Oxiclean Versatile Stain Remover Uses Around The Home

by SR101 Reader

Oxiclean calls itself the "versatile stain remover" so I've been having lots of fun finding uses around the home for this product. It's great when you can use just a few items in your home to clean everything, instead of having to use lots of different things.

Below I've gathered some general uses from readers who've shared how they use Oxiclean for not only stain removal, but also cleaning their homes.

SR101 Reader says:

I became a believer about 9 yrs ago. I had moved and had some WHITE clothes in a bag in my basement. Water had come in during a storm and I did not see the damage until about 3 months later. Of course there was mildew all over every garment.

I tried the lemon juice and sun idea and no result.

I soaked them in Oxiclean powder overnite and every single stain was gone!

Since then I have told everyone I know. I also use it to clean the bottom of my shower, stains from coffee and tea in the coffee pot and mugs/cups, car mats, stains in the kitchen sink--all come clean.

Works great on grout, but I have not tried it on my carpet yet--need to.

It also removes rust stains when I am careless and leave a whisk in a cup or glass bowl.

Almost forgot, I recently used it on the oven racks and my grill grates--just soaked in the tub--and they are completely clean! There are other uses I cannot think of right now, but I try it on almost anything.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing all these great uses for Oxiclean. It really is a versatile stain remover, just like it says, isn't it?

I actually have written a lengthy review of this product myself, sharing how you can use it and even how I got out some really tough stains with it myself. You can read my Oxiclean review here, and also share your own uses for this product.

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How I Keep My Kids' Sports Uniforms Clean And Stain Free

by Jana
(Centre, AL, USA)

Jana has shared her secret for how she keeps her kids' sports uniforms clean and stain free.

Jana says:

I have been using Oxiclean for years. I think it is a great product.

I use it a lot in the spring on softball pants (and jerseys).

Both of my daughters play softball and have very grimy, dirty softball pants, with dirt and mud stains, and also sometimes grass stains too.

I usually wet the bad stains on the pants and then make a paste with Oxiclean and scrub the stains with an old toothbrush.

I also put a small scoop of Oxiclean in the water with the regular detergent just for an extra boost.

Oxiclean has always been able to help my daughters look great out on the softball field (at least at the beginning of the games)!

Taylor says:

Thanks Jana for sharing your secret for keeping your kids' sports uniforms clean and stain free.

I love Oxiclean too, and love collecting all the uses for this versatile stain remover. You can share your Oxiclean uses and reviews here, or read others already submitted, along with my own uses and information.

You can also share your laundry stain removers reviews here, telling me which one you like the best, and why. You can also read other reviews already submitted.

Photo by Michael Oh

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Baby Poop Stains Gone! - My Secret To Removing Them

by Jenn A.
(Seward, Alaska)

Jenn has shared her secret for removing baby poop stains -- Oxi Clean.

Jenn says:

Many pieces of clothing had been lost with my first child due to that nasty thing called baby poop! I knew there had to be a way to get those set-in stains out, but it wasn't until my second child that I discovered Oxiclean.

My mother actually began to help me with the baby stains and I was amazed when she gave me back the clothes and the stains were gone!

I had to know and buy what she had. She told me about Oxiclean powder. It was so gentle I could even use it on the baby clothes.

I was thrilled to find the product at Costco.

I began right away to soak old baby clothes in a bucket of water and have been using it now for 5 years!

OxiClean has saved so many adorable baby outfits that otherwise would have been ruined with baby poop or spitup.

And the best part is that it can even be used after the stain has been set in by the dryer!

I just put the clothes in a small bucket of water and OxiClean and WOW! Stain Gone!

I love telling friends and family about OxiClean powder. Knowing that I am able to help them in saving their clothes as well makes me extremely happy.

I have used OxiClean on many other stains as well - food of all kinds, puke, pens - it takes them all out.

I actually make my own laundry soap and I like to just throw a scoop of OxiClean powder in with my clothing loads to boost the power of my detergent.

This amazing product will forever have a place in my laundry room.

Taylor says:

Thanks Jen for sharing how you remove baby poop stains, and also many other ways you use Oxiclean for stain removal.

Here is my article on feces stain removal for even more tips. However, I know that baby poop stains sometimes have their own unique "quality" to them, so I'm glad you've found something that works for you.

A good long presoak with an Oxiclean solution is a great way to remove a wide variety of stains, just like you said.

So, does anyone else have a story about how they removed stains with Oxiclean? If so, share your Oxiclean uses and reviews here, or read how others have used this versatile stain remover.

In addition, you can share your reviews of other laundry stain removers here, telling me which one you like the best.

