Love The Purex Complete Crystals But They Cause An Allergic Reaction

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 Reader shared her experience with Purex crystals, which included an allergic reaction to the scents within the product. Unfortunately, this seems to be a growing trend, and all of the reviews below share similar stories of allergies exacerbated by this product.

SR101 Reader says:

I loved these, but unfortunately they are breaking my husband out in very large hives.

I had to quit using and rewash EVERYTHING in the house, including all the towels, sheets and blankets, all undergarments etc. Quite an ordeal.

I would love to know what is in them that could be causing this.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience with this product.

Unfortunately, even though these crystals are 92% natural they have added fragrances, and other ingredients that may be causing your husband's allergy problems. Plus, even because things are natural doesn't mean they won't cause allergic reactions in people.

You can learn more about laundry detergent allergies here. Although I refer in the article mainly to detergents, any other laundry additives, such as fabric softener, bleaches, dryer sheets, or anything else can also cause allergic reactions.

You are doing the right thing to rewash everything, and hopefully that will clear up the problem for him. Unfortunately, it seems, you won't be able to use the Purex crystals in your home because of this allergy. You may also want to look into hypoallergenic laundry detergent for the whole family if your husband's allergy problems continue.

Has anyone else had allergy problems when using this product, or with any fabric softener? You can share your opinions about fabric softener here, or read other reviews for other brands and types which have already been submitted.

Purex Insiders
In addition, you can learn more about these crystals in my article about Purex softener crystals.

In addition, please note that I am a Purex Insider. What this means is that I was chosen as an ambassador for the company, to learn information about their laundry products so that I can share them with you. However, what I share with you is based on my own experience, or that of my readers, and is not influenced by Purex.

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Response To Reader Sharing The Purex Crystals Caused An Allergic Reaction

by Heidi

Heidi responded to the review above where an SR101 reader shared that the Purex crystals caused her husband to have an allergic reaction.

Heidi says:

My guess would be the perfume. It could be the dye, but I am betting on the perfume.

The Purex Crystals are specifically made to leave behind a very strong fragrance that can last a very long time.

I have actually used this brand with good results. There are some fabric softeners we can not use because of the kind of fragrance used or other chemicals added, so I understand your frustrations.

We usually have problems with dryer sheets. I think we break out because of the combination of wax holding in the scent and it being against our skin. It's weird but that is how it works in my home.

Taylor says:

Thanks Heidi for your thoughts on the allergic reaction issue.

Has anyone else had allergic reactions to any laundry supplies? Please share your laundry supplies review here, telling me your story of what happened, and what you did to try to fix the problem when you experienced the allergies.

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I Also Had An Allergic Reaction Which Is A Shame Since I Liked Them

by SR101 Reader

I also had an allergic reaction to the Purex Crystals, which is a shame because I really did like them.

I broke out in hives so bad that they caused me to have to go to the ER 3 times for IV meds and they even wanted to admit me to the hospital but due to lack of childcare I had to refuse!

Even after rewashing everything in the house and all the mess it still took 2 weeks for the horrible hives to clear up! It is odd because I have never been allergic to anything before!

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Purex Crystals Fresh Spring Water Fabric Softener Review: Love It But My Body Is Rebelling

by Nancy

Nancy shared this review of Purex crystals, adding her problems with allergic reactions to it.

Nancy says:

I love the feel and the aroma of this product. I have people stopping me and asking what perfume I am wearing! So I started giving them a small bottle of this one. It was fun to share.

But now I need some help. I would love to continue using the Purex Fabric Softener...but my body is rebelling. Does Purex make a perfume free version? I prefer how this keeps the dryer from clogging.

Taylor says:

Hi Nancy, at this point in time Purex does not make a unscented version of this fabric softener.

I think that's too bad, since it is a unique way to soften clothes that does not rely on traditional oil-based fabric softeners, or dryer sheets.

As you can see from this page lots of people have an allergic reaction to this product, similar to what I am assuming you are experiencing because of the heavy fragrance.

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Love the Purex Crystals . . . BUT Not The Rash

by SR101 Reader

They made my clothes smell wonderful, but a few days after using them I started to develop an itchy, sunburn looking type rash.

