LA's Totally Awesome All Purpose Cleaner Review

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Below quite a few readers have shared their reviews of LA's Totally Awesome cleaner, and stories of how they were first introduced to this product.

Violet says:

I had a horrible problem with tree sap on the exterior of my car. I had tried every car cleaner available and nothing worked.

I took my car to the car wash and the attendant said I needed to try L.A.'s Totally Awesome cleaner. I had never heard of it but he swore by it.

He sent me across the street to the Family Dollar store where I bought a large bottle for just $1.00. I was skeptical because I had already spent so much money on other cleaners and nothing worked.

I took it back over to the car wash and the attendant helped me and sure enough the sap came right off. Then he told me that it was all he ever used on his car, his boat and around his house.

I went home and tried it for myself on my appliances and couldn't believe how quickly it cleaned off dried food and everyday dirt. I then tried it on my counter tops and from there put it on just about every surface in my house.

Now I use it exclusively to clean my counter tops, toilets, refrigerator, stove tops, showers, car (exterior), and my tile floor.

It really is an awesome product and I've not found a single thing that cleans better. It's also really great because it doesn't have any harsh odors and is safe to use
on just about any place that needs cleaning.

I have recommended the product to several of my friends and they have all thanked me for the suggestion. It is so affordable and easy to use and it's my only choice when it comes to cleaning my house or car.

Taylor says:

Thanks Violet for sharing your review of LA's Totally Awesome all purpose cleaner. I think it especially cool that you found a way to remove tree sap with it.

If other people have tips for removing tree sap from various surfaces, I would love to hear them too! You can share your sap stain removal tips here, or read other tips and tricks already submitted.

In addition, this product is advertised to be safe for lots of surfaces, and to be used as both a cleaner and stain remover, including for clothing.

I would love to hear from even more people who have used this product, on any variety of surfaces and fabrics, to share how it has worked for them, good or bad.

You can share your general purpose cleaner review here, for this or any other product, sharing how you use it in your home, and why you like (or dislike) it.

In addition, as a side note, I have some links above for ways to purchase this product on Amazon. However, I would suggest to people that if they can find it at their local dollar stores, where this product is mainly found in stores, I would definitely buy it there instead. The reason is that at dollar stores this product is a MUCH better deal, especially with shipping, etc.

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Can You Use Totally Awesome To Wash Rugs?

SR101 Reader Asked:

Can you use this product to wash rugs in a washer?

Taylor's Answer:

I did some research about this product on the manufacturer's website, and my answer is yes, with a caveat.

The product is designed both for use to cleaning surfaces in your home as well as to be used in the laundry.

The website claims the product is safe to be used for stain removal and as a presoak for fabrics.

To the extent that yes, most fabrics can be washed with this product, yes you can wash rugs with it too.

The thing is, you've got to be careful in general, no matter what product you use, when you wash rugs in the washing machine.

Some of them are quite sturdy and also colorfast and will do just fine. Others are quite flimsy and will basically disintegrate with a heavy washing, or will bleed dye everywhere.

Further, it depends what fibers your rug is made from. If it is wool, for example, you need to be much more careful in what you use to wash it than if it's a cheap cotton blend. For delicate fibers I suggest using a delicate wash products.

I hope this answer has helped you! I've answered this question as part of the laundry questions section of the site. Pop on over and see what else I've answered, or ask me your own question.

Plus, if anyone else has suggestions for products you like to use for washing rugs I would love to hear them. You can share your tips here and I'll add them to the site!

Photo courtesy of AngryJulieMonday

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LA's Totally Awesome Degreaser Is Best For Mechanics!

by Marnie

Marnie shared the following quick comment on the site's Facebook page when we were discussing the removal of lipstick stains, since another reader had shared how she removed lipstick stains with this product, along with ammonia.

Marnie then chimed into the conversation and shared the following:

Marnie says:

I've always used that degreasing soap for mechanics clothes.

