Downy Unstoppables Review - Fresh Scent

by SR101 Reader

I recently provided information about Downy Unstoppables, including my thoughts about the product. Soon after, I received this review from a reader.

SR101 Reader says:

I got a free sample of this fabric softener and decided to try it.

I loved the fresh smell and it lasted all week. My husband even commented on the freshness.

No detergent or fabric softener has ever smelled so good. I am looking forward to purchasing more to use on all my laundry!

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Taylor says:

Thanks so much for your review.

Interesting, however, that you would call it a fabric softener, because really it is not. All that this product does is provide a scent to the fabric in the wash, but it does not "soften" clothes.

I know that Downy has provided a large amount of samples of this product, trying to get people to try it and then buy it.

Therefore, I would love to hear from even more people who have tried it, to share their thoughts and experiences with it.

You can share your review here, or read the information that I provided about it, and my listing of the pros and cons, as I saw them, of this new product.

In addition, I would love to hear your reviews of any other laundry products. You can share your laundry supplies review here.

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Downy Unstopables Caused My Son To Have A Severe Allergic Reaction

by SR101 Reader

I received this review from an SR101 reader sharing some of the potential problems highly scented products can have for some people.

SR101 reader says:

My son had a severe allergic reaction to this product. His body was covered in hives and they began developing in his ears and throat. We had to go to the ER and he needed a shot from an epi pen.

He has never had this problem before with any product and he is now on Prednisone, Benadryl and still has hives on his face.

I realize this could be a specific response for my son but I still feel that I should share this information.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing this information with me. I hope your son feels better soon, and this never happens again. How scary!

downy unstopables causes allergic reactions
I understand what you mean about allergic reactions, since in my family we always need to use hypoallergenic laundry detergent because my son has a laundry detergent allergy, although not as severe as what you've described for your son. That means I haven't (nor will I) be able to even try this product. It's just not worth it to me to know he'll break out if I do.

However, this is a good chance for me to point out that even if people in your family don't have allergies to scented products, your loved ones or friends who come to your house may have these issues.

If you are having overnight guests, for example, and normally wash your sheets and towels in heavily scented products, like Downy Unstopables (which is not bad to do, per se) mention this to guests to give them the opportunity to bring some of their own bedding, or have some bedding and towels available without this scent to let them choose. It can keep people feeling comfortable in your home, which is what we all want to do as hosts anyway.

Just a thought from another Mom of a laundry product allergy sufferer.

I really do hope your son feels better soon!

Has anyone else experienced any adverse reactions to the strong scents of this product? If so, please share your experiences with me here.

Update: I've received quite a few additional stories, sent in from readers, who've experienced an allergic reaction from this product. So many, in fact, that I had to create another page for them. You can read additional experiences from readers who have had an allergic reaction to Downy Unstopables here.

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Scent Boost From Downy Unstopables Is Wonderful And Addicting

by Alanna
(Broadview Hts, Ohio)

Alanna has shared her review of this laundry scent booster.

Alanna says:

I LOVE this product! It made my laundry smell amazing. The scent really lasts a LONG time. I find the fragrance to be strong enough to enjoy without being overpowering.

I used this several times with liquid fabric softener, several times with dryer sheet fabric softener, and several times on its own. I found the scent level and softness of the clothes was comparable each time.

I notice no difference in the "Feel" of my laundry when using this but the scent boost it gives is wonderful and addicting!

I love the Fresh Scent best...its clean,fresh and sporty. The Lush Scent is a delicate lavender and vanilla scent and is wonderful for bedding as the lavender is relaxing.

I experience NO bad side effects of using this product...even with our family's sensitive skin. I also experienced NO staining of my garments. I WILL continue to purchase these!

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience Allana.

I have not used this product myself, but I've been concerned that using it, along with a scented detergent, fabric softener or dryer sheet, might cause a scent conflict. Since you mentioned you've used Downy Unstopables along with some of these products I'd love to hear if you felt like there was a conflict between the scents. I would assume no, since you said you were happy with the results in all circumstances. Is that correct?

I would also pose the same question to other readers who have used this product. Have you noticed any conflict when using a couple of different scents of products, instead of using coordinating scents? You can share your review here.

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Shimmer Scent Review: Not Using Again

by SR101 Reader

For quite a while this product only came in two scents, Lush and Fresh. However, recently the company added a third fragrance, "Shimmer," which comes in pink bottle.

Here's the first review I've received of this new scent, from an SR101 Reader.

SR101 Reader says:

I recently bought this product and I had a major allergic reaction to it.

Not only that but the product claimed to have long lasting scent, but after few days the scent wasn't even strong anymore.

I don't know if it's just me or the product itself.

I also notice some white spots on my bed sheets after using it.

I'm never gonna buy this product again.

Taylor says:

downy unstopables can stain washable
Sorry to hear about your bad experience.

Has anyone else used the newest Shimmer scent, and want to share a review? If so, tell me about it here.

In addition, please note that the reader above is not the first to experience staining with this product. I've collected more experiences shared about Downy Unstopables causing stains here, if you're interested in learning more about this issue.

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What Exactly Does Unstopables Do?

by SR101 Reader

I got this question from an SR101 reader trying to figure out what all this product does.

SR101 Reader Question:

I just don't know if I should add detergent to wash things with the Downy Unstopables or not.

I don't see where they say it washes or not.

I guess it washes clothes because you put softener in also??? Confused!

Taylor's Answer:

Thanks for your laundry question!

I can see where you're confused, in this day and age of everything performing multiple functions to make it "new and improved." However, in this case all these Unstopables does is add scent -- nothing else. It does not contain either detergent, nor any softeners.

Therefore, when using this product you need to add both detergent and fabric softener (if you want softness). You'll need to be careful though, since if each of these items also have scent you can really overpower your clothes, especially with clashing scents.

Hope that helps clear up your confusion!

I've answered this question as part of the laundry help section of my site. Click the link to check it out, and see what else I've already answered, or ask a question of your own!

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Lush Scent Didn't Last As Promised And Way Too Expensive

by Melissa Grannon

Melissa has shared her opinion and review of this product.

Melissa says:

I love fresh smelling laundry, but it seems in my washer and dryer it just doesn't smell as good as everyone else's. So I decided when I saw the Unstopables on TV I would give them a try.

Purex had put something out a few months earlier but it softened and scented your laundry, the Unstopables only scented your laundry.

I used them according to the directions and they smelled good coming out of the container. Remember that, because it's the last time you will smell them.

At almost eight dollars for a very small amount of this product I would expect the scent to at least make it out of the dryer, but sadly it did not. I was using the Lush Scent.

Actually Purex Crystals which aren't quite as expensive (they run about 5-6 dollars) do leave a scent that you can smell if you add them during the rinse cycle (not the entire wash as it calls for) so maybe I will try that with the Unstopables.

