Purex Crystals Review - Lavender Blossom Scent

by Bonnie
(Flint, Michigan)

Bonnie has shared her Purex Complete Crystals Fabric Softener review, of the Lavender Blossom scent.

Bonnie says:

Purex Crystals are a new concept, as far as I am concerned. You put them directly in with your clothes when you wash them.

I have to admit that I really did NOT expect much. My sister gave me a bottle of the Lavender Blossom scent and practically ordered me to try it. I put it in the washer with my sheets and pillow cases, and thought, well, it's probably going to wash all the scent away during the rinse cycle, if not during the wash cycle. It didn't.

When I opened the washer at the end of the rinse cycle I could really smell the lovely lavender scent. So I thought, well, okay, but the scent will probably disappear by the time it's gone through the dryer. Nope. It still smelled, if possible, even nicer when I took it out of the dryer.

It's been a week. I just changed my sheets again and they STILL had that lovely scent. I'm going to try the Tropical Splash scent next.

I just read the ingredient label. When they say the ingredients are "natural" they really mean it!! I think I'm hooked on the Purex Crystals.

I used to use dryer sheets when I used another fabric softener that I used during the rinse cycle. Now I don't need to!!

Taylor says:

Thanks Bonnie for your review.

You are right, this crystal fabric softener is a really unique and new
concept, and as far as I know only Purex has this type of product right now.

I can definitely see the advantage of being able to add the product at the same time as your detergent, instead of having to wait for the rinse cycle.

You can read more about Purex softener crystals here, where I've shared how they work.

For full disclosure, please note that I am a Purex Insider, which means I get information about new products directly from Purex, and from time to time get to try out new products even before they come out on the market.

Purex Insiders
I did not personally get to test these crystals, because Purex does not make them in a scent free formula, which is important for my family because of allergy issues. (***Update - My fears about the scent was apparently correct, because I have now also received several reviews from people who have experienced allergic reactions to these crystals.)

Although I am a Purex Insider, it will not effect my opinions and reviews of the products, nor will it effect the reviews I publish which I receive from readers like you. It just gives me a chance to learn more about these products, to share that information with you here, on this site.

Has anyone else used this fabric softener for their clothing? If so, you can share your Purex softener crystals review here.

In addition, you can share your reviews of traditional liquid fabric softeners here for any brand, telling me what you like, or don't like, about them and why.

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Baby Purex Crystals Review: Good If You Want A Softener For Children's Sleepwear

by Taylor

I recently tried Baby Purex Crystals, a scented fabric softener designed to be used on baby or children's clothing.

I was given my bottle by the company, in my role as a Purex Insider, and was excited to try a product that has not yet even come out in stores yet. (It will be released in early February 2013 into Walmart.)

Normally, I would not try scented products, since my family suffers from laundry product allergies, but the packaging says it is both hypoallergenic and dye free, so I thought I would give it a try.

purex baby laundry products
I used it along with some of the Purex baby laundry detergent which I received previously (click the link for my review, along with others). The scents of the two products complimented each other well, and I would agree that it was a "baby inspired fragrance," although I can't put my finger on exactly what scent that is. Some people have described it as baby powder scent, but I don't quite agree with that assessment.

I expected the crystals to be pink in color since the bottle was, but they were more of a light brown color, I guess because they are dye free, as advertised. I like that since there have been some complaints with some crystal laundry scent boosters that the colored beads stain clothing (such as Downy Unstopables for example).

I only used this product once (and I'll explain my reasons more below) but I had no problems with staining. I did, however, add the crystals to hot water and let them dissolve fully before adding any clothing into the washing machine. They didn't dissolve at first, and I had to swish the water around a bit to make sure everything was dissolved.

One unique complaint I had about the product is that the bottle I received did not have a pink cap on it, but instead just a flip open dispenser. Therefore, there was no way for me to properly measure the product and I had to eyeball it. I tended towards using less, and because of the strong scent produced I'm glad I decided to err on the side of caution.

As soon as this product hit the water it released a very strong scent, and if you like strong scents you would most likely find this quite pleasant. However, I guess I don't really want my clothes to be as heavily scented as this product makes the fabric, which is the main reason I only used it once.

Purex Crystals can cause allergic reactions
Even though it had a scent neither I nor any of my family experienced any allergic reaction to it, which was good. I have had many complaints, however, about other scents of the Purex Crystals causing allergic reactions so I would love to hear from others who've used it, sharing whether you've been able to use it without problems, or not.

