Be Careful With Downy Unstopables: Caused Itchy Rash

Taylor's Introduction:

My goodness, I'm surprised how many people have written in to me to share how Downy Unstopables has caused them or their loved ones rashes and/or hives.

I've gotten so many such complaints, matter of fact, that this is the second page of them.

You can read the first page of Downy Unstopables allergic reaction experiences here. I am not going to bore you again with why I think this product can be a major cause of allergies. If you're interested in my thoughts about that I'd suggest you start with my initial review of this product, and the first page of the stories from others about their allergic reactions.

In addition, if you've had a similar experience I'd love for you to share it with me. You can share your own experience here.

So, without further ado, now begins the second page of experiences with this laundry scent booster which, although it does have many fans and admirers, has also caused some major health problems for others who have used it.

RAM says:

I'm sitting here at 2:44am with a maddening itchy rash that has been with me 24 hours a day for over a week.

Its taken me that long to come to the realization that it coincides with our purchase of Downy Unstopables laundry scent booster.

They should put a warning on the label of this nasty product.

Taylor says:

Unfortunately your experience RAM is all too common. This is actually the second page of these stories from those who've had allergic reactions.

I'm sorry you've experienced this problem, and I hope now that you've identified the cause you can start the process of washing everything to remove this perfumy scent and get to feeling better soon.

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Very Severe Allergic Reaction To Unstopables

by Riley

My son had a very severe allergic reaction to this product.

It really scared me because he was having difficulty breathing, lots of coughing, sore throat, hives all over his body and his knees and elbows were swollen.

I took him to the ER and they gave him very strong benadryl but the hives were not going away.

Once I realized it was this product, and washed everything he could possibly come in contact with, he started getting better.

Definately staying away from this product....

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Downy Unstopables: Do Not Use This Product

by SR101 Reader

Today is day 7 of horrible hives on my torso and legs... horrid, huge, itchy, painful hives!

I am taking steroids and antihistimines and still have horrible hives!


I am miserable and depressed because all I can do is sit quietly or the hives flare up and get worse.

I can't even let clothing touch them... all because I wanted to have pretty smelly sheets... *major frowny face!*

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It Gave Me A Rash

Here are a couple of short comments I have received from readers about their experience with this product.

SR101 Reader says:

I started using the Downy Unstopable when my husband purchased it at the store. I loved the smell and the way it made my clothes smell.

I never was prone to getting rashes and suddenly I had an irritating rash breaking out on my body.

I couldn't think of anything I had been using to cause this rash since I don't change up on products hardly ever... I find a product I like and stick to it....well I guess I won't have that wonderful scent on my clothes anymore because my skin just can't handle it and the itching is horrible.

Peggy from Florence, OR says:

Loved the smell, but ended up with a scaly rash on the inside of my legs.

I've never had a problem with any laundry products causing allergic reaction on me before. Be careful!!

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We Can Use Downy Liquid With No Problems, But Not Downy Crystals

by SR101 Reader

Here's a short but to the point review of the differences for one reader between the liquid fabric softener and this scent booster product.

SR101 Reader says:

Our family uses Downy liquid all the time . . . no problems.

We bough the new Downy crystals, and my wife and I broke out in a rash all over.

Taylor says:

This unfortunately seems to be quite common. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, hope you feel better soon!

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I Really Loved It But It Caused My Husband To Develop A Rash

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

I really loved the Downy Unstopables as it kept sheets and clothes scented for a long time.

I have never been satisfied with softener sheets or liquid softener because the smell never lasts.

However, once I started using this my husband had a small rash on his chin and over the course of two weeks of using the product, he developed a rash on his entire face and it spread to his body.

We saw the doctor today thinking it was hives or shingles, but no, he said the Downy is the most likely culprit.

I hope there is a way for them to change the formula, because it was a great product, but we can no loner use it.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience with me, and I hope your husband feels better soon.

Be careful to do a couple of extra rinses of your clothing for a while to remove all the scent from the Downy Unstopables, so they don't continue to both your husband's allergies.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure a formula change will help with these allergic reactions many people are experiencing with this product, mainly because it is the excessive scent which some people love that causes the problem. Some people's bodies are just especially sensitive to it, unfortunately.

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Wish We Hadn't Gotten The Free Sample - Not Worth The Trip To The ER

by Kandy
(Fostoria, Ohio)

Here's another story about this product causing an allergic reaction.

Kandy says:

We got a free sample of Downy Unstopables in the mail and my wife washed her nurse uniforms in it.

When she got to work everyone noticed her breaking out in hives and we had to take a trip to the emergency room for an allergic reaction to the product.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear about that. Hope your wife feels better soon!

It doesn't sound like this free sample was truly very "free" for you since you've now got medical expenses from it, unfortunately. :(

***Update: I got this comment from a reader, which I am sharing, verbatim. While I would not personally use such a harsh a tone with someone as this commenter does, I do agree with the overall sentiment that all health care professionals should be very mindful about the scents that they use when washing their uniforms, since they can adversely effect their patient's health.

The SR101 reader stated:
I am shocked your wife would wash her uniforms in anything with a 'scent' especially one that is advertised as strong and lasting. Most health care facilities prohibit perfumes both of workers and of visitors - many sick people are super sensitive to smells and many of us are chemically sensitive - wearing a strong scent/perfume in the health care setting is very insensitive!

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Don't buy this product!!!

by SR101 Reader

I have eczema and frequently get rashes, so a little break out is nothing new for me.

I started using this product about 3 weeks ago and two weeks ago started to develop hives. I didn't put 2 and 2 together until I had to go to my doctor for steroids. Then I started googling and many people have written to complain.

This shouldn't be on the market.

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Third Week Of Embarrassing Hives Because Of This Product

by RCH

I have never had an allergic reaction to any detergents before but I started using Downy Unstoppables and I began breaking out in hives or welts.

By week two I realized what was causing it and washed all my clothes over again.

It is week three since my outbreak of hives surfaced and they show no signs of going away.

I have to strategically choose clothes to wear that won't show these embarrassing hives.

I wish I never used the product.

Does anyone know how long they will last? I am currently on allergy medicine but it seems that's all I can do.

Taylor says:

RCH, so sorry to hear this product has so adversely effected you.

I am not a doctor, so I cannot answer your medical question. However, I have heard that many of the other readers have needed to go to the doctor for medical treatment, and so I urge you to do the same if you're still not feeling well.

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I'm Glad To Know I'm Not The Only One Who Has Experienced Problems

by SR101 Reader
(South Dakota)

I have been using the Unstopables for a week now, and just yesterday I started getting an itchy rash on my upper arms and back!

Unstopables is the only new item I've introduced so I believe it is the culprit.

I will definitely rewash all my clothes and bedding to see if it helps.

Meantime hydrocortisone cream is my new friend! Thanks for posting all this information!

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Fresh Scent Is The Devil! Major Allergies!

by Todd
(Bayard, NE USA)

This stuff is the devil I am telling you.

I did 4 loads of laundry using this product and after one day of wearing slacks I washed with them I developed a horrible rash behind me knees from the product being in the material.

I sent Downy a complaint on their official site and have not received a reply as of now. I will be calling the 800 soon if I don't.

Steer clear of this at all costs!

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Blue Version Worked Fine But Purple Version Caused Itchy Bumps!

by Mona

I heard about this product from a girl I watch on YouTube who used it to with her bedding and towels, but she did warn of possible allergic reaction from what she reviewed online.

So I bought the one in the blue cap and loved it.

I tried using a bit on just jeans and sweaters and no rash.

So I added it to other regular clothes and all was well with me, my son and husband.

Recently though I ran out and tried the purple capped one, and oh my.

I put on my freshly washed working out clothes and socks and by the next morning I had small itch bumps that looked a little like mosquito bites at first.

