Downy Unstopables Caused Stains On My Washables

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Many people love Downy Unstopables, which is a laundry scent booster product, but this page has to do with complaints of staining caused by this product.

These scent beads are added to the washing machine, to be dissolved during the wash cycle, while the clothes are being cleaned, to impart additional scent to the washing clothes or other fabrics.

You can learn more about Downy Unstopables, in general, in my article all about them here.

Ultimate guide to Downy Unstopables

However, whenever you throw anything into your washing machine to dissolve and wash alongside fabrics, there is a chance of staining, and unfortunately I've gotten LOTS of complains about staining caused by this laundry scent booster.

What follows are quite a number of experiences from readers about this problem. You can see the extent of it not only from the comments I've highlighted and published, but also from the extremely long comments section where even more people have chimed in about this problem.

SR101 Reader says:

Twice now I've had stains left by these scent beads.

I put them in the washing machine first, but I'm not sure they are always totally dissolved before my clothes go in, especially when using cold water.

I've rewashed and rewashed and the stains are still there.

I have a washable winter coat and it now looks terrible.

I also feel that this product is expensive and you shouldn't have to worry about destroying your good clothing.

I won't buy again.

Audra says:

I recently bought three new shirts, one from Victoria's Secret and the two others are Juicy Couture. It stained only those three shirts.

It worked well on everything else.

I'm very disappointed because it ruined the most expensive clothes that I had. Any ideas on how to get the stains out?

Downy Unstopables {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

I'm sorry both of you are having this trouble with this product.

I've collected several additional reader complaints similar to this below, along with some suggestions of what to do about it, so keep scrolling down for more information.

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Lush Scent Left Dots On Clothes

by Sammantha Wilhite
(Monroe LA)

Sammantha shared her experience with this product, which unfortunately was not very good.

Sammantha says:

I have used the Downy Unstopables several times. They left dots on our clothes and ruined several garments.

I now use what I have left in the bottom of my trash cans as a deodorizer.

I do not like this product and was very unpleased with the results.

The types of clothing were cotton fabrics, our towels and shirts.

I love for my clothes to smell clean so I always use dryer sheets. I even put them in our suitcases when we go on a trip.

Suggestions For Adding Product To Wash & Removing Stains If They Occur From Taylor

Sammantha, thanks for sharing your experience with this product with me.

You aren't the first person to mention that this product caused staining and spotting to your clothing, for this brand.

I've actually discussed a similar issue more, though, with another laundry scent booster. I've gotten similar complains along these lines with Gain Fireworks as well.

Gain Fireworks scent booster beads reviews

The consensus over on that page from other readers who've also used the product is that you've got to add the water, then the scent booster crystals or beads (and detergent), let it dissolve a bit, and then add the clothes.

When this product was first advertised there was even some confusion about what order you should add them in, since that wasn't very clear on the packaging or anywhere else.

I have noticed, however, that recently even in their commercials for them they now explicitly say to add the beads before you add the clothes, so my guess is that they got a lot of complaints about this issue!

As mentioned above, making sure they are added first, and are dissolved before the addition of clothes doesn't always seem to prevent the problem though.

In addition, using a different method for adding them to the wash doesn't help you with the clothes that are already stained or ruined.

If they've been run through the dryer it may be too late to salvage them, but if you caught it after the wash, but before you dried them with heat you may still have a chance to remove the stains.

I would suggest a long presoak in a color safe bleach solution, such as Oxiclean. Tell me if that helps if you try it!

In addition, another reader from the Gain Fireworks review page suggested using ammonia to try to remove the stains. If you do this, check out the tip on the page first, and follow all precautions necessary to make sure you don't ruin the garment!

***Update #1: Another reader, Kelli, commented sharing that she also had some problems with staining from this product.

She stated:
I have had several garments stained by the purple unstoppables, too. It smells great, but I have had way too many things ruined already. :(
***End Update

***Update #2: Here's another similar comment I received:
I recently used this product and it left stains on two of my work shirts and a hoodie. I rewashed them to no avail. Stay away from this product. I contacted the company and they stated they would reimburse me for my clothes and I haven't received anything yet.
***End Update

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Love The Scent But It Has Stained My Dark Clothes

Sandra says:

I absolutely love the smell of the Blue Downy Unstoppables.

However the only complaint I have is that they have ruined several pieces of my dark clothing by leaving a round stain, like a slight purple color.

It will not come off.

I have a front loading washer, so there is no way I can add water first and then the clothes.

CParker says:

I've noticed stains on our towels and light colored cotton shirts and tan pants.

Love the scent that it leaves on clothing and towels but not worth the stains it leaves behind. Disappointed.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear about the staining problems this product has been causing you.