I won't buy them again unless I can get a super deal with a coupon or something. I would think they shouldn't be charging more than about three dollars for this product.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience with me Melissa. I agree, they do seem quite expensive for something that only adds a scent, and does nothing else, for your laundry.

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Absolutely Loved The Fresh Scent Version

by Rah420

Rah420 says:

I recently tried a sample of the fresh scent (about maybe a quarter of the cap size) and I absolutely loved it.

Although my thoughts go out to those who have suffered allergic reactions, I don't think making the product illegal is practical since many detergents cause the same problems, or at least have the potential to do so.

Perhaps a better suggestion would be for Downy to formulate a version of Unstopables for sensitive skin?

I also agree that it's slightly over priced, but ladies, that's what sales are for!

I just picked up 2 bottles for the price of one and for the first time in a while, I'm kind of excited to do my laundry, lol.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your opinion of the product.

I agree, making the product illegal (which was a suggestion an exasperated reader who had suffered an allergic reaction suggested) wouldn't work well.

However, I would admonish everyone to be careful not to go overboard with the scent for this product based on all the allergies people have suffered!

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Lush Scent Of Unstopables Seems Weaker Month After Month

by Rachel
(North Carolina)

Rachel shared her experience with the lush scent of this product.

Rachel says:

I spent $6.00 plus in May 2012 to try this product. That was our big splurge for the family at the grocery store.

The first bottle was amazing. The scent lasted as promised. As a consumer I finally felt like a product delivered what I paid for.

Funny thing was I did not have to use a lot of little crystals in my fully loaded washer. That saved me money. WOW some bang for my buck, I thought.

Next month, I bought another bottle. I noticed that I needed more of the product to have the same scent on my clothing as my first bottle. (That's weird, maybe I am losing my sniffer sense).

Now, in the month of July 2012 I am not happy at all. In my opinion Downy filled a bottle of little purple balls that have only a slight scent.

It's a rip off. I will not buy this again. Buyer beware.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience with this product Rachel.

I have not personally purchased it myself, but I do know that I've gotten quite a lot of complaints from people who've had severe allergic reactions to this product.

This is completely conjecture, but based on such strong allergic reactions I wonder if Proctor & Gamble has reduced the amount of scent to try to keep the public from breaking out, en masse, in rashes and hives? Don't know for sure, just a guess.

I would love to hear from others who've used this product for several months in a row like Rachel, to say whether it seems to have as an intense of a scent as it did in the beginning or not. You can share your review and experience here.

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I Love How Good It Makes My Laundry Smell

by Lauren

I used my free sample today.

I'm pregnant and have fallen in love with how good my laundry smells.

I can understand why people wouldn't want to pay for a second or third item for their laundry, but to me it's worth paying extra for it, just because I enjoy the scent so much.

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Made Me Itch And Didn't Make My Laundry Soft

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 reader had this to say about the product:

SR101 Reader says:

I bought this product and I loved how it smells.

But after the first time I used it my body started to itch, and now I have some sort of dry patches all over my chest, stomach and a little on my face.

I also found out that this product doesn't make my laundry soft.

The only thing it does is the long lasting smell.

I wish the company would really research about this product and do something about it because it's an amazing product and I would love to be able to use it again sometime in the future. Thank You!!

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear you had an allergic reaction to this laundry scent booster, but unfortunately you're not alone since I've gotten lots of reviews from others sharing similar problems.

In regard to the complaint that the product didn't soften your clothes, I'm not surprised. Although it is made by Downy, known as making Downy fabric softener, this product isn't a softener at all, but merely a scent booster. So, it isn't even designed to make your fabrics feel softer against your skin, and you'd need to continue using a softener for that effect.

I can see why you'd think it should soften your clothes though, and I don't think the product packaging or the company go out of their way to explain to consumers that it doesn't. I'd be curious to hear how many others were confused and thought it was a softener as well?

Make sure to share your experiences with me here.

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I Don't Use Full Recommended Amount But Love It

by SR101 Reader

I've used this on my family, ages 2 to 77 with no problem.

I love the smell, but I don't use the full amount that is recommended, which may be the problem for those who are complaining about allergic reactions.

But still using less than recommended it has a great smell.

I've even used it on a window sill by a fan for a room deodorizer, and then still used it in the washer.

No reaction what-so-ever, so try using less if you're having trouble with a reaction to it.

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Makes The Laundry Fragrant For Weeks!

by Joycekk

I only use 2-3 teaspoons of the discs in my front loader and it makes the load fragrant for weeks!

I have never had a problem with "spots" on any of my laundry.

I have had that with liquid softener when I've used it.

I use dryer sheets most of the time.

I have a preference for the lavender color but have used and enjoyed the other colors as well.

I have tried the Purex "sand" crystals but prefer Downy.

I think they are priced too high but try to purchase with coupons or on sale.

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Purple Version May Have Clogged My Washing Machine

by Elaine
(Calgary, Alberta)

Elaine says:

I did not find that the scent was any better than regular Downy fabric softener.

However, I do wonder what it does to the washing machine innards because my Bosch front loader won't drain and needs repair now.

Maybe this product is not the cause but I do wonder?

Taylor says:

Thanks for contacting me Elaine.

I would not conclude this product caused your drainage issues until a repair person tells you that, because unfortunately a lot of things could cause that problem.

Have any other readers had any problems with this product clogging up your washer? If so, please share your experiences with us!

***Update: Another reader wrote in saying:
I have used this product for six months and am now having issues with my Maytag Commercial top loading machine. It doesn't want to fully drain, just thought maybe there might be a build up of a residue. I have stopped using it and hopefully my washer will perform like it used to.
Taylor says: Please keep me updated about this. Again, right now, without a repairperson finding the crystals clogging the drain I'm just not sure that this is the problem, but I'm not ruling it out either. Just would want more definitive proof! ***End Update

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The Scent Beads Didn't Dissolve & Clogged My Washing Machine

by Nikki
(Sarasota, Fl.)

Taylor's note: Above, in the previous submission, I said I wanted more definitive proof of these beads clogging the washer. I think this experience shared by Nikki might just be it.

Nikki says:

I am a huge "smell" person, so when I heard about the Downy scent boosters I was in love before I even came in contact with them!!

I absolutely love the smell of them although it stinks that they aren't all equally as powerful smelling.

For instance, the purple isn't nearly as strong as the blue (fresh) scent.

Before I used them I read the directions. I placed a cap full in my front load Bosch Nexxt premium high efficiency washer and smiled as the house filed with that great smell....until one day my washer stopped mid-wash.

When I checked my washer it said drainage blocked.

We attempted to clear the blockage and were temporarily successful. This happened about 3-4 times.

Finally after the last time we vacuumed out the blockage and a big blob of undissolved and melted beads were sucked out of the drain. This was the cause for my blockage.

I am now too afraid to use this product any more.

Is this a normal occurrence? Am I the only person that had had this happen?