That's what I thought they were, and a few days later it had spread to a few on my thighs, hip bones and shoulders.

My son also has it now around his waist and neckline.

I realized the only change was that, so I've rewashed our clothes, bedding and towels and have applied some anti itch cream on both of us for now and I hope it goes away soon.

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Horrible Itchy Rash From All Three Scents

by Amber
(Grande Prairie, AB, Canada)

I Bought all 3 scents a couple months ago, they do exactly as the commercial suggests -- smell great for a long time after wash.

I hate that it took me so long to realize that the horrible itchy rash on my back, chest and arms was actually due to this stuff.

Even my poor 2 year old's face was breaking out.

After re-washing ALL of my families clothes and linens things are very slowly clearing up. Hopefully scarring is minimal.

This product should at the very least have WARNING labels based on what I have heard about it now.

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Unlike Other Scents The Shimmer Scent Caused Intense Itching

by Roberto

I'm a 40 year old man that likes to have good smelling clothes. I want to know they are clean when I start my day.

Anyhow, I've used Downy Unstopables pretty much since they came onto the market.

I used the purple ones primarily, can't think of the scent name. Then I've used the blue ones for a while. All this time no problems.

Then, I wanted a change and went for the pink ones, Shimmer I believe.

Last week I was working in tall weeds/grass and that night came home and started itching. Pulled up my shirt and thought I had chiggers, freaked my wife out.

Knowing that there was not much I could do about chiggers I showered and went to bed. Next morning I was nearly back to normal. Hmmm, not chiggers.

So I went a bit longer, say nearly a week, with no problems. I must have done my own laundry again as I tend to use a lot of scent (not more than what it says but I don't usually have a full load of laundry for myself) and I broke out the same way I had the previous week.

Thinking of the same results I showered and went to bed thinking it would go away. Woke up and it was actually worse the next morning.

I took some Benadryl which eased the itching and continued to move forward through the day.

Early afternoon the itching came back badly and the rash was all over my torso and upper legs.

I went to the ER as I was kind of freaked out. They gave me a heavy dose of Benadryl, steroids, and pepcid oddly enough (pepcid is a histamine blocker, who knew).

I got a prescription for steroids and bought some pepcid as I can't be taking Benadryl during the day as I can't be all groggy or falling asleep.

1st morning after and the rash is probably 80% gone and very little itching.

Going to be doing lots of laundry today without the Downy and lots of extra rinsing!

Thanks for this page, I'm amazed how many people have complained about this.

I'll be writing to Downy to express my concerns as well!

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Glow Scent Is Amazing But Won't Use It Again

by Alanna
(Chicago, IL)

I bought this product at Target after falling in love with the scent. I was putting just one cap full in my washer, then I started forgetting to put it into my laundry (this is relevant to the story, as you will see later).

Fast-forward about 2-3 weeks, to last week. It was time to do laundry, then I remembered to use this product after so long.

I put two caps of it in the washer because I wanted my kids' school uniforms to smell nice and fresh (I have a 9-year-old and a 7-year old, both boys).

My 7-year-old developed rashes on his back and chest from a shirt that I had washed in that load.

Then, this morning, I noticed that my 9-year-old had a really bad rash on the back of his neck. I looked down his shirt and saw even more rashes.

When I told him to take his shirt off, he had rashes ALL OVER, and I noticed that he had rashes on his upper arm that ended at the elbow (where the sleeves of his uniform shirt end).

Long story short, I've deduced that my kids are allergic to this product. Heck, I won't even use it in smaller doses. Which is a shame, because the scent is amazing. :(

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Beware Of Rash/Hives With Downy Unstoppable

by SR101 Reader

Here's another SR101 reader who experienced a problem from this product.

SR101 Reader says:

I am a true believer in Downy, and have used it for over 35 years, never had allergic reactions.

Then I bought the "Unstoppable" The only thing it did not stop was the body rash and hives.

I bought this in February and have had a rash/hives since. The Dr. even did a biopsy of the hives and it was determined that I had a severe allergic reactions.

I had to go on Prednisone for a month and every medication you can think of we tried. FINALLY, in June when I was washing my sheets and getting ready to "over use" as I always put a lot because I loved the smell, as I was holding the container, it suddenly dawned on me, THAT was the CULPRIT

downy unstopables causes allergic reactions
I immediately went online and typed in "Unstoppable and rash"...yep...there it was black and white. All these reviews about people getting rashes and hives because of the product.

Not knocking the product but very dangerous for people with sensitive skin.

Taylor says:

I couldn't agree with you more!

It may be a product that lots of people love. Even you admit you loved the scent, but for those of us with sensitive skin or other allergy problems, it sure does seem to be something that really triggers our allergies.

If any other readers have experienced similar problems with Downy Unstopables causing rash and/or hives, please share your experiences here. I'd love to hear from you.

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Comments for Beware Of Rash/Hives With Downy Unstoppable

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Just another unhappy customer
by: Anonymous

I have never had hives in my life, 24 year old female, very healthy with no history of allergic reactions to anything! It took about a week and a half for my symptoms to start. I've got hives on my wrist, my palms, in between my legs. This is ridiculous! This product needs to be pulled from the shelf if it is causing these types of reactions!

Yup, Me, Too!
by: Carol

I don't have sensitive skin so was very surprised when I started sprouting hives around my neck and shoulders, now all over my body. I, too, finally figured out that it was this product and rewashed everything that I washed in it. I still have the hives but will get to the doctors if not better in a few days. The starting point on my neck was because I had washed my sheets, pillow and pillowcase using the Unstopables. This is unbelievable yet they are still selling this awful product!

Lush scent got me
by: Michelle

I tried to figure out what was causing my hives. I don't have sensitive skin and never had a reaction to anything in the past. I washed my clothes without the Unstoppables and no more hives. Recently, I tried them again and I only used a little bit. I put a teaspoon or less in and got hives again.

Lush scent got us too
by: Nichole (from Army Base Germany)

My husband and I love the Purex Crystals so we figured we would try these out. We bought it at the PX and the first time I used it my husband broke out in a severe rash. Never again. This product is terrible!

hives, itching, blotchy areas
by: Kate

I use other Downy products with no problem, but I decided to try Unstopable last week. After doing 6 loads of laundry including sheets and blankets I woke up Tuesday morning with hives!! Had to take Benadryl to get under control. Through process of elimination I know for sure it's this product!

Going to report this to Downy's 800 number and re-wash all that laundry this weekend. There is no real mention on the label that states what the true ingredients are to identify what caused the hives.

hives gone when stopped using them
by: Merinda

I have broken out in hives while using them! I haven't bought them in a while & the hives are gone.

Thank God for this page
by: Sleepless in PA

I have spent the last month checking for bed bugs, ants and fleas. But the hives started the morning after I washed my sheets in Unstopables. I did NOT get them when I used Gain's version. I feel utterly STUPID now because it all makes sense. My mystery bugs only bite where my skin touches my sheets, feet, ankles and hands. On nights I wore short sleeves then the invisible critters bit my arms. I wondered why they never ever crawled to my knees etc. Now I know. God bless all of you for sharing.

This effects people who don't even use it themselves
by: Marcy

I never even bought this product. But I'm having trouble going out in public now because of it. I was on the bus and someone else had used this product, and it was all I could smell. It caused my face to swell, my eyes to get red and itchy, and I had difficulty breathing which lasted 2 hours after leaving the bus.

It's happened in public multiple times where I stand near someone who has used this horrifying product, and I spend the next 4 hours out of breath.

I really think this should be banned.

Not to mention that exposure to this product also somehow causes me to be allergic to lobster, in that I am normally not allergic to seafood, but when I have the misfortune of being exposed to the scent of this multiple times in a week, I will get all itchy just from touching lobster, not even eating it.

