Snuggle Fabric Softener Gave Me A Severe Allergic Reaction

by Sarah
(Thunder Bay)

Sarah has shared her experience with Snuggle.

Sarah says:

I wish I could post a photo of my face. I've recently had a reaction to Snuggle fabric softener. I've had reactions in the past as well. My eyes were swollen shut!

The soft tissue irritation lasted a week and involved very severe dry skin as well as burning and redness.

If you have children please do not use this product or any fabric softener for that matter. This could contribute to sudden infant death syndrome! Please be careful.

My symptoms of swelling of the face came on suddenly and with very minimal contact. You're advised. Be aware!

Taylor says:

Thanks Sarah for sharing your experience, and I hope that you begin to feel better soon.

You make a very good point, which is that anything which is designed to leave a perfumed scent behind can adversely affect some individuals who have allergies to the scents, causing them to have an allergic reaction.

hypoallergenic laundry products
On this site I've talked a lot about laundry detergent allergies, and the importance of choosing a hypoallergenic laundry detergent if you, or anyone else in your family, have such allergies.

However, the advice carries forward not only for the product you wash your clothes in, but for all the other laundry products you use too, such as fabric softener and dryer sheets too, for example. That's why I've also created a page listing of all the hypoallergenic laundry products here that you can use to find good, scent and dye free products for you.

As for your statement that these scents can cause SIDS I have no personal idea whether this is true or not, not having looked up any scientific studies on the subject.

However, I will say from a common sense perspective it is always a good idea to use non-scented products anywhere a baby comes into contact until you know whether the baby has any allergies or is otherwise adversely affected by scents or dyes, since they can't tell you if they are not feeling well, at least not directly.

Has anyone else had allergic reactions from Snuggle or any other fabric softener? If so, please share your experiences or reviews here, and tell me what you do, if at all, for softening your clothes because of your allergies.

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Snuggle Liquid Made Me Itch Insanely!

by Carol

Carol shared her experience with this fabric softener, which made her realize she has a Snuggle allergy.

Carol says:

I am in the process of washing everything over because of the Snuggle fabric softener my husband bought because it was on sale.

Usually, we buy Downy. I believe I was slightly allergic to Downy also, but Snuggle has my right hand almost covered with contact dermatitis.

Also, wherever there was any pressure on the clothes I wore that had been laundered with Snuggle, as in sitting or bending the knees, etc., I had to immediately put some lotion on the area to soothe the insane itching!

I am just glad to have finally figured out it wasn't a food allergy or something that couldn't be fixed by washing laundry over.

We are going to try dryer sheets for sensitive skin now but after reading how toxic the sheets are to little ones and pets, I may not use any softeners!

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear that you had such an allergic reaction to Snuggle fabric softener.

You may want to consider using a scent free fabric softener or dryer sheets, which are typically hypoallergenic, since you seem to be allergic to scented products (some worse than others it appears).

Has anyone else had a Snuggle allergy problem? If so, you can share your Snuggle fabric softener review here, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

***Update: I've gotten another short comment from a reader, telling me about her skin reactions to this product. She says:
This product gave me a severe rash all over my back. It was itchy, red and sore, almost like chicken pox. I advise NOT buying this brand.
***End Update

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My New Bottle Of Snuggle Blue Sparkle Makes Me Sneeze

by Jo

Jo also wrote in to share her experience with this product.

Jo says:

I've been using Snuggle Blue Sparkle liquid fabric softener for a few years now.

I just opened a new bottle, and I'm sneezing and coughing and reacting to it. Perhaps a new fragrance?

Or I've developed an allergy to it. Can't use Downy products, same reason. Too bad.

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Snuggle Dryer Sheets Caused My Children To Suffer Severe Reactions

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

Both of my young children ages 7 and 8 broke out in hives and rashes all over their bodies from their faces down to their feet.

I took them to the Dr. and even she was initially convinced it was caused by an illness.

After determining they had no signs of illness I realized the only thing I had changed recently was the fabric sheets.

I had just washed my daughter's entire bed set and both of them had been lying in the bed the previous day.

Please do not use this product if you have children.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear this, and I hope they both feel better soon.

Here are more Snuggle dryer sheets reviews from readers if anyone else is interested.

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Lost Two Weeks Worth Of Work From Allergies Caused By Snuggle Liquid

by Melvin Casey
(Dewey, Oklahoma, USA)

Within a week of starting to use this product I had a rash form around my ankles and the backs of my hands.

The rash continued to worsen into blood blisters and became so bad I couldn't wear shoes and lost over two weeks of work.

It took a biopsy from my doctor to finally figure it out.