I've provided some suggestions above, from myself and linked to pages with suggestions from other readers, of how to remove these stains from similar products.

However, I'd love to hear from even more readers with ideas and tips you've used to get rid of spots from these types of laundry products.

If you've either experienced this problem or have a way to fix it, I'd love to hear from you. You can share your tips here, or in the comments below.

In addition, make sure to check out this large round up of laundry product and supplies reviews here.

Laundry supplies reviews and information

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Comments for Love The Scent But It Has Stained My Dark Clothes

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unfortunately it didn't work
by: Audra

I read your suggestions on how to get rid of the stains from Downy Unstopables. I soaked one of my shirts in ammonia and it did not work. I also tried using Oxiclean spot remover and that did not work, as well. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions.

stains and spots
by: Elizabeth

I used a free sample of this product and it ruined the whole load of clothes... left pink dots on my husband's work clothes that now I am going to have to pay to have them replaced.... not real happy.. and have stopped buying Downy products all together...

Left oil stains
by: Anonymous

I always liked Downy products. It's the only softener I ever used and still use. But I don't like Unstopables. Yes they smell great but it left an oil like stain on some of our clothes. I won't use this product again.

me too, especially with black colored clothes
by: Anonymous

I too have problems with these scented beads leaving stains on my clothes, especially black colored clothes and sometimes not even dissolving. I thought the problem was maybe because I was using cold water and it didn't melt well, so I tried washing my clothes with hot water and it still left stains. I am going to try it one more time before I give up. Since my washer locks I cannot add water and then throw in the clothes. I will try melting this in a cup full of water in the microwave, pouring it over my clothes and then starting my laundry. Has anyone tried something like this? And if so did it work?

two things to try for removing the stains
by: Anonymous

Try Fels Naptha soap and/or rubbing alcohol.

stained my new capris
by: Nancy Peak

I have been using the purple Downy Unstopables for a while now without any problem, but today my new yellow capris and a pink pair of shorts came out of the washer with many spots on them. I am going to try soaking them in Oxiclean so am hoping for the best. I think I shall be very careful using these in the future.

beads melted in the dryer and on clothes
by: Liz

The beads didn't "melt" in the wash like they are supposed to (I tossed my clothes in the dryer without knowing this). When the dryer was finished the beads melted and stained my clothes and the dryer! Please help!!!!

Bleach spots on black clothes
by: Anonymous

When I used the product it left bleach spots on all my dark clothes and the only way to remedy is to add black RID to a slop sink with my clothes- not to the washing machine of course or everything in the future will be black.

little dark blue stains on clothes?
by: JG

So are those dark little blue stains or lines where the little beads stained the clothing?

I have a couple of things damaged already, it's adding up.

I thought it was me.

Did anyone Find the Solution?

Not Downy but the washers
by: Anonymous

I have never had a problem with Downy. I think it's the new washers, water savers, they don't cover the clothes. Ruined two brand new white shirts. I hope this washer is under warranty. I hate it. You can't soak anything. It was $800.00 dollars worth of crap. Sears Whirlpool with a giant tub, which you can't use either, because of the water saver. It uses very little water. It's a mess!

Ruined whole load
by: Tonia

I also am very angry that the Downy Unstoppable ruined 3 pieces of clothing. I've used it for a while and have never had an issue. Then I used it on a pair of white jeans and 2 white shirts and all three are ruined.

Confusion about when to add
by: Anonymous

I got a sample of the Unstoppable and read the packet and couldn't determine whether to add it to the washer or dryer. I made the mistake of adding to the dryer and now I need help on how to get the melted remnants out of the dryer. Any suggestions?

Ruined expensive clothes
by: Gabrielle Hart

The stains are on random pieces in the same load. I can not get them out. So, so upset over what this has cot me in clothing.

by: Anonymous

PLEASE be warned that this product can leave purple and brown spots on clothing that cannot be removed with repeated washings. I am furious! I followed the directions to the tee and STILL had this problem. I will NEVER buy this product again. My friends, do NOT use this!

Unstoppables has ruined nice, new clothes with spots
by: Anonymous

I laundered 7 items of new clothing: a pair of Dockers khakis, 4 pairs of Nike basketball shorts in various lighter shades of gray, and 2 Nike t shirts. All of them developed oil-spot stains on them, either dark blue or brown. I always fill the washer with water and laundry products, then agitate to mix before adding clothes. This load was a medium warm temperature.

So far I've tried Fels Naptha (which is normally a God-send) and Shout, as well as spot-treating with just detergent and water. No success.

