Downy Unstopables Reviews: Caused Allergic Reactions

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Below you'll find lots of Downy Unstopables reviews, all from readers who've experienced allergic reactions of some variety from using this laundry scent booster product.

I actually was surprised how many stories and experiences I have received about this problem, which makes me know it is pretty severe. (I had to create a second page of stories and experiences, and I keep getting even more comments, with more experiences, each week.)

First, if you're unfamiliar with this product, make sure to check out my ultimate guide to using Downy Unstopables here, which gives a brief overview of what these scent boosters are, what they are meant to do in your laundry, and how to use them.

Ultimate guide to Downy Unstopables

I've got my own personal theory of why this product seems to be causing such severe reactions for some people -- the product is designed to produce a VERY intense scent. It's that simple.

Since scent is one of the major triggers of allergies, especially when that product then comes into close and prolonged contact with the skin, like laundry products do, when you purposefully add a lot of scent you're creating a recipe for disaster for those amongst the population who suffer from laundry detergent allergies, which actually aren't caused by just detergents but any laundry supplies containing allergens.

You can learn more about laundry detergent and other laundry supplies allergies here.

Laundry detergent allergy symptoms and the cure

(I'm not singling out this product for vilification either - I've gotten similar reports for lots of other laundry products too, especially laundry scent boosters from many brands. The culprit is all that scent, in way too much abundance.)

Also, know that I've also received lots of reviews from readers who LOVE this product, and have used it for quite a while and have never had a problem.

However, I would caution that many of the stories below are from people who had NO IDEA they or a family member had allergies to products such as this, so don't assume because there hasn't been a problem in the past that you're immune now.

Plus, consider guests to your home, who may have allergies or sensitivities to certain smells who may have a major medical incident if you washed their guest sheets with this scented product, for example!

Now, without further ado, here are the submissions I've received from readers, telling their experiences with this laundry scent booster that should serve as a caution to others to at least think about it, before using this product.

Stories and experiences from readers who used Downy Unstopables, where it caused an allergic reaction {on Stain Removal 101} #AllergicReaction #DownyUnstopables #LaundryAllergiesuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Loved Downy Unstopables Lush Scent But Caused Daughter To Get Rash

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One of the first reviews like this that I got, which got me to start this page, was from an SR101 reader who shared her opinion of the "Lush scent" (which is a lavender smell).

SR101 Reader says:

I found this at Walmart and tried it on a whim. I really liked the lavender scent and when it ran out I got more.

Unfortunately, I finally figured out that it was causing a body rash on my daughter. She isn't prone to skin rashes from products (in fact this was the first time ever) so perhaps there is something in it that is more irritating that the usual laundry products.

Anyway, I'm disappointed because I really did like the smell.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience. Unfortunately, you're not the only one who had this happen to them.

Frankly, I'm not very surprised, mainly because the product is touted as a way to add a LOT of smell and scent to clothing.

The more scent added the more likely even those not normally prone to allergic reactions will react adversely, especially since the scent is right next to the skin, which can be very sensitive.

Therefore, I suggest using all such scent adding products to be used with caution until you determine whether all your family members can handle it.

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Stay Away From Downy Unstopables: I Wish I Had

by SR101 Reader

Stories and experiences from readers who used Downy Unstopables, where it caused an allergic reaction {on Stain Removal 101} #AllergicReaction #DownyUnstopables #LaundryAllergiesuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

SR101 Reader says:

I am a stay at home mom of three, and I was looking for a way to "Boost" the smell of my kids clothes.

I used this product for two weeks and my daughter woke up with a severe allergic reaction, with hives all over her from head to toe.

I wish I would have reviewed this product before using it for my family.

Taylor says:

I hope your daughter feels better soon, and sorry she had to go through this.

Hopefully your warning will help others avoid this same problem who are sensitive to scent.

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I Eventually Added So Much Lush Scent I Broke Out In Hives

by SR101 Reader

A SR101 Reader shared this experience with this laundry scent booster with me.

SR101 Reader says:

I used this product--Unstopables--for about two weeks or so, and I loved the scent.

I kept using more and more with every load of wash, and today, I broke out into hives all over my body, and only in the places that come in contact with clothing (I still have them now, and it's been over 12 hours).

I don't usually react this way to laundry detergent products (even though I have fairly sensitive skin), but it's the only thing in my diet/routine that has changed.

I'm going to re-wash all of my clothes and hope the hives go away!

I recommend that those with skin sensitivities be careful with this product, and if you do use it, make sure you don't overdo it.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

I think you bring up a good point. The way this product is advertised it says you can use as much as you want, and that the more you use the more intense the smell.

I think this really encourages people to overdo it to the point that even those who normally don't have allergies to lots of scents experience a severe reaction.

In my personal opinion they should change their advertising and give a maximum amount that should be used per load, so that people don't feel like they can use even more and almost guarantee themselves or a person around them misery from too much perfume!

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Downy Unstopables Should Be Illegal

by SR101 Reader

I received this comment from a SR101 reader who has a definite opinion about Downy Unstopables.

SR101 Reader says:

We are above the laundry room in our building. One of our neighbors has unfortunately started using this product.

Every time they do the laundry the stench is overpowering and nauseating for a day or two afterwards, and causes everyone to have eye and sinus irritation.

We know it is the Unstopables because the wrappers are always on top of the garbage in the laundry when it happens.

The building owner already had the laundry room vented into the garage so it shouldn't be coming through apartment windows, but when Unstopables are used, it is still overpowering in the apartments.

Taylor says:

So sorry to hear that your neighbor's actions are causing you such problems, especially since he or she probably has not considered this possibility at all and most likely has no idea it's bothering you so much.

It reminds me of my mother, who is quite allergic to many things. Whenever a woman in church would come in and sit down in a pew close to her who had lots of perfume on my mom would have to get up and move away, or she would have such a bad allergic reaction she would be sick for several days. These little old ladies had no idea they were causing problems for others, but it was a problem just the same.

Unfortunately for you, you can't just move to a different church pew like my Mom could. I don't have any great suggestions for you because I have found that people who don't suffer from allergies don't seem to understand how badly various strong scents can effect people that have those allergies.

Perhaps you could nicely show your neighbor this web page, where I've gathered not only your review but many others where people across the country have been reporting allergic reactions to Downy Unstopables.

If you've used this product I would love to hear a review from you, good or bad. You can share your review here, or read other reviews that have already been submitted, along with my information about the product.

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Shimmer Scent Broke Me Out In Itchy Hives

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

I used the teensiest bit of the Shimmer scent in two loads of laundry yesterday.

I put on a sweatshirt straight out of the dryer, and after about an hour noticed some itchy bumps on my hands.

I didn't think much of it. Then a few hours later, I had itchy bumps on my neck around the collar of the sweatshirt.

I showed my Mom, but we figured it was just our cats.

A few hours after that, they showed up on my back.

At this point I realized that only areas that were touching the newly laundered sweatshirt were being affected.

I took it off and sent both loads through the wash again, sans UnStopables.

I woke up at 5:00 AM with my arms totally covered as well as my neck and lower back, and a couple on my face, and they itched like crazy!

Since changing my clothes, they haven't spread, but they aren't exactly going away.

I took Benadryl and applied hydrocortisone cream but it's really hard to stop itching.

Stay away from this product! Even if you aren't noticably affected by it, it's clearly not something you should have near your skin all day long.

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Someone Else Using This In Gym Clothes Caused A Reaction In Me!

by SR101 Reader

I attend spin class 3/wk and kept smelling a horrible scent in my class.

It was so bad that my nose ran and eyes watered.

I thought that the woman next to me was wearing perfume.

I could not imagine anyone using perfume before exercising, so I finally asked her if she was wearing perfume.

Of course, she said that she would not wear perfume, but after we discussed it further she said that she had been using Downy Unstoppables.

The smell of this product, especially in a crowded spin class, is overwhelming and should be banned from clothes used in the gym.

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My 1.5 Year Old Son Also Broke Out In Hives All Over

by Chris

My 1.5 year old son soiled himself so we decided to give him a bath. After pulling him out of the water we used a fresh towel that just came out of the wash.

This towel came from a load that my wife used a free sample of the Unstoppables, and we have regretted it ever since.

My son broke out all over, we didn't know what was going on so we took him to the ER right away. The doctor asked if there was anything that has recently changed in our home, and Unstoppables was it.

I myself noticed that when putting on an undershirt that had Unstoppables it made me itchy as well, but no rash like my son.

We ended up taking whatever we could find that was in the Unstoppables wash load and re-washed everything with just our regular detergent.

This product is garbage and should be pulled from the shelves.

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Lush Scent Caused My Daughter's Eyes To Almost Swell Shut

by Angela
(Lafayette, LA)

After very limited use I noticed my healthy 13 year old daughter start sniffling and after a couple of days her eyes were almost swollen shut.

I immediately took her to the doctor and she was put on Zyrtec and steriod eye drops.

It was then that I realized the only thing different I had used was the Downy Unstopables.

I had her put clothing on that hadn't been washed in the product and she was fine and then when she went to put something on that had been washed in it, she immediately started reacting.

That was several weeks ago and unfortunately she is still forced to take meds.

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Sore Throat, Sneezing And Itchy Nose Because Of Unstopables

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 Reader wrote in sharing a slightly different allergic reaction to this product that many others.

SR101 Reader says:

After using the Downy Unstopables I woke up with a mild sore throat, nasal irritation and sneezing and I thought I was coming down with a cold.

The sore throat got worse each morning, but went away during the day.

By day three, the sore throat was worse (a moderate sore throat) and my nose was very itchy.

This wasn't progressing like a normal cold and I kept getting better throughout the day.

Then I figured out, my pajamas had been washed with the Unstopables. I hadn't worn anything else which had been washed in it. I had put a full capful into the wash and my pajamas smelled really strongly.... And I was breathing it in all night long.

Everyone else seems to be having a skin reaction, but I had none. Did anyone else have the sore throat, sneezing, and itchy nose from these?

Taylor says:

Sorry the product made you feel so bad.

I would also love to hear the answer to your question from other readers. So, what allergic reaction symptoms have you experienced when using this product, if any?

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Using The Gold Scent (Called Glow) Was A Huge Mistake & Ruined Holidays

by Yet Another Victim

Two nights ago I started breaking out in a terrible rash, which is now all over my body and face.

Never have I been this miserable.

It is Thanksgiving and I had to meet my boyfriend's grandma for the first time today, with my face looking like something out of a horror story.

I was using the pink Unstopables for a while with no symptoms, but I recently bought the gold ones and washed my sheets with them. HUGE MISTAKE!

I am supposed to be going to CA for a holiday party in two weeks and I am so worried that my face is still going to have scars on it from the rash.

I think I am going to look into a class action suit over this, as it is NOT OKAY. Who's with me?

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I've Had Problems With Coughing And Mucus Because Of This Product

by Joann

Joann shared these possible allergic reaction symptoms when using this product.

Joann says:

Has anybody had problems with coughing due to this product?

I have always had allergies, but have noticed that when I go to bed at night I immediately get a congested chest and start coughing, with clean mucus.

It just hit me that this could be due to Unstopables. I'm going to wash all bedding today and see if it makes a difference.

Taylor says:

Joann, I hope you feel better soon, and that stopping use of this product will help make you feel better.

Another reader, above, also mentioned nose and throat problems when using this problem, so that is most likely another common type of symptom to this product, and not just skin rashes and hives.

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Spring Scent Caused Red Raised Pustules On Child's Face

by Jo

Started using Downy Spring a week ago when I washed the bedding. By the next day, after sleeping on the bedding, my son had small raised pustules on his face, where his face had been on the freshly washed/with Spring scent booster pillow case all night.

Took me a week to figure out what was going on.

By the evening the pustules would be close to vanishing and by the next morning they would be back.

His teacher thought he had impetigo/or Foot and Mouth disease.

I had to get a doctors note that said he was not contagious. (He had no other symptoms of these diseases and the pustules were not draining or getting worse).

Washed all his sheets/bedding on hot washes, with double rinses to clear out the Downy Spring. Using hydrocortisone/cortisone cream on his face to clear up the rest of the pustules.

Previous to this used Downy Lush with no bad reactions.

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My Granddaughter Had An Allergic Reaction As Well!

by Debbie

Debbie says:

My 7 year old granddaughter is also allergic to this product, and has been scratching and broken out in a rash since I began using it.

I realized that it was this and went to the computer to see if anyone else had the same problem, and found this page.

I do not know what is in it to cause the rash but unfortunately I will have to stop using it.

What is weird is I have an auto-immune disease and I have a VERY sensitive nose to odors and the first time I used this I thought that the smell was awful, and the first thought that came to mind was to try the other scent.

So I got out my coupon and was getting ready to go get some. Then I thought, maybe I will try it again. So I did and I liked it the second time.

Now I am half a bottle through the stuff and realizing that we have an allergy in the house.

Maybe when she is older we will have better luck.

Taylor says:

Hope your granddaughter feels better soon Debbie!

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Free Sample = Week Long Rash

by SR101 Reader

I received a free sample of this scent. The scent was very strong, but I figured it would dissipate in the wash water.

The next day I wore clothes from the load washed with the Downey and that afternoon I had large itchy welts covering my entire body. Benedryl has helped some, but it continues to resurface on my entire body and is driving me crazy.

I used Downey once when I was in my late teens. I broke out in a rash over my entire body. That was well over 25 years ago, and I thought, well surely the product has changed, or the rash was possibly a fluke. Guess not, as I am itching uncontrollably as I am typing this comment.

I have used Bounce exclusively except for a one-time purchase of our local grocery store brand fabric softener and never had an issue.

Not sure what is in the Downey, but I will never try it again. Lesson learned.

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Free Sample Gave My Son Eczema

by Jenny
(Victoria, BC, Canada)

I used this free sample on two loads of laundry.

My son who was about 16 months old developed eczema immediately.

He still suffers from it occasionally (although it is becoming less often) even though he is now 20 months and it has been 4 months since we used the product!

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Strong Allergy Reaction To This In Wash Scent Booster

by Harvey
(Southern California)

Harvey says:

This is the first time that this ever happened to me, actually last night. I woke up in the middle of the night and was itching all over and saw myself in the mirror with a ton of red marks (looked like maps of red color embossed skin rashes) all over my arms, shoulder, torso and legs.

I thought some sort of invisible bug has bitten me all over. I took a shower and applied Hydrocortisone cream to all the red itchy spots and I took one pill of antihistamine.

I thought about what was different that day. Was it something I ate or maybe flea bites from my dogs? And then I remembered that I just bought a new comforter and washed it with my regular laundry detergent with a cup of Downy Unstopables (for extra freshness!!)

I had been using this product for about 3 months, but mainly with loads that require an extra boost of freshness (gym related stuff). And as you all know Downy is great with that.

Needless to say I tossed the comforter aside and the sheets were replaced. The good news is that I woke up with no more symptoms, not a single trace.

Today I washed the comforter to rinse out any residue of Downy and I noticed, after handling the comforter from the washer to the dryer, yet again I had red marks on my hands. I guess I do have an allergic reaction to this product. Too bad because I love using it.