I'm still hurting well over a month and a half since its first use.

I now have to re-wash all laundry in the house to get rid of the contaminated clothes.

I wish I could sue them for the pain their product has caused me.

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Bad Reaction To This Softener In My Lower Region

by Susan

Like others here I couldn't imagine what had happened to my nether regions? Female parts? I had a horrible burning on the outside of the vagina.

I tried some creams, but it continued on.

I use fragrance free laundry detergent, but recently I changed from Downy to Snuggle.

I realized after several days of severe pain that it must be the softener.

I rewashed all my clothing and I am now clearing up.

I don't know what they put in it, but the public should be made aware.

Years ago the toilet paper companies had blue toilet paper out. I bought it and ended up with a severe reaction. This is the same type of thing.

There should be some sort of warning on the bottle (like that's going to happen). Anyway, I want people to know they aren't imagining it. It really is the softener!

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I've Now Got Hives Around My Knees

by Julie

I recently had an allergic reaction.

I had been using Snuggle with no problem, but I had just started using All Free and Clear.

I'm not sure if its the softener or it might be the All!

I had been using the lavender version of Snuggle, and never had any problems but couldn't find it and began using a new scent.

I had been using about a tablespoon and half Palmolive pink dish liquid in the washing machine, which hasn't ever seemed to affect me.

In any case, when I've had the hives, I put zinc powder on them. It might take a few times, but it stops the itching pretty soon.

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Snuggle Also Caused Me To Have An Allergic Reaction

by Tracy

Tracy says:

I do not have allergies to scented products but I had a severe reaction to Snuggle.

I bought Snuggle because it was on sale and the same week I bought new bed sheets and washed them and used the Snuggle. Within two days my face was swollen, red and itchy to the point I wanted to scratch it off.

I tried to figure out what was causing it but didn't immediately put the two together. Then I realized the only part of my skin touching the sheets was my face on the pillow!

I changed the pillow case and it started getting better. I re-washed the sheets to get the Snuggle out but as soon as I slept on it again the itching started all over. The scent is so heavy it will take a few washes to get out.

This is the second week and my skin is now healing. I have never experienced a reaction like this before personally but it is not the first time I have heard of a allergic reaction to this product.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience Tracy, although I'm sorry it was not a good one.

You're right, it isn't the first time I've heard about an allergic reaction to Snuggle Ultra Fabric Softener (see the review above, for an example) either. If you do want to use a fabric softener I would suggest using a hypoallergenic one. I know Snuggle has a free and clear version if you're interested in trying it.

In addition, I would love to hear from others who have used a hypoallergenic fabric softener or dryer sheets, sharing your reviews of them with me. You can share your fabric softener review here or your dryer sheets review here.

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Comments for Snuggle Also Caused Me To Have An Allergic Reaction

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Snuggle Exhilerations made me itch
by: barbra53

I have used Snuggle in the past without reactions, but the Exhileration made me itch terribly. I had bought a huge bottle of it for laundry and put all of the clothes away before I noticed the problem. Now I am wearing each item of clothing I have, rewashing what makes me itch and putting those clean clothes aside until I have finished going through them all to find the affected ones.

dryer sheets got me
by: Teena

I am very sensitive to most things so I mainly stick with the same two laundry products (a powder soap and a well known brand of dryer sheet) but recently I got some Snuggle (sucker for a sale) and wowzers!

I broke out all over in small red bumps that were indescribably itchy, and my whole chest was scarlet red.

Benydryl did help a bit but what a racket. Gotta re-wash everything now because I'm scared to even touch it. Not nice :/

save your money
by: veggierock

I am scratching my skin like crazy, recovering from a reaction to Snuggle fabric softener from when I let someone else do my laundry.

White vinegar costs pennies and leaves your clothes smelling clean and fresh (not like flowers). 1/4C-3/4C of white vinegar with your rinse cycle will naturally soften your clothes too, leaving them free from static cling.

Allergic To The Fragrance
by: Beverly J. Taylor

I use the Snuggle Dryer sheets. They work really well. Unfortunately the fumes from my dryer make my lips and tongue swell up. My feet, legs and hips also swell at the same time. I take Benadryl and Claritin to help make the swelling go away.

developed a severe allergy
by: N. Turner

I have developed a severe reaction to this brand. I just spent another day at the doctor dealing with this. I have developed severe hives, unbearable itching and throat swelling. I had to have a steroid and Benadryl injection. I was feeling better but the process of having to re wash everything in my house has caused more flare ups. Please do not use this product! I had been using Gain fabric softener ( with no reaction ever). I only bought the Snuggle because Sam's wholesale does not carry the other.