I will say that I usually wash my clothes in cold water, but occasionally I will run a hot this the reason they didn't dissolve??

Taylor says:

I'm so sorry to hear about this Nikki, but thanks for sharing your experience with us.

The answer to your question is I doubt you're the only one this has happened to with a clogged drain. I had a couple of reviewers mention something above, but they weren't sure. It sounds like you confirmed the problem.

I would love to hear from others to know whether this is a common experience or not. Please comment to share your own stories and also any tips you've found for dissolving them so this doesn't happen.

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The Lush Scent Of Downy Unstopables Makes Me Feel Like I'm In A Luxury Hotel

by Amanda
(Niceville, FL)

Amanda sent her review of Downy Unstopables.

Amanda says:

I LOVE this product but it is pretty expensive. So, I have decided to only use it on bedding and towels.

It feels like I'm in a luxury hotel when I wash my bedding with this and I noticed that my children and husband and I all get a great nights sleep on "bedding day."

I just wish the scent would last longer, it seems to wear off after only a few days.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing your review Amanda.

That is interesting that you say the scent doesn't last that long, because the name implies that the scent lasts and lasts, and is "unstoppable."

I also agree that it seems very expensive to me since its only function is to add more scent! However, if it makes you feel good when you smell it that might make it worth it. :)

If anyone else has used this product and wants to share a review I would love to hear it! You can share your review here.

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Comments for The Lush Scent Of Downy Unstopables Makes Me Feel Like I'm In A Luxury Hotel

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disappointed this doesn't actually soften clothes
by: Anonymous

I was very disappointed when I realized that it had no softening capabilities. Of course it never claimed to. I guess you just assume with the name Downy that is what it does. Oh well, I still love all the fabulous scents. Nothing else compares!

adding to Scentsy plug-in warmer
by: Janet Allred

We decided to put some of the crystals into our plug-in warmer (Scentsy) and it turns into wax, so makes you wonder what you are putting in your clothes or how you are damaging your washer or dryer.

response re using these as air freshener by melting them
by: Taylor

I have heard of many people who have done something similar Janet, adding them to a warmer and using them to add scent to a room. I would highly advise against this. That is not what the product is designed to do at all. It is meant to add scent, yes, but to clothing as it is laundered. This just screams to me of the danger of a fire or breathing in chemicals in a way that you shouldn't. Everyone will have to decide for themselves, but I would never suggest you do it!

They clog machines and sewers
by: Pat

I bought them thinking it may be a great product but its cost me vac truck and plumbers. Over and over. Stop using them and never had a problem since. This is a product you give to someone you don't like.

it does clog
by: Anonymous

My Maytag was clogged from using this product and I quit using it when I heard a horrible noise. Went away after a month. My $1500.00 machine is worth more than the clothes smelling good for a week.

clogged drain holes in my front load washer
by: Anonymous

Used the Downy Unstopables in my front load washer and it clogged up the drain holes and now I can't get the musty smell out of my washer. Will never used them again.

Fresh scent
by: Beth

I LOVED IT. Don't want to live without it now that I have tried it.

Clogged Washer
by: Anonymous

I too have experienced my front load HE washer clogging and have wondered if the unstopables are causing this problem since my washer was fine prior to using them.

by: Ramone

I absolutely love Unstoppable scent boosters. This is the happiest I have even been with the outcome of my laundry. I have learned a detergent, scent boosters and fabric softener sheets combo that makes my laundry smell so good. I love picking up a clean towel and have it smell fresh even a while after I have washed it or laying on fresh smelling sheets and pillowcases.

Clogged my machine
by: Eileen

Had the washing machine engineer call today as my machine was not working. The pump was clogged and it would appear this happened AFTER using these scent beads. Have now thrown the rest of the bottle away.
Incidentally, I did try melting these balls before putting in the machine and they would not dissolve.
fortunately, my machine is under warranty or it could have been very expensive.

Washer problems too.
by: Anonymous

I too have had washer issues after using. Loved the smell but after a week my top load Samsung suddenly started having balance issues. Called repair man and he replaced water pressure sensor that uses the washer water to determine water level. Washer then worked great until another 2 loads with unstoppable product. Banned the usage in my home and after a week of just normal detergent, nothing else. Machine is functioning as designed again. Wouldn't recommend this product for any newer HE machines even though the smell is alluring.

Clogged mine too
by: Kay

I have been using unstoppable a for 3 months now in my front load washer. Just had repair out $300 to repair from this product clogging my washer. Feel like downy should pay for repairs.

Threw them in the dryer
by: Elaine

So embarrassing, I didn't even read the bottle and just threw them in the dryer! I also thought they were softener and scent. Oh my, what a mess. They melted to the filter. I am trying to scrape them out but there are some down in the filter slide that I can't reach. Will they catch fire or just melt away and how do I get rid of the rest out? I did it yesterday and I can no longer smell them,so I'd say the scent does not last.

by: Marcy

I live in an apartment building with shared laundry facilities and someone put the Unstoppables in the pull-out drawer's liquid fabric softener compartment. Guess what? They do not dissolve. They turn into these mushy, waxy little blobs that reek. A horrible product.

what impact to your washing machine barrel?
by: Anonymous

Will the granules gum up the barrel rotation eventually and cause repair issues like powdered?

Great if you want a new machine!
by: Nicole Ann

My 3 year old washing machine decided one day to stop draining and spinning shortly after a months use of this product. I was very pleased with the amazing scent it left on our clothes, towels, and especially the bedsheets. But, after we spent $800 for a new washing machine, we took apart the old one. And, what do you know? This product was clogging the machine causing it to stop working properly. We found it melted in the tubes. I was enjoying the fresh scent on our clothes. Sadly, I'll stop using this product. No way am I damaging my new machine for an expensive scent booster.

Washer clogged
by: Scoutmom

I am having same thing. Just got washer replaced. It was like a waxy build up in my hose from them. It didn't breakdown well enough and clogged it. Bad when you have a front loading washing and water comes out because it can't drain. NEVER using again.

Clogging the drain and pump
by: Anonymous

I too am having issues with my washing machine everytime I use this product. My partner told me not to use this as it was causing drainage problems and what had caused my machine to clog and break needing repairs. So spent a few days not using with no problem and use it again my machine again broke pump and drain again. Repair man has seen this many times apparently. I am not impressed.

The scent beads didn't dissolve and clogged up my washing machine.
by: Lady Unhappy

Just come back from holiday and put the first load of washing on. The washing came out totally covered in black little 'STONES' and washing machine would not let out dirty water. I opened up the drain at bottom of machine and it was full of unmelted Unstoppables.

I now have at least 6 loads of holiday washing and no washing machine. Not happy!

Blocked washer
by: Jeanette

We bought a new Samsung front loader. Works amazing for 5 months until the time I started using the beautifully scented Downy Unstopables. It stopped my machine from draining and now I am scared to try them. We have half of a bottle left. I loved the smell of my clothing. Not so happy with having my washer compromised.