Because of the scent I won't be classifying this as a hypoallergenic fabric softener despite its claims on the packaging.

Overall, I really didn't think this product was suited for me and my family because of the heavy scent. I also felt the same way about Purex Crystals, in general, when I was given the chance to try it. That is merely because I don't like such strong scents, but I can see how this would be quite nice for those people who do.

As I mentioned in the title of this review, this is a good product to use as a softener if you are washing children's sleepwear, as I suspect many people who are using baby laundry products are doing. The reason is fully explained in my Purex Crystals article, which explains how this product differs from more traditional oil-based liquid fabric softeners. Read both the linked articles for full details, but the short version is that oil-based softeners coat fabrics with a film which makes them feel softer, but this coating renders the flame-retardant in children's pajamas useless. Whereas this crystal version from Purex (and a couple other companies, such as Dropps mineral based fabric softener) does not work in this way, and therefore doesn't have this negative side effect of more traditional fabric softeners.

The formula of Purex Crystals for Baby doesn't appear to be different than the other scents of the crystals, and they don't hurt children's sleepwear either. Therefore, if you like another scent better you could use it just as effectively on your baby's clothing as this one.

This product is just one of many baby laundry products on the market. You can click the link to see a comprehensive list I've compiled of the ones currently on the market, along with reviews of them, when available, if you'd like to consider one of them for your child's laundry.

I'd also love to hear from even more people who've used this product, sharing what you thought of it, and how it worked for you. You can share your reviews here, or read others that have already been submitted of other scents and varieties of these Purex Crystals.

FTC Disclosure: Purex provided me with a sample of Purex Crystals for Baby in exchange for a product review. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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How Do You Use Purex Fabric Softener Crystals In An HE Machine?

by SR101 Reader

I received this question from a reader about how to use Purex fabric softener crystals.

Question Asked:

Do I still need to select the fabric softener on my HE washer when I use the Purex crystals?

Taylor's Answer:

Thanks for your question. I am not quite sure I understand it, but I think I do. Are you asking if you need to add the crystals to the fabric softener dispenser of your HE machine, like you would need to do if you were using a traditional liquid fabric softener?

The answer is no. The fabric softener crystals are HE compatible, so you can use them in your machine, but they work in a different way than oil based softeners, which must be added during the rinse cycle. That is why in all HE machines fabric softeners must be added to the dispenser, do they can be released at the correct time in the cycle.

The Purex crystals, on the other hand, are added at the same time you add the clothes, and should be put directly in the drum of the washing machine, whether you have an HE machine or a top loader.

You can learn even more about Purex softener crystals here, along with reviews from readers that have already been submitted. I also invite even more readers to share their reviews of this new product here.

I have answered this question as part of my site where I answer your laundry questions. You can ask me your laundry questions here, or read other questions I've already answered.

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Purex Crystals Softener Work Great In My HE Washing Machine

by Susan

Susan, in response to the question from another reader above about how to use the Purex crystals in an HE washing machine, provided this additional information.

Susan says:

I have an HE washer and I add the crystals to the inside of the drum before I put my clothes in. They work just fine that way and my clothes come out smelling wonderful, and they're soft. And that's even when I do an extra rinse.

I only dry towels, sheets, socks, panties and stuff like that in my dryer and hang the rest of my clothes to dry, and it's nice they have that lavender smell to them.

While they're hanging to dry in my laundry room, the lavender smell sometimes drifts out to my kitchen!

All in all a great product! I wish I could put the crystals in little sachet bags and use them to perfume drawers, lol.

Taylor says:

Thanks Susan for sharing your experience with how this product works in a high efficiency machine. This is a constant question I get for all types of laundry supplies, since there are some significant differences in the way HE and top loading machines work.

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Spotting On Ironed Clothing After Using This Product

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 reader wrote in with a problem she's having with Purex Crystals, asking a question about it.

SR101 says:

I love the scent and ease of use, and it did last.

Has anyone had a problem when ironing with the spray water causing tanish colored spots?

I changed the water in my iron, using distilled water, but it still spoting and the old water was clear. Thank you.

Taylor says:

Thanks for asking your question, but I need some clarification before I think I can actually answer it.