So I'm gonna have to re-wash all my clothes and get rid of it :/

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My Advice: Use It Cautiously Until You Know If You Have A Reaction

by D.C.C.
(Pittsburgh, PA)

My 13 year old and 9 year old both started having hives after prolonged exposure to clothing and bedding washed with these crystals, and neither of them had had an allergic reaction to anything before.

I find it interesting that the bottle says right on it that it's an "Irritant"!!!!! Sure is!!!

I have used every scented laundry soap and fabric softener out there, but this is first time anyone in my family had a reaction.

Disappointing because I do like the smell. Oh well.

My advice to anyone thinking about trying it-- have Benadryl and Aveeno oatmeal soap on hand and save yourself a lot of hassle and only wash a load or two and see if you have a reaction.

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Stayed Up Many Nights Scratching Because Of This

by Yvonne Wimberly

For the past 3 weeks I have broken out in hives rashes and cannot sleep because of the severe itching, even though I have not made any drastic changes in my diet.

I began the process of elimination in my diet. Still no resolution.

Then I began to think when the itching occurred and where.

I realized I had began using the Purex Crystals in my laundry quite a bit in the past month.

I had changed my bedding which was also washed in the product.

It got me thinking that this had to be it.

I spoke with my daughter who said she wished I had mentioned that I was using the Crystals, she would have been able to relate my hives to that information.

My daughter said she had to quit using it also because she had broken out in rashes on her body and that my granddaughter and one other daughter had to quit using it for the same reason.

I don't know what ingredient is in it, but there's definitely a chemical that causes hives and all the itching that goes along with it.

I stayed up many night scratching, using special lotions and taking Benadryl.

I have just about re-washed everything I could think of.

Hope this helps someone.

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I Got Hives From Tropical Splash Scent

by Bonnie

Bonnie says:

I broke out in hives 3 weeks ago and thought it was poison oak since I just went camping a week before.

I washed everything in Purex Crystals, the Tropical Splash scent, however my hives got worse and are all over my body.

When I finally realized it may be the crystals I looked at the bottle and on the front is a mango.

I am highly allergic to the oils on the skin of mangos.

Mango trees come from the same plant family as poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac.

My body is breaking out everywhere except my face and feet which is where clothes and towels don't touch.

I have been to the emergency room after an overdose of two anti itch medicines - Benadryl and Lidocaine.

I have rewashed everything, however these oils take time to go away.

I'm sure part of the "natural ingredients" of this product contain mango oil or something to that effect.

I'm curious to know if the other people allergic to this product are also allergic to poison oak, ivy and sumac.

Also I think we may need to wash out clothes more than once and in hot water which is bad for my dark clothes.

Benadryl is a life saver however. Taking it every four hours is the only thing keeping me from not itching my skin off.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear this Bonnie.

I have no idea whether mango oil is in the ingredients of this product, nor if they are related to these itchy plants personally, so don't take that part as gospel.

But I can believe you're allergic to something in this product since obviously lots of other readers have had similar reactions.

I hope you feel better soon!

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Fresh Mountain Breeze Scent Caused A Reaction For Me

by Anonymous

First time I used Purex. I have used many other companies products with no reaction.

This new product caused an allergic reaction with hives all over my body. Clean sheets on my bed Friday night and full of hives Saturday morning.

Now I have to rewash all my sheets, blankets and clothes.

No thanks Purex, this product is not for me.

I have never had an allergic reaction to any other product in my life and I am over 50 years old.

Not sure what you added but Purex should remove it.

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Purex Crystals Gave Me An Allergic Reaction With The Fresh Spring Scent

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 reader wrote to share with me the allergic reaction she had to Purex Crystals fabric softener.

SR101 reader says:

After using the crystals my laundry smelled terrific and the scent did last a long time.

However, I experienced an allergic reaction on my face and behind my knees and inside elbows (where clothes rub against skin). The burn on my face was so bad (most likely from bath towels & washcloths) that It peeled a couple of layers of skin off around my lip and nose area.

I'm still healing/re-peeling a week later.

Taylor says:

I'm sorry to hear how this product effected your allergies. I hope you feel better soon.

I guess you'll have to lay off the scented laundry supplies no matter how good they smell, it's definitely not worth that!

