Detergent Allergy Pictures - The Not So Pretty Truth Behind These Allergic Reactions

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This site has become one of the go to locations on the web to discuss laundry detergent allergy problems, and as such several readers have actually sent in pictures to me showing the problems they've experienced because of these allergic reactions.

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Part of me considered not showing the pictures, since they aren't necessarily very pretty. However, there are some people who doubt that people could actually be allergic to laundry detergent or other laundry supplies, and I think these pictures graphically show that is definitely not the case.

If you would like to share your own pictures (family friendly only please!) I would be happy to put them up too. You can submit your own pictures and explanation here (tell which detergent caused it for you, please).

This page is a good resource to show not only doubters, but also those who are trying to figure out if they've had an allergic reaction to a laundry product.

If you're using this page to help with self-diagnosis please be aware each person is different, so their allergic reaction symptoms may also look different from your own. In addition, lots of things can cause allergic reactions, not just detergents so there is no guarantee this is the cause of your problem.

Hopefully though, this page will help show you what some detergent allergy reactions look like and help you figure out what's happening to you too.

Detergent allergy pictures, to help you determine if you've got an allergic reaction to laundry products {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Definitely scroll down to check out the photos, but in addition, make sure to check out may of the additional resources on the site which discuss allergies caused by laundry supplies of all varieties (not just detergent), as well as how to find something to clean your clothes without making you itch.

The main article discussing allergies to laundry supplies is here.

Laundry detergent allergy symptoms, and the cure

Now make sure to scroll down to see the photos!

Top photo courtesy of Cyron

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Picture Of Severe Laundry Detergent Allergy Reaction

by Joe
(Shelby, MI)

Rashes & Eye Swelling Can Also Be Symptoms Of Detergent Allergies

Rashes & Eye Swelling Can Also Be Symptoms Of Detergent Allergies

Joe shared his experience when he had an allergic reaction to laundry detergent.

Joe says:

I have been using regular Tide for a long time and would get minor rashes/irritation from time to time. Then, 2 days ago, while using Tide HE with bleach alternative I had a HUGE flare up and had large lumps and rashes all over my groin, underarms, waistline and legs (picture of underarm included) and both my eyes were half shut from swelling.

I went to the local urgent care clinic and received treatment. While getting the prescription filled I grabbed some Arm And Hammer Perfume And Dye Free Detergent hoping it would help me. I washed approximately 5 loads of clothes including bedding and the next day my hands were very swollen and throughout the day my legs, waist and arms developed more rashes and swelling.

I had to go back to urgent care and get another shot, which didn't seem to help much this time.

Now I am trying an all natural detergent that is plant based. I am REALLY hoping this help me. All I can do is wait it out now and keep taking meds.

Taylor says:

Thanks Joe for sharing your experience with me, but I'm sorry it was so bad for you.

It is no fun to have an allergic reaction, and by the looks of it you've had quite a bad one. I'm glad you've gone to the doctor and hope you'll be on the mend soon.

If you do have luck with this new detergent I'd love to hear about it from you. In addition, you may want to check out this list of hypoallergenic laundry detergent brands to see if it may help you find another detergent to try.

Ultimate guide to hypoallergenic laundry detergent

I actually have gotten a couple of complaints very recently about scent free Arm & Hammer, saying that although they had used it without problems for years, it had started giving them an allergic reaction (see the link above). I'm still investigating that issue, but it sounds like it didn't help you.

The other thing is that when you re-wash clothes that have detergent that has caused an allergic reaction you sometimes have to wash a couple of times, or do multiple rinses to get all the offending detergent out of the clothes. If you didn't get all the residue from the Tide out, that may have caused your symptoms to get worse, instead of the Arm & Hammer. It is hard to say for sure.

Has anyone else had a severe allergic reaction to any type of detergent? If so, please share your story here, and how you fixed it (if applicable).

What Do You Think About Your Laundry DetergentClick To Share Your Review

***Update: I received this comment from an SR101 reader saying:
I had the same reaction to Arm and Hammer free and clear. Swollen eyes, large itchy spots all over.

Bought Dreft to rewash my clothes but so glad I read this, am rewashing in plant derived detergent instead.

Wasn't sure what I was allergic to, but narrowed it down after having read this site. Thanks !!
***End Update

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Dreft Caused Severe Allergic Reaction

by Jared Johnson
(Omaha, NE)

Jared also shared some pictures of what happened when he had an allergic reaction to laundry detergent.

Jared says:

About 1 month ago, I started having breakouts from what I assumed was an allergic reaction.

The laundry detergent I was using was already hypoallergenic, so I went to one that is supposed to be good for babies, Dreft.

What happened next was even more shocking because the baby detergent caused a severe breakout to the point where I had to go to the ER and have a nurse give me some prednisone to reduce the swelling.

For ten days the swelling was gone, then I put on my work clothes for the next day to go to work, and as I woke up in the morning, I realized that my face felt kind of funny. I looked in the mirror only to find that my face was swollen so bad I could not see out of my eyelids but a squint, so I walked to work to see if my boss still wanted me to work. Naturally, they didn't want to be liable if anything happened on the job, so they sent me home.

After that I decided to wash my clothes in just regular water and do an extra rinse cycle to see if anything remaining was still on my clothes.

Only problem, is that the washer and dryer are shared by more than just myself where I live, so whomever used it before me or whomever has the detergent that I react to, I do not know.

So for now, all I am able to do is use allegra, whenever the break outs occur. They happen less and less as I start to just wash my clothes in water and no detergent, which means that there are still detergent residues in my clothes or in the washer basin.

I have attached some photos of what happened. It looked similar to what happened with a guy named Joe on there as well.

***Jared also shared this comment directly with Joe, from above. I've added it here to go with the rest of his submission. Jared said in response to Joe's submission:***

Hey Joe,

I have been having similar reactions that you have had, break outs, swelling, even had my eyes nearly swollen shut.

Problem for me is I live in a place where everyone uses that same washer and about 5-50 detergents could be going through there.

The picture of that breakout looks exactly like what has happened with me, I even tried a hypoallergenic detergent called dreft, and that just made it worse.

At this point I am at a loss what I am supposed to do because if there are that many different detergents going through the washers, the possibilities of narrowing it down are endless.

Taylor says:

Sorry you've had this bad experience Jared. I hope you feel better soon.

You're probably right that whatever caused your allergic reaction, to begin with, is from the residue of someone else's detergent that was left in the communal washing machines.

However, you're right, you most likely made it worse by switching to Dreft. I've gotten several submissions from readers sharing how Dreft caused them to have allergic reactions, so you are not alone, although I'm sure thats small comfort to you right now. This detergent, although made for babies, is scented, and scent is a major component in many people's allergy problems with various detergents.