Taylor says:

Harvey, it does sound like you had an allergic reaction to something, and based on your experience of touching the comforter again and again getting a reaction I think you're right to assume it has something to do with that.

I'm not quite sure it was the Downy Unstopables you had the reaction to yet though, although that is a definite possibility. The only reason I say this is because you had used this product previously, granted only on certain products, but without an allergic reaction.

downy unstoppables causes rashes and hives
I would wash the comforter several times with hot water and extra detergent to remove any residue from the Downy Unstoppables and then try using the comforter again. See if you still have issues, or if it seems to be better.

Unfortunately, sometimes figuring out what you're allergic to is a process of trial and error, and it is better to avoid stuff that can cause allergic reactions if you're especially prone. I would say, because of the high amount of scent in this product, this would be one to avoid if you're unable to pinpoint the exact problem, just to be on the safe side.

You are obviously not the first person to tell me about such reactions to this product. I've actually gotten so many I had to create a second page of complaints about rashes and hives from this stuff. Click the link if you'd like to read even more.

In addition, you can read even more laundry product reviews here, or share your own, for a wide variety of supplies used for washing our clothes.

Laundry supplies reviews and information

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Comments for Strong Allergy Reaction To This In Wash Scent Booster

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Horrid rash
by: Anonymous

I love the smell of fresh laundered clothing. The Shimmer Scent smells amazing but after washing my bed sheets and adding this product to the load, my skin is a mess! I have small red pimply blotches all over my body. It's gross and very painful. I normally am not sensitive to products but this caused an unbearable rash. Don't use this. It's bad!!!

by: Anonymous

I bought this product approximately 10 days ago and still have welts, rash and severe itching. I guess I'll wash all clothes. Terrible experience. I have never before had sensitive skin or reactions.

Welts at the ER
by: Anonymous

I'm experiencing the exact same thing. I'm currently at the emergency room being treated for severe itching and enormous welts and extreme lip swelling!! I'm not prone to reactions much either and I'm amazed what this has done. Very depressed.

From Smelling Good to Itching Horribly
by: Anonymous

My mom always did my laundry and never used anything other than detergent, softener, or dryer sheets.

Now that I am in college I decided to try the Downy Unstoppables just as curiosity.

A friend was also using this product and said it worked well for her.

After three weeks I broke out into an allergic reaction. I have never had allergies or anything of that sort so I was getting worried, until I put the puzzle pieces together after looking at this website.

I should have been smarter and researched the product. Nothing else I can do but to stop using it. It smells really nice but they should research ways to make it hypoallergenic or something.

Finally itching went away
by: Judy

I broke out in hives, itched to the point that I developed bruises from scratching, got prescription from my Dr. for topical anti-itch cream, which did not do any good.

Every hour I had to stand over the sink and douse my arms, hands, in calamine lotion.

After eliminating everything I could think of that might be causing this I finally redid all of my bed linens without Downy Unstopables and the itching went away.

my dog is allergic
by: Virginia

I became physically sick the first time using it and so did my dog.

severe rash
by: Anonymous

Do not use this product. I broke out in a severe rash that was red, raised and very itchy. I don't have sensitive skin and this still happened after using the product for several months. The rash appeared on areas of my body in close contact to my clothes and seemed to happen in the morning when I awoke. I thought it was bug bites so washed all the sheets in this product and next morning woke up with even more welts. It has been more then 24 hours and rash still there.

by: Vanessacc

My dog, myself and fiancé have been miserable with itching the past few weeks and it just hit me that it's this. I need to wash my sheets, comforter and all our clothes again a few times to get it out. I put on some clothes that were not washed using the Unstopables and my severe itching FINALLY stopped. I'm glad I finally figured it out and reading all these comments verifies my conclusions.

this product may be killing my cat
by: Mary

My 8 year old cat became very ill with a respiratory problem. I couldn't figure out why. It finally came down to the Downy. As soon as I put on a freshly laundered housecoat she started to sneeze. I also noticed that I had an itchy spot on my side. I ignored my issues because my cat was so ill. About three days later and $300 in vet bills I went to look at the area where I was having itching problems. My entire side was purple and broken out. The only thing that I have done differently is start using the Downy Unstopables. It has to be that. BTW, my cat is still ill and has another vet appointment tomorrow. She had been sleeping in a room where I air dry my clothes. I hope she doesn't die.

Mine reaction is like this too, it caused sneezing and coughing
by: Anonymous

I get the exact same thing, in that I am having an airborne reaction, not one from touching the product. I get it from many other P&G products as well, such as Dawn and Mr. Clean. I at first thought it was a cold, and that the reason I got sick every time I cleaned was from the dust. But when I switched to vinegar, I stopped getting sick from cleaning. Not to mention while I was using Dawn my face was perpetually swollen and people would yell at me 24/7 for being unhappy because I was not smiling, despite the fact that I couldn't move my facial muscles properly, but I didn't know the cause at the time.

All of a sudden reaction?
by: Anonymous

I recently bought Downy Unstopables for myself. I visited my cousin and she always uses them so, when it came time for me to travel back home my cousin washed my clothes with the fresh Unstopables and Tide. I loved how they made my clothes smell. A few weeks after I returned home I bought the Unstopables. Now I used them with ALL laundry detergent. Now my skin is itchy and is getting red. It is the fresh type. I did rewear all my clothes she washed with no itchiness and reddening of the skin. I have no idea why this product is affecting me differently. Maybe it is the detergent? Or simply I added too much (a cap and a 1/4). I'm going to try rewashing the batch of laundry in a different detergent and use less Unstopables.

Miserable with rash and itching
by: Anonymous

Let me join the chorus of those who've developed rashes and severe itching from Unstopables. I've been miserable since beginning use of this product and have thrown it out and begun warning others. This can be dangerous stuff! Shame on you Procter and Gamble.

My son got hives as well
by: Anonymous

My 2 year old son broke out in hives so bad that we had to see the allergist. Adding these beads was the only change we had in our household. He was so miserable. He would lay on me at night and whimper, "Mommy, I want you to rub my back and scratch it." He could barely sleep. If there were a way to post a pic of his hives, you could see why he was so miserable. :(

Extreme nausea
by: Nikki Guertin

I tried the purple Downy Unstoppables and ended up insanely nauseous. I thought maybe it was something else, so through trial and error I decided maybe it was this, or that. In theory, the Unstoppables is a great idea. I have a friend who uses them in her Scentsy burner and to freshen her garbage disposal. The SECOND I tried it in the disposal and turned it on, I was sick. I put it in the scentsy burner and right as I walked in the room where it was, I was sick. I finally threw the entire burner away and stopped using the product entirely and have been fine. Every time I think about the smell of the product, my stomach turns. Literally, as I'm typing this my stomach is uneasy and my nose is burning, lol.

wish I hadn't gotten that sample in the mail
by: Bambi

I remember getting a sample in the mail. Thought they smelled very strong so I only used 1/4 of the recommended amount. My daughter had bad hives all over her body for a week. I normally use soap nuts as a laundry detergent so should have known that anything stronger would have had negative effects. Now I stick with those and my laundry doesn't fact my clothes cone out smelling like nothing. I like it.

asthma attack waiting to happen
by: Gabrielle

Asthma attack waiting to happen. I can't even sit next to, or hug anyone wearing clothes tumbled in most detergents, not to mention these. Dangerous to one's health.

Caused Dog to have an Allergic Reaction
by: Gina

I love this product! However, after spending hundreds of dollars at the Vet...I find my furry family is severely allergic to it. I laundered their pet beds with it and it caused a nasty rash!

Cough, Mucus, and a severe Strep Throat
by: Anonymous

This not only caused all the symptoms that I listed on the title, it also meant a trip to my doctor's office, leaving me a whole week in bed, taking antibiotics and missing very important meetings. My advice to Downy...take it off the market. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!

UK has same problem
by: Anonymous

Here in the UK this product is called Lenor Unstoppables. I believe it's the same company, identical packaging and product. I tried it in a wash and have had hives ever since even though I stopped use after one wash.

Instead of smelling the roses I smell DOWNY. Very discouraging.
by: Anonymous

I walk out my door and smell the Downy Unstoppable booster scent and believe me it is strong, and I cannot stay outside very long. So what are the effects environmentally? This is from the drying with the vent outside facing me. It is the smell left in the clothes. Amazing how strong that is. I think there is something really bad about this.

my lips peeled
by: Anonymous

Tried this product. Loved the scent until my lips began to peel and my eyes were constantly itchy and bloodshot. I know my reaction was to this product as it was the only thing I changed in my life's routine. I rewashed everything without it after throwing out and re buying all my makeup and facial products. My lips are getting better and I can see through clear eyes.

Bought this, I like smell but...
by: Anonymous

About a week after using it I noticed I was having an issue swallowing. After a week of this I went to my PCP and she said it was globus sensation. The next day it was gone. I didn't put it in my laundry for about a week and the throat feeling didn't come back. But I didn't not use it on purpose, I just forgot. Sure enough I did laundry yesterday and used it again and here I am with the same lump in my throat feeling. I won't be using it any more.

Toddler hive reaction
by: Anonymous

I bought a package of detergent and at about the same time my son started breaking out in awful giant welts, especially around the waistline. I honestly didn't associate it with the Unstopables, he had just gotten a respiratory infection and I have read it could cause hives. We went to the doctors and he was on three different medications. I stopped using the Unstopables and his welts went away. Finally drew the association. I had no idea there were so many others having allergic reactions to this product, it's really terrible.

smells nice but irritates the skin
by: KD

My brother's gf bought some of the Purple and Blue Downy scent boosters. I thought they were great. Omg, it caused eczema outbreaks on my nipples and my arms itch like crazy. I scratch so much that my arms feel as though they are on fire. I decided to try the Bounce and Gain ones, thinking maybe it was just something in the Downy ones my skin didn't agree with. Same thing, irritated skin. I don't think it's causing me to sneeze but could. I'm rewashing all my stuff today.

Caused my husband reaction in an intimate area.
by: Anonymous

I bought these on sale recently and within a week my husband started having issues in his nether regions. It got so bad that he had to visit the doctor. The doctor immediately said it was an STD, but neither of us had been unfaithful. Talk about several awkward days. After a very awkward test that came back with negative results and an "oh, my bad" apology from the doctor (who we will NEVER go back to again), he ruled it an "allergic reaction" and this was the only new thing in our mix. We removed it, symptoms vanished. Will never use them again!!!

Product should be banned
by: Anonymous

My daughter uses this product and I can no longer be in the same room with her. I literally had such severe reactions to her clothing that I had numerous sinus infections before we uncovered the culprit. Now, she literally has to change into "safe, unscented" clothing that I keep here for her at my home, before we can be together. Product is literally toxic to some people!

Downy Unstoppable needs to be STOPPED!
by: Anonymous

There are so many people living with allergies, asthma, COPD, lung disorders, and even chemical sensitivities, and you may be reacting to the allergens and/or to the toxic synthetic chemicals hidden under the term 'fragrances'. Some people live with both overlapping symptoms of allergies or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, but there is a big difference between the two. Many of these chemicals within our scented laundry products have not been tested and some even not regulated by our government. These products have a residue that intoxicates your home, workplace, and anywhere and everywhere you go, but what's worse is these products also go into your blood stream. So do your research before you stink, do harm and poison others, because there is no discrimination.

Due to products such as these, Downy Unstoppable, GAIN/FEBREZE products and others, just may be the reasons why so many places like hospitals are going scent-free and include laundry products within their policy, as its not just cologne, aftershave, shampoo, perfumes, that causing allergies or chemical sensitivities!!

Lavish scent
by: Anonymous

I too have had a bad reaction to this product. My hands are covered in hives. Also the seams of my bra have caused a bad rash which looks similar to shingles.

Sounds like an addiction
by: Anonymous

This sounds like an addiction...."I used more and more of it!". Chemicals can be addicting (that's what drugs are) and wouldn't the manufacturer be pleased as punch if EVERYONE kept using more and more? Cha-ching, cha-ching.

by: Anonymous

Since when did it become ok to just "Ban" or make a product "illegal" just because some don't like the scent or that you break out from it? if it's that big of a deal don't use it or switch classes. I'm so sick of people thinking there should be a law just because they don't like it. Americans are just getting worse and worse.

Yep I am with you
by: Anonymous

I could not figure what caused my severe hives. First it was just a few, then more and more. Went to doctor 3 x and ER once so my medical bills are adding up!! Have had IV's with steroid to help hives, they were everywhere!!!! I knew it was down to either Unstoppables or shampoo. Now I know its the Downy Unstoppables!! They need warnings on the bottles!!

Same reaction
by: Anonymous

My wife started using it a few weeks ago and it was kind of OK. Last night she make the bed with a comforter that was washed adding Unstopables and let to dry in the sun. My throat was extremely itchy and I couldn't swallow or even breathe properly. Now, I can even smell this product, I feel sick right away. I have no allergies, other than to poison, and this is the first time I reacted to like this. Even exposure to tear gas during Military training didn't trigger this reaction.

by: Anonymous

My mom recently washed my bedding, about 2 days ago with the blue downy unstoppables. I broke out in really strange places with a rash or kind of like eczema and I'm not prone to rashes. The only thing I can think of that it would be from is the downy unstoppables. I vote that they should stop using whatever chemical is in this product that's made many many people break out in rashes, or they should just stop making this product period.

Throat irritation
by: Anonymous

I was using the downey unstopables and I started to have a problem with swallowing. I felt like the food was getting stuck in my chest. I used this product on my sheets and towels. I was coughing when I went to bed. I felt like a had something/tickle in my throat and would bring up clear mucus. I loved the smell of the product but it caused me many problems. I even had to go have a scope done.

Itching hives and bruising
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately I washed all of mine and my partners clothes with it as thought the smell was amazing. And now we have rashes bruises and hives. Trying to wash it out but it's horrendous. We might just have to buy new clothes, it's taken us far too long to figure out what it was as we never have problems like that. I would advise people not to use the product at all.

Skin peeling and burning!
by: Anonymous

I'm dying! OMG, this stuff made my skin peel like I had gotten a major sunburn! Rash, itching! When will it end! I went swimming yesterday and thought I was going to die! My skin burned so bad, I cried!

Causes itching
by: Anonymous

I have been itching all over after using it in my clothes and sheets. I will no longer be using it anymore. I didn't have this problem until I caught some scent boosters on sale at Family Dollar. That's the only reason that I even tried them to begin with. I'm done though now, it's too strong for my skin. No laundry products have ever caused this reaction before so the chemicals much be way too strong.

Hives while pregnant
by: Anonymous

I've been using Fresh scent for about a month and started breaking out all over my body. I'm also 5 months pregnant. I've been taking antihistamine for 2 days and it's still on going. I'm going to try to return the bottle I just bought. Maybe this is making my dog itch too. He sleeps next to the laundry room. He's on a special allergy diet and was fine until recently.

Large rash
by: Anonymous

I bought this awhile back and fell in love with the product. I bought the lavender scent, unfortunately I broke out in a rash all over my body and it continued to spread. I had to re-wash all my clothes and toss the Unstoppables away.

