How To Remove Sticker Residue From Clothing

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I've gotten several questions about how to remove sticker residue from clothing, so I'm answering them here.

Julia asks:

Hi! Any tips on how to get sticky residue off of a pair of stretchy yoga pants? The size sticker left some behind :( Thanks!

Billie Jo asks:

I washed my son's new shirt, forgetting it had a giant sticker on it...what's the best way to get the sticky off?

Here's a picture that Billie Jo sent in of her son's shirt:

How to remove sticker residue from clothes, like when you accidentally wash them with a sticker still stuck on it {on Stain Removal 101}
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Taylor's answer:

Thanks for both of your questions. This actually just happened in our family recently, when my husband got some sticky substance from an old sticker on one of his athletic shirts from an old "My Name Is" tag.

The key is to deal with the stickiness before washing if possible, and definitely before drying your yoga pants. If you wash and dry them the adhesive is even harder to remove.

If you do wash and dry them, you can still use the method listed below, but it will take longer, and more product, and more time to remove.

What we did was use a little Elmer's Sticky Out adhesive remover on the spot and rubbed it on.

Honestly, it really didn't look like it did much, and I chalked it up to a lost cause.

But, I went ahead and washed the shirt separately as indicated, with extra detergent to wash away the Sticky Out, and then examined the shirt once it came out of the wash.

The Sticky Out was successful to remove sticker residue
from the shirt. I believe it will work for you too on your yoga pants.

Another product that should also work just as well is Goo Gone.

I have successfully cleaned several pieces of clothing with sticky residue on them using the spray gel. Just try not to use more than necessary, because it generally takes a couple of washes to remove the smell from the Goo Gone, which is a strong citrus scent.

I would suggest with either product that you first test, in an inconspicuous area, to make sure the sticker residue remover you choose does not discolor or harm your fabric before using it directly on the sticky residue.

I hope this helps you both remove the sticker residue. If you try my suggestions, I would love for you to write back and share with me if it worked for you or not!

Check out even more adhesive removal product reviews here!

Adhesive removal product reviews {on Stain Removal 101}

***Update: There are also some great suggestions from readers in the comments below with even more ideas of how to get rid of this residue so make sure you scroll down to read them. ***End Update

This question was answered as part of my laundry questions section of the site. You can ask your own questions here, or read others that have already been submitted and answered.

How to remove sticker residue from clothing {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for How To Remove Sticker Residue From Clothing

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Sticker Residue On Silk Tie
by: Holly

Please help! My son's Christmas tie is 100% silk, and has sticker residue on it from the Try Me Sticker (It sings Christmas Songs) right in the middle of the Snowman's white body. How can I get it off by Monday?

How do I remove stickiness from sticky size label?
by: Susan

How do I remove stickiness from sticky size label?
When I removed the sticky size label on a cotton t-shirt there was stickiness left behind. I washed in cold water with detergent and hung to dry, but the stickiness was still there.

Residue from sticky-back name label removal from suede
by: Antonia Clark

At a large gathering I was given a name label to attach to my clothes. Later I tried to remove the name label from a suede jacket. It left tiny pieces of the label which I scraped off with my fingernail. Now I have a dark shiny and sticky residue on the jacket from the label. What do I do now?

sticker residue from voting sticker
by: Lyn

I have a dri-fit t-shirt made out of 100% polyester.

A sticker given at voting polls was put on it. I washed and dried it without taking the sticker off.

A very sticky residue is left. How do I remove without ruining fabric?

I tried an ice cube to no avail.

How to get the yellow from old tape off of fabric?
by: Roxanne

I have some cross stitch pictures that were made by my grandmother that I want to finish. There is tape around the edges that has left a yellow stain. I washed the cross stitch in warm soapy water but the stains will not go away. I tried Oxiclean, peroxide and don’t know what to do.

Stain left from name tag residue
by: Sandra

My daughter's white Nike shirt had a name tag stuck to it when it was washed and dried. The tag and glue came off, but the stain from the residue remains. I have tried alcohol, vinegar, all kinds of washing stain release. Nothing is taking the stain out. Help.

lint roller
by: Anonymous

I had left one of the size stickers on from the store. I used a lint roller and it came right offf.