Dreft laundry detergent reviews, about allergic reactions

I don't think washing your clothes in plain water is a viable long term solution for you though, because eventually your clothes are going to start to feel pretty dirty! I would try another hypoallergenic laundry detergent -- this time confirm it is both scent and dye free -- and use it with your clothes. Buy a small bottle, so that you can experiment until you find one your body tolerates and that works well for cleaning your clothes.

Then, make sure you always do an extra rinse cycle to help reduce the amount of detergent residue in your clothing.

If things continue to go badly you may want to run an empty load in the communal washing machine to rinse away residue before running your own load. I know that's more expensive, but better than missing work for health problems, right?

I hope these suggestions help, since I know having these allergic reactions can make you feel miserable!

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Love The Gain Scent, But Not The Rash...

by Lisa
(Atoka, TN)

I have always used Tide or Era liquid with no reaction, but decided to try Gain powder HE original scent because it smelled so good and is a little cheaper than the other brands.

Oh my did I make a horrible mistake!

Just after I poured the first cup in the washer, my arms were covered in a red streaky pattern, which I get every time I pull weeds.

I thought maybe it was the weeds or grass since I had been in the yard the day before, but no, the next day (after 3 more loads) I had little itchy bumps along with the red streaks.

I am now on day 5 and the itchy bumps and redness is not only on my arms, but has moved to my feet and a few places on my legs.

Ughhhh...I have started re-washing everything and threw that pleasant scented stuff in the garbage.

The only relief I get is from Benadryl cream.

I am highly sensitive, but no other family member had any symptom at all??? How long does it take for this misery to go away? (The pic is of my wrist).

Gain laundry detergent allergy experiences and stories

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Allergic Reaction To Snuggle Fabric Softener: Picture

by SR101 Reader

It is actually not just detergents which can cause allergic reactions, but any laundry products. Here is a picture and store from a reader who has suffered an allergic reaction to Snuggle fabric softener.

SR101 Reader says:

A few years ago I used Snuggle in the emerald green scent.

The reaction started with a burning itch on the bottoms of my feet. I thought it was a reaction from our recently steam cleaned carpets so I just started wearing shoes around the house.

A few days later it moved to the tops of my feet and up my legs. The only relief I could get was scrubbing down thoroughly in the shower.

I still didn't make the connection to the fabric softener, since I was sure my mom used Snuggle when I was younger. But, the burning itch would not go away.

I went to the doctor who prescribed prednisone, which I also had an allergic reaction to.

After trying several other steroid and anti anxiety medications we found ativan which worked.

I figured out it was my fabric softener and washed everything twice with the extra rinse cycle.

I still broke out on my feet. It would not come out of my socks.

I ended up buying more socks to cure that problem.

I have since stayed away from all Snuggle softeners. Until several days ago I've been really lucky.

Then, we used the apartment community washer/dryer and the familiar buring sensation happened instantly when I put my socks on. I guess I'm going shopping again.

But I have yet to find anything to actually treat the reaction.

I have not been worrying about it like last time, so I don't feel there's any need for an anti anxiety meds.

I have just been going back and forth from Neosporin to Palms cocoa butter.

After several days it is still there. A half dollar size rash on my forearm.

I don't know what else to do. I refuse Benadryl because I would like to stay awake, and the cream doesn't work.

Any help would be very very much appreciated.

Snuggle fabric softener reviews

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear about your allergic reaction, and I hope you feel better soon.

I'm not a medical doctor, so I can't give any advice about fixing the rash you've already got, but definitely avoid those community washers if you can at all avoid them. (I know that is sometimes easier to say than to do though!)

If you've got to wash clothes in such a machine definitely try to do a second rinse, and perhaps also add vinegar or baking soda to the rinse to help release even more detergent and other laundry product residues from your clothing's fabrics.

Has anyone else experienced an allergic reaction to fabric softeners? If you have, I'd appreciate you sharing your story. You can share your experiences here.

The ultimate guide to fabric softener

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Son's Reaction Brought Him To The ER Swollen From Head To Toe

by Mary Redd
(Aiea Hi)

Mary says:

I purchased All with oxi stain lifters in hopes to lessen my stain problems as I have 2 active boys. My older son broke out with hives on his arms, his face swelled up where you could barely see and his eyes and his legs, feet and hands were sausage-like. This is significant as walking was a problem too.

Now I'm in the midst of washing every fabric in this home which means a loss of a day of work and worry he may break out again if I miss washing something.

This is a true nightmare. I may need him to stay with family until I'm done.

All Oxi laundry detergent reviews

Taylor says:

So sorry to hear this Mary, and I really hope your son feels better soon.

I have gotten a LOT of complaints about the ALL detergents that contain OXI (plus complaints about many other detergents that contain oxi ingredients as well, since something about this ingredient seems to bother lots of people). You can even check out these ALL Free & Clear Oxi detergent complaints where even the supposedly hypoallergenic version bothers people.

All free and clear oxi active reviews

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Gain With Freshlock Caused Allergies For Past 3 Weeks

by Runiq
(South Dakota)

allergy seen for abour 3 weeks!

allergy seen for abour 3 weeks!

Runiq shared these pictures of her allergic reaction caused by Gain laundry detergent.

Runiq says:

It has been a good detergent to wash the clothes, but I have no doubt it caused my allergies.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear about this problem you've experienced Runiq.

You're definitely not the first person who has told me Gain caused them an allergic reaction. You can read more stories about Gain detergent allergic reactions here.

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Hives & Welts Caused By Gain Scent Booster (Fireworks)

by Karen

Karen says:

My teenage son developed hives/welts on his legs, trunk and arms after use of this additive to our regular laundry detergent.

I've never had any issue with detergents in the past. I guess the additives are not worth the added fragrance!

Taylor says:

Sorry your son had such a bad reaction.

You're right though -- scent boosting products are completely unnecessary for anything but adding additional scent to your wash. They don't clean, they don't soften, nothing.

Therefore, it isn't surprising that many people get allergic reactions for all the added scent these products provide. I've got stories now for Gain Fireworks (the product you used), as well as for Downy Unstopables, and Purex Crystals (although this one does technically have some softener in it as well).

Gain Fireworks can cause allergic reactions

Downy Unstopables caused allergic reaction

Purex Crystals allergic reaction

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Itching On My Body & Itching, Redness & Swelling On Face From Tide Pods

by Mary Barnwell
(Fayetteville, NC, USA)

Mary says:

I have had increased itching since using the Tide Pods.

I had been itching more. Then again I washed my bed linen, pillows, pillow cases and all in the Tide Pods HE.

When I got up yesterday morning and I had itching, redness, and swelling on the right side of my face to go along with the body itching.