Contact Dermatitis to Snuggle
by: Shalene Walker

I too have a severe allergic reaction to Snuggle. I broke out everywhere. I went to the doctor twice, it was just that bad. I got a decadron shot and some medicine. I brought the Snuggle dryer sheets because I had a coupon. I wish I would have left them in the store for all it has cost me, not to mention the itching, swelling, peace of mind and quality of life that I'm not enjoying at the moment. Oh, let's not forget the horrible symptoms from the meds I'm taking. Good luck to everyone and I wouldn't wish this on a single soul.

Snuggle Blue Sparkle
by: Nancy

I have been irritated in my vaginal area for the last month. It was worse when I wore my jeans, which are tighter than the sweats I usually wear. I thought I had an infection but didn't have all the symptoms. I was so frustrated I finally made an appointment with my doctor. When I called they asked me if I changed anything recently, I said no. Then later that day I was doing laundry and realized I purchased a new box of fabric softener sheets about a month earlier. I have used this brand before but not this exact product. I then realized what was causing my problems. I rewashed all my underwear just yesterday and I'm feeling much better already. I was also experiencing itching on the side of my face and my upper arm. Both areas are pressed on my sheets when I sleep, but I never connected the dots. I'll never buy Snuggles again.

Snuggle and bra problem
by: Cynthia

Started using Snuggle with my laundry and began having awful itching from everyone of my bras. Come to realize that it's the contact with the fabric softener, after re-washing several times and stopping it went away. Tried again a few months later, all the same reactions. Now I know not to use this for me or my kids.

11 year old daughter had an allergic reaction
by: Jessica

My 11 year old daughter woke up one morning with a spot under her eye and then the next morning her face was swollen all over on the side that she sleeps on. The only change that we made was I bought the Snuggle liquid instead of my usual brand. After three days of Benadryl I had to take her to the UTC for a steroid shot and a steroid pack to help with the itch, swelling and burning. She has never had an allergic reaction to anything. After rewashing all the clothes and sheets in the house it seems to finally be clearing up. Will never buy this brand again!!!!

Evil little bear
by: Anonymous

Evil little bear. Sandlewood scent. Wanted to just die. Lol.

made me miserable
by: Anonymous

I've been using this softener for 4wks and I've been miserable each day and night.

people need to remembers others have strong sensitivity to scent!
by: Ben

I wash my clothes is non scented detergent. Dry without anything in the dryer but clothes. Then I go to town or go out to eat and return home smelling worse than when I left. Because people before me that wear clothes with fabric softener have got it all over the seats and have no respect for others having allergy problems. If they take a bath why do they want that smell like a skunk by putting that crap in their wash? Burns me up that you have to wash your clothes that were clean without smells before you left. Plus you have to take a shower because of it. Please have a little respect for the other people.

don't buy this product!
by: Anonymous

I had a very severe allergic reaction to Snuggle. I had what looked like bites all over my body. I had our house checked for fleas and bed bugs. The exterminator said my "bites" looked like an allergy reaction to something and asked if I had changed detergent, perfume or soap. I discovered that I had bought Snuggle on sale. I read all these reports online and felt that that was indeed the culprit. I rewashed everything I had laundered for the two weeks that I was "bitten" and the "bites" are healing very fast. DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!

thanks Snuggles . . . NOT!
by: Charis

My step mother was unable to find our usual fabric softener and purchased Snuggles. I took the time yesterday to do all of my washing, as it was a Sunday night and that's when I do my washing. Anyway, today after wearing my clothes for about an hour I start to get itchy. At first, I thought that's okay I can handle it. After 4 hours of scratching and trying to be a trooper I finally caved in. I was sent home from work to go change. I get undressed and suddenly all I can see is a rash covering my entire body, down to my feet.

Since the time I have changed I've taken the liberty to try and wash off the detergent scent off my body, and tried to soothe my body by putting on cream. Nothing is helping, I am still scratching.

Thank you snuggles... NOT!

Blue Sparkle scent
by: Samantha

I have been up for a month scratching myself to death. My whole body, but severely on my face, head eyes and back. I wanted to pull my hair out. What puzzles me and why it took so long to realize it was the fabric softer causing it, is the fact that I've been using it for years. I never had a reaction like that. I can't remember if I ever used the blue sparkle before. I BOUGHT A BIG ONE too. I like using fabric softer but don't want to go through that again. Has anyone else had just the blue sparkle bother them? Would love to know, hate to waste money and time experimenting but I like to use softener on my clothes and a little on my towels [too much and they're not as absorbant]. I'm scratching myself to death as I write this. I'll have to rewash all my sheets and clothes again. If someone has time to write back let me know if the other snuggle scents [if there are other scents] didn't bother you but the blue sparkle did. Thank you, sleepless in Fort Bragg.