Scented Beads Problems
by: Anonymous

Our apartment manager prohibits us from using Downy or Gain scented pellets. The post says it causes problems on the washing machine.

my washing machine line had a terrible clog
by: Monica

I have used this product for several months now and 2 days ago while running a small load of laundry my toilets started to bubble and rumble like a volcano and then overflowed along with the bathtub filling up to the top with water. Come to find out that my washing machine line had a terrible clog in it and caused several other pipes in my house to back up. It was a huge mess and took days to snake out the drains along with Drano and other miscellaneous items used before we could clear the clog. I am sorry to say, but I will not ever used this product again. Not worth the plumbing issues that I endured.

by: Anonymous

Yes, after using unstoppable X for about a week my front load LG stopped draining. I found what appeared to be beads and hair all matted together in the front drain filter. I won't put it in my washer again. But not all is lost! I filled up some little cups with the remaining unstoppables and put reed diffusers in them. It's nice!

agree, they're clogging my machine too
by: Kerrilee

I am having the same problems with my month old washing machine and it's only since using these.

Clogging my machine as well
by: Anonymous

My wife has made us use this for months now and our front load washer is now clogged with brown sludge that wasn't there before. You won't find "crystals" when a product like this dissolves into it's chemical compounds. I may have to get the inner tube replaced if I can't get this sludge out. Product is not worth it.

Downy crystals
by: Anonymous

Build up from my washer in my clothes, was a mess. Most of the time the crystals did not dissolve completely in the washer. What was left on my clothes melted in my dryer and build up in lint and my dryer caught on fire.

by: Angela

I just recently started using the crystals and the Gain Fireworks and before then, I had no issues. Now a month later and today all of the sudden my washer drain pipe started backing up and flooded my laundry room. My husband tried flushing it out and got a little better flow but not enough to where it will drain properly. Will have it augered out tomorrow and will come back with results but like I said, before the use of the scent boosters, we didn't have any issues.

Outlet pipe blocked
by: Anonymous

Since using Unstoppables my washer outlet pipe has become blocked. I have used liquid for a long time so it could not be caused by powder. I had no problems before using Unstopables.

Beads don't break apart
by: Deb

I knew that I couldn't use the beads in a cold only wash - they simply don't dissolve but I just recently had a service call on my washer and found globs of beads that didn't dissolve when using a warm water wash, too. Back to a liquid for me.

Possible build up???
by: Anonymous

I've used 3 different brands of these scent boosters. Purex, Gain and Downy. I love them all. I only use them on stinky workout clothes. I also always use warm water to make sure they dissolve completely fearing them clogging the machine or gooping up the clothes. What I have recently experienced in my brand new top loader, is after 2 weeks, I have gotten deposits of dark scum (looks like the soap scum/lint/mould build up the front loaders get around the rubber seal) on some items of clothing. I didn't think this would happen in a top loader. I had a technician come in and he took it apart a bit (removed the agitator thing in the bottom) and of course it was clean (I had done a basket clean with vinegar during the weekend so maybe I cleaned it all???). I am going to continue using the boosters and if it happens again, I will take the agitator out and look before doing a basket clean. That is my only thought that the scent boosters are causing a scum build up.

Product Clogged My Washing Machine
by: Anonymous

I bought the huge bottle at Costco, but I'm going to return as it did clog my washing machine and caused an electronic display "LF". That means "Long Fill" and the machine won't load because of a clog. My machine is relatively new and have never had an issue before using this product. Also, I used less than the recommended amount of product.

Found in Dryer's Lint Basket
by: Anonymous

I washed my blankets in warm water and they didn’t dissolve. I know this because I found them in my dryer's lint basket, partially melted.

by: Suzie

I also have had my pipes clog with the use of this product. It happened the other and I put a drain cleaner down it. Washing machine drained fine for the next couple of days. Ran another load tonight using a heavier amount of the product. Pipe has clogged again and a whole gallon of drain cleaner hasn't touched it. I guess tomorrow we'll be bucketing out the water and seeing if we can find the clog. This is the only change I have made since the pipe started clogging. Will update after we further investigate.

Unstoppable's Don't Dissolve Well in New Machines
by: Anonymous

We just recently bought a new Whirlpool washer that has the capacity to wash big blankets. With the purchase came a sample of the Downy Unstoppable's and a Tide Pod. We absolutely love the way they make our clothes smell but we really don't like that they don't dissolve thoroughly and I have to rewash my clothes. Luckily for us the pellets have dissolved the second or third time around and not stained our clothes. I don't know if it's the new energy efficient machines that use less water or if it's the actual pellet that's the issue. At this point I think I'm going back to the liquid form of fabric softener. With the new machines you have to load first otherwise the machine won't go. New technology = more $ less quality.

These clog the washer
by: Anonymous

Had an argument with my husband about beads clogging our front load washer. 1st, the soap and softener dispenser slowed until they weren’t draining into the cycle. Quit using them. After a few weeks, soap and softener slowly started to drain into machine again. Then we noticed the laundry was smelling musty. Used machine cleaning tabs. Then the water level dropped. Had to increase water pressure to get machine to fill. A year after discontinuing use, I still find the occasional bead in my wash load. DO NOT USE THESE!

The amount
by: Kevin Meetin

I have read the news about how the scent does not last long. I have a bottle of the FRESH scent, which I have not used yet ( but will ). How little are you using? Try half a cup or something. I've been reading about how others use less then a quarter cup. Maybe that's why you don't have a long lasting scent. Try more, it just may work.

Caused major damage
by: Ana M.

Clogged the drain in my front loader!

My machines are on the second floor and the water overflowed causing damage to the ceiling in my family room.

Will never, NEVER use this product again.

Stopped up washer drain
by: Anonymous

Since I started using unstoppables just a few months ago, I'm having drain issues with my Samsung washer. One day about a month ago, I happened to notice my washer spitting up water and suds from the drain pipe. My washer is tall, so I hadn't noticed the pipe in back where the hose goes in. I used pipe residue cleaner a few times, thought it was gonna work, but its as bad as it was when I first noticed the problem. I use cold water for everything, maybe the unstoppables are not dissolving properly? I am perplexed, I think I will stop using it for a bit to see if it improves, but they smell so good.

Clogged drain with Blue Green Version
by: Anonymous

I spent almost $600 today for a clogged washer line. Plumbers had to replace the copper pipes because they could not push the thick, blue green mush out of the pipes in my laundry room. I have a Bosch front loading washing machine and have only been using the Downy Fresh (Frais) in-wash scent booster for the last six weeks. It's the only blue green washing agent that I use and will never use them again. The plumber said he has never seen anything like this!