I hope they ban this as well as regular Downy and Bounce, and their competitor Fleecy as well.

My dogs and puppys
by: Debbie

I am a dog breeder of non allergic Shih Tzu imperials. I got complains about itching and hives from a puppy buyer. I knew it had to be some outside source. Food vaccines? I just started using Unstoppable on dog bedding. So I looked online and found this. My customers mean everything to me. Anybody know how many washing to get it off a puppy's coat?

Steer Clear...Caused Me 10 Months of Suffering
by: Tasha

After 10 months of breaking out with hives and 4 rounds of steroids (anti-inflammatory) prescribed by my physician, we discovered that the Downy Unstopables were the cause of my misery! Then, my friend told me about this page and how many others that were posting the same symptoms online, I had to comment. Unbelievable! Steer clear if you are sensitive.

Unstoppables Rashes on me
by: Charlene

I bought the Unstopables from Sam's Club for nice smelling sheets, but, when the rashes came I went to my Dr and she gave me cream and Benadryl. Rashes stayed where sheet contact so I checked my bed for bed bugs, which was negative.

Friend asked what was new in my life and it hit me, the Unstopables were for the last month. Rash across my neck and on my right arm. I lay partially on my back and left side, but my pajamas shielded the rest of my body from the sheets. I am now on sheet without this product and will find out soon the results.

blue bottle and pink bottle
by: Anonymous

I started using Downy Unstopables approximately a month ago. I absolutely love the scents!! However, about 2 weeks ago, my leg started itching. The itching got worse and spread. Now I have little pustules that burn and continue to itch. I also have a patch on my hip that burns and itches the same way. It's driving me crazy!!! It took me a while to suspect the Downy but after reading other stories I'm pretty convinced this is the cause of my problem. I have totally stopped using this product. I'm still itching and burning but calamine lotion seems to be helping to ease the suffering. Hopefully in a few days I will be back to normal. What a shame.

Overuse triggered my reaction
by: Anonymous

I've used both the pink and blue unstoppables in my front loader a for more than a year without any problems. But this summer I stayed at a house with an oversized top loading washer and I began to add a full cap of the blue (in the front loader I used half a cap). It took me a while to realize the non-itchy bumps and patches on my arms and behind my knees weren't ringworm or a rare rash. They're due to the full cap of unstoppables! I don't think I'm horribly allergic but I wish it didn't take me 4 weeks to add it all up. Prednisone and cortisone cream are helping but it's a slow process to resolve the rash. Now I don't think I can use them at all which stinks because my daughter loves them :(

Now in the UK, and wish it wasn't
by: Anonymous

Downy unstoppable?? More like rash unstoppable. This stuff is now available in the UK and I so wish I'd read the comments here before falling for the advertisement hype. I am never allergic to anything but have developed the most awful allergic rash after using this for the first time. It's now gone straight in the rubbish bin.

Ban this product
by: Malvin Pinder

Our fifteen year old daughter has been miserable with hives and itching for last 17 days. We have been to the ER room twice during this period. We were completely frustrated trying to figure out the cause until we realized that we had introduced Downy Unstoppable in our laundry 2 days before this disaster started. We had used nothing but simple detergent in our laundry prior to this incident. This product should be BANNED.

glad you're bring awareness of this issue
by: Laura

Thank you for bringing awareness to this. Many people are sensitive to perfumes and can have severe reactions. I know people who don't leave their homes because the scents that people wear/use affect them. I get migraines from strong scents.

my daughter reacted before I even opened the package!
by: Amanda

When I reviewed samples I had to immediately return this one. Without opening it my daughter's asthma started up.

buyer beware!
by: Alex

Buyer Beware! We are on week two of severe rash and hives! My son was seen by a pediatrician, dermatologist and a pediatric urgent care in order to get his allergic reaction under control. He is on steroids and hydroxizine. I had just finished a bottle of Downy Unstoppables when he first had a small rash on his face that would come and go. By the third day he was covered from head to toe in hive like rash. The experience was horrible as we tried to figure out what was going on. Last night I was on Google searching, suspecting it might be from the laundry and I came across this site. I still have the empty bottle. I hope something is done to prevent this from happening.

Lenor Unstoppables
by: Anonymous

I have not long been using these Downy/Lenor in UK, Unstoppables, and have recently noticed severe itchy lumps on my feet which are really painful when standing and walking, and lots of hives have broken out on arms, stomach, hands, legs, all extremely itchy and sore/stingy. I have tried antihistamines and many creams but none have worked. I am visiting my doctor this week, so anyone tempted by this product, my advice, DONT BE.

very uncomfortable
by: Heather Piontek

I have used Unstoppables for about a month. Tonight I'm re-washing all of my clothes because I have broken out so bad, and it is the only thing I have changed or added to my lifestyle. I have only broke out where my clothes touch my skin! I do not have sensitive skin. This has never happened to me before. I have no allergies.

not a good look, Downy
by: Anonymous

I'm in my mid 30's and have had eczema pretty much all my life although now well under control. Last week I broke out on my face first and then in a severe case of hives right after my partner used Downy Unstopables. I wouldn't have known right away they were the cause if it were not for me sharing what I was experiencing with my business partner. She immediately asked me if I had ever used Downy Unstopables since a month earlier she had to see her dermatologists because she broke out in hives after using it. Had to rewash EVERYTHING.

Safest bet is to stay away from this product.

Hives driving me crazy!!
by: Rosetta F

Hi everyone, I am from the Caribbean and I too am experiencing the itchy rash. I bought the Unstoppables last year September, used it in my wash and broke out when I used the clothes from the wash. My husband rushed me to the hospital as I was itching like crazy and all over kept swelling up. I started changing everything that I normally use hoping to find the cause but no results. I got allergy meds to help it but it persisted until December. I never used Downy before and I loved the Unstoppables. I never bought it again until last week and as of yesterday I am breaking out all over again. So I did my research and found this page that it is proving to me that this product is the worst thing ever!!! Please, save yourself the agony of this product, it will keep you up all night, make you feel like you're going crazy itching and even ashamed to show your skin in public.

Stole a year from me
by: Sarah Turner

I have never had an allergic reaction in my life and used these for months before I bought a new bottle and washed my sheets and pillow cases with them. I ended up with a horrible full body rash that was even all over my face! The only way I could get rid of it was to take prednisone, which resulted in a year long array of myriad skin issues. It was a complete nightmare, and it screwed with my ability to work and lead a normal, happy life for a year. If anyone is up for a class action suit, let me know. I am game. They should pay for what they have done to so many.

Un stopable alright, my face is on fire!
by: Anonymous

I'm in the same boat. Hives and itching like crazy. Face feels like it's on fire. I've had to take an anti histamine. The pharmacist words were "don't tell me it's these new fragrance washing crystals, we've had lots of people with the same problem coming in."

itching all over my body
by: Amber Hernandez

I used this product for 2 days and in about a week I noticed a rash on my arms. I can't stop itching. I thought it was my medication my Dr prescribed me I stopped taking the medication to see if it was that, but the itching was getting worse each day. My arms are full of blood scabs and bruises. I did my research to see if the Unstopables had an allergic reaction and I see everyone is allergic to it. Last time I will ever use this product. My arms are bruised and in between my legs are full of rashes :(

Fresh scent (blue) = horrible rash
by: Shelley

3 weeks of the worst, most itchy rash I have ever experienced! I have never had a reaction to ANY detergent before. No soaps, etc. I've even used the pink Unstopables before with no problem. But with the blue kind I am suffering the most excruciating feeling I have ever experienced with no relief. Doctor prescribed steroids, hopefully this will help because I don't know how much longer I can handle this! Save yourself, do not use.

strongly suggest to stay away from this product
by: Mac

I would totally agree. My son is having hives all over for nearly a month. Tried treating it but nothing stopped it. Finally I landed on this site, research on what changed. Strongly suggest stay away from this product.

smelt lovely, but grandson got rash
by: Anonymous

Used these balls, smelt lovely but definitely not worth the nasty skin reaction they caused my precious grandson to have. Whole body completely covered in a very nasty rash, very uncomfortable and itchy for him. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT USE.

