OdoBan Reviews & Uses: For Lots Of Household Surfaces

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Below I've provided lots of OdoBan Odor Eliminator reviews and uses for all around your home, for lots of household surfaces, including both washable and other surfaces.

If you haven't heard of OdoBan, you really should learn more about this very versatile product. It works to eliminate odors, but also it cleans, disinfects and sanitizes lots of different things in your home.

And unlike some products which can only be used on hard non-pourous surfaces, OdoBan can be used on a lot of things (although it is not recommended for wood surfaces).

It can be used for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing, and deodorizing all kinds of surfaces like:
It is often used by people to remove pet odors, as a laundry refresher, mopping solution, for air freshener, and it even helps control the growth of mold and mildew.

The reviews provided on this page are of the original product, including both the concentrates that you need to dilute to use, and the ready to use sprays.

The company has some additional products also available, but that's now what we're focused on in this article.

Originally OdoBan was available in only Eucalyptus scent, but now the product is available in a wide array of scents (but there is not an unscented version).

You can scroll down to read reviews and uses from readers below, who've used this product successfully to clean and deodorize many different types of things in their homes.

Odoban Odor Eliminator reviews and uses, for all around your home, for odor removal, cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing, lots of household surfaces including washable items, fibers such as upholstery and carpet, as well as many hard surfaces {on Stain Removal 101} #OdorRemoval #Sanitizer #Deodorizeruse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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OdoBan Odor Eliminator Review - Got Lingering Urine Odor Out Of Carpet

by Chris
(Johnson City, TN)

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Chris has provided this OdoBan Odor Eliminator review, sharing his story of how he successfully removed a lingering urine odor out of his carpet.

Chris says:

I moved into a new apartment about 6 months ago and it had a distinct urine smell in the living room.

I tried numerous products but the smell kept coming back, especially on sunny days.

The carpets had just been professionally cleaned before I moved in so I knew that wasn't going to fix the problem.

I scanned the internet for recommendations and found a product called OdoBan.

I located some at a local grocery store and immediately tried it out. I sprayed a generous amount all over the living room.

The eucalyptus scent is very powerful and strong. I recommend leaving the room for a few hours before returning, because the smell is pretty intense.

On the bottle it says it's an eye irritant so make sure wash your hands after applying.

The first application kept the odor away for nearly two weeks.

I ended up reapplying the OdoBan Odor Eliminator 3-4 times over the next couple months and the odor has finally vanished.

I haven't sprayed any for almost 4 months and there is still no sign of the urine odor.

I haven't tried this product on actual stains so I cannot comment on its effectiveness.

For large areas I highly recommend getting the gallon of concentrate and mixing your own spray bottles. It will be much cheaper in the long run.

OdoBan can also be used as a disinfectant and as a laundry additive.

The only con about the product was the eucalyptus scent. I would have preferred something a little less harsh but in the end it got the job done, which is really all that mattered to me.

Taylor says:

Thanks Chris for your OdoBan Odor Eliminator review. It can be very difficult to remove urine odors in carpet, especially if it has seeped down into the pad, as you can see from the fact that the carpet had the scent even after being professionally cleaned.

I would be interested in other people's experiences with OdoBan, since it sounds like it could be very helpful for many people. You can share your experiences here, or in the comments below.

***Update: I got this quick comment from Christie, who said:
I use this in my carpet cleaner. It doesn't cover the bad smell it kills it. Odoban also has made citrus and lavender scent as well as a new carpet cleaning solution. SAMS Club sells it, 2 bottles for $10 in the U.S. It's pet friendly. I love it :)
***End Update

You can get even more tips for urine stain removal here.

Urine stain removal guide

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Odoban Pet Odor Remover Takes Out The Puppy Smell

by Katie
(Falling Waters, WV, USA)

Katie says:

For my new Sheltie puppy Odoban is the only thing I use to clean up his messes.

I am not afraid to use it because it has no harsh chemicals and smells great!

He is also very sensitive and it doesn't affect him at all!

This product works great on solid messes and liquid messes. It takes away all the smell of either type of messes and is easy and reliable to use.

It contains extract from wildflowers which makes it smell great, work great, and be safe to use around your pets. I love it!

Odoban pet odor remover also works great on cleaning up messes on carpet and vinyl floors because it eliminates the odor and leaves a clean, fresh scent.