P&G had absolutely the worst customer service approach. At first, they told me they'd never heard of the problem before. When I pointed out that it was all over the internet and that I didn't believe I was the first caller, the customer service rep. "Travis", and later his manager, "Natasha", insisted they'd never personally encountered complaints of this sort. Not credible.

However, they somehow were very familiar with the causes of the problem. They first told me that it was a problem with incorrect product use -- not adding the pellets first, but I had done that. They then told me to relaunder, but I'd done that, too, with no success.

Their final solution was for me to send in the damaged goods and wait 6-8 weeks for them to determine if the stains were caused by Unstoppables (as if I trust them) and to try to remove them. In the end, they would either 1} send them back with the spots removed; 2) send them back and disavow responsibility for the spots; 3) not send them back and send me a debit card for "what the clothes are worth", which is NOT the same thing as my replacement cost.

In order to participate in this process, I'd have to sign away my rights/ownership to the clothes and consent to take whatever dollar amount they felt the clothes were worth. To me, this is not acceptable.

I'm NOT a litigious person. I hate all the lawsuits people file for exorbitant sums over whiny matters, but someone should start a class action against P&G for not disclosing this problem and for requiring those harmed to relinquish their property rights if they want P&G to look at the damaged articles. I'm mad about being deprived of my property and not being compensated for its replacement beyond whatever P&G unilaterally determines that it's worth, regardless of what I actually paid for it. Having to sign away my rights to participate in their damage reimbursement process is a real affront.

Awesome stain remover removed the stains
by: Anonymous

The Unstoppable's stained my white comforter. So I used this product from the dollar store it only cost a dollar. It is called Awesome. I used it. Rinse and re-wash my quilt and the stains came out. I had a big pink one with little green dots that turned lime neon yellow everything came out when I sprayed it.

I'm going to stop using because of this problem
by: Anonymous

We have noticed staining (almost like bleach) on tan colored towels and wash cloths. We did not know what caused it. Then I noticed a pair of khaki shorts that had this same staining. It is a random streaking. The only difference is that this has happened since we started using the Downy Unstopables. I am going to stop using them.

ruined several outfits
by: Anonymous

Downy Unstoppable's very disappointing product ruined several good outfits. The pellets caused a bleaching effect and stain, all for the sake of an extra product for better smelling clothing. It cost me money. Solution hot water dissolve the pallets into a container and use as a liquid. Shortcuts never work, pellets do not dissolve.

very disappointed
by: Anonymous

I loved the scent these beads leave on my clothes. But noticed several stains on our clothing, which won't come out. Very disappointed!!!

Mysterious Stains
by: Dawn

I agree with previous complaints. I couldn't understand where these spots on my clothing was suddenly coming from! My husband's khakis were all ruined and some recently bought garments as well. I also made sure that I put the crystals in before the clothes and I only use cold water so it seemed with every wash more clothes were being ruined. My husband actually figured out what was happening and I haven't put this item on our grocery list since.

Looks like grease stains
by: Dina

Love the smell! Hate the spots they leave on some clothes!!

adding with water before clothes
by: Anonymous

This is a fine resolution if you are using a top loader but using a front loader that isn't possible. This is very disappointing.

melted spots
by: Anonymous

Leaving melted spots on clothes.

Love the smell, don't like the spots!
by: Anonymous

It altered the color and left what appears like bleach spots, except I don't use bleach.

Might want to try Avon bubble bath as stain remover
by: Sandra M

My brother just recently bought some of the scent beads for me to try because he was impressed by how long the smell lasted in his towels. I have only used it in two loads of my front load washer with my curtains and so far so good no stains yet and I love the smell but I'm kinda nervous to use it in my clothing. However those who are experiencing stains might want to try using Avon Bubble Bath as a stain remover. I'm not trying to talk up another product and I'm not an Avon representative but that's all I use on all of my laundry.I used it on a shirt I wear when I'm cooking food that pops grease on my clothes such as hamburger and it removed all of the stains. It's even safe for me to use on my infant grand babies clothes. Just thought a few people might be interested in knowing that they may not have to throw their clothes out and be faced with buying replacements. Like I said no stains for me yet so I don't know if it will remove the unstoppable stains but it would be worth trying before throwing them out. Hope this is helpful!

Got my stains out
by: Anonymous

Used the blue Unstopables and they left oil dots that I didn't notice until after they came out of the dryer. I have an HE water saver machine and have tried dissolving the pellets first and putting them in before the wash but they both left stains. The stains with dots from adding directly into the drum before clothes I got out with Fels Naptha soap bar. I'm going to try the big oil stains from dissolving them next.

does not rinse from every item and leaves large marks
by: Anonymous

I like the fragrance that this product adds to the wash. Unfortunately, my laundry looks cleaner before I use it. For some reason it does not rinse from every item and leaves large marks on areas of fabric where the the product does not fully dissolve and rinse away from the fabric. The result is that you have to rewash affected items two or three times to be able to wear them again. Too bad. Downy you are are stoppable.

