Zout Stain Remover Review - I Depend On It In My Home

by Latasha

Latasha has shared her Zout stain remover review.

Latasha says:

I have used Zout for years. I have tried many stain removers, including Shout, Spray and Wash and numerous store brands. I have had the best results from Zout and we have a big variety of stains including oil, food, make up and dirt.

Zout uses a triple enzyme formula to fight stains. The enzyme formula is formulated to fight protein, oil and starch stains and accommodate a variety of fabrics.

It comes in a 22 ounce liquid spray, foam spray and a 12 and 16 ounce liquid squeeze bottle. The price is comparable to other brand stain removers at approximately three to four dollars per bottle.

To use Zout you simply apply to the stain, wait five minutes, then launder. It is water based, biodegradable, non-corrosive and nonflammable. It will not alter the flame retardant in children’s sleepwear and is safe for colorfast washables.

When I use Zout stain remover the stain is always gone. I really depend on it. Also, it does not have a harsh odor nor is an odor left on the clothing after laundering. I have noticed an odor after laundering with other brands.

We have not experienced any allergic reactions or dermatologic problems
while using Zout. I think Zout is great as a stain remover and its addition to Purex laundry detergent was a great idea.

Taylor says:

Thanks again for another great review, this time of Zout stain remover, Latasha! I really appreciate all the reviews and information you've provided for this site.

Just as Latasha said, one of the best things about Zout is its enzyme action, which really helps remove a lot of tough protein stains.

Purex Insiders
Zout is made by the same company which makes Purex laundry detergent. I am a Purex Insider, which means I get some inside information about the newest products coming out, and things like that. In addition, I am sometimes provided with products to test, for my opinion about them.

However, I have not received any Zout to test, and this review was from Latasha, and not myself, so the opinions expressed are hers.

I would love to hear from even more people, sharing their reviews of this laundry stain remover. You can share your laundry stain removers review here, for this or another brand, sharing what you use to pretreat your clothes before washing them to remove stains. You can also read even more reviews already submitted.

In addition, you can read additional enzyme cleaner and stain remover reviews here, or share your own.

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Zout Pretreater Spray Worked Well On A Red Cough Syrup Stain

by Fran

Fran says:

I baby sat for a friend last week and when I went to do the laundry 3 days later I noticed a red stain on the back of my shirt.

Well at first I thought it might be some type of juice stain, but then I recalled the only thing red I gave him was cough syrup.

Obviously he did not swallow it all.

I called my friend and asked her how she would handle a cough syrup stain.

Well for any red dye type stains she would use Zout, but before applying the Zout she recommended sponging the stain with white vinegar, rinsing, then use the Zout, washing it with a non chlorine bleach, and detergent.

While I did have to run the shirt through the wash twice, the stain was totally removed.

Maybe if I had noticed the stain right away I would have gotten it out in one wash.

I was relieved that it came out at all as some medicine stains are permanent.

If I do any more baby sitting I will remember to check for stains on both the front and back of my clothes before throwing them in the hamper!

In addition after my friend told me about all of the stains she has successfully removed with the Zout (baby formula, baby food, blood, fruit juice, etc) I know it will become a permanent part of my laundry supplies.

I can't think of a better source for getting stains out of laundry than someone who deals with stains on a daily basis!

Photo by watashiwani

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Zout Is My New Laundry Assistant

by Marie

A friend of mine whose husband works as a landscaper recently informed me about the good luck she had in getting out grass and blood stains with Zout.

Well when I saw the Zout on sale at my local grocer I thought I would give it a try on the very same stains my kids got on their clothes last weekend.

I have to admit that Zout was great in removing these stains, as well as a ketchup stain.

Of course I will soon find out how well it works on other stains!

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Got Out Old Red Stain, Most Likely Fruit Juice

by Linda

Everyone has different methods of dealing with stains.

My sister was cleaning out her son's closet about a month ago and came across a shirt that had a large unknown red stain on it, most likely juice.

Since she does not have the issue with dyes and perfumes when it comes to the laundry, she saturated the stain with ZOUT pretreater spray, then washed with Wisk.

If I had not been at her house when this went down I probably would not have believed that it came out in one wash.

She depends on ZOUT for all kinds of stains, grass and blood to name a few, but when there are a lot of really dirty and stained clothes she is also a fan of the OXI Clean powder for pre soaking and washing.

