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Here is a comprehensive guide about Snuggle fabric softener, dryer sheets and scent boosters, including reviews and ratings of this brand of laundry supply for many different scents and varieties.

Here is a comprehensive guide about Snuggle fabric softener, dryer sheets and scent boosters, including reviews and ratings of this brand of laundry supply for many different scents and varieties {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

This is where you can share your "Mom reviews" of this fabric softener, telling whether you would recommend it or not.

In addition, if you are considering buying this product, in any of the various scents or varieties, find out what other "Mom reviewers" and other people have said about it here.

This is one of the most popular brands, and is a bit lower cost brand which is something many people really like about it.

Here are the reviews submitted so far:

share your fabric softener review here
Share Your Review Here
snuggle blue sparkle dryer sheets
Blue Sparkle Scent Dryer Sheets
snuggle wild orchid and vanilla kiss fabric softener
Exhilarations Softener {Wild Orchid & Vanilla Kiss Scent}
snuggle sweet blossom and pomegranate scent dryer sheets
Sweet Blossom & Pomegranate Scent Sheets

snuggle blue sparkle liquid fabric softener
Ultra Blue Sparkle Scent
snuggle blue sparkle dryer sheets
Sheets Preserve Freshness For Handcrafted Items
snuggle blue sparkle liquid fabric softener
Liquid In Blue Bottle Is My Favorite
snuggle blue sparkle liquid fabric softener
Allergic Reactions {Multiple Stories}

snuggle free and clear liquid fabric softener
Free Clear Liquid Gave Faint Rancid Odor To Clothes
snuggle free and clear dryer sheets
Free & Clear Sheets Caused Allergic Reaction
snuggle blue sparkle liquid fabric softener
Picture Of Rash Caused By It {Multiple Submissions}
snuggle blue sparkle dryer sheets
Hate Dryer Sheets Because Of Allergic Reaction

snuggle free and clear dryer sheets
I Had An Allergic To Scent Free Sheets Too
Snuggle Scent Boosters, Lavender Joy scent
Snuggle Scent Booster Pacs

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snuggle fabric softener

Snuggle fabric softener is perhaps most well-known for their mascot, the "Snuggle Bear" who is a very cute talking stuffed animal.

From time to time Snuggle actually even gives away or sells Snuggle bears to try to help build brand awareness.

This brand of fabric softener is manufactured by the Sun Products Corporation, who is also the maker of ALL detergent and Wisk laundry detergent.

Snuggle is available as both a liquid fabric softener, and also in dryer sheets.

Along with several scented varieties, there is both a "free and clear" liquid fabric softener in the Ultra collection, along with scent free dryer sheets. You can learn more about hypoallergenic softeners here, in general.

snuggle allergy

The Ultra collection is concentrated versions of the liquid softener, and comes with Snuggle's "14 days of fresh scent" guarantee. The dryer sheets do not have this guarantee.

As you may have noticed, there is a lot of emphasis on scent amongst this brand, although they do have the scent free products, as I mentioned. Perhaps that is a good thing that there are hypoallergenic versions, since Snuggle has caused many allergic reactions amongst my readers.

In addition, there is also another product line called "Exhilerations" which contains more exotic scents, in both liquid version and with dryer sheets.

I would love for you to skip down and share your reviews here to tell how you like (or dislike) these products, and scents.

Snuggle is generally readily available in stores. In addition, you can purchase these products online through the links below.

Share Your Snuggle Softener Review Here

Tell me how this fabric softener worked for you, the good or the bad.

Here are some helpful hints to make sure your review is as useful as possible:

Tell me which exact brand, type and scent of softener you are reviewing, and any other important identifying characteristics of it.

Further, helpful information would include how it made your clothes feel, how it smelled immediately afterward and whether the scent lingered or not, whether you had any problems with it staining or spotting clothing, what types of fabrics you use it with, and/or any allergies or skin reactions you or a family member experienced while using it, if applicable.

I also am interested in whether you feel you need to also use dryer sheets when you use the softener.

Any other details relevant to your opinions of the product or supply are all appreciated.

Submitted Snuggle Fabric Softener Reviews

Click the links below to see other reviews that have already been submitted.

Feel free to comment on any of these submissions to tell your own experience with this detergent, or about any other thoughts you have.

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Snuggle Ultra Fabric Softener Reviews 
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Click here to write your own.

Here is a comprehensive guide about Snuggle fabric softener, dryer sheets and scent boosters, including reviews and ratings of this brand of laundry supply for many different scents and varieties {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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