The only change made at that time was using the Tide Pods.

So far warm compresses to the right side of my face has not relieved it. Going to try Benadryl to see if that helps. I will stop using these Pods immediately, and go back to regular Tide HE since I did not seem to have the reaction to it.

This is a terrible feeling.

Now I have to wash all of my clothes again that I washed in the Pods, and even all the bed linens and everything.

Also I used the Tide Boost Vivid along with the Tide Boost HE laundry detergent.

Taylor says:

So sorry to hear this Mary, I hope you feel better soon!

You are definitely not the first person to complain about allergic reactions from Tide Pods. In fact, I've gotten so many complaints I had to create a whole page about it on the site.

You can check out others who've had the same problem, even if they, like you, can use the regular (non-pod) versions of this brand.

Tide Pods allergies and itchy reactions

Of course, some people are also allergic to the non-pod varieties of Tide. You can check out more Tide detergent allergies stories here that I've also collected on this site.

Tide detergent allergies, stories and experiences from readers

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Buying Snuggle Was A Big Mistake

by Jess
(Illinois )

Jess says:

I've recently used Snuggle Fabric Softener. It gave me a huge breakout.

Snuggle fabric softener allergic reactions
I only used it because I was low on funds, it was a little cheaper than another softener I regularly use. Big mistake I made!!

I've been dealing with a breakout that's all over my entire body. Of coarse I had to rewash EVERYTHING in my home, not to mention I have 3 kids and a husband... 8 loads turned into 16 loads... I will NEVER use this product again!!

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear about this Jess.

You are definitely not the first person to tell me they've had a reaction to this fabric softener. Here are other Snuggle fabric softener allergy stories from even more readers.

Plus, here's another picture from a SR101 reader:

skin reaction from Snuggle fabric softener

She explained that it caused itching and burning for her.

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Kirkland Liquid Detergent Caused Horrible Skin Reaction

by Alana
(Sacramento, CA)

Kirkland laundry detergent reviews

Alana says:

Horrible allergic reaction to Kirkland liquid. It looks like I have scabies.

I'm sticking with Gain.

Taylor says:

Alana, so sorry to see your experience.

You're definitely not the first person to say that the Kirkland brand products (sold at Costco), although you're the first to report it specifically with the liquid version.

Kirkland free and clear laundry detergent reviews
(Ironically, it is the hypoallergenic Kirkland version which most readers, at least so far, have said they've been allergic to.)

I hope you feel better soon!

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Am I Allergic To Xtra Laundry Detergent?

by Travis
(Weirton, WV)

Possible Reaction To Laundry Detergent

Possible Reaction To Laundry Detergent

Travis asked me this question about a possible allergic reaction to detergent he had.

Travis says:

I just went to Walmart and just grabbed any kind of laundry detergent, which happened to be Xtra, and man am I regretting it.

I have done nothing but break out since I last washed my clothes in this detergent. I have like pimple like bumps without the white head and they're really irritated as well as kind of swollen up pimples. When I first got one I thought it was a pimple and squeezed it, and white hard like puss came out.

This detergent is the only thing I can think of that broke me out. Do you have any ideas or input on if this would be the actual cause? Like I said, I've not had a problem until I washed my clothes. Does the symptoms sound like that of an allergic reaction?

Taylor says:

Travis, I'm not a doctor so I can't say for sure if you had an allergic reaction to laundry detergent or not, but it very well could be. You definitely aren't the only person who has been allergic to Xtra detergent.

Xtra laundry detergent allergic reaction stories and experiences

I would suggest going to the doctor to deal with the break out if it came suddenly, since it may need medical attention.

In regard to dealing with the possible allergy, I would first worry about your health and then I would rewash all clothing you previously washed in the Xtra detergent in another detergent you have previously used without problems. It may take a couple of washes to remove any perfumes or other allergens from these clothes.

If this, by itself, calms your break out you'll have a better indication that you and Xtra detergent don't get a long and you shouldn't use it anymore.

I hope that helps, and that you feel better soon!

*** Update: Here's another picture sent in of an Xtra detergent allergy sent in by another reader who said, "I get hives throughout my body" from that brand.

hives caused by allergic reaction to laundry detergent

*** End Update

Have You Had An Allergic Reaction To A Laundry Product?

As you can see from all the pictures and stories shared above (and even more shared in the comments below), allergic reactions to laundry detergent are real, and they can cause some pretty severe symptoms.

As I mentioned above, if you're allergic to a detergent or other laundry product, you should stop using it immediately, and begin the process of rewashing your clothes with a different detergent, to remove the allergens that are causing your reaction.

I've already shared resources above for hypoallergenic laundry detergents above (and again at the link), but really you must use all types of hypoallergenic laundry products (and even then, you can have an allergic reaction to some of these products as well, it's just less common).

Here's my ultimate guide to other hypoallergenic laundry products available on the market, so you can find all the products you'll need.

Hypoallergenic laundry product reviews

Does anyone else have laundry detergent allergy pictures to share (family friendly, of course). If so, you can share your pictures and experience here.

Further, you can also, even without photos, tell me your reviews and experiences with particular detergents, especially those you like, that don't both your allergies, or the ones that made you itch like mad.

What Do You Think About Your Laundry DetergentClick To Share Your Review

Further, check out all the laundry washing detergent guide here on the site, for lots more information about the products used to wash your clothes.

Laundry washing detergent guide

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Comments for Am I Allergic To Xtra Laundry Detergent?

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by: Anonymous

How long does it last?

how long does it take for an allergy to show up?
by: Lee

If I have an allergy to detergent how long would it take to show up?
For two weeks I have been on Benadryl, Prednisone, and Hydrocortizone and I still have the rash. It is not as severe but still at times the itch makes life unbearable. I do the oatmeal bath and that helps.

Is it possible that it would take two months to react? I had changed detergent and I suspect that may be the cause. Any advise on what I should do next?

Itching on legs and arms
by: Anonymous

I've been dealing with intense itching and hives for nearly two months. I've tried steroids, acupuncture, herbs, different soaps and detergents (not hypoallergenic types, just plant based). My question is do you think this problem could be a detergent problem even if it's just affecting my legs and inner forearms? The itching is worse at night and it wakes me up.

Answers to some of these questions posed by readers
by: Taylor

Hi! First, let me say to everyone who has written in with questions, I'm sorry you're suffering from some type of allergic reaction. It really sucks, I know the feeling. But I'm not a doctor, and this cannot be construed as medical advice.

How long can allergic reaction last? - That depends, but it can last a long time, especially if the source of the allergy is not removed. That is what makes it really frustrating sometimes, since it isn't always clear what the allergy is to, or how to remove it from your environment.