It takes out anything oil based, even diesel fuel!

It works great and the first time.

Taylor says:

Thanks for the tip! It is always nice to know another alternative to using Lestoil to remove mechanical grease from clothing.

I checked on the product's website and this is both an all purpose cleaner and degreaser, and is safe for both household cleaning as well as for laundry. It comes in a concentrated formula, so follow instructions for proper dilution depending on the task you are accomplishing with it.

Do you have any tips for removing grease stains? If so, click on the link and share them with me here, or read the others that have already been submitted.

Further, check out even more reviews of laundry stain removers here if you're looking for a new product to try.

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Comments for LA's Totally Awesome Degreaser Is Best For Mechanics!

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Great results with Awesome
by: Melissa

The Dollar Tree has a product called "Awesome" it is the base of a lot of different cleaners and it is just that AWESOME. My son spilled juice all down the front of a brand new shirt and I thought it was a goner. My friend gave me a bottle of Awesome and I soaked it for 48 hours. The stain was gone, the color was in a little pool at the bottom of the bowl. I've used it ever since with great results.

Bed bugs
by: Anonymous

This also works very well when you have bed bugs. A good friend told me tried to see if would work it really helped him because he own rentals. People he has staying within his rentals they have had them.

Good wasp spray
by: Anonymous

I was looking for something to spray some wasps with. I found my awesome and sprayed them with it. They dropped dead shortly after I sprayed them.

Recent change
by: Anonymous

I am a faithful user of Awesome,best all purpose cleaner ever, great on laundry. I use it for my grandson's baseball uniform. He's got the whitest uniform they ask how I get it so clean. I of course tell them Awesome. It removes grass stains and the red clay from the field. However, I noticed recently it's not the same. I don't choke with the spray anymore and it's not cleaning as well. I don't mind the choking. I'd rather have the old Awesome back, I can handle the choking it's worth it. Please bring back the original Awesome.

Great for car interior
by: Jamie

Great product for car interior. It took out 90% of the stains in my car. The only thing is it did leave marks on the car interior ceiling as I only spot treated stains. If I would have saturated the entire hung then this wouldn't have happened. Also, I would suggest wearing gloves as it dried out my hands pretty bad.

Gets blood out
by: Anonymous

I used it to get blood off my mattress. Then I had a white shirt with barbecue sauce. It all came out. I love this.

5 stars
by: Sharon

Fabulous. Used it in my carpet steam cleaner and it worked much better than any carpet cleaner used to date. My carpet was a mess, despite constant cleaning. It now looks almost brand new. I totally lucked out because I was out of carpet shampoo and I just bought this product in the 64 oz size and it said it was safe on carpets, so I gave it a try. ***** (5) stars and I am a tough, tough critic.

Great product
by: Anonymous

I have tried all kinds of cleaners both homemade and commercial. This cleaner works wonders! I have a black shower and it cleaned it to a shine.

Helped after house fire
by: Anonymous

Hi to everyone that are grateful for the things that they have and work so hard to get but nature can bring on some hard situations like a house fire. A month ago a friend of mine house's burned down. Everything had smoke damage and soot but a lot was saved and restored because of the totally awesome cleaner. The company don't know what they really have in that little yellow bottle but it can really save your precious memories and money for $1.00 a bottle at your local dollar store. Try it and you will be amazed and everything in your home will be awesome.

works great but be careful with use around dogs
by: Linda B

I spot cleaned dozens of dog stains that were in my carpets and went behind with dry clean rag afterward. My male husky may not make it. He either ingested some thru his pads and paws and then licked himself of he licked where I had used on the carpet, It has been touch and go. I don't care about the money at vet's-I just want him to get healthy again, at any cost. That is how much I love this boy. His mouth, throat and esophagus are full of ulcerations and very painful for him to swallow. The only thing I can get him to eat is peanut butter for days now. But his first symptom was the white of both his blue eyes turned red about 3 days after I did the cleaning and AWESOME CLEANER being the cause never entered my mind. Vet game me eye drops but then all the other things started happening so we went back for blood work and a fluid IV. If you are a praying person, please say a prayer for my beautiful blue eyed red coated rescued dog. Thank you and just please everyone be careful.

