Carbona Blood Stain Remover Review: My Secret Weapon

by Taylor

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I've been meaning to write this review of Carbona blood stain remover for quite a while now, because every time I use it I'm amazed all over again.

This product is truly my secret weapon for blood stain removal, and what I recommend everyone use if you want to use a commercial blood stain removal, as opposed to creating your own homemade recipe.

Carbona Stain Devils #4 Formulation

Let me start by saying that the exact product I'm referring to which removes blood stains is called Carbona Stain Devils #4. If you're not familiar, in general with the 9 formulas of Carbona stain removers I suggest you read my article explaining what each formula is designed to remove.

The fourth version of Carbona Stain Devils is formulated to remove blood and dairy, so basically protein stains.

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This blood stain remover is only designed to work on clothing, such as either washable or dry clean only fabrics, but not on leather, suede, silk, acetate, carpet or upholstery (although hint, I did use it on my carpet once, and it worked fine!).

However, for clothing and other washable cloth I've never found anything else that has worked quite as well or as easily as this product, at least once the blood has dried into the fabric for quite a while.

Here are lots of laundry stain remover reviews, if you're looking for products for removing stains from clothes.

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My First Blood Stain Removal Success Stories With Cabona Blood Stain Remover, Plus Instructions For Use

The first time I ever used this product I gave it a really tough test. I had a dried blood stain on my mattress pad, and it was old, not fresh. In fact, I'm rather ashamed to admit the stain had been there for about two weeks.

With the age of the stain I was rather skeptical that it would work, but I followed the directions to apply it to the stain.

Unlike some stain removers, where you mix them with water (including some of the Stain Devil versions), this one is supposed to be used in undiluted form.

So I squirted some onto the stain and I couldn't believe my eyes. It looked like the stain got lighter, before my very eyes. It didn't disappear or anything, but it noticeably lightened.

Although the instructions say to let the stain soak for up to two hours in a shallow bowl of the stain remover, I admit I wasn't very patient, especially when I had seen such immediate results, although they were only partial.

Therefore, I did the next thing the instructions say to do, which is to gently rub the fabric together, and as I did that, and continued to squirt a bit more stain remover onto the stained fabric, it continued to lighten up. I then rinsed the fabric in the sink, and to my amazement the majority of the stain was completely gone.

There was a faint ring of blood around the stained area, but I treated that with a bit more of the Carbona blood stain remover, and then threw the mattress pad into the washer and when I took it out the stain was completely gone. Not a trace left that I could see.

Now, I'm not saying that the stain was removed instantaneously, but it was pretty close to it. Frankly, I was really surprised because I've tried to remove a lot of stains in my day and it is NEVER this easy. In fact, if it was normally this easy, this website
really wouldn't be needed.

I guess I'm lucky all stains aren't as easy to remove, so I have a job and readers, huh?

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Additional Successes With Carbona Blood Stain Remover That Convinced Me It Wasn't A Fluke

Since I had such easy success with removing that first blood stain I tried it on, and normally blood is known as a really tough stain to remove, I was a bit skeptical about this stain remover still, after just one try.

I guess I was concerned it had all been a fluke, and it wouldn't be so easy the next time.

However, I've had several additional occasions since then when I've used Carbona blood stain remover on my blood stained clothes, and also once on my carpet, and each time I have gotten excellent results, similar to the first time.

For example, I've had some additional times where I've needed to remove blood stains from my or my children's clothing and it has always worked well, including on colored fabrics. (The instructions do say to do a colorfastness test on colored clothes before using it on them though, so I would suggest you do that too.)

Further, my husband once got blood stains on his workout clothes, and I was concerned to use it on the spandex blend, but it worked very well and completely removed the stains without appearing to harm the fabric at all.

Finally, one time my youngest child cut her toe, and then walked out of her room and down the carpeted stairs to tell me the problem. There were little bloody toe prints all the way across the floor and down the stairs. Poor baby! I went ahead and used some of my Carbona, squirting it on the still mostly fresh and wet blood after first aid has been performed on her toe, and the blood looked like it literally disappeared!

(You can get more tips for removing blood stains from carpet here.)

Tips for removing blood stains from carpet

Although it says you can use it on dry clean only fabrics I haven't yet tried to do this, but instead have always been able to wash the fabric after the stain removal treatment (except the carpet, of course).

***Update: A reader recommended this exact formula to remove formula stains on dry clean only garments. You can read her recommendation at the link. ***End Update

Cons For Using This Product: Bottle Is Tiny

After giving this stain remover such a ringing endorsement, I do want to share one con about this product.

The bottle this stuff comes in is quite small, so be prepared to use a lot of the bottle for one stain. I perhaps go overboard and squirt on too much, but I can generally only treat 2-3 stains with one bottle, before I run out.

This means it can be an expensive way to get rid of blood stains. So I suggest using it on only the oldest and toughest ones, or if you don't have a cheaper blood stain remover, like hydrogen peroxide, available.

On the other hand, not having to buy new clothes since the old ones can be salvaged can save money, so as always there's a balancing of considerations.

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How do you remove blood stains? You can share your tips for how to remove blood stains here, such as your favorite blood stain remover, whether commercially available or homemade, or you can read other tips that have already been submitted.

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Comments for Carbona Blood Stain Remover Review: My Secret Weapon

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Blood out with hydrogen peroxide

Love hydrogen peroxide for new & older blood stains. Trick is making sure soak in small cup or bowl and cover! Hydrogen peroxide works in the dark as affected by light. Hence, sold in dark bottles.once I figured this out, it made a huge difference in my success at getting stain out!!!

Not Carpet
by: Anonymous

Carbona is great in your laundry. However do not make the mistake I did by trying it on my carpet.

I'd suggest BIZ
by: Anonymous

In regard to a blood stain that has had a chance to set I would soak it in cold water with BIZ powder, as it works well on protein stains like blood, formula, and egg based stains. A large box of BIZ only costs about $6 and does a great job.

Carbona Stain Devil is a Miracle Worker
by: Sam G.

I had ruined three pairs of khakis. Blood stains 1-2 weeks old were hopeless! But Carbona #4 did it!! You can almost watch the stains disappear in front of your eyes. The little bit of stain remaining after an hour washed out with cold water. But it doesn't work if you've already washed and dried something.

My local Ace Hardware stocks all 9 formulas! Thanks for telling us about it.

Another cheaper way
by: Anonymous

Use Fels-Naptha bar soap. It works on blood, grass, and even already set in stains and at only $0.97 a bar much cheaper.

A must have for laundry
by: Jane

I love the one for oil stains and the one for grass stains. This is a great product. A laundry must have.

I have a bunch of these
by: Lori

Yes Yes Yes! I have a bunch of these .... blood, ink, um .... oil stains, etc. They are my absolute favorite but becoming harder to find around here.

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