Stained jersey
by: Anonymous

I have been using the Downy Unstopables with odor protection in the wash with my soccer uniforms. Recently I've noticed little grey spots on my white jersey. I didn't think anything of it and continued washing hoping they would come out. I've tried bleaching and Oxiclean but they don't seem to be working. I'm upset that my jerseys are stained and was wondering if there was a different way to get the stains out?

won't use again
by: Anonymous

Ruined a washable jacket. Tried stain remover and rewashing several times to no avail. I won't use it again.

removing stains with dish soap
by: Anonymous

I have been having this problem with stains lately. I found that if I put a drop of dawn dish soap on the stain and rewash the stains are coming out of most things. Hope this helps!

chemical burn to my skin and clothes
by: Anonymous

I got free samples (2) at Costco, used them and they left dark spots on my dark clothes, unbeknownst to me, they also left them inside the legs of my pants and I have a horrid chemical burn now on the inside of one of my upper inner legs/thigh area. They are sore and painful and its been a week now. I don't know what to do, beside head to the doctor with the package. Has any one else suffered a chemical burn to their skin from these dots?

reply re chemical burn
by: Taylor

It sounds like you may have suffered from an acute allergic reaction to the Unstoppables, or it could in fact be a chemical burn. Either way, that sounds horrible. I would agree going to a doctor is really important. I would also suggest before you go you check out another article on the site about lots of people having allergic reactions to this product, in case that's what happened to you.

Trick to remove stains
by: Anonymous

This product did exactly the same thing, left stains, although I found a trick to remove them. I applied cold water and washing liquid and rubbed the stain. This definitely did the trick.

stained my washable curtains
by: Anonymous

I bought new curtains for my bedroom. I always wash them (they are washable) before hanging, since washing removes the creases where they were folded. I put a small amount of detergent and a small amount of the Unstopables in washer, added water then added curtains. Washed and dried them. Started to hang them right out of the dryer and they are spotted with the unstoppable pieces. I am heartsick. If I can't remove the spots it I will have to buy more curtains.

remove with Dawn
by: Anonymous

Try DAWN dishwashing liquid. It works great on oily stains and mildew. Pour on stain, add a little water, and rub with the fabric. Rinse and wash. Hope it helps.

Black spots on white cottons
by: Anonymous

Glad I found this info. My white cottons had black marks all over. These were hugely expensive 90-100 buck high end tees. Gray cotton sheets also look like they have grease stains. Gain product is flawed, big time. I will never buy this junk again.

Clothes now permanently stained.
by: Cody

I have had these Downy Unstoppables transfer to the dryer and ruin two work shirts and three of my best button downs.

I don't know how to get the stains out.

It looks like melted wax stains on the shirts.

Ruined sheets
by: Janet

Tried this on my sheets ruined have greasy looking spots all over them. King size sheets are not cheap so wish I'd never used on my brand new sheets. Very disappointed in Procter & Gamble followed directions to tee and no warning on label of this possibly happening.

White sheets ruined
by: Isabella

Thought I would try this product but wish I had never heard about it. White sheets covered in turquoise colored patches. Is there no come back on the manufacturer as I carried out instructions exactly as indicated. Very disappointed!

Permanent Stains Side Effect
by: Anonymous

I used all of the beads and became I thought very careful by ensuring the beads are fully dissolved before I put the clothes in. My clothes are dark colors. All work pants it did not matter the type of material. I have had to replace my clothes and throw out the pants that were like bleach out stains you cannot wash the stain away because it is permanent. The companies for these products does not acknowledge this critical side effect. I am pissed!

It stained white shirts pink
by: Anonymous

We washed several cotton t shirts that were all white in the wash together and all 13 shirts got stained pink colored like a tie die. Anyhow, I got $2 off downy products as a coupon and the representative said I should add the dots in first with the water to prevent that from happening again. I am SURE this was not the first call they ever got about this problem too.

by: Natttt

I was very excited when I heard about this product...I finally purchased 2 of them and used it last week while washing my towels... to my surprise 2 of the towels had stains like bleach...what am I suppose to do... ????

Unstopables are messy
by: Anonymous

I bought my shorts at JC Penny and decided to wash it before wearing it incase it had been tried on by another buyer. It stained really bad. I never even got to wear it even once and just like that it's useless. I will not use this product again. I suggest that the company comes up with a plan B stain removal for the stains caused by their products.