Carpet stain in truck
by: Jason DeHaven

It wouldn't take the red stains in my truck off the carpet. If it was more than a dollar, I'd be pissed.

by: Anonymous

Can LA Awesome be used to clean grease off bluestone stoop?

Acrylic Paint
by: Anonymous

A friend told me that she heard that this product can remove acrylic paint from clothing, like jeans (which is what I'd like to do). Does anyone know for sure? Thanks!

Amazing on laundry stains
by: Anonymous

I have used this product on a variety of laundry stains and have never had one not come out in the wash. Very impressed!

Cigarette burn on wood table
by: Anonymous

Just wondering, does anybody know if this stuff works on wood to remove burns? My husband is terrible and keeps putting burn marks on our wood table. Thanks.

by: Carol

Has anyone had breathing problems after using this product?

by: Heather

I bought this product back in June love it tried it today on my stain on my carpet that I have tried for 2 years to get ride of and I finally got it gone with Awesome Cleaner I'm so happy.

Great for vinyl siding
by: Jeff

This product is excellent on vinyl siding. Spray, soak 10 minutes, rinse, and it's like new again!!

just a dollar a bottle
by: Anonymous

Works good on most of my"stuff." Just for your info I get all my Awesome cleaners at The Dollar Tree.(yes, a dollar a bottle)

by: Anonymous

Awesome works great on mold on siding too. All I did was spray it on, wait until it turned yellow, and sprayed it off with a garden hose. No scrubbing or anything.

Oven use
by: Anonymous

Is it safe for oven use??

Safe for dogs?
by: Marci S.

I have used the Awesome cleaner in my kitchen and bathroom and loved it and I was really excited to read some reviews that some people had used on their carpet, in their carpet cleaner. Our carpet is in pretty sad shape and really needs a deep cleaning. One dog had a short illness and our other sweet boy went downhill and had some trouble with his bladder and some bleeding as he was near the end. So I was planning to try it but then I saw the post by Linda B. that her dog is so, so sick from the cleaner it seems. Does anyone else have any feedback about use of it with pets?
Thanks so much!!

Awesome is really good
by: Wanda

I have used it for a few years now since I saw it at Dollar Tree stores. I always knew it works on grease spots in the kitchen but recently discovered it works on grout stains too.

Restore paint brushes
by: Anonymous

Awesome cleaner has saved me a lot in the cost of having to replace artist (and house painters) brushes. No matter if solid-dry, oil or acrylic, soaking overnight or a couple of nights will soften the paint to a point where it can be completely removed! It does not adversely affect either bristle, taklon (nylon),sable or other fiber, your formerly spatula, like brushes regain their pliant qualities with no damage!

Exterior house cleaning
by: Anonymous

My husband used it on our gutters and soffet this weekend. It is so white now it shines. Also we were having problems with hard water from our sprinkler system turning our house siding rusty. Just sprayed it on and the rust is gone!

Getting grease stains out?
by: Anonymous

How do you use this product to get grease stains out of clothing? It doesn't say the ratio on the bottle