Same problem here
by: Anonymous

I don't think it's just the purple version that might have clogged your machine. I have used this product, not just one fragrance, for a few months now and I've noticed that there would be small amounts of water in the tub of my front loader when I remove a load. No big deal, I'd just uncap the drain hose and drain it and then do another load. I washed a load last night and when I opened the door, it was a flood! I NEVER had this problem until I started using these scent beads. It's a shame, too, because they smell so good.

going to stop using this product

My front loading Hotpoint has blocked up twice in the last 3 weeks !! Going to stop using Unstopables as this is the only thing that can be causing the machine to fail to pump out or empty the water !! Everything else is fine & the machine is only around 8 months old !!.

Draining issues
by: Melissa

I also had problems with my washer. We have used the same detergent since we bought the washer, with no problems. Two weeks ago I starting using the Unstopables, I would get the error on my machine (Sd) that it wasn't draining properly. Cleaned the machine (same product we always used) and it seem to be ok. Next week used Unstopables again, same thing happened. This weekend I just used the same detergent we have always used without the Unstopables, no problem. It does seem that the issue with draining is due to this product.

causing washer problems
by: Anonymous

I have used the febreze unstoppables, fresh scent for approximately 3 months and all of a sudden my washing machine would not drain. Thankfully the problem seems to have resolved, but I won't be using them anymore because that is the only thing different I have been using. My washer is only 4 years old and not over used, maybe 2 loads a week.

Love the scent but clogged my drain
by: LadyDi

Just had a plumber out who got globs of white residue out that was clogging my drain...not worth it.

Pump wouldn’t drain
by: Anonymous

I love the smell however my machine quit pumping water out! The pump was removed and it had a thin sheet of greenish waxy material that was blocking the pump from draining. Thought it was plastic but when it was removed it crumbled and it smelled and felt just like unstoppable fresh sad I can’t use anymore!

Possible explanation for clogging
by: Tara

I found myself wanting to ask the consumers more questions, like are they washing in cold, warm or hot water. Perhaps that affects the dissolving process, and can contribute to clogging, if used in a cold water wash.

Hang clothes to dry
by: Tara

Since I hang my clothes up to dry, I noticed tiny pieces of the Unstopables, undissolved, on my flannel sheets.

There were also pieces of this product on the inside, sides of my washer tub, so after using this for the first time, I ran an empty cycle (clean the washer) afterwards.

I can most definitely see how this could clog the drains if not rinsed thru every time you use this product.

Clogged Washer
by: Natasha

This product was awesome, loved the smell. Until it caused my washer to stop working mid wash and caused it to stop draining. And also causing holes in my clothes! Pretty livid now I have to pay to repair my machine just because I wanted fresh smelling laundry. 😡

pellets not dissolving
by: James Seacord

Had problem after about 6 months with the pellets not dissolving. This caused the water level sensing tube to get blocked and the washing machine to overflow. This product does not dissolve properly in cold water. Most detergents today use nothing but cold water. This could cause a expensive service call for a very simple problem.
I have reported this to Downy Unstopables twice over a month ago and to date have not received any reply. It's product must be dissolved in hot water and can be used as a liquid which I do now.

Fresh scent
by: Virginia

I used this product and loved it. But after several weeks my clothes began to have a sour weird smell. Won’t use again.

Not dissolving
by: Jan

Like the smell, but it seems they are not dissolving in my front load washer!! When the washer drains, I can hear the beads hitting the drain hose!! Will not use these again due to possible damage to SAMSUNG ADD WASH. Also, smell only last a few days, NOT 12 WEEKS!!

Downy scent beads all fragrances - my machine is clogged
by: Jo Ann

I jumped on your products when I first heard of them as we are both old and our clothes seem to have that old person smell. The fragrance is great and lasts for weeks in the drawer but my machine is clogged with what appears to be wax. I pulled the turner thing in the center of my top loading machine out as I could see globs of something in the reservoir where fabric softener goes. I generally don't use liquid fabric softener. The globs were waxy feeling and melted when I put very hot water on them and let them soak. Glad I caught this before it got too bad. Guess my clothes will have to go back to the old people smell. (I tied some beads in an old sock and put it in the drawer!) I'm guessing my water is not hot enough to completely melt the beads. We have a septic system and now that I think about it the issues those wax particles could do to my septic system makes the whole deal not worth it. In case you're wondering I sprinkle the beads in the washer I do not put the beads in the fabric softener dispenser.

by: Anonymous

After using Downy Unstoppables I broke out in hives. I have never had a reaction to anything until now. We will be returning the product to Sam's Club for a refund. I will not recommend this product.

Smells Aaaamazing but!!!
by: Alicia

Ok, so I bought the Downey Unstopables after smelling my friends laundry. I asked her, what are you using on your clothes that smells incredible?!! She informed me about the Unstopables, the blue one. I RAN out & bought a huge one!!! I’m OBSESSED with this scent!!! It leaves my towels & bedding smelling soooo Aaaaamazing that all I wanna do is stay under my blankets & keep smelling it!!

After a while though I have noticed that it absolutely loses MOST of the scent in the dryer. What a TOTAL SHAME!!! Considering how pricey they are, on top of purchasing detergent as well it adds up & you’d expect to do as it says. The scent only last a few days. The only way I’ve noticed it smelling longer is if you hang your stuff to air dry but that takes forever, who has time for that!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fix this!!! Make something we can out in dryer that will make our laundry keep that scent.

Clogged washer. Been using unstopables for 3 months
by: JB

Absolutely loved the smell of these crystals and we’ve been using them for 3 plus months. But 3 days ago started having draining issues. We cleaned and declined thinking it was just normal wear and tear but now 3 days later and same error. Found this site and posting our results. Repair man coming later this week. Sad if this is the case because I never had luck with fabric softener timing and we really liked smell and feel of the unstopables.

Downy Beads not melting
by: Anonymous

Tried a sample that came with new washer. It said nothing about wash temp. I used cold for delicates and had a washer full of undissolved product at the end. Ran the load thru an additional rinse cycle. Still had some beads in washer. Am now running empty washer with hot water. Not happy at waste of water and energy.

My son did, too
by: Heather

We had used this product many times, but my 23yr old bought a new fragrance and had a bad reaction like what was stated above... severe hives and all. He called the company and they refunded his money.

I think they have clogged my front loading washer filter
by: Heather

I have been using these for 6 months to a year now and I think the long term use has caused them to clog my water filter and perhaps my drain hose. Lately I've noticed musty smell coming from my washer, and I tried using a washing machine cleaner to no avail. I've also been running loads with bleach as recommended by my last repair man. Still smells. I've had my washer for years and have replaced the water pump myself and keep the door open and all.. this is a new problem and all I can figure is maybe the waxy smelling beads are building up. In fact, my google search asking if they clog washers brought me here. This confirms my suspicions and I guess I'm gonna have to stop using them and drain and clean my filter!!

leaves residue behind
by: Marie J.

