Snuggle Scent Boosters Reviews: Laundry Scent Pods

by Taylor

Below I've gathered reviews of the new Snuggle Scent Boosters product.

Don't let the name "Snuggle" confuse you though. This isn't a fabric softener at all. Instead, it is merely a laundry scent booster, so the sole purpose of this product is to infuse additional scent into your clothes as you wash them.

If you want to soften your clothes you'd have to use an additional product for that purpose.

In wash scent boosters have become very popular recently, first starting with Downy Unstopables, and expanding to include other similar products such as Gain Fireworks and Purex Crystals (although the crystals are a fabric softener as well).

Unlike some of these other products though Snuggle has decided to also use a new craze amongst laundry products, and has made this scent booster packaged into pacs or pods.

Many people love these laundry pacs because you don't have to measure. Just throw them into the load and you're done.

So the idea behind this new product is to just throw one pac into the wash with your clothes and then when you pull them out, you'll have heavily scented laundry.

There are currently two scents available, Lavender Joy (purple packaging shown above) and Blue Iris Bliss (which I think looks like kind of a turquoise colored packaging).

Some people love adding all this scent, but I'd like to warn everyone now that with the rise of these in wash scent boosting products I've personally seen a rise in laundry detergent allergic reactions.

Here's some example pages of similar products where people have complained of these allergies (and don't miss the review below which has the same complaint!)
The reason for all these allergy stories is because one of the main culprits of these allergies, which can range in symptoms from hives, rashes, itching, sneezing, and more, is scent. So if you're purposefully adding scent to a product, a known allergen, especially even more of it then you are normally used to, it stands to reason you'll see lots of allergic reactions!

I've found with regard to scent that there can be too much of a good thing. For example, some people cannot handle any added scent at all (that includes my family). While others only experience problems when they go overboard with these products.

That's where there are advantages and disadvantages to the pacs this product comes in. On the one hand, using a pac prevents you from dumping way more of this product into your machine then recommended.

On the other hand, if you find the amount of scent the pre-measured pac provides way too strong there is no easy way to cut back on it by just adding less to subsequent loads. You can't easily add half a pac, for example.

I'll tell you right now that I have not personally tried this product (although I do have reviews below from people that have), and I will not.

I do not ever personally try scented laundry products here in my house because we actually do suffer from laundry allergies and all products I use, at least when possible, are unscented and hypoallergenic.

Have you used this product though? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. You can submit your review or experience here and I'll add it to the page.

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Snuggle Scent Booster Pods Caused Allergic Reaction

by Estela Acevedo
(Orland Hills, IL)

Estela says:

I love the way laundry smells after using these pods but suddenly my 17-year-old daughter started itching, profusely, all over her body.

Her face got swollen, she got hives--large areas of her skin raised--and that was the only change we made at home.

My daughter uses the Snuggle Scent Boosters on her children's laundry and now even when my 17-year-old touches their clothes, the palms of her hands begin to itch.

I had to rewash ALL of the laundry and can no longer use these pods.

Taylor says:

So sorry to hear your daughter had such a bad reaction to these pods Estela.

I hope she feels better soon!

Has anyone else used this product? If so, I'd love to hear your experiences, positive or negative, with them. You can submit your review here and I'll add it to the site.

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Comments for Snuggle Scent Booster Pods Caused Allergic Reaction

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Severe Allergic Reaction To The Snuggle Pods
by: Anonymous

My lower region is so raw and so on fire from the use of the Snuggle pods that I can't stand to have anything touch the bottom half of my body. This is ridiculous seeing as I'm a grown woman and shouldn't be going through this.

Burned my dogs belly
by: Lee

I recently washed my dogs pet pillow and added a pink snuggle boost pod. My cavalier king Charles was so red her skin was hot and she was in so much pain. Rushed her to vet and was given pain meds and antibiotics. Now her skin is peeling so bad. Everywhere she lays it's dead skin all over. I do not recommend these snuggle pods to use in any animal pillow or blankets or anything.

Not dissolving
by: Anonymous

I have been having an issue with the pods not dissolving completely and sticking to a piece of clothing in the washer. When I go to fold laundry they have obviously gone through the dryer and have had clothing damaged as it is stuck on my clothing like dried clump of glue. Have had a blouse, pj bottoms and 2 underwear damaged. Have done medium sized loads to see if that would help but the packets are still not dissolving. Do not buy this product.