Dilution info
by: Anonymous

Directions: Dilute before use. Start with the recommended dilution, but you may find it necessary to use more or less cleaner to adjust for varying cleaning problems or hard and soft water conditions. For use in carpet cleaning machines. Do not use concentrated on glass. For 10 to 1, use 10 cups of water to 1 cup of Awesome. For 5 to 1, use 5 cups of water to 1 cup of Awesome. For 2 to 1, use 2 cups of water to 1 cup of Awesome. For 20 to 1, use 20 cups of water to 1 cup of Awesome. For 30 to 1, use 30 cups of water to 1 cup of Awesome. For 50 to 1, use 50 cups of water to 1 cup of Awesome. For 120 to 1, use 120 cups of water to 1 cup of Awesome. Dilution Scale: Air Conditioners - Water 10 to 1 Awesome; Aircraft - Water 10 to 1 Awesome; Auto Engine - Straight; Auto Floor Mats - 5 Water to 1 Awesome; White Sidewalls - 2 Water to 1 Awesome; Bathroom: Shower - 5 Water to 1 Awesome; Sink - 5 Water to 1 Awesome; Tub - 10 Water to 1 Awesome; Blackboards - 20 Water to 1 Awesome; Blanket Wash - 5 Water to 1 Awesome; Car Wash - 50 Water to 1 Awesome; Chrome - 10 Water to 1 Awesome; Cloth Furniture - 10 Water to 1 Awesome; Conveyer Belts - 10 Water to 1 Awesome; Doors - 5 Water to 1 Awesome; Driveways: Light Oil - 10 Water to 1 Awesome; Heavy Oil - 5 Water to 1 Awesome; Fibreglass - 10 Water to 1 Awesome; Floor Cleaning - 10 Water to 1 Awesome; General Cleaning - 10 Water to 1 Awesome; Heavy Oiled Surface - 5 Water to 1 Awesome; Ink - Straight; Kitchen Stove - 5 Water to 1 Awesome; Kitchen Stove Hood - Straight; Marble - 10 Water to 1 Awesome; Naugahyde - 10 Water to 1 Awesome; Nicotine Buildup - Straight; Office Machines - 10 Water to 1 Awesome; Paint Oxidation - 5 Water to 1 Awesome; Plastic - 10 Water to 1 Awesome; Rugs: Shampoo - 30 Water to 1 Awesome; Spotting 2 Water to 1 Awesome; Rust Stains - 2 Water to 2 Awesome; Smoke Damage - 2 Water to 1 Awesome; Steam Cleaning - 50 Water to 1 Awesome; Tile Grout - 5 Water to 1 Awesome; Venetian Blinds - 5 Water to 1 Awesome; Vinyl Furniture - 10 Water to 1 Awesome; Vomit Remover - 5 Water to 1 Awesome; Wax Stripping - 5 Water to 1 Awesome; Windows - 120 Water to 1 Awesome; Wood Furniture - 10 Water to 1 Awesome; Woodwork - 10 Water to 1 Awesome.

Awesome left stain on ceramic tile
by: Anonymous

Awesome is great for killing insects, ants, spiders ,etc. But, when I sprayed on ants in my laundry room, and let dry, it stained the tile. Nothing I have tried will take out the stain. Any suggestions?

by: Anonymous

Do you need to dilute the spray bottle version?

It works
by: Red

I use awesome when I'm cleaning my client's kitchen and bathroom. It can do some wonders at first I use to hate using it because of the strong smell but if the smell change lol but please don't use it full on strength it can take the paint off some stuff. Also I use it in my clothes especially under the arm part of my clothes get deodorant stains out of black clothing well any color clothing. You can find it at any local dollar store it's really worth it.

by: Anonymous

How much do I use to get stains out of laundry? I don’t have anything but laundry right now. Please & Thank You!!!

didn't work for my laundry stains
by: john ramey

I applied this worthless product on my laundry, let it sit for 45 minutes, washed cloths as usual, it removed zero stains. Don't waste your time or dollar.

Oven Cleaning
by: Noni

Can this be used to clean you oven?

LA Awesome for rugs
by: Orchids4Me

They also have a powdered blend that you add to the washer which is chlorine free. You can't find it in a Dollar Tree around you.

Awesome sprayed in food.
by: Mark

What happens if you accidentally spray some on your food and ingest it.

response to Mark re spraying in food
by: Taylor

Anytime any type of cleaning product is accidentally ingested you need to call Poison Control and ask them what you should do. It's important! If you haven't called yet, do so immediately!

by: Anonymous

I personally will never go back to buying the expensive cleaners again...well at least not all the time. My only peeve is that there are no
aromas and scents as most leading brands.

