Gain Fireworks In Wash Scent Booster Review: I LOVE It!

by Janet Daugherty
(SR101 Reader)

Janet has shared a review of Gain Fireworks In Wash Scent Booster, which is one of the newest products from Gain. In fact, it is so new I couldn't even find a picture of it to show you!

***Update: I've now found a picture, which I've obviously added, plus gotten additional reviews below.

Janet says:

The new product from Gain is their scent booster. I LOVE IT!

The fragrance is so much better than any of the other brands. I found the product in a local store and purchased it because of the price and the scent (other brands have a blue scent and lavender). I longed for something other than lavender!

I am so pleased!!! I washed my blanket in it over a week ago and last night when I pulled my blanket up to my face I was happily surprised with a wonderful scent coming from it! Still there after a week!

Great product. Will be buying it regularly!

Gain Fireworks {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

Thanks so much Janet for sharing this review. I actually saw this product at my Walmart yesterday, noted it was a new product and considered taking a picture to show everyone and though, nah, they'll have a promo picture I can use. No, of course not, it is that new!

I haven't been able to find any promotional material about it yet, not even from Gain's own website, so I'll tell you all I know from my brief glance at the store yesterday. I know it is a product similar to Downy Unstopables, in that they are little crystals you put into the wash with your clothes and their only purpose is to provide scent. It
is NOT a fabric softener like Purex Crystals, but does provide scent just like the Purex version does.

***Update #1: I have now found out a bit more about the product. The only scent they currently have is called "Sweet Sizzle." It is pink little crystals, and it is supposed to smell like a "cool breeze of a sunny spring morning." I'm not exactly sure what that smells like, but nonetheless that is the description.*** End Update

***Update #2: They've since added another scent, Original Gain scent. I would love for people to tell me what this one smells like, and how they like it! ***End Update

Basically, in wash scent boosters are a new type of laundry supply that has been invented recently, and now there are a couple of brands competing for dominance in this section of the market.

Just like with Downy Unstopables I would caution those who have sensitive skin or suffer from laundry detergent allergies to be careful with Gain Fireworks because the extra scent can cause some people to have allergic reactions, even if they typically don't have them normally. (You can read a couple reviews of Downy Unstopables where readers or loved ones experienced allergic reactions from the strong scent.)

If, on the other hand, you like strong scents that seem to last a while in your clothes this is another option for you to consider.

Has anyone else tried this product? If so, or you want to send me a picture of it, I would really appreciate it. You can share your review here, or read reviews of other Gain fabric softeners (although this product is not a softener I've just grouped it with the other Gain products for ease).

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I Got A Bad Rash From Original Scent Fireworks

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

I loved the great smell of the Gain Fireworks original but it gave me a horrible rash.

I think that's weird because I've been using Gain laundry soap and dryer sheets for years.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear that.

Gain Fireworks can cause allergic reactions
There are actually a lot of issues with these laundry scent boosters causing allergic reactions, most likely because it is just adding a lot more scent to fabric that is close to people's skin.

However, interestingly, I've not heard as many complaints about Fireworks as with some other scent boosters. I would love to hear from other readers who've used the Original Scent, sharing how it has worked for you, good or bad.

***Update: Since that I've gotten lots more stories, as if to prove me wrong! I've gathered many of these stories about allergic reactions to Fireworks here.

In addition, I got this short comment from a reader, tulsatime, who said:
I have had the same reaction to Gain Fireworks. I have washed and re-washed my clothes and bed linens, but still smell the fragrance.
***End Update

Further, anyone with laundry allergies, check out my laundry allergies guide.

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Gain Fireworks Spotted My Clothes Pink

by Sonja Widby
(Southgate, Michigan)

Sonja shared her experience with Gain Fireworks in wash scent booster.

Sonja says:

My husband and I went shopping on black Friday and went past the laundry isle at Target. He said these Fireworks on the news and said we should buy it.

I agreed, because I already use Gain products. I used it as soon as I got home with my whites, read the directions and used a little, just to see how much was needed for the scent.

I just folded my clothes today, excited, and found pink stains on my clothes. I just rewashed them and the stain did not come out.

I'm not sure if this happened to anyone else, but if so can you let me know what you used to get the stain out?

Taylor says:

Sonja, this product is so new I haven't heard of any one else yet having many experiences at all with this product, good or bad.