I would note, too, that it is not just Purex crystals which are causing allergic reactions for people. Other highly scented crystals and beads which are now all the rage in laundry supplies, such as Downy Unstopables and Gain Fireworks have also caused some of my readers to have allergic reactions.

On the other hand, not everyone has had such a reaction to this fabric softener. In fact, here are additional reviews on this site of these crystals, where people have loved them, and not experienced any health problems related to them.

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Comments for Purex Crystals Gave Me An Allergic Reaction With The Fresh Spring Scent

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Happened to me too!
by: rash

This product gave me rash on one leg and a painful rash on my lower back, where the top of my jeans hit.

Should have better warning
by: Denise

I am recovering from a severe bout of allergic dermatitis requiring oral steroids. I have never had allergies before. The only change in our house has been the use of Purex Crystals in the past month. Unfortunate, as they smell wonderful. There really should be a stronger warning label.

by: Anonymous

My daughter and I both are suffering from severe asthma and allergy symptoms after using this product on all of the bedding. I also put some on the carpet. I love the smell, sad, but I do not think we can use it anymore :(

Wheezing, sneezing coughing, using inhalers and nebulizer.

Severe Reaction / Burn to My Face
by: Anonymous

I woke up several mornings ago with my eyes nearly swollen shut with a burning sensation. The following days after realizing it was this product and a trip to the doctor, my eyes began to peel as though I had a severe burn. My lids continue to droop and I hope to get back to normal soon. Although I loved the smell, it was definitely not worth the severe reaction I had.

by: Anonymous

I also broke out in hives from using this product. I have rewashed everything at least 3 times and still cannot get the smell or hives under control. Are there any suggestions to get rid of the effects of the hives? I can't stop itching and I can't afford to keep washing my clothes over and over to get rid of the effects.

Response re question about relieving hives
by: Taylor

I'm sorry to hear this product caused you to have hives. I am not a medical doctor, and therefore don't feel comfortable providing medical advice on how to alleviate the hives themselves, although continuing to rewash your clothes over again, multiple times, should hopefully remove this product from the fibers which is what is causing the problem. I know that is a pain to do these multiple washings (and can also get quite expensive) but it is about the only thing that works.

Buyer Beware
by: Tammy

I bought this product a week ago and my 7 yr old has broken out in a rash all over his body. It's only on areas that clothing have touched. Not on his hands or face so I'm thinking it's indeed the laundry soap. Taking him to the doctor in the morning just to be on the safe side. I won't use this product again.

Happened to me
by: Anonymous

I recently started using this product and my husband started getting an itching sensation and he couldn't speak normally. We never used this before, and I washed a load of clothes with this. I think this product needs a real warning on the label. Now, thanks to the company's lack of labels on the product people are getting affected by its contents.

It's the SOY
by: Anonymous

My wife has a soy allergy. After using this product she became
very ill. She was bed ridden with vomiting and diarrhea. She could not eat and therefore lost over 20 pounds during the ordeal. The whole time she was in bed while I continued to use the product. She got worse because she was lying in a soy cocoon. I finally figured it out and washed the bedding and clothes.

So we are now at the point where she feels much better except for the rash which has emerged as her body sheds the toxins from this horrible experience.

They need to put on the label that Purex Crystals contain soy.

No where on the label does it say that the crystals are made mostly of soy. The USDA allows companies to label products "natural" when they contain soy. Soy is not natural. It is a highly processed and very dangerous additive.

Hopefully my wife will be back to normal soon because the last 6 weeks have been hell.

Hendersonville NC

Fresh Spring Waters Fragrance caused it for me
by: From Arizona

I had a terrible allergic reaction after washing my clothes with this. Red bumps and blisters that itched all over my chest (after wearing a blouse washed with it). I washed the clothes three times to hopefully get the residue out, but the same blouse still smelled like the fragrance. I ended up throwing it out. I am again washing the rest of the clothes two more times. I hope this gets rid of the residue.

too bad
by: Koreen

We used them on our bedding and I had a bad reaction, hives etc. I had to rewash everything twice. Too bad because I really liked the scent.