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Removing Pet Urine Stain And Odor From Clothes And Carpet

by Debra C
(Chicago, IL)

Debra has shared her tips for removing pet urine stain and odor from her clothing and carpet, both with cat and dog urine stains.

Debra says:

I have a beautiful tabby cat. She had kittens. For six months I had five cats before I gave them away.

The male cats started to urinate in the laundry hamper. I had some very nice towels, a quilt and some cute tops in there.

Wanting to save them I tried several cleaners. Most did not get either the odor or the stain out.

A few got most of the odor out, but still left a stain.

I also used bleach, that got the stain out, but left a faint urine smell.

I did not want to throw away my quilt or my cute tops.

Upon recommendation from a friend, I tried Oxiclean. The Oxiclean was very good in getting rid of all lingering odors and stains.

I also used Oxiclean when the dog peed on the carpet. I followed the directions on the pail and it worked wonders.

It got rid of any smell and the smell never came back.

Thank God my dog is housebroken and this was an isolated incident. But now I keep Oxiclean in the house for such accidents.

I guess these male cats were marking their territory. Not a good sign.

I did get them fixed and found good homes for all my cats. And I got the mom fixed as well. So no more multi-cat issues in my house.

The Oxiclean did a great job removing pet urine stain and odors.

I now use Oxiclean as a laundry booster. It never has discolored anything, and always removed odors.

My dog still has accidents every now and again when I have to work late, but the Oxiclean always works.

Taylor says:

Thanks Debra for sharing your tips for removing pet urine stain and odor from both your clothing and your carpet.

If you are interested in using Oxiclean for cleaning stains from your carpet you can read my article about Oxiclean uses for carpet here.

So, what product or home remedy do you use for removing pet urine stains and odors from various surfaces in your house?

You can share your urine cleaner reviews here, or read others already submitted.

In addition, you can share your tips for removing urine stains here, or read others already submitted.

Photo by abcrumley

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Presoak Each Load To Get Rid Of Even Tough Farm Stains

by Melisa

Melisa says:

If you have a front loader washer with a soak cycle just toss in on that setting with a scoop of powdered Oxiclean with every load. That's all I do and we have 4 kids and live on a farm, so we know stains here. It gets stuff clean!

Taylor says:

You can find out more about presoaking away stains in this article.

Oxiclean is one of the top laundry products recommended for this stain removal method, over and over again!

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Oxi Clean Worked Well On Thanksgiving Stains & More

by Mara

It worked wonders on a white table cloth with various stains from the Thanksgiving feast, including coffee, cranberry sauce, etc.

removing Thanksgiving stains
A good soaking overnight did the trick.

Also used it frequently when my son was on the football team for dirt, grass, and blood stains.

My sister uses it to tackle baby food and spit up stains.

No home should be without this product.

Photo courtesy of basykes

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Removing Red Wine Stains From Clothes

by SR101 Reader

SR101 reader says:

I just spoke with a friend whose wife had spilled red wine down the front of a yellow silk dress. Ouch!! They dissolved Oxi in hot water and left the dress to soak for a couple of hours.

At that point the stain had gone from red to green. They put the dress back into the solution over night. In the morning the stain was gone!

Taylor says:

That's awesome! You can learn lots more about red wine stain removal in this guide.

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Oxiclean As Floor Tile Grout Cleaner

by Rosemary

Rosemary has shared how she makes a floor tile grout cleaner using Oxi Clean.

Rosemary says:

I sprayed Oxyclean on my kitchen floor grout then went over it with a steam cleaner and it made my grout pink again...its original color.

Taylor says

Thanks Rosemary for your tip. This isn't the first time I've heard about using this product to clean grout.

To make this Oxiclean grout cleaning solution I would suggest using about one fourth of a scoop in a spray bottle of water.

In addition, for really tough stains you could make a paste of the Oxiclean powder and water and smear that onto the grout and let it sit for thirty minutes before rinsing it off.

Here's how one reader did it:

"I made a paste out of 2 teaspoons of Oxiclean and just enough water to make a thick liquid paste. I applied it with a stiff bristle toothbrush, rubbed the oxi in with the brush as I spread it over the grout. It worked great making the stained grout bright white again. I think most of the stains were dirt/mud based.

My only problem was how sudsy the paste became when I was wiping it up. I probably had enough suds to wash the whole bathroom floor!"

The combination of the Oxiclean and the steam that Rosemary suggests should really help to clean and restore the original color to your floor or tile grout.

***Update: An SR101 reader shared her experience when using the paste I suggested, and although such a paste works for some, she didn't have as good of luck with it. She says:

"I made a paste for my floor grout, let it sit for 10 minutes and had to chisel it off! Then it was still dirty underneath...