First, are you saying that you are getting these spots on your clothes after washing with this product, or adding it to your water you're using while ironing?

If you're using this product in the washing machine, and then all clothes washed in it are afterward getting these spots when you iron, that could be a big problem.

However, if you've added some of the crystals to dissolve in your spray bottle of water you use while ironing, and that is when you've experienced the spotting problems, I'd say you're misusing the product, which is what's causing the spots.

This product is meant to be washed with, and then rinsed out of your clothing. Obviously, if you spray it on as a way to scent your clothes while being ironed there is no rinsing involved, and the residue left because of not rinsing is most likely causing the spotting as it gets heated up by the iron.

I'd love for you to clarify which one you're doing so if needed, I could investigate further. In addition, I'd love to hear from others who've used this product, and then ironed clothing washed (and rinsed after use) if you've had any issues.

I've answered this question as part of my laundry questions section of the website. Come on over and see what else I've answered, or ask your own question!

Photo by bcmom

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This Laundry Product Has Been Spotting My Clothes Too

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

Purex Crystals also seem to be leaving spots all over my washable silk turtlenecks.

I've tried to use spot removers like Zout and Oxiclean Spray to get the spots out, but once the spots appear, they are there for life!!!

It's after the dryer that you can really see the spots; but I can see them straight out of the washer if I look closely.

The spots are so bad that I can't wear the turtlenecks unless they're covered by a pullover sweater.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear about this spotting problem.

I know some people are having trouble with the product dissolving properly, but it sounds like the spotting is perhaps from the type of fabric you're using the crystals on, since it is silk.

I would love to hear from others to share if you've had this same problem with spotting, and also if you've found any way to remove the spots. Obviously, treating before they go through the dryer is the best for any type of stain though. If you've got tips, or your own problems to share, you can share your story here.

***Update: Another reader, Sue, wrote in to say she too has experienced this problem with a pair of white pants. She says:
So I buy Purex crystals, lavender blossom, and my best white pants are ruined. They came out of the wash with purple spots all over one leg. I have re washed them, now they are soaking. The pants were $65.00. Now they are ruined.
So it sounds like this problem may be more prevalent than I thought, which stinks. If you've experienced it too, tell me in the comments or send me a picture of what the spots look like! ***End update

Photo courtesy of Amazon.com

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What Are The Ingredients In Purex Crystals?

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 reader asked this question about the ingredient list of this product.

SR101 Reader asks:

I want to know the exact ingredients of Purex Crystal Fabric Softener.

I called the company and they gave me a web site for the safety data but it wouldn't go through. Why don't they use pure, natural essential oils for the scent? I do not want to use chemicals any longer.

Taylor says:

Thanks for your question.

I understand it can be frustrating when a company advertises a product as 92% natural, as Purex Crystals does for this product, not to be able to see the full ingredient list to evaluate for yourself how green and natural the product really is.

Unfortunately, as I explained more in this article about the criteria for evaluating green cleaning supplies, companies are not required to list all their ingredients, since it is considered a trade secret.

Criteria for evaluating green cleaning supplies

You may try looking up the MSDS for this product, but it probably still won't help too much. There is no requirement that the fragrance ingredients be listed for the product.

You may be interested in making your own fabric softener, if you want to control the ingredients more.

Here are some homemade fabric softener recipes you could try, using natural ingredients.

Homemade fabric softener recipes

In addition, if you like to use essential oils to fragrance your homemade laundry supplies, I've created a list of essential oils recipes for homemade laundry products you can reference for some good mixtures and combinations you may like to try.

9 essential oils recipes: suggested scent blends for homemade laundry products

I answered this question as part of my laundry questions section of the site, so make sure to ask your own questions if you've got one, or see what else I've already answered!

Ask your laundry questions here

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Problem With Crystals Not Dissolving

by Bryan

Bryan shared a problem he experienced with this product.

Bryan says:

I had a severe problem with this product not fully dissolving and clogging my washing machine drain.

When I opened machine and pulled the trap out it was totally clogged with undissolved crystals.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear about that Bryan, that is never a good thing to experience.

I am curious though, how you added the product to your machine, and also whether you have a front or top loader.

Unlike many liquid fabric softeners that you add to the fabric softener dispenser you do not do this with Purex crystals. Instead, the product instructs it should be added directly to the wash water at the same time you add detergent, at the beginning of the load. You add them directly to the washer drum, for contact with the water, so they can dissolve prior to putting your clothes in there.