Don't use these if you have sensitive skin!
by: Josh

After a week and a half of constantly breaking out in hives, I figured out what has been causing it. It has given me hives, which has lead to fever and severe diarrhea! Any longer I would have probably gotten dehydrated! Been washing everything in my house and keeping everything separated! I have broke out in hives over 5 times, daily! If your breaking out get some gloves and Benadryl and start getting your laundry washed! I love Purex laundry soap, but as for this fab softener, absolutely not!

Allergic to only one of the scents - the fresh spring waters
by: Tanya

I have used different Pyrex crystals scents before and for the first time ever used the "fresh spring waters" scent. Soon my husband and my dog both started breaking out in hives. Is there any way to find out what is specifically in this scent that isn't in the others? I'm curious to find out what my husband and dog are both allergic to that is only in that scent.

by: Anonymous

Same thing happened to me. Started using the product and ended up with hives all over my body.

Bad reaction
by: Elisabeth

Hello! I bought the crystals to mix with my homemade laundry soap (so I'm not using as much as instructed per scoop), and LOVE the scent; however, every time I wash my clothes, first my upper right chest aches, then my throat constricts a little and the smell is overpowering that I get a minor headache. Once they're done washing/drying it goes away, and my clean clothes don't have too strong of a smell. My 11 year old son doesn't have any problem, he loves it when I wash the clothes because the whole house smells good. I've asked him if he experiences anything, but he says no. I have allergies to scented soaps but laundry detergent and my homemade soap never gives me problems so I didn't think anything of it. I didn't know what the problem was the first day I did laundry, but have noticed a pattern after the third/fourth day washing laundry, and the only new ingredient is the crystals. Now since I mixed it I have to throw/give it all away.

Broke me out
by: Lee Ellen Carter

I started using Purex Crystals as soon as I saw them on the shelf at the dollar store. However I started itching and have been using Benadryl every four hours. I have had a sore tongue and no one can figure out why. So I am going to stop using them and see if this is the problem. I have been on two antibiotics and using Benadryl every fours. I am sure that is the problem since I have not used anything else new. If I solve the problem I will email.

Dog reaction
by: Anonymous

One of my dogs broke out with welts all over his body including inside his mouth. He also has been having a hard time eating and has had a few episodes of vomiting. my husband and I struggled to see what could possibly have caused this. The vet said it definitely was an allergic reaction to something but we have not been able to figure out what. No change in his diet or environment. We have been stumped. I then came across this site. We started using this product right before this problem began. Is it possible that my dog could be having the same reaction to this product as people are having? I would appreciate any feedback anyone could give me. I am very concerned about his health.

Dangerous product
by: Phyllis K

I have been using Purex for a long time and love the scents and product. I have never been one to have an allergic reaction to anything ever until I bought the Purex Laundry detergent with crystals. I broke out with the worst case of hives/rash ever and had no idea what could be causing it since I'm not new to using Purex. When I went to my physician he asked about switching laundry detergent and/or dryer sheets and I assured him there had been no change. I was put on a powerful round of steriods and topical ointment and when the steroids ran out the hives/rash came back full force. That is when I decided to look at the detergent I bought and when I noticed that I had gotten something I normally don't buy which had the "crystals" in it. I bought the regular Purex and rewashed everything but it is taking some time for those crazy "time-released" crystals to get out of my clothes, bed clothes, etc.

3 weeks of hives
by: Jennifer

I bought this product to use when washing pet blankets. I can't recall exact date used or how long it had been when the hives began. I woke one morning with them covering my back. 1 day later my arms and the next my stomach. It has now been 3 weeks and the hives are worse everyday. Unfortanetly I used the crystals again before realizing they were the cause. Headed to an Immediate Care now to get steroids since NOTHING I have tried has given me any relief.

Wanted to love
by: Anonymous

I want start of by saying I absolutely loved the Purex Crystals, but I've broken out on horrible hives under my arms and the inside of my legs where the clothes were rubbing the most on my skin. I'm 41 years old and I've never ever been allergic to anything in my life! So sad I can't use them anymore because they worked amazing!

Loved the smell not the hives
by: Tina

I have been using Purex crystals for two weeks now and I have hives on my arms, back, hips, ankles, even on my neck! I use perfume everyday with no problem but couldn't figure what's different in my life besides the crystals. This is very unfortunate because i really love the smell. I'm the only person in my home with the problem! Uggghhh.