Grown daughter to break out in hives
by: Sherri Hoffer

Downy unstopables caused my grown daughter to break out in hives! That's too bad, now I'm going back to dryer sheets or something else. It's all over her torso and spreading. Scary!

Thought it was the flu
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm from Mexico, I received a free packet of Downey Unstopables so I washed my bed linens with them and at first I thought I had the flu, but then the days passed and I didn't feel better. I had symptoms like, nose congestion, headache, and eye pain. When I changed all the bed linens all my symptoms were gone!!!! Never, never, never am I going to use it again.

Makes me short of breath
by: Anonymous

I have asthma. My daughter uses Unstoppable. I let my daughter use it but told her to keep it in her room so that the lady that cleans our house would not use it on my laundry as the last time she did I had a very bad reaction. This time it was worse. The smell of it makes me short of breath. It makes my head feel like it is coming off. My daughter does not understand and is angry. She says it doesn't smell like anything. Well I can actually taste it when I smell it. This is the worse product on the market. I have no idea why anyone would want their clothes to smell like this sticky stuff. The smell is so chemical and like it is made of a petroleum product. I have read so much about it causing rashes and respiratory problem. I can not believe the FDA or the USDA haven't removed it as a health hazard.

Coughing at night
by: Tina

I had to stop using the Unstopables, as I was coughing badly at night! It started when I got into a freshly laundered bed!

So good, so bad
by: Anonymous

I LOVE this product but, unfortunately, it has taken my 3 years to realize that it was the culprit of my younger children's skin rashes and bumps. I was convinced something was biting them, but after thousands of dollars with Orkin and even a bedbug sniffing dog, I had no answers and really thought I was losing my mind! I had to do experiments on my own to find out if my wonderful smelling, clean laundry was causing this. I finally came to the conclusion that it was the only possibility, only to find that I should have looked in to this product being the problem much sooner. I would have immediately had my answer from all the others who have had the same experience. If you aren't normally allergic or sensitive and don't have kids or use it on kid's clothes its perfect. Otherwise, stay clear!

Friend's shirt made me sick
by: Anonymous

A teammate washed her jerseys in these and I was sitting next to her, I have been sick for 5 days now with sore throat, and congestion. I know it is this product and not a cold. Hoping it goes away soon.

Huge rash
by: Anonymous

I going in to rewash my sheets this morning. Covered from my forehead to ankles with an itchy rash from Downy Unstopables. I know it's this product because problem started when I used it. Should be taken off the market.

Should be taken off market
by: Paula Constable

Thank goodness for this forum. I was starting to lose hope. I live in the UK and started using Un-stoppables about three weeks ago. At the same time, I started with a common cold, or so I thought. What caused more distress was the constant itchy skin. When I put on my bath robe, furry slippers and snuggled under my fluffy blanket, my skin started to crawl. I had no sleep for 3 days, because when I climbed into bed, it would start again. But all the time I smelled lovely. My eyes ran constantly, my sinuses were so blocked, my head hurt and my chest was tight. No amount of cold remedy product helped. Even my dog and cat were scratching, having had flea's ruled out. Anyway, then the light bulb moment, and having found your site, I instantly binned this product and re-washed everything. A warm bath and plenty of skin scrubbing in product free water gave me instant relief. I have told all my friends and family not to use this product, especially on babies and children and during this, had feedback from a friend whose son had received chemical burns from this product. Please please get word out about this evil stuff. Horrific and should be stopped asap.

Horror story
by: Anonymous

Here is my Downy Unstoppable horror story!
Wanting that long-lasting smell we bought some and started to use. At first there was not a problem until I was watching TV one night and started itching on my feet. Thought was a mosquito that had gotten in the house. Scratched them. Didn't give it another thought. Wake up and I have itchy-swollen-red welts ALL OVER! I have always had problem skin however this was nothing I have ever experienced before in my life. I was actually watching my skin turn into something so unnatural.
After realizing that it was Unstoppables it was too late! Went through 3 doctors, 1 dermatologist, a skin biopsy, 2 shots of steroids and a prescription for steroids by mouth, for a month, and 3 antihistamines. 10 days later I am still breaking out in welts. We have been washing loads of clothes 3 times each, 1 with detergent and the other 2 just straight hot water. Hopefully soon this horror story will be over!! This product have turned my life inside out!! Do not buy this product!

Very sensitive to this!
by: Kathu

I got some of this, never thinking it would cause a problem. I know I'm guilty of over-using, but I loved the smell! Then, I started itching. And itching. I have rashes all over my body where my clothing touches. It took me a while to figure it out. I immediately stopped using the bead, but the itchy rash continued. I read the label, to my horror, I see the stuff stays in your clothes for weeks! I now wash everything in vinegar but I'm still itchy.

Bad cough, runny nose and sore throat
by: Anonymous

Couldn't understand why I was getting these symptoms which were getting worse. As I was doing some ironing of my bedding my nose was constantly streaming then the penny dropped. The Unstoppables have been binned and now I've got to thoroughly rewash everything. No wonder I was waking up worse every morning as I was spending all night with my head on a pillow cover washed in Unstoppables! There was me thinking I had something seriously wrong with me when the symptoms were getting worse, not better. I won't use any of these products ever again.

Shortness of breath
by: Anonymous

I washed my sheets using Downy® Fresh Protect April Fresh Unstoppables and the very first night I sleep on the washed sheets, I had my throat constrict and a hard time breathing. I have food allergies so I thought maybe that was the issue. For five nights now, I have woke up in the middle of the night and spend the rest of the night trying to catch my breath. My throat clears as the day goes on.

Hundreds spent at the vet
by: Anonymous

Got this and Gain scent boosters as samples and used them on my dogs bedding. Big mistake. One dog was fine the other had a reaction and swelled up all over. Poor thing was itchy, looked like an ugly Goofy, and was put on steroids.

Severe rash and it's awful for the environment
by: Anonymous

I used this product for a few days only before realizing that it was the cause of our family allergic outbreak.

It caused severe skin rashes on my husband and our eldest son, and my daughter hates the smell. I used it without reading the warnings which are clear enough but underestimated the severity of the reactions it can cause.

My husband had a week off work with severe skin blistering. He couldn't sleep and was prescribed a strong steroid cream and antihistamines. As a result I would never ever use this product again and am appalled it is available for sale. It should be banned.

As all bleaches and laundry chemicals do it ends up in our water supplies.

two months of reactions to "Dream" scent
by: Jess

For the past two months I have woken up everyday with sinus congestion, runny nose, coughing, and a sore throat. I was already taking Zyrtec and thought my allergies were just getting worse because the season was changing. Usually when I change my sheets I wash them, dry them, and put them back on the bed the same day. Three nights ago I didn't put them in the dryer in time, so I put on a different set. Since then I have woken up completely congestion free. I have been washing my normal set of sheets with their "Dreams" scent. My backup sheets were last washed without any scents. I can't believe I had such a strong reaction to this product.

by: Anonymous

I have been using this product for about 4 weeks, a week after I started to notice what I thought were flea bites all over my body now I know it is a reaction to this product.

rash from free sample
by: Anonymous

Into week two of horrendous reaction to this awful product. Had free sample, didn't think anything of it and used on 1 load only.

Noticed overpowering smell of laundry-very artificial tbh but didn't think much about it. When I wore items from this load developed burning sensation on neck, chest, tops of arms and face. Swollen skin, cold sore and broke out in horrendous itchy hives- in work! 😫

Haven't had a reaction like this in years-the perfume levels and close proximity to skin seems to have set this off, reading through I'm not only one. Steer well clear, horrible scent anyway wish I'd never tried this product!

Spent so much extra time trying to re wash anything that might have traces of product on and sleepless nights at first due to itching and rash-extra rinses and E45 and antihistamine for 2 weeks now, only just easing up.

another free sample victim
by: Curt Hill

I was given a free sample (1 load) by P&G at the 2015 Flying Pig Marathon Expo in Cincinnati. No scent was indicated, but the package was purple. I used about 1/3 of the package washing underwear, t-shirts and the like. I put the underwear on and within a short time I started itching down there. I didn't make the connection at that time as I had never had a reaction with liquid Downy or any detergent and the detergent used this time was Tide. I put a t-shirt on and started itching above the waist, that's when I realized it was the Unstopables, the name is appropriate as I couldn't stop itching. I had to re-wash everything that had been washed in the product but the itching lasted for almost a week. I wondered what would have happened if I used the whole package as the instructions said. I called P&G and complained and they apologized but I want others to know that it might happen to them.

warning to anyone with chemical allergies and sensitive skin
by: A. Reasoner

Hello, I am a 40 year old mother of 2 and I want to warn anyone with chemical allergies and sensitive skin about this product. I washed my bedding with the recommended amount of the Downy Unstoppables in wash scent booster pearls and woke up with a migraine headache. This continued for the next 3 days upon which I awoke with a severe irritation in my left eye, similar to pinkeye. I have never had this in my entire life. The morning headaches continued for 3 weeks, I continued to wash my bedding and all other laundry with the product not knowing they were the reason. My family began to complain of itchy rashes and I was desperate for a cure of these issues. I read online about similar cases involving this product and immediately stopped using it and thoroughly washed all my bedding. The next morning I woke up headache free. Coincidence? Not likely!

Hope this helps at least one other family from suffering like we did.

red bumps and itchy
by: Olivia

My fiancé first got red bumps on this shoulders that were itchy after I washed our bedding using downy unstoppables. A week later I started to get incredibly itchy where my bra line was, especially after wearing a sports bra.

by: Val

The rash that won't quit. I'm pretty sure it would be more comfortable to remove my skin altogether.

blue version
by: Anonymous

I am now in my second week of steroids with no improvement! The burning itchy welty rash has not subsided in the least!! I will put my name on the class action for sure!!! This product should be removed from the market!!!

fresh scent
by: Anonymous

Had a HORRIBLE allergic reaction to this. Still healing after a trip to the Dr and meds. My chest looks like I've been severely burned and the itching is horrible!!! Buyers beware if you have sensitive skin this product is not for you!

the smell alone makes me ill
by: Cindy

My teen daughter uses this product and I returned home from work, walked in the house and had an allergic sinus reaction with immediate headache. My nose wasn't working well but I detected the aroma from the basement below. She had probably done laundry between 2-6 hours earlier. I had asked her to stop using it. I think an old container I put in the garage trash can to get it out of house.

I will ask her again to stop using it. It is not worth having to take a sick day for a sinus infection/headache. She is in college and can't afford to buy it.

Any teenager recommendations for healthy alternatives?

My Yorkie
by: Iris

I love this product, but my poor Yorkie is so allergic, I have been so worried about him with allergies this past month. He would be super bad in the mornings, after sleeping on the bed with me. I removed weeds, flowers a lot of stuff. Finally I washed the bedding and just used vinegar and some lavender in the rinse cycle. No more problems. I was using it in a spray bottle to freshen up the place. I love the scent, he however can't handle it.

Too strong
by: Anonymous

I am currently experiencing breathing issues from using this product to wash a blanket we use to watch t.v. I may have used the blanket for 20 min and the smell was so overpowering. I fear I am having an allergic reaction. I took an anti histimine in case. I have never experienced anything like this. I will be re washing the blanket tomorrow.

Symptoms include
Heavy breathing
Tingling lips
Itchy eyes
Slight wheezing

No skin reaction, it was cold like symptoms
by: Caroline

Same thing for me, I never had skin reaction. I had a bad cold a few weeks ago, 3 weeks later I couldn't get rid of my sore throat, and still cough very badly.

But start noticing it was always worst in the weekend, at my parents house. I even went to the doctor and he told me it was just my cold that had gotten my throat so irritated.

I was almost 100% this week! I was so happy! My parents came over for supper, it all started again. Turns out we discovered they started using Unstoppables a few weeks ago!!!
I even vomit once a night at my parents, by having too much coughing.

I'm actually happy to see that the explanation is not that I'm allergic to my parents, it was starting to make no sense at all!!
Everybody should by very careful. It has a bad reaction for some people.

I thought I was crazy
by: William Hobbs

I have no known allergies. I have has severe burning on my face for 3 weeks. I told my wife something was wrong, she said it was me cause she used it on all the clothes and she has no problem, so I believed her, until today. Last week I washed my sheets and pillow cases with my regular laundry soap and used my regular softener (swiftel). My rash went away. I thought nothing of it last nigh. I used Downy that my wife bought and woke up with my eyes swollen shut and itching like I had bugs. Thank you for this posting. I am rewashing everything I have as we speak.

Female problems
by: Anonymous

Over the last 3 years I have went to 4 Dr's. I have been treated for chronic yeast infection, chronic bv and nothing was helping. I have bad cramps and a weird discharge. I spent a lot of money with ultra sounds and even a uterine scrape. After my 4th Dr telling me they are not sure what it is or what's causing it I decided to stop using the unstoppables in my clothing from the waist down and my symptoms went away and I have not had a problem since and it has been 2 months. 3 years and a lot of medical bills and suffering just to smell good. :(

when others in office have it, I can't even breathe
by: Anonymous

Found this site after someone at work helped me figure it out. Some people will walk in my office and I can hardly breathe, it's like they sprayed on fabric softener all over themselves. I actually have to leave the office because it makes me so miserable, don't know what I can do about it.

ER with breathing problems
by: Anonymous

This product was launched in Switzerland in Spring 2016. I moved to another flat and had often the feeling, I cannot breathe properly.

At that point, I didn't know that my neighbour was using the unstoppables.

After I bought and used them, I started to have severe breathing problems. Then I realized the cause was this product (first I thought it is some kind of food allergy).

My fiancé started itching from this product, he never had any allergies.

Please do not use this product, It nearly killed me and I had to buy my own laundry machine to rewash everything many many times (and still react to my clothes as this product is produced to stay as long as possible).

have to rewash everything
by: Anonymous

I started using the unstoppables about a week and a half ago. Freaking out because I started getting hives on my back, now it has spread to my face. After back tracking my husband told me he switched to the pink bottle of unstoppables!!! Urgh! My skin is very sensitive and can only bathe in dove soap. So switching to a strong fragrance freshener wasn't a good idea. Needless to say I am in the process of rewashing all my clothes and underwear.

No skin reaction by nose/throat reaction
by: Anonymous

YES! I'm having the exact same thing! Only morning issues that minimize throughout the day! I'm so glad I found this, I didn't even think it might be these Unstopables! Thank you! Planning to re-wash my sheets/clothes today and hope it diminishes!! Thank you!!!