I only used Unstoppables 2x & now I can't get rid of the residue that it leaves behind, I have a top load washer! It leaves residue on all the clothes that I have shake each piece before putting them in the dryer, which is a pain in the ASS! Then I run a cycle with a drop laundry soap & no clothes which then increases my water bill to get rid of the residue that was left behind, but it just keeps coming! How long will this go on for, it's a new washer! I would never buy or use this product again, whoever came up with this, must sit on their brains!

Pink may have clogged my drain.
by: Anonymous

I’ve been using it for a little while but not with every load and it seemed to be fine. This last time I did a lot of laundry and did use it in every load and my washer will not drain. The code says it’s the drain hose. It is the common denominator. My washer is only 2 years old. We’ll see when the repair man comes.

Untoppables clogs washers
by: Ed

I'm running today to inform you that Downy Unstopables most definitely clogs washers. I have a Kenmore HE2 Plus washing machine. After using beads for only a week my washer stopped mid cycle with a drain blockage error code. Clearing the drain of the blockage out came up a handful of undissolved Unstoppable beads. I don't run a lot of loads in anything other than cold water. So that might attribute to it. However I know that the beads were the cause of the problem because when the cycle started I could hear what sounded like pebbles in the bottom of the washing machine grinding. Will not buy this product again.

dyeing of white clothes
by: case # 09489140

we tried it since it came out in Canada. we have had 2 unfortunate incidents where all the whites turned pink. medium sized load. Called them and they tried to be helpful but the options were for their benefit and if i sent them my damaged clothes they would decide if i should be reimbursed.

My white T-shirt turned pink (a second time with this product, i don't care why, it's pink now.

Only good for changing tires and oil on the car.

Thanks Downey.

We're done buying this product.

Clogged washer
by: Anonymous

I love this product! However, I'm very suspicious that this is this cause of my clogged drainline in my washer. I had no issues until I started using these in every load.

Made my drain back up
by: Anonymous

Used Down Unstoppables for first time last month. After the 8th load my drain started to back up. had no problems before that.

Unstoppables Affecting Septic Systems
by: Anonymous

I love the smell of this product and almost bought a bottle recently. However, I questioned an employee of a large chain store who was handing out free samples. My first question was, is it safe for septic systems as we depend on one. She confided in me that she has had reports of this type of product been known to clog septic systems. An expensive problem to fix! A yucky one too! So buyer beware.....not a good idea if you live rural and have a septic system. This is a major problem. Buyer beware!

My machine is clogged too
by: Anonymous

We've been using the unstoppable beads for my sons laundry - he plays lots of sports and his clothes weren't smelling clean anymore. At first we loved this, but now our machine stoped draining properly. It's not the pump - we can hear it working. And it will work fine for a couple loads, then not drain properly again. We too only wash with cold water - going to do a couple loads with hot to see if I can permanently clear the clog.

Kept getting Suds Reduction error and machine would not finish the spin cycle
by: Anonymous

I received a trial package of Unstoppables with my new washer. I would only throw 5 or 6 in, but I noticed they fell through the drain holes in the drum. After a few washes using them, I would get an error message that the Suds Reduction sensor was blocked and the machine would stop during the final spin/rinse cycle. I didn't make the connection at the time, I just thought that the machine was new and I wasn't operating it correctly. I did a cleaning cycle, but when I washed again adding the Unstoppables, I got the error again. I happened to wash something I didn't want scented and that time I did not get the error code. I finally figured out it was because of the Unstoppables. Since I stopped using them, my machine has worked fine. I guess since I only put in a few instead of the package recommendation, luckily I did not get the ball of gunk problem and they eventually dissolved in a hot water wash.

This stuff is awful
by: Anonymous

My sister gave us some clothing washed with this; and can I say "why in the world would anyone want their clothes to smell like this"?

The smell is overwhelming- especially for those of use with scent allergies. We have washed these clothes numerous times, and they have been airing out in our garage for nearly three weeks. I’ve been looking for something to wash them in to neutralize the odor. Why anyone wants to be a walking perfume bottle is beyond me. You don’t have to smell like a cheap bottle of cologne to be clean and fresh.

Does not dissolve
by: shop to you drop

I have never used this product and will not. I live in a building. Someone is using this in our washers and is making a mess of the machines. They do not dissolve and remain in the washer after they have used it. This should be banned.

fresh scent
by: Bobby

Have used the beads several times and I found I was getting a distinct smell of lighter fluid...just a whiff...took me awhile to figure it out..
until I washed my robe ...its a zip up 100% polyester...and when i wore it after using the beads ...I kept getting a whiff of lighter fluid ...yet to smell the robe.. nothing ...but when i wear it ...just a whiff...think of those little yellow cans of Ronson lighter fluid ...people use to fill their lighters with...very weird.

Unstoppable beads
by: Janet

I have used and really liked every scent of unstoppables. Well except for the old spice. I like the scent but I really don't want to smell like old spice. 😊 Both of my sisters and my daughter use them too. I like that they can be used on clothes that say not to use fabric softener.

Other reasons
by: Anonymous

I would never have used this product thinking it was microbeads killing fish and wildlife. I now know that's not the case. However, it does fit the category of unnecessary scented products! The whole "scent everywhere" industry is a waste of money and totally unnecessary to the economy or the environment. If your house smells stale or like last night's dinner, open the windows and let the air pass through! Do that EVERY DAY, though more carefully in winter. Use the extractor fan or window in the bathroom. I avoid all scented products, bath soap, deodorant, skin lotion, laundry soap, dryer sheets and anything else, perfume counters in stores, etc, not because I'm allergic but because I am sensitive and would rather not have a sneezing fit then and there, or start scratching when wearing a scented item. I have worn scent but I figure only the people I would hug are those that should be able to smell it. Novel concept? Obviously!

Ruined my uniform pants
by: Anonymous

It literally burned 2 pairs of my uniform pants. It caused spots on my pants that looked like bleach stains. No, I had not used any type of bleach
2 weeks after the stains appeared, holes were apparent

I followed all the directions for use. But now I have 2 pairs of ruined pants.

I will never use this product again. Ever.

ruined my inside door of front loader
by: Anonymous

Downy unstopables has ruined the inside of the door of my front loader. It's a brand new machine and I cannot get the residue off the plastic inside of the door. Does anyone have a solution? I can't stand it.

once clothes come out dryer the smell is gone
by: Sandy

I've tried these and they smell great coming out the bottle, once clothes come out dryer the smell is gone. It's a really expensive product to not be able to tell any difference other than clothes not smelling fresh. Can you put them in at final rinse cycle? Will they work better? Have tried downy, gain and arm and hammer all with same results.

Drain pump clog
by: Anonymous

Yes, these definitely cause issues with the water drain pumps impeller. Mine was making all sorts of grinding noise, took it apart and there they were undissolved crystals. Be careful folks.

I think I have found the culprit
by: Dawn

Bought Unstopables for my kids - they love the scents. My washer (LG) is only a few years old. Never had a problem before. My kids started using these a couple months ago and now keep getting error the machine cannot drain. Nothing in hoses or drain but did find coating on pump filter. They can save these beads and use somewhere else (aka college) but not home anymore!