Sunburn sensation
by: Debbie Foster

I too have the allergic reaction on the backs of my thighs and the back of my arm from the clothing that I took out of the dryer with the crystals softener. It does smell amazing but I had such a sunburn sensation with scaly rash within a few hours of wearing my clothes that I just couldn't wear them. I have washed all my clothes and not use the crystals and I don't have that same feeling anymore but it's taken over a week and I still have the dried skin from the sunburned dried effect.

Real shame
by: Bryon

A couple of days ago, I had broken out in an allergic reaction, the night of my 21st birthday. I too had never experienced an allergic reaction before, but now as I'm thinking about it, I could have possibly liked the smell so much, & added too many crystals. What's weird is that I've been wearing clothing from the same load of laundry, and haven't experienced any reaction. Hopefully I'll continue to not break-out, because it would really be a shame, because the crystals smell amazing.

Looks like chemical burns
by: Cathy Kaufman

My husband and I both broke out in what looks like chemical burns. Horrible.

Son broke out
by: Ms Mom

My son has been itching for a month now like crazy and my body has broken out in acne in places I have never had before. After a lot of thought, I came to the conclusion that the only thing new I'm using are the bath crystals! After weening them out of our laundry now I find all our itching and acne issues are now subsiding. That was a very rough month for us. Luckily we figured it out. The bath crystals are a nice idea, they are just not for everyone.

Allergic Reaction/Breakout
by: Kelz

I recently purchased the Lavender Blossom scent and had a bad reaction. I thought something was biting me at night, it turns out it's an allergic reaction. I had to rewash all of my towels, clothes, and sheets. I was very itchy and had hives/bumps on my arms, neck, and ears. I was previously using the Gain scent booster products and never had any problems. I purchased the Purex crystals figuring they were pretty much the same thing. NOT! The Gain product is not "crystalized" so I think that makes a difference. Nevertheless I wont be able to use the Purex product any more and had to throw away a full bottle of it. Buyer beware!

severe break out
by: Denise Lee

I have read several review for the Purex Crystals. I too have had severe breaking out on my neck and abdominal area. I should have never washed my pillow in them. I am now in process of rewashing everything in the house as well.

lavender blossom scent triggered asthma
by: Anonymous

Love the smell but this has triggered my asthma. I think all these type of products should have a warning on them for this.

fresh spring water scent gave me hives
by: Gloria

I have given it away. It was the green bottle of crystals. It gave me hives anywhere my clothes touched my skin. Red welts that itch like crazy. I'm taking antihistamine and using anti itch cream. I'm trying to figure what to use on my face due wash clothes and towels. I will never use purex crystals again!!!!

by: Anonymous

I love the smell but hate the itching. I feel like bugs are all over me, which my paranoid butt looked all over for. This is the second time I bought it. First was a few months ago and had the same thing. Thought maybe it was something different. Unfortunately no. Have to rewash all my stuff.

Allergic reaction from all underwear
by: Susan Payne

The crystals have caused me a severe allergic reaction from underwear washed with these crystals. My entire bottom feels like it is on fire.

Tossed in the trash...
by: Anonymous

I had washed my blankets in this and loved the scent, however that night I slept with one of those blankets and woke up covered in hives on about 35% of my body with a fever and headache.

The doctor gave me a steroid shot but it did nothing so I am now on a high dose 12 day treatment which includes taking 13 pills in a day (4 different Rx).

Absolutely a miserable experience.

by: Anonymous

Had the same issue with the Purex scent crystals. Broke out in hives. Previously always used Arm & Hammer brand (clean blue label scent, not lavender, and never had an issue), will be going back. Hope this helps.

by: Marc Taylor

Bought the Purex lavender. Became very flushed, itchy, head ache, itchy eye, burning in my feet, ear lobes, cheeks. Clogged left ear, swelling in my throat.

I itched for a week
by: Roxanne

I used the crystals in two loads of clothes and immediately broke out in hive and itched horribly. I had to get Benadryl to calm the itch. I won't be using this product again.

my whole family broke out in hives
by: Anonymous

I used these Purex crystals and my whole family broke out in hives. I had to rewash everything!