I wouldn't really recommend making the paste. However, it did work when it was diluted."

I'd love to hear from others sharing how the paste worked for them (if at all), so I can make sure I'm giving the best advice on this issue! Thanks in advance. ***End update.

In addition, does anyone else make their own grout cleaner recipes? If so, you can share your homemade grout cleaner recipe here, or read other recipes already submitted.

In addition, you can share even more uses for Oxiclean here, for cleaning your home or laundry, or read other ideas already submitted.

Photo by blodgett esq.

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Oxiclean Uses From Twitter - What Stains People Have Removed

I am always overwhelmed with how many uses Oxiclean has for removing various stains. I decided to see what people were saying about this product on Twitter, and here is what I found:

Thank you OxiClean for getting the projectile vomit from off the back of my scrub top! @tj320

Thank you Jesus for making Oxiclean...I totally thought I was gonna have to throw my favorite jacket away today. @TaylorLCourtney

Bought a steam cleaner and oxiclean today. Best idea ever. Soo happy about super clean carpets! @jlclendenen

So, what stains have you used this product to remove?

Photo courtesy of J. Greene on Amazon.com

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Oxiclean To Get Red Wine Out Of Carpet?

Several readers have shared their experiences trying to get red wine out of carpet with Oxiclean. As you can see, while some found it didn't work for them, many others swear by it.

Lisa says It Didn't Work For Me

I tried OxiClean, from the TV infomercials, to remove wine stains from my carpet.

I added the powder to the water as the directions said. I then mixed it up well and applied the cleaning solution to the stain. I let is sit and begin to wipe the stain up.

The results were terrible. The stain looked the same as it had before. So, I thought maybe it just needed to be cleaned twice.

I tried again and the results were the same. The wine stain did not fade at all. I might as well have been cleaning it up with water.

In the infomercials they show the wine just disappearing when the OxiClean is a applied to the shirt.

Maybe it works well on other materials, but it had no effect on my carpet. As far as I am concerned, OxiClean is one of the worst cleaners I have ever used or purchased.

Taylor says:

Thanks Lisa for sharing your experience with Oxiclean for trying to get red wine out of carpet.

If you are still having trouble, check out my suggestions for red wine stain removal.

In addition, you can check out wine stain remover reviews here, where people have shared what products have worked well (and which haven't) for removing their wine stains.

I hope these resources can help you find a product that will work well for you in removing your wine carpet stain.

Has anyone else had a different (or similar) experience using Oxiclean for removing wine stains, from carpet or anything else? If so, you can share your review or experience here, or read other reviews and uses that have already been submitted.

SR101 Reader says: It Does Work, 100%

I clean red wine out of carpets on a daily basis. I own a carpet cleaning company, and we service a winery/resort.

Mix the OxiClean in HOT water, triple the amount, wipe off as much wine as possible before treating, apply LIBERALLY, massage into the carpet fibers, leave there for an hour, come back and be amazed!

Photo by Identity Photogr@phy

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BIZ and Oxiclean Baby Work Well On Set In Baby Stains

by Joyce

baby oxiclean uses
For set in formula and baby food stains I mix up a paste of BIZ, apply it to the stain, let it sit for about 10 minutes, then presoak it in cold water for several hours (usually at least 4) with the OXI Baby.

biz stain fighter uses
It works wonders every time.

I am impressed with the cleaning power of both of these products, though I use the Oxi Baby more frequently since I have concern over allergic reactions.

And just about any recommendations I get from the day care concerning laundry are excellent, as they have experienced it all many times over.

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Used To Wash Wood Deck To Prepare For Staining

SR101 Reader says:

We mixed a scoop of Oxiclean with about a gallon of water to wash our wood deck before staining it.

We had good results.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing this use.

I would love to hear from others who've washed their decks, sharing how they did it. You can share your deck cleaning tips here.

Photo courtesy of Creativity103

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Removed Old Grease Stains From Tablecloths

by Malene
(San Francisco, CA)

This is a fantastic product, and has removed many OLD grease stains from tablecloths.

I mix some of the Oxiclean with a few drops of water and leave it on the stain for a while.

You must check it from time to time because some fabrics will bleach.

I have left it on overnight with some old stains and almost every stain is removed.

In addition, I just used it on an old shirt which had been washed many times. It worked great on that too.

I have found that you might have a problem with a blue fabric and really need to keep a close eye on it so the color will not be removed.

Photo courtesy of Dinner Series

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Dried Blood Stain Removal - My Secret Is Oxiclean

by Melissa
(Lancaster, Ohio)

Melissa shared her secret for dried blood stain removal, even from her husband's jacket after an accident.