However, I would suggest to try soaking the white clothing in Oxiclean. You can click the link to find out more suggestions of how I would do this, based on my previous experiences soaking stains with an oxygen based bleach such as Oxiclean.

I am not sure it will help, but I think it is worth a shot. Unfortunately, you didn't notice the stains until after you ran it through the dryer which means it will be harder to remove the stains, but sometimes, unfortunately, that happens.

If you try this method with success (or not) I would love to hear how it worked, because it might help others who also have this problem with the product to know how to remedy the stains.

Has anyone else gotten stains on their clothing from the Gain Fireworks? If so, or you've tried it and love it, either one, please share your opinions of the product here.

***Update: Since Sonja shared the problem she's been having with this product, I've gotten several additional comments from readers who've shared they've had the same trouble. The first reader said:
I love the smell but it sometimes stains my clothes pink, which ticks me off.
In addition, a second reader stated:
I love the scent of Gain Fireworks but it is expensive and has stained several of my clothes. I switched to Purex Crystals and that has also stained my clothing. I will try diluted ammonia to remove the stains.
***The reference to the ammonia is referring to the tip shown below, from another reader, sugesting using this stain remover to get rid of the stains from the Fireworks product.

In addition, another reader wrote:
I used an HE washer and I have had no problems. Is it possible that you are using too many? I only fill the lid about 1/3 and toss them in! WONDERFUL SCENT!
Erainer Stewart from 
Winston Salem, NC, reported:
I've been using this product for a few weeks now and have not experienced any staining in any of the clothes I've washed. I let the water run first, then add my detergent, color booster and the Gain Fireworks then add my clothes.
Lori says:
I've been using this product for a few months now and never had any problems, until this recent wash where it stained a new top with crochet on it pink. I think the bead might have gotten caught in the crochet and dissolved funny. I have soaked with oxy clean and am unable to remove the stain. If anyone has any other suggestions, I would like to hear them. Bleach is not an option as it is a tan color.
Finally, Jennifer said:
I tried the Moonlight scent boosters which are purple, and the color came off on my clothes and now my shirt has purple dots on it. Not very happy.
***End Update

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Gain Fireworks Original Caused Yellowish Spots On My Clothes

by Jessica

I was really excited to use this product because I loved the smell, but was dismayed when all of my light colored clothes came out with yellow spots on them.

Like another reviewer stated, I did not notice this discoloration until after I threw the clothes into the dryer.

I searched online for ways to get rid of the yellowed spots and with repeated washings (5 or 6 times!), the yellow has faded and gone away on all but three pieces.

I used Mrs. Stewart's Concentrated Liquid Bluing, OxiClean, and Tide Pods--not my normal detergent, but bought it because of the brightening agent advertised on the package.

I think I will stay away from Gain Fireworks as this laundry disaster has taken so much time to clean up.

***Update from Taylor: I got a similar comment from another reader, Karen.

Karen says:

I was so excited to try it as I was having guests and was going to rewash all of the clean linens just for the great smell that is advertised.

Beware, it turned all of my "whites" yellow. I could not even bleach out the "yellowish" stain it put on everything. Very disappointed!

***End Update

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Gain's Sweet Sizzle Scented Beads Made Bleach Marks

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 reader shared with me what happened when she used this new in wash scent booster, after I asked if any one else had experienced staining issues like the reader above.

SR101 Reader said:

It actually made like bleach marks on my brand new blanket that I bought at the same time as this stuff.

I'm very upset about it, all though it made it smell good it ruined it.

Taylor says:

I'm sorry to hear that. I would definitely call customer support to report this issue, since it is easier to remove pink spots than to remove bleach stains. Perhaps they have a suggestion.

Also, I'm obviously not sure about this, but it could have been something else within the load which caused the marks, such as the detergent or something else. Because it was a new blanket it is hard to say what caused it, since you didn't have previous experience washing that item to use to help you judge what the cause was.

I would love to hear from other people who have used the Gain scent beads. Did it either stain your clothes pink, or cause bleach spots on them like two readers have now reported? I want to try to figure out if this is a common problem, or not.

Please click here to share your reviews and experiences.

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How Do You Use Gain Fireworks In An HE Washing Machine?

by SR101 Reader

I received this question from a SR101 reader.

SR101 Reader asks:

How do you use Gain Fireworks with an HE washer? Just sprinkle it onto the dry clothes before starting the load?

Taylor's answer:

I looked for directions on Gain's website for how to use this product and could not find them.