Another lower region reaction
by: Corinna

I have a similar story. I had a hysterectomy in June. In October I began having severe moisture issues in my nether regions. I went to my doctor who suggested that there may have been a complication during my surgery. Maybe my urinary tract had been nicked during the procedure, uncommon but not unheard of. Just my luck. We started by testing me for every disease under the sun. Embarrassing, but when nothing came up I was both relieved and frustrated. Two months later I went back to the dr still suffering and having what I couldn't explain in any other way than to say it was diaper rash. A painful itchy rash going down from my crotch, along my seam line to my knees. This time my dr suggested I may be allergic to something that I recently began using. Changed my laundry detergent, my body wash, my shampoo. Still no difference, except that the rash had additionally became present in my arm pits. After six months and three dr visits I was lying in bed and I had an epiphany. SNUGGLE!!! I discontinued use and within a week my six month struggle began clearing up. Now I am almost symptom free after two weeks of rewashing all of my undergarments and towels.

Can not breathe
by: Anonymous

I have always been slightly allergic to certain laundry soaps such as Tide and Bounce would make me break out. Earlier this month I moved into a small apartment temporarily. My husband bought some Snuggle dryer sheets. I woke up the next morning and thought someone had been spraying hairspray. Then I noticed my tongue was tingling and I had chest pain and a headache. It took me several hours to determine it was the Snuggle. I put the box out on the porch. My symptoms subsided but took a few days to go away. Then my daughter brought them back in when I was out of town. This morning I work up, chest pain, aerosol smell, tingling swollen tongue and lips, eyes red and itchy with a discharge, tasking aerosol all day. It has been nearly 24 hours and I still am wheezing and my tongue still feels weird and I still taste it caked in my throat.

Dangerous bear
by: Katie

Like so many here I had a severe itching all over my body as a renter at our cabin had washed the sheets with Snuggle. I then developed a rash and facial neuropathy. I went to neurologists for months and was extremely ill. I finally ended up at Mayo in Rochester MN and after every test available they concluded that since I have psoraisis which is an autoimmune disease that the reactton to Snuggle set off another autoimmune response. Do not use Snuggle or any other softener

by: Paul P

Two bottles of Snuggle and I got a terrible, terrible rash where my clothes touched my body. Horrible itching 24-7. Too bad babies are affected by this product also. They do not understand. The manufacturers of this product need to be held accountable.

My story
by: Maryland

Thank you to all who have posted comments regarding the fabric softener known as Snuggle. It sure is not something to use, ever!

Unfortunately, it took me over a month to finally try the internet to see if anyone had anything negative to say regarding Snuggle softener. The doctor's answer was to just say that I should stop using whatever I was using, and he very kindly stated that he did not feel that I had a bad odor. However, I had already stopped using the product and I was already re-washing clothes. I was hoping that he had some answers about what to do, but the smell/odor/scent was coming from my pores/skin as well as the clothes, towels, etc. Dealing with the physical side effects caused by this product, including the itching and lung discomfort, as well as trying to neutralize the chemicals and rid the clothes and everything else of the lingering scent is where I am now in this journey to undo the harm caused by this product.

The neutralizing process that I first started with included Borax then Baking Soda then Arm & Hammer Washing Soda and then White Vinegar. Only the white vinegar seems to offer some help to start the process of reversing the product's "sustained," "enhanced," "extended," heat-releasing chemical properties. After soaking and rinsing in the white vinegar, followed by a full washing cycle using the detergent Dreft, Stage 1: newborn, there seems to be a little more improvement in cutting the scent. However, since the product is well into my system, the chemicals and chemical reactions, including the lingering scent/odor, continues to keep leaching out of my pores/skin and back into the clothing, etc.

Keeping in mind that this product and other related products boast that the "scent" is intended to "linger" or be sustained, it is the heat relationship that is the "secret" ingredient to the madness. Body heat, especially while sitting, releases this "sustained-release" effect over and over again. The thought that this is happening to infants and little children, including what is happening to them, is beyond terrible! It is criminal. There is a crime here.

Thank you for listening.


Violently ill
by: Cliff

I have also had a very bad experience with Snuggle fabric softener. One night staying at my cousin's house, I slept on the couch in the basement. My aunt was doing laundry most of the night. I woke up late in the day to find myself violently ill. Overwhelming congestion, vomiting and hardness of breath. It didn't take me long to figure out the culprit as there was a strong smell of snuggle in the air. After that incident I asked my aunt to switch fabric softeners. She did and I never had an issue since. I find it strange that only snuggle triggers such a reaction. I stick with bounce now, but have tried many others with no negative reactions.