Oil warmer made daughter sick
by: Anonymous

I bought an oil warmer by Febreeze with the unstoppable scent. Plugged it in before going to sleep last night and I woke out of my sleep with a terrible feeling in my throat. It feels like my throat is on fire. My daughter who is three her eyes looked like they were swelling and watery. I immediately unplugged he warmer when I realized it was the cause and tried to get some fresh air into the room.

by: Anonymous

I washed my sheets and blankets with the pink Unstopppables and then poured a handful of them into the tote I keep my extra clean sheets in for extra freshness! The last three nights I've been experiencing itchy-prickly-burning sensations all over my body. I take a daily allergy pill, and even that isn't keeping me from itching so badly. So I started thinking about any new changes in my diet and couldn't pinpoint anything until my husband said his skin started feeling itchy as well. Low and behold, I got in bed tonight in a thin nightgown, so a lot of my skin was exposed to pillows and blankets and I haven't been able to stop scratching since. I got to thinking about changes in my laundry routine and wonder if it was from the Unstoppables, hence finding this page with the same concerns. I'm going to wash all my bedding again tomorrow and toss the product to see if that's what it is.

had to take my wife to the ER
by: Ernie

I was doing the laundry for my wife as I normally do, and noticed she had bought a new scent so I decided to use it. (WHAT A BIG MISTAKE THAT WAS). I have taken my wife to the ER twice already and they had no clue on how to cure but just gave her benadryl and steroids. We have bought all kinds of medicine and nothing. I'm having to rewash all of our clothes again. This company should be sued, and held responsible for all medical bills. Please do not use this product, my wife has had hives and welts for over 3 weeks now. I thank you all for all your input.

new sheets brought great relief
by: Diane

I got terrible itching from one of these products, went to the skin doctor who told me it was contact dermatitis.

I had the most trouble at night while I tried to sleep, waking up multiple times in pain, but better during the day.

My doctor friend suggested I try looking at my sheets. Put new sheets on the bed last night and got great relief.

Left odor in sheets
by: Anonymous

I purchased and used downy unstoppables one time. They are truly unstoppable. They could be smelled all over the house and I had a strong chemical taste in my mouth. I have since washed these clothes six times and still cannot wear them and when I try to fold them my hands smell like the downy through several washings. if anyone knows how to get the odor out of fabric, please post the solution. The odor gives me a headache and when I touch the clothes, I itch. There should be a strong warning on this product.

Severe allergy
by: Anonymous

I bought these for our sheets. Last night was first time we slept on these sheets. I woke up at 2am with hives all over, swollen hands, lips, wheezing and difficulty breathing. Ended up in ER

by: Anonymous

I too had an allergic reaction to this brand. I developed rashes on my inner thighs and wrist. This is due to the underwear and long sleeved shirts I was wearing. It took me a while to figure it out but after research I can say that was the culprit. I never had this reaction before. I had to re-wash everything. Til now I have the rashes and itchiness. I've trying different types of remedies. Any suggestions? I have pictures of my rashes just in case there is a lawsuit. I would definitely join that.

Pulmonary reaction to Downy Unstoppables
by: Anonymous

I had a severe change in my breathing. I thought I had a sinus drip causing the cough I also had. I became so concerned I started searching. The only new thing that has come into this house is Downy Unstoppables. It is now in the garbage and I am rewatching everything. I pray for relief soon.

Face and Eye swelling!
by: Anonymous

For almost a year we couldn’t figure out what was making my face and eyes swell and I had to go to around 20 doctors including allergy specialists. I’m allergic to Gain and not allergic to Downey or Tide so I tried it out. I tried to see a common ingredient between the two but their chemicals are not listed so I guess I’ll never know what chemical caused me so much distress.

Trouble breathing
by: Anonymous

The only product I can now use in these products are the 'sensitive ones' which is white in colour and even that one makes my nose run when doing the ironing of the clothes washed in it. Unstoppables made me think I had the flu, got sore throat, runny nose and felt very unwell together with itchy skin. Can no longer use any scented washing products.

Allergic Reaction
by: Latrice

I was in Walmart shopping and saw the Downy unstoppables on display Tide scent and decided to purchase. I used in my wash and I got burns and hives from my neck down and had to have medical intervention. The rash kept appearing and it burned like fire. I now know it’s the scent booster.

I'll never use again
by: Eric

Hello everyone, I also love the smell from using the unstoppables, I'm a construction worker and I get pretty nasty by ten o'clock in the morning so I thought I would try to keep a good smell going throughout the day and I tried the " unstoppable " for whatever reason I did not have a problem during the day with work clothes but at night on my pajamas, unbelievable !!! I broke out in the nastiest, itchiest rash or hives multiple nights in a row !! "Absolutely horrible " Ontop of the chest congestion and runny nose ! I believe I used half a capful to a large load in the washer. NEVER again will I use this product, I'm sorry people you will have to put up with my not so abundantly "fresh" laundry smell !

by: Anonymous

I would like to add to the thread of unfortunate experiences. I too recently started using this product and the hives have been nonstop! Started off in small spots and have increased to full body painful hives! Hope everyone has found relief!!

My 3 yr old broke out in hives
by: Anonymous

I washed my daughter's blankey she carries with her all the time. After he nap with it she broke out in hives all over her body. This product also irritated my husband's throat from the strong smell.

I’m suffering with it.
by: Rick

Hi I can’t believe it. This product which I now know is the problem. It’s a very difficult thing. My own daughter has recently started using this product. She does not live with my wife and I anymore of about one year now. She came over to my home twice now. I guess I’m the ONLY ONE who smells this toxic smell...I FIRST noticed this over powering toxin "lavender" In my office job with the new young guy. I thought it most be the new girl they hired to. No it was the guy. He said it was his laundry soap. I thought there is no way. I found these new product drier crystals". This guy does not care of my health. He has not changed anything. Even after I told him it’s effecting me negatively. THE PRODUCT makes me jittery; very dizzy; light headed; Tighten throat soreness, shallow breathing, then sickness, nauseous, it’s very very bad. I don’t know enough about the product and why it’s so strong! It’s really effecting me.

lavender scent
by: Kelly Jo

This product should be recalled or at least come with a warning about possible, serious side effects! My daughter is a sophomore in college & used this ONCE to freshen her laundry. Within 2 days, she had a red, itchy rash everywhere! We are on day 5 of benadryl & hydrocortisone cream. We threw the nasty stuff AWAY! She has never had this kind of reaction to detergent.

rewashed without boosters and now doing a bit better
by: Jeanette

For the past month I have been breaking out in a terrible itching skin rash in and around my bra area. Not being allergic to perfumes I never associated it with this product.

My son stayed with us for a week and upon using the pool towels I had just washed with this product he said his skin was "burning". I gave him a white towel which I do not wash with scent booster and he had no issues.

Last week my skin has become almost raw due to the rash. I re washed my clothes in mild detergent and no scent booster. So far it looks like the rash is calming.

2 ER visits
by: Teresa Hagwood

My two experiences with Downy Unstoppables were severe and both required emergency room treatment.

The first time I used the product was about a month ago. Using the product, I washed sheets, towels and washcloths in hot water, folded them and put them away. I did not use any of the washed items, just touching the clothes caused a major reaction. It started the same evening that I folded the clothes, and started with itchy palms and they turned beet red. The itching spread to my scalp, my ears, the soles of the feet and from there, the itching spread everywhere. The situation got worse; hives broke out all over my body. I could not stop scratching. Got a little wierded out about this so I took a Benedryl and took a quick shower to wash off whatever was making me itch. That didn’t help at all. I found a tube of Anti Itch cream in the medicine cabinet and slathered that all over but again, no help. By now this was more than an itch. It felt something like ant bites on top of a bad sunburn. I found a body scrubber with hard bristles, grabbed it and headed to the emergency room, scratching my skin with the body brush the whole time. I had scratched/clawed my skin excessively and was bleeding on my arms and legs. My breathing was a little difficult. It was late, my husband was fast asleep so I drove myself to the hospital. Emergency room staff were wonderful. Took me to a bed immediately, got an IV in my arm and started pushing meds through the IV, and one steroid shot in the hip. I felt relief quickly. The doctor said, should I experience this again, to take 2 Benedryl tablets and get to an emergency room asap.

So, fast forward to last night. As I got ready for bed, my right foot had a slight itch and I used that same body brush to do a quick scratch about 3 square inches on my foot. I thought about the possibility of the brush causing a reaction but thought, "hmmm, this brush didn’t come into contact with the Downy, so it must be ok." Wrong! This time the reaction was FAST. I knew what was happening and the itching, burning was worse, plus....and this was bizarre, my tongue started swelling! I woke up my husband, told him what was happening and we made a dash to the hospital. My tongue was so swollen that my speech was impaired. Now, THIS scared me. As before, the emergency room got me on a bed immediately, started the IV and gave me a strong steroid via IV (Somedrol) and more Benedryl. Again, my legs and arms were bleeding from me clawing at my skin. Bizarre.

horrible product
by: Rachel Jones

I wash my bed linen and clothes in downy unstoppables and I was itching so bad I broke out in rashes and my throat started hurting I had to rewash every thing horrible product.

How can such a toxic product have been allowed on to our shelves
by: Karen

My mum started using this 3 weeks ago and developed hives and rashes all over her body. She's been to the doctor twice and been given creams, allergy tablets and medication as she is itching constantly.

Thank you for your reviews - now we know what's causing it. How can such a toxic product have been allowed on to our shelves I wonder???

Fresh scent
by: Catherine

I used this product on all of my clothes and bedding for over a year and loved it. However, after taking a brief hiatus from it, I started using it again and had developed severe allergy symptoms to it. I have one known severe allergy to Bayberry pollen (That began after using this product) and Downy Unstoppables gives me the same symptoms. I get burning rashes that appear all over my skin, extreme anxiety, my lips and face tingle, my gums and the insides of my mouth start to itch and become raw, my chest gets tight and I have trouble breathing.

I no longer use this product, but years later still sometimes have reactions to items that were washed in it (Hence why I chose to write this review today). I even react to this product in public when other people are wearing clothes washed in it.

I wish I had never started using this product! Now, I choose products that are free of fragrance and essential oils.

Who would’ve thought?
by: RobinA

I started using the Lavender product a month ago, just throwing in 8- 10 small tablets a wash plush my unscented, sensitive skin downy in too. So far no rashes, but thanks for bringing to my attention as my grandson has very sensitive skin. I won’t use it while he’s here. I’m curious what it’s made of, I will have to read the ingredients- thank you for the heads up!!! Best wishes!

A little bit goes a long way
by: kay

I have sensitive skin and used this product with no problems. Possibly they are reacting to the amount. I am shocked to read the quantity the some people indicated. The scent is very strong. Just a few little pellets gives clothes a nice smell without being overwhelming. I can't believe the manufacturer recommended a capful- I don't use that much for 10 loads.

I'm so bummed if this is really causing the allergy issues
by: Melissa

I love the Unstoppables! I use them with the towels, my clothes, my bedding. I have been going to bed and all of a sudden feel like I'm having an allergy attack! Running nose, constant sneezing, extremely watery eyes. I've been taking cold and allergy medicine, which isn't working, and I don't have any symptoms the rest of the day. Only when I crawl into bed I can't breath, etc...I just realized last night that the only thing different in the room is that I washed all the bedding with the unstoppables...I'm so bummed if this is really causing the allergy issues, I really love the smell.

worst itching I've ever had
by: Anonymous

I've never had a reaction to any laundry product until Downy Unstoppables. Loved the scent, used it on my bedsheets, woke with the worst itching I've ever had...legs and torso covered with red bumps. Had to see my doctor and he gave me a 5 day steroid prescription. Why doesn't P and G put a warning on the label?

How do I get rid of it?
by: Anonymous

I have washed 5 times in hot water and I cannot get the scent out! Do I have to throw away all my sons clothes? It gives him hives.

Terrible, itching all over for the last 3 weeks gu yo 77
by: Joe

Get rid of this stuff.

Respiratory allergy to all Downy products
by: Gay Morrison

It doesn’t matter if washer or dryer, I get around someone that uses Downy I start sneezing and eyes watering and my nose and lips seem to slightly swell. If I get in a small enclosed area like a car for instance it is a lot worse. Let it be cold and the heat gets turned on in the car and it can almost get to respiratory distress level, if for an hour or more. I keep allergy meds and also benyadrl on me at all times. If I’m fixing to get in a vehicle for a long ride, I ask the passengers and usually come up with a different travel arrangement. It is that bad.

Past what I’m doing, what else can be done? I mean at least half the world, if not more, uses Downy products. It does make your clothes soft and comfy. I just can’t use it or be around it.

scented everything
by: Anonymous

I am unable to go near the detergent aisles in the store in fear of migraine reaction which occurs as I near it. Between tide pods, gain detergent, and downy softener it's unbearable. I used to use the original downy which had a slight scent but I have to resort to unscented products now since I now have headaches triggered from these strong scented products.

I think people with animals, those who smoke are looking for something to mask their odors but are just killing themselves with all these carcinogens in these products.
I can't go for a walk in the neighborhood because you can smell this stuff from down the block let alone get near the house or God forbid go inside!! Mix it with Febreeze, plug-ins. OMG. Allergies, headaches and all kinds of health problems triggered from these products.

I think we'll have to start suing these companies for making us sick just as the smokers did with cigarettes. Sad world we live in today; seems it's all about $$ to be made whether its good for us or not.

Swollen Throat
by: Barbara

I finally, after seeing several doctors, figured out it was the Downy Infusions. I have been using them and never thought they were causing my throat to close up. I went to an allergist, and test all came back fine. My ENT put a camera down my throat, I have been put on steroids and then it happened. I washed my delicates and used them. I put a nightgown on from that load and went to bed. My throat started to close and I had a bad post-nasal drip. I thought about it and took the nightgown off and changed. The symptoms immediately stopped. I wonder what is in this product that could cause this severe reaction? When I was going through the not knowing stage, there was a night I almost thought I should go to the ER.

by: Gail

I’ve been putting it in my laundry the past few weeks. At first a few spots, then every day a few more. Since this is the only thing I’m doing differently, it has to be this. No known allergies either! I’m rewashing my clothes to get this stuff OUT!!!

Husband has same from Gain fireworks
by: Wendy

Months of red spreading itchy rash. Several doctors and biopsies done. A lot of money spent on prescriptions, creams, shampoos, and nothing helps. Still has rash and stopped using product few weeks ago. Itching so bad wakes him up in middle of night.

Bad hives & itch
by: Anonymous

I've been itching like crazy & my daughter's & my husband have been too. I've been using it for a while & never put it together that it might have to be related to the unstoppables. I love the smell but I just had to run to the store at 4am to get Bendryl, because the itchiness was insane & I couldn't sleep!!!

by: Sharon

I bought an estate bedspread to resell online. I wanted it to be clean and smell great so I washed it alone, with a generous amount of Downy Unstoppables. It sold and the buyer wrote a nasty message and insisted on returning it. She said the minute she spread it on the bed, the smell consumed the whole house and made her physically ill. I told her to just rewash it, but she wanted no part of it! When we received it back, I left it folded in my bedroom. I live in a motor home so it is a very small area. I went away for a few days returning on Sunday. By midday Monday, I thought I had the flu! I had all the symptoms, sneezing, deep nasty cough, watery, blurry, itchy eyes, even an ear ache and was in bed the next two days, sleeping more than not. By Wednesday, I woke with my eyes GLUED SHUT! This has NEVER happened to me before! I take an allergy pill daily but apparently these chemicals are not affected by that! It is now Saturday, and my eyes feel like I have grains of salt in them, and they itch like crazy and are very swollen, (I have been using Visine since midweek). I still have all the symptoms! It struck me late last night, what the buyer had complained about the bedspread, and it was still sitting in my bedroom. I put it in a garbage bag and now removed it from the RV. I will see a doctor now I know the culprit of my symptoms! Hard to believe I am experiencing allergy symptoms I have NEVER experienced before! AWFUL!