If you did those steps, and they still didn't dissolve, that would be a big problem!

Has anyone else experienced this issue? You can share your reviews and experiences here, either good or bad.

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I Couldn't Figure Out What This Product Actually Does

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 reader sent me in her critique of this product's packaging.

SR101 Reader says:

I like that Purex crystals add a nice scent to my laundry, but I could not find any information on the bottle as to what exactly it is supposed to do.

The bottle only states that it is a laundry enhancer. I had to search online to find what sort of "enhancement" is intended.

I have some Norwex products that are not supposed to be washed with softener. The container should say clearly that it is also a softener.

Taylor says:

Sorry you had such trouble finding out what this product does. If you haven't already, make sure you read my article about Purex softener crystals here, which provides lots of information provided to me directly from Purex (since I'm a Purex Insider).

Of course, right on the front of the bottle (at least with the old packaging -- perhaps they changed it?) it says "softener" right under the words "Purex Crystals."

Now, I have no idea the reason certain of your articles of clothing should not be washed with fabric softener, as there could be many. However, if these are fabrics that are supposed to breathe and wick moisture, such as athletic garments, be sure to understand the difference in the way the crystals do this versus traditional oil-based softeners, since it may make a difference in whether you can use the product for them or not.

If you're interested, you can Read my article, about how traditional fabric softeners work and then contrast this with my article about the crystals which shares how they work differently.

Hope this helps, and glad you figured out what the product does in the end, even though it wasn't as obvious as it should have been from the packaging.

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How I Make Sure My Purex Crystals Dissolve In The Washer

by SR101 Reader

I use the Spring Waters Scent and I really do love it!! But I was concerned about them dissolving, as someone else mentioned they have had a problem with that.

I always fill my washer to the smallest water load size with WARM water. This helps dissolve my Borax, Purex Crystals, Oxiclean, and powdered detergent.

I let it agitate for a minute or two, then fill the rest of the washer with cold water.

I have well water and its really hard and this has worked well for me.

I also actually dissolved some of the crystals in vinegar to make it smell better, if you use vinegar as a natural fabric softener. That worked very well!! Smelled great!

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Purex Complete Crystals Review - Fresh Spring Waters Scent

by Laura

Laura has shared her Purex Complete Crystals fabric softener review.

Laura says:

I bought the new Purex crystals. I LOVE them!! They smell amazing.

I prefer the Fresh Spring Waters to the Lavender Blossom scent. I have not seen the Tropical Splash in the stores that I shop at.

I wasn't too impressed with the size of the bottles though. I haven't been able to find any in a large bottle.

There are currently six of us that require laundry. A bottle does not seem to last very long, but I also used a full cap size.

I have noticed that since I began using the crystals compared to the liquid fabric softener I have not had any clothing stained from the fabric softener.

I am very happy with the smell that they omit throughout my house as the clothes are drying. Which with three small kids, a dog, and the fact that my husband and I both smoke - it's a godsend.

I also get compliments from people and patients at my work. I will buy it again, and have recommended it to friends and family alike.

I have also joined Purex's fanclub on Facebook and have written many wall posts about being in love with my laundry soap!

I have now switched from Gain fabric softener to Purex crystals for good.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your review Laura.

As you can see I've already gotten quite a number of reviews and experiences with the product, but I'm always looking for more.

Has anyone else used these crystals in their wash? If so, please share your Purex softener crystals review here, to tell me what you think of this product, and why.

In addition, you can share your traditional fabric softener review here, for any brand, to tell me what you think about it and why.

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Comments for Purex Complete Crystals Review - Fresh Spring Waters Scent

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causing holes, I think because not dissolving
by: Ray

Small pellet like holes are appearing on clothes since we started using this product.

Staining/bleaching out clothes
by: Anonymous

I have an HE front loader washing machine and have been using the Purex Crystals for some time now. But with the last bottle I purchased (Fresh Spring Waters) it has been leaving lightened colored patches on my clothes (looks like bleach marks, but I do not use bleach). Any idea why this is happening?

Price difference
by: Anonymous

The Purex crystals are cheaper in stores, around 4.00 to 4.74 for a 28 oz bottle. How come they are so expensive on amazon and e-bay?