First time allergy
by: Carol

Ok, I am almost an official senior citizen and my skin is more sensitive than it used to be, but I have never had a problem with fabric softener until I recently bought Snuggle. Oh my goodness, waking up in the night and unable to go back to sleep because of the itching! Unbelievable, do not get this product even though it smells so good!

by: Vinny

The dryer sheets gave me a horrible allergic reaction. I broke out in hives on my head and neck and all of my torso. My face and lips was very swollen and i was itchy everywhere. Pretty much everywhere i used a towel which i recently dried with snuggle dryer sheets I had this horrible reaction.

Broke me out
by: Anonymous

For 4 days I have itched in my head, face and even went to doctor to make sure I had no mites or lice or anything else I could have picked up around others. I had no parasites, but did start using Snuggles Fabric Softner shortly before the itching started. Rewashing all 6 loads of laundry now.

worst rash ever
by: Anonymous

I washed all my stuff in Snuggle and the next day had a rash all over. I've been fighting this rash for 3 months and seen dermatologist. It has cost me lots of money, time off from work, and am still battling this rash, but getting a little better. Wash my stuff over and over. It's the worst rash I ever had in my life from snuggle. I did return snuggle back to Walmart, got my $2:99 back. Worst experience ever.

by: Paul

I just finished my second bottle of Snuggle fabric softener. I have had a rash that started on the second bottle. I am spotted with it wherever my clothes have touched my body. It has been over a month, been to the doctor, have not been able to get rid of it. The rash looks terrible, and is accompanied with horrible itching, 24-7. I will never use that product again, it should not be on the market. I'm an insurance agent, their product liability should be paying out.

Blue Sparkle dryer sheets
by: Ashley Downey

I had an allergic reaction to the Blue Sparkle dryer sheets. I had used them the night before and when I wore some of the clothes that I had used the dryer sheets with, I had a bad reaction to it. My whole left hand swelled up. I ended up going to the hospital and had to be given corticosteroids.

caused mold in my fabric softener dispenser
by: Anonymous

My fabric softener dispenser turned back with 'Mold.' What a job to remove the black mold. We tried Snuggle because it was on sale. Turns out not to be a bargain.

I am sure black mold is a health hazard.

sooooo itchy
by: Mara

My whole family is itchy with Snuggle! We could use Downy or Fleecy even with scent, but not Snuggles. We itch all over and it's just irritating how it burns, and lots of little prick like needles that is sooo itchy.

allergic to the dryer sheets
by: Ren

I usually use Gain or Bounce dryer sheets, but I purchased Snuggle dryer sheets since they were on sale. I washed my sheets and comforter last night and put dryer sheets in with the drying. The next day I was itching after sitting on my bed and broke out with bumps. I'm glad I was able to catch it early before it got worst. I rewashed my sheets and comforter and after Benadryl I feel much better!

by: Anonymous

I recently developed a serious allergy to Snuggles. I changed washing machines and I think it leaves more softener in my clothes. I put on a housecoat and immediately was having trouble wheezing and not able to breathe. Immediately got better when I took it off. The next day I put on a shirt and the same thing happened. Wheezing and coughing. Changed out of shirt and it took over an hour for me to begin feeling better. In the past I would cough when in the laundry room and never gave it a thought that it was the softener. Maybe they changed their chemicals, I don't know, but I'm looking for a different softener to use.

Rash on feet
by: Anonymous

We just recently moved to a new house. I usually wash my clothes with a fragrance free detergent and at my old house would put the softener in at the beginning of the load so that the majority got washed back out. Now at our new house we have a washer that automatically dispenses the softener mid cycle. Today I just noticed that the socks I got freshly out of the dryer smelled a lot like the softener, so I know it was retaining in my clothes more than it used to. Well today at work my feet started burning and itching. It felt like I had stood on the sun. So I removed my socks to find that my feet were a dark red color like a rash. I left my socks and shoes off for a few hours while at my desk and my feet began to feel less irritated. Funny enough I could smell the Snuggle on the socks as soon as I removed my foot from my boot. I must have used too much for the amount I had in the washer, but either way this product is clearly very irritating.

Life-long, violent reaction
by: Anonymous

When I was 3-5, I had terrible reactions to Snuggle and I guess Mr. Bubble. I guess pretty bad. My Mom said I looked like I had a disease. I feel bad for my adolescent self because if it was anything like my recent experience, unrelentingly.

