Tips For Removing Blood Stains From Carpet

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Below I've collected tips for removing blood stains from carpet, from readers and from video tips.

Since originally writing this page, I've also had some personal experience with removing these tough stains from carpet, and so I've made sure to tell you which of these multiple tips has worked best for me below.

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These stains can be difficult to remove because you can't just thrown the carpet in the wash to remove the stains, but instead must rely only on stain removal solutions to get it out.

As with all stains, the quicker you discover and try to remove the blood the easier it will be.

And, with all these suggestions below make sure you first test the carpet cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area before using it on your carpet, to make sure it does not harm it.

Below you'll find several homemade stain remover suggestions you can use, but I would love to hear even more from you.

The reason: There is always multiple ways to remove stains, so you can share your tips for how to remove these spots here, or read other tips for other surfaces which have already been submitted.

So before you scroll down to see the tips from others, I'd like to mention that I've added the hydrogen peroxide tip from multiple readers first, because I find it works quite well for most people.

In addition, I've also personally used Carbona blood stain remover (which is the #4 formula, of their 9 stain fighting formulas) on my own carpet stains, and was quite impressed at how quickly and easily it removed the visible stains from the carpet fibers. You can read my review of the product at the link above.

Now scroll down to see what else others suggest!

Tips for removing blood stains from carpet {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Hydrogen Peroxide For Carpet Spots

A couple of readers have suggested using hydrogen peroxide to remove bloody drips and spots from your carpet, since it worked for them.

Hydrogen peroxide does work quite well for removing blood stains, and it's definitely good product to give a try, but always test first in an inconspicuous area of your carpet to make sure it doesn't remove the color from your carpet.

Suzanne says:

My son cut his foot and got drips of blood all down our hall and living room carpet.

Pouring just a little peroxide on each drop and blotting it with a paper towel got it all out of the carpet!

Leslie says:

Our dogs got into a horrific fight last year and there was blood all over the carpet and spattered up on the wall. (They had to go to the vet but are fine).

I got a medium sized mixing bowl with cool water, a clean rag, a stiff brush, and hydrogen peroxide.

I poured about a 1/4 cup of HP into the water, then kept dipping the brush into the bowl and scrubbed each area.

When it looked clean then I pressed with the clean towel to remove as much dampness as possible, and moved onto another area.

I had to change the bowl out fairly often.

The HP worked on the wall mess also without removing paint. You can't tell anything ever happened!

Hydrogen Peroxide {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

Thanks for the tips Suzanne and Leslie!

You can check out even more uses for hydrogen peroxide here that I've collected throughout the site, or share your own at the link, because this stuff works great for a lot of stains and cleaning problems.

Recently a reader, Christina, sent in this photo below, along with a question about a set in blood stain.

She had asked, "HELP!!! STAT!!! This is dried blood, was hidden by a houseguest quite a few months ago. I have had the carpets cleaned by Electrodry (do NOT recommend them at all). We need to move in 2 weeks and I need it GONE so I can get my bond back!!! What works??"

My answer for her was hydrogen peroxide, soaking the carpet fibers liberally to try to get out the stain. (Please know the sooner you catch the stain though, the easier it is to remove. Christina will find it harder because the stain had been hidden for so long.)

Tips for removing blood stains from carpet {on Stain Removal 101} #CarpetStains #BloodStains #StainRemovaluse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Removing Blood Stains From Carpet - Video And Tips

Below is a video where a professional carpet cleaner gives tips for removing blood stains from carpet.

Obviously, the most important step is to catch it as quickly as possible, and blot up as much wet blood as possible.

You can then also wet another paper towel with cold (not hot or warm water) and see if you can get more blood to transfer onto the towel from the carpet using this method.

The reason you don't want to use hot or warm water, especially on a blood stain, is because it is a protein based stain.

That means that hot or warm water will set the stain, making it much harder to remove.

Next, she suggests several potential cleaners to use for removing the stain, including a pH neutral carpet spotter, ammonia or white vinegar.

Of those three, I suggest ammonia, which does a good job of removing blood stains. However, be very careful with ammonia because it will eat through wool carpeting, and can remove color from carpet (so check first in an inconspicuous area before using.)