I actually have gotten several complaints too, that the scent booster has caused staining on clothing during use, and I think the lack of directions may be a culprit of that.

I could not confirm with certainty that this in wash scent booster was OK to use with HE machines, but I did confirm that Downy Unstopables can be used in an HE machine, so I would assume these scent beads from Gain can too.

Unfortunately, throwing the beads directly onto the clothes while they are dry may be what is causing the staining when they first get wet. However, there is not much of a different way to add the beads than what you've already suggested.

I wouldn't, for example, add them to the fabric softener dispenser since that is not how they are designed to be used. I answered a similar question recently for someone wondering how to use Purex crystals in their HE machine. In that answer (click here to see the whole answer) I researched and found you were supposed to add the crystals into the drum of the washer.

That is also how it says to add the Downy Unstopables -- directly to the drum of the washer, not in any of the dispensers. Therefore, my belief is this is how you do it. Unfortunately, I am concerned this is what is causing the staining, since you aren't diluting them before they touch your clothes.

Has anyone else used this product with an HE machine and want to share how they're adding them to the machine?

I've answered this question as part of the site where I answer laundry questions. You can ask your laundry questions here, or read other questions and answers I've already responded to.

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Response Re: Adding Gain Sweet Sizzle To HE Washing Machine

by Pat

Pat responded, in regard to the discussion above, about how to add this product to your washing machine if you have an HE machine.

Pat says:

I would suggest putting the Gain Fireworks directly into the drum and then add the clothes after, just like the Downy product instructions. That is what I did with no problems.

I also used hot water, cold rinse. I thought that the beads would dissolve better using hot water.

I love the product. The smell is great.

Taylor says:

Thanks for the suggestion Pat.

I would love to hear from even more people sharing their method for adding this product to their washing machine, and if they've had any problems with it.

***Update: Another reader, shared her tips with me for adding this product to your HE machine. Ruth says:
I have been using this product in an HE machine and have had not problems. I have poured the crystals directly on top of the dry clothes before starting the wash cycle. No spots, and the scent it leaves on the clothes is wonderful....I love this stuff!!

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I Use Gain Scent Boosters And Love Them

by Tanya

Tanya responded to the reader, Sonja, who got pink spots on her clothes when she used the product.

Tanya says:

I currently use the sent boosters and I LOVE THEM.

I have 2 cats and a dog, and my husband works with cars/trucks, so I have a very smelly house & cloths. I bought the scent boosters at Wal-Mart, used them when I got home on my cloths and they didn't stain.

All I did when I put the them in was wait a little bit for them to dissolve, then I added the clothes. I believe if you put the clothes in first, then the beads, then the coloring in them might be left behind on the clothing. So just let them dissolve first.

Taylor says:

Thanks Tanya for your tip. I think you're right, that this is the proper order for adding everything, and I've even noticed some of the more recent commercials for the product make it clear that you add the scent beads first, before the clothes.

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Directions For Using This Product From The Coupon

by Sheila

Sheila also wrote in to share her thoughts on the issue we've discussed above, which is how to add this product to your washer since the directions are not very clear.

Sheila says:

I purchased the Gain Fireworks because I had a coupon for them or Downy Unstopables.

The directions on the container didn't say how to use it but on the coupon it has "add to washer BEFORE laundry."

That's what I have done and have not had any problems with stains, etc. Love the scent!

Taylor says:

Thanks for the information Sheila. I'm glad it gave you directions somewhere, but it seems to me adding the directions for use to the actual container would make a lot more sense!

Hopefully they'll get the message and redesign the container to share this information, since it seems to make a difference in how the product performs.

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Question: Should I Also Use Fabric Softener When Using Fireworks?

by SR101 Reader

I got this question about how to use this product from a reader.

SR101 Reader Question:

When I'm going to wash, I first add the beads in and then I add the detergent and the clothes.

Then at the first rinse I add fabric softener.

Is this how you wash with the beads or you don't have to add fabric softener?

Taylor's Answer:

This is a great question, so thanks for asking it.

There is a lot of confusion about products like this, which may appear to be a fabric softener, but instead this is only a scent booster. It does not soften fabric in any way.

Therefore, if you want to benefit of softening then you'll need to add it, and yes, softener should not be added at the beginning of the washing process like this product can. Instead, it needs to be added in the rinse.

Therefore, your current method of adding your laundry products to each load is correct.