Fast forward to 25+ years later. I have a son, who is 5 1/2. In my adult life, I knew I was supposedly allergic to Snuggle/Mr.Bubble (Sweet names, guys) but I was not purchasing either product, until my downstairs neighbors did, and this is not a product they typically would purchase (organic when possible, frangrance-free, etc.) My reaction from them using it in the wash was violent.

Two doctor's visits. Predisone, eating benadryl like no one else can. Unrelenting. I called my Mom being like I'm two seconds away from taking the potato peeler to my skin, and she just said the only thing she saw me react in this manner with was the aforementioned products.

They were not previously in the shared laundry room, then I saw Snuggle. The neighbors had bought it and recently and sporadically used it. Violent reaction. Horrible, unrelenting, rolling itch. I guess I am really allergic to Satan in a bottle.

Asthma like attacks
by: Carmen

I just recently started having asthma-like attacks when going to bed at night. Coughing and wheezing uncontrollably to the point of needing multiple antihistamines and an inhaler. Then my infant grandson started breaking out in hives when put down for his afternoon nap. The common denominator is that our bedding was rinsed with the Snuggle Blue Sparkle liquid. I washed the crib bedding again and did not use the softener. No hives!! I'm thinking that my breathing issues will clear up as well as soon as I rewash my clothing and towels. So glad I happened upon this article and read similar testimonies.

Skin Allergy
by: Sue

Horrendous itching and rash everywhere my clothes that were dried with Snuggles came in contact with my body. There is no question that this product has caused this reaction. Out in the garbage it goes!

Fabric Softener ruined my life
by: Anonymous

My wife thought she was saving money by drying washing on the living room radiators instead of tumble drying. My son is a fitness instructor and I remember an incident when there were three loads of washing drying in the living room. I had to leave the house. This went on for a number of years despite my concern that it was causing me to become ill. My health has now been destroyed completely. I used to be an exercise addict, running around 60 miles a week plus other stuff. After five years of going to doctors who called me "a nutter" advised to take anti psychotic medication and lots of similar. Now officially diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and environmental intolerance. I can only go out of the house with an activated charcoal mask on. At one time the whole of my face was covered in weeping lesions. I am now a virtual hermit. Be warned!

Snuggle Plus
by: Anonymous

Snuggle Plus Super Fresh liquid softener gave me a very itchy, whelp-like rash. I have never had a reaction to any other softener product.

by: Anonymous

Sunday evening we bought non-concentrated snuggle green bust fabric softener and generic draft. Well we washed clothes later on with both and I'm not sure but I think I put on a t-shirt after showing that might that was washed with those .. well Tuesday morning I woke and had a rash consisting of tiny blister looking bumps on my lower back, chest breast area and behind my ears. Wednesday morning it spread to my neck back of my head the hair line and got worse on my chest and back .. do y'all think it was the snuggle or the baby direct?

allergic even when others use it
by: Ben

This stuff helped put me in the hospital twice last year. Not using it but being around people using it and when they put their clothes in the dryer it makes me to where I have to use an inhaler. I wonder if a person died from smelling this product that the people's family could sue for wrongful death by this company. Think about it.

Dryer sheet under eye swelling
by: Anonymous

A few days ago I decided to try new dryer sheets, scented snuggle brand. I use my wash cloths to remove eye makeup as always, but started having dry swollen irritated under eyes. Been this way now for several days. May have to go to dermatologist if doesn’t clear up soon. My face didn’t react, just eyes. This is really the only thing different I’ve done so thinking scented sheets were the culprit. Going to try a allergy pill today.

Itchy Rash all over my stomach, back, and groin
by: Anonymous

The only thing that I can think of that caused my rash is Snuggle Fabric Softener. I stopped using it a few months ago and the rash disappeared after maybe a week or so. I decided to give it another shot two weeks ago and now I am having another bad reaction on my stomach, armpits, back, groin, and my thighs. I use fragrance free detergent so I know it has to be the Snuggle Softener. Love the smell, but definitely will NOT be purchasing it again.

Physical reaction to Snuggle
by: Anonymous

I have recently become aware that I am adversely affected by the fragrance of Snuggle fabric softener. A coworker was working in vicinity of my desk, and I began feeling short of breath. Within minutes I felt pain in my lungs and developed mucus in my throat, and developed a headache. I have brought it to the attention of the person and management with no resolution yet. I have also developed abdominal pain and dull ache in my kidney.

Snuggle Plus = Respiratory Allergic Reaction
by: Yolanda

Respiratory allergic reaction to Snuggle Plus. Went on for one week before I realized what the cause was. The problem was worse at night after about two hours of sleeping on my bed sheets. Woke up with horrific cough and nose bleeds from hell. Had to re-wash clothes and bed linens. Thought I was the only one in household with this issue but as I washed the other bedroom linens with this my sons developed respiratory issues. No longer using this or any Snuggle products.