Melissa says:

I am an adult woman and the toughest and usually the only stain I have to deal with is, well you know that stain. I am going through peri-menopause and bleed very heavily that time of the month. No matter what type of protection I use, they all fail at sometime or another. So, I have to reach for good old OxiClean.

Years ago, prior to OxiClean I used 40 volume peroxide you know, the stuff you bleach your hair with. Being a hairdresser I could easily get the stuff and it worked pretty well. But, over the years I quit doing hair and didn't always remember to keep this stuff on hand.

Along came OxiClean. I didn't have to read the ingredients to know it contained hydrogen peroxide. I knew when it foamed up when it hit the blood what was in it. So fast forward a couple of years into using OxiClean.

I received a call from the hospital saying my husband had been in an accident and suffered a bad head injury. A nurse called and said that although he'd be fine, I needed to bring him another jacket as his was totally drenched in blood.

They were right. It looked as if his brand new hunting jacket had been soaked in pure blood.

They wanted to throw it away, and my husband insisted that they bag it up and he just knew I could get the stains out.

So, after they patched him up and said he was okay to go home we did, taking the jacket with us. They told me I needed to stay with him the next 48 hours and do not leave his side, and if he had anymore problems to bring him back.

Meanwhile, I threw the jacket still bagged up down the basement stairs into the laundry area meaning to tend to it later.

I knew I should soak it in cold water (that's what they tell you to do but it doesn't work). But, I just forgot about it until almost 24 hours later. Of course, by then I was dealing with dried blood stain removal, which is even more difficult than trying to clean up fresh blood stains.

The next day I went down and I ran it through one wash with just some cold water to rinse out the excess blood. I knew it was hopeless but I thought in order to please him I would give it a try. So, when it spun out I looked at it and it was totally stained and ruined, so I thought.

I decided what the heck, and I filled the washer with hot water and 12 scoops of OxiClean and a cup of detergent. I figured if I wash it 4-5 times it might come clean enough to wear around the yard when he was doing "dirty" work.

When the washer stopped I thought I would go down and restart it but, I decided to look and see how well the OxiClean did. To my surprise the jacket was COMPLETELY CLEAN AND STAIN FREE!

I dried it and hung it back up. My husband just smiled and said I knew you could get the stains out (he has a lot of faith in me).

The very next night he suffered a kidney stone attack and right back to the hospital we went. He wears that jacket, thinking nothing of it. The very same woman was his nurse. She said "I see you got a new jacket after all". When I told her it was the same jacket she couldn't believe it. She actually picked the jacket up and carefully looked all over. She said "What, did you put in it, to get it that clean and how many washings did it take?"

I told her the story, I think she said she was going out to get some that night.

I am a true believer in OxiClean for dried blood stain removal. It has removed other stains as well. I don't find it effective however for grease based stains. For those I use Dawn dish liquid.

Taylor says:

Melissa, thanks for your tips for dried blood stain removal.

Hydrogen peroxide is a great way to remove blood stains, and Oxiclean's active ingredient is sodium percarbonate, which when it comes into contact with water releases hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate, also known as washing soda.

So, does anyone else have a great story about a stain they removed with Oxiclean? If so, share your Oxiclean uses and reviews here, or read even more stories already submitted.

Here's a comment I got from another reader:
I use Oxiclean not just for my clothes, but I also use it on my coach, my carpet and any tough material. Oxiclean is a wonderful and easy product to use. And you don't have to worry about damage. It is the best stain remover so far!!!

In addition, you can share more tips for how to remove blood stains here, or read other tips already submitted.

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Comments for Dried Blood Stain Removal - My Secret Is Oxiclean

Click here to add your own comments

Didn't work for me
by: Barbara Eubanks

I tried your Oxi Clean and it DID NOT take the stain out. It was just an ordinary stain, nothing unusually hard to remove but it DID NOT take the stain out.

love it!
by: Danette

I love Oxy clean. I use it on vintage doll clothes.

dishwasher detergent
by: Tina

We use it in the dishwasher in a pinch and it's great!

sink cleaner
by: D'Ann

In a sink of hot water it will make a white sink shine.

Carpet Cleaned
by: Dale

My friends water heater leaked on his carpet and left orange rust stains on the carpet. We put Oxiclean in hot water and put it in the carpet shampoo machine. The carpet looked like it never happened! The key to using Oxiclean is to use hot water. We just guessed how much to use in the carpet shampoo machine. You can experiment to see what works for you.

hassle in front loader
by: Lee

I have front load washing machine now. A real hassle to use it now.

pet stains on carpet
by: Katie

Carpets! Especially kitty being sick incidents.

carpet for stubborn stains
by: Diana

Used on carpet and it took out the stubborn stains! Have to vacuum over area many times to get the white powder residue out after it dries!