Possible allergic reaction
by: Anonymous

I am experiencing itching in my pelvic area and this is the only change I have made. Just started today. Not sure what outcome will be.

Not dissolving
by: Anonymous

Don’t know what has changed. Used to work great and then they stopped dissolving. Had to throw out at least 3 of my sons shirts and numerous other pieces of clothing. I love the smell of them but it’s not worth it to keep throwing out clothes.

This is the only change I've made..
by: Anonymous

I have hives... an extremely itchy raised rash all over my body. I was at a loss, as was my doctor, on how and why this happened. I'm in my twilight years. No food, environment, medication allergies ever. I used to use Snuggle Laundry Scent Boosters in Lavender but when I ran out, I switched to Snuggle Laundry Scent Boosters Blue Iris Bliss. This rash coincides with the change in scent boosters. Since re-washing all my clothes and my grandkids clothes, the symptoms have subsided. I don't know why it's the Blue Iris Bliss that caused this rash when nothing happened to me with the Lavender, but I'm glad I finally figured it out.

Ouchhhy and Itchhy Nothing Snuggles About This
by: Anonymous

This is my second flare up! I have been itching and burning for over 5 days now. I used Benadryl it seem not to touch the surface of this reaction, I had to get prescribe a steroid and this is not helping!! I'm trying to figure out what ingredient in these little things that can cause such a horrible night mare! Now I have narrowed it down to Snuggle Booster and especially the Snuggles Lavender Liquid Boosters.
I thought Snuggles was suppose to be baby and kid friendly, If it makes a grown person life miserable, advised PLEASE do not use this on your little people laundry!!! Now I'm stuck with a Doctors bill, body all flared and have not slept in days... smh!

by: Anonymous

I tried the scent boosters in one sCent. But, the last time at the store, I bought the lavender scent. A few days after I did laundry with the lavender boosters, I started getting raised red dots on my torso. At first it was just one on my belly button. Then, after a week, I have multiple red bumps on my torso along my bra line, under my arms, and along my panty line. I have some allergies to pollen and cats. But, I never had any sensitivity to laundry products. It looks like I have a disease. I've decided to just wash my clothes in detergent and use dryer balls.

Raised red dots for the first time 3/2019
by: Nanette

I started using scent booster along with liquid snuggle and I broke out in a rash. It was spreading from under my breast to my torso and the doctor said it was yeast on my body I did the treatment as directed and it came back. My sis in law asked me about laundry and I switched to another brand and I’m doing a lot better. I was itching and burning in my lower back ,torso, under my breast and now it’s almost gone.

The sheets were laundered and smelled lovely but now I have hives
by: Angela

First off, I did not purchase this product. I do not like to smell like the detergent isle at my local grocers. My mom uses scent boosters and brings them anywhere she knows she will do a wash. She laundered my bed sheets with her wash at the end of the week she was house sitting for me. I got to the fresh smelling sheets she had washed after a couple of bed changes. Next morning after changing the sheets, I had a few bumps on my arm that resembled mosquito bites. I took the dog out before bed the night before and chalked it up to bug bites. Next morning, I had hives everywhere my skin had direct contact with the sheets. I knew then and there it was the scent boosters but I never had a reaction at her place. She was using unstoppables but had just switched snuggles lavender pods. Thank god she did not wash any pillow cases! I think an itchy head to boot would have put me over the edge. My dad has developed respiratory issues over the past 2 years that now require him to need inhalers. I'm guessing the scent is the culprit since her starting to use these products lines up to when the cough started. I've gotten rid of the sheets, sleeping in a different bedroom, taking benadryl, 1000 mg of vitamin C, doing cold compresses, slathering aloe vera gel on affected areas and now seeing less hives crop up on day 4 but I woke up with puffy lips. Hoping this will be over soon. Sorry to hear of everyone adverse reaction here but also glad to see I'm not alone. What a nightmare.

hives and itch
by: Anonymous

Used Snugggle scent boosters, made me break out in hives and itch.

No to scent booster
by: Anonymous

My neck to my lower stomach is on fire. It's itchy. I can't takes Benadryl because I have babies, and can't be drowsy during the day.

by: Connie

Spots on clothes from Snuggle shake scents. How do I remove spots?

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