How long does it take for an allergy to show up? - It can show up almost immediately, or take a while to show up as you slowly are more and more exposed to the item you're allergic to. Since so many things cause allergies and people are different there is a lot of variation.

Itching just on legs and arms - The surest sign of a detergent allergy is a reaction just about anywhere your body touches the fabric, although especially at places with lots of friction, such as the waist of pants, etc. If your body is touching fabric but is not reacting anywhere but in certain areas it is less likely to be an allergy to detergent, although weirder things have happened.

Arm & Hammer Reaction
by: Anonymous

I've had the same reaction to Arm & Hammer, although not as serious, after using it for many years.

Hey Guys....Me Too! Allergy to Laundry Detergent
by: Donna Bouwer

I am a native, born and raised in Bradenton, Florida, notorious for mosquitoes and no seeums (sp?). For 3 months now I have been thinking it was from bug bites. Went to Dr. and was told it was Scabies. Then wen to Dermatologist who said it was fungal. Biopsy came back "consistent with insect bites". I FINALLY figured it out. In late May we switched laundry detergents. My elbows, eyes, face and ankles itch so bad I could not stand it any longer. I self diagnosed, I know now that I have washed my clothing and bed sheets so often that it just HAS TO BE THE DETERGENT. I have switched from Arm and Hammer to Publix Free and Clear. Still itching, but need to use the rinse cycle a few times, per your suggestion. Thanks a lot for your article, it really helped. I was feeling like I had leprosy.

Softener Detergent
by: Anonymous

I've always had skin allergies, however I was unaware of detergent allergies. I had itchy red spots after washing my bedsheets but I did not think much of it. However just 2 days ago I washed my towels with detergent softener and omg face felt hot. I looked in the mirror and I was red like a tomato. Having to work the next day I went to bed. I woke up and could barely open my eyes. I looked in the mirror and was horrified to see my face swollen to the max, my eyes were extremely swollen and now my body was also red from my neck to my legs. I took Benadryl and applied hydrocortisone but barely any progress in getting better. I can see a little bit better but I'm still swollen. I hope the swelling goes down. If not I'll have to take a trip to the ER :-(

Thought I had bed bugs at first
by: April

My rashes looked like bites so I thought blood was getting sucked out of me for the last two weeks. So glad I found this site. My face swelled 3x, my hands itched, and I had all the rashes everywhere. I switched from Gain to Purex momentarily. I washed everything in this stuff. Glad it's not bed bugs. I never did find one but I did find the answer. I was wondering why I was the only one getting bit out of a household of seven. Thanks people for sharing. I just might get some sleep.

type of rash?
by: Tanya

I have never suffered from allergies in my whole life, nor ever had a rash besides the chicken pox and there were about 6 of them. I recently suffered a pajamas outline shaped allergic skin reaction of burning blotchy red all over with pimple like rash throughout it and unfortunately also now have discovered allergies from shampoos, conditioners and soaps quite recently. Today is day two on laundry rash and wad wondering if your rash resembled pimples and round basically flat pimple sized sores with white that as heals gals out and if so how long was your healing? Benadryl helped a lot to stop rash and begin to heal up but now I see lots of tiny pin pick sized all throughout but they do not appear to be growing or itchy. Took Benadryl as soon as I saw and so far still the same. When the original rash grew up in min and big red blotches. I showered immediately and that stopped growth and since been healing. Did you experience a second round of tiny ones? I am not sure if they are from the first reaction or if I inadvertently touched something else. If you had a similar reaction can you let me know if they are just ridding body from last and remain in that stage before then healing of is it possible to spread the rash? Also I found it odd that I have no rash on my hands as I did make up the need and also took them along with the rest of me when I went to bed. I didn't bother with the dr since it seemed to be healing fine and not to bothersome but the presence of these other pin prick size ones but they don't seem to be changing to much. It really looks just like pimples till you look real close and see they are each perfectly round and flat with what I would presume is white puss centers that then dry and fall out. Thanks any info would be helpful. I have such a hectic schedule to visit a dr over what seems perfectly manageable for now.

I'm allergic to a lot of things
by: Rush'd Lady

I have asthma and allergies to any bar soaps but Dove, any dish soap but Dawn or Palmolive, bleach, cheap lotions except Vaseline brand, cheap laundry soaps (use Tide-free), herbal and hydrolyzed animal protein shampoos, ibuprofen, latex, pencillin, phisoderm soap, powdered products, oils & perfumes made with cedar (Oxiclean), lavender & patchouli, soy products, stinging bugs, wool, etc. I've been using 1 cup of vinegar to rinse my laundry this summer to get rid of mildew spores. And I haven't had any problem with the cheap dryer sheets providing they don't have too much perfume. I usually cut them in half anyway.

has anyone had a breathing reaction, or just skin reactions?
by: Anonymous

I have just read about the rashes, however does anyone have a breathing reaction, where you cough, eyes tear and you can become short of breath from detergents? Gain is the worst, although I am affected by other soaps. I use nothing but clear products. However I can just be around someone that uses Gain and I get the allergic reaction. Is there anyone that can tell me what is in it that would cause this? Thank you.

response re breathing reaction question
by: Taylor

Yes, you can definitely get breathing reactions like you've described from a detergent allergy. Harder to provide pictures of that kind of reaction, but it is very common just like the skin rashes and hives. Typically it is the scent in the specific detergent that is causing your breathing issues. Who knows exactly what it is for you that is caused by the Gain, because each person's body is unique and reacts a bit differently, although there is similarities. But as much as possible I would suggest avoiding it. (I know, much easier said than done.)

Mule Team Borax - think I'm allergic
by: Daniella

I think I am allergic to 20 Mule Team borax. I bought this for class sensory science project for my KG class awhile ago, and broke out in a rash on my wrist. Thought nothing of it. Took the rest home to use for laundry, and now I have little red itchy bumps all over my stomach for the past 2 weeks. They come and go. Thought I had chicken pox at first, ruled that out. Then someone said I was allergic to white flour and should switch to whole grain. (I never was before so a little unsure about this one). I read another web site that led me to believe I had a liver disease. Finally I came to this site and figured out what I should have known all along. The itching is under control with vaseline, it works wonders.

Happened to me too
by: Lana

Same story as Joe with the Arm & Hammer. I bought this brand and it brought on itchy welts and bumps along the edges of my clothes, so I do believe it is the detergent.

My problem
by: Firefighter

Never buy Xtra laundry detergent! My problem started back in May 2015 it's now October 2015 and I am still having break outs/skin rashes along with the terrible itching like the kind that you want to jump off the empire state building just to stop it from happening. I never have had a allergic reaction to laundry detergent before in my life ever.I usually bought whatever was on sale because it wasn't a concern for me what brand to buy. I am looking for answers on a brand that other people have had success with. I have switched to several brands and am still having break outs. It seems like it turn into a snow ball effect, even brands I use before I didn't have a problem with, now I am !!! What's that all about?