I've answered this question as part of the laundry help section of the site. Come on over and see what else I've answered or ask your own question!

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Idea To Keep Product From Staining: Add Your Laundry Supplies In Particular Order

by Jan

In response to the fact that several people have complained that the product has stained their clothing, Jan has made a suggestion for how to keep this from happening.

Jan says:

From years of washing clothes, and have trying different methods, the one that works best for me is to add the detergent first, epecially if you're using powder, even some of the liquid detergents can stain clothes.

Allow the substance to mix with the water first before adding your clothes.

I use the Gain Sizzle and I love it and have not had any problems with it and have used this method every time.

I also dilute my fabric softener as well as this can stain clothes.

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Used For The First Time And Not Impressed

by SR101 Reader

Well, I just used this product for the first time....and I'm not impressed.

Maybe I should have used more.

I filled the cap to the two-thirds high line.

I smelled scent at the beginning of the wash, but that's it!

I don't know if the style of wash cycle makes a difference, but the scent seemed to have washed out after the initial soaking.

I also added fabric softener and I think they cancelled each other's scent.

I'll give it another try with a full capful next time to see if it makes a difference.

Right now, I think it was extra money spent needlessly!

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Response Re: Pink Spots Left By Gain Sweet Sizzle Scent Beads

by misscandradee

Ammonia as stain remover

Ammonia as stain remover

Above a reader complained that this product left pink spots on her clothes. In response misscandradee shared her suggestion for how to remove these stains using ammonia.

Reader says:

I have not had any spotting from this product, but I may have your solution. I know when a dye bleeds off of something else in the wash, you can soak the article in a solution of ammonia and water.

I have done this from spotting after using liquid bluing as well.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES would I use bleach or vinegar. Vinegar is known for setting certain dyes and stains, and the bleach it is so harsh on clothing.

I got this tip from a cleaning product manufacturer years ago and it works every time!

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing your tip.

You are right, diluted ammonia can be a great stain remover in many circumstances. If you are concerned about whether it will harm your clothes though, make sure to always test in an inconspicuous area before immersing the entire fabric in it.

Do you have other ammonia uses for cleaning or stain removal to share? If so, click the link to share your own ideas and tips, or read other ideas already shared by other readers.

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Comments for Response Re: Pink Spots Left By Gain Sweet Sizzle Scent Beads

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order to add in this product into machine
by: Anonymous

Be sure to put the scent boosters in first while the water in running and before you add any of your clothes. See if that doesn't stop the staining of your clothes.

stained my clothes
by: Anonymous

I decided to try these as they were a little cheaper than the Downy Unstopables, but after several loads came out with stains on them I only use them for towels now. Very disappointed.

caused yellow spots on whites
by: Anonymous

My husband's good white golf shirts have yellow spots all over them from the Gain Scent Beads.

Read the instructions
by: King Kevin

I've been using the beads for me and my wife over a year. Every load. Not one stain as I see here. A lot of people just throw everything in the washer at once, which is going to cause problems. It's like putting a little bleach in and throwing your clothes in without it mixing. You're going to ruin your stuff. Laundry isn't THAT hard to do. Instructions on the bottle clearly state to let dissolve before putting in clothes. Same with Gain flings. READ! It is not Gain's fault you weren't taught to read instructions first.

response to King Kevin
by: Taylor

You're right, it is always important to follow directions for use on all cleaning and laundry products. However, there is no need to be smug and assume people are ignorant because they have gotten stains. You have NO idea if someone let it dissolve or not and still got stains from this product. I'm glad you didn't, but that doesn't mean since it never happened to you that it doesn't happen to others and it still not be their fault. And even if they didn't let them dissolve properly the frequency with which this occurs shows that the company might want to consider some type of formulation change, perhaps, where unneeded dyes are not added to the product which cause the staining. It is feedback and information, no need to try to shame anyone for something they experienced, especially something as trivial as scented laundry beads.

Very disappointed
by: Anonymous

I also tried these because of the great smell and unfortunately my husband's $200 pair of jeans has yellow spots all over them. I've been searching the Internet for a few days now trying to find something to take it out. I guess lesson learned, we won't be using anymore.

Ruined clothes
by: Glenda Mona

Completely stained several articles of clothing. Some items I was able to use a carpet stain remover on the clothing, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. Very upset.

