!

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