Severe Rash
by: William

Snuggle caused a severe, burning and itching rash everywhere my clothes rub against my skin. I suspected something in the laundry, and through a logical process of elimination, narrowed it specifically to Snuggle.

This product and others that use similar unnatural ingredients is acutely harmful. I recommend never buying and using such products.

Am I getting a reaction of night sweats from fabric softeners
by: Lisa

I am not sure what is wrong with me. I bought snuggle liquid fabric softener and Bounce dryer sheets and I have been night sweating horrible its dripping off me. I feel like a film is on me, from a drying of the residue. I am hot flashing as well and laying all night soaked and freezing. Do u all think it could be from the chemicals in the products? I am sensitive to smells and get severe migraines. I am going to spend the extra money and switch to see if I get better.I have a dr apt this week and am asking for more blood work to rule anything else out.Had it done three months ago and was excellent. This is why Im think this is from these products chemical components.Next trip to store I am searching for a natural fabric softener, if they exist

by: Anonymous

The spouse and I too have been breaking out with rash/hives. This happened all of a sudden after using snuggle plus softener. I love the smell but we're definitely going to have to stop using it. 😒😔

Snuggle fabric softener sheets caused allergic reaction in mine and my daughter’s skin!
by: Anonymous

I recently purchased snuggle fabric softener sheets on sale and began using them. I have had itchy, burning skin, itchy roof of mouth, inside nose and eyes for days now and thought I had ingested almonds, to which I am allergic. It wasn’t until my 12 y/o daughter was folding clothes and started crying because her arms, hands, neck and chin were burning and itching that I figured it out! We were both having allergic reactions at the same time! Thankfully, we can wash all the clothes again and take a Claritin until we clear up from whatever chemical is in the dryer sheets. Yikes! I will never buy snuggle or other scented fabric softeners again!

Snuggle dryer sheets are torture in a box!
by: Anonymous

Husband bought these because they smelled good and we washed all our kids bedding and clothes with them. Now all three of my kids have rashes in their necks and are all miserable! We had no idea what was causing it and urgent care trips were useless in determining the cause. After dealing with it for a week I finally thought about the dryer sheets but still didn’t really believe such an innocent little dryer sheet was causing it. To test it I rubbed a tiny bit of one in a small area against the side of older kids neck that wasn’t affected and within a couple hours it blistered. Problem found and apology pizza issued, now I have to rewash literally all my kids clothes because I had just switched out summer and winter clothes and washed literally everything. I want to box the snuggle bear up and ship him to the cdc for his toxicity lol. Fingers crossed between the steroids and allergy meds and rewashed clothes my kids will feel better soon.

broke out
by: Anonymous

My arms, hands, stomach and shoulders all broke out from using snuggle fabric softener.

Almost lost it
by: Anonymous

I developed a severe rash that itched like hell! After 2 months of constant flare ups the mystery was solved. My girlfriend washed everything with Snuggle! I was beginning to think it was her dog giving me this rash. I was about to make her choose between me or her dog and I honestly think I would have lost that one. Once she got rid of the Snuggle it took about 5 weeks to heal. This stuff is the devil! I wish I could sue those bastards making this.

happened to me too
by: Anonymous

The same happened to me. Severe itching. Not good!

Ultra Snuggle Blue sparkle
by: Anonymous

Ultra Snuggle Blue sparkle liquid softener gave me a very itchy, whelp-like rash. I have never had a reaction to any other softener product. I don't recommend this to anyone at all.

super fresh Snuggle
by: Anonymous

We have used Snuggle and Downy for many years without any complications whatsoever. I bought the new super fresh Snuggle, now all of a sudden my husband is breaking out in huge hives and itching all over. Benadryl is not even touching the itching. And I keep feeling like I am trying to have reaction as well.

broken me out everywhere
by: Marcus Ennis

It’s basically a common sense. Go into which store you’d like and look in laundry liquid depts. And when you see this, that there "Snuggles"…… DON'T pick it up. It’ll itch you all over. It has broken me out everywhere.

Insanely itchy rash
by: Anonymous

I had a severe rash all over my body as I used it for all of my clothes. The tighter the clothes the larger the rash (socks/boxers/tshirts, etc.) Took me 2 months to figure out it was the softener. Had to rewash my clothes 3 times to fully get it out.