Shimmer scent (pink bottle)
by: Diane

My children started getting hives and then myself. It took me a while to figure out why. I do not wash my older son's clothes so that explains why he is hive free. I needed to rewash everything and as I'm doing it I'm so itchy and my throat is itchy. I'm on Benadryl and steroids. This is so dangerous as I have a son who is also asthmatic.

Fresh scent
by: Ben

I recently purchased this product in hopes of a few things. As some that travels for work, I was hoping the longer scent would help my clothes smelling clean as I travel for work. I also got this in hopes of not having the morning surprise of pulling a dryer sheet out of my pant legs.

I used the product a total of two times. The first time it worked great; no issues. The second time is when I got hit hard by a nasty rash and hives covering about 90% of my body, mainly where my clothes hit. After going through any sort of changes in eating and any changes in cleaning products, I quickly narrowed it down to this product. As a result of using this product I had to go to MedExpress last night because of the overall coverage of the hives and the fact I was scratching myself to the point where I was bleeding. The hives and rash started to spread uncontrollably. I took some over the counter Benedryl over the weekend but last night became too much. I was shaking and covered in huge, red hives literally covering of 90% of my body. I've lost time away from work and hours of sleep as a result of the use of this product.

I'm going to file an official complaint with Downy later today when I have the product in front of me prior to throwing it away but it looks like I'm going back to the tested and workable dryer sheets.

Rash Hives even AFTER rewashing and using prescription creams
by: CSC

8 weeks of hell. My husband and I started itching about a week and a half of use. We figured it out pretty quickly, but the damage was done. We are off to the doctor yet again this afternoon to try to stop the unstoppable itch/rash/hives. Neither of us have ever had a reaction to a product prior to this.

Hives and Rash
by: Anonymous

My husband, my 2 year old and I developed a rash on our legs, arms and necks started 2 weeks ago. We thought it was bed bugs or spider bites. We checked our bedding, no signs of bugs. I just today read the comments/complaints about Downy Unstoppable and I realized rashes started happening when we started using the product. I'm washing all our clothes and sheets today and hoping rashes will go away very soon.

No more Downy for us
by: Anonymous

My three year old had a horrible reaction starting with hives all over his legs and I couldn't figure out why his legs were the only area with the hives so I gave him an oatmeal bath to soothe him and wrapped him in a towel I had washed with Downy Unstoppables. 3 hours later his body was covered with hives. Gave him Benadryl and a nice blanket that was freshly washed using no fabric softener or scents and the hives were mostly gone within an hour. Washed all the clothes and blankets and towels, anything that he was going to come in contact with.

Solution please
by: Hlopez

I believe I've been getting hives from this product as well. Can someone please recommend me some medicine or some kind of solution????

Itchy throat and coughing
by: Anonymous

Omg I am just shock to find this info. We used DYI febreezer scent at the house spraying it on the couch and toys of my niece and noticed she has been coughing and i have been sneezing and coughing as well. Thinking back on the days activities using this product was the only new thing we did. So we cleaned everything we used it in. My niece is spending the night in my room which thankfully did not use it and she has slowly stopped coughing. So I started looking on the internet and found all these comments which just give me the chills on how dangerous this product can be It should have a warning label put on or something because it smells wonderful but can do serious damage.

Woke up at night
by: ,Mike - London

I have never suffered from allergies before. Was waking up in the night convinced I had been bitten by mosquitos or bed bugs, covered in itchy bite marks. Just came across this site and after speaking to my doctor I've realized it's Unstopables that caused this skin rash! Beware!

Daughter broke out
by: Anonymous

My daughter plays soccer at school and club. Last night I washed her school uniform,she only has one, in two caps of Downy Unstopables because her soccer gear was smelly. Today the school nurse called to say she had hives on her legs and arms, where her clothes touch her skin. I love the smell, but this is insane.

Insane itching
by: Crystal

I realized right away it was unstopable causing this insane itchy feeling. I had done laundry the night before and was on a long walk with my dog when my legs really started itching. I had to hurry home to rip my pants off and scratch my legs for 5 minutes. I jumped in the shower and rewashed my laundry without using unstoppable. It was crazy but it doesn't seem to affect my adult daughter who uses it all the time.

Used too much?
by: Anonymous

I am very sensitive to perfumes and dyes in fabric soaps and such. I gave Unstoppables a try. The pink was to overpowering for me and I now use the glow or gold ones. I see people posted they were putting in 2 cap in and I put a half a cap in at most. I've never had any problems since nor had anyone complain about the scent being strong. I'm wondering if the grease spots and rashes are possibly from using too much of the product? Either way it's good to inform if it does cause rashes but also be aware that it could be the way that it has been used.

Dangerous product
by: Anonymous

My son broke out with major hives and welts all over his body and lower face. I had just recently purchased these unstoppable laundry pebbles. I sprinkled some under the couch cushions and my son had woke up from a nap on the couch with these scent beads. I gave him 3 drops of Lugol's iodine in water and had him drink a spoon of baking soda in water and bath in baking soda water. Within 30 minutes the redness and swelling started to subside. I can't recommend this as I am not a doctor but this was my experience I using this for my son. I will be replacing these scent beads with an essential oil diffuser to freshen the scent of my home naturally. I had no idea they were so dangerous! Really had me scared but the welts are thing down. Itching is still there and now a little burning but even that has subsided. I also just had him spray nano silver on any areas that were still itchy. Too soon to tell how effective that is but he's settled down enough to go to sleep now and not scratching anymore.

by: Anonymous

My son had rashes all over, at first we noticed on legs and eventually realized it was under clothed areas. Unstopables was the culprit. We stopped using them and rash vanished. However, he then wore a baseball uniform that was washed two months prior, and the rash is back. The scent, and therefore the rash, can occur even if the item was stored for months!

Should be banned
by: Carol Thompson-Jones

My sister used this product and within a few days she had a rash. Then it spread all over her body three visits to the doctor and endless creams and potions. Looks like she has been in a bath of acid. Now her third visit to the doctor and been given steroid's and antibiotic pills and cream in case of sepsis infection. This stuff should be banned or at least carry a warning.

Stop selling
by: Amanda

After seeing Doctor for rashes this afternoon she ask whether I wear something new and I told her nothing but weeks ago I start using new softener. She said that might be the cause and ask me to rewash everything. I've been taking pills after pills thinking why this rashes won't go away. After taking shower tonight, my rashes started getting worst, so tonight when my husband googled and found your site I realized yes that's the answer! I hope they stop selling Unstoppable. I'm in the most miserable week of my life and hardy had any sleep.

Do not use
by: Sheila

I heartily concur with all the other opinions on this page, my husband has had a SEVERE allergic reaction to unstoppable he is absolutely covered in hives, pimples, open sores,with all the scratching, two weeks of hardly any sleep, because as the rash gets hot it itches even more. Spent all day washing every thing he has come in contact with After looking at the container just noticed in REALLY SMALL writing,"may cause allergic reaction." That should be the first thing on the packaging not the last this product should be removed from sale, as if it brings a grown man to an itchy mess what the hell would a small child be like. As a point of note it was the family doctor who brought this to notice, which means this is not the first time she has seen this. My last words on this are, do not use this product.

reaction to Downy Unstoppable Lush
by: Anya

I wish i could post a picture of what I look like. I have a rash/hives from my bikini line on both legs, down the front of both thighs which tapers off at the knees. I have spotty sporadic hives on my lower legs and on the backs of my legs. I have the same hives and rash on my upper arms from my shoulders to my elbows and then continuing spotty and sporadic down to my forearms. It's July 4th weekend, I was supposed to spend the weekend at the pool. Now I am inside, covered with hives. I attribute this 100% to Downy Unstoppable. I had bought some to make a Febreze type of spray from, and I had some left over so I washed some clothes with it. BAD Bad idea. Stay away.

