All Stainlifter Laundry Detergent Review

by Kyle
(Mt. Pleasant, MI, USA)

Kyle has provided a review of All Stainlifter Laundry Detergent, 2x concentrated liquid.

Kyle says:

I use the 2x concentrated liquid version of All detergent, called All Stainlifter. This product is great for me and my needs.

I am a college student so you know that I am always spilling and making messes on my clothes, but this detergent works excellent at removing stains, even when I typically forget to pre-treat them.

Also, it keeps all of my clothes smelling great. Each and every time I take my clothes out of the dryer, they come out excellent and hold their color very well. Further, it has my whites brighter than ever.

After all is said and done I don't think that I will be buying a different laundry detergent product until I can find one better... So Far No Luck!

Taylor says:

Thanks Kyle for sharing your All Stainlifter laundry detergent review.

A similar product made by All is All Oxi Active detergent (click the link for reviews of it), which is also billed as a stain lifter. Since the products are meant to do basically the same thing, I wouldn't be surprised to see one of them phased out over time.

***Update 1 - As I've gotten more reviews of the detergent adding the Oxi Active ingredient, lots of people have shared that it has caused an allergic reaction, both in the scented and non-scented versions. Before buying that product please read the reviews to get all the facts!***

So, does anyone else use All detergent? If so, you can share your All detergent review here, or read other reviews already submitted.

***Update 2: An SR101 Reader shared this really quick review of the Stainlifter formula version of All, stating: "The times when I use the laundry Detergent my clothes come out of the washer very hard and rough they don't feel clean at all." End Update ***

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All Fresh & Sensitive Detergent Review: I Wouldn't Classify It As Hypoallergenic

by Taylor

I recently tried ALL Fresh & Sensitive detergent, which is advertised as being a hypoallergenic detergent because it is dye free.

Although it is dye free, unlike regular ALL Free & Clear this product does contain a scent, thus the "fresh" part and the "sensitive" part of the detergent.

More and more companies are trying to push dye free products as perfect for those allergy sufferers who also love a scent.

However, while it is true that dyes are one of the two main culprits of allergic reactions to laundry detergent, the other is scent so those who love scent but suffer from allergies may just be out of luck.

If you're only allergic to dyes in laundry soap, this particular product may work well for you. It has the same cleaning power of other ALL products, and worked well to clean my family's clothes.

However, the scent is quite strong. That may be a positive for those who love scent in their laundry. I cannot describe the scent though, it isn't supposed to represent a particular thing, just smelly soapy fresh. Does that make sense?

While some people may find a strong lingering scent a positive I did not. I thought the scent was very heavy and a bit cloying, and I didn't like that I could smell it for days afterward on the clothes and bedding I washed in it.

It also made my face feel kind of hot, like a very minor allergic reaction was occurring. (I didn't get hives, or otherwise break out from it, and even my child who has some eczema issues didn't have a problem, just me.)

This just confirmed for me that I need a truly hypoallergenic detergent that is both dye free and scent free, and these scented detergents, in general, are much less likely to work for me.

Has anyone else tried this new version of ALL, or any other version of this brand? I would love for you to share your review or experience here or read lots of other reviews that have already been submitted.

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I Can Only Use All Laundry Detergent In Fresh Rain Scent

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 Reader shared his experience when he switched from the Fresh Rain scent of All detergent, and switched to the free and clear version.

SR101 Reader says:

About 10 years ago I began breaking out in hives from a detergent and fabric softener (don't remember the brand now but feel like it was a pink bottle, maybe Snuggle?).

I switched to All Fresh Rain and have used it for at least the past 7 years.

We recently switched to All Free and Clear (without oxi) and I started breaking out into hives, and not just normal hives. They were raised higher and huge, 12 inches by 6 inches were the biggest.

Then, any hives around tight areas of clothes (waist) eventually turned into bruises. Very odd.

Finally I went to the doctor and mentioned it may be my detergent but it was Free and Clear and didn't think that could be right.

They put me on the two Zs (Zantac and Zyrtec) - both histamine blockers. That mixed with a steroid regiment since my hives were that bad.

We went to the store and bought all the All Fresh Rain we could, and my wife and I then rewashed all clothes and sheets and towels.

My hives have since gone away but I continue taking Zyrtec and Zantac until my prescription of Zantac is out. We're 99.99% certain it was the free and clear since nothing else has changed in my fairly regimented life.

Still puzzled as to why free and clear gave me such bad hives, but it obviously has something in it that is triggering my reaction.

If it is free of dyes and perfumes it has to have something else but I haven't actively researched it.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience with this detergent brand with me, and I'm so sorry that you had such a bad experience with the hypoallergenic version of this detergent.

That is strange, since I had mainly been hearing about allergic reactions to the All free and clear Oxi Active version, and not to the non-oxi version. However, everyone has different things they're allergic too, and something about it obviously set your body off.

I'd love to hear from more people who've used All laundry detergent, sharing your experiences with it with me. You can share your review here, or read even more reviews of other varieties of this detergent as well.

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Comments for I Can Only Use All Laundry Detergent In Fresh Rain Scent

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science fair project winner
by: Anonymous

My 8th grade son completed a science fair project consisting of 6 different detergents on 6 different stains...ALL turned out to be the product that removed stains the best!

question about washing colors with the Stainlifter variety
by: Susan

I bought All detergent with stainlifter and I'm wondering if I can use it with dark clothes as well as delicates?

Reaction to All Detergent!
by: C. Hawkins

I used a place called Laundry City, thinking it would save me time from going to the laundry. Cost $60.00. They used All detergent, washed my Victoria Secret bra. when I put it on I started itching, worse rash ever in life. SAD. I'm still tingling. Scared to put on anything that was washed there. The rash is a mass of bumps under my breast, straight around my back an under my arm like whelps. Don't use All Detergent if you're sensitive to detergent. It can set you off.

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