Not for me!
by: Anonymous

I was about to use this for the first time, but reading these comments made me decide to be smart. I will NOT be using this. My skin is average skin, working in the garden might bring on a case of the itchies, but soap and water takes care of that right fast. Perhaps I can use them as a sachets, very well wrapped. Thanks all!

swollen feet
by: Anonymous

My wife used these crystals and i broke out in a rash and my feet blistered and I could hardly walk also my arms broke out in rash, Very painful to walk thought it was a circulation problem. I have never experienced this and it was scary thought I had bad blood circulation and made appt with doctor after blood test xrays and ekg they could not explain the swelling.

Now taking benydral and it is clearing up. Thank God !!

Purex crystals lavender
by: Anonymous

my dog sitter decided to wash our dogs fleece bed blanket and then used the Purex crystals in the dryer not knowing it was a washer product, not necessarily for the dryer. The following day our dog stopped eating and became very lethargic. We are unsure if he ate some of the crystals that fell in the floor when she took the blanket out of the dryer or had a reaction from the blanket dried with the product. Either way it was the only change he could have been exposed to.

Skin rash
by: Anonymous

It just came to me to ask my wife about an hour ago. I have had a rash in different places on my body for the last 3 weeks and haven't been successful in finding out what's causing it until about an hour ago it came to me to ask my wife if she'd changed our laundry detergent within the last 3 weeks or so. She said she had bought and has been using Purex Lavendar with crystals. That's it. I'm sure of it after coming to this site to check if there were anyone else having the same reaction.

horrible allergic reaction
by: Anonymous

I had to visit my dermatologist this morning, due to a horrible reaction to the purex spring water crystals. I have broken out all over my arms, neck, back and hands. 1 steroid shot from my doctor and 2 prescription creams, and I'm hoping that will take care of it.

horrible reaction
by: Anonymous

I tried the crystals for the first time and have broken out in a horrible rash all over my chest, arms and back. I will not be using these again, and am seeing my dermatologist tomorrow. I'm miserable.

Allergic reaction.
by: Wanda

I love the smell of this product but after washing my sheets I broke out with red itchy splotches all over my body.

by: Anonymous

I actually didn't smell the fragrance in any of the laundry I washed, but that aside, I am itching from head to toe. I started using Pyrex in wash 2 days ago...the only thing different I've used in my laundry routine. I guess I can't use it anymore. I'm never affected by fragrances in any product.

Needs to come off the market
by: Rich LaFleur

I had the same problem, never in my life over 50 years have I had a reaction to laundry detergent. We recently move to the country and are now on well water. The problem is if the laundry sits for more the 2 hours in the washing machine, it picks up a sour odor.

We figured the crystals would solve the problem.

It has been hell, hives all over my back and chest. We are rewashing everything that we used the crystals in the wash with. Changed to using vinegar in the wash instead.

by: Nissy

OMG! I loved the smell of the Purex Crystals, but my skin does not agree. I woke up with all types of hives on my hands, arms, back and neck. I didn't realize it was the crystals until I washed my son's clothes the other night and used the crystals and he woke up with the same issue hives every where. It's gotten so bad I can't even sleep from itching so much. I'm glad I figured it out now I have to almost rewash my whole house.

terrible rash
by: AA

I just started using these Purex crystals in my wash a month now. For the past 2 weeks I have the most terrible rash on my face, back of my neck, arms, and back. I couldn't figure out what it was as I'm never allergic to anything. I have washed my sheets and towels and I guess as I sleep on them and sweat I end up with this terrible itching. I am just going to throw them out.

by: Polly, Oakville ON

This detergent was on sale and I bought it. Started using it in April 2019, by May my husband started complaining he's itchy, we thought plant allergy outside. Not until I started to be itchy (a feeling bugs climbing allover and biting moderate), that we inspected and the only thing that was new in our lives was this "Pyrex Crystals ". I got our usual detergent washed everything.....oh boy I slept well, my husband was severely affected and he tells me the itchy is decreased tremendously. Why bother making products that harm, cause pain to consumers? Financial factor verses a few consumers with hives equation: Stop the product and give my money back.