Painful skin rash
by: Anonymous

Horrible skin rash on chest and arms from using this product. Very painful and scaly and miserable.

I love it
by: Anonymous

I have never had a reaction to Downy Unstoppables. I love the pink one!!!

should be pulled off the market
by: Anonymous

I have the same horrid hives and am experiencing the same thing! The doctor says I may need to be in steroids!!! Soooo NOT ok Downy!!!

Hot skin and hives
by: Anonymous

Not happy, never used Downy Unstoppables before but because I can only use Lenor fabric conditioner thought I'd try. Great smell BUT wish I never did. I have hives and itch and my skin is very hot, not happy at all. This should have a big huge warning sign on it. Totally NOT happy.

by: Bridget DeSousa

My tongue and lips were swollen after washing bedding in Downy Unstoppables.

Initially I thought the smell was nice, although overpowering. I knew it was this as I used it for the first time that afternoon.
It scared me. Accident and emergency gave me oral steroids and antihistamines. I was unable to drive home, no beds so slept in my car.

Do not ever use it.

little red bumps
by: Anonymous

Purchased the blue bottle of Unstoppables to go on a mini vacation, came home after 3 days and I developed hives all over my arms and neck. Went to doctors, had to get 2 scripts, 1 prednisone and another for the itch. Washed all my clothes and have been working since, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 4 days still have little red bumps all over my arms that become raised and go down. Hope that the meds help.

by: Danny Noooo

I suffered a massive hive attack covering my ankles to my neck in a matter of days. Luckily it took me two days to realize that this was the cause. However it completely destroyed my body and I look like a burn victim, especially in the areas below my torso.

The strange thing is that apparently my parents have been using this for most of the year and I suddenly developed a severe allergic reaction to this. This was the only culprit that made perfect sense as to why I broke out in hives the way that I did. As soon as I trashed this product the massive hives stopped coming but I still suffer itches as a result of the severity of the hives.

I work 6 days a week and I have to wake up at 5 am. For the past 3 days I've only slept 4 hours. It's been 8 days since my body started to violently react to this product and I'm still itching. Probably gonna take weeks for my skin to return to normal.

I would not wish what happened to me to my worst enemy. This past week was truly hell on earth for me. In my 27 years of living I can say this was the most painful and excruciating experience of my entire life. I tried a bunch of antihistamines and anti itch cream and they didn't do much since this was so severe. It got so bad in the middle of the night I seriously contemplated suicide.

But I'm glad that I didn't go that route and I'm here to give my experience on what I've been through. The itch is still somewhat mild to moderate but I'll pull through. Use this product at your own discretion.

Thought l had crabs!
by: Lela

I've been using unstopable type products in different scents for about 6 months. For the last 2-3 months I've used the Downy brand. After using this brand I've had serious itching in my bikini area, to the point that I thought I must have contracted something!

One load of laundry with just my underwear without Unstopables and no itching. Found the culprit.

Doesn't seem to bother anyone else in my family. Just me and just that feminine area.

Causes hives
by: Anonymous

I have never had any allergies and I'm 53. Lately, since using this product, I break out in hives in streaks and itch all over my body - back, stomach, legs, ankles. This started shortly after using Downy Unstoppables - my gym clothes make me itch so much especially when I sweat - I have been taking Zyrtec and Bendryl and it won't go away. Have to wash everything I own again without the Unstoppables.

Horrible product!!!
by: Anonymous

I've never had a rash or hives like I have now ever. Haven't changed up my products or lifestyle. For a month now I've been having severe hives and rashes all over my body. After finding this post I found the culprit. My brother uses this product and when I do my laundry it contaminates my clothing to the point where I can't stop the itchy or rashes. Thank god for the internet, it saved me from itchy hell.

Huge breakout
by: Anonymous

Oh my goodness! Almost a month ago I took my 11 year old to the doctor because of these bumps on his trunk and groin that looked almost like mosquito bites. Some were raw. Doc said chicken pox (he's vaccinated) and now more than a month later he's still got them and they're worse, but only where clothes touch him! I just found this site and its exactly what he's got. We've been using the Unstoppables for about that period of time. Thank you for sharing as I'm now hot washing all his clothes the towels and his bedding without the Unstoppables!

Horrible reaction
by: Anonymous

I have had an itchy skin condition for about 2 weeks and it got progressively worse. I'm up at 4:00am because I'm scratching so much. I just found out my wife started using downy unstoppable 2 or 3 weeks ago. I am not allergic to anything I know of. Poison Ivy barely bothers me. This morning we will be disposing of this product and see if it is the problem.

Extreme itch and red blisters all over
by: Jennifer Eady

It took me a few days to figure out where this severe itch came from all the red blisters all over my back and neck are but than I realized it started when I started to use Unstoppable. I scratch myself using a knife that's how bad it got. I got anti itch creams and re washed everything with my old detergent. I hope this will soon stop as it it driving me mad.

Unexplained Hives
by: Anonymous

My husband recently visited (yesterday) doctor to help identify hives he recently discovered on his legs. She did rule out a couple of possibilities but then she asked him if we had changed our laundry detergent? He said no, because we haven't, but we did purchase and use downy unstoppable, just the smaller bottle to try it out, then loved it so much we decided to purchase again but was unable to find that size which was affordable for us. so purchased different brand purex crystals. So plan on not using any of these products to see if that is the cause. thanks for an outlet for reviews and experience with this product!

lingering rashes
by: Anonymous

I loved the smell of the Downy fresh. First my husband was getting rashes on his arms that I thought were swimmers itch. The. I got terrible eczema which I never had over my entire body. It never got better. Then I realized the only thing I changed was adding this scent booster to the wash. We stopped using it but all still have lingering rashes. Mine is getting a little better but still there.

by: Amy from Nashville

So glad to find this page. Helped me confirm that my 12 year-old daughter’s hives were indeed caused by the unstoppables I added to the laundry!! 😩 Two trips to the doctor, steroids, and creams... Very expensive bottle of Unstoppables. 😡

Should be re-labeled and removed
by: Anonymous

Washed with Downy Crystals and broke out in terrible hives and itchy rash on my back. Never been allergic to detergent, perfumy or otherwise. I will not be using the product in the future and I threw away my Costco sized bottle with no regrets! What a horrible product. It should be taken off the market immediately. I went to the doctor and they have prescribed benedryl based steroids. This is ridiculous! This product should be taken off the shelves immediately. It is too strong!

Bad reactions here too!
by: Tony

After 2 days of discomfort and about a week after using a free sample from Costco or Sam’s Club, I have identified this as the allergen that caused my reactions. I received this as a free sample and like all others just threw it in the wash. I’ve never regularly used any of these new "smell good" products, nor have I had allergic reactions to any laundry products.

Upon initial use, I noticed it to smell way more than anything I’ve ever used. It smells good, but is definitely very strong. It literally has stuck around and still smells over 10 loads later.

Well yesterday I woke up with a rash completely covering the back and sides of my neck. I figured the dogs had been in our bed and come in contact with something that caused this reaction, so we washed our sheets and waking up today I have bumps from my neck to my feet, and my whole body basically itches. I would advise to use this product with sting caution and maybe use way less than intended.

so glad I saw this
by: Susan Hackbarth

I am so glad to see these posts I used this product 3 days ago for the 1st time this morning woke up work hives and rash all over torso arms this is the only thing new I’ve used!