Getting bleach like marks on darks too
by: Susan M

Recently some of my dark clothes have been coming out of the wash with bleach like stains. Just a random piece or two here or there. It just happened again and it ruined a pair of expensive school pants. This particular wash I remember what I put in and I did use the purex crystals because I was washing a pair of new work pants for my son that were stiff. I love this scent and really only used it on sheets and towels. Thinking back now I have towels with mysterious bleach marks. No bleach. Also I recall using the crystals on a couple loads of darks lately in the recent past due to forgetting them in the washing machine and having to re-wash. So that could explain the other random bleach marks on darks I had. So these crystals could be the culprit. I have a top load high efficiency and I just add crystals right on to the clothes.

Oil spots
by: Anonymous

Leaves oil spots on 100% cotton t-shirts that are difficult to remove.

by: Anonymous

The bottle I purchased to try says nothing about being a 'softener'. It says 'in-wash fragrance booster'. When I bought it, I assumed it would be added to the dryer, there really isn't enough information on the bottle to erase any doubt! The pictures could be construed as a washer and a dryer, but after reading online info, I assume the pictures are of a regular washer, and a high performance washer. PLEASE PUT HELPFUL INFORMATION ON THE LABEL! Nobody should have to go to this extent to be sure they're using a laundry product correctly! I haven't noticed a significant fragrance with use of a half cap. Will try a little more.

by: Debbie

The crystals spotted up 3 brand new cotton shirts that are unwearable now. All my jeans are also spotted and look terrible but at @ $120.00 I have to wear them. Rewashing does nothing, I see the spots right out of the washer.

Bluish spots
by: Donna

I have had two shirts ruined because of blueish spots, big spots, on clothing and two different sets of sheets. One is the microfiber sheets and other is the plain regular type of sheets. It may make the clothes smell great but is not worth the cost of the items that it has ruined.

Stained sweater
by: Anonymous

I wanted to try the Purex Crystals seeing we have used Purex detergent for a long time. Well I washed his sweater, expensive sweater, and now it has grease looking marks all over it. I'm shocked and disappointed. I tried many tricks to get the grease looking stain out, but its still there. Very large. The sweater was burgundy. Can't wait for my son to see.

crystals staining
by: Lisa

The Purex fresh spring waters has destroyed 3 of my husband's polo shirts and ruined the new shirt I bought my son before he even wore it. I do everything like they say, put at the bottom of the washing machine, then add you detergent and you your clothes on top. Also ruined my daughter's quilt she bought with her birthday money, it is pure white. Sent the company an email regarding my problem. I will be shocked if they even bother to contact me back.

by: Anonymous

Better directions! I forgot to add to the wash, so I looked at the "directions" and it looks like I can add to the dryer, but in reading these comments I see that was a mistake! Add better/detailed directions.

not dissolving, and clogged up machine
by: Lori

I would put them in the bottom of my top loader washer and after the load was done sometimes the crystals had dissolved and sometimes not. After about a year of using them my washer stopped draining and I discovered the drain pump was full of a sandy rocky type material. I was told by the appliance repair man it was undissolved crystals and to stop using the crystals as they were bad for the machine. They did make our clothes smell really good though.

love this product!
by: Shelby Tittle

Love love love this product! I no longer have to use fabric sheets in the dryer and my clothes keep a scent so I no longer wear perfume. I get compliments on how clean I smell. I am a complete fan and will recommend this product to everyone.

Purely fresh spring
by: Holly Levine

I love the product. I can't wait to use the other scents. I would like to know if I could put it in the dryer?

lavender blossom scent
by: Teressa Goldstein

Where the heck or the instructions on bottle? Also is it both dryer and washer safe?

fresh spring waters - great as an air freshener
by: Mary Navarrette

I work as a cashier for a truck company in the parts department. We got a lot of drivers who unfortunately don't have the chance to shower as often as they should so sometimes they're a bit offensive. This morning I put about 1/4 cup of the crystals in a small net bag and brought it to work. I placed it in front of my desk fan and boy oh boy it freshened up the whole parts and service department. So it's great as an air freshener too.

smells "fresh" - we love these scents!
by: Pat

We love these scents, including Lavender Blossom, Fabulously fresh and 2 others!! My daughter works at Disney and I use these products when I do her work clothes, alternating the scents. People are always asking her what detergent she uses because her clothes smell so good!! She tells them it's not detergent its "these things my mom throws in the wash!" I also love the way the sheets smell when washed with these crystals then hung out to dry. Even my husband remarks about how good the sheets smell. "Fresh" was his exact word. That makes me feel good.

do not use in the dryer despite instructions on bottle to the contrary
by: Donna Corley

On the bottle it says to use in washer AND dryer. Do not use in your dryer!!! That is the biggest mess I've ever had to deal with!!! It doesn't melt and comes out in clothes!! I do not like this product at all!! It does OK in washer but I will never use it in my new dryer again!!