White residue left on material
by: Anonymous

I love the scent but the beads leave a white residue on the clothing after washing. I love Downy products but I will never buy this product again.

agree these beads ruin clothes
by: nikki

we have a large capacity machine husbands work shirts continually get ruined we have blamed it on this machine i switched to pod only detergent and just realized i only use this beads on my dark colored gym clothes but occasionally add husbands work shirts problem solved its not our machine but rather these expensive beads such a shame at least 15 shirts over the past year ruined (and not cheap shirts) wish i would have realized it sooner

Bleaching out sheets
by: Michelle Armfield

I bought two brand new sheets for Christmas and they have like bleach spots all over both sets. I do not use bleach in my washer period. I only use Gain liquid laundry soap and Downy Unstoppables. The way it’s streakied and spotted, it’s absolutely, no doubt, the unstoppables. Not happy at all.

take it off the market
by: Anonymous

I have also experienced these ugly stains in my clothes. I have rewashed and rewashed clothing thinking that I failed spraying a grease spot. I grew so tired of rewashing that today I decided to google this issue with the unstopables. I will not use this product anymore. So glad that I am not crazy. Take it off the market.

Bleaches fabrics...not stain
by: Anonymous

Twice these have bleached my towels which are the primary items I use this on. I just wish it were more clear in labeling that it can ruin things.

Never buying this product again.
by: Cindy Martinez

I also recently used this on my brand new work clothes, I'm struggling as it is and to have my stuff ruined is very upsetting and something needs to be done. Never buying this product again.

Black Stained By Unstoppables
by: Marie

Thanks to this great site for all the information. I was going crazy over weird whiteish stains on my black slacks. Know I know the stains were caused by using Downey Unstoppables. Lesson learned! What a shame. They do make the laundry smell great but not worth the ruined clothing.

What about for Front Loaders?
by: Anonymous

I’m so glad to hear that this is a problem because I thought I was just crazy, seeing clothes come out of the washer with stains that I knew were not there when I put them in !! And that makes sense about dissolving the beads first in water but how does one achieve this with front loading machines??

Put in wash cycle only
by: Anonymous

The one time I tried putting Downy Unstoppable in my rinse cycle instead of in the wash cycle as directed, the result was stained sheets.

It appears this product is designed to use best with laundry soap, which may aid in dissolving the beads.

A pre wash sprayed on the sheets and allowed to sit for 30 minutes before putting into the wash to soak for another hour with detergent removed the stains.

Dark clothes affected by Unstoppables and Downy Liquid
by: Lorlyn

I have used both the Downy Unstoppables and Downy Liquid and both of them have left large areas of white streaks on my dark clothing. I do not use dryer sheets because I do not dry my clothes by dryer due to shrinkage, so I need to add it to the wash. I never had troubles before with the liquid Downy, but they have changed the look of the liquid and maybe that is why I have troubles now. I have to use a brush or lint roller to help get it off the clothes and it takes a while to make it look clean without the streaks. It should not be extra work to wash my clothes. I just do not know what to do to get them looking freshly cleaned without the extra work. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

stained all my dark slacks!
by: Anonymous

I had purchased used slacks so I thought after washing with these beads that maybe the pants were like this prior and maybe I didn't notice, BUT I just bought three new pair and washed all my darks in one load with Woolite for darks and last minute decided to use downy beads purple kind and now I have streaks of white on all my slacks! like 10 pairs are ugly and I don't know what to do to get that out of my clothes! I really hope I can fix them fast!

Unstoppable product must be stopped
by: Anonymous

Unstoppables have ruined three of my shirts and have destroyed a two piece bathing suit that was very expensive. WARNING DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT.

left what looks like bleach stains on khaki paints
by: Danny

Well my paints for work are ruined. I am sad about that, I think Downy should just stick to their liquid. My wife bought these and I am upset about it. It is just better not to use them.

What a waste
by: Disappointed single mom

I also tried purple unstoppable and Gain scent beads. I thought it was the cheap detergent I bought that stained ALL MY DARKS. But it seems to be not matter what liquid I used. I ruined the load. I wouldn't have guessed the scent boosters I paid $11!! for could have caused this. But I attempted re-washing, soaking but yes, the dryer had set the awkward white patches into my work cloths, all of them. I thought user error but now see I'm not alone. SHAME ON ME FOR THINKING A QUALITY BRAND COULD NOT DO SO MUCH DAMAGE. P.S. I DID ALLOW TO SOAK WITH DETERGENT BEFORE ADDING LAUNDRY, EVEN MANUALLY STIRRED AND TO NO AVAIL. UGH!

ruined clothing and bedding with white spots
by: Anonymous

I have tried every single scent booster on the market!!! We love the smell of our clothing, even after a week in the drawer! BUT!!!!! They have ruined clothing and bedding and towels!! White spots that do not come out!!! Class action law suit!!!! Let's do it!! Especially since the companies are not helping with this problem!!

by: Irene

Bought Downy Infusions CALM Lavender and Vanilla Bean Scent in-wash booster. I have two washers, so I followed the directions and started both of my washers and then put both loads into different dryers.