Unstopables No More!!!
by: Anonymous

It has taken my husband and I a few months to determine that the Downy Unstoppables was causing me, more than my husband, severe rashes and hives. I went through allergy testing at an allergy clinic. We had our bed checked for bed bugs. We through away our new $400 mattress pad and more. We were considering buying a new bed because it was getting so bad for me...I started washing everything with vinegar last week as a last resort before buying g a new bed. I washed my daughters bedding and used Unstoppables without knowing that was it. I slept with her 2 nights ago and got hit with crazy itching hives again. Starting over to remove any sign of this product from our house. It has cost me a fair amount of money to figure it out. i guess I just would not have thought it to be this product.

by: Anonymous

My 17yo son came home rushing from his volleyball practice before it end. When he took off his shirt his entire body was covered with hives. And he said he didn't eat anything to cause the extreme hives. Come to realized I had used the free sample of Downy Unstoppable scent booster that comes from my new washing machine.

This is not acceptable what this company have done to everyone that has a severe reaction to this product. It’s a disgrace.!!!! No warning on the label at all...

CRAZY rash - only where clothes seem to lay on my skin!!
by: KSB

I have been trying to figure out for the past year or so, what causes my skin to itch and crawl, I have permanent scarring from this, and we have finally come to the conclusion it is the downy scented crystals. WOW! Who would have thought they would be this dangerous to certain people. No warning on the labels anywhere... Use caution!

by: Anonymous

I started using Downey cyrstals on recommendation from granddaughter. I loved the nice lasting fresh scent. However within a week my husband started breaking out with horiffic inflamed rashes and hives which were in whelps all over his body including limbs, torso and head and neck. Have made several trips to skin Dr as well as an E.R. visit. Been on several types meds including creams, pills and shots. I examined all new products I may have bought and only new one was Downey unstoppables in blue and pink. He is still in a mess. Another appointment tomorrow. I feel I MUST rewash and an extra rinse to all my bedding, clothing and other miscellaneous items. Please take it off the market even though it seemed like a perfect product. NOT SO. Please get it off the shelves. All other Downey products have given me satisfaction. NOT THIS ONE. THANKS

Itchy stuff
by: Pedro

My whole body is itching since we started using this product.

Fresh scent caused blister
by: Steve

Left a blister you wont believe. At least the size of my hand.

never had this problem with the Downy softener
by: Marcella Roxanne Bethel

NON STOP ITCHING ! Left scarring on my right calve, red bumps all over my body, and burning all over including my scalp. My eyes are a deep red color and left one is now blurred. I used Downy liquid softener for years and never had this problem.

Warnings need to be printed in large letters of these reactions
by: Mary

I don’t change my laundry soap or fabric softener. I always use Tide and Downy. I assumed since this was a Downy product it would be ok. Last evening I broke out in a horrible rash/welts all over my body. It is horrible and itches so bad I cant put clothes on. Any little bit of heat makes it even worse. It is even on my head. I’ve been taking benedry since last night with no relief. I’m afraid it it is t better I may have to go to an urgent care, that is how bad it is. Warnings need to be printed in large letters of these reactions.

Itchy Butt Cheeks
by: Anonymous

I figure my butt cheeks get itchy because I use Downy Scent Boosters when I wore my work jeans. I think that a Teaspoon at the most would prevent the itch; I do not have a rash! I think we should all try to find natural products in which to wash our clothes anyway.

Allergic Reaction to Downy Fresh Protect
by: Cindy Artale

I am sitting here at the computer looking for help as I used Downy Protect today and now at 2:00 AM, I am breaking out in itchy hives all over m body! Woke up itching my arms. Went back to sleep and woke again itching everywhere and it suddenly dawned on me that I had used the Crystals on the pajamas yesterday that I was wearing. Took the PJ's and am broken out in hives all over my body! I have taken 2 Benedryl but do not feel any relief yet. Never will use this stuff again.

Unstoppable Hives
by: Anonymous

It’s taken me a little over two months to figure out that the downy unstoppables is what was causing my hives. I’d gotten rid of or stopped everything I thought could be causing my breakouts but only after a chilly night and me wrapping myself in my freshly cleaned downy unstoppable scented blanket did I realize downy was the culprit. I’d been having hives only on my upper body but the next morning I was covered with them, and I knew I had finally figured out the problem, but then two days later they reappeared then I realized I had grabbed a fresh towel to dry this only confirmed my suspicions. Its been a long journey but I am glad I have a resolution.

Throat swelling
by: Anonymous

I too had throat irritation. By the second day I could not swallow very well. I did not get any rash but also my neck was tender. The only thing I did different was that I used unstopables for my throws and sheets.

Horrible Red Itchy Rash
by: Disappointed Consumer

I can empathize with all the respondents on this page. I added the Downy Unstoppables to my laundry and have developed a horrendous red itchy rash on my forearm. The dermatologist put me on steroid cream for a month. I had no improvement at all. In fact we came to the conclusion that I was allergic to the cream!!! I too was sitting early one morning, at 2:00 am, trying not to scratch the skin off my arm wondering what was happening to me. I was trying to remember what did I touch or eat that was different. Was it something in my environment? Suddenly it occurred to me that the " Downy Unstoppables" was really the only thing that was new. I removed the articles from my bedding last night that had been washed with the Unstoppables and today was not as horrific with the itching as it has been for the past six weeks!!!! While I am not healed at least I am not worse now that the offending product has been identified.

I truly hope the itchy, red, hot rash resolves soon because I need some sleep !!!!

Can't stop itching
by: Anonymous

I used unstoppable to help my golf clothes smell fresher. The itching started when i over did the quantity of beads. A smaller amount worked ok with no itching.

affecting my breathing and quality of life
by: Anonymous

And I don't use this product - but I live in an apartment building with a laundry room and if I use a machine that was run through with downy unstopables - it gets on my laundry and I can't be in the same room much less wear those clothes or sleep on those sheets.

It will be so deep into my laundry I have to wash the load 5 or 6 more times with white vinegar and Biokleen detergent.

Which is so wasteful but I actually cannot tolerate the smell it makes me so ill, so fast.

I get a headache and queasy and I can taste it and my chest aches if I'm around someone that uses this stuff.

To me it seems bizarre that people would use this stuff on their infants or children's wash much less some comments here by people who have skin or autoimmune deficiencies to begin with. Skin is an organ - just like sunscreen is absorbed into your bloodstream -- so is this nightmare of a product.