Allergic to most laundry detergents and perfumes
by: Ashley

Both my babies and I are allergic to most laundry detergents and anything really with a strong scent. My 5 month old is currently suffering from a break out caused by some hand me downs from family. I washed them about 3 times in the wash before putting them on and still :( reacted really bad, half his body is itchy, super red and hurts!

Writing this because you need to know that washing clothing just once or twice in cold water may not work with certain detergents, it actually is embedded in the fibers. I found out if you want the items, most times it needs to be hot water to wash and hung outside for as long as it takes for the smell to get out. May take up to 2 to 3 days outside. Hope this helps someone else.

my poor wife :((
by: Anonymous

In 2009 my wife has had a rash that seems to be getting worse. She has tried every thing to get rid of or at least control it. This morning we were talking about it because I am very concerned for her. We figured that is when we went to (HE) washer so I looked at your site and a lot of her problems look and sound a lot like some of yours. Do you know if there is a test for this so you can narrow it down? Maybe there is a different chemical in (HE). Now its 2016, we will try some of your suggestions, thanks.

by: Anonymous

Though I was going crazy. Thanks for the pix, it's obviously my detergent.

Crazy Hives
by: Anonymous

I got hives now three weekends in a row when I visited my boyfriend's house. His son started using this detergent. I got them and then they itched much less around Wednesday. Hopefully this is the last weekend of this now that I know.

Now that I know, I know I have to bring my own sheets and not touch his clothing until his detergent cycles through.

Only in Caribbean resorts?
by: Andy

Every southern trip brings on full body rash......
Trying desperately to specifically identify the source. Suspect it is in the cleaners used to prevent bed bugs, lice, etc.

All is fine in Canada and US
Anyone similar? Can anyone assist in identifying the source ?

Thanks in advance.

in response to fabric softener post...
by: Anonymous

The burning feet and patchy red irritation on arm sound like scabies. I went through that when I was 13. Don't know where I contracted it. First doctor had my mom switch detergents to no relief and then a dermatologists took one fast look and said yep that's scabies. I realize this post is probably pretty old, but if it helps someone get diagnosed and feeling better faster that's all that matters.

rash on my stomach
by: Anonymous

I've been using cheap washing detergent and it's been breaking me out. I have big red blotches on my stomach and itch like hell. Even the doctor didn't know what kind of rash it was. I guess it would be best to go to no dye and fragrance washing detergent.

same patches
by: Allanah

Hi, thought I would comment as I have the same patches that you have but on my arms. I have had theses for weeks and can't seems to find anything to get rid of theses patches. I went to the doctor to see what it was. The doctor said it was bad eczema and the chemist person said it was scabbies but I knew for sure it wasn't scabbies. Every time I touch washing powder and cleaning products like bleach etc. I would itch like hell and break out. Was wondering what helps you clear yours up?

Fragrances in cleaning, laundry products
by: Anonymous

It isn't the soap for me, it is the fragrances. Chemically made perfumes and fragrance additives make my muscles cramp, my eyes water and sting and impairs my vision. If I stay around them I feel like I'm choking. It's scary. There are MSD sheets on all man made chemicals. What you find on Material Safety data Sheets might surprise you. They are BAD!!!

itchy prickly burning mwith one or two red dots on thighs
by: Cindy

I have used every laundry detergent I can think of. Right now I am only using baking soda and glycerin. My thighs are the worst. They burn, itch, prickle and only have one red dot on each side of leg. My neck is red and sometimes my arms and back itch. The baking soda thing doesn't help either. However when I remove my clothes I no longer itch. Even in bed I don't itch. Any ideas if this laundry detergent?

Allergic to Gain and Irish Spring soap
by: Anonymous

I decided to try Irish spring soap. My first use made me miserable. I was itching and stinging all over. Had to get another shower a few minutes after drying myself. I used my regular soap Dial and it got rid of my symptoms. I regularly use Tide detergent. My husband had some minor issues with itching so I tried Gain. I was miserable, itching and stinging itch. Turns out it was the fabric in his shirt. Back to my Tide. I have problems using perfumed soaps and colored toilet tissue. Guess my skin is just sensitive. Will stay with what I know won't bother me and never try other products.

Liquid Tide - How long will the hives last?
by: Anonymous

Six weeks ago, after using original liquid Tide on 2 loads of laundry, I woke up with welt hives around my waist and smaller spots on my abdomen. I immediately took 2 Benadryl, then one every 4 hours for a day and a half. I rewashed the laundry with my "free and clear" brand, plus white vinegar. The hives were gone by the next afternoon.

A week later I again woke up with hives on my waist and abdomen, started Benadryl and thought they would go away. It's now 5 weeks later and I have not been hive-free since that 2nd breakout. As old ones fade, new ones break out. I've had them on every part of my body, including the soles of my feet!
A nurse friend suggested taking Claritin with the Benadryl, as well as an acid reducer (famatodine). I have used hydrocortisone cream, Gold Bond, Caladryl and any other anti-itch product I can find. I've taken soda and epson salt baths, cool showers, and used peppermint oil directly on some spots. Tonight for the first time, I have several on my face! I know the original allergen is gone. Will these hives ever go away?

by: Anonymous

I have what appears to be an itchy rash on my body. I know it could be a detergent allergy. Looking for more information.

Got rid of HE washer and that helped
by: Anonymous

I didn't get rid of the hives/rash until I got rid of my HE washer. Almost 5 months on prednisone, allergy meds twice daily and no relief. Thought I would itch to death, which is only part of the agony. Little sleep, constant feeling of being in an ant bed, shot nervous system, pretty much hell. It all started 2 weeks after purchasing the HE washer. Ended within a week of going back to agitator washer. Dr seemed uncertain the change would work since we had not yet, after thousands of dollars of testing, found allergens. I guess being hard headed about it paid off. I've been enjoying clear skin for over a month now! Thank God!

Itching and swelling all over my body
by: Kerdene

I think I may be allergic to my dryer in my house. About two months now I get a dryer in from I start to use it my body start to itch my body start to swell all over my face on Lips feet on hand start to swell up I don't know what else to do. I go to doctor, nothing helps. What can I do?

Cured myself
by: Linda

I have noticed that the new washers do not use much water when washing clothes. Consequently the rinse is not effective. I changed to the washing balls that change the PH in the water to wash the clothes. Unfortunately while on vacation I used soap. I put on my night gown and everywhere the gown touched I itched and broke out. I jumped into the shower and scrubbed and rinsed my body and changed into a cotton top that was not washed in soap. My rash does not itch and the red blotches are going away. Using those ball things are the greatest. Just put them In the sun to charge them up and NO soap! Hope this helps others.

