Mr. Clean Antibacterial Spray For Multi-Surfaces Review

by Kirsten
(Kansas City, Missouri, USA)

Kirsten has shared her Mr. Clean Antibacterial Spray, for multi-surfaces review.

Kirsten says:

Mr.Clean multi-surfaces antibacterial spray is handy for almost any cleaning project I have around the house. It really is a great all purpose cleaner.

It can be used in the kitchen, the bathroom, and even on glass.

For example, I've used it to clean indoor glass windows, computer monitors and indoor glass doors.

I've also used it to clean dirt, grime, and dust in both my kitchen and bathroom. The cleaner can also be used to cut grease or sticky messes.

Even better, along with cleaning it disinfects. The instructions say it will disinfect E. coli, influenza and athletes foot fungus after 10 minutes.

I've stopped using disinfecting wipes in my home now, because I just use this spray instead.

Mr. Clean multi-surface spray saves me both time and money, because it is a thicker liquid then Windex so less product is required.

I would recommend this cleaner as a staple for any home.

I originally purchased the cleaner because of all the different surfaces it can clean. The style I purchased was orange scented and pleasant. I will continue buying it in the future because it works so well, and
because I can use it so many places in my home.

Taylor says:

Thanks Kirsten for sharing your Mr. Clean antibacterial spray for multi-surfaces review.

I did a bit of research into these products and note that Mr. Clean has spray cleaners available that are termed "antibacterial" and some that are not. Therefore, for anyone looking for something that kills bacterial germs, as well as cleans, make sure you get the antibacterial versions.

I also like that Kirsten pointed out that this spray, as with any products that kills bacteria, does not kill those germs on contact, but takes some time to work properly. Make sure you keep that in mind when using any product, not just Mr. Clean, to disinfect hard surfaces in your home.

So, does anyone else use a cleaner designed to also kill germs that they really like? If so, you can share your antibacterial or disinfectant cleaners review here, telling me what cleaning product you like, and why, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

You can also read or share bathroom cleaner reviews here, or kitchen cleaner reviews here.

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