Embarrassing experience
by: Anonymous

I have been using the pink cap Unstoppable purchased at Costco. I work out and my gym clothes can get stinky. I would often leave my gym clothes including underwear soaking in this product. The result was an intense discomfort that mirrored what can only be described as the worst yeast infection. I kept going to my doctor and there was no sign of an infection. The last time she recommended I look at all products that I have been exposed to. I then made the connection and stopped using this product. I have not had any issues since then. Just something to consider as your undergarments are touching you most sensitive areas!!

by: Monique

I bought the purple ones the first time and used the whole container, I switched to the teal container and broke out in hives from one wash in it. Maddening hives all over for 3 weeks!! Took steroids and was miserable! Never again!! I use sensitive skin everything!!

slow to heal after horrible rash and hives
by: Lucie

I was excited to buy the Downy Unstoppable Fresh. After a week of using it, I started develop a rash. Prior to that I had a first time rash from Poison Ivy on my face and neck. So, I thought it may be spreading. Nope nothing like that. I ended up having hives all over my body. I was constantly scratching it. The worst for me was a night because I have washed my sheets in it. I scratched so hard that I have bruises from it too. It looked like someone was beating me. I was prescribed some steroids & Benadryl. I had to rewash everything. I am slowly healing but it was awful and unfortunately won't ever buy Downy Unstoppable again. :-(

Downy infusions
by: Rosalie Rogers

After using this for my gown and panties I have a
very bad rash under my bra and panties. What can
I do correct it. As it is now I won't be able
to sleep.

by: Anonymous

My family and I use Unstoppable and it has caused skin irritations and also eye irritations. Eye Dr said my dry eyes are an underlying condition of an allergic reaction. Some members of my family have also experienced dry eyes. I was prescribed eye drops. The common denominator in my and my families condition is Unstoppable Beads. Scents are a big trigger for allergies.

go to the doctor asap
by: Anonymous

I only used Downy Unstoppables for two loads (one for my clothes and one for my sheets) and I broke out in red bumps from head to toe. LUCKILY they don't itch but I am going on vacation to St. Lucia in a few days and am so sad that this will ruin my trip. I went to the doctor within a week of using it and got prescribed prednisone and a topical steroid. I am on day 2 and no change. Using Downy Unstoppables was the worst thing to happen to me.

Brutal facial hives and welts
by: Anonymous

I broke out in hives and welts all over my face. At first I thought it was a rash from a COVID mask. I stopped wearing a mask and kept breaking out. My entire face was inflammed.

I could not determine the root cause. I thought it may be my diet. Eventually I went for help and was prescribed Prednisone. The Prednisone helped. However, once my second weekly dosage ended, the rash came roaring back. I noticed it was worse in the mornings.

The doctor refused to prescribe a third weekly dose. I was desperate to determine the root cause of this terrible rash.

I began asking my family what have we done differently. My daughter spoke up and said that she had ordered Unstoppables and that her and my wife were now using them in every wash load.

Our sheets, pillow cases, towels and well as all our clothes were full of unstoppables. After learning about this, we immediately threw out the Unstoppables. From that point on my condition began improving. However it has been a slow go. It is now one week since we stopped washing with Unstoppables. When I come out of the shower I dry my face with a paper towel instead of a regular towel. I was tempted to replace my washer and dryer. The good news is that I discovered the problem only after a few weeks. There are some people here who have gone a year before they realized Unstoppables was the cause of their rash.

If you are here, you most likely encountered similar issues. Throw out the Unstoppables. Wash as many items your skin comes into contact with including your pillow cases and sheets. Slowly your skin will improve.

by: Anonymous

After using it my clothes smelled somewhat nice but after the 3rd time my back and waist line were itchy.

The only thing that I could think of was the Unstoppables.

this summer has been horrible
by: Anonymous

I have had the worst itchy rash and didn't realize what was the root of the problem until it dawned on me that I had bought Unstopables and put them in the wash - a few times! It is the worst rash on my torso and mostly on my back. It has been a month of unbearable itching. I am miserable. Antihistamines help, and Advil calms my nerves, but this summer has been horrible.

Can be dangerous
by: JDB

Wife decided to try out the Unstopables and washed all our bedding (smelled great). Within 2 hours of getting into bed that night I started having severe allergic reactions. Severe abdominal pain and then my tongue started swelling and within 5 minutes I could barely talk, then came the extreme sweating and light headedness along with itching all over. Thought I was going to pass out as I started having difficulty breathing so my wife called the ambulance. They gave me an Epi pen and 2 shots of Benadryl and it started to subside. I have never had any allergies and am not allergic to anything that I am aware of. Be careful.

tradeoffs for the allergic reaction far, far outweigh the benefits
by: Anonymous

I enjoyed the clean linen scent of Downy Unstopables, which I used regularly for laundry for several months. Recently I switched to the lavender formula and deeply regret the choice. The perfume scent is particularly strong and whatever formula it uses seems to more heavily coat any laundered clothes, sheets, and towels.

My 7-year-old started breaking out in hives across his back, chest and arms. Not minor spots, but these were heavy welts marked by a spreading red rash that covered everywhere his shirt had been. A cool shower, hydrocortisone cream, and 24-hour antihistamine only partly relieved the hives and swelling.

We didn't connect his hives to laundry until well into the next day when he complained of being itchy. The red swellings that came down in the more flared up even worse. Right away we suspected the Unstopables as the culprit, as we use a dye and scent-free Kirkland laundry detergent. So while we started rewashing everything he could possibly touch, we scrubbed him down again with gentle soap, applied the anti-itch cream, and called his doctor. He was prescribed prednisone to reduce the severe redness and heavy welting.

It's been several hours and the redness is only mildly reduced. If we'd known that Unstopables would produce such a strong reaction in a child with no other known allergies, we would never have purchased.

It may smell nice, but the tradeoffs for the allergic reaction far, far outweigh the benefits.

Severe hives
by: Anonymous

I’ve been having severe allergies due to this product. I purchased it like 3 weeks ago and within a couple of days, I got severe hives. Don’t use this product.

Major Allergic Reaction
by: Chris

OMG, if you have even slightly sensitive skin, DO NOT USE DOWNY UNSTOPPABLES!!! I had a major allergic reaction to this stuff!!! Took me about a week to figure it out, too long! Got too enticed by the wonderful smell, great marketing, etc. etc. & bought a huge container of it. Thrown out!

by: Anonymous

I used Unstopables once. Because I am sensitive to some detergents, I used a very light sprinkle (1/10 the recommended amount).

I broke out from neck to ankles in huge hives. Used antihistamines to bring down swelling.

I will never use this product again and fear what may have occurred had I used the directed amount.

Terrible rash, itch with blue version
by: David

The day I came back from vacation I bought this product. I used the old spice crystals before I didn’t get any reaction. Blue seems to be the only one that is giving me a severe allergic reaction. Headache, trouble sleeping, hives and a rash.

I'm losing sleep
by: Anonymous

I've been itching day & night for 4 days, worse at night. Mostly my legs and arms. It's so annoying. My first time using this wash fragrance. Now I need to rewash all my laundry. I'm losing sleep.

Itching burning skin
by: Anonymous

I started using Unstoppable for the laundry a while back. Not 100% sure, but I believe this is where the problem with my skin started.I've stopped using it and things getting better but taking time. I have been washing all of my clothes and blankets over and over again in tap cold water. I've gotten better but this stuff takes several washings to get out of your clothes! Still washing things over. When my skin starts burning and itching, I take the clothes I'm wearing off or blankets and sheets, and I put them in the wash again in a non perfume or dye detergent! Not good! Sorry for anyone who would put this product in with their undergarments 😳

Bad chemical burn
by: Susan Magee

I purchased Downy Unstoppables Lush scent. I don’t usually use any fabric softener but I thought it might make my washer smell better. The scent that was transferred to my clothes and linen was VERY STRONG. After sleeping on my pillowcase my eyes became very itchy. A day or two later I woke to swollen eyelids and fluid and swelling draining into the lower periorbital area. Over the next couple of days, I realized blisters had formed on my eyelids and cheek area. The burning and itching was terrible. It was another day or two before I realized the ONLY change to any products I use was this product. At this time I re-washed all my linens 3 times in very hot water with my usual detergent and Borax. As my husband is a doctor, he suggested several things: I took Reactine for the itching and a mild 0.5% cortisone/aloe cream on the burned areas. The blisters broke and the exposed areas were very raw and incredibly painful; a second degree chemical burn. It has been 3 weeks now and it’s almost healed but my eyes are very red. I have taken pictures throughout and reported it to P & G. I was told I would get a call back within 48 hrs - over a week ago. The representative to whom I was speaking said they would want pictures (hence all the pics I took) and possibly the product returned for testing. I have never heard back. I fear my eyes may be red for a very long time. I have never had sensitive skin or a reaction to a product previously.

landed in the ER
by: Anonymous

I tried using Downy Unstoppables and had a severe allergic reaction, which landed me in the ER. I have never in my life had an allergic reaction to anything and don’t have sensitive skin. Downy didn’t even respond to my email. They should have a warning label on this product. Since figuring out what caused the reaction I have met dozens of people who also have had severe allergic reactions to this product.

by: Patricia

Used the purple Downey Infusion on and off for about 2 weeks. My husband came down with horrible hives which initially thought was due to a new medication for A-Fib. He went to Urgent Care after speaking with his Cardio Dr. He was in agony with itching, burning, intolerable discomfort. He has been given three medications to use and hoping they will help. The Dr. was mystified and thought possible chiggers as someone else mentioned on this site. I Google it and came here and my phone essentially lights up with the same comments. Problem solved! I am furious, why is there no warning label on something so strong to cause these reactions? I was in Costco the other day and they had a huge display of the product, all scents for purchase. Take it off the market!!!