Brown spots
by: Elaine O'Farrell

Used Purex lavender crystals with my whites and my towels, underwear, rugs and fleece vest came out with brown color and spots all over the whites. Washed them 3 more times with straight bleach but the brown never came out. Took my vest to the cleaners and they got the spots outs but towels,rugs and underwear still have a brown tint to them. Am afraid to use them on colors for fear that will ruin the clothes. Went back to using fabric softener sheets.

by: Anonymous

Accidentally put in dryer instead of washer. Dryer and filter area full of crystals. What should I do?

smell good, but causes stains
by: Anonymous

I really like the purex crystals they leave a hmm ice smell. The only question I have is when u put the crystals in the drum will it stained the clothes or towels.

Lavendar crystals
by: Anonymous

I have been buying the lavendar purex crystals for awhile, love washing my sheets with them, opened a new bottle today for my wash and noticed a change immediately, smells awful!! I looked at the bottle and it says new and improved formula, definately not improved! So dissapointed and taking it back.

by: Anonymous

I am finding what appears to be grease on the bottom and sides of my washing machine. I called the repairman ($75) thinking I had a problem with my washing machine. He says nothing is wrong with it and the grease isn't coming from the washing machine. He put improper use of detergent/softeners/additives on his report. I showed him the spots on my clothes that doesn't come out. Are the Lavendar Crystals causing this? What are they made of that would cause this issue?

Ruined tee shirts
by: Rich

Purex crystals ruined 7 cotton tee shirts, some of which were over $35. There are purple spots throughout the shirts and unfortunately they were not noticed until they were out of the dryer. Do you have any idea how to remove the stains?

fell in love at first time using it
by: Taranetha

I like the product and have been using it for the past 2 years. My sister introduced it to me and I fell in love at first time using it. I now have my brother using it as well. I just suggest there are more scents. I am starting to get immune to the scents so the smell does not last long enough for me anymore. I also use the Purex liquid detergent.

Fresh Spring Waters Enhancers
by: Ann Marie

I really love this product. Even in cold water and cool water they always dissolve, not like the Downy pellets. I have noticed that if I put the Fresh Spring Waters crystals in the wash, and also add the liquid softener the Enhancers fragrance is not as strong. By reading the advice above, I see that the liquid softeners are oil based and maybe mask the fragrance I normally get with my towels, which I do not use the softeners in the rinse cycle. Anyone else notice a decrease in the scents at the end of the wash cycle? Thank you.

by: Anne Wendling

Love these, but they stain my colored laundry.

staining from Cherry Blossom & Ginger scent
by: Joan

I bought a pair of pants and wanted to wash them before wearing. Only other items were washcloth and a towel. I did NOT add the crystals first. I sprinkled them in after loading items and washer was filling. The pants came out with streaked color changes here and there. I can only think that it had to do with the crystals. Can you help me with this, please?

Fresh Vibes scent
by: Janice

Could not find a suggested amount of Crystals to use on the packaging. I found this frustrating. Is it 1 teaspoon, tablespoon, a 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup? A suggested # for a small, medium or large size washer would be helpful.

spring waters scent left blue stains on washer and dryer
by: Teresa

Do Not use this product! It has left blue stains all over the surfaces of my washer and dryer! Anywhere the crystals touched there are permanent blue spots. I have tried everything to remove them but nothing has worked. I called the number on the container but did not get any useable information as to how to remove the stains. The washer and dryer are new, but are now permanently stained with blue spots!

pinkish staining
by: Anonymous

I experienced pinkish staining on several towels after using Purex Crystals. I discovered after they were dried. I was using a laundromat where we were camping and asked other campers if they had any problems. No one did. So I searched for reviews and found others reported spots when using crystals. In my case the towels most stained were the ones on top where the crystals landed in the washer. Very disappointing.

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