I ruined TWO large loads of my college age daugheter's clothes!!

I sprayed SHOUT on the stains and literally SHOUTED at the stains as well (jk) and re-washed, and re-washed and no avail. Some of the purplish-gray stains lightened, but none went away completely. Some of the clothes had lumps of the product on them and those I was able to remove with by scratching them off with my fingernails and re-washing them.

These products need to be taken OFF the market.

My clothes stained from Downy Unstoppables
by: Anonymous

After seeing stained and thus having unusable garments, I finally realized that the common denominator was the Downy Unstoppables I have been using. I have had to reorder multiple shirts that have been ruined. My husband has experienced the same issue with his clothes. Don't use this product!

Staining of clothing
by: Anonymous

The product smells heavenly. But on two occasions I have stained clothing, a pair of shorts and a Polo shirt. I have tried to get these stains out and have been unsuccessful. I used much less of the product and used the beads just as the directions recommended/instructed. The stains seem permanent.

It is sad that such a good product causes such a problem even when used properly.

Stained my Mother's Cactus Bay shirt
by: JGreen

The purple Downy Unstopables left stains on my Mother's Cactus Bay shirt. This is one of the only nice shirts she has since coming to live with me. I'm desperately searching for a replacement before I have to admit to her what I have done. Will only use them in the bottom of my trash can or maybe in some cheese cloth to scent my clothes in my drawers from now on. Certainly won't be purchasing any more at that price to ruin clothes.

Unstoppable Stains
by: Anonymous

I am having the same issue with this product. It took a while to narrow down the source of the stains to the scent booster but I did. I am done purchasing the product (and, yes, Procter & Gamble has the WORST customer service staff on the planet).

same problem
by: Mel V

I have had the same problem with them staining only my dark clothing. I just throw them back in the washer just using detergent and the stains come right out. So now I just use them when washing white tshirts, undergarments, and my towels and linens.

coats clothing like fabric softeners and dryer sheets
by: Anonymous

This product coats the fabric in a similar way dryer sheets and fabric softeners do. I cannot use this on anything I wear as the fabric doesn't breathe well when coated and causes me to perspire. Especially noticeable in nightwear and underwear. I never use this on towels as I want them to absorb moisture, not repel it. I use it as a trash can deodorizer.

Sticky residue
by: Mary

I have had several articles of clothing that come out of the dryer with a sticky patch on my clothes, sometimes it’s moist, most times it is stiff and glued to the fabric. I have read to add the beads prior to the clothes, which I do. But I have a front load washer and the water does not go in before the clothes. Has anyone tried putting it in the automatic soap dispenser?

Stain removed!
by: Sarah

I also used these beads and my daughters white hoodies were badly stained with clusters of dots. Was really worried after reading some comments that it was permanent, especially as she had already put the clothes in the dryer before we noticed. I sprayed oxy stain remover (store's own brand, not expensive) and soaked the stain completely - like, really soaked it - and left for approximately 10 mins. The lighter dots started to fade and after a normal 40° wash was completely gone. I'm now the best Mum ever.

Ruined pants!
by: Cheryl H.

Used Downy Fresh beads in a load of dark clothes. My husband's new washable dark dress pants now have bleach looking spots all over them that I can't get out! I will never use this stuff ever again! Useless!

Stay Away
by: Anonymous

I had the same issue with the Unstoppable. Several of my good clothing items got ruined. The only thing that changed with my washing routine was the Unstoppable. I did however try "Fantastic" on one garment and it removed the stain, but the dress was red so I'm not sure if that made a difference. I haven't tried it yet with the other clothes that were ruined.

This product is a rip off!!
by: Robin S.

I don’t care how good clothes smell!! It ruins them with stains!

Downy you need a class action suit against you!!

Love the scent not the stains
by: Anonymous

I now only use Unstoppable on towels and laundry I don't care so much about...old t-shirts, jeans and dust cloths. These stained my navy blue uniforms and sweaters. Such a shame. I used what I had left to scent soothes pins for my cat box and car.