5 months of misery
by: Anonymous

I started using this product in May of 2022, mind you I’m a 20 year old young women. I have NEVER had an allergic reaction in my life. I immediately started breaking out in hives/rashes all over my body daily. I couldn’t figure out what was going on so I ended up in the ER, multiple doctors visits, and trying out multiple medications to remedy the pain. The hives were extremely painful. I started to become frustrated, causing me physical and mental distress. I’ve never had issues with any laundry detergents/softeners so I didn’t even think of the scent beads as a possibility. The scent beads ended up being the culprit. When I found out (September 2022) I was so upset that a brand that claims to use "safe ingredients", with no warning label on the packaging caused me such suffering. If I were you I would steer clear of this product. Awful!!

ongoing issue
by: Di

I impulse bought Downy Unstopables last Sept. 2022. First of October woke up with itchy bumps on the back of my scalp. This was the beginning of a torturous journey that I am STILL on and it's March 2023. I ended up with a scalp to ankle and everything in between horrendous itchy rash that has left me with pit scars everywhere. At this point the itch is pretty much localized to my back and scalp and was told by the dermatologist that it's no longer the nightmare from before (after 5 weeks on steroids) but is now heat induced hives irritating already irritated nerve endings. This stuff should be yanked from all shelves and disposed as toxic waste.

Fresh scent - can't remove this scent from clothes
by: Michelle Morrison

I can't get this stuff out of our clothes. I have rewashed everything and I mean everything several times, and my husband still has a reaction. I even had to buy new towels for him to use. I couldn't get that stuff out. I have even bought a cleaner for my front load machine. Still not working. He is on his second week of steroids to get rid of the itchy rash.

Any suggestions on how to get rid of this stuff out of his clothes would be appreciated.

Never again. Itch and rash unstoppable
by: Anonymous

Used it for the first time in my scrubs. IT'S UNSTOPPABLE alright. The itch and rash. Never again. Hope the rash goes away soon! Do not use this product!

Omg I thought I had BEDBUGS!!
by: Anonymous

This product is NOT good. So what if smells nice!! Itchy itchy itchy, all OF my linens and clothes that I washed! Shame shame shame !!!! Come on let the PUBLIC know this could happen with this product please.

by: Anonymous

I too got hives from this. And they are not going away after a week, and a trip to the urgent care. This product is not worth it, and shouldn’t be on the market!

Lush scent caused contact dermatitis
by: Lexis

I began using this product approximately two months ago and was initially very happy with it; my laundry was smelling wonderful and after dissolving some in water in a spray bottle I applied it to curtains and rugs which then smelled wonderful as well. After a couple weeks I started noticing these really itchy little bumps on my arms and back so I figured my dog must have fleas. (although he wasn’t scratching and I hadn’t found any fleas.) So I washed all my bedding, bathed my dog, and gave him a flea treatment. But the "bites" kept getting worse! So I stayed in the guest room while I bug bombed my bedroom then bathed my dog again and washed my bedding. Of course all the while I’d also been washing all of my clothes in the same detergent. At this point I was completely covered in the "bites" from head to toe, some of them were starting to scar because I couldn’t refrain from scratching. Eventually I woke up in the morning and even my tongue was swollen! I finally resolved that there was no way I could have that many bites without ever seeing a flea, so I tried to think of what I’d been newly exposed to that would be causing this reaction. The Downy had crossed my mind before but I thought that since I’d been using it for weeks and hadn’t had an initial reaction that it couldn’t be the culprit. But after a tiny bit of research I learned that there are two types of contact dermatitis: irritant and allergic. Irritant is the most common and causes reactions immediately upon exposure. Allergic may not cause any initial reaction but after prolonged or repeated exposure it triggers the allergy and thereafter even a small exposure can trigger an allergic reaction. I am unfortunately still in the throes of my allergic reaction. I’ve been re-washing absolutely everything (without the Downy of course) and wiping down all hard surfaces but the aptly names Unstoppables seems to have really permeated my home. If I don’t see much improvement by next week I think I may need to see a doctor.

blue version caused hives
by: Lisa

I have been breaking out in hives for a few weeks now and only just realized what could be causing this when I put fresh sheets on the bed Sunday -- using Unstoppables. Woke up at 3am with itchy palms/hands, so bad that I couldn't fall back to sleep. Morning comes, and there I was, completely covered from head to toe on my neck/chest, just everywhere in huge welts/hives. They itched and burned like crazy. I took a benadryl, covered myself in hydrocortisone cream and am still waiting for them to disappear. No bueno.

Can’t believe it’s on the market
by: Mrs. Toocoolmat Mat

My husband broke out in terrible rash after we used this product. It started with small bumps on his back. Next they were all over his chest, neck, stomach and legs. Benadryl and creams did nothing. It’s been terrible 3 days of scratching. It got so bad I took him to the doctor and he was given prednisone. This is a terrible product that shouldn’t be on the market. He is still miserable and I hope he starts to get some relief soon. This is crazy. Can’t believe it’s on the market.

by: Kim Oblinger

Caused a terrible itchy rash. I am taking Benadryl and rewashing all of my clothes.

by: Angie

This was my second time receiving a bottle of this product. I didn’t recall having issues the first time. This time though, I noticed intense itching on my thighs and when I scratched they turned into huge red bumps. At first I thought I had been bitten by mosquitoes or some other bug even though they were located in inconspicuous places on my body that are usually covered by clothing. I really noticed it at night when trying to sleep in my bed so I even suspected bed bugs even though I keep a very sterile bed and wash and change my bedding often. I never saw signs of anything in my bed. I decided to cover myself up head to toe to prevent anything from biting me but I still developed more of these itchy bumps in covered places on my body. I suspected I was having an allergic reaction but I didn’t know what I was reacting to. Finally I was doing another load of laundry and it kinda just hit me. I had been using the same detergent for awhile and it never was an issue. The Downy Unstoppables was new to my laundry routine so I decided to re-wash all my bedding and in the meantime, I used completely different sheets and last night was the first night I didn’t go to bed itching like crazy. I also did research on the Internet and found this information. Others describing the same thing. My granddaughter and I both developed a bad cough and allergy/sinus flare up. I am now convinced it was these Downy Unstoppables. I will have to wash a lot of clothing over again but at least I now know the cause. Thank you.

by: Anonymous

I got a rash on my behind. Life sucks. Washed my jeans with them.

had to throw it all away
by: Anonymous

After washing many items with Downy Unstoppable many members of my family began feeling itchy. We could not figure out why we were all itchy, and my cousin started developing a rash all over his body to the point where they became really bad blisters. We finally realized that this started happening once we were using the Downy Unstoppables in the laundry, and we immediately threw all the bottles out.

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