Use in homemade detergent
by: Dori

I use Zote soap flakes, washing soda, and Borax to make my laundry detergent. Bought these little firework gems to make it smell like gain products. I use 4 capfuls to about 80 loads of detergent. No staining, amazing event for weeks. Love love love it, I felt it was expensive but it has lasted for about 320 loads of laundry the way I used it. I use a front load washer. But I've also used it in a regular washer without any problems.

by: Linn

Just folded a white load of clothes and there are yellow stains on several pieces. Throwing out three shirts. I added this to machine with Tide HE and Clorox. Several towels heading to rag bag. Love the fragrance but won't make this mistake again.

Stained My Dark Colored Clothes
by: Susan

I love the scent, BUT it left several white round spots on my dark colored clothes. It almost looks like bleach spots and they are permanent stains. I only used a small amount and followed the directions. I'm very disappointed because the scent is great, but can't risk ruining more clothes.

Black clothes ruined
by: Cristina K

I have been using Gain for a while without a problem. Last week I decided to try the Tropical Sunrise. Big mistake! My black load was completely ruined! Almost every piece of clothing has either pink or bleached stains that won't come off. I always put in my detergent and scent booster first, then run the water and at the end put in my laundry. Didn't expect this to happen. Stay away from this stuff!

Air freshener
by: Anonymous

I use these as air fresheners, they last a long time, i use less than half of the measuring thing that comes with the fireworks, and the scent last for days using an electric tart/candle warmer. I burn candles regularly and these fireworks are much much better than burning tarts or candles and more cost effective.

Dryer issue
by: Anonymous

I have been using the Gain Fireworks, and love the scent and how long it lasts. But, always a but, my dryer over heated so when I took it apart to clean it out, and clear the lint trap in the back, and turned it on, a lot of tiny crystals were coming out and hitting my hand. I'm not sure if that was the issue or not, but every time I would tap it, more of these would come blowing out. So I was looking for some info if anyone else has had an issue with this at all. Thanks

stained clothing purple
by: Anonymous

I used a small amount of the Gain Fireworks in a load of wash. It caused several clothing items to have purple stains that I can not remove. I soaked using Shout, stain removers etc. I will never use these produce again.

Ruined clothes
by: Carmen

I had used them several times with no problems and then I washed a few white pieces and everything was stained yellow! Not spots either,they were completely yellow and I have not been able to get it out and I didn't even dry the shirts! So mad! Will never use this product again

not dissolving?
by: Audrea

Anyone else have the beads not completely melt and stay at the bottom of the washing machine?

Not a good experience
by: Anonymous

For the first couple of weeks using these I loved them! But after that I started noticing my hair had a greasy almost stiff feeling to it. After I decided it wasn't the shampoo I had been using I realized it was my towels that I had been using the scent booster on. Also, it has stained a big pink blob on a yellow tshirt of mine.

Horrible stuff
by: Anonymous

Living in a co-op the washing machines are shared. My clothes stank from other residents using this crap and I had to buy an expensive odor remover to restore, the beads were put in the bleach compartment by some residents and did not dissolve, clogging the machine.

Caused Yellow Stain
by: Debbi

I love the scent, and I ALWAYS dissolve in a cup of hot water. I've added in to washer before clothing, and try to catch at last rinse to pour in. Even though plenty of water in the washer, still stained some of my favorite t-shirts! I don't put my shirts in the dryer, so tried soaking overnight in Oxiclean. STILL stained, and the dryer sheets are nice, but that scent doesn't last at all, and obviously can't use on my clothes I don't put in dryer.

bleach-like stains
by: Jane

I've been using Gain Fireworks - original and love the scent.
But it's ruined my clothes. Bleach-like stains on so many things - and I haven't changed my detergent - which I've never had an issue with. So now I am just using detergent and dryer sheets - with no issue. So disappointed.

terrible for skin, but scent does last
by: STL

Like some of the other comments we have used each of the various Gain detergents, softeners, and also plenty of other scent boosters without issue. However my daughter and I have experienced serious rashes (hives) from using Fireworks. We have since switched to dye/scent free detergent to clear up the rash. I have washed some of our clothes 4-5 times over the course of the last month and some STILL retain some of the Gain Fireworks scent and give a milder rash! The stuff is terrible for your skin but I gotta give them credit, the scent lasts a heck of a long time!!