The LA All Purpose Cleaner, cleans everything! If they can add great smelling fragrances to their products... OMG!

Great product
by: Anonymous

I found out about LA's Awesome when I cleaned vacant apartments. Most of them use awesome. It cleans dirty stove grease better then harsh stove cleaning products that are so strong u need gloves. I always use a generic mr. eraser with it. Then it's unstoppable. Counter tops, floors, laundry stains (spray on ur stain I've let a rag treated sit for a week & it still worked), carpet (use it in carpet steam machine, just pour some in the cleaning solution holder with water. It's amazing). Smoke damage just drips off as soon as sprayed. Furniture stains, car washing, ETC. Also i have asthma but awesome doesn't bother me at all. It's been professional cleaners' secret for many years

by: Lakeshia Burnett

I been using this product for years and it never turned blue when spraying on surface so can anybody tell me if this is happening to them cause I don’t want my family to get sick.

What did I do wrong?
by: Vickie

I was told to use awesome for my grout tile in the bathroom. I sprayed it on the tile and then mopped it shorty after spraying. Nothing changed an it left my floor sticky. I don't think it was the product I think it was something I did or didn't do. Any help???

Nicotine on appliances
by: Jackie

I used this full strength to remove yellow nicotine from my refrigerator. It rolled right off!

It really works - cleaned nicotine and smoke from walls
by: Elizabeth

I used this product on the walls of my business that I reopened 3 years ago . It is a small bar that allowed smoking till I opened it . The first month I was there I spent it cleaning the walls and bathrooms. It completely made the place so much better! When people ask what I used because it did an awesome job I look at her smile and say LA’s Totally Awesome, then have to show them the bottle! It costs a dollar even for the refills and they are bigger bottles. If I could put my picture up I’d be able to show the difference!

I now use it on EVERYTHING! even my laundry, rugs and upholstery In my car!

Many years of happiness!
by: Angie K.

I bought my first bottle around 1993 from a door to door salesman for $15.99. I told him if he could remove the gum on my carpet with it, I'd buy it. He did it in 2 minutes! I've been a faithful customer every since! These days I am low income, so seeing it at the Dollar Tree made me so happy! I recommend it to everyone, make my caregiver use it to clean everything in my home, and in the laundry. Bleach is toxic, and so is using enough vinegar to truly clean floors, counters, etc. This smells wonderful, and it doesn't even bother my old cats! At $1 each, TRY IT! How can you possibly go wrong at that price? You'll be hooked for life!

Good degreaser
by: Anonymous

I only use it to get oil off the driveway but think it is too harsh to use on the exterior of a car. I now have indoor pets so don't use it indoors because it can be toxic.

I use it for spots on carpet
by: Maureen

I use vinegar and warm water in my rug shampoo machine. If I have a spot on the rug I spray some LA's Totally Awesome All Purpose Cleaner. They sell it many places. I get it a Dollar Tree for $1. That is all I use and my rugs come out great.

by: Anonymous

Can it be mixed with bleach?

Awesome for cleaning bike chain?
by: Anonymous

Anybody tried it for this purpose? Will it dull or remove paint on a bike or car? For $1/bottle, I would be willing to try it even if I was unsure if it would work, but I certainly don't want it to mess up the paint on my expensive touring bike.

Full Strength
by: Kim

Can I use it full strength? I bought one that was already in a spray bottle at a Dollar Tree.

Awesome on Gutters?
by: Sammy

Does Awesome work on gutters and if so how do I use it? Do I spray it on and use a tire brush? What ratio do I use?

baked on grease from food warmer
by: Nanci

We had a warmer for a food truck that has seriously caked on grease. I used the spray Awesome from the dollar store and it works great. Used some small wire bristle brushes with it.

by: Anonymous

There are no instructions for dilution to remove stains in clothing. A ton of other recommendations on the bottle but nothing pertaining to clothing.

by: Anonymous

Mine also started spraying blue. Anyone know why?