Kirkland Free and clear is horrible
by: Anonymous

Omg! I think these pics will speak for themselves. I have never been allergic to anything before. Do not buy Kirkland liquid free and clear!

rash everywhere
by: Anonymous

My husband started itching. I thought we had bed bugs but did a little research, slept on his side of bed, and I did not get the itching. Then I washed my linens again, not knowing that it was the detergent until google it. He broke out real bad this time. Pic looks just like his skin reaction. I have changed back to my regular detergent and no more Gain pods.

Not sure what the red spots are from
by: Barb

I broke out in small to medium raised red marks. Sometimes they itch and sometimes they do not.

Detergent sensitivity
by: Anonymous

I am so sensitive to detergent. I cannot sleep if I even smell it. I stay up hours on end because all I smell is detergent and I use fragrance free/perfume free products. I don't know what else to try. I was using baking soda for everything until it clogged up my washing machine and vinegar smells disgusting. I've tried that too. I don't use fabric softener because that stuff is the worst. I just wish I could find something that would help me. I need my sleep!!

I think it's my laundry detergent
by: Margo

My husband got hit. First he thought it was mosquito bites, then it hit me. The only different thing I did was buy Purex Oxi Plus laundry detergent. This is day 6. I have a rash all over and it is spreading. I can't sleep. I'm on prednisone but I'm going to try the washing machine rinse with no laundry detergent in and the vinegar rinse. I'm trying hydro so ointment and calamine. It only works for a short time. Thanks for all the good advice on here. I hope it works.

allergies flare up with All detergent
by: Molly Hudson

I had bumps like those shown in the pictures at top of this page. First, for months I itched with no bumps. Then the bumps appeared. I went to Kaiser's allergy clinic who tested me for everything but not sure they tested for detergents.
I noticed that it really flares up if my skin is wet and touches laundry washed in All.

With the bumps I also get bronchial irritation and cough a little. I have been using Benedryl at night and Claritin in the day. They help but I am ready to get one of those steam cloths washers and dryers.

Household cleaner and soap allergy
by: Anonymous

For about ten years I have experienced terrible itching on my arms, hands and shoulders. Started on my shoulders with itching that turned into a blister, breaks open and causes scarring. I finally figured out it was the shampoo I was using. Since then I can get this reaction from Blue Dawn liquid, but can use the white Dawn.

Many different soaps and detergents and cleaning products have caused the same problem. I have noticed that items that are blue in color I cannot use. I try to stick with what I know I can use. The itching is unbearable at times It wakes me up at night. About the only thing I can do is ice the area. Have seen allergists and dermatologists with no help really given.

Sometimes it is so bad I want to cry. I carry my own hand soap when I travel.

Red bumps and itching
by: Jenny

I got terrible detergent allergy, red bumps all over my legs, felt like I wanted to die, itching so much. I scratched a lot with my fingers, after two weeks I figured out it was detergent I used. I washed all the bedding and cloth, felt much better!

allergic to Snuggle softener
by: Anonymous

I am allergic to Snuggle. Curious if anyone has tried using vinegar in their rinse, it is supposed to get the detergent out better. Also you can use crumbled up foil or wool balls to keep static out.

Tide Pods reaction
by: Elexus

I'm going through the same thing. I usually use the Gain pods but my mom found a great deal so she got me the Tide pods. I have only been using them for about a week and I'm having a terrible reaction. My arms, chest, back, and thighs are covered in areas that itch like crazy, I try to ignore it but I just can't!

by: Anonymous

Do you have to go to a doctor for medication or is there medicine you can buy that will get rid of the rash and red spots?

Thank you Alana
by: Sindie

Thank you Alana for your post. I have had a chronic rash for about 9 months and the docs keep saying it is caused by stress. I felt like it was something else. My husband just asked if it could be the Kirkland liquid laundry detergent. Thanks for your post. I am going to switch and see what happens.

Sodium sulfite
by: Anonymous

I have been battling skin allergies for years. I have an awesome Dermatologist so I have been putting this information out there. I use a sulfates free laundry soap made by All. So far you can only get it on line. Amazon, Target and Walmart on line. Try a sulfates free and see if the reaction goes away. I use no products with sulfates, it sometime is a hassle but anytime it's on my skin it burns and I get a skin reaction.

Downy fabric softener
by: Vonnie

I used Downy fabric softener in excess at one time, my husband and I both hot a rash, hives that itched so much I have bruised my self by scratching. Rewash all clothes with a limited amount of detergent, which we have always used Arm & Hammer, but this switch to Downy from our reg cheaper Gain was a mistake. I have found that jock itch works good along with allergy meds.

powdered detergent allergy
by: Anonymous

I have never been able to use any powdered laundry soap. I always break out in rashes and my whole body will itch for days. Some days my only solution is to take a super hot bath and re wash all my clothes. Does anyone have an idea how many times clothes has to be washed to get all the laundry detergent out of it?

allergies or scabies
by: Patricia

I came to USA 3 month ago and since 2 month I have a eruption and itching on my legs and arms. I went to the Hospital and the doctor give a treatment for scabies. Strange because I live alone, and I'm very clean. After I read the different stories, I'm thinking I use DOWNY SOFTNESS on all my laundry. I'm going to stop using this and see what happened. I have picture how can I post them?

Same for me too. But curious how long it took to recover back to normal skin without medicine
by: Gans

Same for me too. But curious how long it took to recover back to normal skin without medicine. I usually buy Gain. But this time, bought Arm and Hammer Oxiclean max. After about weeks time I started getting skin bumps in hip region below arm and hip region. Went to doc. Asked if I am allergic to any food. Any new food I ate, bed bugs, new medicines. He then prescribed methyl prednisolone.. 6,5,4,3,2,1 for 6 days. Washed bed spreads, comforter once during course. Didn't get any rash for next two days. Now again got back bumps in hips, hand wrist region and today it is lower jaw.

Seeing the pics and location, I think it is detergent only. Dr asked me to go to allergist.

Once you isolated it is detergent issue, what was the medication you did and curious how long it took to recover back to normal skin without medicine??

No more gain.
by: Anonymous

Forgot what dryer sheets we used. Folded laundry on bed. Slept. Next day rash on side of face, then whole face with swollen ear. Rash was little little bumps like goosebumps but itchy/stingy. No more gain.

Communal laundry issues
by: Bree

My apartment building has a communal laundry room. I use the tide free and clear, but I smell some residual detergent on my clothes. I am getting hives that seem to be from my clothes, waist pants, wrists, elbows (when clothes rolled up). Could the residual detergent in the washing machine be enough to give me a reaction? If so, any advice, do I need to do double washes, rinse wash before I do my load?