Machine doesn’t drain
by: Anonymous

Same thing happened to my machine! It’s not draining and these crystals are in the machine clogging it. This product does cause problems with the washing machine.

In wash scent boosters
by: Anonymous

I got a bottle of various scent boosters unstoppables etc. I've tried all of them and they are beads, sort of, and they dissolved onto my clothes and the color in them and white caky texture deposited onto and ruined my kids clothes repeatedly and had to be washed several times to get caky residue out, but color stains remained even after several trips through the washer so I wouldn't recommend these to anyone because load sensing washers don't produce enough water to dissolve them properly, so no where to go but all over your clothes. I hope this honest review helps anyone considering them make an informed decision on them. Good luck.

New container
by: Anonymous

Why did you change the top of the container? Before, it snapped closed, and had separate lid to measure with. Now, it unscrews, and it spills everywhere. Can you go back to the original LID? It was so much better, and I didn't have to worry about spilling. I like the product, have used it for years. But, now it spills everywhere, and I don't want to waste it.

lost scent
by: Anonymous

I purchased Downy Unstoppables on a regular basis and loved the fresh scent that lingered for weeks. Now, all of a sudden the scent dissolves in the wash cycle and there is NO scent left at all. Shame on you Downy for cutting corners!

lasting scents
by: Mary

We love the unstoppable washer scents. Our laundry smells so fresh. I use it with everything. I keep a throw blanket in my car. I love the smell, it is so refreshing. Lasts several weeks in my car.

blue kind
by: Kimbr

This was not good after wash people were commenting I smell a chemical smell, it was my clothes actually due to using these beads they have a strong menthol smell. I would not advise to use this scent people will be telling you it’s not. Good smell after the wash at all.

Clogs washer causing it to not drain properly
by: Anonymous

We have 'splurged' and used the unstoppable beads for the last 8-12 months. Recently my washer stopped draining completely. We took it apart and found scum/ gunk attached to the agitator underneath. Gross. I scraped it off and we are going to replace the part. Coins in the laundry mat be part of the problem, but that scum I believe to be due to the beads that we used in laundry.

Possible clogging
by: Paul

If I put the unstoppables in my washer first as per the instructions, the beads are smaller than the drain holes in the washer they will then fall through. Not sure how that will go after enough have collected in the bottom of basin. Possible clogging may then be created.

by: Anonymous

I purchased Unstopables and it worked the first time I used it. 3 weeks later it has not worked. Very disappointed in the product especially since the price is almost $15. Will never purchase again.

Washer not draining
by: Anonymous

I have been using your product for about six months and my front loading washer will not drain completely!!! Never had a problem til now since using Unstoppables.

Clog! Clog! Clog!
by: Nothing to wear

I just had a wad of unstoppables cleaned out of my washer filter. The whole filter cup was full of the beads and hair. I’m not using this product again. It caused my machine to stop draining and not function. Definitely, not worth it!

vinegar for fabric softener, plus Unstoppables for scent
by: Anonymous

I use Unstoppable's in my laundry as a scent booster, but I also use vinegar in final rinse instead of a softener. It will also help rinse any residue on the clothes and the clothes are soft when coming out of the dryer or from hanging on the line.

Plugged my sewer line
by: Anonymous

I used Downy for several months, then started having sewer issues with backups. Had a local plumber scope the line and he found a waxy like plug. Used a jet cleaner to remove. This was 3 years ago. Stopped using Downy and no problem since.

don't always dissolve
by: Jennifer N

They don’t always dissolve in warm or cold water. Why??

beads encourage mold growth in rubber gasket
by: Anonymous

Love the smell but since I started using the rubber gasket on front load machine got moldy so fast. I have 2 brand new washers the same. I used beads in one and not the other. The one without is perfect after 1 year. The one with beads turned black after just 2 months.

Not Happy
by: Anonymous

Unstoppables plugged up my pipes and damaged my washing machine. I will never use it again!

Very Unhappy with Downey Unstoppable
by: Hank

My wife and I have been using Downy Unstoppable Laundry Beads for approximately a year. During that time I noticed that my Samsung Washer would not completely drain and my laundry drain sink had a thick rubbery substance coming out into it. After rodding out my laundry drain pipes and disassembling my washing machine and cleaning out the entire system I found the Unstoppable beads to be the problem. I stopped using these beads and 6 months later no more problems.

by: Kathy1955

I have a new washer where amount of water needed is based on the weight of clothes. The washer doesn't start until after clothes are put in and the lid is closed. I have found that with this type of machine I have spots on my clothes like the beads are not dissolving correctly. As much as I love this product I quit using it because of the spots on the clothes.

Damaged washers
by: Della

I used this product in two of my washers. Both of my washers would not drain after using this product. I used it in both of my front loaders. I got a burning smell afterwards and then both my washers would not drain the water out of the washers. It literally burned out my drain pump on both washers.

Should You Use This Product in a Front Loading Washing Machine
by: Anonymous

In a short answer NO!!!

We had Whirlpool Duet front loading washing machine. I said "Had" because this product destroyed the bearings that support the rotating drum.

I was noticing a grinding noise coming from the two bearings that support the rotating drum. I disassembled the machine so that I could see what was happening and found that there was a heavy buildup of a stiff waxy substance with a light blue tinge to it. It was 1/4" to 1/2" thick and was surrounding the bearing seal between the water side of the drum and the bearings. That seal is there to protect the bearings from water.

The waxy substance was very thick and could only be removed with a large screw driver or chisel. It was so impacted that it got under the lip of the seal which allowed the water to get into both bearings. The bearings were top quality SKF, a Swedish manufacturer of industrial bearings.

Whirlpool does not sell the bearings separately, you have to buy the whole drum, shaft and bearings as an assembly. Depending on where you live you may or may not find one and if you do the parts are between $400 - $600 not including installation, which basically requires the complete disassembly of the washing machine. By the time your finished with parts and labour, you are well on the way to a new washing machine.

I would assume that most front loading washing machines are built using the same configuration will have, in time, the same problems.

I would advise that you not use Downy Unstopables in a front loading machine, a top loading machine may be OK but you need to find out the relationship of the top of the water and the top bearing seal. You may find a similar problem. Good Luck!

Did not dissolve
by: Jenny

As I was removing the clothing from the washer drum after the completed wash cycle, all the balls which were now dispersed between the clothing, tumbled out and onto the kitchen floor!! Help.

highly overpriced for the number of loads of wash you get
by: Michael

Unstoppables do make my laundry smell fresher, particularly my golf clothes since I play 5 days a week. But there must be other products on the market or soon will be because Unstoppable is just highly overpriced for the number of loads of wash you get. I’ll wait until I can find another product eventually.

Not at all like what the ads say
by: Anonymous

I was very excited when I bought my Downy Unstopables but my clothes had no no no smell at all. There's nothing left to say.