Blue spray
by: Anonymous

Mine also sprays blue sometimes. It only does that with the dirtier surfaces like bathtub, kitchen counter behind my sink. Maybe that means it’s doing it’s job.

LA'S Awesome Cleaner & White Vinegar?
by: Pam

Can I mix LA'S Awesome Cleaner with white vinegar to clean my carpet?

by: Anonymous

Is there an MSDS available for this product? I find it works well on many surfaces.

Apartments Cleaning
by: Anonymous

I have discovered endless uses for Oxygen Orange cleaner in refurbishing and cleaning student apartments. I introduced it to our professional cleaning people after trying it at home and they rave about it and thank me. It works wonders on textured bathtub bottoms used along with a scrubbing cleanser because it cuts through the soap scum so the cleanser can get stubborn stains. It cleans coffee and other stains out of carpet and upholstery that steam cleaning can leave behind. Best of all it's not a detergent that makes a foamy mess. You simply use a damp cotton terry rag to wipe tile floor and hard surfaces clean. An amazing product and value.

Streak on house
by: Anonymous

Why did la’s totally awesome leave streaks on my house which is painted aluminum?

use for kitchen sink, and just about everything else too
by: Sandra

I use it for most everything, and don't usually buy anything else. It's good for getting grease off cabinets, just spray and leave and then wipe. Also works on clothes before laundry, blood stains, grease stains, etc. It also works on carpets, gets most of everything out. And it only costs a dollar at the Dollar store!

whole 24 oz spilled out on floor of car (rug)
by: Anonymous

Love this product and have used it forever, but terrified it will ruin my carpet and not sure what to do. No access to a wet vac. Advice?

Ant Killer
by: Ellen

We have itty bitty ants in the kitchen which we have ant trapped, sprayed, and fogged. I saw some ants on the window sill and reached for the ant spray but it was the Totally Awesome spray and I used it. I have not seen an ant in two weeks.

Addressing pet safety
by: Anonymous

I've been using Awesome for many years. Better than expensive degreasers/cleaners out there. Washed carpets with machine and spot cleaned with Awesome and none of my cats or dogs ever got sick or had a reaction. Even cleaned toys and food bowls with Awesome. But just like any other cleaning products ~ people or pets can have a sensitivity so just be careful. You will be AMAZED how well it works!!! Cleaning walls, refrigerator, oven, laundry, kitchen cabinets, EVERYTHING. EXCEPT my car. I use it on tires and rims and spot cleaned tar and bug juice but I've chosen to use regular car wash cause of its strength. I think the yellow formula is the best. But I've also use the orange kind and oxygen kind too & was pleased. Hope it's never discontinued.

question for cleaning laminate floors
by: Jeannette

How do I dilute Awesome to clean laminate flooring? I tried diluting 4 parts water to 1 part Awesome and it left the floor sticky.

Wouldn't live without Totally Awesome
by: Tina

The name says it all. With grandkids, a handyman husband, two cats and a dog, I can't imagine what I did without Totally Awesome Cleaner in the past. I use it from ceiling to floors in every room in the house and outside too. It cleans the house siding, cars and boat. But I especially use it in the kitchen and laundry, adding it to the wash cycle. Gets out any tough stain my family throws at me. Thank you, Awesome People, for an Awesome Cleaner.

Cleaner with Bleach
by: Steve

I have been using this product for over 10 years, and found it to be an exceptional product. I have used it to clean seats in our boat, everything inside the car with the exception of the dashboard. I am afraid to use any product with bleach on the dashboard of our cars.