Vinegar is really amazing.
by: Anonymous

Try washing the offending laundry with a cup of vinegar in the wash. It will immediately rinse all perfumes and everything away. Also vinegar kills bacteria and germs, so when we all accidentally forget a load of wet laundry in the washer, a cup of vinegar will take care of that nasty smell that is so hard to get rid of!

by: Anonymous

It took me a few weeks to figure out my skin texture hadn't changed and I had an allergy. Tiny bumps all over, chills and itching. I took generic allergy meds and Aleve with helped with inflammation and itching. Rewashed clothes but forgot sheets and towels. Now I'm reading that one wash may not remove all the allergens from clothes. I think this is true and almost ready to throw some clothes out. Read vinegar rinse may work and trying that next. Finally have dermatologist appointment tomorrow but not too trusting here either as I have been a Guinea pig to a few Drs once before. I know it's hard for them to diagnose since everyone have different rashes and symptoms. But come on! Laundry soap, shampoo, bath soap are key allergy cause sources so start there! This is truly a hellish nightmare and no one can understand unless they have been though it themselves. I even get the person who wrote they wanted to take anti psychotic drugs as this can make you feel so crazy at times. Really glad to see this forum and pray for all those who suffer with this. Just do you homework before you go to Drs!

Go to hospital
by: Lorraine

Go to hospital dermatology for patch test on chemicals. Don't assume it is just the perfume.
Sunlight Sensitive laundry detergent hypoallergic has benzisothiazolinone which I am allergic to.

Is it possible?
by: Anonymous

Hubby seems to be having a reaction. But it is not a rash type. It is strange. But his ears are giving him problems. They make terrible gurgling sound or feeling. It has been happening for a while. I have went through out house trying to change things. He goes to work and he is fine. But as soon as he walks in our house. It starts. This morning he put when he put on his socks, that i had just washed. He could smell the fresh clean smell. And his ears started in. And we talked about. I got him to smell it straight from the Gain jug. And with in seconds it got bad.. and we talked about the fact, that when he comes home from work, he enters the back door which is our laundry room. Cant help but to smell the scents.

Breathing problems
by: Tracey

I only see one other comment here so had to add my own. I have never had asthma before but several times now in the last 3 years I have had what can only be described as an asthma attack from freshly washed bedding. Twice when I had to use the launderettes own stuff and twice when sleeping at a friends. I noticed the fabric had a very strong perfume in it which sticks in the back of the throat, then coughing which gets worse until I can barely breath. The only thing that stopped it was stripping the bed and opening the window.

It may NOT be the detergent!
by: Bubba Born

First, are you following the manufacturer's instructions? Are you able to wash your clothes in hot water? Are you clothes getting soap scum build-up? Does the soap you are using contains enzymes? I am allergic to most soaps and used Arm & Hammer for years until I noticed that my whites wear appearing dinghy. I had read a detergent rating report and tried Persil. What a difference! The soap build-up and irritation was gone! But because Persil contains the enzyme, lipase, I do a double rinse to remove any residual soap! I also was still itching and found out that the 'better half' was using dryer sheets! OMG! Once a liquid softener was used and the dryer sheets were trash-canned all my itching subsided! No more hives, welts, or triagepins and needles!

The itching is murder
by: ItchingInCali

I'm so glad I found this site. My detergent allergy got so bad I went to the ER w/low blood pressure in an ambulance. Tide is the detergent I use but not anymore.

Washing all my clothes with an extra rinse cycle is my plan for the future -- along w/one of Taylor's hypoallergenic laundry detergents.

Thanks Taylor for documenting this nightmare.

Itchy buttocks and thighs
by: Anonymous

For over two months now I've been having a lot of skin breakouts. I have them on my bum area and thighs mostly but I get them occasionally on my belly and arms but not as intense as the bum and thigh area. I notice that fiancee gets them too.

However when it was first triggered I went to the clinic because I fear it was scabies because I later found out that niece had after spending some time with her and sharing bedding with her. The clinic doctor told me nothing was wrong with and merely sent me home without any problems closure.

It persisted and I finally went to my personal doctor roughly two week after. He gave me a cream name mixospec bv. Went to another doctor again and she said I'm having allergic reactions to my soap detergent after two months of this. She gave hydrosone and that made matters worse.

Funnily when I went there based on the fact it's and on and off thing with me because I'm getting checked out, I only had few bumps on my bum after taking the cream it spread all over. I sit everyday and watch my fiancee scratch himself and and it's getting worrying now because we never had issues like this before and I just need some answers and relief now!

by: Anonymous

I think I to am having a allergic reaction to laundry soap but could it also be making my throat hurt?

Bedbug bites might really be a reaction to detergents.
by: Zounds

Two days ago I noticed 3 large red welts and a cluster of smaller ones on the right side of my back and lower torso. My dermatologist agreed to see me immediately since I told her I thought it was an allergic reaction to a cream she prescribed for another skin condition. Upon seeing me, she immediately diagnosed my condition as bedbug bites, She suggested I retain an exterminator ASAP. Tonight the exterminator and her dog spent 2 hours in my small NYC apartment inspecting absolutely everything. She and her dog concurred on the results-absolutely no evidence of bedbugs. My wife then recalled that a couple of days before my symptoms appeared, we had my shirts laundered with a new detergent we had never used before - ALL Mighty Pacs, which right now is our number 1 suspect, especially after going on line and reading comments from people who said they had a allergic reaction to ALL Mighty PAC. The appearance of my welts resemble the welts in the above picture of a man who attributed his condition to an Arm and Hammer product. It is of course still possible that I they are bites from bedbugs that attacked me on NYC buses, in a restaurant or theater etc, but I’d put my money on ALL Mighty PACs.

How long does it last
by: Anonymous

How long does it last? I think I got one to gain with febreez and is the worst, I’ve been so itchy.

by: Lynn

April: I also thought it was bed bugs and prayed not. Like shown above I have bumps in clusters and also large red areas where i scratched and it 'spread' like a mosquito bite. last wash was w.Tide liquid after using other liquid brands (no issues). For years I've used Tide powder problem. Can i be allergic to liquid but not powder? Are ingredients different? How to heal current itchy/scratched raw sites?

Allergic reaction
by: Anonymous

I looked at the pictures that customers sent in. My rashes are similar too.

Purex plus Clorox caused family to have the hives!
by: Anonymous

I do not recommend this product! We all have the hives.

Reacting to Lingering fragrance from previous occupant’s softener/dryer sheet?
by: Andy

Have you or anyone heard of or experienced reaction(s) to laundry product scent and possibly residue on surfaces left from a previous occupant’s generous use of scented laundry products? This reacting is without using the laundry machines or products, and having removed them from the living space entirely.

