How To Remove Lipstick Stains From Clothing

by Taylor

Below I've gathered several tips, including a couple of videos, about how to remove lipstick stains from clothing.

Basically, like with many other types of stain removal instructions, there are several possible ways to remove these stains that work.

Deciding which method you will choose includes what materials you have on hand, what fabric the stain is on, and also some variables you may not be able to control like what type of lipstick got all over your clothes.

That is one of the problems with sharing how to remove various stains -- although typically a certain method works, all lipsticks do not contain exactly the same ingredients. There are different shades, pigments, oil components, etc., all of which can effect what will actually work.

Therefore, my best advice is to try what you think will work, using some of the suggestions below, or my advice on the lipstick stain removal page, and then try something else if that doesn't work. To make sure you don't set the stain, make sure not to dry the clothing in the dryer until you confirm the stain is completely removed.

In addition, always start with the gentlest method you can for stain removal. There is no point in using something harsh to remove lipstick stains when something gentle will work just as well!

Good luck! If you have a tip which you don't see below, I would love to hear it, and will be happy to add it to the page for others to benefit from your knowledge. You can share your stain removal lipstick tips here, or read other tips which have already been submitted, such as for other surfaces besides clothing.

In addition, if you would like to share your experience with a specific lipstick stain remover, please share your stain remover review here.

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How I Removed Dried Lipstick Stains On My Scrubs

by SR101 Reader

A reader shared how she removed lipstick stains from her scrubs after she accidentally washed, and then gasp, dried, a tube of lipstick with her scrubs causing a big mess.

SR101 Reader says:

I forgot to check my scrub pockets and didn't notice the lipstick stains until after they had spent 30 minutes in the clothes dryer! To my dismay I thought I had to throw away four sets of scrubs!

So I went to Family Dollar and bought some LA's Totally Awesome degreaser and a bottle of ammonia.

I scrubbed the spots with the Awesome first, then srubbed them with the ammonia and let it sit for three minutes!

After three minutes I checked on the clothes and rinsed them out and to my amazement the stains were gone! NO need to replace the scrubs!

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing what worked for you. Lipstick stains, in general, are pretty tough, but especially after they have begun to set because they've been heated up in the dryer!

I would caution with this, or any such strong recipe, that you first test the fabric first in an inconspicuous area to make sure it doesn't cause the color to fade on the garment. However, if the stain is that bad anyway, and you might just have to call it a loss otherwise, you may have nothing to lose!

Does anyone else have any great recipes for lipstick stain remover you've whipped up? You can share your tips here, or read others already submitted.

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How To Remove Lipstick Stains From Clothes

Below is a video which gives tips for how to remove lipstick stains from clothes.

The video suggests using one or more of the following things to remove the lipstick stains from your washable clothing.

The video is basically providing multiple alternative things to try, starting with the mildest stain removal techniques to the harshest.

Obviously, if the first technique works for you just then launder as usual, because you don't need to proceed with the rest of the steps.

There are even more tips below for removing these tough stains from your clothing!

Photo by AlonsoP

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Remove Lipstick Stain From Fabric With Alcohol Or Acetone

Below is a video which suggests to remove lipstick stains from fabric with alcohol or acetone.

Specifically, the video suggests first trying rubbing alcohol on the washable fabric.

I like how the video instructs to blot the rubbing alcohol onto the back of the stained cloth.

The reason for this is that it lifts the stain off the clothing, instead of having to have the stain travel through the fabric to be removed.

As an alternative to rubbing alcohol you can also use acetone, which the video refers to also as a "grease solvent," to remove lipstick stains from your washable clothing.

(Many nail polish removers are acetone based.)

However, it is important not to use acetone on acetate, or a fabric which contains acetate as part of a blend, because it will dissolve the acetate.

Acetone can also harm silk or wool, so be careful when using it for stain removal.

You can share your rubbing alcohol uses here, or read even more ways you can use this common first aid item for cleaning and stain removal in your home.

Further, you can read additional uses for acetone here, for both stain removal and cleaning throughout your home.

Photo by littledebbie11

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Dawn Dish Soap Removed Smudges From Collar

by Christina

I used Dawn to remove lipstick from clothing (a collar).

Just rub it in fully concentrated onto the stain on the dry shirt and drop into the wash.

I'd always get these spots on my boyfriend's shirt when dancing. Now I can get rid of them!

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Lipstick Removal Stain Tip For Clothes - Use Denatured Alcohol

Below is a video which gives lipstick removal stain tips for washable clothing.

Her main suggestion is to use denatured alcohol on the stain. (Hint -- that suggestion has come up in almost all the videos above, meaning it typically works pretty well!)

She then suggests to follow this with a dab of dishwashing liquid rubbed into the stain, followed by a stain stick.

Next, she suggests washing the garment in cold water.

This can be a good idea if you don't believe you have thoroughly removed the lipstick stain yet, because heat can set the stain making it even tougher to remove. On the other hand, though, lipstick has a lot of grease in it, and such stains typically are easier to remove with very hot water (assuming the garment can handle it), because the heat helps dissolve and loosen up the grease and oils within the lipstick.

In addition, as always, make sure the stain is completely out before you put it in the dryer.

She suggests, to be really conservative, to not place the item in the dryer, but instead to let it air dry just to confirm after it has dried that the lipstick stain has been completely removed.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to remove these stains.

I hope these videos have given you some good ideas for how to remove lipstick stains from your clothes.

However, there are always even more methods out there which work, and also specific products you can use designed as lipstick stain removers.

You can submit your own tip for removing this type of spot here, or also read other tips already submitted.

Photo by Andreia

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Comments for Lipstick Removal Stain Tip For Clothes - Use Denatured Alcohol

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Dawn soap used for removing lipstick stains
by: Caroline

I have an expensive Cole Haan purse & shavings from my eye/lip liner sharpner, opened & left a thick layer of my lip liner pieces on the bottom of the blue satin lining. I tried resolved, to no avail. Checked Pinterest & read about dawn soap. I scrubbed the purse liner together with dawn liquid soap & viola, stains gone. Any lipstick stains, I highly recommend using dawn liquid soap😉!

It worked for me
by: Jody

My top was a knit shell and the lipstick slipped out of my hand onto the top. I applied Dawn, scrubbed with my nail until it disappeared. It didn't take very long or hard scrubbing, then I rinsed with hot water.

rubbing alcohol worked for me
by: Anonymous

I just removed several lipstick stains from an ivory suit jacket acetate material using alcohol. It worked amazingly. Good thing, it was new and first time worn for just a couple of hours. Thank you for the help.

Lipstick stains out of white sheets?
by: Anonymous

I washed white sheets with bleach and the lipstick smudges are still there. What shall I do? I had an inconsiderate guest stay over a few nights and now my lovely white sheets with eyelet trim are smudged with lipstick stains.

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