Beware--caused major hive breakout, 2 visits to urgent care
by: Anonymous

I am a regular user of Downy products and didn't think twice before trying Downy Unstopables. Huge mistake. I did a few loads, maybe 4-5, including sheets, towels and some basic clothing. Shortly thereafter I broke out in the most horrendous hives head to toe, big blotchy, itchy, inflamed red spots that scared me to the point where I had to make a trip to urgent care for diagnosis. Prednisone, prescription antihistamines and days later I am still itching. Back to urgent care again, no relief, trying to zero in on probably cause. Most likely culprit: Downy Unstopables. Now rewashing everything I can possibly think of just to be sure. Please beware of this and similar products and don't do as I did and assume that because you are a regular user of Downy products that this one will not react differently. Chemically it seems to behave very differently.

This product should not be on the shelves
by: J.T.

My son used this product and immediately developed a rash and uncontrolled itching. We have rewashed clothes, bed sheets and still the itching has not gone away. He never had any allergy problems before using this product and now can’t get rid of the itching when he goes to bed. We turned over the mattress, rewashed sheets and clothes and hope that after 3-4 washes this will go away. This product should not be on the shelves, period

Red itchy blots
by: IzzyB

After a few weeks of using the product i started breaking out in what i thought was pimples or big bug bites. Kept spreading down legs and found some on my back. Each day found new ones. Started becoming very itchy and big. Washed all my pants as a test and put hydrocortisone cream. The itch stopped and the red blots stopped. Ruined my skin however at least it's healing.

Don't use if you have skin sensitivity to product.

by: Anonymous

Feel like I am going crazy after using unstoppables ended up at a&e and on steroids my whole body is covered in hives just in process of washing everything from bedding towels and my clothes will never ever buy these again they should be banned

Worst product ever
by: Ramona

This product should be taken off the market, you have to throw away the cloths you used it on. This product has chemicals that should be banned!

Unstopables Landed Me In The Emergency Room
by: Anonymous

Every time I inhale Downy Unstopables (or any other scent enhancers) -- venting from my apartment's dryer vents (I'm at the opposite end of the building, and five floors above the laundry room), or whether I smell it on people's clothing -- from beside me OR from half-way down the block -- the chemicals in this product start to turn my body to MUSH. I ended up in the ER after sitting in a clinic waiting room with several patients who used Unstopables passing by me. The room was so filled with the fumes, it affected my entire body: I wasn't able to move, open my eyes, follow commands, speak, I was dizzy and nauseous, I had a delayed reaction of diarrhea, and I had multiple asthma attacks. I could hear everything going on around me, AND I knew exactly what I was reacting to (since I’ve had milder versions of these reactions), but had no way of telling anyone what was wrong or how to treat me. And they say this stuff is safe???

I also broke out with itchy skin rash all over. Figured out it was the Downy unstoppable
by: Anonymous

Could not figure out why I bwas itching all over. My back was driving me crazy itching. Granddaughter took a pic of my back it was covered in a red rash. Finally figured out it was the Downy unstoppable which I have been using a lot of.

Swollen eyes and itchy skin
by: Anonymous

I used Downy unstoppables for the first time and it made my bedding smell so amazing! However, I have never had a bad reaction to anything and after using this for my first time my eyes were almost swollen shut and I have itchy skin. I took allergy relief but it has taken 3-4 days to clear up. I am going to give the bottle away - the chemicals must be really harsh and I do not recommend taking the chance especially if you have kids involved.

My eyes are swollen shut and I’m sneezing and congested at 3 o’clock in the morning
by: Anonymous

My eyes are swollen shut and I’m sneezing and congested at 3 o’clock in the morning. My allergies started to affect my throat so I have been given an EpiPen in case my throat closes, and then I realized that it was from unstoppables.

burning throat and lungs
by: Charley

Someone in my office started using this and I can smell it from across a 25-foot room, it's so awful I don't know what to do. The smell gets in my nose and throat after a few minutes I can feel my throat get tight and my lungs feel like i have stood over an open bucket of bleach. Like hot embers in a fire.

The burning in my eyes is terrible too, though I don't sneeze much and it's not that my nose gets itchy, it's that it also burns.

I cannot believe that this product is not only sold as safe but that people don't realize that it's all synthetic chemicals designed to adhere to fibers so that the scent lasts - which means its clinging to their skin and their nose and throat and being directly absorbed into the bloodstream.

what a mistake!!!
by: Anonymous

I had been using similar product from gain and no issues. Decided to try downy unstoppables, what a mistake!!! First started out sore throat chalked it up to it’s that time of year. Then broke out in a rash everywhere!!!!! Changed my body wash and shampoo with no luck just got worse! Omg the itching ugh. Finally put it together and rewatched my briefs and clothes without it and not getting any new patches thank god!!!!!

Hives, Asthma...all of the above
by: Karen Breitenstein

I’m really upset that this product by Procter & Gamble hasn’t been banned & pulled from shelves. I bought many bottles of this & even purchased a bottle from Dollar Tree. We are the guinea pigs for these companies. It’s bad enough we have to deal with toxic mold, lead paint & other environmental issues.

I have hives all over my thighs & they are painful welts. I’ve never had anything like this in my life. My physician gave me a cortisone cream to use. I used the Unstoppables on all my laundry items so it will take a long time to rid myself of these terrible hives.

I have a difficult time breathing, coughing at all hours of the night. Wish I had never started using this product. I hope this product will be removed from the store shelves soon. I will definitely be a part of a class action suit for this product. My upper legs & thighs look horrible!

Golden Retriever Reacts!
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend had gotten a different job and was trying to get the smell of his last job out of work clothes. So I had to pick up some Unstopables for him which he loved the smell of. We have a golden retriever who is sensitive to fragrances as well as any other dog and however we did not use it on him or his belongings. It still leaves a residue in the washing machine & an extremely overwhelming fragrance which is the whole idea of the product so it's not their fault. Still came in contact with our pet. I am now eliminating this product from my home. I will soon find out if that indeed is the culprit of the extreme paw licking and loss of fur.

Amber Blossom
by: Anonymous

I've been using these products off and on for awhile but recently started using an Amber Blossom Product.

I have noticed that I've been getting nosebleeds and they are becoming more frequent.

I was sleeping on a pillow and when I inhaled through my nose, I felt it starting to run again. I have used this with my clothes too and this has happened at work.

I am trying to see if anyone else has this issue because I am trying to narrow this down and I think this might be a possible culprit. It's kind of frightening me.

severe hive break out
by: Anonymous

My son is 11 and I had him to emerg and I started using the shimmer unstoppables I'm 100% this is why he almost went into anaphylactic shock. My worse nightmare. I will never ever buy again after that scare. Also be sure to wash your washer and dryer out after use.

Horrible Reaction
by: Mrs. S.

I fell in love with the green ones. All was well until little bumps start appearing on me with pocket of pus. I thought nothing of it and was like they hurt what was I doing differently. Brought more and boom on my buttocks, arms and thighs again. This one was really bad because when they healed the left a scar and dark marks on my skin. I’m an African American Woman that’s just lighter in shade but the marks was leaving scars of darker melanin on my skin. I tell you mine hurt so bad that it was pain if touched or something rubbing across it like bathing myself if putting on simple panties or a pair of jeans or shorts. I’m signing off as 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

I broke out with a rash I'm a house keeper
by: Anonymous

I saw on YouTube a video on how to make your home smell fresh. It said to buy and mix 1/3 cup of downy unstoppable to 16oz water bottle and shake till dissolved. I did this and everyone loved the smell. Needless to say I am a smoker so before I go in my clients homes to clean I sprayed that mixture of over my clothing to smell fresh. I noticed several days later little bumps on my arms neck and stomach with chronic itching. It got worse over the next 7 days. I had an allergic reaction to unstoppables. Required a doc visit $100 2 prescriptions predisone and hydroxine $23 ugh I won't be using this product anymore.

Washed only my sheets
by: Anonymous

Currently laying in bed as a 24 hour allergy medicine reaches the 23rd hour. The itching has started again. The welts are returning, too. This pattern has continued for 6 days now. I took another pill and started brainstorming. My sheets. Wanted them to smell great so I’d borrowed my daughter-in-law’s lavender Unstoppables. Just Googled ‘Downy Unstoppables Allergies’ and found this link. I’m pissed. This product should be removed from store shelves. I’m not prone to allergies. Someone who is would be in real trouble. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give my reaction an 8. And not happy about having to change my sheets at 10:30 on a Saturday night.

by: Anonymous

My 12 year old son, who suffers from food allergies, picked up a couple of the scent boosters which had fallen on the floor, within 45 minutes he was having anaphalaxis and I had to administer two adrenaline pens to keep him breathing and rush him to hospital. Whilst I can't prove what the trigger was, I know that the scent boosters was the only specific event that was different to any other night and which has led me to look up on the internet whether anyone else had experienced the same. Having found your page/posts I felt I had to write in and warn people as well.

causing rash, dog cough?
by: Cathy

I was using this and broke out with something, thought I had spider bites, went to doctor he thought it was combination of bites and shingles. However my 'shingles' cleared up in about 10 days. Then realized I was wearing clothes that had not been washed with this product and my 'shingles' cleared up almost too fast according to other people. My dog started to cough, took to vet, found nothing. It just hit me, this all started when I bought those beads. Just coincidence? Not sure, but I'm going to stop using it and see how things go.

by: Lina

Ok, so I bought the unstopables and I used them. I wore the clothes and next day woke up with a rash head to toe and itchy as heck. I need to know if someone can tell me how many times do I have to re wash my clothes to get this off. I am so itchy I can’t scratch and I am in tears. Can someone help?

embarrassed to even go to work
by: Anonymous

Since I switched to the Downy beads I've been itching and breaking out in hives. I eliminated everything down to the beads and my detergent, found that I had a bad case of allergic reaction to the downy beads. My arms, back, neck, stomach, legs and even face broke our in hives. I was embarrassed to even go to work.

by: Nisha

Did anyone get a burning sensation that would come and go because of using downy unstoppable?

How do I make a report about these beads?
by: Anonymous

I had a allergic reaction that keeps getting worse. How can I get them to pay my medical bill?

Horrible allergic reaction
by: D Pruski

Just saw this because I went looking for people having the same experience with this product. Extreme hives that itch beyond words, no wonder it’s called Unstoppable because my wife and I are having exactly the same reactions at the same time. In the process of rewashing every piece of clothing. Don’t use this product.

by: Anonymous

If I was not able to smell this product, I will instantly KNOW someone is using it because my asthma IMMEDIATELY kicks in. Some may not know how badly this product affects people they come in contact with.

Yes, chest and throat!
by: Katie

I picked a bad time to start using this product. I started using during quarantine of Covid-19. I woke up after washing pajamas and sweaters with Scent Booster with a hot fuzz burning chest and throat! I thought I was getting the virus. No fever and no fatigue gave me hope. I immediately thought of the wash and distanced myself from the product. The symptoms went away. A couple days later, I took a whiff of a sweater again and the same burning came right back! Amazing! In all my years I never used scented washing items because of the risk of allergies. Why I chose now to start, beats me. I’ll never do that again.

by: Violette Perras

I have used the unstoppables sample that Costco gave me and my husband developed hives and has a rash all over his body now for two weeks.

I have stopped using it.

Another thing I have discovered is that we are both very sensitive to all the plug ins. Love the scent but, it causes me to have problems with my sinuses and wake up in the morning with a cough, like something has stuck to the top of my lungs, and I keep coughing for hours. It also affected my voice in the morning. When I stopped using them, these reactions stopped.

Instant Migraine
by: Anonymous

The ingredients in this: "fragrance and dye" could include hundreds of chemicals. These beads gave my son an instant and brutal migraine. Absolute garbage. Why would anyone want their clothes sitting in a hamper for weeks to "smell clean". Seriously, just clean your clothes. Cleanest smell is no smell, just saying. These are so strong that even if they vent outside it triggers migraines if he is exposed to it. What is in this stuff? Crazy.

how do I get this stuff out of my washer?
by: Christine

I had a reaction to this product. How do I purge it out of my washer?

Totally Broke Out From Using
by: Kaye

I totally broke out from the Downy Unstoppable Scent Booster beads, Lust scent (purple & black container). A bumpy rash would always appear on my upper chest & shoulder area. And I figured it out. It was where my bra or sports bra I was would wear after a laundry wash comes in direct contact with my skin in those areas. The bumpy rash would eventually dry out and then go away but it took after 7-10 days. I never had that issue with the Gain Fireworks in-wash booster beads.

Reaction of Scent in Downy Unstoppable
by: Seattle Sunshine

My grandson said he liked the smell of his clothes after using this product on a trip. I bought it while he was visiting for 2.5 months during the Covid Pandemic. I quit using it when I started getting allergy like symptoms and sent the rest of the bottle home with him. All of the laundry I did using this product had the overwhelming scent of it. I had to rewash everything. Life returned to normal until one of my neighbors started doing laundry using this product. I know instantly when they start the dryer as the vent is just below my condo. I get all of the allergy symptoms each time the they use their dryer. This product is TOXIC and the smell takes forever to dissipate. No point in buying perfume if you use this terrible product as the only thing people will smell is this lingering disgusting odor.

Anaphylactic Shock from this product
by: S. Martin

Never had allergies, but the Downey Unstoppables caused me to be rushed to ER via ambulance. Severe hives and anaphylactic shock. It happened two more times until I was able to wash and rinse bedsheets and clothes.

Allergic to this too
by: Anonymous

I’m not allergic to anything but the new Downy infusions CALM that my wife washed my clothes in. It causes full body allergic reaction. It feels like I rolled around in the grass - type of reaction.

by: Lesley

Ended up with face swollen and numb, did not know what caused it. Just done a wash with this product again, only second time used. As soon as I got out of machine, 10 min. later I'm swelling up. OMG, please do not use.

Headache that ruined the rest of the day
by: AJ

I got a new washer, and along with the washer, we got a couple free samples, one of Tide Pods and one little packet of Downy Unstopables Fresh Scent. When I threw some jeans in the wash this morning, I decided to give them a try so I chucked them in with my unscented fabric softener. After my laundry was done I had to head out on some errands and came home and the room I had my clothes in, waiting for me to fold, absolutely reeked of that Fresh scent. Hell, my dog wouldn't even come near me, the scent was probably so overpowering that it was uncomfortable for her, and I've had a dog have seizures from intense smells before. The last kicker was that I got an intense headache just from being in the same room as... myself, thanks to the jeans I was wearing having been washed with the Unstopables. I've since thrown that entire load back in the washer to hopefully wash the stink out, and I'm gonna lay in a dark room and hope it stops hurting soon.