Love Moonlight Breeze scent
by: Anonymous

I love love Gain Fireworks. Especially the Moonlight Breeze scent. It smells so amazing and makes your clothes smell absolutely refreshing even after several weeks. I have very sensitive skin but their scent booster hasn't affected me at all. I'm so thrilled that Gain came out with such a great product.

I don't care if I get an allergic reaction!
by: April

I just bought Gain Fireworks for the first time. I've been using Gain original Laundry soap for years. It's my favorite smell, I can't wait to use it! My allergies are so bad, I just had a septoplasty and a turbinoplasty on April 19th 2022. And I will be going to see an allergist for immunotherapy for my allergies in hopes of building up an immunity over time. But guess what? I will NOT STOP using GAIN! It smells too good.

ruined new clothes
by: Suzette Hendrix

Gain fireworks ruined a new pair of shorts. Clumped up in 2 large spots and won't come off. It put yellow stains on a new pair of shorts that won't come out.

What is that smell?
by: Kristen Franz

I usually use the Moonlight Breeze Gain Flings. Recently I came across the Gain ULTRA flings. I was excited to try these for my large loads. Last weekend I got all caught up on laundry and was excited for a "fresh" start in the new year. Boy am I disappointed!!!

On Monday, I couldn't get away from this very strong odor. I kept asking if someone was using rubbing alcohol. But the smell lingered and continued to follow me. By the end of the day, I realized it was my shirt. Even after taking off the shirt, the smell lingered. I had to shower to get rid of the smell.

I couldn't figure out for the life of me where that smell would have come from. I didn't spill on myself or anything. The next day I went to put on another shirt and the smell was back. I took a big whiff of my shirt and it was the clothing. ALL of the clothes I washed with the Gain ULTRA flings smelled HORRIBLE!

Now I'm spending all weekend RE-WASHING everything to attempt to get rid of the smell. I will be throwing these immediately away.

I can't imagine that any focus groups or testing done by Gain would have approved this scent. It is downright appalling. I'm extremely disappointed that I wasted my money.

left waxy marks on dark clothing
by: Anonymous

I received a free sample of Gain Fireworks with a Gain Fling pod from Sam's Club last week. I tried a teaspoon of the Fireworks in my laundry with the pod. (Thank God I only used a small amount!) I dissolved the pod in the water and removed the slimy plastic it was in before I added my clothing. Then I added a tiny amount of the Fireworks followed by the clothes.

The Fireworks left waxy, visible markings on my, black Under Armour athletic capris and my darker underwear. I tried to wipe it off with water on a washcloth. It doesn't come off!

I couldn't find contact info on the GAIN website.
I can not locate any information about Flings/Fireworks ruining clothing except here. How do I get the marks off?

free sample spotted my towels
by: Cheryl

I just used a free sample and it spotted my white towels, face cloths and tea towels blue. I think that Proctor and Gamble should take responsibility somehow as it will cost me money to replace these things. So sad I tried this!!!!

Don’t use the purple colored Gain Scent Booster
by: Unfreakinghappy

AWFUl! Just AWFUL!! Stained everything in my laundry load a light purple color. I had to use Resolve OxiAction to somewhat lighten the discoloration. There should be a warning on the bottle that light clothing WILL stain. Stupid invention! I’m sticking to just laundry soap and wool dryer balls.

And I should have returned the huge bottle of scent booster to Costco but just found it in my laundry room at the back of a cupboard. Well, it’s going in the trash now!! 😡😡

Fireworks stains
by: Dave & Carol

I wonder if P&G have continually messed with the formula for Gain Fireworks original scent? My wife has been washing her whites and my t-shirts for about a year with this addition, and not until recently, my t-shirts have a lot of orange coloring on them, like a tie-dyed shirt. But I recently bought some new white t-shirts, of which we decided to wash with these beads. No stains, as yet. What gives?

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Hi, I'm Taylor, a busy mom with 3 kids, so I have lots of hands on experience with house cleaning, laundry and my fair share of spots, spills and other messy catastrophes. Thanks for visiting my site.

I update the website all the time with tips, tutorials, cleaning recipes, reviews of products from readers like you, and tests I've done on various cleaners, removers and laundry supplies.

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CAUTION: This website is provided for informational purposes only. It is provided as is, without warranties or guarantees. Some stains and messes just won't come out, and are permanent. Further, some cleaning methods can harm your item, so if what you want to clean or launder is sentimental or expensive call a professional. See disclaimer of liability for more information.