It can clean up any cat or dog odor easily and effectively and is easy to use! I was really afraid when I got a new puppy that the house would start to smell like....well, puppy!

But Odoban has eliminated any worry about that. It takes away any odors I repeat, ANY ODORS and has actually made my house smell better than it did before!

If you have any animals at all whether they be dogs, cats, rodents, fish, whatever...you have to get this pet odor remover to keep your house smelling clean and fresh no matter what the mess!!!

Taylor says:

Katie, thanks for your review of this pet odor remover. You are not the first to write in about this product with rave reviews.

You can learn more about pet stain removal here.

Pet stain removal guide

Photo courtesy of Mandi

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Works Great On Dog & Cat Pee In Laundry As Well

Marybeth says: We have used it forever, even comes in lavender at Lowes stores. We gave two dogs, and it worked great for our older dog when she would pee in her sleep as she had no control. We washed all her bedding in it, may she RIP.

Melanie says: We've used it forever. Only thing I've ever found to actually knock the smell of cat pee out of fabric. Just add it to the wash. Love it.

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Photo courtesy of ·tlc∙

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We Use It To Clean Up & Remove The Stink From Hockey Gear

by Sheryl

We've been using this stuff for years on all our hockey gear!

4 of them and they all STINK, doesn't matter if a girl or boy.

We love it because it also kills all that bad stuff too!!

Photo courtesy of stevendepolo

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This Stuff Is Incredible For Whole House Cleaning

by Poodlemomma1

I have used the original OdoBan for probably 15 years now at least.

I have a house full of dogs and they are dirt magnets and bring it all in the house, and I have terrazzo floors.

I buy it Sam's Club because you get a gallon of the concentrate and a ready to use bottle for about ten bucks.

I use it for everything. It is a hospital grade disinfectant, deodorizer and very important to say odor neutralizer. It does not mask them it destroys them.

I wash my floors with it, use it in my laundry to disinfect and deodorize, use it as a fabric softener, use it in my toilet, use it in my bathroom for mold and mildew stains, in my car to make it smell better, and all through the house for dogs smells.

It is incredible, and is a one-of-a-kind product because it kills staph, strep, flu, etc. I recommend it to anyone with small children because it kill so many germs.

Home Depot also sells it in the gallon concentrate in different formulas, so you can look for nationwide if you don't have a Sam's club membership.

As far as the comment someone made about the eucalyptus smell being strong, it goes away in about 20 minutes pretty much, because it is an odor neutralizer.

I love the way it leaves my dog beds and my dog towels and my dog blankets smelling. It gets the dog smell out.

I could talk about this for hours but try it everybody, you can't find anything else like it on the market anywhere.

(Check out more reviews of disinfectant cleaners here.)

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Photo courtesy of Gwen

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Removed Vomit Smell From Mattress Without Reoccurrence

by Shelby

I don't know about stain removal but it absolutely can get any odor out.

My daughter vomited on my one month old mattress. OdoBan was the only thing that got that horrible smell out, and the smell has never returned.

(You can get more tips for removing mattress stains and odors here.)

Tips for cleaning and removing mattress stains and odors

Photo courtesy of David Amsler, from Flickr CC

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Odoban Is Great For Removing Urine Smells

SR101 Reader says:

Works immediately on urine smell on carpets and mattresses.

I bought mine at Wal-Mart in the spray bottle. I used it years ago and recently rediscovered it. So many lost years. lol. My home smells cleaner now.

Heather says:

Odoban brand cleaner works great for pet and child urine and disinfects.

Look for it online or at Sam's club. It is inexpensive and works on the toughest odors.

(You can get more urine cleaner and stain remover reviews here.)

Urine cleaner and stain remover reviews

Photo courtesy of a reader, Stephanie

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I Love Odoban Cleaner For Removing Mold & Mildew Smells In Clothes & More

by Virginia

Virginia also shared her experience and opinions about this product, but unlike many of the reviewers above who used it for pet odors, Virginia used it for mold and mildew issues, showing how truly versatile this product really is.

Virginia says:

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this cleaner.

I normally don't have a response to cleaners so the fact that I'm writing this review and went out of my way to do so means a lot.

It smells awesome!! It's clean and sweet but not overly so.