I have used L A’s totally awesome cleaner with bleach on counters, washer and dryer, wood shelves, plastic shelves, metal shelves, wood furniture, Sofa and chairs, all kinds of clothing that bleach does not hurt, including 100% polyester clothing, and almost everything else in the house. I would go through several 32 ounce bottles per month. This product is a pretty good value that I normally purchase at the Dollar Tree store for $1.25.

removes grease from clothes
by: Michael Kresevich

I use Awesome degreaser literally every day. I work in a kitchen as a line cook and my clothes, especially my shirts, get really greasy because I don't like aprons. I come home and pour about a half cup in, in around 3 quarts of hot water, and give a quick hand wash for amazing results. My shirts lasts for months instead of a week and I save so much money, I love this product, works on so many other things!

Good, but not Totally Awesome.
by: Anonymous

For cargo and travel trailers, it works at about a 90% level with 3 or 4 applications and a good dose of scrubbing. Fiberglass or gel coat works best but metal siding not as well. Cargo trailer streaks are diminished but some are still visible after 5 applications and scrubbing with foam pad and brush. The name is a marketing overstatement. It took 3 cups of TA for a 6×12 cargo trailer and 1 cup for just the front of gel coat travel trailer.

by: Anonymous

Can Totally Awesome be used on an acrylic shower stall?

Automotive (Tires) Grease Removal from Blue Jeans
by: Melanie

Can I use LA's Totally Awesome Orange All Purpose Degreaser to get automotive tire grease out of my son's work pants (blue jeans)?

Economical, effective for pretreating stains
by: Anonymous

This product was recommended to me by my hairdresser who uses it to treat blood stains on her towels. It is truly "awesome"! Economical, effective for pretreating stains on laundry, greasy countertops, painted woodwork. I have a spray bottle in the laundry, under my kitchen sink, and in my cleaning caddy. I keep a large refill bottle handy at all times. I buy mine at Family Dollar store, but it is also available on Amazon and Walmart.

Grease off wheel, nothing else worked
by: Greg

I bought a wheel for my Impala at a junk yard. The grease would not come off. I tried several different things from my local auto stores, nothing worked. Dishwashing detergent didn't work. Then I tried Awesome, sprayed it on and the grease wiped off clean. Now I use it for everything. Great for washing clothes, the cheapest and the best. Try it, you'll like it.

It's great for cleaning rugs
by: Bouncedancer

I fold the rug over the fence, rinse it down with my garden hose, generously spray it with Awesome (making sure to keep it at arm's length and not inhale it), start scrubbing, and rinse thouroughly. It does a perfect job.

Awesome is my go-to spot remover; I've used it for a very long time to spot-treat laundry before washing, not to mention most other cleaning tasks.

laundry stains
by: Edward

I take it LA's Totally Awesome is good on laundry stains? I have the 32oz. yellow-colored refill jug. It does NOT state on the back, or side, the ratio to dilute it. I cannot imagine putting it on a shirt stain at full strength!

How much in washing machine?
by: Leslie Naquin

How much LA Awesome should I be putting in my the washer? I'm not sure if I use too much or to little.

The best
by: Mary Ann Helmey

The best cleaner I have ever used. I use it for everything. I give it a 💯😊

How to dilute LA's Totally Awesome Cleaner to use for stain removal on laundry?
by: Amy

How to dilute LAs Totally Awesome all purpose concentrated cleaner to use on stains in the laundry?

Laundry detergent replacement?
by: Rhonda Holmes

Can LA's Totally AWESOME all purpose concentrated cleaner be used in place of laundry detergent?

question about stain removal in laundry
by: Donna Burgett

I have a dress that my granddaughter is wearing in a school play. It has a little yellow spot on it. Is Awesome safe to use on this cotton dress? Or might it fade the spot?

can it be used on glass and mirrors?
by: Anonymous

Can I use LA's Awesome cleaner on mirrors?

how much to dilute for ink stains?
by: Amanda

What amount of water to add to LA's Totally Awesome for ink stains?

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