I want my money back
by: Joan

I want my money back. I have 3 large unstoppable cans and it is leaving oil looking stains on my clothes.

by: Anonymous

My complete laundry appears to be ruined. I am washing them again without the Unstopables to see if I can get the stains out. I have 1 new pair of jeans, dark blue, I have never worn. I do hope this comes out. I am sick. The whole load is covered with what appear to be stain. I'll never buy this again! EVER!

scent bead solution
by: Anonymous

If you see a grease spot from the scent booster beads, even after drying, spray them with Shout or any degreaser and rub into fabric. The spots will come out. It has worked every time for me. Hope this helps. I no longer use them with my color washes, unless I soak the beads in warm water before adding or fill the washer with water, add beads and allow time to dissolve before I add clothing.

Unfortunately for me, there is nothing better to get hockey stink out of my boys uniforms.

Downy ‘Dots’
by: Lostsocalgal

I switched to Purex brand. Much less expensive and dissolves IMMEDIATELY!! You can/could dissolve in either cold, warm or hot for hand wash or top load if you want to. I actually put in for rinse cycle (scent lasts LONGER) with fabric softener and personally have NEVER had a stain! AND I use a front loader!! Hope that you find this helpful as I had those little DOTS ruin some VERY EXPENSIVE clothing.

Downy stains clothes beware
by: Andy b

Don't use Downy beads!!!! STAINS clothes. Cannot remove the stains.

Ruined my pair of pricey black Converse trousers
by: Anonymous

All over my black trousers and t-shirts this terrible product has left its marks and stains. Why are they even selling this stuff? It's rotten.

Never purchase again
by: Anonymous

I had 4 hoodies from Victoria Secrets and a few pair of jeans that got stained from this product. They need to replace my clothes.

Bleach like stains
by: Anonymous

I love the smell of my towels etc. after washing with the Downy Unstoppables but it has ruined four towels and an expensive sheet with bleach like stains. I have a front loading washer and followed the instructions. Tried rewashing but didn't help. Very frustrating especially when product label says it's safe - false advertising. Should be a warning that it may stain.

several items ruined by this product
by: Anonymous

I love the smell these scents impart; however, I have had several items ruined by this product. First, we have a front loading washer and it is impossible to add the scent beads after the water has entered the machine. After the water enters the machine, the front loading door is locked and will not open. Secondly, the stains I get look like bleach stains; however, we do not use bleach on colored items. Third, if the damaged item is black, I can somewhat repair it by using a black permanent marker and "color" in the bleached-like areas. If done gingerly, the repair is acceptable; however, if the "bleach-like" area is any color that there is not a similar permanent marker color, the garment is permanently ruined!

They melted and ruined my clothes
by: Anonymous

I could just scream! I had to replace the majority of my clothing due to the impact of hurricane Ida. I got a brand new washer and dryer and decided to ditch my liquid fabric softener for the dryer beads. The way my laundry smelled after removing from the dryer was unmatched by the liquid. However, there was some melted substance on multiple items. At first I assumed it may have been something plastic that my husband or granddaughter may have left in their pocket. I tried to pull the gob of melted whatever it was apart, only to further ruin the clothing. I noticed the scent coming from the damaged area was the same as my dryer beads. I thought maybe I was using them incorrectly. I decided to give them another try, making sure to place the beads in before the clothing and adjusting the water temperature a little higher to assure they would melt. DID NOT WORK. ANOTHER RUINED LOAD!!!!

How to get stains out
by: Anonymous

I had a few instances where the Unstoppable’s left spots on my shirts, and I washed them several times and even dried it, but the only thing that worked after several attempts was dawn dish soap, putting that on the stain and rubbing it gently, and then washing it, it came out.

All our clothes are ruined!
by: EV

Nothing removes the unstoppable stains! All of our clothes are ruined! Thanks, your product costs me thousands of dollars!

Ruined my clothes
by: Anonymous

I love the smell of this product but it has ruined many of my clothes. I can’t seem to get the stains out. I’m upset because the products smell amazing. The product is too expensive to have to deal with problems like this.

Used on comforter in large top loading machine
by: Melissa H

Unstoppables is a terrible product that severely stained my comforter (part of a large set). Their customer service was completely worthless, suggesting I pay for both tracking and guaranteed delivery when I mail my queen size comforter to them. Tried rewashing numerous times but it is clearly ruined. Not only will I avoid this product in the future, but I will avoid all P&G products. I also plan on going on to as many social media sites as possible and warning others to avoid this product.

Found a solution to remove scent beads stain
by: Cheryl

All you have to do is use a velvet cloth hanger and remove the beads stain on your clothes. Do not need to rewash or soak them. This can remove almost 99 percent of stain. If is still visible, use a damp towel on the spot.

new sweatshirt now has blue like dye all over it
by: Ann Gillis

I received a pale pink sweatshirt as gift. I washed if before wearing and it came out with blue like dye all over it. I tried using vinegar and water and nothing happened. I’m going to get a hold of the company and see what they will do. I will never use any products from P&G. I will tell family and friends never buy their products, especially this product.