I've used it to take mold and mildew out of all of the clothing and even hard surfaces down in my basement after a horrific mold infestation.

The OdoBan is used in the rinse cycle and amazingly removed all the mold while disinfecting everything!

There was no need for fabric softener. Unbelievable!!

And the clothes smelled great and as the label says no static.

Tips for removing mildew stains

I mix up a bucket with a concentration based on label recommendation of 8 oz to gallon of water and use it to clean shower stalls and wash floors and pour directly from bottle to clean toilets, swish around and let sit for 10 minutes.

I can't recommend it enough- cleans and freshens everything! LOVE IT!

Taylor says:

Thanks for your review and sharing your experience with this product with me Virginia.

I noted that since the last time I've looked at this product, the company has added more scents than before.

It used to have only the original eucalyptus scent, but now you can also get the product in several more scents including citrus, cucumber melon, lavender and more scents. I would be curious to hear which one you used.

Further, I'd love to hear from even more readers who've used this product, telling me how you used it, what scent you used, and how it worked for you.

You can share your mold cleaners reviews here, or read other reviews that have already been submitted by other readers.

In addition, make sure to check out even more household cleaners reviews here, for products starting with I through Q.

I through Q household cleaners reviews

Odoban Odor Eliminator reviews and uses, for all around your home, for odor removal, cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing, lots of household surfaces including washable items, fibers such as upholstery and carpet, as well as many hard surfaces {on Stain Removal 101} #OdorRemoval #Sanitizer #Deodorizeruse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for I Love Odoban Cleaner For Removing Mold & Mildew Smells In Clothes & More

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can I put in my carpet cleaner?
by: Terry Cross

I recently bought some OdoBan. Can it be safely used in my Hoover Carpet cleaner? I need to get dog urine smells out of a bedroom carpet.

by: Jeanie

Why are some Odoban scents more expensive than other scents?

House fire
by: Anonymous

Should you be so unfortunate as to have a house fire, you will need Odoban. It sometimes took a second wash--on things like stuffed animals--but it really took the smoke smell out of everything! I just added a cup to every load of smoky laundry.

I've been told this works on wood furniture
by: Anonymous

I have a piece of furniture that has been in a home that had cigarette smokers. I've cleaned it but it stills smells bad. I've been told that Odoban works on this. Is this true? I do not want to destroy the wood.

Absolutely great
by: Anonymous

My husband (and my parents) complain about the smell of cleaning products. I use the Eucalyptus at home for whole house cleaning and it works great. I break out degreaser for only the VERY hard stains. I also used it in the carpet cleaner I bought to clean the carpets at my parents house (properly diluted) and it worked fantastically. They also loved the smell.

I recommend it highly!

(I have also used other scents and they are great - but my family likes the Eucalyptus the best).

Great product
by: Anonymous

My family has been using OdoBan for at least 20 years! My husband brought a sample home from a company rep, and we have been hooked! Really works. We have cats & dogs, kids, stinky work clothes. And I like the fact that there isn’t a coverup scent.

Stuffed animals
by: Tawnya

Hey do ya'll know if it is safe to use on stuffed animals?

Odoban Works!
by: Crystal N

I have a great dane and a lab. Beautiful creatures but they can leave the "dog smell" on carpets and sofas. It's a big peeve of mine and I've tried all kinds of things to knock out the smells. Febreeze is 3xs as much and the results last until the product dries basically. Ive tried baking soda sprinkled on carpet...i was never satisfied. I read online about a review of Odoban. I never even heard of this stuff but let me tell you, it actually helps. Im only on my second day using it. Its been very damp where I live so thats when the pet odor seems to be more noticeable. I sprayed it onto carpets and just let dry. Same as on sofas. It makes a noticeable difference! Going to reapply it a few times and see where it goes. Its inexpensive and it also is a disinfectant killing 99 percent of germs. Thats a plus since I have small children. I even sprayed some on the carpets in my SUV and the cabin don't smell like an old french fry anymore. The product scent disappears after about 24 hours but it takes the bad odor with it. I feel as though it just don't cover the smells but actually eliminates them. Its definitely worth a try!

