Biz Is A Must For Removing Stains & Odors

by Lisa

What follows are quite a few BIZ Stain Fighter reviews from readers. This is one of the most popular presoaking and bleaching products on the site, at least with my readers, and this is the THIRD page I've had to create for reviews so far!

Lisa says:

For anyone who must deal with laundry stains Biz is the best. I use it as a presoak, and as a booster to the wash.

It has worked well on all kinds of stains including smelly gym clothes with grass stains, blood, baby food, baby formula, fruit juice, chocolate, and ketchup.

I would not even attempt to wash clothes with stains if I did not have my Biz, as it would be a waste of time and money.

This product is also great for keeping white laundry really white for a long time. I always add it to a load of white clothing, especially shirts.

Since I work at a day care I get stains on my light blue uniforms all the time. I never worry about getting them clean.

I just presoak them over night, then wash with detergent (ERA or Wisk) and more Biz.

For some stains I will also mix up a paste of Biz and apply directly to the stain(s) before throwing in the wash.

I think in my work you can judge how rough the day has been by how messy my uniforms are when I leave work, but they always come out nice and clean with this stain remover.

I also know that some of our customers have tried various laundry products on their kids clothes, but once they have used Biz it becomes a part of their laundry room.

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This Is My Presoaker Of Choice For Stains

by Teri

As far as laundry goes I am in the same position as Lisa. I have to deal with all of the baby type stains as well as the stains on sports uniforms like blood, grass, and grime.

To top it off I drive for a Courier service and tend to spill things like coffee and soft drinks on my uniforms.

BIZ is the best presoak I have ever used. I buy the largest box I can find.

I am constantly soaking clothes and I would also recommend BIZ to anyone who has lots of stained laundry, but even if you don't have the issues with stains it is well worth using as a whitener if you have to wash a many white shirts.

My sister works at a business where white shirts are required and after she discovered how well it worked for me she got hooked on adding a scoop to every load.

It works wonders on both white and colored clothes.

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BIZ Was Recommended By The Day Care

by Cindy

I recently asked the supervisor of the day care I use how they keep their uniforms looking so good. She recommended BIZ.

They use it to launder the various stains they encounter on their uniform jackets, etc.

I could not think of a better place to rate the use of a laundry product than the day care since they deal with stains on a daily basis, especially baby formula, juice, and baby food.

BIZ is the best product I have used to remove stains from the baby's clothes, and also mine.

I wear a lot of white shirts to work and adding BIZ to the wash really does keep them looking great for a long time, both in terms of them being really white, as well as free of stains.

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This Product Is My Partner In Removing Stains

by Wanda

I have used Biz for several years. It is the best presoak and laundry additive I have ever used.

I recently had one of those mornings where the baby spit up all over my robe and then I managed to spill coffee on it, all within the course of an hour.

Before I left for work I put my robe in the washer and soaked it with this stain remover. When I returned home I ran it through the wash with another dose of Biz and ERA detergent, and the stains were gone.

I also keep a separate soak bucket for the baby clothes that I just keep adding to until I have enough to wash a load, which I might add does not take very long!

This product is great in getting out all kinds of stains including formula, fruit and vegetable juice, and of course coffee.

Presoaking is like having a partner in the chore of laundry.

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BIZ Handled A Big Laundry Challenge For Son's Laundry From Camp

by Barb

My son just returned from camp, and of course he brought back several weeks worth of very dirty and stained clothes, including grass, blood, ketchup, juice, and some "mystery" stains.

Needless to say it took a few days to work through this mess. Everything was really dirty, and most everything was really stained!

I call the process "piece meal" soaking with BIZ powder and washing (with Wisk detergent), as I sorted all of the clothes into piles and presoaked and washed as I was able to fit it into my busy schedule.

After all, a few more days would not matter as these stains were really old.

I also had to line dry everything so as not to chance setting any remaining stains.

I soaked a minimum of 6 hours for each pile of clothes.

With the exception of a few dozen formerly white socks, everything came out great.

As to the socks they were definitely several shades lighter and certainly smelled better after the initial soak and washing. I will presoak them again when they hit the wash next week.

I highly recommend BIZ for presoaking old stains. In addition it is a great booster to the wash when laundering white shirts.

Next month my son returns to school and the ritual of washing white shirts resumes!

Photo courtesy of cheeseslave

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I Think My Son Attended The Same Camp

by Teri

It sounds like my son attended the same camp, and it should be called Camp Stained and Dirty!

I should probably be wearing a T shirt that reads "I Survived My Son's Camp Laundry".

In any event the only things different about my approach was that when I did the sorting I sprinkled baking soda over all of the clothes to cut down on the odors.

I also used Tide instead of Wisk, only because I just got accustomed to depending on Tide for cleaning power when it comes to old stains.

If there is one thing I am sure of, if it were not for BIZ powder the task would have been an even greater challenge!

And as to the white socks I let them soak for a few days and added a little more BIZ each day, then ran the wash. They came out clean.

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BIZ Is A Workhorse

by Dara

When you have 2 small kids that get into everything, and you work in a restaurant, you really appreciate the challenges faced when doing the laundry.

I have found that pre-soaking is the best approach and that no product is better than BIZ in performing this task.

It works well on many stains including coffee, soft drink, tomato sauce, chocolate, and grass.

I pre-soak at least 3 loads of laundry a week, with 1 load being my white work uniforms.

I always have stains on my uniforms, but some days are worse than others, especially gravy and tomato based stains.

BIZ keeps them clean and really white.