Reaction to Fabulously Fresh
by: Shannon

I’m not sure that I would call this an allergic reaction. For weeks I have been having rashes on my arms, legs, and trunk. I initially thought it was dry skin, but after making an conscious effort to moisturize the rash kept getting worse. I explored all possibilities- body soap, laundry detergent, lotions, new bedding, bed bugs, fleas, scabbies etc.
This week the rash began to appear on my face as well. After much research and realizing I hadn’t changed any of my normal items around the time the rash began- not even the Purex, except that this was a different scent, I realized after washing my face the other night that there was something grainy left behind. Tonight, I did my face wash routine very slowly, observing the textures of each product closely. Once I lathered the face wash, I washed it off with a wet cloth. This is when I noticed there was a graininess that remained. I splashed water onto my face & got a paper towel to help wipe away what was left.
This confirmed my suspicion of what the culprit was. The wash cloth is not a new one. Nothing else has changed in my routine. These crystals, for some reason are not dissolving completely (even in hot water) & are causing me to break out. Tomorrow, I will have to start rewashing all of my clothes and linen.

Rash decision to use Purex Complete Crystals
by: Anonymous

What a nice refreshing smell to the sheets, towels, in fact all of the laundry. After the third use I started noticing small bumps on my arms, legs and the back of my neck. The itching began and I started to think of things I had recently changed. I asked my wife if she had noticed anything unusual going on recently. She mentioned small rashes and itching. Only thing that has changed was the addition of the Purex Complete Crystals. Now all the laundry is being washed again without the Crystals. Hopefully, this will be an end to the rashes and irritation.

by: Laura

I have also broken out in red itchy hives on the sensitive skin areas. I just started using the Purex Crystals so I’m almost positive this is the problem. The itching keeps me up all night and then the area will get so red and burn. I’ve tried a few different over the counter creams that did help for about 30 minutes but then begin to itch again. I’ve even put an ice pack on it and that also felt really good until I took it off. The Dr gave me two pills to take 3 days apart. I just took my first one so we will see if it works....

Allergy Suffers: Beware!
by: Denise

I bought Purex Lavender Blossom Crystals because I wanted my towels to have a fresh scent. When I opened the canister I was delighted with the aroma. I was very happy after washing several loads of towels - my entire house smelled wonderful. As I folded the laundry I noticed that I was constantly sneezing, my nose became congested, my eyes watered, and I developed a headache. I thought that I was developing hay fever. However, I later noted that my symptoms were relieved when I was no longer in the laundry room or in any room containing towels washed with Purex Crystals. I have now shut the laundry room door to contain the allergen and am wearing a mask to go in and rewash my towels. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that I won’t suffer from an eczema outbreak from using the towel. It’s a shame - I wanted to love this product!

I like the scent but it doesn't like me.
by: Mrs. Joyce Croul

I like the scent but it doesn't like me. I used the Botanicals/ Cherry Blossom and Ginger scent. I get a runny nose and sneeze a lot with this scent. I'm going back to using Original Downy. It doesn't make me sneeze. I need softener because I wear skirts and dresses and need the anti cling feature to keep a nice hang to my clothes.

I would prefer a non scented version please.

Skin reaction
by: Gary Zasuwa

I was not happy with my laundry and I wanted to get the joy of citrus in my clothing and bedding. Well it was wonderful for a couple of weeks and then my skin broke out severely. I thought I had ring worm or a skin reaction to what? I stopped using Purex and after 2 weeks my skin has calmed down, but I had to see two doctors to get to this remedied.

No more Purex.

skin irritant
by: Anonymous

I was itching like crazy all over for a week. Finally narrowed it down to these Purex crystals. It says skin irritant right on the label.

Fresh Mountain Breeze caused puffy face
by: Jess Milligan

This stuff smells awesome. However, since I have started using it my daughter and myself have puffy faces and stuffiness. My husband and I have both been breaking out in itchy rashes. I would recommend not using this product. We are all miserable and we are going to go through this until all clothes and blankets etc. have been rewashed without it. So sad it did not work out. It did not stain our clothes and left them smelling fresh and clean. But it is not worth the misery of breaking out in itchy hives/rashes and having a puffy face.

dog stopped sleeping in my bed while I used this
by: Donna

My dog stopped sleeping on my bed until I figured out that the last time I washed the bedspread I had used these crystals as fabric softener and had never used it before. Needless to say my dog had skin issues from it and red eyes and refused to sleep in the bed.

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