Stains on clothes
by: Anonymous

I was wondering if this product would stain my clothes. I think I got my answer by reading reviews. Why would I buy it if it does stain clothes?

Downy Fresh Protect Odor Shield Active Fresh
by: Anonymous

Love this product. Takes the smell out of hockey jerseys and gear better than anything. Use it to make homemade Febreze and it works amazingly on hockey and lacrosse gear that can’t go in the wash. My daughter worked at a pizza restaurant and this product took the smell out of her work clothes when washing with detergent alone would not.

We have not had any skin problems with any of the Downy laundry bead scents. My kids are super allergic to a lot of laundry products (severe hives with all Gain products). Spent years making my own laundry detergent until scent free options became more common. I was really hesitant to try these. I washed a small load with a sample pack and told my kids to tell me if they had any reaction. We’ve been using them for over a year now without any skin issues. I don’t use them on underwear and bras though.

Biggest complaint would be the smell does not last as long as Downy claims. It only lasts about a week if you line dry the items and a couple days if you dry them in the dryer. I do only use a half a capful per load, because I feel like when I use too much it leaves a residue especially on jeans. I’ve noticed that with all of the scents.

Not dissolving
by: Eddie Stump

Terribly expensive and now a problem not dissolving and clogging my washer and even the dryer.

Fresh scent - quite disappointed
by: Izzy

I am quite disappointed in this product. I love a good smelling load of laundry so I was very excited to try it. After using three large size bottles, the smell just wasn’t that great. Some loads had softener added, some did not. There was no difference. I even let the clothes soak for over 30 minutes. (Even though my HE washer tried its best to drain the water out, just another reason I don’t like it!) I am interested in any suggestions and open to advice on a better way to use it. All the products I have ever tried over years, nothing comes close to the Tyler laundry detergent. I found t-shirts I hadn’t worn in a year and they smelled divine!!

maybe making my washing machine dirtier
by: Karen

I am not sure, and I would like other options, but my front load machine needs to be cleaned more often now that I'm using Unstopables. Soap seems to build up fast after a number of uses. I finally put vinegar in my clean cycle to clean my washer to get the soap out. Anyone else notice this?

No smell when removed clothes from dryer
by: Diane P.

Not sure how I could have done anything wrong but when I used it my clothes didn't have any scent when I took it from the dryer. I put the product in the washing machine, as it states I should do. I let it run the full cycle and then moved the clothes to the dryer. When the clothes were dried I could not smell anything. I was very disappointed. I won't buy this again.

Unstoppables (green)
by: Jeffrey Daurio

I, like the other people, feel that the scent is not as powerful as when you first start using it. It is a great smelling product but is kind of expensive. I hope I can continue to afford to use it but...

the scent is no longer strong
by: Pauline

I got hooked on this scent booster when I was given samples with my new washing machine. I have been purchasing ever sense. They are very expensive, and I try to buy on sale from Target or buy from Costco.

I loved how all of my laundry smelled, and the nice scent it left on sheets, pillowcases, and the wet clothes I hung to dry. My house smelled great! Unfortunately, the scent is no longer strong. Even when I pour the beads in the washer the scent is not as aromatic. My clothing then no longer has the fresh scent. After I use the beads I have up, I don’t think I will continue to purchase them.

I get more scent from dryer sheets! I am so disappointed because I loved this product so much.

Its STRONG odor makes me SICK
by: Anonymous

This crap has ruined my life, can't stand the overbearing smell. It pollutes entire closets, dresser drawers, and the air in any room it's exposed to!! My eyes water, my sinuses plug up, and my throat closes. This stuff is wayyyy too darn STRONG to be on the market.

Waste of money
by: Jamie

2/10 review: I really am not noticing any difference or added scent boost to my laundry with this product. I’m under the impression this would make my laundry smell even better. I use Tide Pods to wash, and the beads just aren’t making much difference. Waste of money.

scent does not last
by: Julie

Against my better judgement, as I do not ever use products with a smell, I bought Downy Unstoppable, Fresh scent. I live in the country and have hard water and my clothes and dish cloths, clothes and blankets smell. I followed directions to a "T" and on the first day the smell was almost tooooo much. Second load I backed off the amount of beads I used. Your TV ad states the aroma lasts for days. I am disappointed to say that in my case the aroma lasted one day yet your TV ad stated differently. I am not a happy camper as the 37.5 ounce was not cheap to purchase. I bought from Costco but I live a long ways away and do not go into city much so can’t take back at this point in time. It was $21.99 and I think on sale for $18.99. I threw receipt into my wood burning fireplace so cannot send you a copy. I was really hoping your product would help my situation as when my grandchildren come to visit they comment on the smell on their bedding and towels😥. Thank you for listening.

by: Anonymous

I have found that we have been having bleaching problems with our cotton clothing and towels. I don’t use bleach but this problem seemed to start when I started using these beads. Has anyone else had this issue?

Ocean Mist - not much scent at all
by: Sandy Hermanutz

I'm very disappointed. There is very little scent on my clothes. I wash them, even the next day clothes hanging up don't have much scent all all. I even used the fabric softer to match scent, not much better. Waste of money.

Not happy
by: Anonymous

I tried the Light Ocean Mist Unstoppables and it doesn't even smell the day after clothes were washed. Very unsatisfied. It's not cheap to buy. I even used the same fabric softeners. No luck.

Tried Fresh for the first time
by: Anonymous

A sample of the fresh scent came with my new washer and dryer. I usually use a little liquid fabric softener with my wash but this time I didn't. I was concerned the beads wouldn't dissolve so I added a couple tablespoons to a cup of water and let them dissolve first before adding it to the rinse cycle. One of the articles I washed was a flannel sheet which I later put on my bed. I forgot about using this product until I walked in the bedroom later on. Such a wonderful clean smell. I didn't notice it once I was in bed and it didn't bother me while sleeping. I also board dogs and while my house does not smell like dogs at all, I am now curious what my house will smell like once I wash their bedding. I think one has to be careful though how many clothes you use this product on because I think your house could be overwhelmed with too much scent if you use it in every wash. My only question is do you use this only so often on clothes you have already washed with it? If the scent lasts a long time, I would assume you don't wash the same clothes in it every time??

by: Laura Gray

I love the Downy Unstoppables. I can’t buy them often due to the high price. It really irritates me when I do buy them and the bottle is not full!!! For the price they charge they should at least fill the bottle to the top!!

masks smoke odor
by: Carmen

Absolutely amazing products!!!! Love them all!!!! All the scents last a long time. I'm a smoker and often wear my jacket outside, people always comment on how nice my clothes smell. It really masks smoke odors for weeks!!!! Love these products 😍

A waste of money!
by: Anonymous

I used a whole capful in my laundry and there is no scent. It was the "Lush" scent and it was expensive. I thought I'd try it for the first time. I'll never buy it again!

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