I also use it as an extra boost to my detergent for a regular wash.

I highly recommend this product for any one who has laundry challenges similar to mine.

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BIZ Works Well On Popsicle Stains, And A Lot More

by Samantha

I starting using BIZ when I worked at a produce market and acquired different colored stains from fruit and vegetables, red, green, etc.

My boss told me about this product as she knew (from personal experience) that it was the only laundry presoaker and booster that worked well on these type of stains.

Since we had to wear white shirts at the market I would just presoak all of them at once whether they had stains or not, because BIZ is a great product for keeping whites looking good.

I now work in an office so stains on my work shirts are much less frequent, but I still use it to launder my white shirts!

BIZ is one of the most important tools I have for removing stains in the laundry.

It has taken out grass, blood, different types of baby food and formula (including ugly spit ups), fruit juice, etc., in addition to popsicle stains.

I am a major advocate of presoaking stained laundry.

I will typically sort most of the "non baby" laundry the day before I wash, then set up any needed soaks, and the next day run my washes back to back.

Of course for baby laundry that is an every day affair, and something is always in a soak bucket, but since most of his clothes are light colored or white they can generally soak longer without a problem.

It does not take long to pile up enough to justify running a wash for the baby.

The best part is that presoaking does most of the work without my intervention, which is really important in my time pressed world.

Most of my friends use BIZ and agree that if you can't get a stain out with it, the spot is probably not going to come out.

Photo courtesy of Auntie K

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I Switched From Borateem Color Safe Bleach To BIZ

by Nan

Nan says:

I agree with your comments about presoaking.

I was using Borateem Color Safe Bleach for presoaking stains such as formula, baby food, grass, and juice stains until it disappeared from my usual store.

I am now using BIZ and have found it to be even more effective than Borateem.

It is really tough on stains and super on white clothing.

I never thought I would find anything as good as Borateem. Lucky I encountered a stock person that suggested BIZ based on her own experiences.

Taylor says:

Nan, thanks for sharing your experience and comparing these two color safe bleaches.

I'd love to hear even more reviews and comparisons of various bleaches. You can share your non-chlorine bleach reviews and experiences here, or read others that have already been submitted.

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BIZ Handles All Of My Laundry Challenges

by Donna

I use both the liquid and powder forms of BIZ to remove the toughest stains from my laundry.

Baby food and baby formula stains plague my younger son's clothes, and grass and mud stains present the biggest challenge on my older son's clothing.

I have to admit I would probably have a lot of my clothes with permanent coffee stains if it were not for BIZ!

Biz is wonderful at removing stains, either through pretreating with the liquid, or presoaking with the powder.

I also add it directly to a wash load.

It truly does help remove the odors associated with baby messes.

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Anyone Working In A Restaurant Should Use This Stuff!

by Sandy

I became a loyal user of this product right after I started working at the restaurant, as my co workers said it was their favorite for getting out food and drink stains, along with the many messes their kids get into.

It works well on coffee, tea, dairy stains like melted cheese and milk, egg based stains, and tomato sauce.

I understand it works well on grass and blood stains and while I am not surprised I have not yet encountered the need to try it.

Photo courtesy of Adikos

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Comments for Anyone Working In A Restaurant Should Use This Stuff!

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what store in zip code 37066 carries Biz?
by: Gwen

I can't find it in my store in Gallatin, TN.

response to Gwen
by: Taylor

BIZ can be hard to find in some stores, but I have the most luck and big box stores like Walmart or Meijer. I would check on those locations. At least at this time I have not found a good source for purchasing it online, at least not without ridiculous shipping charges.

God made little boys....and then he made BIZ!
by: Terri Anne

I love BIZ. Better by far than OXI anything. When my boys were little I used Cheer and FAB (with 'lemon freshened borax') and occasionally Tide and always with BIZ. I've kept some of their fav clothes, and 21 yrs later they still look like new.

Problem: I heard BIZ is being discontinued. So, I went to KMART and bought the last 2 boxes on shelf. Is this true? Hope not.

response to Terri Ann asking if Biz being discontinued
by: Taylor

Terri Ann, I sure hope it isn't being discontinued! I have not heard anything like that, and I just checked and their website is still up, and it was still in my store. I will try to stay alert but right now I think we're safe!

Biz is great
by: Salvatore

I'm a mover so my white shirts get really grimy moving furniture and boxes. I use biz as a pre soak cleaner and it always gets the stains out. I've tried other brands but Biz is the best.

Amazing results
by: Anonymous

I was presoaking some curtains out of a rental where the tenant had smoked heavily for five years. Once white, they were absolutely grey-brown. I filled my old clawfoot bathtub to do the 24-hr soak with a combo of Biz and Oxyclean powder. To my amazement, not only did the curtains return to white after laundering, but the rust stains in the porcelain tub were gone as well!

Best Stuff Ever
by: Anonymous

I've used Biz for ages. It gets out even really hard stains like blood and mustard and does quick work on simple things like dirt, grass, and regular food stains.

I use it in regular loads and as a prewash. I always use it in cold water and still it works like magic. I recently moved to NC and can't get it here so I get multiple bottles anytime I go back north. I can't live without it! You must get this. It really works.

by: Lisa Johnson

I mixed Biz, a little borax and peroxide together. My roommate let her cat urinate all over my expensive mattress. I used it on my bed to try and get it out. It turned rock hard like a cast and now I can't remove it! Any ideas on how to remove it?

I just bought a box
by: Luis Baiza

Not even halfway filled.

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