Grass Stain Removal From Clothes: Home Remedies & Tips

by Taylor

Below I've collected several videos and other tips about grass stain removal from clothes.

This page focuses mainly on home remedies and techniques you can use to remove these marks from clothing, using homemade stain removers and items you've most likely got sitting around your home right now.

Just remember, when trying any of these methods, that the ideas below are focused on removing the green color from the chlorophyll that is a hallmark of this type of stain. However, it is not at all uncommon when you've got a grass stain to also have dirt, mud or clay stains as well.

You can learn more about dirt stain removal here, and mud stains here, if you've also gotten that stuff on your clothes.

Further, as you can see there are lots of ideas floating around, and that is really no surprise, because there is generally more than one way that works for removing any type of stain.

Therefore, if you've got a tried and true method for getting rid of these marks from your clothing, please share your tip with me here, and I'll add it to the page.

Further, just because I'm focusing here on home remedies, doesn't mean you have to use one. If you'd rather use a commercially made stain remover instead, I completely understand. You can tell me which removers work best on grass here, or read other reviews of laundry pretreaters to find out which ones work best.

Now, let's get on to the home remedies, huh? Here they are below.

Photo by The Birkes

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Grass Stain Removal - Video Suggesting Using Items From Your Pantry

This video below suggests using some interesting ingredients for removing grass stains from clothes, most of which can be found in your pantry.

The video suggests using one of the following (individually, not combined):

Cream Of Tartar {Referral Links}

There are even more ideas for home remedies below.

Photo by stevendepolo

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Fels Naptha for Grass & Clay Stains On Sports Uniforms & More

by Caroline
(Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA)

Fels Naptha soap uses
I first learned about Fels Naptha when my boys were playing baseball and, inevitably, ending up with clay and grass stains on their white baseball pants.

I soon learned that most of the other moms used Fels Naptha on those stains when laundering their kids' uniforms.

It worked wonderfully. I just wet the stained areas, scrubbed the Fels Naptha in really, really well, and threw the uniforms in the washer.

That was over a decade ago, and I still always keep a bar in the laundry room to use on all kinds of stains (especially the dirty bottoms of white socks).

Fels Naptha {Referral Links}

Photo courtesy of Robin Hastings

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Use Ivory Dish Soap For Grass Stains

by Marcia

Marcia says:

When my oldest son, who is now 43, was in elementary school, one of his teachers told me to use Ivory liquid dish soap on these stains before laundering his jeans to get it out.

It worked - did that for years!!

Hope this tip will help moms with rough and tough boys and girls.

Ivory Dish Soap {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

Thanks for that tip Marcia.

I love simple ideas like this, especially when you've been using them for years! That helps everyone else know they're definitely worth a try.

I am always amazed at the sheer volume of uses there are for dishwashing liquid, for cleaning and stain removal. In fact, I've collected many dish soap uses here. If you're interested click the link to find out more, and if you know of another one, make sure to share it too!

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Grass Stain Removal - Video And Tips

Here is a video suggesting rubbing alcohol to remove grass stains from jeans and other clothing.

That is similar to several other suggestions on this page, with one above also suggesting using alcohol, and one below which suggests using denatured alcohol. (You'll learn what that is below if you don't already know).

In this video she stresses the importance of pretreating, and letting the stain remover sit and work on the grass stain.

This is important because chlorophyll, which is in the grass stain, sets very quickly and is treated as a grease based stain.

She also suggests alternatives if the rubbing alcohol does not work. These alternatives include a regular laundry pretreater, or hydrogen peroxide.

Do you want to know more uses for rubbing alcohol for cleaning and stain removal? If so, check out my rubbing alcohol uses page for even more ideas, plus you can share your own tips too.

Photo by ausiegall

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Grass Removal Stain Tip - Use Enzymes To Treat The Stain

Here's a home remedy using enzymes to treat these stains from your washable clothing.

Enzymes are a type of molecule that breaks down protein and other organic molecules, so they are perfect for helping to remove grass stains. (You can learn more about enzyme laundry products here, in my article.)

The stain from grass itself is green, and comes from the color in chlorophyll, which is not itself a protein stain, but treated more as a grease stain.

However, you don't generally just smear grass blades on yourself, but instead also get mud or dirt, and other protein stains on your clothing along with the grass.

One possibility is to get digestive enzyme tablets from a health food store and then breaking apart the tablets to get at the enzyme powder inside each one.

I have a better idea -- get some digestive enzyme powder, which they generally sell for cats and dogs in powder instead of pill form, and just use that so you can save yourself a troublesome step.

Then, mix the powdered enzymes with a little bit of water to make a paste and spread this on your grass stain.

Let it sit for approximately an hour, and then launder as normal. The protein part of your grass stain should be history.

Photo by from Flickr CC

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How To Remove Grass Stain - Video

Here is a video explaining how to remove grass stain from clothes with denatured alcohol.

There are lots of stain removal uses for denatured alcohol, and if you'd like to learn about more of them, here's a collection of tips I've created for your reference about this product, which is also known as methylated spirits.

Denatured alcohol can be found at hardware stores, typically, or through the links below the video.

Please note that this stain remover should be used with caution on any fabric containing rayon, because it can harm this delicate fabric.

Denatured Alcohol {Referral Links}

I hope these home remedies and tips have helped you with your own grass stains.

If you've got additional tried and true methods for removing these marks and spots from your clothes, I'd love to hear them. You can share your own tips here, and I'll add them to this page.

In addition, here's my article about removing these stains from carpet, upholstery and fabrics.

Photo by nyki m from Flickr Creative Commons

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Comments for How To Remove Grass Stain - Video

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Presoak Grass Stains With Oxi Clean Or Biz
by: Anonymous

Grass stains from my experience are usually not fresh stains when they show up in the laundry, i.e. gym clothes or play clothes that someone decides they want to wear one day but somehow forgot to place in the hamper in the 1st place. In addition they are also associated with dirt and sometimes blood stains, and of course perspiration. To avoid what I call the green shadow effect of using only detergent I always apply a paste of either Oxi Clean powder or Biz powder. I then presoak the clothes in either of these non chlorine bleaches. Lastly I wash them with detergent and Oxi Clean or Biz. It is my fool proof solution. I depend on presoaking with Oxi clean and Biz for all of my tough laundry stains.

grass stains already set by dryer
by: Anonymous

How do I remove a grass stain already washed and dried?

Natural Way to Get Rid of Grass Stains
by: Stuart

I use a certified green cleaner from Home Depot. its only 4 dollars! It is in the carpet cleaning section and its advertised for pet stains and odor removal but can be used for everything! The brand name is Odoban and they also have other certified eoc-friendly products. I run an upholstery cleaning service in NYC and use it day in and day out. I have used it on couches, armchairs, and rugs. It all works the same and the stains come out fast! It uses "oxi" cleaning which means it has a little hydrogen peroxide in it which can actually "burn" some fabrics so be really careful. Most fabrics will be fine but uncommon textiles need to be tested. This goes for traditional oxiclean as well

how to I remove from white cricket trousers
by: TJ

I remove grass stains from white cricket trousers by spraying with prewash stain removal and then cover with normal dish washing up liquid, rub gently in, and launder as normal. Works a treat every time.

How I cleaned grass stains off of tennis shoes
by: Kathy Lynn

After cutting the grass I found my white tennis shoes had turned green so I decided to take some baby wipes and see if it would help at all. I wiped my shoes with them and all the grass came off and my white tennis shoes were white again. (It works better if you use a name brand baby wipe--the generic ones work but not as well).

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