Chemical burn from Odoban
by: Ron

My wife used Odoban for the first time on a spot of carpet a dog had urinated on. When she was spraying it some dripped onto her skin of her hand causing a chemical burn blister, as well as nausea, light headed, headache, blurry vision right after using it! Has any one else had this kind of reaction? Is this product that toxic?

Cat urine smell in concrete floor
by: Tammy

I had a cat that ended up living 21 years. The last year of her life she started to lose her marbles, and couldn't figure out where the litter box was. She would P wherever in the bedroom sometimes right next to her litter box. Anyway she's been gone for three years now and I used to block the carpet with vinegar and baking soda and vacuum it up like they say to do. It worked my carpet did not smell anymore. Recently the water heater burst and the rug and padding got wet. All of her smell came back, we had to pull the carpet and padding and throw it away. There was no fixing it. But the concrete still smelled, so I used Odo ban and sprayed it directly on the concrete. So far so good. Just waiting to completely dry to lay down new carpet. Total BN is great. It's almost dry and can't smell anything but eucalyptus. Yay!!!

soot or smoke?
by: Anonymous

Does it clean soot or smoke off the wall?

Great for cat odors
by: Charles

Love Odoban been using it for years .Helps my house smell fresh and clean and rids my home of cat and dog odors. I also like it better then bleach less caustic and if it spills on clothing won't ruin them like bleach can.

100 year old house and a new puppy :)
by: Kellianne

I'm so addicted to Odoban. I use it for everything! Puppy pee, mildew, boyfriend's work boots etc. I recommended it to my cousin who teaches high school PE and she has finally gotten rid of the locker room stank! :)

love it!
by: Stephanie

Love it, and it doesn't cause issues with my COPD like others used too.

tip when adding to laundry - add it to fabric softener dispenser
by: Jessica

I read on an OdoBan blog that adding it to the wash cycle will reduce the effectiveness of the detergent and the OdoBan. I've been using it in the fabric softener compartment. I dilute it 12:1 and it's perfect. It has helped with static and the clothes are super soft. I love the smell too!

it's fantastic
by: Brandi

I first got introduced to OdoBan when I was younger and my father used it. Now in my own home I remember why Daddy liked it so much. I have used it on my walls, floors, laundry, bathrooms, and carpets. When my dog had an accident I used it on my carpet. It has always cleaned and disinfected my house. Plus you can use it for so many other cleaning purposes. I just get a gallon of the concentrate and it will last for a long time and give a fresh scent.

used for dog bed smell
by: Mandi

LOVE my OdoBan!!! I prefer the eucalyptus scent. It's very concentrated so a gallon last a long time!

I have dogs. I keep their bed sprayed with it.

cleaned rental properties with it
by: Jamie

I have cleaned rental property with this. Run it through the carpet shampooer to help the smell in the carpet after I cleaned it with soap. Washed the walls down, fridge, bathroom, etc. really helps a lot and disinfects as well. I love the smell.

use in grooming shop
by: April

We use it in a pet grooming shop to get rid of stinky wet dog smell! (Not directly on the dogs!)

don't like smell
by: Maria

It's that eucalyptus smell it has. Don't know if I was supposed to water it down. Got some from Sam's, but I didn't like the strong smell.

by: Jamie

Excellent for vomit.

use in my carpet cleaner
by: Kim

I love it and have used it for several a years in my carpet cleaner. It's also available at Home Depot.

use it on everything
by: Kathryn

I was introduced to this when I worked at the vet. Use it on everything from my animal stuff to my own house now.

great stuff
by: Laura

It's great stuff. Takes care of stinky teen boy smell, pet odors, musty laundry, etc.

used it for years
by: Cathy

I've used Odo Ban for years! It takes care of any odor – and the best part is it does it by killing the germs not just covering it up. In my laundry, sprayed on carpet, furniture, in boys' shoes, gym bags, you name it. Home Depot is carrying it now, too.

great stuff!
by: Kelli

I second the Odoban. It's great stuff! I also mop in it.

Nail techs should use this
by: Sugar Nail

If you use TOOOO much, you can't take the smell. USE just like the company says to use it. All nail techs should use this.

Great stuff!
by: Michelle

I use this product at my Mother's Morning Out/Preschool Program and it works great for disinfecting and makes the rooms smell so clean and fresh!

Love it!
by: Bobbi

This stuff is amazing works for a little bit of everything!

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