Attempted removing foods to no avail and then it hit me that it could've been the clothes since the only area affected were covered up. Insanely itchy.

upper body itchy after just one use
by: Mrs Cruz

I used Snuggle fabric softener for the first time and my entire upper body is itchy! I’ve never had any problems with any fabric softener brand but Snuggle is the worse product I’ve ever used!

Snuggle Hives
by: Anonymous

My husband gets terrible hives from Snuggle fabric softener, even if a dryer sheet was used in a laundromat dryer before us. Only one hotel in our travels had snuggle in the sheets. We asked for brand new sheets out of the package and that was fine (until housekeeping changed the sheets when asked not to!). He has no reaction to Downy.

bad stuff when I use this
by: Jane

My face swells, eyes itch and I have a hard time breathing and get brain fog when I use this.

Snuggle Super Fresh
by: Anonymous

I recently broke out in an itchy, burning, and red rash on my legs, torso, upper back and arms. The only thing different in all cleaning and skincare products I use is the Snuggle Super Fresh Fabric Softener. I use Arm & Hammer perfume and dye-free detergent and have used it for many years with no adverse effects. I try to use all-natural products, but stupid me wanted that "fresh scent." I bathed everyday in Aveeno Oatmeal bath and used Aveeno Excema cream to try and soothe and heal it. I didn't want to take the Prednisone that the doctor prescribed. I did take Benadryl for the first two nights just to try and get some sleep. The itching and burning is insane! It seemed to be finally clearing up, but now it's back on my torso. I've gone back to the dryer balls, but I still have clothes that were washed with the Snuggle. I guess I'll have to try and figure out what needs to be rewashed and buy more Aveeno. If anyone knows of a better alternative to clear up the rash I'd love to know about it. PLEASE do yourself a favor and don't use this, or probably any scented detergents or fabric softeners. Perfume-y scents do not equal "clean." The absence of scent is clean.

I will never use Snuggle again
by: Teri S. Hinman

I will never use Snuggle again as it has something that I am allergic to in its ingredients. I am also allergic to Tide. My eyes swelled, my voice was very hoarse and I almost couldn't talk, I had welts where my clothes fit tight that itched terribly. Within a few hours of getting out of bed-showering and putting on clean clothes I was almost back to normal. I sanitized my clothes and bedding but didn't know the fabric softener was the culprit. Went to bed and the same thing happened but not as bad. I sanitized my comforter in the dryer after washing so I think that helped. I put on a shirt that had been washed recently and where it touched my body that was sweating I started itching again. I changed clothes and took another shower and the itching is subsiding. These clothes were washed without Snuggle. In about 3 hours the itching has subsided. Giving this product to a friend who uses it and has no issues with the product.

bad review because of my allergy
by: Pat Gibson

I love the fresh smell on my clothes. I broke out in a rash all over my torso and yesterday I started sneezing, had a runny nose and runny eyes. The Snuggles is the only new thing in my life at this time. I have to give this product a bad review due to my allergy and I see online many others have had a reaction. I have no known allergies before this, including pollen.

even caused breakout on my lips
by: Jenny

I've never had allergies to anything but seasonal. I recently purchased the Snuggles brand liquid softener. At fist I thought stress or meds were causing rash and hives. Now I've realised the dry itchy skin, covered in hives, is only where my clothing is. Especially where the seams are and bra line.

I have three teen boys who have no symptoms. The only issue I don't understand is my lips. I have no history of cold sores, barely ever had a pimple in my life. I'm a single mum, no partner, work at home. So I can't understand the 3 sores and 4 pimples on my lips. I always sleep with a fuzzy blanket cuddled up on me (funny for a 40 year old)! My face has no rash, just my lips. More sensitive area. I can't figure what else it could be, especially when none of the boys are experiencing this.

causes husband to get severe rash and swelling
by: Kathy

My husband gets a severe rash and swelling from Snuggle. He even has trouble if a Snuggle dryer sheet was used in a machine before he uses it. He has no trouble with Downy.

Blue Sparkle version caused rash
by: Becky

Wonderful scent, but caused a terrible skin rash. I dried a load of clothes on a Thursday evening, and the next day I had hives over 80% of my body. They itched terribly. I bathed and applied Gold Bond body lotion, which did soothe most of the itch. I had to rewash all my clothes.

causes a rash
by: Aleta

My mom found out when I was really young that I was allergic to Snuggle. I don't remember it. However, years later I was hugging a friend and I broke out wherever I touched the fabric. My mom said it was the same rash as what I had when I was little from Snuggle. So I asked my friend what his mom used and it was Snuggle. I am afraid to try the other scents. I do not know if it is only one or all. Other scented fabric softeners do not bother me, no does the generic Snuggle from Wal-Mart. So could it be more than just the scent additive?

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