Oxiclean Max Force Gel Stick Got Out Grease Stain

by Valyn

Valyn shared her Oxiclean Max Force gel stick review.

Valyn says:

Before going out to dinner with my husband he decided to change out of his work shirt into a more comfortable shirt for going out casually.

In order to keep his work shirt clean, he placed it in his truck, laying it out flat. After we finished dinner, we opened the trunk to put some leftovers in there and realized that the shirt was closed in the latch and some sort of car grease was now on it.

We thought for sure this shirt was ruined and went to CVS to get a spot treater just in case it might be able to be saved. We read the back of every spot cleaner and only one said it was able to do anything to a grease stain, the Oxiclean Max Force gel stick.

We were skeptical, but took it back and treated the shirt, but of course the stain had already been present for a number of hours at this point. Then, I washed the shirt and the stain came out! We were both very impressed.

As a clumsy individual myself I'm a firm believer in the strength of this product and I've been using it ever since that day 8 months ago when I "discovered" it.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your review of this product Valyn.

I am a big fan of Oxiclean as a stain remover, but typically the normal powder version doesn't work well on grease stains. That is why they've also created this Max Force product, which is available in a spray, gel stick, and "power packs" that you can throw in the washing machine with your clothes. It is advertised as containing additional solvents and surfactants which can break down these greasy stains.

I've never used this product though, so I would love to hear from others to share how it has worked for them. I have unfortunately read some reviews elsewhere saying that it removes stains, but also removes color dye from the fabric itself. I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this, or perhaps they have fixed this issue with the product.

In addition, I'm always looking for more tips for how to remove grease stains. You can share your tips for how to remove a grease stain here, or read other tips already submitted.

Tips for removing motor oil and grease stains

Finally, here's a tweet I found about this product recently:

OxiClean - OxiClean® Max Force® Gel Stick gets out bicycle chain grease like nothing else! @purringtoybox

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Oxiclean Max Force Power Paks Caused Allergic Reaction

by Yuki

Yuki shared her review of the Oxiclean Max Force stain remover, in the power paks form.

Yuki says:

I used it on a load of my sisters clothes and she was okay.

However, after using it on a smaller load of my clothing with the same amount of soap a hard red rash broke out on my side. I thought it was at first wearing the shorts more then once before washing. But I've done that a million times because they weren't really dirty, so why wash them?

A rash began developing and it was very painful. It was a hard red rash and I had to throw out and buy new underwear. Could it be an allergic reaction?

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear about your experience with this product Yuki. What you're describing does sound like an allergic reaction to me (you can read about typical laundry detergent allergy symptoms here), but I'm not a doctor so a medical opinion is always advised.

Most people think of these allergic reactions as being only caused by their detergent, but really it can be any laundry additive, including stain removal products such as Oxiclean Max Force stain remover, for instance.

I'd love to know how others have reacted to this product, in any of its forms, including the power paks, gel and spray. You can share your experiences about allergies, but also with how it worked on your stains. Click here to share your review.

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Comments for Oxiclean Max Force Power Paks Caused Allergic Reaction

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Stain Removal with Oxiclean Maxforce Gel Stick
by: Ron

My nick name is 'Stain Master'. I've never used such an effective stain removal product in my life. It removes all stains including blood, mustard etc.

Oxyclean Max Force Gel Stick
by: Sharlene

Rub gel stick over oil stain. If really bad, rub fabric against itself. Place in laundry.

Oxiclean Max Force Spray Really Works Well Even On Old Stains
by: Sandy

I get a lot of stains on my work uniforms, especially tough greasy food stains. I recently used the Oxiclean Max Force spray for gravy and coffee stains. This is a very effective stain remover and I really like the ability to spray it on and leave it for several days and then run my wash. Always best to pretreat as soon as possible, when I get home from work.

I also used it on some shirts that had coffee and tomato sauce stains I had given up on since they were washed without pretreating and then run through the dryer by mistake. I figured I had nothing to lose as they were light color and could be thrown in with my uniform wash. For these I applied the OXI spray and worked it in with an old toothbrush, left it on for several days and washed, the first time the stains were much lighter. The 2nd time I did the same, and the stains were gone. This product is a bit more expensive than Shout or Spray'n Wash but I much prefer it, especially for greasy food stains.

Wonderful Stuff
by: Kae King

I am 82 years old and have been using stain removers for MANY MANY years. THIS STUFF IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST. It removes stains that I never would have believed could ever come out. I laid in a large supply of the stuff so that I will never run out - whatever years I have left.

Saved me money
by: Anonymous

I have more than a few scrub tops for work with a stain from some kind of food I have dropped on it from lunch. Scrub tops run about 20 dollars a piece and I was so mad when pretreating with my regular detergent didn't really help. I was upset because the stains make me look unprofessional at work and didn't know what else to do. One day while in the detergent isle at my local grocery store I had some extra time so I saw Oxiclean max force gel stick I have always known Oxiclean products to do a great job getting things clean so I was willing to try it! took it home treated 2 scrub tops with the gel they set probably a day before I actually got to wash them and the stains were completely gone!!! I was so happy, save me so much money, and now I'm goint to try it on my son's shirts that are always stained with something!! I'm confident i'll be happy with it!!

Left Blue Stains
by: Anonymous

I tried it on some dark mystery marks on a 1970's polyester dress. It did get the marks out but left blue stains which I have been washing & soaking in the week or so since 24/7. With some rubbing the blue stains have diminished but are still there. Does anyone know what's in the blue portion of the gel stick & how to get rid of it? I haven't been able to dry the dress in a dryer for fear of setting the stain permanently.

discolored 2 pairs of pants
by: Chris

I used the OxiClean gel stick on a pair of my pants and a pair of my son's pants. I had a grease stain on mine, my son had a jam stain.

I pretreated and washed a few days later. Both pairs of pants were discolored where the gel had been. Mine were worse than my son's.

I will not use this product again, unfortunately.

Sheets like new
by: Jack

Sprayed stains on bedsheets with max oxiclean and even old stains were gone. Soaked stains first with the product, let sit for 30-45 minutes then washed as usual in hot water and voila!!. I tried the product on both colored sheets and white ones and it worked equally well on both!!! Awesome!!!

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