Never been allergic to anything til this!
by: Anonymous

I have never had an allergic reaction to anything in my life ever! Until these come out and I tried them on my bedding. I swelled to twice my size and a rash head to toe. I had to be put on the strongest antihistamines and was given steroids for a week to help me. Was terrible. Worked out it was these. As soon as I washed the bedding again in my normal detergent and chucked these away I never had a problem again.

by: D

I used the Fresh scent (blue one) unstoppables in-wash scent booster for the first time a few days ago. The next day, wearing my freshly laundered garments, I began itching, the following day (again, wearing garments washed with the unstoppables) I was itching like crazy, large welts and a rash have formed on my body, and my eyelids are swollen. I’ve never had a reaction to any other laundry product or scent applied topically. Now armed with Benadryl and slathered in hydrocortisone I’m triple Re-washing the clothes I used this stuff on. Miserable feeling...

Anaphylactic reaction
by: Anonymous

Not just this version. Even the infusions is bad. Gave me an anaphylactic reaction that almost sent me to the hospital. Throat constricting, chest pain, bronchial swelling and puffy swollen face. Dr has had to prescribe a steroid inhaler so I can breathe. Most likely have to replace my brand new washer dryer because an extremely inconsiderate extended family member decided their need for scent was more important than my ability to breathe. Cost her 10$. Cost me my ability to breathe, my heath and a brand new 1200$ washer dryer combo.

Itchy and Scratchy
by: Anonymous

I liked the smell of the Downy beads but I suspect that cause an allergic reaction that results in an unpleasant itchiness on the inside of my thighs where my pajama bottoms come in contact with the skin. Going to rewash all the pjs without the beads to see if the product is indeed the problem.

by: Rita Wood

I used this to try and get the smoke smell out of my sister's stuff, since she passed, and wanted to pass her blankets, towels and such onto someone else. I just took the stuff out of the washer to the dryer then folded. Woke up next day broke out with blisters on chin, into my mouth, and other parts of my body. I'm horrible. It continues to spread around my body and further into my mouth.

by: Anonymous

I could not figure out what was causing such terrible hives and welts all over my body (including private parts). I knew it wasn't anything that I ate. I was sneezing uncontrollably (which I never sneeze more than 2x in a row). I had steroidal creams prescribed which did nothing. I tried hydrocortisone - nothing. And the itching was insane! Non-stop! I woke up one morning with my lips looking like I had lip injections! This NEVER, EVER happens to me.

Still not thinking about it all, I bought bathroom spray for my office in the blue 'Unstoppable' scent. Every time someone uses the spray, I have noticed an INCREDIBLE, yet IMMEDIATE itching reaction to this spray. We have had other sprays for the bathroom and I have had zero reactions until this one! NEVER AGAIN WILL I PURCHASE A PRODUCT FROM DOWNY!

Skin rash on face
by: Jackie

I have had my skin break out three times on my face. I never had this problem before. Have taken antibiotics twice and trying cream this time. I could not figure what was breaking my face out. Then I thought you don't use face soap or creams so what could it be? Then thought of me starting to use fabric scents in washer, then washing my face with wash cloths could be it. I love the scents, but they are strong. Maybe too strong for my skin. Going to stop using them, use my cream by doctor and will keep you posted. Thank you so much for your posts on this matter. I guess although the clothes go through dryer the product is still heavy on clothing. Thanks again.

by: Blondie

Recently, I spent the night at my sister's house. I slept in one of her beds where the bed linen had been washed and dried using one of those scented boosters. I will NEVER do it again. I almost died! I could not sleep the entire night, because I couldn't breathe; I tossed and turned because I had such a bad headache from the smell; my sinuses became congested; and my breathing was not right. Please DO NOT use those scented products. Stick to something a little more natural, like Borax. It's not irritating or dangerous.

Also sore throat, breathing issues
by: Anonymous

I too do have allergy to certain perfumed products. I can't use diffusers, etc. I used these Unstoppables on my clothes and baby's clothes and I ended up rewashing my baby's clothes because the smell was so strong I was worried it would effect her breathing. Wish I had done mine now. It has caused me mild throat irritation, with a slight dry cough and tight chest. I have even had a covid test as I was scared it was that but I have no other symptoms and it feels like when I get allergies. I will get my results back soon so hoping it is the Unstoppables, and I will stop using them. They are hazardous to human health! They should be removed from the shelves.

Ban Laundry scent boosters
by: Anonymous

Who needs their clothes to enter a room before these do?

They ruin country walks, you can smell this cheap trash a mile off.

They are carcinogenic.

Why do you want cheap laundry detergent to overpower a classy perfume?

Just when you think people can't get anymore stupid..

Sore & itchy throat, itchy ears
by: Anonymous

I used Unstoppables for two weeks, the second week I got hives all over my body, face, feet, hands, I mean everywhere. I've never had an allergic reaction like this. I'm in my 30's. Went to urgent care because my throat started to hurt, they saw some swelling so they had to give me a large dose of steroids. Later that night, throat still hurting, ears and random parts of my body still itching. I've taken benadryl every 5 hours and Claritin once a day plus steroids with little relief. Needless to say I'm going to have to rewash all my clothes. Oh and I've never used a whole cap of the product, just sprinkled a small amount.

by: Anonymous

I'd been using these products for years. I got the rose-scented one (I love roses), and get covered in hives. It's AWFUL.

I have to rewash all my clothes and throw out the scent beads. I love using these though. :(

Sinus allergies/sneezing attack
by: Anonymous

Washed all my bedding in the lush unstoppable scent. I did not overdue the amount I put in the washer with each load but needless to say every layer of my bed was washed in this product. I woke up suddenly after 8 hours of being in my bed and started sneezing like crazy. I strongly feel it is because of this fabric scent booster because it is not normal for me to wake up in a sneezing fit and when I stepped into another room with fresh air I was able to kind of get myself under control. Took Benadryl (2 caplets) and removed one of the blankets and 5 pillows (that had the cases washed in it. Put another blanket on the bed instead that had not been washed in that and I seem to be doing alright now. I definitely think this product caused an allergic reaction involving the sinuses with constant sneezing for about an hour straight. Funny thing is I think this happened to me before after using the product. Thank you for making this blog.

Terrible rash on arms and legs and hands peeling
by: Anonymous

I tried the product because I loved the smell. I put in an extra load and within an hour broke out in a rash and it was burning badly. Never used it since, however it took about 3 weeks for my hands to stop peeling.

Please ban this product..Untouchables!
by: Anonymous

This product...Unstopables is the most annoying product ever, its smell and the fact that it makes you waste tons of water to try and remove the smell. I have had to soak my clothes in water with vinegar and baking soda, sometimes 3 times and then out on the line for days and sometimes it is still there.....what horrific toxic element is in this stuff? It should be banned for multiple reasons. Please people stop using it.

Face Rash
by: Anonymous

I started using the Downy Unstoppables and I ended up getting a face rash from it. When I do use them I get a really bad face rash. It's so bad and itches and I don't even wanna go out. I will not be getting anymore.

public laundry
by: itching

I'm disabled and living in disabled and elderly housing. Some in my building are using this in the wash room. Now my clothes have given me terrible rashes. It lasts in the machines not just for their loads but but for many loads after. They shouldn't be able to make choices that harm others. It should only affect their wash loads, not everyone else's.

Do not use
by: Teresa

I do not have sensitive skin but I broke out in hives and welts on my legs. It was so itchy and painful. I bought every kind of cream and spray and nothing worked. I finally doused my legs in isopropyl alcohol and that gave me some relief but not until I went to the doctor after 5 days of hell and he gave me prednisone did I get any relief. Wow I never knew it could be so bad.

Hospitalized from Downy Unstoppables
by: Anonymous

Pounding migraine and nausea from Downy Unstoppables.

I have a violent reaction from this product and cannot be in a room where this has been used or even close to a person who is wearing it without getting ill. I wish this product would be taken off the market.

Don’t go down this journey
by: Anonymous

I must say that this product is the devil’s handy work. I tried this product and had the most terrible allergic reaction in my life. The itching, redness and scratching on my back, arms, legs and neck almost drove me into the nut house. I will never buy anything with downy on the label again. If you are planning on trying this product please avoid it like the plague. One week and finally starting to show signs of healing from this terrible ordeal. I am never buying anything scented in the laundry detergent business from here on out. I have felt and experienced your pain and suffering.

Dr has told me to toss this product!
by: Tatjana

First of all I have used Downy ever since I started doing laundry in my teens and I’m 56. We use an unscented laundry soap and Downy. In the summer we tried the Unstoppables, liked the scent but got a rash. Now we can’t even use just Downy. I think they have added something they shouldn’t have. All of a sudden both my husband and I have developed a severe allergic rash reaction. I have an autoimmune disorder but my husband does not. My physician has said this is toxic and toss it immediately. Downy whyyyyyyy?

by: Anonymous

So I just got the blue ones the other day and have used them for ONE load of clothing, I pulled said clothes out of the dryer for work this morning and they smell amazing, especially the underwear haha but there’s the kicker my friends, I only used like not even a quarter of a cup of these things also so it’s not like I went ham and cheese on em or anything. So I’m dressed and I’m heading to work and about halfway there I start to feel a pinching in my nether-regions, I brush it off and just figured it’s my pants/undies in an un-comfy position and continue on my merry way until I get to work, about two hours later my regions start to BURN, I wait like 30 minutes and then go to the bathroom to see what’s happening and my crotch is BURNED, like an actual burn/rash on my crotch, thank god my manager had some sprayable saline solution and an extra pair of undies on hand because DAMN I was almost down and out, I’ve also been developing the it’s bumps on my body where the clothes have sat but they aren’t nearly as bad as the burns on my literal CROTCH.

bad itching
by: Anonymous

My wife used this product in our last 3 loads of laundry and both of us ended up with a reaction, bad itching. I was not aware that she had purchased and used this product. I read the ingredients and they were very vague as to what chemicals are used to make this product. This industry is pretty much unregulated and they do not have to list all the chemicals used in making this product. I for one do not care for any scented laundry products, the only way to get that scented smell is to use a combination of chemicals, then you wear these chemicals all day, take a shower and dry off with a chemically scented towel, then bury your face into a chemically scented bed sheet and pillow case. None of this could be good for anyone, especially young ones that are still growing and are more susceptible.

The product should be off the shelves
by: Anonymous

I needed to re-wash everything I owned twice after using this product a couple times. I am a 57 year old man, broke out in hives and could not stop scratching myself for days. We used it on the sheets which made it worse.

Terrible rash on arms and legs
by: Anonymous

I have been using this product lightly and started getting a rash on my whole body. I have Psoriasis so wasn't really thinking it was the product. I used a heavier dose on my last cleaning and the next morning woke up with a really bad rash on my arms. I knew it was from the product because I had a clean t-shirt which was not cleaned below and a long shirt above and I can see exactly where the rash was. It was the most miserable feeling. I thought I was having a heart attack. Just be careful with any products that are on the skin.

I am the canary in the coal mine
by: Anonymous

I am the canary in the coal mine: if it bothers me, it’s not safe for humans & the planet. People using Unstoppables in my valley & I want to claw my eyes out. An hour later, I’m sweating in 66° & getting the shakes. Tried telling a neighbor with bad asthma, but she chooses perfume over health.

Within minutes had an allergic reaction
by: Anonymous

Within minutes I had an instant sinus headache, was wheezing, itchy, sore throat that felt like it was closing up. I also had heaviness in my chest and it was hard to breathe. People who do not have allergies or asthma do not understand how terrible it is to go through this.

Rash on face, neck, torso and arm
by: Anonymous

Used this product for about a week and a half and suddenly hives covering my left side - cheek, neck, torso and upper arm. No itching but they look horrible, especially on my face. Trying to use cortistone cream and Benadryl pills to get it away with no luck.

Caused my whole household to itch

I loved this product, used it with every load. I did start to notice though that my kids and I were itching all the time. At first I thought it was the Gain Ultra I had switched to so I switched back to regular Gain and continued to use the in wash scent boosters. Itching did not stop. I started to break out in hives and finally realized it was the in wash scent boosters causing us this discomfort. I hate it because I absolutely love the way it makes our clothes smell but I just can handle it.

by: Anonymous

Oh my God I get so sick at my stomach when my neighbor uses Gain Unstoppables, I feel like I'm going to die it is absolutely horrible, that sickening sweet smell!!!!! It causes the worst nausea I've ever experienced in my life!!!!

bad stuff
by: Anonymous

After trusting the "Downy" product, my husband and I became very itchy with rashes. By the time we realized our problems started when we began using it--- a couple of weeks had passed.

SO, not only did we stop using it--BUT--- I had to rewash just about all our clothes as I couldn't remember the exact ones we had worn lately. Included were towels, sheets, etc. What a pain in the butt, not to mention our itchy bodies!!!

Mouth tingling and hot sensation, nose irritation and headache
by: Christine

I am having some sort of allergic reaction now for almost 2 months and thought it had to be food or something but now I'm thinking it could be from the scented beads I have been using. Has anyone had these symptoms too?

I washed all of my clothes last night without using them, hoping my symptoms will go away. I am so frustrated. I have been to the doctor and ER and nobody knows what is going on.

Scent stuck in armpits and throat
by: Distressed and Angry

I can't get the intense smell out of my armpits. It must have leached from my shirts into my skin. It has been four days since I've worn a shirt (or any clothes) washed with them and it's still there even after scrubbing with dish soap, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide. The worst part is that the "pleasant" smell is gone, replaced by a pungent one I can only compare in strength to vinegar or alcohol, but the undertone is unlike anything I've ever smelled before--but it's incredibly disgusting. Another very unpleasant aspect is my taste and smell are adversely affected when I try onions, garlic, or sodas of any kind. It's like I'm eating the little turquoise pellets. The same happens when I go anywhere that sprays fragrance, like public restrooms or certain shops, almost like it's dormant until it comes into contact with other strong smell then it amplifies whatever it's reacting to. I am mid-key horrified by its longevity and regret ever using Downy Unstoppables.

Not worth it
by: Anonymous

Used this one time. My husband got a rash from this. Had to go see a doctor, it was so bad. Itches bad, plus the rash. OMG please be careful with this. Not worth it.

Dog allergic
by: Anonymous

I believe my dog broke out in hives after using this on blankets. Has anyone else had an experience like this?

Bad hives
by: Anna

OMG, had severe hives 4 days now and this is the only thing that has changed in my routine. Will wash all my clothes without it. It’s a late reaction because I’ve used this product for a month now but I’ve used plenty these last 2 weeks.

respiratory irritation from Ocean Mist scent
by: Anonymous

The smell of Unstoppable Ocean Mist made me think my basement was filled with mildew and mold, my wife was using on our teenagers clothes. Everything I was near them or their rooms it would make me short of breath and smelled like your grandma's basement. I am around diesel and welding fumes among other things every day and have never had respiratory problems, there has got to be some extremely toxic stuff in this.

Hives, welts, peeling skin
by: Anonymous

I bought this stuff after using a sample I got. I loved the smell. I washed all my clothes, kids clothes, and all our bedding in it. Then I started breaking out in hives from head to toe even on my scalp!!! I stopped using this stuff and I still have hives!! I can't seem to get it out of our clothes. I have had hives everyday for over a month now. I'm so itchy. I have welts all over and scars now. My scalp itches and peels. This stuff is so bad!!!

should not be used
by: Ivory Scott

I started using the Unstoppable because my husband mentioned to me that the clothes didn’t smell fresh. I saw the advertisement on TV and decided to try it.
I never used a full cap of the Unstoppables in my laundry because I thought that was too much. So, I would just put a few in the cap.