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I Use Zout and Oxiclean Baby For Baby Stains

by Lisa

I have found Zout to be very helpful in removing baby formula, fruit juice, and baby food stains.

I also use the OXI Baby Stain Soaker for presoaking and as booster to the wash.

With these two products I have been able to remove most stains in one wash.

Sometimes a 2nd treatment is necessary, but it is well worth it.

If it were not for these laundry products we probably would not have any shirts left that did not have some "shadow" of a stain.

While I was already a Zout user prior to the baby issues I did not find out about the OXI Baby product until I heard about it at the day care.

It is gentle enough for baby clothing, yet so powerful in removing stains, and no allergic reactions.

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I've Even Used It As A Presoak For Baby Formula Stains

by Sandy

baby formula stain removal tips
I use Zout to remove baby formula stains.

Most of the time I use it as a pretreater, but some times I will even soak the garment in a bucket (gallon) of water with about an ounce of Zout.

One of my friends told me about how she got out some stubborn tomato sauce stains by soaking, because I would not have thought of using this product as a soaker.

I was able to save one of the shirts I wear to work that had a nasty formula stain which was not pretreated, and made it through the dryer.

I would caution that you should do a colorfast test if you are going to use Zout as a soaker, but in my case if I could not remove the stain I was not going to be able to wear it to the office again so I took the risk.

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It Helps With Some Of The Nastiest Stains

by Margo

Zout is an excellent pretreater.

I have removed some truly nasty stains with this product, including juice, strained carrots and spinach, and even baby formula.

I always try to pretreat timely, but I recently used this product on some stains that occurred while we were on vacation, as you know when you have baby, laundry is a full time job!

And whatever he gets on his clothes we tend to pick up some of the same stains on ours.

It worked really well on most stains in one washing, but I have to admit I did add some Oxi Clean (free version) to the wash for those stains that were several days old.

One really cannot go wrong in buying this pretreater as it has a money back guarantee, though I have been so satisifed I have never even needed to make a claim.

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It Worked For Me For Ink & Lipstick Stains

by Pam

Pam says:

On stubborn set in ink, I've had to use Zout.

I scrubbed and then let it sit, then washed.

This stuff also got out lipstick stains from denim after it went through the dryer even.

Taylor says:

Thanks for these tips Pam.

I always love to hear about spots and spills that this product has worked to remove.

You can check out even more tips for removing in from clothing here.

Tips for removing ink stain from clothing

You're actually not the only person to tell me how well Zout does for removing lipstick stains. You can get more tips for removing lipstick stains from clothing here.

How to remove lipstick stains from clothes

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I've Been Using It For Seven Years - Haven't Found Anything It Won't Get Out

by Mimi Gin

I have tried many different stain pretreatments including Shout. I had read about Zout on another helpful hints site years ago, and have been using it for at least the last 7 years.

I haven't found anything it won't get out.

Having said that, I don't really have any tough greasy (car repair and such) stains to work on. But I do have a teenage boy.

It takes out mustard and spaghetti sauce stains.

I spray it on, rub it in good, and throw in the washer.

Gets out grease cooking stains as well!

I have to say I love the liquid better than the foam. It seems to soak in better and has better results. Love it.

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For Pretreating Food & Drink Stains I Use Zout Triple Enzyme Formula Laundry Stain Remover

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 reader was sharing some about how she removed yellow stains with Whink No More Yellow whitener, and in the process explained that for more normal pretreating she uses Zout instead.

SR101 Reader says:

For pretreating I usually use ZOUT.

I figured if it works well for the variety of stains my friend gets on her uniforms it would work for me as well.

I am satisfied with it since it has performed well on coffee, soft drink, tomato sauce, ice cream, and even cough syrup stains.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing what types of stains you use this product on.

I would love to hear from even more people telling me what spots and spills you've had luck removing with this product (and also which you haven't). You can share your reviews and experiences here.

***Update: One reader, Sat, shared how she removed paint from carpet with this product. While that isn't a typical use for it, I'm glad to know it worked for her! ***End Update

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Comments for For Pretreating Food & Drink Stains I Use Zout Triple Enzyme Formula Laundry Stain Remover

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Zout is best grease stain remover I've found - and I've tried them all!
by: Anonymous

I also found Zout to be the best stain remover for grease stains. I've always had a problem with dropping food on my clothes while I'm eating so often have greasy cheese and other stains on my clothes. Try it on a grease stain on a garment that has already gone through the dryer. If I remember correctly, it even took some out. I'm 75 and my memory is sometimes iffy.