Lost a good customer!
by: Terri J

I've used these Unstoppables since they first came out. Had a new quilt and wanted of course to wash before using it. Didn't notice before drying that it had stained my new quilt until after I dried the quilt. I'm soaking it and rewashing it now but I'm positive it's a permanent stain since the quilt has been dried. I use Tide detergent and treated the stains with a stain remover. I am amazed that a product that costs as much can stain laundry. This company has again lost a loyal customer.

Bleach spots
by: Anonymous

I don’t have colored stains from the product. Mine are like white bleach dots. Ignored it at first but it keeps happening. I don’t use bleach. I don’t know about adding to the water. Have front loading. Would have to wait for door to unlock. Using Pause button wasn’t recommended to me. Love the idea of the scent in the wash though. Cotton t shirts are the effected clothing.

purple, blue
by: Anne

I have ruined several pieces of good clothing by using the Unstoppables. The clothes smell great but the staining has got to go. I do use a dryer sheet.

I'm done with terrible product!!!
by: Teresa

I’ve been using this product for about nine months now. I’ve noticed stained clothes here and there on my darks and couldn’t figure out what was going on. I did not put two and two together. I take very good care of my and my daughters laundry, hang dry when necessary etc., as there are some very expensive pieces, North Face, Nike, Gym Shark, etc. I finally figured out the culprit, Downy UnStoppables after a North Face jacket may have been ruined. I will be returning what’s left of a new container and will write reviews on this product whenever possible and am done with terrible product!!!

Getting rid of the stains left
by: SalemC

I have successfully gotten rid of the stains from Downy Unstoppables and grease stains with Dawn blue dishwashing liquid. I figure it's good on oil spill harmed animals it's good on all grease. It works great. I even use it on grease stains I miss when need to rewash out of the dryer. I live in the South so grease is life!

I also use 20 mule team powdered borax on protein based stains. I hope it helps.

These beads are awful!
by: Anonymous

I had a sweater, which had no spots until I used these beads. It came out of the dryer with spots. I can’t remove them, but I will try some of the ideas that I’ve read on here! So, another another load of wash. I was leery about these beads. So, I dissolved them in the washer before I put my clothes. Low and behold, I had another garment ruined with spots. Downy should be held responsible for ruining so many clothing items!

How to remove Downy Stains
by: The Mad Laundry Lady

Take a spot remover to the stains, then white vinegar and then baking soda. Wash immediately. The three combo items have worked wonders.

Just mad that I have to do to this to begin.

Fresh scent - how I remove the stains from it
by: Frank

Similar to other reviews, I have had issues with staining of the scent beads. My top load washer has a sensor for water, I cannot do a water fill, add the bead then add laundry. The laundry needs to be in first for the sensor to determine the load size. I have had both the white residue and the spot on dark clothes that looks like an oil stain. I have found both to be easily removed. The white stain is similar to a deodorant stain, vinegar or even a little detergent on the spot to pretreat removes it. The dark spot is almost like a food spill, oily, treat it the same way. Either a prespray, bar soap or a little detergent as a prespot work great and take it out with no permanent damage to the item.

OG Dawn saves the day
by: Anonymous

I’ve had several garments stained by different brands of scent boosters. If you see greasy stains on them just rub in some of the original Dawn dish soap and re-wash. It even took the stains out after the clothes went through the dryer.

scent beads left marks on my clothes
by: Anonymous

I now have 5 pieces of clothing that has what looks like bleach marks on them and the only thing besides laundry soap was the beads. It doesn't say anything about bleaching or stain marks, I am so disappointed I have stopped using the Downy, this is so sad especially because the clothing was new, first wash.

Stained Clothing!
by: Anonymous

So upset that I finally purchased Downy Unstopables!! I love the scent but started noticing spots on random pieces of clothing. I washed my grandkids Easter shirts bought from a boutique that were white and they came out looking like they had been rolled in the mud! Dark brown/blackish oily stains all over them! They have now been washed 3 times but not put in dryer at all as I hang most shirts to dry anyway. I now have washed dresses bought for a wedding over the weekend for picture day tomorrow and the same thing has happened! I now know for sure it's these Unstopables!! The dresses are a lavender color and they have dark oily spots all over!! They are in the wash now for the 3rd time tonight with Dawn dish soap rubbed all over! Praying this works!! I will never use these again and I hate that I spent almost $20 for the bottle!!

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