Concrete stains
by: Eve

It works great on concrete for those brownish-green stains from water, even works on red leaf stains in the fall. Just wet the concrete, pour a little on the stain, let sit for awhile and rinse. Scrub with a stiff nylon brush if more stubborn.

ant killer
by: Betty

Ant killer. No kidding it works, from sugar ants inside your home to those black/red ants in your yard. Not sure why or how it works, but use the spray Oxi. Gets them every time!

Allergic reaction to this product
by: Anonymous

Ugh! I bought some OxiClean Stain and Odor Remover a couple of weeks ago, after seeing a review on the product that says it works the best at removing stains. My husband helped out by doing several loads of his own clothes using this product and consequently broke out in serious hives covering his body, and causing his eyes and lips to swell. Benedryl to the rescue!! We thought we had it all taken care of but yesterday he had on a pair of socks that we must have missed in the Great Re-Wash of 2015. His feet started itching and then, you guessed it, within an hour he had hives all over and his lips and eyes were swollen. This weekend will be spent washing everything, literally everything. I won't chance this again.

Is this perhaps an allergic reaction?
by: Nora Strange

My husband has suddenly developed a raised up rash of blotches all over his body. Mostly his legs and abdomen. Itches like crazy. The only thing I can think of is Oxiclean which I started using about a week ago. Could this be the culprit? No new meds, no new detergent except for Oxiclean. Thanks.

Great stuff!
by: Dody

I use it to soak the deep fryer basket and it makes the job of cleaning these soooooo much easier. It also took all the formula stains out of baby clothes and my son had the whitest pants on the ball field, not a grass or clay stain to be found!

be careful on carpet
by: Emily

It works well with everything but I do not recommend using it on your carpet. It bleaches it.

Cautionary Tale On Carpets and OxiClean
by: Anonymous

In the past I worked for a disaster restoration company that also did carpet cleaning. Using OxiClean on carpet that is colored/dyed can cause hot water extraction (the actual method often referred to as 'steam cleaning' in the ads) to remove the color from the fibers of the carpet. One of the questions on our pre-clean survey specifically asked about the use of OxiClean. We were required to obtain a waiver releasing the company of liability from the homeowner before we were permitted to clean the carpet.

Moldy Tupperware
by: BZMom

I had my Oxiclean out already, to soak a tough laundry load. Multitasking, I then emptied the leftover bin and disposed of the (yuck!) old food. The container furthest back was a plastic tupperware with food so forgotten in came out in a multicolored fuzzy patty! The dark colored mold had stained the plastic, and wouldn't wipe or wash off with regular dish soap. I glanced at the Oxiclean container, why not? I pinched some grains of Oxiclean into the damp container and scrubbed, allowing them to stay "grainy" for the additional abrasiveness. The ugly black stains were gone, with all residue disappearing when I added a teaspoon or so of water to the Oxiclean grains, swirled it and let it sit a few minutes. Wonderful stuff!

I use it all the time
by: Anonymous

I LOVE Oxiclean. I use it ALL THE TIME 😍😍😍😍😘😘😍😍😘😙😙😙😘😍😚😚😘😘😙😘😘😍😘😘😘 I would give it 1000000000000000000 stars.

container cheap
by: Janet

I've been using Oxiclean for a long time and every time I open a new container I wonder why they continue to use such a cheap plastic bag inside the tub. It rips easy and I so wish the company could come up with better packaging.

It reminds me of the old Spic and Span detergent!
by: Anonymous

I actually used for my kitchen wall and floor. Awesome!!!

can it remove hard water build up?
by: Darlene

Is Oxiclean able to remove hard water build up in toilets?

scoop size
by: Gloria

I somehow lost the scoop for the Oxiclean stain remover. I have an HE front loading machine so can you tell me how much is in a scoop? I'll have to devise a replacement for the scoop but first I need to know how much it holds.

How much oxiclean used to clean mildew on polyester tablecloth?
by: Pat

I need to know how much Oxiclean you used to clean mildew? I have tablecloths made of polyester that I can't seem to clean. I have tried Oxiclean but maybe I am not using enough. I soaked over night. Emergency!!

Size Of Oxiclean powder scoop
by: Selma

I just bought Oxiclean powder and I don't have the scoop. What is the measure of that scoop? This would be very helpful to me. I would like to soak a mattress protector that has yellowed.

Can it be used for glass?
by: Fleet

Can you make a solution of Oxiclean to get winter's grime and stains from outside glass windows?

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