Should have started with the Goo Gone!
by: Happy Gram

After washing and drying my grandson's polyester knit Columbia shirt, I noticed the residue from a sticker. After over 45 minutes of working Dawn detergent into the residue and scrubbing with toothbrush, then trying vinegar, then Shout-I was ready to give up. But I tried Goo Gone. In about 2 minutes it did what the others couldn't do. The residue disappeared when I rubbed the Goo Gone in with a paper towel. I then sprayed with Shout and apply Dawn and hand-washed. Still has a little chemical smell that washing in machine should take care of.

Bright cotten t-shirts
by: VB

I used alcohol from a spray bottle and then a sticky roller lent remover as the alcohol evaporated, did three shirts in 15 minutes.

Remove sticky residue
by: Jean Gray

White vinegar will remove sticky residue from almost anything. Where appropriate, dilute with water. Otherwise a few drops directly on adhesive, repeated if necessary.

by: Anonymous

Rubbing ice on it and then picking it off works, at least it did for me. It got sticker residue off of my yoga pants.

Isopropyl alcohol worked for me!
by: Anonymous

91% isopropyl alcohol worked for me! With a small piece of paper towel dabbed with the alcohol, I just scraped sticker residue out of a 100% polyester sportswear sky blue colored top within a few seconds!

91% isopropyl alcohol
by: Anonymous

I had a knit tunic my daughter had decorated with a glitter vinyl Christmas design. She didn't notice the sticker tag had left residue on the shoulder near the design. I was afraid other products would stain the shirt. I used the 91% alcohol and just raked across it with my fingernail. It came right off.

goo gone is removing screen print (vinyl)
by: Anonymous

I used Goo Gone to remove a sticker from clothing, now it is eating away at the screen printed lettering (which must be vinyl). I've tried dish soap and rinsing, but it continues to be sticky and the lettering is disappearing. How do I stop this process?

cooking spray and Scotch "Stay Clean" scrubbing pad
by: Donna C

My son left his race sticker on his nylon track shirt. We took off as much as we could easily by hand. I knew that oil based products such as Goo Gone and WD40, or peanut butter would work, so I tried cooking spray so I could more easily direct it to the problem areas. I scrubbed lightly with a Scotch purple "Stay Clean" scrubbing pad (referral link) (cheese and egg don't stick), and the remaining pieces rubbed right off. Sprayed with Shout and put it back through the wash, it came out great!

Vinegar worked for me too
by: Anonymous

My daughter in law washed my grandson's new pants with the long sticker down the pant leg stating the size, .and put it in the dryer too. She said that she couldn't get it out. I pre soaked it in vinegar and then used a soft brush. Out it went. Thanks ever so much for the post.

WD-40 worked for me
by: Anonymous

I just washed and dried my daughter's black jacket without realizing there was a sticker on the front. I tried vinegar, but what worked like a charm was WD-40! Just sprayed it on and scraped the residue right off! Crisis averted!

sticky from label on microfiber chair seat
by: Anonymous

How to remove sticky from label on microfiber chair seat?

olive oil
by: Anonymous

Use olive oil and scrub the sticker off, then spray Shout on it to get the oil off. It's easier than having a separate product around.

this happens to me all the time
by: K

My job requires me to put stickers on my work shirts and I forget to take them off before I wash them. UGH! I hope thic an help me get the leftover paper and residue off!

Shout works for me, for lots of things
by: Myra

Hi Julia, let me tell you what I've used several times for this - Shout stain remover. I have used Shout spray for everything from Black magic marker on light beige pants to clothes that accidentally got color stained from other clothes that happened to get mixed up in the wash. Honestly I have not found anything that Shout wouldn't take out. Spray a good amount on the spot / or spots rub into the fabric lightly but firmly. (lightly meaning so as not to rub up the pile on the fabric.) Then just put it in the wash with luke-warm water. and dry as usual. Hope this tip helps you. (I've also used it on canvas shoes to take stains out--- works great. )

vinegar worked for me
by: Kay

My daughter left one of the "Hello my name is" stickers on her silky shirt and I washed it not knowing it was on there. I soaked the area with white vinegar and it came off and I washed it again to make sure no residue was left. Also used vinegar to get gum off of a chair cover and it worked.

Remove sticker residue from hard surfaces
by: Anonymous

I use WD 40 - it works like a charm.

Goo Gone or rubbing alcohol
by: Sarah

Goo Gone is a laundry lifesaver for things like sticker residue, gum, even Silly Putty that's been ground into clothing (don't ask!). I keep a bottle on hand at all times. Another thing that works pretty well is rubbing alcohol, as it dissolves the gumminess and won't generally make your colors run.

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