Recently, my son started complaining about a sore throat and then nasal congestion and runny nose. We thought it was allergies from him cutting the grass. My son mentioned to me that every time he put the mask on his nose starts to run and when he said that, I thought about how I was washing the mask along with other clothing using the Unstoppable. I told him right away to stop wearing those masks and I threw them away.

I developed a rash on my back and now I realize it’s from the Unstoppable. My advice to anyone who is using the Downy Unstoppable -- they need to stop. It’s apparent that this product is not good for the human body and causes all kinds of reactions. I am still fighting with this rash. Hopefully, it will get better soon, it’s been over two weeks.

Complete Nightmare!!
by: Anonymous

I had purchased this product for my guest bedding and towels so they smelled fresh for our visitors and ended up using what was left on our own towels, bedding, etc. HUGE MISTAKE. The first few days were ok, although I had some slight itching and thought the cat must have brought in some mites or bugs on his fur. I showered like crazy… then dried off using the towels I had washed and put on clothes that I had also washed… and the cycle repeated until I was so ITCHY in bed one night I scratched and scratched until I was bleeding. My skin was on fire, pins and needles, itching and burning, it felt like bugs were crawling under my skin. It was keeping me up at night and I would have to shower and put new clothes on in the middle of the night. I slathered on coconut oil to soothe my skin. I was convinced there was some sort or bug or mites in our house. I bought dust mite spray, zip-up allergen mattress and pillow covers. Vacuumed and sanitized the house like crazy. Kept washing our things over and over. I’m pretty sure my husband thought I was crazy. Until he suggested that maybe I was allergic to the new scented stuff I was using. I washed our bedding without the unstoppables, and he gave me some pajama pants and a shirt that I hadn’t used it on…. And guess what!? One peaceful night without itching and my skin is much much better almost overnight. I am currently rewashing everything I used this garbage on. Whatever is in this product is toxic trash!!

Delayed but severe allergic reaction
by: Anonymous

I started using Unstoppables a few years ago. The first couple of years I dissolved them into my homemade laundry detergent with no issues at all and loved the scent. When I decided to go back to using store bought detergent (a brand I grew up with) I just started adding a capful into the wash as per the instructions. I started waking up with half my face swollen, itching all over and even my throat starting to swell. Went to the dr and they gave me some allergy meds but didn’t know what caused it because the Unstoppables wasn’t something new, just the way it was used. About this time I had ran out of them and didn’t replace them right away. My bf missed the smell so I got more. At first my clothes didn’t bother me much, I figured my back was itchy due to dry skin. Then I washed the sheets. I woke up again with my face swollen as well as my throat and it was even worse this time. I took allergy meds but things just weren’t getting better. Was talking to my bf and he suggested the possibility of it being the Unstoppables. I took a shower and put on something that hadn’t been washed in them and the swelling started to clear up. Forgot the sheets had been washed in it so slept on them again. Woke up in the middle of the night barely able to breathe. I realized my mistake. Took another shower and slept on the couch. The next day I rewashed everything! No problems since then. I feel so bad for the people who get hives from this product, but I hope no one dies from their throat swelling shut like mine almost did. I love the smell of this product but I will never again use it, in my opinion it is too dangerous to be on the shelf.

by: Anonymous

My Baby (dog) started getting very irritated on her bottom area. She was always sensitive but now it is three time worse. I use the Downy Unstoppables for towels which I use to dry the dog. She is driving us crazy with her licking. I am definitely stopping the unstoppables and see if she gets better.

causes lung pain!
by: Lisa

One of my best friends developed a severe allergy to Downy Unstoppables. I have used them for about 8 years, unfortunately, and the scent has deeply infused into all of my clothing - and I mean ALL. This includes everything in my closet, plus all bedding/towels. When my friend gets a whiff of the scent it causes severe BURNING in her lungs. It's so intense and painful, she literally has to take a narcotic to manage the pain. I've read a lot about skin allergies (rash, hives, itching, welts, etc.) but not as much about burning lungs. That said, I'm sure she's not alone. It clearly shows me how TOXIC this product is and I wish we could start a movement to get it off the shelves!! I feel like I have to replace everything in my home that was washed in these; these are so difficult to remove. I've soaked in hot water, fragrance free detergent, vinegar, baking soda...all to no avail yet as the scent is STILL coming through. I've done this multiple times. If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know! I also had my dryer vent cleaned but no luck.

by: Anonymous

I used Downy Untouchables in my laundry, and I'm still itching and have burn-like irritation and hives on my skin, and it has been two months now!!

hives for days
by: Tara

I recently bought this a few weeks ago. My daughter, for the last 3-4 days, has been breaking out in a horrible rash from her face to all over her body. I didn’t realize it was from the laundry unstoppables since I’ve been using it for weeks. Once I realized, it I rewashed all her bedding. But she still seems to have hives again tonight. Does anyone know if it lingers within the sheets/clothing even after a wash? Her hives are so severe I almost rushed her to the hospital on night 3. This is night 4 and it’s not as horrible but it’s still pretty bad, should I wash her sheets again a few times?

husband and kids have an allergy to something in this product
by: Anonymous

My husband and kids have an allergy to something in Downy. They get itchy, rash, etc. I never knew how many other people are allergic, but I would like to learn more about the testing, clinical trials of this product.

I thought I was dying
by: Anonymous

I had sudden onset of coughing and wheezing and was too dumb to see the connection. Could not breathe, felt like a weight was on my chest. Had two chest X-rays and a pulmonary function test, it was that bad. Films were fine, PFT was normal. I’ve had two sinus surgeries in the past and have been taking allergy shots for 20 years! It felt like allergy because my throat-ears would itch horribly. My skin was dry. It was hell.

Then, just this morning, I froze as I was dumping this toxic garbage into the washer. OMG. I’ve been poisoning myself for 2.5 months!! I bought it right when all this crap started.

My garbage can outside should smell pretty good now.

Caused anaphylaxis
by: Meghan

My husband used this on his clothes sometimes and I always noticed that I’d have a mild reaction if I smelled the beads and every now and then he’d accidentally wash my clothes with his and I’d itch like crazy. Last night I put on some pajamas that he had washed and I didn’t notice the smell. 10 minutes later I was in anaphylaxis. I’m now wondering if I have to replace the washer and dryer. I’m going to see if they can just be thoroughly cleaned but I still feel like I’ve been hit by a truck today. If you look at the fragrance list, there are something like 71 compounds listed in just the fragrance! I don’t know what I reacted to but it could have been a lot worse.

EXCRUCIATING PAIN from burning sensation
by: Chedra

The worst! I have had a burning sensation for two months. I have coughed until I threw up and just when I think it is over a new symptom. The burning in my panty area is ridiculous and inhumane. I have shortness of breath and now the burning is so intense, I am in pain. My nose is draining like a faucet and under my arms, neck the creases of my arms and legs are raging in agony from the burning sensation. My family does not believe the symptoms are so severe however, it is excruciating and getting worst everyday. I have been nauseated from the intense burning and have been left standing for periods of time at work because of the burning sensation in my buttocks areas. This sensation has caused me to leave work to change clothes and woke me out of my sleep. I have been on two doses of Prednisone, to NO avail. If I sit for periods of time, my buttocks area causes me to feel nauseated and agonizing pain!!!! I have experienced airborne and a chemical reaction to this product. PLEASE help me as I have been experiencing these symptoms for 2 months now.

Unstoppable Itching!!
by: Anonymous

This is what happened to me!! After 2 weeks of me going to doctor and getting a steroid shot and again to the dermatologist that gave me prescription, that I am on day 3 of, and I still am having the itchiest hives that a normal human being couldn't handled. I am currently dabbing vinegar to control the itchiness to a withstable tolerance.

Green bottle Downy Unstoppable
by: Michelle

Face broke out in a rag - never have been allergic to anything til this. I knew it had been the culprit as soon as I put my drawers on and then started to itch again. I always have used natural products, but figured I’d give this a try because it smelled so good! NEVER AGAIN. It’s been over a month and I still have the rashes.

Caused hives
by: Naomi

I’ve been battling hives for a few months now and hadn’t put it together until recently that this product is causing my hives. After a costly trip to the emergency room and two rounds of steroids and having had most of my hives go away, I did my laundry and used Unstoppables. I washed my bed sheets and afterwards took a nice nap in my clean sheets. Woke up covered in hives!!! No more Unstoppables in this house!

Fresh scent - itchy red rash
by: EJ

At first I loved the scent on towels and sheets. I didn't use the full cap full, only about half used per load. BUT soon I broke out in an itchy red rash around my middle, front and back. Red bumps, wicked scratch worthy. Scabs, scratch some more. Think I may have scars. No fever. Used Calamine lotion for best relief. I threw remainder of bottle away.

Blue Downy Unstoppable
by: Michelle

Washed bedding with these beads and rash occurred on my face and still is there after over a month. Wasn’t sure if this was the culprit til I washed some clothing and began itching. I do not have sensitive skin and never allergic to anything before this. It’s awful with the rashes and itching constantly at night. My oxygen level has dropped from 98-94.

Fresh scent caused itchy hives
by: Audrey S

I remember an incident a few years ago where my family decided to try out Downy Unstoppables on our laundry, and I began breaking out in itchy hives not long after. I inadvertently wore a shirt and pants that had been washed with the Downy Unstoppables, and received a full-body rash that did not dissipate for several hours, even after taking a shower. These hives were infuriating!! I tried all sorts of ointments to try and help with the itch, but I still had trouble sleeping. Before long we finally traced it back to the scent-boosters and stopped using them.

Anyone else that has had this problem: the thing that BEST worked for me was CALAMINE SPRAY. Really helped with the itching and irritation. Hope that helps someone out there that runs into this problem!

Horrible rash over entire body!
by: Carol Andrews

In middle of TWO courses of steroids to bring this down. Painful itchy blisters everywhere. Doing 20+ loads of laundry to get rid of it from sheets, bedding, clothes, towels. Finally drying up and flaking off after two weeks, still extremely painful and itchy. STAY AWAY! TOXIC. I won't send pictures since they would make you nauseous. Right at Christmas time!

Fresh scent - developed hives from it
by: Becky

This stuff smells amazing. I loved it. Then I developed hives when I started wearing the clothes that were washed in it. It took me a little bit to figure out what was causing it, so by the time I did, I had to wash and re-wash literally everything. I can’t find a list of the ingredients. Downy only lists 3 vague things on the bottle. I’ve also had a similar reaction to L’Oréal’s purple shampoo, which does list all of its ingredients. I’d like to compare the two and see if there is something in their ingredients list that matches. Then maybe I could narrow it down to what exactly I’m allergic to.

fresh scent
by: Anonymous

Couldn’t figure it out, small bumps like mosquito bites but itchy as hell. It’s the Downey (purchased at Costco).

All scents
by: Allen

I am very allergic to all scent, never use anything with scent, but people have to realize the strong scent on their clothes do bother people. I have come not to go out in public because too many people's clothes are too strong smelling. My opinion all scent should be off the market.

Take this off the shelves - orange version
by: Anonymous

I have NEVER had an allergic reaction that caused welts all over my legs, chest, back and arms, and even has almost closed up my throat. I finally traced it back to when I started using the orange Downy Unstoppables. No reaction to the purple or teal, but I won't ever use this product again. I have been MISERABLE, my lips have swollen up, eyes swollen up--I have no known one day to the next WHERE my body will react most severely. I look like I have smallpox with the red and itchy welts. P & G should be ashamed that they didn't test this product. I should be pulled from the shelves.

Acute bronchitis
by: Anonymous

I had sore throat, runny nose, and dry cough within a couple days of using this product. No one else in the family was affected. I had to make 2 visits to urgent care and I was sick with acute bronchitis for 3 weeks.

I quit using the product, but today I put on a sweatshirt that had been washed earlier with the product and the throat symptoms and cough returned until I removed the shirt.

I do tend to have sensitivity to perfumes, chemicals, fragrances, etc. But I had hoped to be able to use this product sparingly. I guess not.

Down there itching
by: Anonymous

I started using this product recently and started having down there irritation. Is anyone else having the same issue?

Serious hives reaction
by: Anonymous

I have never had hives before, and I used this product only once but I had a serious reaction and had to go to the hospital. I wouldn't recommend using this.

Severe eye allergies
by: Anonymous

I only used the blue Unstoppables very sparingly. It took me a while to realize that was causing my intensely itching eyes. My opthamologist has been working with me to help me. However, I can’t seem to get the scent out of my clothes and nightgowns. I have washed all of my clothes and bed linen and covers several times. I still can’t get the scent out. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get the scent out?

worst product I have been exposed to
by: Terry

I have asthma and I get around people using Downy Unstoppable and I feel like I'm going to die. My lungs start to seize up, my inhalers have a hard time working, and I can't be around them. It is the worst product I have been exposed to. It's worse than diesel fumes and most home cleaners and shop cleaners.

very stinky
by: Anonymous

Dear corporation, please stop with the poison. I don’t use it but my weekend company does, and they stunk up our house, our vehicle, and the RV. They left four days ago and I am still sick, and super sensitive to scents. Had to leave the grocery store without groceries because of other customers. Even worse, I now have a rash on my hands from the sheets they slept on with their unstoppable pj’s. Approx 4 out of 10 people are allergic or sensitive to scents. I will not be purchasing ANY product you make. And I will be sharing my info. You’ve already lost two customers. Our guests were given a choice, us OR unstoppables. They chose us and the planet. One small step leads to many more but I bet you won't be sharing this on your website will you?

All unstoppable scents
by: Juanita

I had chemical and heavy metal exposure 24 years ago. I have extreme sensitivity to any smell of numerous types. But I never had such a bad reaction to anything like this. My throat, tongue and lungs were on fire. My granddaughter likes to hug me when she's trying to go to sleep. Her mom had just finished a load of laundry and her favorite pajamas were in the load. She grabbed them up and asked me to put them on her. I was already coughing and having trouble with the smell. But I can't say no to a two year old. I put them on her and tried to move away from her but she wanted me to pick her up and cuddle to fall asleep. As she started to hug me I thought I was going to die. I just tried to hold my breath and pray she would fall asleep soon. After I put her in bed I thought about using my epi pen but then I would have to go to the hospital. I had to watch her the next day so I couldn't do that. I thought maybe I could go to the fire station to get oxygen but was afraid they would take me to the hospital. I didn't sleep that night and had to cancel my plans for the next three weeks. I couldn't even get my allergy shots because my oxygen level was too low. So I asked for oxygen and I was told to go to my doctor. I went that day and I was sent to a pulmonologist. Who clearly didn't understand my situation. I need to go to an environmental doctor but I can't afford it. So here I am three weeks later, 25 pounds lighter, and still my throat and lungs are on fire. I have more severe hypersensitive problems recently, but this one takes the cake. My two other grandkids are experiencing symptoms also but the parents think I put the idea in their heads. It is very disheartening that this stupid scent issue is not believed by them.

terrible hives, and I just used a little
by: Karen

I have been using Arm & Hammer clean scentsations with odorblasters for some time. Just a little of the fresh burst. Never a problem. It wasn't at the store that I went to so I picked up the Downy Unstoppables. It's been about 3 weeks and my husband and I have had an itching and burning sensation on lots of places on the skin. I started getting "bites" and sprayed for spiders and actually suspected bedbugs but my husband doesn't have the "bites"! They get large and swollen and don't go away. Lots of benedryl and cortisone cream. I finally realized that it's the Unstoppable as it's where the clothing comes in close contact with my skin! I am full of hives, not bites! I'm showering in cool water, lots of aloe and rinsing everything! I didn't use the full amount! Just a little sprinkle, several little pieces on each side of the washer. Thank goodness I didn't use more! We both also noticed stains in the clothing! Blotchy spread out looking marks of different colors. Thanks for listening. So glad we figured it out. I'm starting to feel better. I was quite miserable! And scary not knowing what was happening. I stopped all kinds of food and my vitamins and lotion and soap, all things I used the same for so long. Thank you so much!