It does it all
by: Pat

We discovered Zout several years ago. It is an awesome product. We are messy cooks and eaters and had many shirts with grease stains. I had tried numerous other brands with mixed results. Zout not only removes fresh grease stains but removes old stains that have been washed and dried numerous times. We don't always remember to treat stains so I have sprayed as I am loading the washer usually don't rub it in and don't wait 5 minutes and still does a great job. The only stain it hasn't removed was rust.

Our local stores quit stocking it and we ordered a case from Amazon but it is now available locally again. Thank you Zout for being a great product.

Which commercial products contain (protease) enzyme for spot stain remover?
by: J.Ben-Meir

I need to know which products contain protease ENZYME for removing spot stains BEFORE laundry (pre-treater) - preferably in spray or gel form.

Old Zout
by: Gary

Zout is not what it was in the 90's. It does not have the same stain removal qualities the original formula had. In the 90's it was sold at better department stores. They even had a half gallon size. Non spray.

Great product BUT
by: Anonymous

Spray bottle does not spray correctly. Every single time I purchase, which is about once per month. Predictably disappointing feature of your awesome product- needs attention.

Zout sucks!!
by: Tamara

I have been a loyal customer for over 10 yrs! I will not waste one more penny on this junk! It does not take stains out of anything anymore!

the BEST laundry stain remover
by: Anonymous

We have wellwater which is often rusty, even with a water purifier. Therefore the local joke is, "Don't buy white pants! They'll soon be orange!" For years I used bleach and Shout but, since I found Zout, I have used it (often with Oxyclean) & LOVED it for all spots and stains my husband "Pigpen" acquires! So what happened recently? Food Lion took it off the shelf! How stupid! That store does that soo often to products I am devoted to! They NEVER carried Purex! I thought THAT was a product about the same era as Lifebuoy soap! Long gone!

Can you make your own?
by: Jenny

I just tried Zout for the very first time. It did get rid of some of the stains, but the trigger I really don't like. It seems like you use more, and by the time I finished treating the stains I have used almost the whole bottle already, and that's barely one load. Is there a way I can just make my own? So for one I can save money and always have plenty on hand.

Spray bottle
by: Anonymous

I've used Zout for quite awhile, with no complaints. However, the spray bottle leaves much to be desired. It's very hard to use when the trigger doesn't return.

ZOUT Works Well On Formula Stains
by: Sue

I had a coupon for ZOUT so I tried it on some baby formula stains on my clothes as well as the baby's. Neither of us had any allergic reaction which is terrific. This stuff works great! As soon as I can locate the OXI Clean Baby Soaker product I will be trying it as well.

spray nozzle - don't like it
by: Anonymous

I do not like the spray nozzle on your product. It does not allow for a wide spray pattern on laundry items. It takes longer to cover a large soiled area with the small spray area your product gives.Which is only about 1 inch wide. I have an old spray nozzle from another brand and it sprays a much wider area,
about a three and a half to four inch wide spray pattern. It takes so much less time to pretreat my laundry. Would you please take into consideration my need for a change in your product to make the work go more quickly?

The product itself works great!

Easy Wash vs Zout
by: Sharon

I have not tried Zout for a long time. I do know the company that makes zout bought a company that made Easy Wash. I miss Easy Wash. My mother was an nurse who at times had to do x-rays. Easy Wash would get x-ray solution out of her polyester uniforms. I used it for years and was sad when it was sold to the other company.

Looks like I poured bleach on my special shirt
by: Dee

My first time trying this product. Zout removed the color from my favorite purple sweat shirt. I'm more than disappointed - I'm mad! This was a favorite shirt, now useless. My shirt has been washed several times before without any fading problems.

This stuff's supposed to be safe for color-fast cottons. I called the company and yes, they'll give my money back if I follow their directions exactly.

But what about my ruined shirt? My beautiful purple shirt trimmed with butterflies, flowers and sparkles. Turned from a treasure to trash!

Beware users, product is not color-safe.

Zout is the best
by: Jean

I agree with Kim-Zout is the best. I use it when nothing else will work. There is no stain this will not get out!

Love this stuff!
by: Michelle

It's the best on grass stains & blood & oily spots!!!!

the best
by: Kim

Zout is by far the best stain remover on the market.

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