Very much appreciate your site and offering people a space/place to share experience and photos of their reactions.

Bed bugs
by: Anonymous

Omg I thought I had bed bugs. I got an inspector nothing we checked every night nothing. Then I got a mattress bed bug cover and washed EVERYTHING made of cloth even dog stuff like 25 some loads nothing I sprayed for bed bugs anyways nothing. Omg I am having an allergic reaction I got predesone and I am rewashing my stuff tomorrow with no softening liquid since that’s the only new thing I’ve got I was low on funds and got great value not that that should make a difference really since one can have an allergic reaction and someone else not since I am the only one with problems

I can't use Tide or Oxiclean
by: Anonymous

I was setting up my household after getting divorced and bought Tide. Result - Hives

Also when Oxiclean first came out I tried it and broke out big time.

Substituted All Free and Clear Result-No problem

Substituted Basic H Result - No problem

aloe vera gel!!!
by: Jennifer

I have a similar problem. I have a rash that started all over my body, went away after a few weeks, and now I get rash flareups on certain areas everyday that come and go. Making an appointment with an allergist to see what is causing this, but until then the aloe vera gel makes the itching go away for me. At least for a while and when it starts itching again I just put on more aloe vera gel. It's inexpensive and very effective. Also my skin feels so smooth and healthy since I have been using it, might switch out my lotion for aloe vera gel.

Itching rash
by: Megan

I changed my washing powder to persil non bio. A terrible red itching rash on my legs arms feet and hands. Burning itching and a thousand blisters. I'm using calamine lotion to calm it down.

by: Anonymous

This is from blue Xtra oxi in it. Its two different colors can't remember the color. But I'm sure if one will break me out the other will i went back a returned it to from different scent that i was using before that (scared to use it)so i bought tide simply white jug. Washed my sheet and clothes and it broke me out in a different rash but not has bad. I'm stuck on what to do?

Check all liquid labels for MCI a preservattive HIGH allergen
by: Anonymous

Check ALL your liquids (laundry and dish detergent) shampoo, conditioner, body wash, car wash etc.) for methylcholoisathianolonone (MCI) a preservative. It's even in the allergenic and environmental safe things (7th Generation!) My dermatologist told me it is a high allergen. I was using several products with this in. Itching, hives, rash, I was miserable. I now check labels thoroughly. Problem is laundry detergents don't put ingredients on label.

Allergic Reaction from Gain Pods
by: Anonymous

I woke up this morning with swollen puffy eyelids, red rashes on my forearms and red itchy spots throughout my body. I have not come in to contact with anything new foods. The only difference in my life was that I used my roommates gain laundry pods to wash my sheets when I ran. Out of my natural laundry soap. I already knew that I didn’t like the smell of the laundry soap & planned on rewashing the sheets as I’m used to using all natural products but had no idea that I would get an allergic reaction from sleeping in the sheets. They add a lot of chemicals into these overly sent it smelly products to cover up the disgusting chemicals that are used in these low quality products. These companies don’t care about your health and I am banning these products are being used in my house and will never use any commercial laundry soap or any other product again.

by: QL7

I am dealing with severe, itchy, what appears to be chemical burns on my chest, arms, under my breast, waistline, and abdominal fold. I was prescribed topical cortisone 2.5 percent, which has done nothing to clear my skin or stop the itch. I have been dealing with these issues for about 2 months. The only relief I get is from using Sarna lotion, and taking Benadryl at night, so I can stop scratching and get some sleep. This is from using PERSIL laundry detergent 1x.

My skin looks I have a severe case of sunburn. Finally, I have an appointment with my PCP this week, and I can get him to prescribe oral corticosteroids, since the nurse practitioner at the urgicare I visited dropped the ball on the appropriate treatment.

Kirkland Ultra Clean detergent
by: Molly

I’ve been suffering itching for about a week since I started to use a new bottle of Kirkland Ultra Clean detergent. I have several pictures to prove. Just beware!!

Gain Fireworks Booster Fragrance unstoppables
by: Francesca Milton

OMG!!!! Last Thursday, 6 days ago I added Fireworks unstoppable boosters to my clothes and towel to wash. Friday after putting on some of the washed clothing I began to itch. I thought it was the dog's fur, then I thought it was the new rug I bought. But it was NOT, it was the first time I used the boosters and I have been itching for 6 days. I bought benadryl, cortisone cream, used claritin, calamine lotion. NOTHING has helped. Every part of my body is itching!! What remedy do you have to assist consumers with this terrible experience? I have not slept in 6 days!

Dettol detergent + beads reaction
by: Anonymous

My 6 year old son currently has a bumpy red team all over his face, neck and arms. The only change I've made was to wash with a Dettol detergent and I added these beads as well. Fortunately it's not itchy so I hope it clears up soon! I'll stick to Persil non bio in future!

Tide Hygienic Clean 10X Heavy Duty
by: Janet S.

Starting using these pods 2 weeks ago and wake up with breathing distress. Cannot take a deep breaths, have lung congestion, crackling, and wheezing.

Told my cardiologist yesterday who mentioned I might have COPD!! And I don't smoke!!

Blood tests and a chest x-ray have been ordered but then when I awoke this morning I began to think it was this damn Tide.

Several months ago I stopped using Downy dryer sheets as every morning I'd wake up with a clogged nose. Stopped using Downy and no more clogged nose!!

I will now launder my bed sheets with all natural detergents from the health store. I'm sure it must be all the poisonous Tide chemicals that have caused my respiratory distress.

Kirkland detergent for me too
by: Dot

I thought this would be a money saving alternative to Tide, but I'm sitting here with a terribly itchy case of contact dermatitis between my thighs!

brand I can and cannot use
by: Francyne Gasch

I can only use laundry soaps, dryer sheets, etc. that are Downy brand, All brand, Tide brand, Purex brand, or any that are free and clear for hypoallergenic. I cannot use any cheap off brands, nor can I use Arm and Hammer. Only the ones I listed above.

Tide detergent with fabric softener causes me suffering
by: Faye

Used Tide detergent on and off. Finally switched over to using it all the time. Since then I bought the one with fabric softener, and have been suffering for past 5 days with extremely itchy skin and prickly patches of bumps.

scented Arm & Hammer causes rash
by: Bell

After I found out I was allergic to detergents that had scent I switched to Arm and Hammer. They didn't have many to choose from. Now they have scents and I am dealing with a rash in my inner thighs from where I sleep with a pillow between my legs and had washed it with AH. I switched to Dreft and it helped some. I added vinegar to my last loads and it worked really good but had 1 pillowcase that nearly killed me tonight. Oh my God, the rash was almost gone and it's back with a vengeance. I'm going to have to get some Allegra too.

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