She does not go into too much detail about this, but instead suggests you call a carpet cleaning professional (vested interest, I guess).

Photo by Ollie Crafoord

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How To Remove Blood Stain From Carpet

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So those are the major suggestions for how to remove blood from your carpet:
  • A blood stain remover (such as Carbona mentioned above);

  • Hydrogen peroxide; or

  • Ammonia
If you've found even more ways to remove these spots and drips from your carpeting, tell me below in the comments!

In addition, you can check out my blood stain removal guide here with even more instructions, not just for carpet, but for lots of other types of surfaces in your home.

Blood stain removal guide

So we'll end this article with another question from a reader, this time Charlotte, who sent in the two photos below:

Charlotte asked, "my grandma fell and hit her head on Sunday and lost a lot of blood on her kitchen carpet. It was arterial blood so it was really thick and piled up a couple of inches. By the time I got to her house to clean it up it had all soaked into the carpet. I've tried cleaning it with a carpet cleaner (domestic one, not one of those you can hire) and I also used some Vanish carpet stain remover. It's almost out but I'm struggling to get the last bit of stain out. I don't know what the carpet is made of but I wondered if you or any of the readers might be able to offer any advice of how to shift the last bit as I don't want her to come back home and see the blood as it would be a constant reminder."

Tips for removing blood stains from carpet, including answering reader questions about removing these tough spots and drips {on Stain Removal 101} #BloodStainRemoval #CarpetStainRemoval #StainRemovaluse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Charlotte, I'm hoping your grandmother is now feeling better, and you're such a great granddaughter to help her clean up after her accident.

Based on the suggestions above, and also from my own experience, I would say that to try to get rid of the rest of the blood stains that remain in the carpet, I'd first try a blood stain remover or the hydrogen peroxide.

I will caution you though, that depending on how much blood there was, it may have soaked down into the carpet pad underneath the carpet, which may be why you keep seeing some "ghosting" types of stains that keep showing up. If that's the case you may need to replace that part of the pad, or even the whole carpet.

No matter though, it already looks significantly better than when you started, and I'm sure your grandmother will appreciate your efforts.

Funny Post Script Update

I actually had someone else write in to tell me about a use for a magic eraser I never would have thought of, and since it had to do with removing blood stains from carpet, I wanted to add a link here for anyone interested.

I had a a reader who shared how she got these stains out of her carpet using a Magic Eraser. Who knew? Check out the link for more details!

Top photo by erh555

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Comments for How To Remove Blood Stain From Carpet

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Shout Wipes
by: Anonymous

Shout Wipes in fresh blood drops works great. Dog got hurt and was dripping blood all over light cream colored carpet.

Carpet pad soaked with blood
by: Jim

I have used a wet dry vac to suck up water as I basically soaked the pad in order to get rid of a deep stain like the arterial blood. Takes time and you want to work very small sections at a time. I used a white tea towel over the hose periodically to see if I was getting any color to determine if I could move to next section. When done use fans to dry the area as quickly and thoroughly as possible to make sure the underlayment gets dried out quickly. (In humid areas you may even need to use dessicant.) I was able to complete this over about 4 sq ft without any noticeable damage to the underlayment/subflooring through the carpet. I will have to see what needs to be done when carpet gets replaced eventually, but until then the spill is gone.

response re Oxiclean
by: Taylor

Thanks for sharing this tip about using Oxiclean to remove the blood stains. This makes perfect sense to me that this would work. If you check out my Ultimate Guide To Oxiclean article you'll learn that one of the main ingredients in this product is hydrogen peroxide, and therefore Oxiclean is one of the go to products for removing blood stains. Often it's used to remove those stains from fabric, because most people think of this product as something for laundry, but it can definitely be used for carpet cleaning as well (which is also discussed in my ultimate guide article).

Oxiclean and carpet shampooer
by: Anonymous

A stray dog adopted us. He wasn't in good shape when he chose us and his time was short so we kept him fed, warm, and loved for the time he had. His problems caused rectal bleeding on our light colored carpet. I had a Bissel shampooer and used it as directed and with the recommended soap but would pour a little water mixed with Oxiclean on the stain a few minutes before I shampooed. I also added some Oxiclean to the shampooer water tank. The stain came up every time.

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