Lavender lush scent
by: Italia Barbera

My husband got a severe allergic reaction all over. He is diabetic and has Lymphadema. He is now on Benadryl and Claritin. He is feeling horrible and itchy all over. DO NOT BUY THIS.

itchy skin for over a year
by: Anonymous

I have been having itchy skin at night or when I lay down for over a year. I have not been able to figure out why. I just came back from 10 days at my daughter’s house in Montana. As soon as I came in the house I changed into fresh pj’s and laid down and the itching started. I thought to myself what was different at my daughter’s? NO UNSTOPPABLES! I will be washing anything I wear and my sheets with no unstoppables and see if it makes a difference. No rash, only itchy skin.

Blue bottle
by: Anonymous

Used two times in the washer and am breaking out in horrible hives all over my thighs, non stop inching, got prescribed steroids and hoping for some relief. Such a horrible product and glad to hear I’m not alone.

Fresh Protect with Febreze In-wash Scent caused rash
by: Glenda

Loved the nice scent in my clothes, but will only now use on towels and sheets. (Or cotton items). I recently developed a pretty "mean" rash in glandular and other private areas. I won’t be using this product with delicate clothing. I wonder how many other reports of such rashes are happening.

lavender scent
by: Marie

I love the smell of my clothes but lately I’ve noticed that my lady parts and breasts have been extremely itchy and sore!!! I have been under a lot of stress but I truly believe that if you have sensitive skin you shouldn’t use this product at all. Now I have to rewash all my clothes. The unstoppable are definitely giving my lady a run for the money. Not a great allergic reaction I can tell you!!!!

Definitely avoid at all times if you have sensitive skin!!! Or your partner will be avoiding you!!

never happened to me before
by: Caron

We first purchased this in June and began using it with every load of wash. It seemed fine during the summer while wearing sleeveless shirts. Once the colder weather arrived and I started wearing shirts with sleeves my arms became very itchy. It was mild at first, but it became so severe I had to see a doctor who prescribed a cortisone cream. I had to wash every single item -- clothing, sheets and towels. This has never happened to me before and I do not recommend this product.

fresh frais scent
by: Clarence Kong

Allergic reaction rashes, hives and itchy. I thought it was through a bed bugs or some type of bugs.

at first thought it was poison ivy
by: Mike

First of all, thank you for this website. I've been scratching and itching for about two weeks now. I am typically sensitive to poison ivy and since we do have some in our yard and I've been doing yard work, I figured my itching might be because I had somehow gotten into the poison ivy. The thing is that the hives didn't look like poison ivy on my skin. My face, neck, arms, stomach, and legs were all becoming itchy. Since we've had hot weather I thought maybe I had a heat rash. Last night as I was in bed and miserable, I started wondering if my wife had changed laundry detergent. When I got up, I checked our laundry room. Same detergent but in the cabinet was a bottle of this Downy Unstopables. Upon questioning my wife, she told me she had started using it a couple of weeks ago, about the same time my rash had showed up. I've never had a rash quite like this and we've never used Downy Unstopables until a couple of weeks ago. I highly suspect this is the cause of my rash. Glad I found this site. Thank you again. After reading all the other comments, I'm sure this product is the cause.

Should Be Banned
by: Anonymous

These disgusting laundry boosters should be banned. I have an allergy to them, so I don't use them. But, every time someone in my neighborhood does laundry (and most folks are using this stuff), the whole neighborhood stinks. If your detergent or fabric softener can be smelled for miles and for months, you need to think twice about using it. I wheeze, get hives, burning eyes and nose. I have a true allergy verified through testing. Bad enough I can't get away from this stuff at work, or in public places, but when it starts wafting into the windows of my home, it crosses the line. How can we get this stuff banned? It's awful!

This stuff burns my lungs
by: Laura

Every time I’m around people who use these products I have severe burning in my lungs and sometimes have to use my inhaler depending on how fast I can run away from anyone who is wearing clothes washed in this stuff. My brother in law and his family use this stuff and I can’t even be around them anymore. They’re not willing to quit using it so I guess we can’t get together as a family. Last time I was around them I had such a bad asthma attack I was gagging and choking. I was only around them for about 3 minutes before I had to use my inhaler. I had to leave the get together. I would love if there was a class action law suit.

Romantic scent broke me out in hives
by: Katie

Do NOT use the "new" Downy Romantic Unstoppables. I tried them and my whole body broke out into hives. (They also have dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener.) I strongly suggest staying away from all these. I used to be a fan of Unstoppables but I don't know that I will ever buy them again.

Rewashing has not taken it out or nullified its effects
by: Christine

I had used this product for a while but since I use Castile soap instead of detergent I realized it was rather counter intuitive (I have a lot of weird sensitivities). No reaction that I recalled but after seeing a documentary on fragrance I decided it was probably not good to use. Wish I had listened to myself better. A few weeks ago in a moment of stupidity I bought them again and began washing everything. Itching began in my head and progressed to my torso. Scratching so hard I have torn my skin in various places and now am breaking out in clusters of tiny itchy blisters. My lips are dry and cracked. I wasn’t sure it was the scent stuff until I bought a new set of pj’s, wore them the whole day yesterday and the itching stopped. Put clothes on that I had rewashed this morning and thought I was ok, but the itching came back tonight and is worse! Rewashing has not taken it out or nullified its effects. My husband is now urging me to buy all new clothing because it’s so bad! Regardless of what the one person who doesn’t think this should be regulated by law, I disagree. At the very least there should be a major warning on the label! I am going to rewash everything and most likely donate it because just handling it irritates my hands. Thanks to Downy Unstoppables I am going to have to replace all my clothes! By the by, bentonite clay and charcoal mask helps, as does an epsom salt soak. I am using an Honest Company lavender body cream that has helped the inflammation too. I won’t use steroids - they’re just as dangerous as Downy.

4 days of hives so far
by: Charlotte

Never used this before, but recently used it. Came up in hives, suspected it was this new product I have been using and after coming to this website it seems to confirm that. Really upset. Shouldn’t sell it. Just goes to show how harmful it is to our body. It’s disgusting, something needs to be done about this. I have had them 4 days now. When will they go away?

Active Fresh scent caused severe reaction
by: Ray

After using Downy Fresh Protect in-Wash Scent Booster, Active Fresh, I had a severe allergic reaction which resulted in itchy eyes, full body hives, and full body itching. I ended up needing to get treatment because the reaction was getting worse, even 24-hours later after I had cut it out and removed any clothing that was washed with the Downy. The treatment required me being on a medication called Medrol for a full week. I have no idea what they put in the Downy, but I'm sure it is not safe for humans. And for the record, I used half the suggested amount in my wash.

itchy rash
by: Itchy Scratchy

Bought Downy Fresh Protect Febreeze in wash odor defense and used it. Started to get a dry red super itchy rash on the inside of my thigh. I assume it's from wearing my underwear washed in this product. It is very itchy and and annoying. I will stop using this product immediately.

by: Anonymous

Started getting this rash, worst than a rash, actually I thought I had picked up bed bugs somewhere, because I had just returned from a 3 week trip, on which we had slept in different motel rooms. It was just like bed bugs, or fleas. I once had a case of bed bugs and I was horrified to think that I had picked them up again. My wife seemed not to be bothered at all, and that's when she said it might be the detergent. I was relieved to think it wasn't bed bugs, but disappointed in Downy!

blue, pink and purple scents
by: Worried Wife and Mother

My husband and I started using this product about two years ago. We started to notice that we would itch when we got into bed, but we just figured it was our nerves settling. After using the product for a few months my husband started to peel on his face and break out. We still didn't connect the "smelly balls," what we called them, to the issues. We tried the pink and purple, and my husband broke out in severe hives around his waistband, stomach and buttocks. We would both get red bumps that would itch and get easily irritated. It sounds stupid, but we STILL didn't connect it to the product. Soon my skin started breaking out on my arms, legs, under my bra, and my husband had what seemed like deep chemical burns that lasted for weeks. Throughout this time, I slowly stopped breathing easily. I am always short of breath, and I never had this problem before. It feels like I can't get a deep breath, my chest feels constricted, and at times it feels like my throat is tight. My husband and I have both had pretty severe issues with clearing our throats, runny noses, coughing, sore throats, chest congestion and sneezing, ESPECIALLY when I am folding the clothes. Still never realized I was maybe hurting my husband, 10 month old and 10 year old daughter. Recently, my breathing has gotten so out of control I was about to get chest X-rays to eliminate any serious problems. I have also developed eczema on my neck so badly that I want to scratch the skin off. I just recently went to the Dr. to get cream. I am so glad I just found this site because, as dumb as it sounds, I have never connected mine or my families respiratory and skin issues to this stuff. Now I am freaking out because I have a 10 month old. Is he having issues and can't tell me! I noticed he takes deep breaths sometimes that seem unnatural. Now I am up on my weekend at 1 in the morning rewashing all of our clothes I just finished folding while struggling to breathe and itching. I hope this goes away soon. I thought I was slowly dying and going downhill at 35. Any suggestions on how to get it out of your clothing, blankets, sheets, towels and dog bedding????? Open to suggestions.

Constant itching
by: Victoria

Constantly itchy for 24 hours a day for 4 days now. All started when I started using these scent beads. Have been taking antihistamines for 2 days now.

by: Ariana

Downy Unstoppable has caused me to go to the E.R for anaphylaxis 3 times in the past year. My child's father used it, when my son would come home that detergent scent would cling to my clothes and develop ezcema and contact dermatitis, any direct contact and my throat starts to close. I start feeling insanely nauseous, and the worst abdominal pain. I wish this was where it ended. Unfortunate for me, too many people are using this product. I've been out of work the past week to avoid another Downy induced anaphylaxis adventure to the E.R. due to co-workers using products. It's not easy to get this product out of your washing machine, the scent clings to everything. Downy should be paying my medical bills, and rent at this point. I feel like I need to hide at home and not allow my child to go to his father's. I'm also afraid to go to work now and afraid of that scent in general. How do you escape a reaction like this when so many are using it on their clothes? I can't find any testing for it, apparently you can't inject toxic chemicals into your system to gain a tolerance to them. I mean what do you do when it's effecting every aspect of your life?

this stuff is made by the devil

All three of my co-workers use it. It's truly disgusting and disturbing.

Blue ones caused itching
by: Anonymous

I used the blue one all the time. All of a sudden my skin was so itchy, I thought it was the cold weather and that my skin was just dry. I looked for all kinds of new lotions, then it dawned on me I have been recently using the product on all my clothes because I just loved the scent. My whole body was itchy, even my face itched, not severe, just enough to drive me crazy, like I needed a shower.

Horrible Itching
by: Anonymous

My husband and I have been itching for at least a month now and it happened after we used Unstoppables. We have tried everything to stop the itching and are trying to make an appointment with a dermatologist. We are at our wits end. Of course we have washed our bedding several times now as well as our clothes and we are wondering how long this reaction will stay in our system.

Holy Smokes What a Rash!!
by: Britta Nielson

I’m 55 years old, and I have never reacted to ANY laundry or creams in my life. So when I broke out in a MASSIVE itchy rash all over my body after wearing my clothes which had been washed in this product, I was SHOCKED!!!

I’m due for surgery in 2 days, and I sure hope and pray that this rash isn’t going to stop my much needed surgery from happening.🙏🏻

This product is going straight into the garbage bin!!!

Do Not Buy!
by: Anonymous

I had to throw away all of my clothes. I have never been in so much pain. I rewashed my clothes several times and was still experiencing severe skin irritation. I had to wear gloves because my hands began to breakout while washing clothes. My symptoms began to slowly fade away after I threw everything away. It's gonna take about a month or so to go away. Never again! I wish I knew this sooner.

Severe Allergies
by: Marina

After trying "Unstoppables" on all my bedding and clothes I started getting itchy all over. In addition, my cat got severe giant hot spots on his body and started ripping his fur off his leg. This required a vet visit with antibiotics and corticosteroids and ointments for the itching. 😥 I also noticed my asthma was coming back, and I need to use ventolin. Sad to say great idea but very toxic product. Several friends also went to the emergency room for same problem with severe hives.

This is hell!
by: Brooke

I have never had such a terrible reaction to anything in my entire life, and after finding this thread I’m pissed!! I have eczema along with asthma. At first, I thought it was eczema, but then I started to get big red itchy hives and welts covering me from head to toe, especially on my legs and back or wherever my clothes were touching. I also had noticed that I started coughing throughout my work day and my asthma started to get worse. It’s bad enough that I already suffer from pre existing medical conditions. Not to mention I had used this stuff in the wash for my comforter, pillows and my sheets!! I had washed everything afterwards with just my normal laundry detergent and thought everything was OK to be worn and slept in at this point but boy was I wrong! Still flared up in a bunch of itchy big hives, I lost my patience and just went out and had to buy a whole new comforter, pillows and sheets and had to throw everything out I had used this shit in, even after washing everything, it made no difference! What the hell is in this stuff! They should be sued!! And take this stuff off the shelf to be banned! This is a nightmare.

Weeks of suffering
by: Donna

I could not figure out what was causing my neck to itch and my skin to get red and inflamed. I finally figured it out while I was staying with my daughter. She was washing my clothes and it got better. Once I began wearing clothes I had washed it returned. I will not use this on my clothing anymore, not worth the pain and suffering!

Downy fresh protect odor defense with febreze
by: Mary F

This product has caused my husband to have a terrible rash everywhere the clothes that were washed touch his skin!

Dog allergic to Downy
by: Anonymous

We have spent 2 months trying to figure out what is wrong with our dog. Hives, hair falling out, ear infection, feet swelling, face swelling. He would go days without eating or going outside. I started thinking what’s new, then I remembered I started using Downy beads, dryer sheets and rinse refresh end of January. He’s on steroids and Benadryl. I’ve washed everything he touches and gave him a bath. And he’s doing so much better. Has anyone else experienced this with their pet and laundry products?

I think I made an error buying this product
by: Anonymous

I was excited to buy "Unstopables" and I’ve done 4 loads of laundry today. I’ve now showered and ready for bed and my sheets and nightgown smells great but I’m now developing welts and itch all over. I’ve just changed my clothes but still itching. I think I made an error buying this product. I just took an antihistamine and hope it helps! I won’t be using this product again!

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